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2011 Game Day Program

September 1 vs. East Central Tiger Stadium Booneville, Miss. 7 p.m. $1


Deion Belue Returning the Tigers to glory

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Letter from the President Dear Friends of Northeast:

Thank you for your support of the athletic efforts of Northeast Mississippi Community College. Each coach and each athlete has worked hard to ensure that our teams are ready to give performances that make you proud to be a “Tiger Fan.” Northeast exists to provide educational, recreational and social resources for students and supporters to grow and enjoy their accomplishments. While you are on campus, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable visit. I trust you will use this opportunity to get to know our students, coaches and staff. We are always ready to assist you to enjoy your time with us. Thank you for everything that you do to encourage and support our efforts. We are always glad to have you on our campus. Sincerely, Johnny L. Allen President

Board of Trustees

T. Jack Ramsey

Chairman Tenure of Service: 1983 Tishomingo County/ Banker

Wayne Butler

Tenure of Service: 2007 Alcorn County Retire Educator

Sam McCoy

Tenure of Service: 1988 Prentiss County Businessman

Troy Holliday

Vice Chairman Tenure of Service: 1964 Tippah County Businessman

Bill Breedlove

Tenure of Service: 1999 Prentiss County Businessman

David ‘Bubba’ Pounds

Tenure of Service: 2009 Prentiss County County Government

John O. Cunningham Secretary Tenure of Service: 1995 Prentiss County Businessman

Douglas Jackson

Tenure of Service: 1995 Tippah County Retired Educator

Stacy Suggs

Tenure of Service: 2008 Alcorn County Superintendent of Education

Ken Basil

Tenure of Service: 2008 Union County Superintendent of Education

Malcolm Kuykendall Tenure of Service: 2006 Tishomingo County Superintendent of Education

Luzene Triplett

Tenure of Service: 2002 Prentiss County Retire Educator

Northeast Mississippi Community College

Alvie Blakeney

Tenure of Service: 2011 Tishomingo County Retire Businessman

Tracie Langston

Tenure of Service: 2004 Prentiss County Businesswoman

Vance Witt

Tenure of Service: 2007 Union County Businessman


Tiger No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 20 21 22 23 24 25 30 32 34 37 40 41 44 45 47 48 50 54 55 56 60 61 62 63 66 69 71 72 75 76 78 80 81 82 85 89 90 94 97 99


2011 Tiger Football Roster

Name Tres Houston Rodney Beacham Michael Poole Donte’ Barksdale Dennis Draper Bryan Steele Donnell Chapman Deion Belue J.R. White Jamarcus Goodloe Devin Lindsey Jeremy Spikner Parks Frazier J.R. Jennings Eli Canton Marvell Taylor Garrett Smith Kareem Brown Anthony Knox Ryan Jones Nick Thomason Taylor Earhart Robert Johnson Timothy Gleaton Ryan Richardson Pat Moore Jonathon Harrison Cortney Sutton Anthony Brown Frankie Lee Shawn Smith Shannon Rogers Nathan Kendrick Collin Stubblefield Jeremiah Booth Hunter Walton Chanston Jeter Bradley Marsh Brandon Avant Carlton Howard Derrick Paige Robert Freeman Kyle Davis Terrence Jennings Jacoby Harris Antonio Foster Markie Dukes JaMarius Tallie Taylor Goode Logan Stokes Michael Bush Maurice Booker Lavon Hooks Devin Slate Anthony Payne

Height 6-2 6-0 5-8 5-8 5-8 6-2 6-1 6-0 5-11 5-9 6-2 6-0 6-2 6-0 6-2 5-10 5-10 5-9 6-0 5-11 6-1 6-0 5-10 6-1 5-10 6-3 6-3 6-0 6-3 5-9 5-11 5-11 5-10 6-0 6-0 6-0 6-3 6-2 6-1 6-3 6-9 6-4 6-3 6-3 5-11 6-4 5-10 5-10 6-0 6-4 6-2 6-2 6-4 6-0 6-1

