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Hello, Prayer Partner! 2021 was almost as difficult as 2020. In fact, it was even more challenging in some ways; About the time, we believe there’s some light at the end of a very long tunnel—that light appears to be an oncoming freight train! Each of us hopes that in 2022, we can finally move beyond this Covid Crisis. So that we might get back to some normality in our; lives, work, community, and culture. In this ministry, we pray for some sense of normalcy, too. So that we can continue what was started in 1981. In this Year In Review, I am excited to share highlights of this “little ministry that could.” As NDE celebrates 40 years of reaching people for Christ in 2022, we ask for your continued support as we connect more people in more ways with the truth of His word. Please continue to partner with us in prayer and support as we continue to get “back to the future of this essential work!” Sharing HIS Wonder,

Last New Year’s Eve, I wrapped up the challenging year of 2020 with a presentation at VIVA Church in Orlando. This was the 5th time I’ve had the honor to be with this multilingual community of believers. It was a blessing for me to ring in the new year with a live event! Then on the third Sunday, I was privileged to be with Dan Glenn, at Stetson Baptist in DeLand, Florida, for a Laugh All Night Comedy Concert. It has been an honor to participate in these Mission-Focused events all over the country! Finally, at the end of the month, I presented my Mind, Myth, & Magic event again, here, in Mount Dora. Creating this event just before the onset of Covid has become my creative outlet—allowing me to work on new material and keep my skills sharp. All while reaching a segment of my local community with the encouragement of Christ!

This month found me in final preparation for speaking at the forthcoming D6 Conference. I was able to Share Wonder & Laughs again with my local Mind, Myth & Magic show in the middle of the month. I was at Central Life Church in Cocoa, Florida, at the end of the month for a Laugh All Night event. Comedy is a powerful tool to reach the hearts of people. These one-night events are available to churches, free of any financial commitment. It is an effective tool to raise awareness for the impoverished children of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is an honor for this ministry to partner with another effective one!

It seemed like things might be getting better with the outbreak, and so a few more calls started to come in for events. I was with Parkview Baptist Church & School in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. This was an event that was supposed to happen in 2020—but was postponed until this month. We had a great time with their school and then a family night event. This was the first event the church had done (other than weekly worship) since the previous year. It was a delightful evening with families.

People seem anxious to return to a “normal” with their kids. It was a blessing to see & hear the laughter! My oldest girls Hannah & Abby drove down from Mississippi College and spent a few hours with me in New Orleans before I flew back home. It was some much-needed family time with these two as they continue to rush into life as young adults. I wrapped up the month with an UPWARD Basketball Awards event at Shindler Drive Baptist in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a delightful evening of laughs & outreach!

This month was the most “normal” feeling for me in a year. I had a reasonably full month on top of my new church responsibilities. I hosted Mind, Myth & Magic the first weekend here in Mount Dora. The second week, I was privileged to be a featured performer for the D6 Family Ministries conference in Orlando. This was an excellent experience, and I was received with much enthusiasm. As part of the event, I was featured on their podcast; a very extraordinary thing happened! Be sure you watch the clip! See the link/QR code at the end of this update!

What a blessing that was to my heart! This Conference was full of church leaders that, for the last year, had been on this rollercoaster of managing ministry in a way that nothing had ever prepared them for. So to spend a few moments each day creating laughter and amazement was a true joy!

Right after D6, I was off to fulfill

another previous year’s postponed event; Sharing Wonder for children’s day at First Baptist Montgomery, Alabama. Glenn Leathers, their children’s pastor, was an excellent host. My event took place in the original sanctuary, now almost 125 years old. A beautiful place! Before my event began, Bob Adams asked to sketch me during the program. I found out afterward that he was a famous sketch artist in the Montogomery area for many years in the justice system. A few days later, after arriving home, I opened the package from him, and was delighted with his gift! The program for FBC, Montogomery went super well, and I can’t wait to return!

The following Sunday evening, I was very close to home, at LifePointe Church in Eustis, to share in another Laugh All Night comedy concert. It’s always a pleasure to work with Pastor JP! Later that week, I fulfilled another postponed event in Lakeland, Florida, at Highland Park Church. Sharing a day of Wonder for kids during the Florida Nazarene Churches, District Advance Conference. The children (and adults) were so happy to be laughing & learning live & in person! I wrapped up the month back in Polk County,

Florida, with a return performance for Sheriff Grady Judd! It was an evening celebrating volunteers for the Polk Sheriff’s Department. It is always a fun night being with this group! “It’s always a pleasure to partner with Scott Humston. We were honored to have you provide us with comical, edge of our seat, engaging entertainment! I look forward to working together again in the future.” - Grady Judd, Sheriff, Polk County, Florida

In May, the first Sunday found me at College Road Baptist in Ocala, Florida, for a Volunteer Appreciation Event. It was a fantastic evening of laughs, encouragement, and fellowship! Pastor Alan Cotney and his team were super to work with! Our family has been looking forward to May of 2021 for the previous four years!

