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Care Homes Team Newsleer, Issue 18, Autumn/Winter 2019

Wet Snow vs. Dry Snow Somemes snow scks together and somemes it's powdery and loose? The reason for this lies in the snowake's journey as it falls through the atmosphere. Snowakes that fall through a dry, cool atmosphere will be small and powdery and won't sck together. We call this dry snow - it's ideal for skiing, but not for building a snowman. The snowakes that form wet snow will have fallen through temperatures slightly warmer than 0 °C. As they fall, the snowakes melt slightly around the edges and sck together to form large, heavy akes. These sck together easily and are the best for a snowball ďŹ ght and making snowmen. How Much Water is there in Snow? The exact amount of water contained in snow can vary quite signiďŹ cantly depending on how the snow formed, but as a general average, every 12 cm of snow would provide 1 cm of water. hps://www.metoďŹƒ winter/winter-facts

Forward from the Care Homes Team


Feedback—Infecon Control Workshop


A Day in the Life of ...


Feedback—Care Home Team Annual Review 2019


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Feedback—Educaon/Training Sessions Cancelled


Proud to Care Campaign


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Feedback—Community Services Collaboraon Meeng



Forward from the Care Home Team

Congratulaons to Sarah WinďŹ eld-Davies (Care Home Team Lead) on her further appointment for a 4 year term to the RCN Older People’s Forum commiee hps:// If you have anything that you would like the commiee to consider please contact Sarah on 07967345609 or email sarah.winďŹ

Emma Bartrop, Care Homes Team Nurse Educator (Torridge) aended the Trust’s Quality Ambassador Training last month. This was a 3-day training programme designed to develop the capability and capacity of sta to improve quality and paent safety across the Trust. It included improvement methodology, frameworks for measuring improvement, team dynamics and working with others, safety culture, coaching sta, delivered by South West Academic Health Science Network and Trust Quality Improvement Sta. As a result of this training, each aendee is tasked with the design of a Quality Improvement Project to roll out in their clinical area. Emma has decided to develop the use of NEWS 2 in residenal care, to allow beer recognion of the deteriorang resident and facilitate opmum triage and escalaon of concerns appropriately. It is felt that this will greatly empower care sta in their care delivery, improve paent safety and quality of life, with an ancipated outcome of a reducon in avoidable hospital admissions.

Sandie Graham and Cyd Role…

Senior Quality Assurance & Improvement Officer replacing Peter Lock My role is to support Providers with Leadership & Management to connuously improve services received by the most vulnerable people in our communies through clear audit and monitoring processes. Describe your job in three words:

Excing, Rewarding, Challenging What can’t you do without at work?

Coffee and colleagues (can’t do it all on my own!) What’s the best bit about your job?

Meeng people who make a difference and are passionate about improving quality What helps get you through a difficult day at work?

Knowing it is always worth it If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Being able to wave a wand and make everything alright

I am pleased to Introduce Devon County Council’s “Contract and Business Relaons Team” The funcon of the team is to build links with key stakeholders; including providers, QAIT, Business Relaons, operaonal teams and CCG colleagues in order to have a consolidated view of provision, to inform focus and strategy, and proacvely drive future sufficiency of market to meet future need. The Team consists of Nicola Tribble, currently Head of Category Services, and from January 2020 will be Sector Lead. Jules Shanbury, Contracts and Business Relaons Manager, will be the lead on all community based regulated care services, Living well at Home and Extra Care market. Sara Morgan-Broom, Contracts and Business Relaons Manager, will be the lead on the disability transformaon agenda and Care Home market. Sara and Jules will manage 8 Contract and Business Relaons Officers, each officer will work within the locality teams; enabling a local contract management presence, strengthening the link between local knowledge and providers as well as supporng a central strategic funcon to give a wholisc view of the social care market in Devon. The team will also have strong links with our NHS colleagues to ensure resource is maximised and intelligence is wide spread across the system. Carly Trego and Becky Sanders will be the Contracts and Business Relaons officers working in North Devon. They will be based in St Georges Road Barnstaple and will be introducing themselves in person over coming months. The team will drive forward our approach to contract management and compliance by overseeing the management of contracts, vising provider premises, ensuring that service level agreements and key performance indicators and risks are monitored and that any improvements required are well planned, executed and successes are celebrated. This is a new funcon for the Council and we very much look forward to developing these roles and working together going forward.

