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Time for the big thaw out! Bring on that sunshine and heat.

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Manitoba to present budget Apr. 12 Submitted Manitoba Government Provincial finance minister Cameron Friesen has announced that the 2022 provincial budget will be delivered on Tuesday, Apr. 12. “Budget 2022 is about strengthening our health-care system, focusing on affordability, finding ways to invest in our communities and protecting Manitoba’s environment,” said Friesen. “We must continue to rebuild our economy and work toward resolving something that everyone is concerned about – making life more affordable.” Over the past few months, more than 51,000 Manitobans have participated in

the province’s budget consultation process, an increase from the previous year. Engagement included telephone town halls, virtual meetings for stakeholders and the public, an online survey and an invitation for email and written submissions. Among those who answered the online survey, the number one priority for the upcoming budget was health care. Nearly one-half of those who completed the survey indicated that improving education and increasing support related to mental health and addictions is a high priority. About one-third said investing in infrastructure and preparing for the effects of climate change are high priorities.


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Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa MP endorses leadership candidate

By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

Dan Mazier believes the Conservative Party of Canada’s best days are ahead, and he believes Pierre Poilievre is the person to lead them there. Mazier, the member of parliament (MP) for Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa riding, has officially endorsed Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre in the federal party’s leadership race. Mazier did so by posting a picture on his social media platforms, in which the two men are shaking hands. Along with the picture, there is a caption that reads, “Canada is in desperate need of real leadership. Pierre is a principled Canadian, a rarity in today’s politics. I have no doubt that he will make an excellent Prime Minister. Our best days are ahead.” The Neepawa Banner & Press contacted Mazier regarding his choice for the party’s next leader. He said, “Pierre is a leader who will unite the country. He has integrity on all issues. He will stand for letting Canadians live their lives as they see fit and for more fairness. He has a modern view of Canada all the while he defers to the lessons of our history and learning from the past, the things that worked and the things that didn’t.” Although Mazier has known Poilievre for quite some time, he didn’t make any official decision on the leadership race until after a recent meeting with him. Mazier said that he wanted to hear Poilievre’s perspective on governance. “Pierre wants smaller government and lower taxes. He wants the province


Pierre Poilievre (on left) is seeking the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Dan Mazier (on right) recently has endorsed Poilievre in the federal party’s leadership race.

to be able to work together better, especially in health care. There are way too many gatekeepers to get through the bureaucracy on many projects and issues.” In February, Erin O’Toole was ousted as Conservative Party leader and PortageLisgar MP Candice Bergen

was appointed as the interim leader. Poilievre, a fiscal conservative from Ontario, is currently one of 11 contenders for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership. The CPC leadership election will take place in September 2022.

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Mazier picks Poilievre to lead Tories

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APRIL 1, 2022

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Manitoba Maple Syrup Festival back as an in-person event


Tours of Bob’s Sugar Bush, where maple sap is collected, is just one of the many highlights of the Manitoba Maple Syrup Festival in McCreary.

By Kira Paterson Neepawa Banner & Press After one year canceled and the next as only virtual, the Manitoba Maple Syrup Festival is back in full force for 2022. Scheduled for Apr. 8 and 9 in McCreary, the festival is an annual chance to learn about the production of maple syrup and potentially get a taste of the sweet treat, among many other activities. “We are excited to share the tastes and experiences of an authentic Manitoba maple syrup festival this year,” expressed organizer Pam Little. “Of course, we want people to feel comfortable and safe too. We

recommend following the basics of physical distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing masks indoors or when in large gatherings. Most of the activities are outdoors so that makes this a good festival to attend this year as we enter a less restricted era of COVID-19.” Friday, Apr. 8 kicks off the event, with a drive-in movie night. They will be showing the animated movie Sing 2 at the McCreary Arena parking lot. Gates open, along with the canteen, at 7:30 pm, with the movie starting at dusk. “Before the main feature, enjoy learning about tapping maple trees from knowledge keeper Louis Malcolm,” Little added.

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

2 Corinthians 5:21 (New International Version)

The real action gets going on Saturday, Apr. 9, with activities going on in several locations throughout McCreary. The Community Centre will host the farmers’ market from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., featuring maple syrup products, as well as a wide variety of home made and home grown goods, both

edible and otherwise. There will also be a lunch canteen there until 2:00 p.m. and supper served at 5:00 p.m. An old-time dance will take place that evening at the Community Centre, as well, with the Eldon Campbell Band playing and the Metis Club Traditional Dancers helping to lead some jigging and square dancing. One of the most mapleish parts of the day will be based out of the McCreary Golf Club parking area. From there, people can take a horse and wagon ride out to Bob’s Sugar Bush, where there will be guided tours through the bush where maple sap is collected, as well as bannock roasting over a fire. Downtown McCreary will also host a range of activities. Musical entertainment will be along Burrows Road throughout the day, while a kids’ entertainer will be at the Drop-In Centre performing at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. Visitors will also get the chance to taste

April 1-2 • SHOWTIME: 7:30 pm

Spider-Man No Way Home

With Spider-Man’s identity now revealed, our friendly neighborhood web-slinger is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life as Peter Parker from the high stakes of being a superhero. PG

April 8-9 • SHOWTIME: 7:30 pm

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some delicious maple taffy on snow, outside Reischek’s Pharmacy or learn to tap a maple tree, with demonstrations going on at one of the trees along Burrows Road. Finally, people will have a chance to learn how sap turns into syrup, with a tour of Bob’s Maple Syrup Evaporator between 4:00

and 5:00 p.m. at 457 Aline Drive. Little noted that tickets can be purchased online or at the festival. She added, “Dress for the weather, be safe and celebrate the little village designated as the maple syrup capital of Manitoba. McCreary welcomes you on Apr. 8 and 9.”

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APRIL 1, 2022


By Chad Carpenter

Rita Friesen

Last times...

Random observations I

find it interesting how various topics seem to compete for the public’s attention. For two years, the world was fixated on COVID-19. I guess that was appropriate, but C-19 would not have been nearly so serious if society and the governments that allegedly speak for society had been more prepared. More prepared, and had taken action sooner. More prepared and not wasting their time on some actions, as well. In last week’s column, I called for an inquiry and it needs to happen. When the top news story of the day is riding high, all other topics get shoved in the drawer. The past month’s news cycle has been rightly consumed by Russia’s highly illegal invasion of Ukraine. Again, it would not have been nearly so serious if society and the governments that allegedly speak for society had been more prepared. Everybody knew Russia was going to invade. If 200,000 troops and hundreds of tanks and trucks lined up on the border didn’t give away the “secret”, then surely Russia’s own words would have done it. If the UN, Ukraine or NATO had blasted the first Russian tanks to enter Ukraine off the face of the earth, then the war would not have gotten a foothold. Every war starts by somebody not standing up to the bully, the aggressor. The western world knew it was coming. Even Canada has been spending the past eight years training Ukrainian troops. The western training of the Ukrainian army is one of the reasons the war has lasted this long. The Russians didn’t believe the Ukrainian army would stand up as well as it has. The only mistake is that the Ukrainian army should have been even better prepared and acted sooner with western ally countries backing them up. Borders should be sacred and treated as such. Early actions are needed in every war. Let’s take a closer to home example. In Winnipeg, in the early C-19 days, the infection showed up in a couple of care homes. Understaffed, under prepared neepawa

Banner & Press


Right in the Centre Ken Waddell

and maybe scared to admit they had a problem, a couple of care homes didn’t take quick enough action and they lost a lot of residents, dozens in fact. They were blasted in the media for calling in paramedics and ambulances. The problem wasn’t that the care homes called in ambulances, the problem was they should have called them in days earlier. When someone gets sick beyond the ability of a family to care for them, they call an ambulance. It should be no different at a care home. When they see a resident needs more care than can be provided in the home, they should call an ambulance and sooner rather than later. It’s a lot easier to win a battle than it is to win a war. If the battles are handled, the war will not even start. Maybe just like facing Putin. It is also interesting, dare I say amusing, that the federal government switched from talking about gun control to climate change to COVID to trucker protests to the Ukraine war. Now that C-19 has settled down some and Canada has delivered all its available ancient military resources into Ukraine, it’s time to get back to the old standby issues. More coming now on climate change, in spite of the fact that Canada does almost nothing to harm the climate compared to China, compared to all the tanks, fuel and buildings that have been exploded in Ukraine, along with the occasional volcano. Canada, and our current major party leadership, are all alike on this issue. We fret about what Canada does to global warming all the while Canada and the US sell off their mining interests (including a coal mine in the US) to Chinese-backed companies. Isn’t it also interesting that, according

the Canadian government, it’s a no-no to own guns but it’s okay to sell or give “lethal weapons” to Ukraine? Just wait, banning guns in Canada will be back soon enough. Then finally, there is the now famous NDP-Liberal “coalition” government. Yeah, they don’t call it a coalition, but it is, in effect, a coalition. If it holds, the Trudeau Liberals will be in power until 2025. Please note that all new announcements, such as day care, are now being dubbed with a 2025 implementation date. That’s not a coincidence. The Liberals are lining up as many things as they can to come together in 2025 so they can boast about all they have done in time for the next election. It’s smart politics. This week’s biggest irony is the fighter jet purchase announcement. Those same fighter jets that the Harper government wanted to buy and the Liberals cancelled in 2015. Now those jets are the best thing since sliced bread when it’s a Liberal idea. Probably twice as expensive now, but that doesn’t matter, as the Liberals can switch it from their “to-do” list to their “look what we did list”. Below are a couple of links to columns that readers might find informative. The first one is to retired Manitoba judge Brian Giesbrecht’s columns and some from the Winnipeg Sun brian-giesbrecht/ Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being the view of the Banner & Press staff.

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ne of the sage sayings reminds us to cherish each moment, for we never know when we are seeing someone for the last time, or have the opportunity to say something for the last time. This month, I have acknowledged several last times, knowing it is indeed the last time. Did not lessen the sorrow. It was the last time I took a pet to a vet, the last time I washed the dogs’ beds and blankets, the last time I cleaned their food dishes, the last time I picked up poop in the back yard. With every last time came sorrow, yes, also thanksgiving for the joy and love the pups brought to our homes. They moved with me from the acreage, adjusted to town walks and a fenced back yard. They were constants with a changing array of family members living in and staying over. Henry Hoover and Miss Daisy were the reasons I purchased a house rather than rent a place for my home. No regrets. Just a great many last times. For 40 years and a day, I shared my life with Ed. He bought the property east of town without me seeing it. He loved every board and nail of that ancient home– anything over 100 years of age can justifiably be termed ancient! After he received the diagnosis of cancer, he became awesomely aware of last times. There was the morning after a shower, he stood, silent for a long moment, in the hall at the top of the stairs. One hand on the well-worn banister, eyes lingering over the view from the master bedroom bay windows, and with a steady voice, said goodbye. Goodbye to ever seeing the upstairs again, goodbye from ever running his hand gently over the smooth railing. Acknowledging that with his human body, he would never have the strength to climb those 13 stairs again. That was a heavy and sober last time. As the disease continued to consume his body and energy, there was the last time he sat at the table enjoying a shared meal, viewing his kingdom through the patio doors. There was the last time he made a trip out to his shed, in a wheelchair, because it was important that he be present for the relinquishing of the last of the alternator and starter parts. And there was the last time he chose to eat. We knew all these last times were last times, making each one poignant and unforgettable. There was deep sorrow in saying all these goodbyes, executed with a strength and dignity that was difficult to watch, and oh, so admirable. Last times. How different would we live each day with that awareness? How much more important to have our words be kind and gentle, our actions caring and supportive. In truth, none of us have any guarantee about our tomorrows. Most of us don’t dwell on that until we face a health crisis. Doesn’t change the reality. Have I yet mastered the art of living mindfully? Nope. Thankfully, I have enough reminders all around me to continue to strive for that goal. Last times…


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APRIL 1, 2022

Facing life’s challenges— part 5


t the time, what Adam (not his real name) did seemed insignificant. Today, many years after his death, it remains an example for people in all areas of leadership to follow. Adam had been a pastor for many years, but had left paid accountable ministry to become a traveling evangelist, conducting revival meetings in smaller churches throughout western Canada. That’s what brought him to the community where I was living. He had been invited by a neighbouring church to conduct a 10-day crusade there. My church canceled weekly activities so that we could attend the services. At each service, a “love offering” for Adam’s personal support was collected. The total received was far more than Adam needed, or for that matter, wanted. So, Adam asked that the funds be divided into two portions. The smaller one was to go to him. The larger was to be sent to an international missionary soci-

ety to assist them in their work. The host church did as he asked. The issue was settled quietly, with dignity, integrity, without drawing undue attention to Adam or leaving the host church open to accusations of misappropriating funds. Another minister with similar views was the late Dr. E. V. Hill, Pastor of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. In a sermon he gave on one of the late Jerry Falwell’s TV services, Hill said that in his church, “no one is allowed to give me a Christmas gift.” He went on to explain his reason for this policy. “If people want to give me a gift,” he said, “they can do it for my birthday. Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. If I accept gifts on Jesus’s birthday, that’s double dipping. At