Weight 190 200 175 175 185 220 235 185 230 225 190 200 230 180 240 180 190 175 175 190 230 170 190 240 200 245 180 220 245 175 200 225 270 290 330 260 300 315 290 300 360 295 295 325 225 300 185 185 180 240 205 250 280 275 300

Class Fresh. Fresh. Soph. Soph. Fresh. Soph. Fresh. Soph. Fresh. Soph. Soph. Soph. Fresh. Fresh. Fresh. Soph. Fresh. Fresh. Soph. Soph. Soph. Soph. Fresh. Fresh. Soph. Soph. Fresh. Soph. Soph. Soph. Fresh. Fresh Soph. Fresh. Soph. Soph. Soph. Fresh Fresh. Fresh. Soph. Fresh. Soph. Fresh. Fresh. Soph. Soph. Fresh. Fresh. Fresh. Fresh. Fresh. Fresh. Soph. Soph.


Hometown Atlanta, Ga. Vicksburg Ripley Southaven Batesville Olive Branch Batesville Tuscumbia, Ala. Tuscumbia, Ala. Leighton, Ala. Baldwyn Olive Branch Corinth Calhoun City Hernando Charleston Starkville New Albany Olive Branch Muscle Shoals, Ala. Muscle Shoals, Ala. Olive Branch Olive Branch Batesville Ripley Southaven Belmont Southaven Cairo, Ga. Charleston New Albany Chicago, Ill. Amory New Albany Kingsland, Ga. Fulton Ripley Olive Branch Maben Batesville Holly Springs Luvern, Ala. Olive Branch Millbrook, Ala. Macon Valdosta, Ga. Oxford West Point New Albany Muscle Shoals, Ala. West Point Leighton, Ala. Atlanta, Ga. Oxford Leroy, Ala.

President: Dr. Johnny L. Allen Athletic Director: Ricky Ford Sports Information Director: M. Joseph Miller Head Coach: Ricky Smither (fourth year) Assistant Coaches: Brad Boyette, Jeff Carter, Travis Macon, Trey Ward Athletic Trainer: Meghan Sink Student Athletic Trainers: Domonique Allen, Jamal Gray, Simeon Gray, Demetrae Griffin, Corio Palmer, Xzavious Phillips, Josh Schiele 4

