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This presentation is an informational resource intended to raise awareness with the goal of preventing human trafficking in Nebraska. It is not intended to provide a full legal or other description of human trafficking.

What is human trafficking?

What is human trafficking? Human trafficking is modern day slavery

Labor Trafficking

Sex Trafficking

What is sex trafficking? Helping to sell or trying to buy a sex

act with a person

without that person’s consent or

when that person is under 18 years old

What is labor trafficking? • Trying to get a person to do forced labor or services. • Labor or services are forced when obtained through Physical force or restraint Abuse of legal system, especially immigration Controlling a person’s access to drugs Exploiting a person’s functional or mental impairment • Threat of financial harm (debt bondage) • • • •

How does it happen? Force

• Abuse: sexual, physical, verbal, emotional • Threats to victim, family, friends



• Pretends to be friend, significant other

• Targets vulnerabilities

• Promises money, luxury goods, etc.

• Financial • Psychological

What do traffickers look like?

What do traffickers look like?

Pretends to be something he or she is not Pretender

Trafficker “Disguises”

Uses violence/threats to maintain control




Offers to take care of needs or wants


Uses physical power or intimidation to protect

Adapted from iEmpathize's Empower Youth Program (Brad Riley)

Promises “great things”

How do traffickers operate? What are traffickers like?

Where do they find victims?

• Isolate the victim from family and friends • Give gifts, appear friendly • Offer a job, such as modeling • Make you think they want to be the victim’s boyfriend/girlfriend/friend • Offer items that the victim can’t afford • Abusive • Force substance use

• • • • • •

Parties Malls Schools Libraries At workplaces Online

How do traffickers recruit online? Traffickers use popular social media platforms, such as:

Traffickers may… • Ask for information about youth and their family • Have accounts that seem authentic • May tailor their account to match teen’s interests • Seem sympathetic • Offer a better job

How can I protect youth online & in the world? Encourage youth to… • Keep social media profiles private • Only friend people they know • Be wary of job offers – investigate them • Disable “location services” on phone & apps • Tell you if a user won’t stop contacting them or asking inappropriate requests • Be careful what they post

What are the signs of trafficking?

What are the signs of trafficking?

Talk of older friend, boyfriend/girlfriend

Multiple cellphones

Sudden expensive items or gifts

Large amounts of cash

Running away from home

Unusual tattoos

Unexplained school absences

Reference traveling to other cites

Others signs of trafficking victims • Cell phone and ID controlled by others • Signs of physical injury • Inappropriately dressed • Malnutrition • Changes in demeanor: depression, fear, anxiety, nervousness

What are the national statistics?

Missing Youth 23,500+ runaways were reported to NCMEC in 2018

1 in 7 of these children are likely victims of sex trafficking.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, “Child Sex Trafficking� webpage, 2019

What are Nebraska’s statistics?

This Nebraska map illustrates the location of reports of human trafficking since 2016.* Whitney


Valentine Ainsworth

Atkinson O’Neill

South Sioux City Royal


Norfolk Bartlett

Scottsbluff Gering




Blair Fremont Omaha Area

Columbus Shelby Sidney


Stromsburg Gothenburg

Grand Island

Seward Lincoln

Lexington Kearney


*All reports are reviewed and investigated but not all are prosecuted.




Combating trafficking in Nebraska

grant to combat trafficking given to the Salvation Army and Attorney General

Trained over 3,000 law enforcement and service personnel

Regional teams across the state

Service providers across Nebraska

Combating Human Trafficking in Nebraska Through Training & Community Education Valentine Stuart O’Neill


Wayne Winside Pender Norfolk

Scottsbluff Madison Bridgeport

Spalding Albion Columbus



Brainard Omaha Metro Wahoo David City North Platte Grand Island

Medical Professionals

LE/Service Providers

Kearney Hastings


Lincoln Nebraska Syracuse City

Holdrege Community Outreach


Pawnee City Falls City

Pins reflect number of events. Reach shown is proportional to attendees in a given city.

What can you do? • Learn the signs. If you see something suspicious, report it. • In case of an emergency, please call 911 immediately. If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking, call the hotline below: 24 Hour National Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888 or Text “Help” to 233733 Visit for more ideas on how to get involved

Profile for Office of the Nebraska Attorney General

Parent/Educator Presentation  

Parent/Educator Presentation