Christmas, we give a special gift to Jesus. We take an offering for a special project that will help our community. People must wait until my birthday to give special gifts to me.” That’s not how it is with many high profile social, political and religious leaders. Stories of huge salaries, large homes, luxury cars and other perks enjoyed by “the rich and famous” are as common today as they were when Robin Leach profiled them on his TV show (Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous). Many of these people have worked very hard to achieve the level of income that allows them to enjoy this lifestyle. They are entitled to enjoy the fruits of their labours and I wish them many years of happiness doing so. But we hold politicians

and preachers to a higher level of fiscal responsibility than we hold movie stars and business moguls. Politicians draw their salaries from money that has been taken from the people in the form of taxes and service fees. Preachers draw their salaries from money that has been donated by people who want to help the work done by a church, a home ministry or a foreign missionary society survive and thrive; especially amid the uncertainties caused by the pandemic and other world issues. Those who work in government or for charitable societies are entitled to a just and fair wage for the work that they do. But they must be always alert and resist the urge to live extravagantly at the expense of taxpayers or donors who, to pay their taxes or donate to a charity, must use funds that would otherwise help pay for the food, clothing and shelter they desperately need. We who pay their salaries have every right to expect this standard of conduct from all of them.

go out, it only takes to put a coat and shoes on and out they go. When I want to get ready, I find my shoes that I can just step in, no laces to tie, go sit down

and then take my time to put my arms in the sleeves of my jacket and finally, I proceed to take my walker and go outside. Thankfulness and love wells up. I’m g rateful for the sunshine, for my home where, it is cozy and warm. My daughter and my great grandson came

to visit me. He even hung the picture straight on the wall. Thank you for your help, little man and thank you, Lord, for giving me children to love and to be loved. Jesus tells us in John 15:16 “This is my commandment: Love each other.”

Faithfully Yours

Neil Strohschein

Observation By Addy Oberlin


t seems our life is filled with preparations and the older we get, the longer it takes to finish them. When I see the children getting ready to

School photo mystery solved too quickly! This photo, from the Wayne and Darlene Csversko collection, was sent to the Banner & Press by Will Smith in mid-March, in hopes that some of our readers could help Smith identify the school pictured. Before we even had a chance to publish the photo, Smith contacted the office again three days later saying he had already identified the school in question. It turns out that the picture is of Edna School, in the Minnedosa area. SUBMITTED PHOTO



More Canadian fossil fuels is not the answer I am very concerned about stories in our news media that state that more Canadian fossil fuels will help Europe break up with Russian oil. I seldom write letters to the editor, but this is one time, I feel I must. The oil and gas industry and Conservative MPs’ push for expanding fossil fuels to Europe during this present crisis is misguided, dangerous and immoral. More fossil fuel expansion guarantees more years of climate destruction that will harm us all. This isn’t about peace or energy security. It’s about profiteering from war. Not only would it take years to build the necessary infrastructure, but Europe doesn’t want more fossil fuels. Germany has a plan to speed up renewable energy– wind and solar– projects. The European Commission has released a plan to increase renewable energy and energy efficiency. The International Energy Agency has an expansive plan to reduce Europe’s reliance on Russian gas with renewable energy. Energy security is not possible without a transition away from fossil fuels. We could and should put Canadians to work with good jobs in the renewable energy sector, both here and abroad. Hildegard Vickers Waldersee, MB

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Helen Drysdale out of helen’s kitchen

Road building in Manitoba

Spruce Plains RCMP report

By Cpl. Jacob Stanton Spruce Plains RCMP


A road crew in the Brookdale area.

Our first roads in Manitoba were the trails used by the Indigenous peoples. Then came the rutted trails of the Red River carts with the fur trade. Many new trails were created to connect major trading posts or forts of the North-West Mounted Police. Soon, formal trails used for horse-driven wagons emerged during European settlement. Bridges and ferries were built to provide “short cuts” through the rivers. In 1870, when the Province of Manitoba was created, there were 700 miles of trails within the province. The building of the railway opened up the country to allow more and faster transportation. Roads were mainly used for local transportation, linking settlers with their nearest town and grain handling facilities. These dirt roads the farmers travelled on to get their grain to an elevator were often mired in mud and quite impassable during parts of the year. If conditions were good, most farmers could travel 10 miles round trip in a day with their horses and wagon to load, haul their grain, pick up supplies and return home in time to do chores. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, most road building and maintenance was done by horse-drawn equipment. After the spring seeding, the farmers and their horses were free for a time, so they often joined the road construction. By horse power and hand power (shovels), men worked hard at maintaining the old roads, putting in culverts and bridges and building new roads. One “old timer” who worked road construction as a young man told me about the mules they used in the road work. As soon as 12:00 noon came, they knew it was break time and even if the men had a few minutes work left before lunch, the mules stopped their work and headed to the place where their hay and water was. As cars became more popular and plentiful, good roads associations led the crusade for improved road travel, and expenditures on roads by all levels of governments tripled. Technology for building roads improved as horse-drawn scrapers and graders gave way to steam and gas power crawlers, graders and rollers. In December 1949, Prime Minister Louis St-Laurent passed the Trans-Canada Highway Act to build a highway from coast to coast. This project took many more years to complete than the railway. In 1962, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker officially opened the Trans-Canada Highway. This recipe comes from a 1916 cook book; the era of road building with horses. Date orange cake 1/2 cup butter, softened 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup chopped dates 1 egg 1 tsp. baking soda dissolved in 1 Tbsp. 1 cup buttermilk warm water 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon baking powder Topping: 1/4 tsp. salt juice of 1 orange 2 tsp. grated orange rind 1/2 cup white sugar Preheat oven to 350°F. Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Add the egg and beat well. Add the baking powder and salt to the flour. Add the flour alternately with the milk, ending with the flour. Stir in the orange rind, walnuts and dates. Dissolve the soda in the water and add last. Put the cake in a lightly greased 9x13 inch pan and bake for 35-40 minutes or until toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean. While the cake is cooking, stir the orange juice and sugar together. After removing the cake from the oven, pour the orange juice and sugar mixture on the cake. Cool and enjoy.

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During the week of Mar. 21 to Mar. 27, Spruce Plains RCMP dealt with 33 police activities. Mar. 21: RCMP responded to a disturbance at a residence in the Municipality of Westlake-Gladstone. Police attended and determined there was no concern for anyone’s safety. All parties were spoken to and there were no further concerns. Police were dispatched to an abandoned 911 call in Neepawa. Police attended and spoke to the home owner who reported they were having phone line issues. There were no signs of concern. M a r. 2 2 : RCMP received a report of machinery being stolen from a business in Neepawa; the matter is still under investigation. Police responded to a motor vehicle collision in the RM of North Cypress-Langford, where a vehicle hit the ditch and became stuck. There were no injuries and the driver passed an alcohol screening test. The vehicle was towed the next morning. Mar. 23: RCMP responded to a report of a suspected impaired driver near Neepawa. The suspect vehicle was pulled over and the driver was given an alcohol screening test, which resulted in a zero. Police received a report of assault that occurred in a vehicle while travelling in the RM of North Cypress-Langford; the matter is still under investigation. Mar. 24: RCMP received a report of an individual making threats and causing a disturbance in Minnedosa. One person was arrested, charged and released with a future court appearance. Police responded to a report of attempted fraud in Minnedosa. Luckily, the fraud was noticed before the victim lost any money. The matter is still being investigated. Mar. 25: RCMP responded to a report of fuel theft from a gas station in Neepawa. The area was patrolled for the suspect vehicle, but it was not located. Police

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received a report of fraud in Neepawa, where an individual gave their personal and financial information to a scammer who unsuccessfully tried to withdraw money from the complainant’s bank accounts. There was insufficient evidence to proceed further. Mar. 26: RCMP were dispatched to an abandoned 911 call in Plumas. Police were able to get ahold of the caller who reported being threatened by a family member. The complainant later recanted their report and did not want charges pressed. Police responded to a commercial alarm in Minnedosa that was later determined to be accidental. M a r. 2 7: RCM P responded to multiple abandoned 911 calls in Rapid City. Police got in contact with the caller, who stated another resident of the household was in medical distress and needed assistance. Police and EMS arrived and one person was transported to the hospital for care. RCMP conducted three traffic enforcement actions during this reporting period. Public service announcement If you have any information about these crimes or any other crimes, please contact your local RCMP Office or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the Neepawa and Minnedosa RCMP detachments advise they will be limiting front counter services at the detachments until further notice. We request that you contact each detachment at 204-476-7340 (Neepawa) or 204-867-2916 (Minnedosa) to inquire about criminal record checks or to file a report. Leave a message if needed and it will be checked the following business day. Do not leave a message if you require immediate police assistance. You must dial 204-476-7338 (Neepawa), 204-867-2751 (Minnedosa) or 911 to have a police officer respond to you promptly.

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MLA for Agassiz

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APRIL 1, 2022

Carberry/North Cypress-Langford


Recreation update for the Carberry area By Gladwyn Scott Neepawa Banner & Press This was a busy week in Carberry with instructor, Taylor Orchard’s, dance recital, the Carberry Skating Club’s ice show “Under the Big Top,” the popular Legion Bonspiel, and the various curling wind-ups. The Beginner Synchro Team consists of Safi Gaudet, Briar Renwick, Kaitlyn Burtt, Macy Eligh, Brooke Fraiser, Kinley Smart, Brady Eligh and Riley Eligh. The skating club’s three senior skaters are Ella Baker, Chloe Kneeshaw and Kally Baron. Curling events The Legion Bonspiel concluded with Legion president Fokko Buurma doing the presentations to the three event winners. A Side Champions: Evan Reynolds Rink Defeats Tyler Unger Rink. B Side Champions: Troy Graham Rink defeats Brian McDonald Rink. C Side Champions: Leonard Birch Rink defeats Buurma Rink. Instructor, Pam Robins, wrapped up her popular Junior Curling program for the year. Program participants included Lily Carlson, Danica Elmhirst, Aurora Elmhirst, Alyssa Bobier, Kaiden Anderson, Rhianna McMillan, Evan Reynolds, Ezmay Campbell, Isabella McCutchin, Russell Kimacovich, Hayden Reynolds, Barret Bobier, Lucas Bieganski, Abbey Snowden, Abigail


Above left: Carberry’s Beginner Synchro Team. Back row: Safi Gaudet, Briar Renwick. Front row: Kaitlyn Burtt, Macy Eligh, Brooke Fraiser, Kinley Smart, Brady Eligh and Riley Eligh. Above right: Carberry Figure Staking Club’s senior skaters, Ella Baker, Chloe Kneeshaw and Kally Baron.

Above: Legion Bonspiel A side champions, from left: Fokko Buurma presents the award to Evan Reynolds, Kim Reynolds, Terry Paluch and Deanna Paluch.

Above: B side champions: Fokko Buurma presents award to Troy Graham, Greg Chandler, Justine Adriaansen and Cory Martin. Pictured above is the Junior Curling program participants. Back row: Pam Robins (instructor), Lily Carlson, Danica Elmhirst, Aurora Elmhirst, Alyssa Bobier, Kaiden Anderson, Rhianna McMillan, Evan Reynolds, Ezmay Campbell. Middle row: Isabella McCutchin, Russell Kimacovich, Hayden Reynolds, Barret Bobier, Lucas Bieganski, Abbey Snowden, Abigail Reynolds, Gemma Mcleod. Front row: Sydney Sheppard.

Reynolds, Gemma Mcleod and Sydney Sheppard. Trevor Calvert’s foursome topped the men’s curling league and in the women’s league, Alyssa Calvert’s team were Club Champs with Betty Buurma’s squad winning the A side of the playoffs and Jennell Mann’s

winning the B side. Skip, Terry Ursel, and her rink of Wanda Rainka, Brenda Walker, Tracy Igonia, and fifth, Darla Hanke, who participated in the 2022 Manitoba Scotties in Carberry Dec. 15 to 19, won their fourth Manitoba Senior Women’s Curling

Championship Mar. 21 in Beausejour and qualified for the Nationals Dec. 5 to 10. Plans are being finalized for the Sportsman’s Gala Thursday, Apr. 14 with special guests, comedian Big Daddy Tazz and Chris Walby, Blue Bombers Hall of Famer.

