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2015 I 2016




The 2015–2016 Report on Philanthropy provides a summary


of contributions made to North Carolina Central University by

Year in Review


MORE THAN 6,610 alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and friends.

Based on Fiscal Year Giving July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

Individual and institutional donors demonstrated record-level

generosity and commitment with gifts totaling $7 MILLION; that ALUMNI DONORS

Giving by Individuals

total includes $2.4 million donated by 13 PERCENT OF OUR ALUMNI. Faculty and staff contributed to the 2015-2016 Giving Campaign


and reached 80 percent of the goal. of all gifts contributed were given by corporations/other NORS BY CATEGORY 51%49% of all gifts contributed were given by individuals Giving by Class Year One hundred and five years after admitting our first students, • FUNDRAISING CONSORTIUM,

• STUDENTS $5,675



$Giving 2 ,6 8 8 ,7 8 9

we continue to depend on your contributions to help us effectively advance the university’s mission and enhance each student’s experience.

by Organizations





$2,425,909 Visit for a digital version of the Report on Philanthropy.



34 45







BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chairman George R. Hamilton

Darrell T. Allison

John T. McCubbins

Oita C. Coleman

Paul R. Pope, Jr.

Vice Chairman John A. Barbee

Harold T. Epps

Allyson M. Siegel

Alesha Holland

Kenneth R. Tindall

Michael P. Johnson

Karyn S. Wilkerson

Secretary Joan Higginbotham



nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

letter from the

INTERIM CHANCELLOR john s on o. akinl e ye, ph.d.

Dear Eagle Community:

I am privileged to share the North Carolina Central University 2015-2016 Report on Philanthropy with each of you — our donors, alumni, partners and friends. Collectively, the record-breaking fundraising results and stories of success shared throughout this report reflect the genuine commitment, dedication and enthusiasm for philanthropy that runs throughout the university. Under the leadership of our Division of Institutional Advancement, we are fostering a culture of giving that directly benefits our students and fuels their future success. Some 105 years after this institution was founded, NCCU continues to thrive, and we celebrate a number of accomplishments. We are a national leader in higher education, excelling in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and in cutting-edge research. As a result, we are producing the next generation of North Carolina’s skilled talent who are able to fully compete in the global marketplace. However, none of this would be possible without the gifts each of you provide in creating new opportunities for our students to continue or complete their education. During fiscal year 2015-2016, our alumni answered the call for the “Every Eagle. Every Year.” campaign in large numbers. I am also proud of the commitment made by NCCU faculty and staff to give back to the institution where they work. Additionally, the support we continue to garner from corporations and foundations is increasing our ability to nurture scholars who soar as leaders both inside and outside the classroom. Alongside each name that is listed in this Report of Philanthropy stands a story of impact — impact that is felt throughout the NCCU campus. We are thankful for the devotion that our donors have to making a difference in the life of a university whose mission is root- We are a national leader in ed in “Truth and Service.” We stand on these century-old pillars of higher education, excelling excellence as we move forward in ways that inspire new excitement in science, technology, about North Carolina Central University. In Truth and Service,

engineering and math (STEM) and in cutting-edge research.

Dr. Johnson O. Akinleye Acting Chancellor t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


Dear NCCU Alumni, Friends and Donors:

letter from the

VICE CHANCELLOR for institutional advancement

h a r r iet fr ink daviS, ph.d.

Thank you for your ongoing support of North Carolina Central University. We are so fortunate for your gifts that invest in the university’s core mission of providing our students with experts, scholars and practitioners who deliver a personalized learning experience to help them lead, serve and contribute in a global marketplace. During fiscal year 2015-2016, your generosity to NCCU helped us provide additional scholarship dollars that ultimately allow us to fulfil the institution’s No. 1 priority of student success. In total, a record 6,610 donors made a gift to NCCU – exceeding the fiscal year’s campaign goal and raising $7 million. Renewed engagement by our young alumni helped fuel our “Every Eagle. Every Year.” giving campaign, with alumni graduating in 2000 or later comprising nearly 20 percent of all contributors. Alumni gave in a resounding way, with 3,401 alumni contributing $2,425,909 for the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2016. Some of these gifts came from the 555 donors who made contributions for the first time. Additionally, you continued to respond generously to “Every Eagle. Every Year.,” as well to online affinity initiatives, such those specifically engaging Greek-letter organizations, academic honors, student government, colleges and schools and others. Leadership gifts, grants from foundations and new endowments were established that increase our ability to grow our endowment and educate more student-scholars, advance critical research initiatives and enhance the intellectual climate of the university. Throughout this Report on Philanthropy, we have highlighted a few of the many ways your gifts are making a real different at NCCU. Alumnus and Trustee Michael P. Johnson contributed a gift of $250,000 that was matched to become a $1 million donation in support of NCCU’s School of Business (read more on page 10). The launch of the student-led philanthropy initiative, the “I Love My 1910” campaign, has engaged current students in starting a legacy of giving back to their university (page 31). North Carolina Central University is grateful to you for your loyalty and commitment to our students — young men and women who we are nurturing to soar in their respective careers. Sincerely,