Hannah, our oldest, was preparing to graduate from Mississippi College in Clinton. First, we celebrated her degree in Social Work. Then, we helped her move north three hours to Marks, Mississippi, to work with Reclaimed Ministries. As she pursues her Master’s Degree from Union University’s Memphis

campus. Check out what Reclaimed does with the link/QR code at the end of this review. While in the Jackson area, I helped re-launch family activities for the summer at First Baptist, Jackson. The evening was well attended by bunches of kids, parents & grandparents. It was the first activity they had done since March of 2020. It was an honor to be part of this experience, as many families had not gathered and laughed together in many months.

I wrapped up the month on the last Sunday with a Laugh All Night at my church, First Baptist, Mount Dora. Max Winfrey, juggler extraordinaire, joined me for a delightful evening encouraging my own congregation through humor & Wonder! It was a whole month of personal and professional triumph!

Early June, Rachel and I headed to Corsicana, Texas, with Northside Baptist for a Family Night event. Check out what they said about my event, with the link to my site/QR code at the end of this update.


Rachel turned 13 on the trip, I surprised her, and we took a few hours to visit Chip & Joanna Gaines’ fantastic place in Waco. Southwest Airlines was super great and had the entire plane singing “Happy Birthday” and made her a crown out of swizzle sticks and peanut bags! How Fun! See the video with the links at the end of this review; it’s a hoot!

It was home for just a week, and Nate joined Rachel & me, and we headed to Nashville to attend the Southern Baptist Convention. Due to flight delays with Southwest, we ended up missing an entire day‚ but finally arrived and met Steve. He had already set up our booth in the exhibit hall.

It was great connecting and reconnecting with pastors & church leaders! We were able to promote WOW! VBS to leaders and let them know of the unique ministry of New Dimensions: Like seeing Eric Stitts, pastor of First Baptist, Daytona.

After wrapping up the Conference, while in Nashville with my Pastor, Dr. Thomas Jamieson, we were invited to represent our church and do the “debt-free scream” live on the Dave Ramsey Show. That was a great experience! (Our church paid off its final debt in January of 2021!)

While June has always been full of summer outreach events, this summer, of course, was much quieter. We did, however, launch WOW! VBS again—completely different than last summer—and an even more robust program. At the end of August, we had 193 churches and 88 individuals sign up to host the event. In addition, 24 different countries are represented by those! Amazing!

A FaithKidz Update from our Director, Steve Pennington PRODUCING With a grant provided by Shepherd Ministries plus the donations of dozens of churches and individuals, we were able to produce WOW VBS 2021 and reach thousands of children across 24 countries. This 4-day virtual Vacation Bible School was translated into 5 different languages and continues today to find its way into China and other difficult-to-reach world areas. Thank you to all artists and creators who gave time and energy to make this happen. PARTNERING Teaming up with A Neue Now ministries, FaithKidz provided media resources to support their international children’s television show - It’s YOWSA Time. This fantastic program is broadcasting in over 180 nations to share the good news of Jesus. “The viewership is now up to over 2 million people, and we are seeing over 700 salvations each month. We are reaching places missionaries aren’t allowed to go. It is my greatest honor to partner with Steve Pennington and FaithKidz. When God opened the door - it happened quickly! FaithKidz created God moments for over 2 Million people to hear the gospel. We serve an incredible, mind-bending God. Thank you for believing in what God was doing with me and the world. You made it possible with your powerful ministry videos!” - Renee Duncan - Director of A Neue Now Ministries

COMMITTING Beginning January 2022, Steve Pennington has committed full-time to the mission of FaithKidz ministries. The vision is to equip and train leaders to tell the story of God to the next generation. Just a little over 3 years ago, with your help, we launched FaithKidz ministries. So much has happened since that day. We have presented workshops and resources to hundreds of kid ministries leaders. We have given more than 40 thousand dollars in scholarships to university students. Created more than 40 weeks of unique curriculum. As Steve begins full-time, plans are underway for great new efforts to reach children worldwide for God.

I was excited as I had several programs in July to fulfill that had been postponed from last summer. However, Covid struck our family the weekend of July 4th. Nate (14) and Rachel (13) had a relatively mild case. Debi & I had a rough go of it. Thankfully, neither of us ended up in the hospital. Debi, did, however, end up with double pneumonia. As soon as we tested positive, our doctor was so good to help us get medicines to get us through. Each of us had slightly different symptoms—but it was rough. So, with lots of plans for July—none of them happened. Of the few programs I had, one was able to reschedule. The others canceled. I am thankful that our cases were observed carefully by our family doctor and other friends in the medical field. We were cared for by our church family with meals and support. I hope you are part of a strong church community that can support you through your difficult days and celebrates with you through your triumphs!

In about three weeks, I was recovered enough to return and be with Oak Hill Church of the Nazarene in Jacksonville. It was a good two-day event as they tried to reach out to their community during difficult days. As July moved into August, WOW VBS was being used in 24 different countries, impacting kids and

communities that I could never reach “live.” However, it was a pleasure to be live with Woodbine Church in Pace, Florida. It was a delight to see families come out to laugh together!