Raiders down GCB Wildcats

Killarney-Wawanesa team goes on to win provincials By Gladwyn Scott Neepawa Banner & Press The Killarney-Wawanesa Raiders, who won the 18 team Westman High School Hockey League pennant and recently captured the Provincial AA hockey crown in Russell, defeated the GCB Wildcats 4-2 and 7-2 to advance to the league finals. In the Shamrock Centre Sunday, Mar. 20, the hosts started quickly with a goal in the early seconds and were ahead 3-0 after 20 minutes. It was 4-2 at the end of two periods and the final frame was scoreless. Trey Dickson and Kaelan Waldner dented the twine for the Wildcats. Replying for the Raiders were Kyle

O’Connor, Josh Archambault and Logan Gudnason with a pair. In Glenboro Monday, Mar. 21, the Wildcats scored the only goal of the first frame and outshot the Raiders 12-5. However, it was 4-2 for the visitors after the second period and they added three more in the final eight minutes of the match. Captain Deegan Campbell, assisted by Johnny Meyers, and Trey Dickson (36), with help from Jaren Waldner (42) and Meyers (34), scored for the GCB squad. The Raiders got goals from Logan Gudnason, Parker Mayo, Josh Archambault, Kyle O’Connor, Dylan Brown and Russell Outhwaite (2). The Raiders then went off to meet the Major Pratt (Russell) Trojans in a

one game, winner take all final (due to the fact that a number of the Major Pratt players are leaving on a school trip and so the team couldn’t commit to a three game series) Wednesday, Mar. 23 in Killarney. With Killarney up 3-1 after two periods, the Trojans were able to tie things up in the third period to send the game to overtime. In overtime, the Trojans scored the winning goal to win the game 4-3 and win the league championship. This marked the end of a successful season for the Wildcats who reached the semi-finals of the 18 team Westman League and helped head coach Corey Forbes celebrate his 800th game with the team.

Above: C side champions: Fokko Buurma presents the award to Warren Birch, Becky Birch, Leonard Birch and Linda Birch.

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us d n i F line! on

Gladstone Auction Mart Cattle Market Report Tuesday, March 29, 2022 Steers

3-400 lbs. 4-500 lbs. 5-600 lbs. 6-700 lbs. 7-800 lbs. 8-900 lbs. 900+ lbs. Bulls

$2.50 - 2.60 $2.50 - 2.71 $2.45 - 2.59 $2.27 - 2.35 $1.90 - 2.04 $1.79 - 1.86 $1.60 - 1.76 $1.15 - 1.2225


3-400 lbs. $2.10 - 2.15 4-500 lbs. $2.10 - 2.26 5-600 lbs. $2.00 - 2.225 6-700 lbs. $1.84 - 1.98 7-800 lbs. $1.62 - 1.705 8-900 lbs. $1.50 - 1.6675 900+ lbs. $1.41 - 1.64 Cows $0.84 - 0.95 877 head sold


Looking Back

APRIL 1, 2022

1972: Stuhm named McCreary Carnival Queen

By Casper Wehrhahn Neepawa Banner & Press

110 years ago, Tuesday, April 2, 1912 The Dow Cereal & Milling Co. is drilling a new well at their plant. If a sufficient flow of water is not obtained, it is likely a pipe will be laid to the spring on John McKone’s property. 100 years ago, Friday, April 7, 1922 Ste. Rose du Lac: A practical seasonable joke was played on the members of the amusement committee on Apr. 1, which resulted in some of them hurriedly packing their trunks in the expectation of having to spend several months in the Dauphin jail. For a while, the law of the land was hotly discussed and condemned on street corners and in business places and homes. Finally, the local police laughed out “April’s fool” and vanished, to the relief and spite of those concerned. 90 years ago, Friday, April 1, 1932 E d e n : Tw o r i n k s journeyed to Gladstone on Monday to play for the Hobberlin cup, but were defeated. 80 years ago, Thursday, April 2, 1942 Arden: Sgt. Observer Ben Cook, of R.C.A.F., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cook, has been promoted to a Navigational Instructor, somewhere in England. Bro okd a le: M r. A . Goddard received word of the death of his brother T homas in Slough, Buckingham, England. He was a veteran and served in India, Africa and the Great War of 1914. About twelve friends of Miss Hazel Drew gathered Wednesday night, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marsh, to bid her farewell as she left the following Wednesday to take up her duties with the W.A.A.F. Sgt. Henry Baker, aged 23, a wireless operator air gunner with the R.C.A.F. overseas, was mentioned in a recent item appearing in the Winnipeg Tribune in regard to the “Intruder Squadron”, which has been established overseas and is taking a very active part in destroying enemy aircraft,

messing up enemy airfields and other similar activities. A new thorn in the side of the German Air Force, the squadron is exactly what its name implies. It shadows enemy airdromes and attacks aircraft as they come in to land. The Americanbuilt, twin-engined Bostons used by the squadron also carry a good bomb load and airfields can be “messed up” as well as enemy machines. The unit, one of the news Canadian squadrons to be formed, is based at an aerodrome which was heavily bombed during the Battle of Britain and the young airmen are anxious to even the score. This report came from a Royal Air Force Station, somewhere in England. Sgt. Baker is a Neepawa boy. Manitoba’s first R.A.F. elementary flying training school, No. 35, here will soon be in operation as the students arrived Tuesday of this week. Tiger Moth planes will be used for training. All personnel of the school is R.A.F. Instruction will be to pupil pilots direct from ground schools in Britain. Officer commanding the school is Wing Commander H. R. Black, A.F.C., who joined the R.A.F. in 1929, was attached to a fighter squadron and saw service in Africa. In 1936, he was posted to an elementary t ra i n i ng squad ron i n Scotland. Other senior off icers are: Squadron Leader L. R. Hansen, chief f lying instructor; S. L. Gamble, chief ground instructor; Flight-Lieut. W. H. Brett, adjutant; SL. E. Blake, engineer officer. All arrived from overseas in the month of March. 70 years ago, Thursday, April 3, 1952 Miss Olive Dennison, Neepawa and District Memor ia l Hospita l superintendent, has resigned her position after seven years. The local hospital administrative committee announced her resignation Wednesday and said it was accepted with profound regret. The Neepawa Press staff met Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dmytruk, 596 Brown Ave., to honour their friend and former colleague, Ron Jones, who that day


Pictured is Karen Stuhm, who was named queen of the McCreary Ice Carnival in 1972.

terminated his employment at the Press. Mr. Jones has accepted a position as Blue Cross district supervisor. 60 years ago, Tuesday, April 2, 1962 Mrs. Annie Novak, 77, of Brandon, a former Neepawa district resident, died in Brandon Tuesday, Mar. 27. Born in Poland, she came to Canada 55 years ago, residing at Neepawa for 25 years before moving to Brandon 30 years ago. She was predeceased by her husband, Vincent. A r d e n : Two r i n k s journeyed to Birnie last Friday night in quest of the Hobberlin Cup but were unsuccessful in winning. 50 years ago, Thursday, April 6, 1972 Agriculture Minister H.

A. (Bud) Olson announced Mar. 20 that full Prairie Fa r m A ssi st a nce Act benefits will be available to prairie grain growers for another year. 40 years ago, Thursday, April 1, 1982 Soon, the 500,000 gallon water tank will be seen inching slowly up to the top of the new water tower, according to town councillor and waterworks committee chairman, Ron Forsman. The huge steel tank may reach the top of the concrete tower as early as Thursday, Apr. 8, if the weather cooperates and no other snags occur, Forsman said. S h e r r y Fe h r, L e n Pritchard and Lawrence Ja s ienc z yk , Ne e paw a bowlers, will compete in Provincial Carling O’Keefe Open and Classic events

at Brandon Recreation Lanes, Apr. 8, 9 and 10. Representing the Central Manitoba zone in the open mixed team, with no handicap, will be Sherry a nd L aw rence. T hey obtained their place on the team after participating in a sixteen game zone final earlier in the season. Len will represent the Central Manitoba zone in the Classic Mixed team, handicap section. Len participated in an eight game zone final and from that event was selected to advance to provincial competition. Congratulations and good luck. Nee paw a volu nteer firemen bid farewell last week to four long-standing members of the brigade, including chief A lban Guillas. Contributions of the four, Chief Guillas, Jim Clarke, Doug Forsman and Barry Carver, were recognized at an informal farewell after their last regular fire practice Wednesday evening, Mar. 24 and at a special Firemen’s Ball on Saturday evening at the Legion Hall. A b out 2 0 0 p e o ple attended the farewell, including f iremen from Portage, Carberry, Plumas and Eden. 30 years ago, Tuesday, April 7, 1992 Langruth: Doris and Asgar Sigurdson, John and Joanne Kleemola, Phylis and

Philip Thordarson, Marg and Joe Soos, Henriette and Emil Kleemola attended the 20th anniversary supper for the Whitemud Watershed in the Neepawa Yellowhead Hall on Mar. 27. 20 years ago, Monday, April 1, 2002 A major malfunction in the water treatment system that left the town high and dry for two days may lead to changes in the operation of the town’s water plant. The entire town was without water Monday after a leak in the water tower flooded the basement of the water treatment plant– shorting pumps and electrical systems– late Sunday night… [Neepawa CAO Scott] Spicer said it appears a pressure gauge at the water tower ma l f u nct ioned, allowing a valve to open and spill at least 80,000 gallons of water into the treatment plant. The damage wasn’t discovered until early Monday morning when workers started their shift, since the plant is unmanned on weekends… B efore ser v ice wa s restored, fresh water was trucked in from Minnedosa for the hospital, East View Lodge personal care home and the town’s three seniors’ homes. Fresh water was also made available for home use at a distribution centre at the Co-op parking lot.


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Author Series

Saturday, April 9

Gaylene Dutchyshen

Horse & wagon to working sugar bush; entertainers Bobby Dove, Brendan Chartrand & for kids James Culleton’s Superfun show; maple taffy on snow; farmers market at the community centre; display animals; enjoy tortiere at the old time dance with Eldon Campbell and the Traditional Metis Dancers; geocaching fun and more. Cost: Free/Children 5 and under $20/person • $45/family $10/youth under 18

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A birds-eye view of the ongoing Park Lake bridge construction


These photos of the Park Lake bridge construction project were taken via drone on Mar. 23 at 3:00 p.m. The crew will steadily be working towards completion of the new bridge as the weeks go by.

Scams on the rise

By Casper Wehrhahn Neepawa Banner & Press

The Neepawa Banner & Press received a report regarding a new scam on Mar. 25. The scam in question was via a phone call in which the caller claims to be working with Amazon. The caller also states that they wish to give you a refund. The Neepawa detachment of the Spruce Plains RCMP was contacted regarding this development, to which staff sergeant Colby Argue urged the public to be ever vigilant. “There has certainly been an increase in scam calls and there are pretty signif icant amounts of money that can be lost to them,” said Argue. “Scammers will call, text or email claiming to be from one organization or another– it changes up fairly frequently. A common one right now, with it being tax season, are scams with people claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency.” He added, “Some scammers will try to appear as if they are calling from an RCMP detachment, too. In that case, or if you are unsure, it’s best to hang up

and look up the detachment’s phone number to check it. Do not hesitate to call us to verify whether or not we were calling you.” The staff sergeant also urged individuals to verify the phone numbers of other calls as well, and to be cautious when interacting with emails or texts, which may be used for scamming purposes as well. Extra caution should also be taken if any links are involved. To assist with keeping up to date on potential scams, Argue recommended the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. The centre has services and information such as lists of known scams, which can be sorted alphabetically, by delivery method, or whether it is affecting individuals or businesses; further details on how you can protect yourself, more information on fraud features and how to report a scam or fraud. Scams and frauds can be reported to the AntiFraud Centre either online through their website, or by calling their toll-free number (1-888-495-8501) from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Eastern time. “In addition to reporting

scams to the Anti-Fraud Centre, it’s also very important to report them to your local RCMP detachment,” said Argue. “Please, do reach out to us and report these incidents.” To make a report to the Neepawa branch of the Spruce Plains RCMP, call the non-emergency line via 204-476-7340. As of Feb. 28, 2022 the AntiFraud Centre has received 12,252 reports of fraud, to which 7,922 were victims and a total of $75.5 million lost. These numbers do not include COVID-19 related fraud, which is being tabulated separately.




386-2155 OR 386-2107


Box 309, 269 Hamilton St. Neepawa, MB. R0J 1H0 P: 204-476-2336 • F: 204-476-5783 •


WMCI raises over $2,000 for Ukraine humanitarian aid

By Kira Paterson Neepawa Banner & Press

Students and staff at William Morton Collegiate (WMCI) in Gladstone have been putting in some extra effort at school, lately. Through a donation drive, bake sales and fundraising breakfast, the high school has raised over $2,800 to donate to the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal in just a week and a half. T her e s a Mor r i s on Meyers is a Grade 8 teacher at W MCI who’d been heading up much of the efforts. “It all started with WMCI’s head custodian, Lesley Owen. She approached me about doing something for Ukraine. We brainstormed and came up with a few fundraising ideas,” Morrison-Meyers explained. “I then approached my Grade 8 class


WMCI collected donations and held fundraisers for the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

and asked them if they would like to help. They were all on board.”