Harriet Frink Davis, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement 4

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

North Carolina Central University, founded as a liberal arts institution, prepares students for employment in occupations ranging from traditional fields, such as nursing and teaching, to cutting-edge environmental science and biomedical research. Within our two modern science institues, students work along side faculty members to investigate diseases and conditions that disproportionately impact the health of minority populations, including obesity, diabetes, uterine fibroids and cancer. The NCCU Department of Music is renown for its jazz programs, and the School of Law is among the most diverse and affordable in the nation. With an outstanding faculty, welcoming atmosphere and a vibrant Durham setting, NCCU graduates are empowered to succeed.


p riorities

f o r

t h e

u n i v er s i t y


STUDENT SUCCESS Scholarships are key to helping

PARTNERSHIP Agreements with other colleges and

students stay on track to graduation, along with a vig-

universities, as well as business and industry partners,

orous advising system and academic support network.

ensure that learning opportunities extend well beyond the campus borders.

DIVERSITY NCCU is committed to welcoming students, staff and faculty from a variety of

CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT Capital priorities include

backgrounds and building a strong, cohesive

renovations to expand the living-learning community

community across campus.

educational model, construction of a new Student Center, new School of Business and planning for a new athletics complex. t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016



Based on Fiscal Year Giving July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016



51% of all gifts contributed were given by corporations/other 49% of all gifts contributed were given by individuals


• STUDENTS $ 5 ,6 7 5





$ 9 3 4 ,0 0 4

$2, 425, 909










nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

The Chautauqua Heritage Society 2015-2016 M E M B E R S O F T H E C H AU TAU Q UA H E R I TAG E S O C I E T Y: The Chautauqua Heritage Society honors and thanks all those who have made a commitment to North Carolina Central University in a will or trust, life insurance or life income annuity or through the gift of real estate, and who have informed the university of their intentions. The Chautauqua Heritage Society’s name recalls the original title of North Carolina Central University — the National Religious Training School and Chautauqua for the Colored Race. The first Chautauqua took place beside a lake of the same name in New York state. The movement that drew together people for educational lectures, sermons, performances and debates was popular in the early 1900s, when NCCU was founded. Just as the university today is the legacy of the Chautauqua movement, you will leave your legacy as a member of the Chautauqua Heritage Society by supporting students, researchers and faculty of NCCU. Members of the Chautauqua Heritage Society have made the commitment to include a college, school, program or scholarship fund as a beneficiary in their will or trust. Bequests are not subject to estate taxes, reducing tax liability for their heirs. Gifts may include residences, vacation homes or acreage through a “remainder interest” deeded to the NCCU Foundation. Contributions may also include appreciated assets, such as stocks or life insurance policies, that offer important tax benefits. For more detailed information about wills and estate plans and the Chautauqua Heritage Society, please call 919-530-5264 or email

**Deceased since last printing +New since last printing

Last updated: 12/14/2016

Elmontenal C. Allens ‘79 Maury Alston ‘90 Roxana M. Alston ‘91 Shirley R. Armstrong ’71 G’83 David L. Avery ‘63 Annette A. Bailey ‘68 Ertie F. Barnes ’51 ** Arthur L. Best ‘87 Tiffany R. Blakeley ‘91 Lillian J. Bowser ‘89 Bertha H. Breese ‘57 Drew H. Brown ‘65 Judge Brown Jr. ‘68 Ophelia Garmon-Brown ‘76 Walter M. Brown ’48, D’55 Gevonda Braswell- Bryant ‘81 Roy Brooks Octavia W. Cabey ‘74 Nannie Coleman Charles E. Clinton ‘66 Charles Cooper Vivian S. Cooper ‘51 Wilfreda C. Coy ’69 Pharrah Crawford ‘02 Claretha M. Davis Nathaniel Davis Jr. Robert L. Dobbs Sr. ’60 Donna K. Douglas L’84 Susette Spivey-Dula ‘95 Harold T. Epps ‘74 Gwendolyn Flowers ‘74 Sharon Freeland ‘74 Pamela S. Glean L’80 Angela N. Gray Jamar Gregory Madge H. Harry ’41 +