Unfortunately, it was on the drive back from the Florida Panhandle that I started not feeling well. By the time I arrived home after that six-hour drive, I immediately laid down. And within a short time called my doctor friend of 25 years, who works in our local emergency room. He was quick to come to my home—and told me to go to the E.R. My appendix needed to come out before it bursts! So, I spent the next 48 hours in the hospital. As I continue to recover, I am so thankful that God, in His providential wisdom, allowed me to be diagnosed and operated on in a timely and essential manner. Also, I am so grateful I wasn’t out of town and could recuperate in my own home! Houdini died from a ruptured appendix, so when it was all over, I quipped to a friend, “Well, I can now say I bested Houdini!” On Friday, I felt well enough (just five days later) to fly to Maine for a New Mission’s Laugh All Night event in Eliot, Maine, at Christian Life Church. The event went great! My dear life-


long friend Mike Micucci drove up from Massachusetts to watch the show and hang out a bit. Mike and I have been friends since 6th grade! It did my heart good to see him after such a rough couple of months! My wife, Debi, and I had our 27thanniversary trip planned around this event. Unfortunately, our planned time was cut short—as we got chased out of New England by Hurricane Ida! Unbelievable! As we came all the way from Florida to Maine—and had to deal with a hurricane! It was another crazy anniversary memory! At the end of August, I returned to Holy Trinity School in Melbourne, Florida, to help kick off their character education focus for this school year. I believe this was my 20th year with them! So, August, like July, held incredible challenges...but underneath...beautiful blessings! A personal note: During August, our second oldest, Abigail, was asked by Mr. Chazz Napper to become his wife! We are looking forward to a grand celebration of their marriage on May 27th, 2022! Please pray for their union as they begin life together! We love you, Abby & Chazz!

It was super back with the Florida Building Materials Association for their event in Orlando—my 20th year with them! Before Covid, September was always one of my busiest travel months. Learning this new for now normal has been a huge adjustment. I was blessed, however, mid-month to join Tim DeTellis, President of New Missions and the sponsor of Laugh All Night, on a trip to be with The Creek church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

It was a quick trip, just over 24 hours. But an evening of fun for everyone as we continue to raise awareness and help for the children of Haiti. Another event at a Nashville church that was scheduled was postponed for the second time for the month. Most days, my time is at a premium between my family, church, and ministry responsibilities. So, I committed to writing every morning to finish my book by the end of 2021. That goal became a habit that held firm through the month, and I was delighted how pieces of the text started coming together! I am excited about the publication of the book in 2022!

I celebrated my 49th birthday this month as I enter my last year in my forties; I am looking forward to seeing what God will do with my life in the next decade. I am a blessed man.

In October, the first weekend found me close to home to share about my friend and mentor, Fetaque Sanders, at a History Conference in Orlando. My presentation was wellreceived, and I was happy to share insight from this friendship! MidMonth, I returned to Jacksonville to be with North Jacksonville Baptist for another Laugh All Night event.

We had an excellent turnout of about 400 for the evening. Several child sponsorships were picked up that evening‚ which is a beautiful thing— to know that we can make an impact in children’s lives in such a powerful way! Finally, I wrapped up the month with two-sold-out performances of my Mind, Myth & Magic show here in Mount Dora.

At the beginning of November I, and the other staff from First Baptist Mount Dora attended the Florida Baptist Convention at the Lakes Church in Lakeland, Florida, my hometown. It was a much-needed 3-day event that helped replenish my soul through worship & word. The Lakes Church, previously known as The Church At The Mall, was the former Lakeland mall when I was growing up. Walking throughout the large halls of this church always brings back memories of my early teen years; Like watching other performers present shows at this place and giving me the courage to pitch my teenage shows to the management, too. Then actually doing several shows there throughout high school. Once even making Santa Claus appear in a puff of smoke! In November, about 32 years earlier! I hosted another Mind, Myth & Magic performance in mid-month, along with a successful Laugh All Night event at First Baptist, Winter Garden. On Thanksgiving, I was invited to return for a special event in Vero Beach. Having not been with them for a couple of years, it felt great to bring Joy & Wonder into the hearts of families on a gorgeous Thanksgiving morning right on the Ocean!

2021 BY THE NUMBERS December appeared before my very busy eyes! And the first Saturday found me in the city of Brentwood, Tennessee, for my 27th year sharing Wonder with families. I so missed this event last year!

IN PERSON: Shared Wonder in 8 States 9 Laugh All Night Events

(through these events, 56 children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic were sponsored!)

16 Church Events 2 Christian Schools 6 Conferences

(Scott was a featured speaker/presenter at 4)

In the picture, you’ll see some grandparents that used to bring their son to my show each year. Now, they are bringing his children! WOW! The joy that it brings me is such a blessing! December is a hectic month for churches & staff, and my schedule at my church filled my plate. However, I did share a piece during our two performances of our Christmas Spectacular. It’s always a delight to share at my own church! Between the jam-packed church events, I was able to host a single night of my local show for an enthusiastic sold-out group!

VIRTUAL: WOW! VBS Was Hosted In: In 24 Countries by 88 Individuals & by 193 Churches. In Partnership with “YOWSA time!” Our FaithKidz videos are: broadcasting in 180 nations viewership is over 2 million people!

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