She noted that the class made up blue and yellow ribbons to give to any

donors. L esley O wen, along with Scarlett Watson, the daughter of one

of WMCI’s teachers, made cookies and sold them. The school also held a sausage

and pancake breakfast, with the Co-op food store giving them a discount on the food, to allow even more funds to go directly to the cause. “As well, Lesley Owen ran some fundraising at our local #110 Legion in Gladstone. They were very generous and happy to help,” Morrison-Meyers shared, noting that the Legion brought in $465. Helping them pass the $2,000 was WMCI principal Garry Strick, as he pledged to match whatever the school raised. In total, $1,174.50 was raised by the school’s efforts, so Strick donated that same amount. Combined with what the Legion collected, the total came to $2,814. “We are all so very thankful for everyone’s donations and help for such a worthy cause,” expressed Morrison-Meyers.

Important Update: JP Wiebe Ltd Environmental License Application In the spring of 2021 JP Wiebe Ltd applied for an Environmental License so they might draw down additional water, both surface and ground, from the Pine Creek Valley for irrigation. Hundreds of local residents opposed the application as did the RM of North Cypress-Langford, The Town of Neepawa and the Whitemud Watershed District. A group of concerned community members asked for a public hearing so that in addition to our concerns being heard, we might ask questions in regards to this specific application and the water allocation process in general. On March 15th Jeff Wharton, Minister of Environment, Climate and Parks denied that hearing. Below is an open letter to Minister Wharton. To: Jeff Wharton, Minister of Environment, Climate and Parks In regards to the JP Wiebe Ltd Environmental License application opposed by The RM of North Cypress-Langford, the Town of Neepawa and the Whitemud Watershed District in addition to hundreds of local community members, we are deeply disappointed that a public hearing in regards to the application has been denied. Yes, you have heard opinions from our local farmers, livestock producers, neighbours, municipal government representatives and multi generational families who know the area well. What we have not had, is the opportunity to ask questions of your department heads and for those same department heads to clarify any issues related to this specific application as well as water allocation in general. Your letter of March 15th, 2022 stated your department consulted experts and scientists from across the province to understand the proposed project’s environmental effects. Recently the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report suggested that... Healthy ecosystems are more resilient to climate change and provide life-critical services but increased heatwaves, drought and floods are already exceeding plants’ and animals’ tolerance thresholds, driving mass mortality in species. The scientific evidence is unequivocal, climate change is a threat to human well being and the health of the planet. It is a global challenge that requires local solutions. Any further delay in concerted action will miss a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a livable future. Ninety percent of Manitoba’s prairie wetlands and the critical functions they provide have been lost. We would therefore appreciate access to the opinions and data used by your experts and scientists who feel that drawing additional water, particularly surface water, from the Pine Creek Valley is scientifically sound.

Your letter denying a public hearing also states there are no concerns related to the JP Wiebe Ltd application that can not be addressed through license conditions. The Environmental Licensing website states, “Developments must undergo the environmental assessment and licensing process and receive an Environment Act Licence prior to construction and operation.” JP Wiebe Ltd appear to be in non-compliance of that directive when they constructed infrastructure for additional fields prior to applying for an Environmental License. In addition, we were told JP Wiebe Ltd was instructed not to use that unlicensed infrastructure to irrigate fields until such time that a licence was approved. Yet, their own Environmental License application states they irrigated unlicensed fields (F17 and F19) in 2021. How do your suggested licensing conditions address what appears to be a disregard for licensing requirements? Our water is a critical and limited resource that we as a community can fairly expect requires absolute compliance to license requirements and stringent usage monitoring rather than relying on the privileged few who use our water to self report. It is well beyond time for updated regulations and enforced accountability that does not rely on any individual producer’s moral decisions. One need only look at last year’s Jackson Lake water levels to understand how overdue better water usage practices are. Ninety percent of our prairie wetlands has been lost to us yet it is our understanding an Environmental License has never been denied. That would suggest license conditions, as the Minister proposes, are not sufficiently protecting our habitats, the species they support and functions they provide. It is time for change. It is time for transparency, for accountability and for better water usage practices. As Minister of Environment, Climate and Parks you certainly would understand the consequences of inaction are dire. In the absence of a public hearing we respectfully request a meeting with yourself and the Director of Environmental Approvals so that a few community members, representing the larger group opposing the JP Wiebe Ltd license, might ask questions related to both this specific license and water allocation in general. Our hope is that dialogue will clarify any misconceptions and begin a process of necessary change if we are to protect our vital habitats and limited resources.

For those wishing to review the JP Wiebe Application, the public comments opposing the application as well as other related application information you may visit the government site at For those wishing to contact their Member of Parliament Dan Mazier, you may do so at For those wishing to contact Jeff Wharton, Minister of Environment, Climate and Parks you may do so at Let’s ask the important questions…. What are the consequences of non-compliance on water licenses, why are we still having producers self report water usage, what better water usage practices are we implementing? These questions, and more, impact our habitats and each and every member of our community. This ad space is paid for by area residents concerned about the Pine Creek Irrigation Project


Gladstone’s ManSEA sets date for annual conference open bonspiel winners By Casper Wehrhahn Neepawa Banner & Press The Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association (ManSEA) is getting right down to business on Apr. 6. On that day, the organization will be holding its first in-person Sustainable Energy Conference after going virtual the past two years. The conference, entitled ‘On the Road to Net-Zero by 2050’, will be held at the William Glesby Centre in Portage La Prairie at 9:00 a.m. It is expected to conclude between 4:00 and 4:30 p.m. About ManSEA For those unfamiliar, ManSEA president Randy Baldwin noted that the group’s mission is the promotion of sustainable development of the province’s renewable energy resources. For the group, that means it must be environmentally, financially and socially sustainable. “We believe that longterm prosperity and quality of life will be possible only if we transition from nonrenewable to renewable energy throughout Manitoba,” Baldwin explained further. “Fortunately, this change will create many significant economic development opportunities across Manitoba.” He added, “For example, a decentralized energy production system where we don’t have to rely on all the power coming from huge dams in northern Manitoba. We could generate a significant amount of our own power and use it locally, whether it be solar panels on community centres to power the community centre or sports centre, and nearby buildings. And there’s very good opportunities to use geothermal

power sources to maintain ice in rinks and capture heat from the cooling of the ice to keep waiting rooms in the sports facility and nearby buildings warm.” While solar and geothermal have the best potential in the short term, Baldwin said, he noted that biomass energy is also available to be harnessed. At the conference, some examples of biomass usage for grain drying, heating livestock facilities and more will be on display. “Grain drying in particular has become a significant cost over recent years, especially for those who are growing corn,” Baldwin added. A rise in interest A s an organizat ion, ManSEA has recognized a considerable interest being taken in sustainable energy in the province this year, such as increased news coverage regarding the impacts of climate change. In accordance with this observation, the 2022 annual conference is focusing on strategies for using sustainable energy to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs “as carbon taxes make fossil fuels increasingly expensive”. “We’re on the cusp of a bunch of new technology coming along. We’ve had solar, wind and biomass energy for some time. But, with the emphasis on energy efficiency and with the carbon tax, there is a renewed interest– both in the benefit of the planet and people’s wallets– to look at ways of reducing their use of fossil fuels,” Baldwin elaborated. “So it’s very good timing for the kinds of sessions we’ll be doing here.” ManSEA has a number of confirmed presenters for the conference, which

include: •Curt Hull, P.Eng., who has a consulting practice in sustainability and is project director of Climate Change Connection in Winnipeg; •Dr. Eric L. Bibeau, P.Eng. and associate professor at University of Manitoba Faculty of Engineering; •Randy Webber; •Doug Barker; •Jack Winram, executive director of Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA); •Michael Stocki, vice president, Efficiency Programs, at Efficiency Manitoba. Topics covered by the presenters, in their respective orders, will be: renewable energy’s role in the road to resilience, the role of on-site energy storage options in achieving resilience, personal experience with building and living in a passive home, experience with installing and operating an on-grid solar system at home, the latest MEIA training and support programs and details on Efficiency Manitoba’s latest programs for encouraging and supporting the adoption of sustainable energy sources throughout Manitoba. Time for questions will be provided following each presentation during the panel discussions and at least one panel will be held to discuss the opportunities and challenges to increase the usage of sustainable energy in Manitoba. Anyone wishing to attend and/or become a member are asked to visit the ManSEA website via Pre-registration is recommended, but not required. Attendees can also register on-location, starting at 8:30 a.m. the day of the conference.

Ph: 204-476-3401 Email:

Above: Jason Otto, of the Gladstone Curling Club, presents a prize to Geoff Trimble (skip), Ken Otto (third), Terri Buechler (second) and Wilmot Milne (lead) who won the first event. Below: Jason Otto makes a presentation to Morley Walker (skip), Rylan Denbow (third), Sam Koncz (second) and Dean Rosling (lead). Bottom: Jason Otto presents the prize for the third event to Neil Turner (skip), Kayla Hunter (third), Synnova Asselstine (second) and Brent Hunter (lead).

OPTOMETRISTS Come see us for your 487 Mountain Ave. Neepawa, MB natural health supplements, 204-476-5255 organic baking supplies & healthy snacks.

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Pictured are the winners of the three events for the Gladstone Open Curling Bonspiel that was played this past weekend (Mar. 25 to 27).

Mon - Fri 9:30 - 5:30 487 Mountain Ave. Neepawa, MB


Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 115-2nd Ave., N.W. Dauphin, MB



Your Health is our Wealth




APRIL 1, 2022

Westbourne Curling Club holds open bonspiel


The Westbourne Open Curling Bonspiel was held Mar. 18 to 20 and was a great success. A huge thank you goes out to the planning committee, volunteers, curlers and spectators who came out for the weekend to enjoy all the festivities. Lots of laughs were had and memories made, from the great food, to the costume contest, to the overall great curling. Winners of the bonspiel were as follows: Pictured top left: South Paw Ag Services First Event winners were skip Kaitlyn Davey, Chas Lambert, Jason Cook and Paula Kolida. Pictured top right: Richardson Pioneer Second Event winners were skip Joe Leslie, Sylvia Huyber, Craig Manns and David Huyber. Pictured right: Shur-Gro Farm Services Third Event winners were skip Dale Brown, Tim Davey, Kyle Duchak and Wade Duchak.

RIGHT HERE. High-moisture crops are taking the hay and forage industry by storm and they are here to stay. Of course, it takes a tough baler to handle the added tonnage of high-moisture hay. The Vermeer 604 Pro Generation 3 baler is built from the ground up in Pella, Iowa, to bale wet, heavy crops but with the versatility to also bale your dry hay. The strength comes from a heavy frame, large bearings, heavy-duty chains and poly pickup bands. The swift cutting action from the 17-knife chopper system. Smart features to be able to read real-time field stats through the in-cab color, touch-screen control system. And the simplicity of the new netwrap system located on the rear of the machine. It’s how you win the day when wanting to make high-quality hay. Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing or distribution at any time without notice or obligation. Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components specific to their global region. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information on machine specifications. Vermeer and the Vermeer logo are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and/or other countries. © 2019 Vermeer Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

T.I.C. PARTS & SERVICE 220 Hwy#5 North. Neepawa, Manitoba 204-476-3809


APRIL 1, 2022

Minnedosa trail Boissevain in THHL Final


Minnedosa’s Matt Saler (#91) attempts to advance the puck as Tyler Dittmer (#7), of Boissevain, looks to swat the puck away.

By Eoin Devereux

Neepawa Banner & Press

dosa, the Bombers were able to curtail, to a degree, the Boissevain offensive onslaught, but were still bested 4-1. The Border Kings scored the first four goals of the night, before Minnedosa’s own Ryan Heino scored one for the Bombers. The third game of the series was played on Wednesday, Mar. 30 in Boissevain. The results were official after the Banner & Press publication deadline and will appear in the Apr. 8 edition of the newspaper.