Northeast Mississippi Community College



2011 East Central Warrior Football Roster

No. Name Height Weight Class Position Hometown 1 Dennis Thames 6-0 190 Soph. DB Louisville 2 Keivondre Watford 6-4 220 Fresh. WR Tuscaloosa, Ala. 3 Jonathan Scott 6-5 190 Soph. DB Daytona Beach, Fla. 4 Corey Collier 6-3 205 Soph. WR Northport, Ala. 5 Lavadius Lyles 5-8 180 Fresh. RB Forest 6 Zach Pendleton 6-4 190 Soph. WR Jackson 7 Reggie Hall 5-9 170 Soph. WR Monroe, La 8 Brock Hall 6-3 200 Fresh. WR Tuscaloosa, Ala. 9 Jerrell Priester 5-10 190 Soph. DB Ulma, S.C. 10 Jesse Blakemore 6-1 205 Soph. QB Jackson 11 Ricky Cavanaugh 6-2 215 Soph. LB Austin, Texas 12 Deonte Harper 5-8 165 Soph. WR Morton 13 Mitch Manley 6-5 215 Fresh. QB Pittsburg, Texas 14 Ben Brooks 5-9 175 Fresh. DB Meridian 15 Darius Wren 5-11 215 Soph. LB Shucktown 16 Delvin Mitchell 5-11 190 Fresh. LB Forest 19 Martin Wilson 6-2 200 Fresh. LB Philadelphia 22 Jaabir Stephens 5-9 200 Fresh. RB Tuscaloosa, Ala. 23 Freeman Gray 6-2 180 Fresh. WR Tunica 24 Dominique Carter 6-2 185 Fresh. DB Louisville 25 Jimmy Broomfield 5-11 205 Soph. DB Forest 26 Za Reese 6-0 160 Fresh. DB Morton 28 Terrance Dentry 5-8 185 Fresh. RB Columbus 30 Tim Oster 6-0 200 Fresh. DB Ocean Springs 32 Tyrone Williams 6-0 225 Soph. LB Thomasville, Ga. 34 Josh Martin 6-5 240 Fresh. DL Tuscaloosa, Ala. 35 Steffon Fuller 6-4 190 Fresh. DB Scooba 38 Tarus White 6-1 225 Fresh. LB Good Hope 39 Rob Moffitt 5-11 205 Fresh. P Louisville 42 Jacob Carpenter 5-8 150 Fresh. K Winona 43 Tyler Robinson 6-3 215 Soph. LB Hickory 44 Austin Conn 6-1 235 Fresh. LB Mize 45 Chris Ficklin 5-11 185 Soph. LB Forest 47 Zach Conn 6-2 250 Fresh. DL Mize 48 Parker Jones 6-4 255 Fresh. DL Sturgis 51 Tate Rogers 6-2 285 Soph. OL Louisville 52 Remund Jackson 6-5 315 Fresh. OL Coker, Ala. 53 Paul Kiruman 6-0 320 Fresh. OL Ralph, Ala. 62 Park Stevens 6-8 340 Fresh. OL Columbus 66 Mackenzie Lee 6-4 330 Soph. OL Nanih Waiya 70 Andre Lucious 6-1 340 Soph. OL Ralph, Ala. 71 Dustin Tubby 6-3 315 Fresh. OL Philadelphia 72 Bart Whigham 6-4 315 Fresh. OL Dothan, Ala. 73 Jusin Kilpatrick 6-3 315 Soph. OL Philadelphia 74 Shaquille Patrick 6-3 320 Fresh. OL Forest 75 Semisi Tupou 6-4 400 Soph. DL Long Beach, Calif. 80 Ronnie McMillan 6-3 230 Soph. WR Tuscaloosa, Ala. 81 Maher Bradford 6-3 250 Fresh. DE Froest 82 Steven Fuller 6-3 190 Fresh. WR Scooba 83 Lakenneth Weidman 6-5 235 Fresh. DL Forest 90 Bradley Dorsey 6-6 380 Fresh. DL Morton 94 Jacob Gilbert 6-3 280 Fresh. DL Philadelphia 95 Darnell Hughes 6-6 320 Fresh. DL Forest 96 Vodrick Lucious 6-6 270 Fresh. DL Tuscaloosa, Ala. 98 Kalvin Smith 6-1 300 Soph. DL Decatur Head Coach: Brian Anderson (OC/Quarterbacks) Assistants: Jarvis Cole (Running Backs), Antwon Courington (Wide Receivers), Blake Frazier (DC/Linebackers), Keith Houston (Defensive Backs), Derek Pouncey (Defensive Line), Kyle Watson (Offensive Line) Trainer: Derrick Jones Equipment Staff: Justin Bates, Dylan Evans, Tyler Graham, Troy Gregory, Jayden Jenkins, T.J. Kilgore

