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race and motor yacht rally that has more media attention and social media followers than any other regatta in Asia. This document explains why and outlines the unique qualities of the Neptune Regatta, the partnership benefits and brand association.

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A truly unique, exquisite annual yacht regatta steeped in centuries of maritime tradition.

‘CROSSING THE LINE’ (the equator) .. is the coming of age for any sailor by participating in the ceremony of entering King Neptune’s Court and transforming from ‘Slimy Polliwog’ through to the honourable ‘Trusty Shellback’. The Neptune Regatta is the only regatta in the World that offers today’s pleasure-craft sailors the opportunity to participate in this age old tradition.

NEPTUNE ISLAND An uninhabited island that lies 8 nautical miles above the equator is the southerly base where participants and guests enjoy the unmatched natural beauty of white sugar sand beaches and crystal clear aquamarine waters. Neptune Organisers put up purpose made canvas accommodation for 350 guests, wash areas, toilet facilities, BBQ area’s, a fully stocked bar, Mount Gay Rum Beach Hut, Medical Centre and Operations HQ. Apart from the jetty, the only thing left on Neptune Island when the last person steps off, are footprints.


An island close to the uninhabited Neptune Island is Pulau Blanding with a population of 1,400. A fishing village that has populated the area since the before records began(according to the elders) is from where Neptune employs the local workforce and knowledge critical to the regatta’s success. Neptune employs around 100 people for preparation and support. Giving Back‌ Neptune is not a charity but we do endeavour to aid the progress of our hosts. In 2011/12 Neptune funded and assisted in a 2.5 Km underwater pipe that now brings fresh water to Blanding Island for the first time.


The Neptune Fleet consists of 40 Sailing Yachts (divided into classes of racing, cruising, classics & multihulls) 10 Motor Yachts and The only 4 masted Tall Ship in Asia, the stunning 150ft, Royal Albatross.

After congregating in Singapore, the fleet moves south to Nongsa in Batam, Indonesia, where the race starts. Depending on class, the fleet races south to Neptune Island through the beautiful untouched islands of the Riau Archipelago and then on to the Equator.

For full details on races routes and details. Please go to the Neptune Regatta website and view/download the official Notice of Race.


During the regatta there are parties most nights held in our northern base of Nongsa Point Marina Resort and down on the beach of Neptune Island. We also hold 3 large parties in Singapore giving the opportunity to our sponsor partners to gain exposure not only to the Neptune participants but also guests and corporate VIP’s. Invites to Neptune Parties are highly sort after as they are invitation only.

NEPTUNE Runs a year round PR and marketing campaign that centres on Social Media and regular press releases in association with our Partner Brands… Recognising the importance of Social Media, Along with a comprehensive website, Neptune has it’s own dedicated pages on Facebook, Twitter and it’s own YouTube Channel. The Neptune Social Following is the largest of any regatta in Asia and is regularly updated with related information and partner (sponsor) news. Part of the support for partners is through timely, targeted competitions. Press Releases are distributed throughout the Sailing, Travel and Lifestyle Media ensuring that Neptune is always in print.

BEING THE WORLD’S ONLY YACHT RACE TO THE EQUATOR with additional interests such as Neptune Island, stunning yachts and superyachts, The Neptune Regatta enjoys tremendous print & digital media coverage‌ The visuals on the right represent a fraction of magazines that run stories and feature articles around the Neptune experience and individual participant stories and photo diaries. Digitally, our stories are run all over the world on numerous websites and blogs that revolve around sailing, yacht racing and luxury lifestyle living. The Neptune Regatta readership is the #1 marketing demographic of influencers and spenders. A comprehensive overview of the audience and demographics is on the Neptune Marketing Video. The link is on the final document page.

Neptune Sponsors are Partners. Each partner has their own tailormade package to maximise on targeted exposure and brand association.

Every dollar counts and Neptune works with the regatta partners to ensure that there is a maximum return on each dollar invested.

Neptune is focused on having the right partnerships and brand association that connects to the regatta participants and audience. It’s not just about the money. Partners can have multiple exposure opportunities from naming rights (Neptune Island, The Race to Zero, Trophies etc.) Official Partners such as time keeping to suppliers of equipment. However involved the partnership, The Neptune PR Team will work with partners to get the most out of parties, ‘off’ regatta events and media coverage that gives attention to partners and their products/ services.

Remy Cointreau International (their Mount Gay Rum Brand) have re-signed a further 3 years sponsorship of the Neptune Regatta, the ultimate testament of a successful partnership.

You are invited to be a part of the Neptune family racing yachts to the equator. Contact details on the next page.

Associating your business and brand with The Neptune Regatta is not only a positive impression to your customers & clients, sailing also represents an internal message of that which makes organisations achieve. Camaraderie, respect, teamwork, clear communication, responsibility to others whilst having the endurance to face the unexpected with a positive attitude. These are some of the key ingredients of a functional racing crew and undoubtedly, successful business. ‘Beyond the yachts to the people.’ As mentioned earlier Neptune is not a charity, but we along with our partners, work with our local hosts to assist in improving their communities. By employing , training and supplying necessary equipment to upgrade infrastructure, Neptune has become a growing piece in bridging the gap between the privileged and those less so. There are few opportunities to associate with a sporting event with such a multitude of attributes: ü  High wealth & influence demographic of participants & followers ü  Substantial magazine following, topical in both sailing & lifestyle media ü  Positive environmental message ü  Positive support of emerging communities ü  Following centuries-old maritime tradition in being the World’s only yacht race to the equator Talk to us about joining the Neptune Family. Details on next page.

Neptune Regatta Information

To contact us please email or call (+65) 9111 0399 USEFUL LINKS ABOUT THE NEPTUNE REGATTA

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Sponsorship Overview for the 2013 Neptune Regatta  
Sponsorship Overview for the 2013 Neptune Regatta  

General overview for the Neptune Regatta showing the media coverage and benefits to prospective sponsors.