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These are my truck pieces that I created in Adobe Illustrator (Don't let the jpeg format fool you, they look better than this). They have to be printed out and reinforce with a stiff material to help them stand properly

I must purchase or perhaps borrow a pair of dice for my board game.

This is the game board prototype:

Black and White prototype Images

Test Subjects: Name: Holly Fields Age: 20 Sex: Female Holly's comments: Fun game, cute concept. Add more traps (obstacles). Change rules at the end of the game where you do not have to roll the exact number to finish. Name: Arthur Edwards Age: 24 Sex: Male Arthur's comments: Fun, simple and playful game. There should be less police squares. The game could have more diverse obstacles on the board such as red lights and weather obstacles. The gameplay was fun and simple, I agree. Me and my two test subjects had a blast playing Special Delivery. We had a good laugh at each other when we landed on obstacles and had to go back a certain amount of spaces only to land on another obstacle that made us lose a turn. I need to put more thought into how we should end the game and add more obstacles. I still feel as though this game is missing something.

unit 4 project a part 3  

classwork project

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