Carly Trego Contracts and Business Relaons Officer North Devon

2019 Homeless Shoebox Appeal for the Southwest

DCC Provider Engagement Network

Provider Engagement Network Providers can sign up to receive updates through Provider Engagement Network—have you? Follow the link below to sign up: hps://

Follow the link below to the latest newsleer: hps://c

Care Home Team Web Page Did you know? We have a webpage full of useful resources? h+ps:// You are welcome to give feedback about our webpage and please let us know if you feel it is missing informaon on speciďŹ c topics that you would ďŹ nd helpful via email

Did you know? If any of your residents are admi+ed to North Devon District Hospital there is a support cafĂŠ for those living with Demena and their carers.

Here we wanted to share with you some of the correspondence we receive

‘The Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon has opened its new extension. The new wing contains a gallery all about the people of North Devon during the 20th century.

We have new temporary exhibion spaces where we can exhibit objects from our own collecons as well as loans from major naonal museums. The brand new learning room includes a bright space with kitchenee, Wi-Fi, hearing loop and projecon/computer setup and can be rented by the hour. Our new tearooms ‘Bromleys’ and shop have been updated with the original building and new galleries now accessible by liS. Come and explore the new wing and see what has been happening. Adam Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon

Le+er from Geraldine Benson re Proud to Care Campaign Geraldine Benson, Principal Social Worker The Annexe, County Hall Topsham Road, Exeter EX2 4QD 16 September 2019 Dear Colleagues Proud to Care campaign Our next Proud to Care Devon adversing campaign is aimed at aracng people to care worker roles in domiciliary care and care homes. The campaign will be targeng people aged 20 – 39 across Devon and Torbay. This adversing campaign is very dierent to previous Proud to Care campaigns and focuses on telling the stories of real people who are receiving care and support. Jim, Laura, and Gavin are the stars of the campaign, who share their life stories through their own photographs and words. The campaign will be running from 18 September 2019 unl the end of December 2019 and includes TV adversing (Sky Adsmart, ITV hub and All4), radio adversing on Heart FM, and adverts on the backs of buses. The online adversing includes YouTube, Gmail, Instagram stories, Facebook video, and Google search. The online adversing will be direcng job-seekers to the care worker vacancies on our Proud to Care jobs board, so please upload your vacancies for free now as we’ll be experiencing a high volume of traďŹƒc to the jobs board and the website during this me. As well as uploading your jobs, please show your support by liking and sharing the ďŹ lm clip and digital adverts with friends and family if you see this on social media, to help raise the proďŹ le of the care sector. We’d love to see your photos of the ďŹ lm clip on TV, or photos of any adverts on buses. Please upload these to your social media accounts and @ProudtoCare #ajobworthdoing. Here’s a preview of the advert you’ll see on the backs of buses, featuring Laura, aged 89, who receives domiciliary care allowing her to live independently in her own home in East Devon.

Proud to Care Devon website We’ve made some signiďŹ cant changes to the Proud to Care Devon website including the structure and the content of the website, and we’d love to get your feedback on this. Whilst the website is primarily to provide informaon about careers in care and health including training and educaon, job vacancies, and real stories, we wanted somewhere to provide informaon and support to employers. You’ll see we have a new ‘Employer’s hub’ secon which has informaon about our jobs board and a resources secon providing advice and guidance on workforce development issues. Thank you for your ongoing support of Proud to Care; we hope you like this adversing campaign as much as we do. If you have any quesons, please contact Sally-Ann Turner or Nicola Dunn by emailing Yours sincerely

Geraldine Benson, Principal Social Worker ,Adult Commissioning and Health

NHS mail

Residenal Care services don’t forget to apply for your NHS email address. This opportunity facilitates improved communicaon in relaon to sending and receiving sensive, conďŹ denal informaon in a safe, secure and easy way (there is no set up or running cost to you).

You may have already been informed by your GP pracces that they are removing Fax machines, another important reason you need a NHS Mail Account so informaon can be shared securely. With an NHS email account you no longer need to use Egress. If you would like support to complete the DSPT and obtain an NHS Mail account please contact your Market Development Manager to discuss or arrange a me to visit you on this email address:

Email Signature Your email signature is important. It helps people understand key informaon about who you are within your service, such as your job tle, the department you work in and how people can contact you. This makes it easier for you and others, to work together. A standard email signature is also part of looking professional and presenng yourself and your service to others internally and externally. All you need is: Your Name (consider puXng a face to a name) Title, Company (can be linked to your website) Phone number There are many free email signature generators that can do this for you.