Neepawa Titans host spring prospects camp By Eoin Devereux Neepawa Banner & Press

A talented crop of players hit the ice last weekend for the Neepawa Titans annual spring prospects camp. The event was held at the Yellowhead Arena Mar. 25 and 26 and featured a combination of drafteligible players, members of the club’s protected list and several walk-ons, hoping to make a lasting impression This was the first opportunity in just over two years for the Titans coaching and scouting staff to get an up close view of the level of talent that has been assembled by the organization. Head coach/general manager Ken Pearson said it was great to be able to evaluate the players this way, once again. “So far, [the prospects camp] has been good. We have close to 70 kids out here. Everyone went through a practice session and then played games on Friday and Saturday. After that, we’ll give the players a little bit of feedback,” stated Pearson. “So we’ve had a good turnout and we’re real happy with what we’ve seen here at camp.” Pearson indicated that while the camp featured players anywhere from 14 to 17 years of age, extra focus was placed on examining the skill sets of the 2006 prospects. “Those are the kind of

The Minnedosa Bombers have done everything they can to compete with the Boissevain Border Kings in the Tiger Hills Hockey League’s (THHL) Final. Unfortunately for Minnedosa, Boissevain’s potent lineup has proved to be just too much to handle in the first two games of the best-of-five championship series. In game one, the Border Kings picked up a dominant 12-0 win. Devon LeBlanc, who played several seasons in the Western Hockey League, scored Dr. Perkins Greg Perkins Dr. Greg four goals on the night. Dr. Derek Papegnies Dr. Derek Papegnies Former MJHL standout Zeanan Ziemer also colOptometrists Optometrists lected four points, though his came in the form of a pair of goals and assists. (Neepawa & District Wellness Centre) Beautiful Plains Community Medical Inc. (Neepawa & District Wellness Centre)Clinic Other notable contributors Beautiful Plains Community Medical Clinic Inc. included Jeremy Johnson For appointment please (2G - 1A), Tyler DittmerFor appointment please call: call: (3A) and Bailey Robertson (1G - 1A). For game two in Minne-

Valley Optical

Mountain 499499 Mountain Ave.Ave.

476-2002 476-2002

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A veteran player with the Neepawa Titans Hockey Club walks the players through a play during the Spring Prospects Camp, held at the Yellowhead Centre on Mar. 25 and 26.

players we’re really zeroing in on, as they will be the ones that will be in the MJHL draft this year. So those are kind of the players that we’ll be watching maybe a little bit closer,” Pearson said. “There’s a fair number that have come to this camp and it’s a first time for them at a junior camp. So it’s exciting to see them walk in and kind of get their eyes open up a little bit. But I think it’s all about them getting the exposure and experience of

being a junior at the junior camp.” As for what he saw out there from the players, Pearson said he was impressed with the intensity being exhibited. “The one thing that really stood out, the 14 and 15 year olds are big and they’re fast and you know, they’re really pushing the pace, that’s something [the coaching and scouting staff ] really liked. It’s been real exciting to see the kids

come in and push each other to a higher level of play,” said Pearson. Though the spring prospects camp has come to a close, things will remain very hectic for the hockey club over the next few weeks, as they go through their notes and make a few decisions on who they’d like to get another look at. Pearson said preparations are also ongoing for the upcoming MJHL Bantam Draft.

Annual General Meeting MEMBERS OF NEEPAWA-GLADSTONE CO-OP LTD. TAKE NOTICE THAT the annual meeting of the members of the Neepawa-Gladstone Co-operative Limited will be held virtually as a Webex Meeting hosted on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 7 p.m. Agenda Items will include: • Report of the Board of Directors • Financial Statements and Auditor’s report • Election of Directors • Appointment of Auditors

Please preregister by calling the Admin office at 204-476-2328. NEEPAWA-GLADSTONE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED By order of the Board of Directors

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Classifieds –––––––––– Coming Events Expressive Dance with Crystal, The Magic Remote, which features dancing and acting. 33rd Dance Show 2021-2022 Fri., May 6, 7pm; Sat., May 7, 1 pm, Strathclair Bend Theatre. Advance tickets sales begin Friday, April 1, 8:30 am. Call 204-867-2446. _____________________ GIGANTIC ANNUAL GUN AND HOBBY SHOW in Dauphin, Manitoba, Saturday, April 9, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sunday, April 10, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 304 Whitmore Avenue (8 Avenue Hall). Admission $5, under 12 free with adult. Approximately 80 eight-foot tables. May contain guns and related items, military items, hobbies, crafts, antiques, hockey cards, Indian artifacts. Something of interest for everyone. This is a buying, selling, trading show. Bring your guns and collectibles. Buy-sell-trade or have appraised. For information phone (204) 444-4690.

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Crisis Pregnancy Centre Winnipeg: Need to talk? Call our free help line, 1-800-6650570 or contact our Westman office: 204-727-6161

–––––––––– Notice Alcoholics Anonymous meetings currently being held at 342 Mountain Ave, Neepawa, Thursdays at 7 pm. Call 204841-0002 _____________________ Arden Hall, cap. 255. Park, camping and sports facilities, rink, curling ice, kitchen and lounge. Call 204-368-2202 _____________________ Neepawa Banner & Press offers full research and re-print services from our archives that go back to 1896. Additional copies of papers, $2 each depending on availability. Re-print of a page from past copies, $2 per page. Archival research, $25 per hour with a $10 minimum. Individual photos on photo paper $5 depending if we have a suitable original in our digital, print or photo archives. Ken Waddell, publisher

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HIP/KNEE Replacement? Other medical conditions causing TROUBLE WALKING or DRESSING? The Disability Tax Credit allows for $2,500 yearly tax credit and up to $30,000 Lump sum refund. Apply NOW; quickest refund Nationwide! Providing assistance during Covid.

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Municipality of Glenella - Lansdowne PUBLIC NOTICE Regarding the 2022 Financial Plan Public Notice is hereby given pursuant to subsection 162(2) of The Municipal Act, that the Council of the Municipality of Glenella - Lansdowne intends to present its proposed 2022 financial plan for the municipality in the Glenella Community Hall on April 14th, 2022, at 1:30 p.m. The purpose of the hearing is to allow any interested person to make a representation, ask questions or register an objection. Copies of the proposed financial plan can be viewed online at Questions and comments may also be directed to Wendy Wutzke, Chief Administrative Officer, or by email to

The Cypress Planning District and its Members invite you to attend the

Draft Zoning Bylaws Open Houses Town of Carberry Open House Tuesday April 5th, 2022 122 Main Street, Carberry, MB 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Municipality of South Cypress Open House Wednesday April 6th, 2022 900 Railway Ave, Glenboro, MB 7:00pm – 9:00pm Municipality of North Cypress-Langford Open House Thursday April 7th, 2022 122 Main Street, Carberry, MB 7:00pm – 9:00pm Town of Carberry Cypress Planning District 204-834-6628 204-834-6618 Unit 3 – 37 Main Street, 122 Main Street, Carberry MB Carberry, MB Municipality of North Cypress-Langford 204-834-6600 316 4th Street, Carberry MB


Call (204) 476-3401

The family of

Thank you for the flowers, visits, phone calls, food, letters, cards, and donations in memory of Barry. Special thanks to the paramedics, doctors and nurses at the Brandon and Neepawa Hospitals for their care and compassion. Thank you to nieces Judy and Linda. To those who made trips to Brandon and Neepawa - Thank you. Also, thank you to Bob Clarke and Staff at Clarke’s Funeral Home for their guidance and support Jeanette Donnelly


Wendy Wutzke, BSc, CMMA Chief Administrative Officer Municipality of Glenella - Lansdowne



204-476-3401/ 888-436-4242 204-476-5073

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Dated this 10th day of March , A.D. 2022

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Storage vans (semi trailers) for rent or sale. Anderson's 204-385-2685, 204-3852997 Gladstone.

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Tuesday Noon

Ken Rogers

would like to invite you to a come and go tea, to celebrate his

90th Birthday

Sunday, April 3 2-4 PM at ArtsForward, 293 Mountain Ave. No gifts please.

Public notice is hereby given that the Gladstone Golf & Country Club located in the Municipality of WestLake-Gladstone intend to conduct the following pesticide programs during the 2022 season. 1. To control soil borne diseases on the golf course. The fungicides to be used include: Daconil, Hertiage Maxx, Instrata 2. To control noxious weeds on the golf course. The herbicides to be used include: 2,4-D, Gylphosate, Mecoprop The projected dates of application will be from May 1 to October 31, 2022. The public may send written submissions or objections within 15 days of the publication of the notice to the department below. Environmental Approvals Branch Manitoba Sustainable Development 1007 Century Street Winnipeg, MB R3H 0W4


Public No�ce is hereby given pursuant to subsec�on 162(2) of The Municipal Act that the Council of the Town of Neepawa intends to present its financial plan for the fiscal year 2022 at a public hearing: April 19, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. Council Chambers 275 Hamilton Street, Neepawa Copies of the Financial Plan and addi�onal informa�on can be viewed online at under No�ces or at the office 275 Hamilton Street during regular office hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Dated this 25th day of March, 2022. Colleen Synchyshyn, C.M.M.A. Chief A�ministra��e O�cer Town of Neepawa

Thank You

Reminder: Kindergarten Registration for the 2022 Fall Term


Team Ursel is excited to have reached our goals of winning the Senior Women’s Provincials and competing at the Manitoba Provincial Scotties this season. We have had much help and a few different players to accomplish this. Thank you to Kayla Hunter for playing when we needed you. Thank you to Chris Hamblin for curling in the Scotties with us and Lorne Hamblin for coaching. It was so much fun. A huge thank you to Darla Hanke for joining us as fifth at the recently held Senior Women’s Provincial Championships. You were a great addition to our team. We are very thankful for our amazing family and friends that continue to support our team. We are grateful for our coaches and mentors that continue to help us to become a better team. Our team is very excited to head to the Canadian Senior Women’s Nationals in December 2022. Thank you to all our amazing, supportive sponsors for sticking with us and helping to make this possible. Stella-Jones Inc. Hylife Foods Larsen Memorials Sunrise Credit Union Rosie’s Pizza Allan Acres Cargill Training Centre, Morris Thanks again everyone!! Terry Ursel, Wanda Rainka, Brenda Walker, Tracy Igonia

AgWest Equipment Turko Fertilizers MCA

To be eligible for Kindergarten, a child must be five years of age on or before December 31, 2022. Please register using the Online Kindergarten Registration See Beautiful Plains School Division Website for more information If you are unable to access online forms, please call Twyla at the Beautiful Plains School Division Office 204-476-2388


Please call Mrs. Ernest to confirm your child’s registration at 204-476-2323 Please register your child by April 30, 2022

PUBLIC HEARING 2022 Financial Plan

Date: April 12, 2022 Time: 7:00pm Location: 44 Main Street, Carberry, MB At the time, date, and location above, the Council of the Town of Carberry will present the 2022 Financial Plan. The presentation will provide an overview of the proposed financial plan followed by a forum for questions and comments from the public. The purpose of the hearing is to allow any interested person to make a representation, ask questions, or register an objection. Copies of the proposed financial plan are available on our website, or upon request from the town office, 44 Main Street during regular business hours. Questions and remarks may also be directed by letter to our Chief Administrative Officer or through email address: Consultation with our community is an important component of the Town’s budget process. Council encourages you to attend. Interested individuals are encouraged to register with the town office, 204-834-6628, for the hearing by April 8th. Grady Stephenson Chief Administrative Officer Town of Carberry April 1, 2022 (In accordance with subsection 162(2) of The Municipal Act)


Help Wanted Westlake Watershed District

Formerly Alonsa Conservation District

is hiring a District Manager (Term position) & District Technician Please see our website at facebook page or call 204-767-2101 for more information

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Notice CLASS ONE OWNER OPERATORS Motivated to work & make $$ Dry vans, MB, SK, AB Percentage based pay Call or message for details T&B Adventures Ltd. Austin, Manitoba Billy 204-870-9450 Drew 204-274-2329 TandBAdventuresLtd@


Municipality of Westlake-Gladstone

NOTICE OF VOTERS LIST / PERSONAL SECURITY PROTECTION Notice is hereby given that a copy of the VOTERS LIST may be revised at: The Municipality of Westlake-Gladstone at 14 Dennis Street East, Gladstone, MB. on March 29, 2022 until Sept 20, 2022 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Tuesday to Friday. At this time the Senior Election Official (SEO) will be available to update the voters list by: (a) adding the names of voters who are entitled to have their names on the list; (b) deleting the names of persons who are not entitled to have their names on the list; and (c) making such other correction of errors to the list as required.

VOTER ELIGIBILITY: A person is eligible to have his or her name added to the Voters List if he or she is: 1) a Canadian citizen and at least 18 years of age on election day (October 26, 2022); and 2) a resident of the local authority for at least six months prior to election day, OR a registered owner of land in the municipality for at least six months prior to election day (April 26, 2022).

