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THE MOUNT GAY RUM NEPTUNE REGATTA, a yacht race and motor yacht rally that has more media attention and social media followers than any other annual regatta. this document explains why and outlines the unique qualities of the neptune regatta, the partnership benefits and brand association.

CONTENTS 1.  A real sailing adventure 2.  The world’s only race to the equator 3.  Neptune island 4.  The Local Community of Pulau Blanding 5.  The Parties 6.  Discovery channel 7.  Social Media 8.  Print & digital media 9.  Sponsor & Partnerships 10.  Testimonials 11.  Useful Links

A REAL SAILING ADVENTURE… the neptune fleet consists of a maximum of 40 sailing yachts (the number of vessels is capped to keep the logistics manageable and minimise the environmental impact) &10 motor yachts. after congregating in singapore, the fleet moves south to nongsa in batam, indonesia, races south through the beautiful untouched islands of the riau archipelago to neptune island and then on to the equator. yachts come from throughout asia to participate with entries from australia, thailand, malaysia, hong kong & singapore. over 20 nationalities of crew fly into singapore from as far as the usa & russia to participate in what is now known as the ‘coolest race on earth*.’

* title of feature article written by guy nowell, editor of sail world. the neptune regatta has ‘live’ gps tracking showing the movements of each participating vessel which can be viewed from the regatta website during racing

for full details on races routes and details. please go to the neptune regatta website and view/ download the official notice of race.

THE NEPTUNE REGATTA IS THE WORLD'S ONLY RACE TO THE EQUATOR a truly unique, exquisite annual yacht regatta steeped in centuries of maritime tradition and adventure. ‘crossing the line’ (the equator) is the coming of age for any sailor by participating in the ceremony of entering king neptune’s court and transforming from ‘slimy polliwog’ through to the honourable ‘trusty shellback’. the neptune regatta is the only regatta in the world that offers today’s pleasure-craft sailors the opportunity to participate in this age old tradition.

ian walker (2 time olympic medallist and skipper of the abu dhabi volvo ocean racing yacht) as king neptune with 2 ‘slimy polliwogs’ during the 2013 neptune regatta ceremonies

NEPTUNE ISLAND An uninhabited island that lies 8 nautical miles above the equator is the southerly base where participants and guests enjoy the unmatched natural beauty of white sugar sand beaches and crystal clear aquamarine waters. A huge logistical challenge that turns a completely uninhabited island, with no resources, into the base of operations with accommodation, bar, kitchen, wash area’s, toilets, op’s and so on, for the neptune fleet. Apart from the jetty, the only thing left on Neptune Island when the last person steps off, are footprints.

PULAU BLANDING an island close to the uninhabited neptune island is pulau blanding with a population of 1,400.

a fishing village that has populated the area since the before records began (according to the elders) is where neptune employs the local workforce and gains knowledge critical to the regatta’s success. neptune employs around 100 people for preparation and support. giving back‌ neptune is not a charity but we do endeavour to aid the progress of our hosts. in 2011/13 neptune funded and assisted in a 2.5 km underwater pipe that now brings fresh water to blanding island for the first time. every year the participants are hosted for a day of festivities and games by the warm riau people

from carrying water house to house, fresh water is now piped around the village.

A MAJOR PART OF SUCCESSFUL SAILING REGATTAS ARE THE PARTIES, AND NEPTUNE IS FAMOUS FOR THEM we host 4 parties in singapore during the course of the year. each party has a different theme and is by invitation only. sponsors invite their own vip’s to enjoy the fun, network with affluent yacht owners and the sailing society. during the neptune regatta, we host parties from the beautiful neptune island beach bar and at nongsa point marina resort for the opening and closing celebrations. yachting/lifestyle press and photographers attend all neptune events. each event has around 200 guests.

another first for the neptune regatta; discovery network sent celebrity presenter, angela kan, along with 2 film crews to televise angela’s participation as a yacht racing crew member. the one hour tv special, which is to be aired globally later in 2013, follows angela as she races down to the equator, participates in the ceremony of entering neptune’s court (her ‘king neptune was played by sailing legend, ian walker, olympic medallist and vor skipper), meets the local community and stay on the uninhabited neptune island.

NEPTUNE RUNS A YEAR ROUND PR AND MARKETING CAMPAIGN THAT CENTRES ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND REGULAR PRESS RELEASES IN ASSOCIATION WITH OUR PARTNER BRANDS recognising the importance of social media, along with a comprehensive website, neptune has it’s own dedicated pages on facebook, twitter and it’s own youtube channel. the neptune social following is the largest of any annual regatta and is regularly updated with related information and partner (sponsor) news. part of the support for partners is through timely, targeted competitions. press releases are distributed throughout the sailing, travel and lifestyle media ensuring that neptune is always in print. we also provide comprehensive analytics of the website and social sites so we can see traffic flow, sources etc. to tailor messages and brand association to our many visitors

Being the world’s only yacht race to the equator with additional interests such as Neptune Island, stunning yachts and super-yachts, The Neptune Regatta enjoys tremendous print & digital media coverage‌ The visuals on the right represent a fraction of magazines that run stories and feature articles around the Neptune experience and individual participant stories and photo diaries. Digitally, our stories are run all over the world on numerous websites and blogs that revolve around sailing, yacht racing and luxury lifestyle living. The Neptune Regatta readership is the #1 marketing demographic of influencers and spenders. A comprehensive overview of the audience and demographics is on the Neptune Marketing Video. The link is on the final document page.


every dollar counts and neptune works with the regatta partners to ensure that there is a maximum return on each dollar invested. neptune is focused on having the right partnerships and brand association that connects to the regatta participants and audience. it’s not just about the money. partners have multiple exposure opportunities with the neptune pr team working with sponsors to get the most out of parties, ‘off-regatta’ events with focused media coverage that gives attention to partners products/ services. remy cointreau international (owners of the mount gay rum brand) have re-signed a further 3 years sponsorship of the neptune regatta, the ultimate testament of a successful partnership.

THE NEPTUNE REGATTA IS ALL ABOUT PARTNERSHIPS “we are happy to be the proud sponsor of the neptune regatta for the second year running, and we have just agreed a further 3 years partnership. as the only regatta in the world where participants race to the equator, the determination and passion of the sailors also carry the pioneering spirit of mount gay distillery into the seafaring world”, said mr xavier desaulles, managing director, southeast asia middle east india, rémy cointreau international pte ltd. the garmin corporation is pleased to announce sponsorship of this unique event.  " this is a positive step forward for garmin as we and oceantalk, our regional oem distributer, continue to expand our commitment to installed marine electronics in the region. we see the adventure lifestyle nature of the event as a particularly good fit for much of the garmin product range” tony an, business development director , garmin ( asia) please contact us to arrange a meeting on how you can be a part of the neptune team. details on following page.  

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2013/14 Neptune Regatta Sponsorship Overview  

A document that briefly explains what the Neptune Regatta is about and the market reach and brand assosiation it offers partners (sponsors)

2013/14 Neptune Regatta Sponsorship Overview  

A document that briefly explains what the Neptune Regatta is about and the market reach and brand assosiation it offers partners (sponsors)