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Chanel No.5






Loch Ness


On the Seigfried line








Anne Boleyn


An egg




The Red Arrows








Dwarfs OR Dwarves


The War Cry


A ringing in the ears



Feedback from the Ilfracombe Community Services Collaboraon Meeng On the 23 October 2019 the first Ilfracombe Community Services Collaboraon Meeng took place at the Tyrell Hospital, Ilfracombe. The purpose of the meeng was to open up discussions in regard to ways in which staff from our local Community Nursing team, Community Therapy Team, Devon County Council Arranging Support Team; Adult Social Care Team and Residenal/Nursing homes could work more collaboravely in relaon to the delivery of Health and Social Care Services to the local populaon, the meeng focussed on sharing best pracce as a means of developing new ways of effecve collaborave engagement. During this inaugural meeng, chaired by Marne Butler, Nurse Educator, Care Homes Team, the terms of reference for this and future meengs were discussed and agreed. Key discussions and associated acons that took place during the meeng can be summarised as follows: •

• •

Introducon of a communicaon sheet to be handed to Nursing/:Residenal Home staff following each visit The introducon of a daily telephone communicaon to Nursing / Care Homes advising of approximate me of Community Nurse Visit and a list of residents to be seen. Introducon of a simple dressings ‘box’ and associated protocol for Care Homes The agreement on the part of the care homes team to circulate the contact details and referral details relang to the Community Rehabilitaon Nurse service The compilaon of a list of all services providing day care facilies and forwarding of the same to the adult social care team lead Improvements in the communicaon between the arranging support team and Managers of Nursing and Residenal homes within the locale.

The meeng was a resounding success with all pares present reflecng on its usefulness in relaon to improvements to communicaon between key stakeholders in the provision of Health and Social Care to the Ilfracombe locale. The next meeng will be taking place on the 15 January 2020. Meengs for all other areas are being planned for 2020, details will be circulated to all services.

Infecon Prevenon & Control Study Day 14 October 2019 Evaluaon Feedback Analysis Aendees by role Care sta 41% Registered Nurses 13% Registered Managers 33% Housekeeping 13% Please ck the box which best describes the following: Excellen Good Average Poor t The content of the study day 87% 13% The delivery of the study day



Administrave arrangements/venue




Please ck the box which best describes how useful the following presentaons were to you: The New Face of Infecon Control in North Devon—Fiona Baker To Dip or Not to Dip—Dr David Richards.

Very Useful 67%


Somewhat useful

Not very useful




Outbreak Management Guidance—Sharon Hilton



Audits - Why Bother ? Marne Butler and Fiona Baker


20% Maybe


Please ck the box to indicate your response to the following: Will you join the Infecon Control LINk group?

Yes 80%

No 7%


What may you do dierently as a result of the study day? “Dip or not to Dip – I will use the owchart and advise sta to stop undertaking roune urinalysisâ€? “I will make an eort to compile a list of things to be cleaned, how to clean and how oSen to cleanâ€? “The value of undertaking auditâ€? “The Dip or not to Dip session – I will be cascading this informaon to my manager and colleaguesâ€? “I shall be implemenng cleaning audit schedulesâ€? “I shall not be using the dipsck test re: UTI’sâ€? “I shall make sure that acon plans are circulated following auditsâ€? “I shall be reviewing our audits to ensure that acon plans have been completedâ€? “I shall be implemenng the UTI assessment tool.â€? “I shall be carrying out an infecon control auditâ€? “I don’t think I will be quite so hasty to presume UTI ‌‌ I will be more observant about looking out for other signs and symptoms rather than the dipsck testâ€? “I will not be phased about making suggesons about improving infecon control pracces in my workplaceâ€?

Annual Review 2019 It is nearly me for us to send the Annual Service Review Quesonnaire for 2020 so we thought we would share with you some of the feedback received in the 2019 review.

How likely is it that you would recommend the Northern Care Homes Team service to another provider?