George R. Hamilton ‘77 William E. Hamilton ’71 + Thomas N. Hammond ‘64 Sybil S. Henderson ‘77 Calvin Hilton ’78 Glendora Hilton ’78 Vanessa Hinton Cheryl Hodge ’87 Barbara E. Holland ‘82 Carla Horne Ronnie Horne ‘81 Brinson Hyman ‘85 Kasey Jackson Anthony Jarman Timothy Jarmon Leonard T. Jernigan Jr. L’76 Gardner L. Johnson ‘84 Zandra Sue Johnson ‘65 Zaundra Y. Johnson ‘89 Elnora S. Jones ‘44 Esther Morgan Jones ‘63 Vasant Kaiwar Carolyn B. Kamara ‘72 Jermaine Kee Allen Kirkman ‘80 Ann Kizzie Apryle Lawson ‘92 Heather S. Linton Theresa Little Ernestine D. Lyon ‘57 Daphne Magee-Hunter ‘75 Sylvia Massey ‘72 Deborah Mayo-Jeffries L’76 Sucheta Mazumdar Linda W. McDougle ‘66 Helen V. McLean ‘54 Tommy T. McNeill ‘93

Eric A. Montgomery ‘87 Janelle Morrow ‘95 Dwight D. Perry ‘76 Karen S. Perry ’91, G’96 Allison C. Phillips James D. Ragin ‘72 Bobbie Reddick ‘70 Barbara J. Redmon ’88 Avon L. Ruffin ‘75 Myrtle B. Sampson ’51 G’52 ** Barbara B. Smith ‘84 Larkin B. Smith III ‘74 Nicole Smith ’95 Norma Petway Smith ‘77 Sherika Smith William G. Smith ‘77 James H. Speed Jr.’ 75 Benjamin Speller Jr. ‘62 Gerald A. Spence Jennifer Spence ‘86 Jerry Spence ‘86 JoeAnne Stephens ‘70 James A. Stewart Harold Suggs ‘57 Chevella L. Thomas ’82, G’04 Carlton E, Thornton, Sr. Kay T. Thomas ‘66 Sean A. Thomas ’95 G’98 Viola G. Turner Erdyne Vereen Peggy M. Ward ‘74 Monte D. Watkins L’84 James M. Webb ‘76 Harvey L. White ‘72 Melvin F. White ‘70 Monya J. White ‘72 James E. Williams Sr. ’57, G’74

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


Giving by Individuals BAS ED O N F I SCA L YE A R G IV IN G J U LY 1, 2 0 1 5 – J UN E 3 0 , 2 0 1 6


nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

giving by individuals LIVING LEGACY $25,000 – $1M _________________


hrough this publication and stewardship efforts to thank our donors, North Carolina Central University recognizes and celebrates the commitment and dedication of all of its donors at every dollar amount. Beginning at the Supporter level to the Living Legacy donor, every donor counts toward helping to meet our critically important participation goals. Donors who give annually at the Leadership level are welcomed as members of the Shepard Society, named for our founder, Dr. James E. Shepard. Donors at the 1910 Circle level and above receive invitations to special events, including Lyceums, symposiums, speaker series and receptions with the chancellor.


Robert Dobbs ’60 George Hamilton ’77* and Jill Hamilton Calvin Hilton ’78 and Glendora Hilton ’78 Michael Johnson ’69* and Elizabeth Johnson William Pickard Allyson M. Siegel* Yvonne Simmons ’62 Cornell Slade ’75 and Bessie Slade ’75 The Estate of Richard Miller

VISIONARY $10,000 – $24,999 _________________ Anonymous John Barbee ’73* and Laquetta Barbee ’74 Carolyn Booker Joanne P. Boykin ’64 Troy Dixon ’75 and Brenda Dixon Robert Dolan Harold Epps Jr. ’74* and Kathy Epps ’75 Ralph Frasier ’63 ’65 Ophelia E. Garmon-Brown ’76 Keith Haywood ’77 and Marilyn Sutton-Haywood ’75 Kevin Holloway ’75 and Lauretta Holloway ’75 Hugh Johnson II ’97 Leroy C. Latten ’66 and Helen H. Latten ’69 Elmira Mangum ’75 Evelyn Morrisey ’60** Dwight Perry ’76 and Veronica Ray Michael Hershfield and Susan Rosenthal Charles Smith Clarence Williams ’61 and Mildred Williams ’61

