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247. Alexander Calder (American, 1898-1976), a suite of three wall sculptures, c. 1949, “Moon Mask”, painted metal, height 14 1/2 in., width 10 in., depth 4 1/2 in.; “Red Smiling Mask”, painted metal, height 13 3/4 in., width 14 3/4 in., depth 4 1/4 in.; and “Blue Mask with Orange Nose”, painted metal, height 14 1/4 in., width 9 in., depth 3 3/4 in. $80000/120000 Provenance: Acquired by Nathaniel Curtis directly from the artist. Commissioned by Curtis & Davis Architects for the interior of the Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Note: The commission of this whimsical set of sculptures by Alexander Calder, the preeminent American modern sculptor and artist, is described by the esteemed New Orleans architect Nathaniel Curtis is his memoirs.

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“I have three metal faces in the patio at home by the artist Alexander Calder. Down the street from our office on Perdido Street on the corner of Carondelet stood the Sazerac Bar. The Sazerac Bar was no ordinary bar - it was the only one in New Orleans that did not allow women - except on Mardi Gras. The place was open from 4 o’clock p.m. until 8 o’clock p.m. and was an immensely popular place for men in the Central Business District to drop in for a drink or two on their way home after work. To everyone’s dismay, the “Sazerac” was purchased by Seymour Weiss, proprietor of the Roosevelt Hotel. Seymour had just been released from the Federal Penitentiary where he spent time because of complicity in the Louisiana scandals of the Huey Long era and he wanted to liven up his hotel by installing a new bar in it. There was never any doubt that we would design it. The theme of the new bar was Mardi Gras. In accordance with the theme for the new bar we commissioned Calder to create five metal masks with moving eyes or teeth or tongues in bright colors. These would go on the walls around the room. The fee was to be $1,250, a very modest amount for the work of so great an artist. As the construction neared completion we tried our best to have the artist submit sketches of his work so that Mr. Weiss could approve them but to no avail. When the masks arrived and were uncrated, Mr. Weiss, no great patron of modern art in the first place, rejected them and refused to pay on the grounds that the masks were not worth what was being asked for them. We were so chagrinned and embarrassed that we never told Mr. Calder about it and paid the bill ourselves, splitting up the pieces evenly and flipping a coin for the extra one which I won.” The Calder sculptures were installed for a brief time in the Sazerac Bar, as the September 26, 1949 photograph illustrated here shows “Red Smiling Mask” and “Blue Mask with Orange Nose” placed on the Sazerac wall.


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Alexander Calder Wall Sculptures, Lot 247  
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