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Majura Pitch Newsletter of Majura Junior Soccer Club

Contents. From the President Can you volunteer? Our Sponsors TWO: Coaching Corner Small-Sided Games Are you new to football? Coerver at Majura today. THREE: Matildas visit Majura My first job Canberra Times Photos Respect the Referee

President’s Welcome, A big welcome to Majura Junior Soccer Club from myself and the whole Committee. And a special welcome to all our new players, friends, parents and grandparents. Majura are pleased to announce Senator Kate Lundy as our new Co-Patron. We’ve got over 1,200 juniors this year and I’d like to thank all the Committee, Coaches, Managers, Age-Co-ordinators, Referees and Players for making the first day of the season such a success. It wasn’t easy but we did it!


Volunteers Needed: We are one of Australia’s biggest clubs and we rely on volunteers. We urgently need Equipment Officers, Technical Director and Vice-President (Soccer). If you can help the club in these or any capacity please contact me asap (

Saturday Sideline My first game of football. Year 12 Certificate?

We aim to meet the needs of all our players and parents but it isn’t always possible. Please be gentle with all our volunteers as we aim to do the best we can. Thank you to our Sponsors: without them, and our Canteen and Sausage Sizzle, our costs would be significantly higher.

Players, Coach, Supporters. Why not send in your news, profiles and match reports (and a photo only if you have permission for use) to 50-100 words per piece, include as many players as you can. We hope to include more in the next online newsletter. Either a match report or a review of a number of games. Contacts for Majura

From all the Committee, I hope you have a great season. Rhonda Parkin

Please support our Sponsors: The Athlete’s Foot, Essential Soccer, Yowani Country Golf Club, Link, JV Financial Group, VIISUM, Grindestone Australia, Office PCS, Kanga Cup, Capital Football

Why not Sponsor Majura JSC. With over 1,200 players, even more parents, we would love to support your business

May 2009

Majura Pitch Newsletter of Majura Junior Soccer Club

Coaching Corner About now we hear: “I’ve never done it before. Where do I start?...oh and the kids won’t shut up!” If you are new to coaching don’t feel too disheartened if you are finding it more difficult than you expected. It can improve and quickly.

Tips: 1. 2. 3 4

Be organised. Each child should have a ball where appropriate and be occupied effectively. If they are talking excessively: Give three warnings, and then sit them out. Or the old teacher technique...just wait silently until they are ready. Aim to be fair and consistent.

Need Coaching Resources? There are many resources available on our website. Former Majura Technical Director Paul Whittingham produced a whole heap of drills in 2006. Want more info? Check out National Football Curriculum: Find out where the game is going. Australian Technical Director Han Berger discusses the new plan at the AIS on Wed, 10 May. for details.

Are you new to football? Don’t worry you are not alone. At Majura we have over 1,200 players. There are over 450,000 registered players across Australia and over 1million players when schools and social games are taken into account. The FFA has just released its new National Curriculum and there are pathways for players and coaches like never before. More and more parents and players are enjoying the game for the first time. At Majura we aim to see all our players succeed at all levels of the game. Keep up-to-date with all the developments for players, coaches and administrators at

Why Small-Sided Games? Majura has joined the rest of Australia and rolled out Small-Sided Games under the guidance of Football Federation Australia. The games are designed to improve skills and get all players more involved in the game. If players develop better ball sense, and have more involvement in the game, evidence shows they are more likely to enjoy their experience and continue to play football and/or other sports in later life. Want to find out more? Q. Why can’t the goalie kick the ball out? A. To maximise player skill development.

Free Coerver Coaching Course: At Majura today. Ask at the clubhouse for details.

May 2009

Majura Pitch Newsletter of Majura Junior Soccer Club

Matildas and Canberra United stars Caitlin Munoz and Amy Chapman showcased their skills to a group of Majura under 10, 11 and 12’s last season. FIFA President Sepp Blatter recently proclaimed that “the future of football is feminine.” In 2010 Majura under 10’s girl enrolments have increased by 40%!

My first job: Hi I’m Ali Cook, I’m a Majura under 11 Red, and I get paid for Refereeing at Majura! I’m a Ref of the Pee Wees, the Under 3’s. I wear my black Referee’s outfit, I’ve got my whistle and I refereed all last season. I attended the first meeting at 8.15am, that wasn’t so good! I was a bit nervous but after blowing the whistle a few times it got better. I get to hold the Under 3’s hands and encourage them to play and run. We have fun and walk around the field kicking the ball. I get paid $10 a game and I’m saving hard. We’re going to America for a holiday at the end of the year so I’m hoping to have a lot of money saved for the trip. And my team, Majura Red won 4-2 in our first game. Our Coach is Paul Macor. Georgia Whitney scored 3 and Erin Hyde got the other.

Canberra Times: A Canberra Times photographer was at Majura on Saturday May 2nd. Go to the for all the action shots of some of our finest players.

We’re in Asia now!

Respect the Referee. Volunteers. Did you know we lost SEVEN Referees last year due to Parent Abuse?

Parents and Players: please thank our Refs today.

Have you ever thought of taking a

1200 children take a lot

team from Majura to the Kanga

of organisation.

Cup, to an Interstate tournament,

See a Committee Member

or off to Asia or Europe?

(Blue Coat) and volunteer

Kanga Cup is open for teams

to day.

starting at under 10. Entries Close May 29th. Details at:

May 2009

Majura Pitch Newsletter of Majura Junior Soccer Club

Saturday Sideline at Majura Just you and the kids down at Dickson, sun’s up, a quiet Saturday....and then come the other 1200 players.

My first ever game of soccer.

Meet Guy Flynn 5, Pee Wee. Guy is 5 and played his first game of soccer on Saturday.

But it’s not just the players who are talented. Take a look along our sideline; you’ll never know who you might spot. Former Wallaby and Brumbies star Marco Caputo, Fmr Olympic Swimmer Martin Roberts, Fmr Socceroo Steve Hogg, and Canberra’s Number One Sports Commentator ABC’s Tim Gavel are just a few who grace our community. Who said, “Football isn’t a matter of life and’s much more important than that?” Answer in next column. More Majura Magic... Striker: 'I've just had a good idea for strengthening the team.' Manager: `Good! When are you leaving?'

“How many did you score Guy?” “Five,” said Guy as he rolled around enjoying the sun and his after match meal of sweets and more sweets. “Five is his current favourite number,” pointed out Jen, his Mum. “I scored one in both goals!” Two or five goals in his first game. Who knows? He was happy, and he’ll be back, for more goals and more sweets, I suspect. But he had one question before he left. “Why don’t we train (during the week) like my older sisters?” Was he so keen for soccer or did he just wanted more sweets?

Answer from previous column: Bob Shankly, Fmr Liverpool manager..(whoever they are.)

Majura Soccer Club supports and Canberra United in the W-League

Year 10 and 12 Certificate

Go the Socceroos Did you know that Sydney FC’s

Need points for your Yr 10 or 12

Canberra born star Kofi Danning


scored on his A-League debut last

one point away from the World Cup

season? Why not Coach, or Assist at

in South Africa in


He started his football at Majura!

Talk to a Blue Coat today.

Who’s next?

We’re, officially, just


May 2009

Majura Pitch  

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