Overall how sasfied or dissasfied are you with the Northern Care Homes Team service?

How effecve are our educaon/training sessions and/or collaborave learning events in meeng your services needs to improve the level of care to clients?

How would you rate the quality of our educaon/training sessions and/or collaborave learning events?

How likely are you to request educaon/training sessions at your service again?

Educaon/Training Sessions Cancellaon Rates August to November 2018 v 2019 We monitor the cancellaons of educaon/training sessions to services; as you can see there has been an increase year on year. This impacts on the Care Homes Team—please let us know if there is anything that we can do alleviate cancellaon of bookings. Please speak to your nurse or OT educator or email the Care Homes Team

What is a U3A? U3A is an organisaon for rered or semi-rered people who want to make enjoyable use of their me. In North Devon we have eight separate U3As centred on the major towns. Each has some 150 to 400 members. We learn, socialise, make friends, enjoy life and have fun. What does it do? Organised solely by its own members, it provides social events like group lunches and coee mornings. Also, each U3A has maybe 20 to 30 acvity groups for members to join. Typical acvies are: Cras, singing for fun, bridge, garden visits, discussion, French conversaon, skiles, rambling, family history, geology, pub lunches, natural history, praccal art, and many more. How does it work? Members elect a commiee to organise the U3A including overall U3A events. Each acvity group has its own group leader, and each group plans its own programme. A monthly newsleer is issued with details of all U3A and group acvies that month, so that everyone knows what's happening. How can I join? Get in touch with the contact person of your nearest U3A (see list over). They will suggest perhaps to get started by coming to a coee morning, and receiving their latest newsleer. New people can come to two or three events to get a feel before joining. Membership typically costs ÂŁ12.00 per year. What is the naonal U3A organisaon? There are well over 1000 U3As in all parts of the country. Each conducts its own aairs independently, but follows the ethos and guidelines set by the naonal organisaon. Of course a care home’s main responsibility is to its residents, but I know that many of you spare a thought for the wellbeing of your residents’ partner’s, family and friends. A local U3A might help; when someone enters a care home, his or her partner can feel that a great gap has opened up in their lives — their relaonship is diminished and with bereavement the feeling is magniďŹ ed greatly. U3A, with its social contact and wealth of acvies could go some way to ďŹ ll this gap. Julian Tippe U3A List of U3As in North Devon Note: you can obtain a U3A's newsleer via its website. Barnstaple- Contact: Business Secretary: Website: Braunton & District- Contact: Beryl Lloyd 01271 812121 Website: North Devon Coast (Ilfracombe-based) Contact: Secretary: Jo Rosvall 01271 882787 Website: South Molton- Contact: Secretary: Lorie Jones Website:

01769 574637

Taw (Barnstaple-based) Contact: Secretary: Sue Boyd sueliz18@talktalk.netWebsite: u3asites/taw Torridge (Bideford-based) Contact: Secretary: Carolyn Kelly 01237 Website:


Why not celebrate some Naonal Awareness Days with us? Tree Dressing Day From the 1-2 December 2018 this fesval will celebrate hundreds of ancient customs from all over the world. There are lots of fun ways you can take part. Dressing trees with ribbons, shapes, lanterns or any other type of decoraon that will make them stand out. So remember to use bright colours! Acvies like dancing and storytelling are also a great way to celebrate dierent cultures together.

Internaonal Tea Day is observed annually on 15 December. It has been celebrated since 2005 in tea producing countries. Internaonal Tea Day aims to draw global aenon of governments and cizens to the impact of the global tea trade on workers and growers, and has been linked to requests for price supports and fair trade.

Book our new Hydraon training session with your educator now, for delivery in 2020. In the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Eve (also known as Old Year’s Day or Saint Sylvester‘s Day in many countries), the last day of the year, is on 31. In many countries, New Year’s Eve is celebrated at evening social gatherings, where many people dance, eat, drink alcoholic beverages, and watch or light ďŹ reworks to mark the new year. Some people aend a watch night service. The celebraons generally go on past midnight into 1 January (New Year’s Day). Samoa and parts of Kiriba are the ďŹ rst places to welcome the New Year while Baker Island, in the United States, is among the last.

A printable page for residents

Banish winter redness

Arts and CraLs

Many people feel red and sluggish during winter. This is due to the lack of sunlight, which disrupts our sleep and waking cycles.