APPLICATION FOR PERSONAL SECURITY PROTECTION: A voter may apply in writing to the SEO at 14 Dennis Street East, Gladstone, MB. R0J 0T0, no later than September 20, 2022 to have his/her name and other personal information omitted or obscured from the voters list in order to protect the voter’s personal security. The application may be submitted in person, by mail or email and must include your name, address and include proof of identity. All changes to the voters list must be completed on or before September 20, 2022. Dated at 14 Dennis Street East, Gladstone in the Province of Manitoba, on March 25, 2022. Sheri-lyn Gregoire Senior Election Official (SEO) Municipality of Westlake-Gladstone 14 Dennis Street East Box 150, Gladstone, MB. R0J 0T0 (PH) 204-385-2332 Ext. 6 • (Fax) 204-385-2391


Public Notice Public Notice is hereby given that the Whitemud Watershed Conservation District intends to conduct a weed and brush control program on Watershed Drains in the Rural Municipalities of McCreary, Alonsa, Portage la Prairie, Rosedale, Glenella-Lansdowne, North CypressLangford, Minto-Odanah, Westlake-Gladstone, Elton and North Norfolk. The projected dates of application will be from May 1, 2022 to November, 2022. The herbicides to be used include: ■2, 4-D Amine ■Banvel ■Roundup ■2, 4-D Ester ■Garlon 4 ■Dichlorprop ■Estaprop ■Princep Nine-T ■Amitrol 240 ■Tordon 22K ■Vantage ■Vanquish ■Tordon 101 The public may send written submissions or objections within 15 days of the publication of this notice to the department below: Manitoba Sustainable Development Environmental Approvals Branch 1007 Century Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0W4

Help Wanted ROSE INC. in Ste. Rose du Lac, MB.

Is now accepting applications for the position of:

Executive Director

Reports Directly to ROSE INC. Board of Directors Requirements/Duties/Qualifications for this Position: • Business Administration Certification/Experience • Experience working with persons with disabilities a definite asset. Human Resource Management Skills: • Advocate for Persons with Disabilities • Mediation/Union Negotiations • Problem Solving Skills Training & Education: • Supervision • Provide Leadership Work with Board of Directors, Department of Families/ Reporting of Financial Requirements to Family Services, etc. For Further information please call Janet at 204-447-3224 Extension 1 Please forward applications/resume to: ROSE Inc., Attention: Janet. Box 28, Ste. Rose du Lac MB. R0L 1S0

On the date and at the time and location show below, a PUBLIC HEARING will be held to receive representations from any persons who wish to make them in respect to the following matters.

Development Plan Amendments: HEARING LOCATION: Stride Hall, 79-5th St., Gladstone, MB DATE & TIME: May 18, 2022, 2:00 pm GENERAL INTENT OF AMENDING BY-LAW 2019-04: To amend the Development Plan by removing the Open Space Overlay under Section 6 Municipality Wide Policies and replace with: Mature wooded areas, natural lands, and riparian areas are not to be significantly altered or removed. Where minor impacts may occur or wetlands may be impacted or compromised, another wooded area, natural lands, or wetland area within the same property shall be restored to ensure no net loss. AND that all citizens and ratepayers and land improvements must recognize environmental responsibility based on: E.10.1 Soil Types; and E 10.2 Consultation with Conservation Groups

Zoning By-Law – 2ND Public Hearing HEARING LOCATION: Stride Hall, 79-5th St., Gladstone, MB DATE & TIME: May 18, 2022, 2:15 pm GENERAL INTENT: To present the new proposed Zoning By-law for the Municipality of WestLake-Gladstone On the date, time and location shown above, a Public Hearing will be held to receive representation from any person who wish to make them in respect to the above matter. People are encouraged to submit their comments or questions in advance of the public hearing by mail or email. All submissions will be read at the public hearing. Written objections may be filed with the C.A.O. prior to 12:00 Noon May 18, 2022. All objections, written or verbal, must be filed prior to the adjournment of the hearing and must include the name, address and property description of the person filing the objection and the grounds of their objection. A copy of the amending by-law and latest zoning by-law may be inspected on the Municipal Website: or at the location noted above during normal office hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm), Tuesday to Friday. FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Coralie Smith, Chief Administrative Officer 14 Dennis Street East, Gladstone, MB R0J 0T0 Phone (204) 385-2332, Ext #:5 Email


Heritage Co-op is inviting applications for a


The Food Manager Trainee will learn all aspects of managing the day-to-day operations of the food store and in achieving department goals. Must be mobile within the Heritage Co-op trading area and must be available to work a variety of shifts including days, evenings and weekends. Process Close Date: April 15, 2022 For more information visit our job board at




"Keeping You Active"

Full Time 1 Year Term Position

with possible opportunity for employment after the 1 year. Monday to Friday 35 hours a week Qualifications: • Computer skills • Able to work well as a team and independently • Able to work flexible hours • Medical knowledge is an asset Job Duties • Answer phones • Schedule, and bill appointments in our computer program • Receive money and balance end of day • Answer patient questions and concerns • Work as a team player Please drop resumes off at Neepawa Chiropractic Centre, 487 Mountain Ave or mail to Box 1523, Neepawa, MB, R0J 1H0 or email resume to

Owner Operators needed to haul bulk

liquid throughout Western Canada and to US seasonally and year-round. Loaded and empty miles paid! Contact us or submit your resume: Phone: 204.571.0187 Email: recruiting@ Or submit an online application @


MNP is looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our team in our Minnedosa

MNP is for individuals to join our teamour in our Minnedosa and Neepawa offices as Seasonal Tax Preparers. MNP is looking looking forenthusiastic an enthusiastic individual to join team in our and Neepawa offices as Seasonal Tax Preparers. Portage La Prairie office as a full-time Administrative Assistant. Responsibilities include: Responsibilities • Prepare T1include: Personal Tax Returns

Responsibilities include: • Prepare Personal Tax Work as T1 part of a team inReturns a fast-paced energized group

•• Performs general clerical but not limited to: photocopying, Work part of a and team in aduties fast-paced energized group Set upas client files assist with to theinclude completion of administrative work and with filing. • faxing, Set up mail clientdistribution files organization and assist the completion Compilation and of client records of administrative work •• Creates and modifies various document using Microsoft Office Compilation organization client Prepare smalland business and/oroffarm taxrecords return •• Coordinates meetings manages multiple Prepare small businessand and/or farm tax returncalendars The ideal candidate: The•ideal ideal candidate: The candidate: Experience in Canadian personal income tax education and the Canadian personal income tax education the •• 2Experience - 3 years ofinof office in a professional workingand environment preparation T1s experience of T1s Understanding ofwho bookkeeping and record practicesdeadline on a manual •• Apreparation team player enjoys working in keeping a fast-paced, driven • environment Understanding of bookkeeping and/or computerized system(s)and record keeping practices on a manual and/or computerized system(s) Experience working with, or exposure to, accounting and tax software such •• Excellent time management, organizational and communication skills with • attention Experience working with, or exposure and tax software such to detail as Quickbooks, Simply Accounting and to, Taxaccounting Cycle is beneficial as Quickbooks, Simply Accounting and Taxworking Cycle is beneficial Strong computer literacy including effective working skillsofofMicrosoft MicrosoftWord, •• Computer proficiency including effective skills • Excel Strong computer PowerPoint Wordand and Excel literacy including effective working skills of Microsoft Word and Excel We thank all candidates for applying. Only those selected for an interview will We Only those thoseselected selectedfor foran aninterview interviewwill will Wethank thankall allcandidates candidates for for applying. applying. Only be contacted. be be contacted. contacted. To apply, please visit our website at To websiteat Toapply, apply,please please visit visit our our website

Part-time Permanent Custodian Carberry Schools

This is a part-time permanent position with a starting wage of $19.50 per hour and will commence on a mutually agreed upon date. The Division offers a pension plan and other benefits. Duties include the cleaning and maintenance of buildings, equipment and grounds under the direction of the Principal and/or Head Custodian. Experience in these areas would be considered an asset. This is a daily 3 hour shift only on days when the school is being occupied by students. Deadline for Applications: NOON, Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 Applicants should forward a resume including names of three references to: Tyler Stewart Maintenance Supervisor Beautiful Plains School Division Box 700, Neepawa, MB. R0J 1H0 TEL: (204) 476-2388 FAX: (204) 476-3606 Email: Successful candidates must complete a Criminal Records and Child Abuse Registry check. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted. Others are thanked for their interest.

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Fishing Camp near White River, Ontario. 1 Maintenance Position (jack of all trades). 2 Dockhand/Labor Positions (able to skillfully clean fish). 4 months of work. Must be self motivated for lots of hours with great pay. Alcohol consumption (beyond social) and substance abuse is not welcome at Camp Esnagi.1-204-937-4007

Senior Administrative Assistant SEASONAL TAX PREPARER SEASONAL TAX PREPARER MNP is looking for an enthusiastic individual to join our team in our

MNP is looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our team in our Minnedosa

Portage La Prairie office as aindividuals full-time Senior Administrative Assistant. MNP is looking for enthusiastic to join our team in our Minnedosa and Neepawa offices as Seasonal Tax Preparers. and Neepawa offices as Seasonal Tax Preparers.

Responsibilities include: Responsibilities include:

Responsibilities • • Perform a variety of administrative and clerical office support activities for multiple Prepare T1include: Personal Tax Returns ensuring timely adherence and deadlines • staff Prepare Personal Tax Work as T1 part of a team inReturns a fast-paced energized group • • Support multiple Partners through calendar and emailof management, invoicing, Work partfiles of a and teamassist in a fast-paced energized group Set upas client with the completion administrative work and travel bookings • Set up client and files organization and assist with the completion Compilation of client records of administrative work • • Review upcoming deadlines and work requirements Compilation organization offarm client Prepare smalland business and/or taxrecords return with Partner(s); manage the flow of work to the Partner(s) such as documents for review/signature • Prepare small business and/or farm tax return • Format and edit client correspondence, presentations, proposals, reports and The ideal candidate: spreadsheets on behalf of Partner(s) The•ideal candidate: Experience in Canadian personal income tax education and the • Experience in personal income tax education and the preparation ofCanadian T1s The •ideal candidate: preparation of T1s Understanding of bookkeeping and record keeping practices on a manual • • Completion of related post-secondary in administration anaasset Understanding of bookkeeping record keeping practicesison manual and/or computerized system(s)andeducation • • Minimum threeworking (3) yearswith, of related administrative experience and/or computerized system(s) Experience or exposure to, accounting and tax software such • • Strong computer literacywith, effectiveto, working ofand Microsoft Word, Excel Experience working or exposure accounting tax software such as Quickbooks, Simplyincluding Accounting and Tax Cycleskills is beneficial and PowerPoint Quickbooks, Simply Accounting Tax Cycle is beneficial • as Strong computer literacy includingand effective working skills of Microsoft • A team player who enjoys working in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment • Strong computer literacy including effective working skills of Microsoft Word and Excel • Excellent time management, organizational and communication skills with attention toWord detail and Excel We thank all candidates for applying. Only those selected for an interview will Wethank thankall allcandidates candidatesfor for applying. applying. Only be contacted. We Only those those selected selectedfor foran aninterview interviewwill will be contacted. contacted. To apply, please visit our website at be Toapply, apply,please please visit visit our our website To website at


Help Wanted


HEAD CUSTODIAN Beautiful Plains School Division is accepting applications for a full time head custodian at Carberry Schools. Duties include the cleaning and maintenance of buildings, equipment and grounds under the direction of the Principals and/or Maintenance Supervisor. Experience in one of the construction trades and employee supervision would be beneficial. The starting salary is $27.15 per hour. The Division offers a pension plan and other benefits. Applicants should state experience and include three references. Duties to commence as arranged. Application Deadline: NOON, Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 Send resumes marked “Head Custodian” to the undersigned. Tyler Stewart Maintenance Supervisor Beautiful Plains School Division Box 700, Neepawa, MB. R0J 1H0 TEL: (204) 476-2388 FAX: (204) 476-3606 Email: Successful candidates must complete a Criminal Records and Child Abuse Registry check. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted. Others are thanked for their interest.

FOODS Meat Cutters/Production Personnel HyLife is a global leader in food processing. Our mission is to be the best food company in the world. To achieve this, we need talented people to join our HyLife team as the company continues to grow. HyLife is committed to our employees and we have an exciting new career opportunity in the beautiful town of Neepawa, MB for you to explore! As a Meat Cutter/Production Personnel you will be a critical member of our team in the creation of our world class product. Our positions range from working on our production floor to shipping the final packaged product, with everything in between! Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to: • Slaughter and eviscerate hogs for further processing • Harvest and package edible offal • Process pork carcasses into primal cuts • Butcher and package pork primal cuts into value added specifications for local, national and international premium markets • Carry out other tasks related to processing of meat for shipping to customers or storage • Sanitation People who will succeed as members of our team will: • Enjoy working in a fast paced, stable long-term work environment • Appreciate working in a culturally diverse workplace. We employ people from all over the world! • Treat people with dignity and respect • Open to working in colder/warmer environments • Physically Fit • Experience as an industrial butcher or trimmer is an asset

Current starting wage is $15.45/hour plus $1.00/hour perfect attendance bonus! Wage scale extends to $23.05 per hour In addition to HyLife’s benefits, vacation time and competitive salary our company also offers a $500 dollar employee referral bonus program! HyLife is here to support you on building an exciting career with our team! If you have the qualifications and the passion to meet this challenge then we would like to explore your potential. Please apply online at or email to or mail to PO Box 10,000, 623 Main St E, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0.