CHANCELLOR’S CIRCLE $5,000 – $9,999 _________________ John Amey ’63 ’77 and Ellen Amey ’62 ’72 Herman Boone ’58 ’67 and Carol Boone Reginald Boone ’67 Bertha Bryant William Bryant John Burris and Cheryl Amana-Burris Kenneth Carver ’70 and Geraldine Carver ’70 Oita Coleman* William Coward ’53 and Tamara Coward Wilfreda Coy ’69 Mellissa Craig ’95 Glenwood Davis ’78 Charles Daye ’66 Marvin Genzer Kenneth Gibbs ’78 and Lori Jones Gibbs Joan Higginbotham* Carolyn Kamara ’72 Linda Kennedy-Beauvil ’65 Mandrake Lewis ’97 Ernestine Lyon ’57 Lorna McAllister ’90 Ronald McCray ’74 John Myers Frankie Perry Julian Pierce Paul Pope Jr. ’75* Barbara Redmon ’88 Arthrell Sanders ’53 Debra Saunders-White** Althea J. Smiley ’76 John Smith ’64 and Laura Smith ’65 ’83 Richard Smith ’81 and Jacqueline Beatty-Smith ’79 ’93 Mary Stevenson ’71 ’75 Milton Tingling ’82 George Walls ’75 and Portia Walls ’75 Monte Watkins ’84 Raymond Weaver ’70 and Deborah Weaver ’71

SHEPARD’S COURT $2,500 – $4,999 _________________ Atiba Adams ’96 Johnson O. Akinleye Grace Alston ’10 Rodrick Alston ’65 Bonnye Anthony Vincent Anthony ’12 Yolanda Banks Deaver ’87 Danielle Bennett ’99 Dori Bennett ’84 Christopher Boozer ’78 Undine Brickers Otis Brooks ’56 William Carver ’67 Sammie Chess Jr. ’56 and Marlene Enoch-Chess ’57 Robert Chiles ’56 Edward Clemons Jr. Thereda Cobb-Newsome ’75 Willie Cooper ’65 Phyliss Craig-Taylor Melvin Crawley ’79 Walter Douglas ’54 and Retha Douglas ’56 Carolyn Edge ’67 Barbara Exum ’75 David Fitts ’76 and Maxine Fitts Michelle Gaston ’81 Priscilla Godwin-Hanson Debra Gray ’80 Fred Green ’69 and Gloria Green ’67 Janice Harper ’76 ’77 Sampson Harrell ’65 and Lizzie Harrell ’65 Sybil Henderson ’77 Susan Hester Benjamin Hill ’74 Ola Hill ’76 Gail Hoggard ’75 Elston Howell and Lisa Howell ’91 ’95 George Huff ’72 Vergil Hyatt ’76 Wanda Hyatt ’82 Ernest Jenkins ’74 ’80 and Shirley Jenkins ’73 ’79 Denice Johnson ’77

Every effort has been made to present an accurate account listing of our donors. However, there still may be errors of omission, and we sincerely apologize. If your listing is incorrect or your name has been omitted. Please provide the correct information by contacting the Division of Institutional Advancement at 919-530-6151. *Current Trustee **Deceased

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


Trustee Creates ‘Synergy,’ Resulting in a Million Dollar Endowment at NCCU School of Business NCCU Alumnus M I C H A E L P. J O H N S O N serves on the university’s Board of Trustees and has helped fund key academic programs on campus, established a student scholarship and, most recently, donated $250,000 to create an endowment at the NCCU School of Business. Johnson says support for his alma mater is his way of demonstrating appreciation for his own education and to ensure that similar opportunities are available to future students at NCCU. “NCCU not only provided me with a great education, but with a vision of what I could achieve,” says Johnson, 1969 business administration graduate. As a freshman football recruit from East St. Louis, Ill., Johnson recalls being excited to meet the many powerful African-American business executives in Durham, N.C. “I had never seen a black business person in corporate America until I came to N.C. Central,” Johnson says. Deborah Johnson Reeder ’76 Veronica Johnson ’77 Ronita Caldwell ’78 Thad Jones ’63 Irving Joyner Dara Kendall Carlton Mack ’66 Laverne Mance-Burch ’64 Keith D. Manning James Marshall ’63


LaToya Merritt ’00 Henry Michaux ’52 ’64 and June Michaux ’75 Peter O’Malley Milton Parker ’65 ’77 and Gwendolyn Parker ’65 Virginia Politano Nathan Prather Gwendolyn Price ’76 Bobbie Reddick ’70