Engaging in creave acvity is such a great way to keep the mind sharp, strengthen the muscles in the hands, and improve dexterity.


get outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible


get a good night's sleep – go to bed and wake up at the same me every day


destress with exercise or meditaon – stress has been shown to make you feel red

Eat more fruit and veg When it's cold and dark outside, it can be tempng to ďŹ ll up on unhealthy comfort food. However, it's important to ensure you sll have a healthy diet and include ďŹ ve porons of fruit and veg a day.

Game Nights Game nights—or aSernoons, — are a lot of fun for everyone. Invite friends and family, get out some snacks, and play favourite games together.

If you ďŹ nd yourself craving a sugary treat, try a juicy Clemenne or Satsuma instead. Drink more milk You are more likely to get a cold in winter, so make sure your immune system is in p-top condion.

Exercise You don’t need to be outdoors to enjoy physical acvity. It is important to engage in regular exercise to stay healthy.

Milk and dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais are great sources of: •



vitamins A and B12


calcium, which helps keep our bones strong

Acvies Regular exercise helps control your weight, boost your immune system, and is a good way to break the tension that can build if the family is constantly cooped up inside the house.

Herb Gardening While it may be diďŹƒcult to tend an outdoor garden, who says you can’t do it indoors? Herbs are a great thing to grow indoors, especially if your have a sunny windowsill for them to sit on.

Have a hearty breakfast Winter is the perfect season for porridge. Eang a warm bowlful on a cold morning isn't just a delicious way to start your day, it also helps boost your intake of starchy foods and ďŹ bre. These foods give you energy and help you feel fuller for longer, stopping the temptaon to snack mid-morning. Oats contain lots of vital vitamins and minerals.

Extracted from hps://


How much does a ‘stch in me’ save?


How many pennies are there in an old style English pound?


In which ScoXsh lake is a monster said to live?


How many people would normally make up a jury in England and Wales?


What naonality was the composer Frederick Chopin?


What were commuters urged to go to work on in the 1960’s?


What is the RAF’s famous aerobac display team called?


Which English city is familiarly known as ‘Brum’?


What is the plural of ‘dwarf’?


If you had ‘nnitus’ what would you be suering from?


What is the world’s best selling perfume?


Scorpions are immune to their own venom. True or False?


In a hit song of 1939, where was the washing going to be hung out?


What colour is a Harrods carrier bag?


Which of Henry VIII’s wives was mother of Queen Elizabeth 1?


Where in London did ‘The Wombles’ live?


What sport are Olga Korbut and Nadia Comaneci famous?


Dietary deďŹ ciency of vitamin C gives rise to which disease?


What is the newspaper of the Salvaon Army called?


What was the name of the frog who appeared in ‘The Muppet Show’?


New Care Home Team Educaon/Training Sessions Available The Lived Experience of Demena Created by Alzheimer’s Research UK and Bournemouth University, in partnership with people with demena and their carers, The Lived Experience of Demena uses virtual reality to put healthcare professionals in the shoes of the people they care for.

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Venous Thromboembolism DVT/VTE To understand what is meant by the term Deep Vein Thrombosis and Venous Thromboembolism To be able to idenfy the common causes, to know the common signs and symptoms and complicaons of Deep Vein Thrombosis To be aware of the treatments and to know what acon to take is you suspect Deep Vein Thrombosis/Venous Thromboembolism .

Monitoring vital signs To understand what is meant by physiological observaons. To understand how to undertake physiological observaons and to be aware of the ‘normal ranges’. To know how to document physiological observaons and how to escalate concerns A Praccal Assessment of Competency is facilitated and will be reviewed annually.

Bookings can be made with your Educator.

Care Homes Team Contact details: Telephone 07826533830

Team Members and Roles: Sarah Winfield-Davies, Care Homes Team Lead Becky Young, Nurse Educator Barnstaple area Marne Butler, Nurse Educator BLIS area Meg Hill, OT Educator Torridge area Jenny Stevens, Care Homes Team Administrator Alison Wall, OT Educator BLIS/Barnstaple areas Emma Bartrop, Nurse Educator Torridge Area

Profile for Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Care Homes Team - Autumn newsletter 2019  

Care Homes Team - Autumn newsletter 2019  

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