Northeast Mississippi Community College




Belue: Returning the Tigers to glory Deion Belue electrified Tiger Nation during his freshman year with Northeast. Now, the Mississippi Association of Community/Junior Colleges (MACJC) must prepare for Belue Part Deux. Belue returns quicker, faster and stronger than his first year in Booneville and is set to return the Tigers to glory. During his first year at Northeast, Belue helped lead the Tigers to their first winning season since 2005 (5-4) and led Northeast to only its fifth North Division runner-up finish in school history as the Tigers finished in a three-way tie for the runner-up spot with a 4-2 record in the North. Belue is preparing for bigger and better things for the Tigers. “We are sophomores this year and are all after the same thing,” Belue said. “Last year, we didn’t know how the season was going to end up and came out and played every game in order. This year, we know what we can get and we are going to chase after it.” Chasing after it has been something opponents have been doing to Belue as the speedster has not only made a name for himself on the defensive side of the ball but also as a kick returner on the Tigers special teams squad. “Whenever the ball is in the air, I don’t look at the ball until it is about to drop,” Belue said. “I am usually scanning the field looking for the worst threat so I can get away from it. I am just thinking about where can I find the open spot.” That strategy paid off for Belue in the Tigers 2010 Homecoming game against Coahoma as the then Northeast freshman broke loose for an 80yard punt return against the visiting Tigers and racked up 105 yards total in returns on the day. During the 2010 season, Belue returned 11 kicks for 223 yards – and 20.27 yard per return average. However, it was a return in his first home game as a Tiger against Mississippi Delta on September 16, 2010 that Belue learned a very valuable lesson about junior college football. Belue received a punt from the Trojan punter and broke free along the visiting sideline before cutting across the grain of the field to another open hole near the home sideline. Before, Belue could realize it...a vicious blindside hit left the Northeast freshman in a daze on

Northeast-East Central History Last five meetings

2010 -- Northeast, 34-6 2009 -- East Central, 34-28 2008 -- East Central, 38-7 2003 -- Northeast, 17-13 2002 -- Northeast, 14-7 Series: East Central 21-10.

Deion Belue

the ground. “I am long recovered from it and I learned a valuable lesson,” Belue said. “My teammates also learned a lesson that time as well so it was a good experience but at the same time it was a bad experience.” That hit also reminded Belue that there is a difference between playing high school football and junior college football. “It is different because the players are older and stronger,” Belue said. “The game is also a lot faster so that just makes it more exciting for me.” While the game might be more exciting, Belue also knows junior college athletes are among some of the best in the world after experiencing that first hand in 2010. “Northeast benefited my career because you are playing against some of the top community college players in the nation that are just coming out of high school and didn’t make it for whatever reason,” Belue said. “They are just as good as everyone else on the Division I level for the most part.” For Belue, his goal of getting to the Division I level was a personal dream he has had since day one upon his arrival at Northeast. The Tiger sophomore knows that to go to a Division I school – especially a school in the Southeastern Conference – he must take care of his business in the classroom first and foremost and Northeast was a natural choice for the student-athlete from

Notes: East Central may lead the series 21-10 overall since the two teams started facing off against each other in 1949 however, Northeast has captured three of the last five contests against the Warriors including a 34-6 showing in Decatur to open the 2010 season. Northeast and East Central have kept it close during each meeting between the two schools. In only nine contests has the outcome been more than a two score difference. Tuscumbia, Alabama. “It is close to home and Coach Smither and I are real close so I figured it was the best opportunity for me to come and get ready to transfer wherever I need to go such as Alabama or anywhere in the SEC,” Belue said. “You come in, handle your business and everyone will usually work well with you when they realize you are handling your own business.” While Belue is being careful to dot all the Is and cross all the Ts . . . the Northeast sophomore knows that come September 1 there will be more business to handle in front of the crowd at Tiger Stadium on the gridiron. “I’m really excited about the season,” Belue said. “The team and myself, Coach Smither and the coaching staff are ready to roll into the big house of Tiger Stadium come September 1.” Come September 1, the MACJC might want to be ready for Belue Part Deux.

Follow the Tigers wherever you may be: Live on the web at; “Athletics” Tab then “Listen Live” 6

Northeast Mississippi Community College



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2011 Tiger Football Schedule Date




September 1

East Central


7 p.m.

September 8



7 p.m.

September 15

Mississippi Delta*


6:30 p.m.

September 22



7 p.m.

September 29



6:30 p.m.

October 8

East Mississippi* (HC)


3 p.m.

October 13



6:30 p.m.

October 20



7 p.m.

October 27



7 p.m.

* Represents MACJC North Division contest

GameDay Guide vs East Central  

GameDay program for Northeast Mississippi Community College's season opener against East Central

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