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

“While in school, I encountered many role models who helped clear the way for me to follow my vision.” After graduation, Johnson ascended the corporate ladder at companies such as Lockheed Martin, Amoco Corp., and The Williams Companies. In 2008, he founded J&A Group LLC, a management and business-consulting firm. He also has served on several corporate boards, including CenterPoint Energy, Buffalo Wild Wings and Quiktrip Corp. Like the sometimes unexpected advantages of an NCCU education, Johnson’s $250,000 donation has kept adding value. First came a gift from the University of North Carolina General Administration and then an additional match was received from the U.S. Department of Education’s Title III Part B program – creating a $1 million combined fund for the Michael P. Johnson Endowment in the School of Business.

Margie Riley ’68 ’80 Lettie Robinson Goode ’78 Seronda Robinson Debra Russell ’76 Stephanie Shaw ’77 Vera Simpson ’76 William Small Jr. ’60 and Rosa Small ’60 ’67 Belinda Smith ’76 Bonnie Smith ’65

Aaron Spaulding ’64 Ronald Speight ’71 ’74 Donald Thomas ’64 and Kay Thomas ’66 Isaiah Tidwell ’67 and Hellena Tidwell ’68 Emmett Tilley and Martha Tilley ’71 ’84 Gwendolyn Townsend ’80

Anthony Wade Janis Wiggins ’73 Robert Williams ’56 ’65 and Eva Williams ’58 Gertrude Williams ’58 Larry Wilson, Jr. ’ 66 and JoAnn Wilson Robert Woods ’69 ’71 and Cynthia Woods ’70

giving by individuals 1910 CIRCLE $1,000 – $2,499 _________________ Glenn Adams Shirley Allen ’66 Darrell T. Allison ’94* E. Lavonia Allison Howard Alston ’51 and Daisy Alston Gregory Alston ’81 Kenneth Alston ’51 Velma A. Andrews ’65 Earlene Armstrong ’69 Orvis Arrington Jr. ’70 Kelvin Atkinson Katrina Baggett ’97 Terry Banks Yolanda Banks-Anderson Kenneth Barnes ’92 and Monica Barnes Lionel C. Barrow Jr. and Frederica Barrow ’60 Sonja Beckford ’76 Arthur Beeler Cynthia Bell ’64 Sarah Bell-Lucas ’59 ’70 Floyd Benjamin ’65 and Floretta Benjamin ’67 Paul Bennett ’67 Andrew T. Berlin Chiara Best ’97 Cornelius Best Miron Billingsley Constance Scott ’64 ’74 Daniel Blue ’70 and Edna Blue ’72 Irma Bogan ’64 Esther and Thomas Hardin James Boone ’66 Percell Bowser ’55 ’65 and Christine Bowser ’58 Leon Boyd ’65 and Lillie Boyd ’65 Glorial Bradby ’55 Leland Branch ’77 ’93 Norman Epps and Arvis Bridges-Epps ’79 Leslie Brinson ’61 ’71 and Doris Brinson ’61 Helen Bronson ’68 Ellain McGhee Brooks ’44 Derek Brown Drew Brown ’65 Frank Brown Frederick Brown Judge Brown Jr. ’68 ’73 Larry Brown ’08 Regina Budd ’65 Ricky McGhee ’74 and Patricia Buie-McGhee ’75 ’83 Janet Bunch ’80 Lynn Burke ’10 Jacqueline Burnette William Burnette ’57 and Barbara Burnette ’57 Norris Burton ’77 Norman Butler ’74 ’78 *Current Trustee **Deceased