HELP WANTED Cook Experience is an asset.


Balancing till and payroll a necessity. Knowledge of QuickBooks and POS is an asset. Please send resume to ofce@ or call Irv at 204-981-2831

*Auto *Farm *Marine *Construction *ATV *Motorcycle *Golf Carts *Rechargeables *Tools *Phones *Computers *Solar Systems & design * Everything Else!

THE BATTERY MAN 1390 St. James St., WPG 1-877-775-8271

Living quarters available

Neepawa-Gladstone Co-op is hiring


at our ADMIN OFFICE in NEEPAWA, MANITOBA. Who we are: Co-op does business differently. As a co-operative, we believe in working together to serve Western Canadians, delivering profits back to our communities and investing in sustainable growth. To learn more about who we are and how you can help bring our brand to life, visit us at We are looking for: Reporting to the Human Resource/Health & Safety Manager and working in conjunction with the division and department managers, the successful candidate’s primary marketing and member relations responsibilities include: engaging all department managers on a regular schedule to determine marketing and sales initiatives, including promotions and campaigns, assists in planning quarterly and annual sales and marketing plans, assists in developing and executing Community and Member Relations strategies to engage the local community and membership in the efforts of Neepawa-Gladstone Co-op to be an active participant in the community and support local initiatives, participates and collects market research to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace and marketing best practices, other duties as assigned. Qualifications: • Outgoing, creative and have a passion for great customer service • Exceptional Team Player • Superior interpersonal skills, ability to build strong relationships and collaboration to deliver solutions that matter most • Strong verbal and written communication skills. • Proficient software aptitude including MS Office and Social Media platforms • Business or Marketing diploma or degree or related education and experience • Minimum 2+ years of experience relevant responsible marketing experience an asset. Position closes: April 22, 2022 or when position is filled. At Co-op, we embrace diversity and inclusion, and we are working to create a workplace that is as diverse as the communities we serve. We support and provide an environment that allows all to bring their whole selves to work. Apply online at or contact us at for more information. Scan the QR Code to be directed to the job posting.

1600 Sq. Ft. Home TO BE MOVED $15,000.00 o.b.o.

• 2 Story • 4 Bedrooms • 2 Full Bathrooms and Mudroom

Home currently located in Brunkild, MB Call (204) 990-6115 or email

for photos

Tender Trucks, Trailers, Truckbeds & Tires

• Full Repair & Safeties • Vehicle Parts, Tires & Wheels • Trailer Parts & Batteries • Sales, Financing, Leasing & Rentals EBY Aluminum: • Gooseneck and Bumper Pull Cattle & Equipment Trailers • Truck & Service Bodies • Generation Grain Trailers



Grounds Maintenance

The Town of Minnedosa will be accepting proposals for the maintenance of publicly owned property (green space, etc.) at various locations throughout the Town.

Hwy #1, MacGregor, MB

Information Packages can be obtained at the Town of Minnedosa Civic Office, 103 Main St. South, Phone 204 867 2727 or email

Tenders will be accepted until 4:30pm April 1, 2022


The Town of Minnedosa

Help Wanted

Neepawa-Gladstone Co-op is hiring


at our HOME & FARM CENTRE in NEEPAWA, MB. Who we are: Co-op does business differently. As a co-operative, we believe in working together to serve Western Canadians, delivering profits back to our communities and investing in sustainable growth. To learn more about who we are and how you can help bring our brand to life, visit us at We are looking for: Duties to include, but not limited to, customer service, processing customer transactions, stocking, merchandising, product knowledge and general housekeeping duties. Will be required to assist part time in the Yard as needed. FT Yard Attendant Qualifications: • Excellent customer service skills • Highly motivated and ability to multi-task • Strong interpersonal and communication skills • Ability to operate a Forklift (training will be available) • Must be available to work a variety of shifts including days and Saturdays • Will require heavy lifting and manual labour. • Class 3 drivers license with air endorsement an asset. FT, PT, and Student Home Centre Clerk Qualifications: • Excellent customer service skills • Highly motivated and ability to multi-task • Strong interpersonal and communication skills • Class 5 driver’s license • Ability to operate a Forklift (training will be available) • Must be available to work a variety of shifts including days and Saturdays • Will require some heavy lifting and manual labour. • Previous lumber/hardware experience would be an asset but not required At Co-op, we embrace diversity and inclusion, and we are working to create a workplace that is as diverse as the communities we serve. We support and provide an environment that allows all to bring their whole selves to work. Apply online at or contact us at for more information. Scan the QR Code to be directed to the job posting.

We want it to be YOU! Come join our HyLife team.

MCNA Province-wide Classifieds NOTICES Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Manitoba Community Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at www. URGENT PRESS RELEASES - Have a newsworthy item to announce? Having a Spring/Summer event? An exciting change in operations? Though we cannot guarantee publication, MCNA will get the information into the right hands for ONLY $35.00 + GST/HST. Call MCNA (204) 947-1691 for more information. See under the “Types of Advertising” tab for more details. HIRING FOR SPRING? Need Class 1 Drivers? Construction staff? Having an AGM or On-line event and need attendees? Advertise in the 32 Weekly Manitoba Community Newspapers to get your messaging out now! Selling something? Have an on-line store to shop at, doing curbside pickup/ deliveries? Let people know in the Blanket Classifieds! Call THIS NEWSPAPER NOW or call MCNA at (204) 947-1691 for details or to book ads. MCNA - Manitoba Community Newspapers Association. LIVESTOCK FOR SALE HBH Angus Farms Bull Sale, March 31, 1:00 p.m., Oak River, MB. View www. for catalogue. Purebred Black Angus and Black Angus/Simmental Bulls – 50 lots. Watch/bid online Brayden 431-282-3085, Darcy 204365-7755. Semen tested. Guaranteed. Lunch 11:30.

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We thank all applicants, however, only those under consideration will be contacted We thank all applicants for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

We thank all applicants for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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AUCTIONS Ward’s & Bud Haynes Firearms Auction, Saturday April 23rd, Edmonton. Live & Online. CONSIGN NOW! . Call Brad Ward 780-940-8378; Linda (Haynes) Baggaley 403597-1095. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY ROCKY MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT is NOW HIRING: Service Managers, AG Equipment Techs, Heavy Equipment Techs - Journeyman & Apprentices, Parts Techs. View Open Roles. Apply: careers. Relocation Offered. Put your pickup truck to work! $2000 signing bonus! Hiring 1 ton owners to transport RV's throughout N. America. Pick up in Indiana, delivering to Western Canada. Paid per loaded mile, insurance and authorities are through us. Discounted fuel cards and subsidized health insurance. Driver must be at least age 21 and able to cross the border. For more information visit or email recruiting@roadexservices. com



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Birnie Builders

Redi-Built and and on site Redi-Built onhomes, site Huron PVC Windows

homes, cottages, Ph/Fax: huron PVC Windows 204-966-3207

Birnie Builders Birnie Builders Phone/Fax

Redi-Built and Redi-Built andon onsite sitehomes, homes, Harold Klassen Huron PVC 204-966-3207 HuronMB PVCWindows Windows Birnie, Ph/Fax: Cell Ph/Fax:

“Let Us Custom Design A 204-966-3207 204-476-6843 204-966-3207 Home For You”

Harold HaroldKlassen Klassen Birnie, Birnie,MB MB “Let Us Custom Design A “Let “LetUs UsCustom CustomDesign DesignAA Home For You” Home HomeFor ForYou” You”

Lakeside Septic Service

Potable water delivery. Book your portable toilets!

ErlE Jury Family


204-867-2416 204-867-7558



Serving the Westman and Parkland Regions for over 45 years. Call us for all of your electrical needs from service work to new construction.

Neepawa, MB 204-476-3391


For all your residential and farm building needs

olling Acres eady Mix


Mike Ellis 204-841-4244 Dave Leflar 204-841-0025

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Certified Batch Plant and Cement Trucks Concrete • Gravel Sales • Rebar Sales Custom Hauling

Visit us on

Irvin 204-476-6236

WURTZ BROS. LTD Custom. Sustainable. Local.

Steve Friesen 204-476-0284 @WOODisan.2019

• Concrete Pumpers • Excavation & Earthworks Contractor • Complete Demolition Service

204-466-2824 fax: 204-466-2999


Ventures Inc.

Garbage Bin Rentals Roll Off Bins We buy Scrap! Phone 476-0002 for more information




Ranch Retirement Auction for Greg & Ruth Zamyrkut Auction Sales Saturday May 5th - 10:30am - Rorketon MB From Ste Rose, MB- 17 miles N on PTH #276,Magnet Road 2¼ ONLINE ONLY RETIREMENT AUCTION miles NE.Or From Rorketon, MB Corner on 276, 2 miles S, 1½ FOR RON WILMOT ANDNLOIS WILSON E, ½ S. GPS: 51°32 99°29'W KATIE LAKE FARM, ERICKSON, MB • SOFT CLOSE THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 2022 7:00 PM

NH 8870 FWA tractor • 2005 FORD NH TL100 FWA tractor c/w BUHLER 2595 For on-line bidding and pictures, visit FELPreviewing • David Brown tractor • DEUTZ CAT crawler/ Fri, Apr885 1 and Sat, Apr 2 or by DX160 appmt - tractor call Ron• or Lois931 at 204-636-2799 loader • FARMALL MD tractor • INLAND HAYLINER 12 bale double arm picker • TRACTORS, EQUIPMENT: Versatile 276 crawler Series 2• VICON bidirectional 660 NH balerTRAILERS • PINTLE &Hitch tri-axel trailer for small 1050tractor; 9 Melroe 743 rake Skid Steer w/bucket (5016 hoe hrs);drills JD 750 tractor; 2016 Salem 5th wheel wheel hay • MORRIS MH310 c/wutility SA/FA • Fertilizer fiberglass V trailer, etc;60’ Innsbruck 5th wheel AC,plastic appliances, 1976 tank • AC, Inland field sprayer c/wtrailer, 500 gal tank •etc; 27’other CCILdeck deeptrailers; tiller c/w Ford 3-ton“207” truck;•NH 1012 350• quad, harrows 2000 NHStackliner 1441 14’bale diskpicker; bine Yamaha • NH688Kodiak rd baler CCIL 4x4; 9600ACPT917 lawn tractor, etc. NH MINIATURE EQUIPMENT: Small team-sold as team; combine • 357 mix mill •HORSES 18’ 400 & Versatile swather c/whorse plu reels • 6’ steel harness, bridles, grooming items, rubber-tired wagon, small stock trailer, etc; OTHER FARM swath roller • WESTFIELD 7” X 36’ grain auger c/w HONDA 13hp motor • & SHOP ITEMS: round bale feeders; tractor-powered log splitter; manure spreader, PTO WESTFIELD W series 8” x41’ grain auger pto • 75bu 2 wheel hopper box trailer drive; tools, Husqvarna chainsaw; plumbing, fencing and shop supplies, etc. HOUSEHOLD & c/w hyd chute • YAMAHA 97-99 – bedroom, 350 Big Bear 4x4 quad • YAMAHA 350 Big COLLECTIBLES: charcoal grill; dining, lawn furniture; vintage steam engine, tools, Bear 4x4 • OTHER: See full motorcycle listing and pictures flotation @ animal traps; accessories; devices and much more! !!! Call Greg directly atBID (204) 732-2213 for more information on the equipment NOW AT WWW.GARTONSAUCTION.COM Terms: Same day payment on all purchases; we accept cash or credit card; All items sold as is, where is; deletions; Auctioneer not responsible for any accidents. No buyers premiums.

