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The Company Nedon Constructions has been operating in the last 15 years, meeting the demand for exceptional holiday houses and complexes. It has been developing projects in Northern Greece, specifically in the region of Kavala, namely on Thasos island. A great deal of significance has always been given to the respectfulness of the unique landscape of the region, while delivering top quality property development and construction along with sound architectural design. The area in which Nedon Constructions operates is close to the whole Balkan arrow, thus providing a strategic and easily accessible location. It is an area of rare beauty, that features splendid beaches and all necessary infrastructures. Nedon Costructions has completed the construction of numerous residences in different areas, including apartments, houses and villas.

Characteristics Flexibility is one of the main characteristics of the company. The residences are being built from scratch, in accordance with the customers’ desires. Upon request, they can be delivered fully furnished and equipped to the slightest detail, including a wealth of luxurious features. Reliability is also very important. The establishment of long-term relationships with the clients is very frequent and it is proven by the fact that the great majority of them are keen to offer their testimonials. Nedon Constructions is proud of its experienced personnel, which applies an all cutting edge technology in building, in compliance to regulations

Partners In an effort to meet the needs and desires of our customers, we have established engagements of professionals who are experts in the field of construction (civil engineers, topographers etc), decoration, custom design products, 3D photorealistic pictures. It is worth mentioning that our designers have undertaken the design of custom made furniture and the decoration of villas and hotels in Qatar, Florence, Madrid, Brussels, Cyprus, Santorini and Athens.

They have also equipped with custom made household equipment well known hotel chains in Russia and famous hotels and restaurants in London, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Nedon provides also complete real estate services, in the sense of finding the right properties for our clients and developing them upon request in a customized way. More than 250 well selected high end properties, in various parts of Greece mainly in Northern Greece - are listed in our portfolio. Large land plots, villas – seaside and urban -, luxury and boutique hotels, private islands etc. are included in it.

2b Aiantos str., 55133 Thessaloniki, Greece Tel:

+30 2310 805520


+30 2310 805522


+30 6946282830



Website: www.nedon.gr

facebook.com/nedon.gr nedonconstructions nedongr

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Nedon constructions portfolio & presentation  

Nedon constructions portfolio & presentation  


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