Linda Byrd ’70 Octavia Cabey ’74 Faye Calhoun Henry Campen ’86 and Ellen Campen John Carter Otis Carter ’74 and Sherretta Carter Kalipha Ceesay ’07 Michael Chaudhuri Randal Childs John Clifford Gregory Clinton Gregory Cole and Aura Cole E’Vonne Coleman-Cook ’76 Cora Cole-McFadden ’68 ’72 Bert Collins ’70 and Carolyn Collins ’04 Mary E. Collins Mary Conaway Robert Corbitt ’85 Chatonda Covington ’94 Nathaniel Currie ’65 ’73 Roy Cuttino ’70 Helen Davenport ’63 Guion Davis ’60 and Ella H. Davis ’60 Harriet Frink Davis Rogers M. Davis ’65 Ronnie Davis Jerry Walker ’71 and Sarah Davis-Walker ’72 ’77 Achamyeleh Debela Doris Dees ’52 Lois Deloatch and Edward Gomes Sharon Dent ’98 Ronnie DeWitt ’72 and Verlene DeWitt ’73 Freidia Dinkins ’68 John Whyte and Charmaine Dominique B. Jeannette Douglas Joyce B. Douglas Ronald Douglas ’82 and Wanda Bryant ’82 Kim Dowdy ’93 Gloria Doyle Sandra Fields Duncan ’76 Bobbie L. Dunn Edward Dupree ’65 and Helen Dupree ’65 Benjamin C. Durant III Martin Eakes Sherry Eaton Rebecca Edmonds ’43 ’68 LuAnn Edmonds-Harris ’75 Dennis Ellis ’77 William Evans ’62 Floyd Ferebee ’66 Jerome Fitch Daisy Fitts ’60 Ruth Franks ’65 ’73 Ralph Frasier ’94 Pandora Frazier ’82 Kenneth Froneberger ’64 and Bessie Froneberger ’65 ’99

William Fuller Verlie Gaither Nathan Garrett Sr. ’86 and Wanda Garrett ’86 Joseph Gatewood ’76 and Patricia Gatewood James Geer ’69 Walter Gerald ’64 Tonya Gerald-Goins ’89 Bobby Gibbs ’65 Richard Gilbert ’09 Ruth Gilliam Phillips Angela Gilmore Dionne Gonder-Stanley Vincent Gordon ’85 Samuel Goren and Shelley Goren Joe Grandy ’63 ’70 and Norma Grandy ’65 John Granzow Christopher Graves ’97 Tiffany Graves David Green Wendall Keith Greene ’95 Ronald Gurley ’70 Roy Gwyn ’63 and Eva Gwyn ’62 Diane Hall Jarvis Hall and Rosalind Fuse-Hall Larry Hamme Cleveland Hammonds and Yvonne Hammonds ’88 David Hands ’02 Thomas Hardin Leon Hardy Kia Hardy-Vernon ’93 ’00 Cheryl Harrington Edna Harrington ’72 and James Harrington Carroll Harris and Josephine Harris Ella Harris ’67 Jasper Harris Jr. Josephine Harris Lorraine Harris Mary Harris ’73 ’78 Melvin Harris ’75 Don Harrison ’53 ’72 and Norma Harrison ’45 Ernest Harrison ’59 ’61 Margaret Harrison Paul and Margaret Harrison Fulton Hayes William Hayes ’65 and Carolyn Hayes ’65 Harriett Haymon William Lewis ’53 ’69 and Gloria Haynes-Lewis ’66 John Henderson ’64 Lana Henderson Verna S. Henderson ’64 Nathaniel Henry ’85 Patricia Henry ’67 ’74 Ayana D. Hernandez John Hill and Illawennette Hill ’67 Shirley Holliday ’57

Kevonne Holloway’00 David Hood Lenward Hood ’65 Gwendolyn Hoover Robert Horne ’10 Stacey Horne Lyle Horton ’64 and Brenda Horton ’65 ’76 Jenny Horton ’73 Michael Howell Paula Hubbard Barbara L. Hudgins John Hudson Phyllis Hughes ’78 ’80 Tita Hunter-Herod James and Kaye Jackson ’70 William K. James ’71 Donice Jeffries ’00 Grady Jessup Carl Johnson Constance Johnson ’61 ’66 ’73 James Johnson ’75 Peggy Johnson Zandra Johnson ’65 Delores Jones ’58 Doris Jones ’64 Douglas A. Jones ’74 Evonne Jones ’52 Mattie Jones ’64 and David Jones Maurice Jones Sr. ’68 Paul Jones ’74 Almeta Jordan ’60 Jacquelyn Joyner ’59 Wade Kornegay ’56 James Lamb and Shawn Lamb Tandra Landers ’76 Ira Laster Jr. John Lawrence ’63 D. Curtis Lawson ’87 ’94 Wynetta Lee H. Donnell Lewis and Brenda Lewis Heather Linton Reginald Lipscomb Sr. ’90 and Marjorie Lipscomb Arnold Locklear ’73 and Dale Locklear Mark Locklear ’96 Irby Logan ’65 R. Deborah Logan Cynthia F. Lovick Dianne Lust ’70 Jacqueline Lynch ’91 Julia Lyons ’66 Maude Lyons ’78 James Mack ’56 ’69 and Madelaine Mack Pearl Mangum-Smith Marva Manley ’65 Juanita Massenburg ’76 Perry Massey ’69 Sulaiman Mausi ’97 Mary McClamb William McCoy and Gladis McCoy ’53