ACCOUNTING Glenn Wohlgemuth Phone: 204-476-2847 245 Hamilton St. Neepawa

Auction Sales

Rough Lumber

Full dimension Corral Planks and Windbreak

Firewood Sales Slabs $60/cord Cut and Split �� Round Wood



Woodlot Management


�us��in��le ����es�n� We buy standing Spruce and Poplar �mber


Cut and split firewood - Poplar and Spruce/Pine �� firewood - 10 cord load delivered to your yard

135 Boundary Street, Neepawa, MB


Notice 135 Boundary Street, Neepawa, MB

Auction Service SERVING THE PARKLAND AND SURROUNDING AREAS SINCE 1992 PORanch BOX 543 Retirement DAUPHIN, MB Auction R7N 2V3for Phone (204) 629-2583 Greg & Ruth Zamyrkut Cell:Saturday (204) 648-4541 May 5th - 10:30am - Rorketon MB

From Ste Rose, MB- 17 miles N on PTH #276,Magnet Road 2¼ Ranch Retirement Auction MB for Greg Ruth miles NE.Or From Rorketon, Corner& on 276,Zamyrkut 2 miles S, 1½ ONLY MOVING AUCTION Farm ONLINE Life - Week of April 23rd E, ½ S. GPS: 51°32 N 99°29'W & DIANE BEAULIEU Neepawa - FOR Week•GORDON of April 23rd NH 8870 STE FWAROSE, tractor TL100 APRIL FWA tractor BUHLER MB 2005 • SOFTFORD CLOSENH MONDAY, 11, 2022c/w AT 7:00 PM 2595 Interlake - Week oftractor April 23rd FEL • DavidFor Brown 885 tractor • CAT 931 crawler/ on-line bidding and• DEUTZ pictures,DX160 visit

loader • FARMALL MD tractor • INLAND HAYLINER 12 bale double arm picker •

Greg directly atBID (204) 732-2213 for more information on the equipment NOW AT WWW.GARTONSAUCTION.COM

Terms: Same day payment on all purchases; we accept cash or credit card; All items sold as is, where is; deletions; Auctioneer not responsible for any accidents. No buyers premiums.

Auctioneer and owners not responsible for errors or omissions; Sale is subject to additions and/or

Auction Service SERVING THE PARKLAND AND SURROUNDING AREAS SINCE 1992 PO BOX 543 DAUPHIN, MB R7N 2V3 Phone (204) 629-2583 Cell: (204) 648-4541

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• Redi-Mix Concrete & Concrete

• Redi-Mix Pumping.Concrete & Concrete • Sand, Gravel & Aggregate Pumping. • Skid Steer & • Sand, Gravel & Aggregate Equipment Rental • Skid Steer & • Snow removal Equipment Rental • Snow removal

Auctioneer and owners not responsible for errors or omissions; Sale is subject to additions and/or

RECREATION Ezee-go cart,for 1999/2000, good cond; trailer 4’x9’ 660 NH baler&• YARD: PINTLE Hitch electric tri-axelgolf trailer small crawler • VICON 1050for9 golf cart, 6-ply 1991 Polaris Indy Sport snowmobile; Craftsman 160 lawn mower; Toro wheel haytires; rake • MORRIS MH310 hoe drills c/w SA/FA •GVC Fertilizer fiberglass V GTS self-prop lawnsprayer mower, c/w 22” cut; tractor, 700 series, tank 6.5hp • Inland 60’ field 500Husqvarna gal plasticlawn tank • 27’Kohler CCIL 725cu deep tiller c/w 42” cut-like“207” new; •Toro cordless trimmer; 8hp• 27” snowrd blower; gun cabinet; harrows 2000 NH 1441 14’ Murray disk bine NH688 balerfirearms, • CCIL 9600 PT TOOLS, SHOP ITEMS: Campbell Hausfeld Mig welder; B&D electric drill, skill saw; pressure combine • 357 NH mix mill • 18’ 400 Versatile swather c/w plu reels • 6’ steel washer; bench grinder; nailer kit, portable air tank; submersible sump pump; 5” bench vice; swath roller • WESTFIELD 7” X 36’ grain auger c/w HONDA 13hp motor • Mastercraft 10” bench saw; Husqvarna chain saw; assorted hardware, tools; HOUSEHOLD, WESTFIELD W series 8” x41’ grain auger pto • 75bu 2 wheel hopper box trailer FURNITURE: Cuisinart 3-burner bbq; Frigidaire deep freeze, small appliances; Sharp 37” c/w entertainment hyd chute • YAMAHA 97-99 – living 350 Big Bear 4x4bedroom quad • furniture-excellent YAMAHA 350 Big TV; stand with fireplace; room, patio, cond; Bear 4x4wall • décor, See full listing and pictures @ !!! Call bedding, kitchenware, crystal glass ware, dishes, and much more.

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Ranch RetirementAAuction for Greg: & Zamyrkut Classified d Deadline TRuth uesday Noon Cancellations and Farm Life - Week ofcorrections April 23rd only within business hours and corresponding deadlines. Neepawa - Week of April 23rd Interlake - Week of April 23rd NOTICE OF MEETING MEMBERS OF SUNRISE CREDIT UNION LIMITED (the “Credit Union”)

TO: ALL MEMBERS OF THE CREDIT UNION TAKE NOTICE THAT the annual meeting of the Members of the Credit Union will be held virtually on Tuesday, the 19th day of April 2022, via Zoom Video Conferencing for the following purposes: 1. To consider the annual report of the directors, the financial statements and the auditor’s report. 2. To receive the nominating committee report. 3. To appoint an auditor. 4. To approve amendments to the Credit Union by-laws. The proposed amendments are available online at

Meeting will begin at 5:45 p.m.

Members will need to pre-register by calling 204-726-3636 or email Please pre-register prior to 4:00 p.m. Monday April 18, 2022. DATED this 28th day of March 2022.

SUNRISE CREDIT UNION LIMITED By Order of the Board of Directors


Minndosa’s Caitlyn Stevenson signs with ACC Submitted ACC Athletics


Minnedosa Collegiate graduate Caitlyn Stevenson has signed on to the ACC Cougars’ soccer program.

By Sveinna Bjarnarson Neepawa & Area 4-H Beef Club

Neepawa and Area 4-H Beef Club has had a few activities pop up since January. In the middle of January, Tim Baker let us use his shop to make halters. The club leaders decided to get the members to tell them what kind of pizza they liked, to order their own individual pizza. The pizzas came from the Gladstone Bakery. Everybody had to wear a mask and socially distance. They could only take their mask off if they were eating or drinking. On Feb. 6 at 1:00 pm, we held Public Speaking at the Neepawa Curling Rink. Only parents of the members were allowed to watch. Everyone was to always have their mask on unless they were speaking. All the members did well. Public Speaking Night results Clover bud Speeches: First place was Sadie Sawchuk; Second place was Kooper Jury. Junior Speeches: First place was Summer Sawchuk; second place was Averi Jury. Intermediate Speeches: First place was Quinn Sawchuk; Second place was Keegan Dyke; Third place was Jason Schultz. Senior Speeches: First place was Shelby Dafoe; Second place was a tie between Madisyn Robertson and Carson Baker; Third place was Ashley Dyke.

Junior One Person Visual: First place was Morgan Dyke. Intermediate One Person Visual: First place was Sveinna Bjarnarson. Senior One Person Visual: First place was Eric Shultz. First place winners were able to move on to Area. On Mar. 26, Area 4-H speeches were held on Zoom. They only announced the top two speakers for each category. Everyone that placed first has the option to move on to provincials. Area 4-H Speech results Junior Speeches: Second place was Sadie Sawchuk. Intermediate Speeches: Second place was Quinn Sawchuk. Senior Speeches: Second place was Shelby Dafoe. Junior One Person Visual: Second place was Morgan Dyke. Intermediate One Person Visual: First place was Sveinna Bjarnarson. Provincials will be held Apr. 30 in Winnipeg. Our next meeting will be Apr. 23 at the Fairgrounds in Neepawa for Crash Day. Members are encouraged to bring their project animals. There will be judging, showmanship and grooming workshops. Members will have hands-on experience to improve their skills.

Get the crowds lining up out your door! Advertise here! ~ 204-476-3401 ~ 423 Mountain Ave. Neepawa

community of people who love the same sport and are

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Rodney White 204-841-4800

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Phone: 204-476-2345 Toll Free: 1-877-476-2345 Follow us on Facebook for our listings and more!


MOVE IN READY! 1993 2 storey 1512 SQFT 3 bdm 1.5 bath, open concept floor plan located on a 69’x108’ tiered yard. Garden doors lead out to the well landscaped private patio & carport overlooking the many beautiful perennial gardens. Numerous recent upgrades.


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$299,900 $292,500 MLS# 202205868

Prairie Mountain

423 Mountain Ave. 204-476-3401

Gwen Usick RE/MAX Prairie Mountain 204-867-4657

Your Home... Your Future... Our Commitment!

Troy Mutch

Sales Associate

Craig Frondall

Katie Mutch

Ed Maguire

Sales Representative Sales Representative Sales Representative

204-212-1010 204-476-4777 204-212-4197 204.867.7956

Sat. April 2 1-3 pm #4 355 Isabel St. Neepawa, MB. MLS#:202115663 $214,900


Neepawa & Area 4-H Beef Club update

penalty kicker,” recalls Stevenson. “I’m excited about being part of not only a soccer team again, but a


well-directed kick. For all my teams, I would be the designated free kicker, goal kicker and most often


meant Minnedosa didn’t award an Athlete of the Year. “I’ve got a strong and


Caitlyn Stevenson becomes the latest talent added to the Cougars women’s soccer 2022-23 roster. Stevenson is a 5’9” defender from Minnedosa, MB. She has a passion for two things, soccer and the great outdoors – hunting, fishing and camping are some of her favourite pastimes. S t eve n s o n at t e n d e d Minnedosa Collegiate, where she was an honour roll student and competed for the Chancellors. She received the Athlete of the Year award in elementary school, but didn’t get a chance to compete for the Chancellors in her final year of high school due to the pandemic. This also

all trying to work towards the same goal.” “Caitlyn is a talented and gifted player that anticipates the ball and effectively positions herself on the field,” said co-coach Gerry Rocan. “She is dangerous in transition, can hit the net from 35 yards away and she makes pinpoint passes with ease. She will make a great addition the roster.” Turning her love of the outdoors into a career, Stevenson will be taking the college’s Land and Water Management program in the fall. “My dream is to be able to make a difference within the environment,” said Stevenson. “I want to learn all about it and how it makes the world go around.”

101132 5 PTH Hwy Riding Mountain, MB MLS#:202205844 $249,900


Winter Park well used this past season


The Winter Park was well used this year, despite the excessive snow and cold. Forty-five youth, with their parents, were involved in the Jackrabbit Ski Club each Sunday afternoon. Three youth (Garnet, Kylie and Braden) earned a 50 km ski pin for skiing over that distance during this winter. Two Learn To Ski clinics and a Skate Ski Clinic were conducted. People travelled from many areas (eg. Brandon, Portage, Carberry) to use the Toboggan Hill, Ski Trails, Snow Shoe Trails or Walking Trails. Four schools from outside our local division used the facilities. Manitobans are certainly a hardy group. Top left: Children enjoying “off trail” activities. Top right: The club did a Mystery Tour at the trail and part way through found a place to roast marshmallows. Left: Some of the individuals who participated in the “Learn to Ski for newcomers”. Bottom left: Some eager toboggan-ers gather at the top of the hill.




Bonnie is a hard-working and motivated person who can get the job done. She comes to us from the Brookdale area, where she lives on her dream acreage and loves all things country. She has two children and four grandchildren that she loves to spend her free time with. She also loves gardening and landscaping and incorporating antiques into her ideas. Her farming background growing up in Alberta, where her skills in the 4-H Beef Club won her numerous awards for showmanship, led her to show and groom cattle at Northlands in Edmonton as a business. She met her husband at a world class Equestrian venue in Calgary where she was part of the maintenance crew. Her business background includes co-owner of a successful renovation company in Alberta where she was very hands on with the projects. From the initial design to the finishing details of the décor, she helped with it all. She received her business professional diploma in 2017 from Robertson College. Bonnie loves to learn new things and she is committed to acquiring new skills and knowledge of the Real Estate industry. Her experience in home building, home renovations and customer service will compliment her career as a licensed REALTOR®. Bonnie will help you with details of finding your next property. Give Bonnie a call and get the results you desire. Serving Neepawa, Minnedosa, Gladstone, Carberry & Rural Areas.

Serving YOU, your FAMILY, and your COMMUNITY Contact your Sunrise Ag Lender today!



Catching a show at the Roxy is one of Neepawa’s unique and

Volunteer at the Roxy Each show is staffed by a “captain” and group of volunteers. The captain is the main point of contact between the volunteer coordinator and the team of 5-6 people working the show. The volunteer group can be put together by the captain (such as friends and family members), or we can help put a team together from a list of interested volunteers. Captains can sign up for one night, a weekend, or multiple nights throughout the year.

Rent Our Space The theatre can be rented for private events like birthday parties, community events, or educational programs. Our big screen isn’t just great for watching movies renters can also use it for gaming! Our space can be rented by the hour or by the day. Hourly rental includes a projectionist and the use of all the theatre’s equipment, including projection, sound, and lights.

iconic experiences. Since 1989, the historic theatre has been owned by the Neepawa Theatre Centre

Inc., a registered charity that exists to promote, develop, nurture, preserve, and improve cultural heritage.

Every show at the Roxy is staffed by volunteers — from the ticket booth all the way to cleanup. This

dedicated group includes families, friends, and even workplaces. Our board

books the movies, stocks the concession, oversees the facility, and manages the organization’s finances. Our volunteers are the heart of the Theatre, and we are always looking for new help.

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