Jannie McCray Geno McCree and Ingrid Wicker-McCree Linda W. McDougle Miriam McIntosh Kevrick McKain James McLean ’70 ’78 and Val McLean ’72 ’75 Robert McNair ’65 Letitia Melvin ’00 Walter Melvin David Minnich Carlon Mitchell ’70 Charles Mitchell ’66 Nathaniel Mitchell Richard Mizelle ’65 Bennie Moore Florine Moore ’04 and Timothy Moore Jamesena Moore Lester Moore Carolyn Morris ’60 Mark Morris ’82 and Angela Morris Quinton Morris ’01 Mattie Moss ’64 James Murrell ’64 and Doris Murrell Victor Neal ’81 Charlie Nelms and Jeanetta Nelms Orlean B. Newton Carolyn O’Garro-Moore Barry Oliver and Sharon Oliver Emmanuel Oritsejafor James Osler ’90 ’91 Irene Owens Michael Page ’84 Lanetta Pantiel ’05 Samuel Parham ’52 Daniel Parker ’65 and Mamie Parker ’75 Debra Parker ’80 ’86 ’92 Delores Parker ’77 Thomas Parrish ’68 and Margaret Parrish Jane Pearce ’98 Adolphus Peoples ’73 Nichelle Perry ’97 Lawrence Pettis ’55 and Treva Pettis Kimberly Phifer-McGhee Gina Phillips Alvin Pittman ’75 Marshall Pitts ’90 Zaneta Ponton ’92 Leroy Walters ’73** and Debna Porter Walters ’73 ’78 Ann Pretty ’57 Karen Prus ’95 Ronnie Puryear ’99 and Janet Puryear Edward Pygatt ’52 Brenda Randolph Joseph Ray Sr. ’55 ’63 ’73 Regina Ray ’55 Adelaide Reddick ’65

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2 015-2016


Albert Reddick ’68 Thornton Reid ’63 Samuel Rhoades ’67 ’73 and Diane Rhoades Swannie Richards ’49 ’58 Herbert and Patricia Richardson Mark Richardson Evelyn Riddick Gail Roberson ’73 Reginald Roberson Corliss Robinson ’68 James and Frances Robinson ’65 Marie Robinson ’76 Olivia Robinson Sammy Robinson’76 Mae Rodney ’67 James Rogers ’87 and Bertha Rogers ’81 Leon Rouson ’83 ’95 JoAnn Salley ’00 Brenda Sanders Charles Sanders ’63 James Sanders Jr. ’68 Lillie Sanders ’63 Michael Sanders ’65 Sarah Sax John Scarborough III ’60 and Queen Bass-Scarborough ’72 Rodney Sessoms ’84 Mattie R. Sharpless ’65 Theodosia Shields James Sibert ’63 and Joann Sibert ’64 Christy Simmons ’88 Henry Simmons ’70 James Sledge ’91 Maria Small Burnette Smith ’65 Maurice Smith ’05 and Diane Smith Edith Smith ’79 ’82 Ellis Smith ’61 ’70 and Enid Smith ’60 ’78 Eurydice Smith ’55** Howard Smith ’52 William Smith ’77 and Norma Petway Smith ’77 Johnnie Southerland James H. Speed ’75 and Thedora Speed ’80 James L. Speed Benjamin Speller ’62 Jesse Spratley ’ 55 and Alice Spratley ’56 A. Leon Stanback ’65 ’68 Sandra Stanfield ’92 Ed Stewart ’52 James Stewart and Frances Dyer ’76 Erogers Stinson Frances Suggs Harold Suggs ’57 Gregory Tate ’85 Alexis O. Taylor Gwendolyn Taylor ’65


Julia Taylor Michael S. Taylor Robert Teller Chevella Thomas ’82 ’04 ’06 Alton Thompson ’76 L. Donnell Thompson and D. Carr Thompson ’90 Geraldine Thompson ’67 Nathaniel Thompson Hazel Thornton ’60 Lula Thorpe ’57 Kenneth Tindall* and Susan Turbak Zula Toney Alma Turner Frank Turner ’68 ’73 and Kimberly Turner William Turner Andre Vann ’93 and Tracey Burns Vann ’89 ’06 Stacey Venable ’94 Kurt Vernon LeRoy Walker ’66 and Judith Walker ’64 Anita Walton Anthony Ward Gary Ward ’85 Peggy Ward ’74 Linda Washington Robert Waters Debra B. Watkins ’04 Oreta Watkins ’55 Kerry Watson James Webb ’76 Ollie Wesley ’54 ’63 Lillonteen Whitehurst ’54 Fred Whitfield ’88 Janice Whitney ’67 Floyd Wicker ’71 and Evelyn Wicker ’73 Charlene Wicks ’70 James Williams ’76 and Sherron Williams ’91 Jennifer Williams ’69 Joseph Williams Louise Williams Mae J. Williams ’65 Quantella Williams ’76 and Glenda Tate Williams ’86 Winifred Williams ’55 Mary Williams-Poindexter ’71 Michael Williford ’83 Alphia Wills ’65 and James Wills Carlton Wilson ’78 Shanika Wilson Sharmell Wilson ’92 Valeria Wilson ’65 William Wilson ’62 Robert and Pamela Winton Ontario Wooden Clifton Woods III ’66 Sandra Wray-McAfee ’67 Mary Wright Bobby Wynn ’77 and Lyndelia Wynn ’79 Denise Wynn ’99

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Sorority Gift Enables Research, Public Awareness of Fibroids Research The DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY INC. Distinguished Professor Endowed Chair was awarded to NCCU Associate Professor, DARLENE K. TAYLOR, PH.D., in 2015 to support her research of uterine fibroid tumors. The $200,000 endowment has been used by Taylor to advance her research and sponsor a pair of public health conferences focused on uterine fibroids in partnership with the Campion Fund of the Phyllis and Mark Leppert Foundation for Fertility Research. Delta Sigma Theta established the Distinguished Professor Endowed Chair Award in 1977, during the sorority’s 34th national convention, to assist faculty of distinction at historically black colleges and universities in carrying out their teaching and research. The award continues the organization’s longstanding commitment to supporting quality educational research and instruction. The endowment is awarded every two years.


Reuben Young ’85 and Pamela Young ’85 George E. Yund

EAGLES COURT $500 – $999 _________________ Lovest Alexander ’64 and Peggy Alexander ’70 ’78 Horton Allen ’72 and Iris Allen ’75

Sonya Allen ’99 Stanley Allen Yvonne Allen Jennifer Alston ’91 Johnny Alston ’73 Regina Alston ’74 Kemi Amola Edward Anderson Sr. ’76 Melvin Asbury ’73 Howard Atkins ’89 Milton Austin

Toussaint Avent ’56 David Avery ’63 and Evelyn Avery Evester Bailey ’70 ’72 and Brenda Bailey ’71 ’74 Quanda Baker Brenta Baldwin ’66 Jean Baldwin Randolph Baskerville Johnny Batts Ethel Benkin

giving by individuals

Uterine fibroids are a serious health condition suffered by millions of women, with African-Americans disproportionately affected. Complications range from bleeding and pain to sterility, all of which may have a profound impact on quality of life for patients. Taylor was given the award, in part, for her instructional research style that allows hands-on involvement of students. Her team is working on a new drug-delivery system that could one day replace surgery as the best alternative for many uterine fibroid sufferers. Details of the research ongoing at NCCU and other institutions, as well as the latest treatment options for the disease, were presented at two public conferences held in Durham, one in fall 2015 and the second taking place in spring 2017. Thanks to the sorority’s generous endowment, Taylor and her students have been able to bring more public attention to the problem of uterine fibroid tumors, as well as spur interest in new options for treatment. Brian Beverly ’95 Nathaniel Bishop ’96 Renee Bloodworth Keisha Bluford Sherle Boone ’68 Thomas Boone ’62 Victor Boone ’75 Renee Bowser ’82 Rhonda Bridgers ’68 ’88 Eddie Britt ’58 Bobbie Brown *Current Trustee **Deceased

Curtis T. Brown Sr. Ernest Brown ’70 Haywood Brown Joseph Brown ’76 Oliver Brown ’59 and Thelma Brown ’73 Walter Brown ’48 ’55 Dennis Bryant Amanda Bryant-Friedrich ’90 Fred Burke ’63 Gloria Burton ’64 ’87

Nadine Burton Richard Burton Diane Butler ’76 Joseph Butler Larry Butler ’70 Linc Butler Allie Bynum ’73 Frances Bynum James Byrd ’71 Thomas Cadwallader William and Pamela Camp Jean Canada Esther Carter ’53 William Chapman ’68 and Iris Chapman ’68 Kenneth and Remell Clemons ’72 Thomas Cole T. Morocco Coleman ’68 Bradley Collins Jeffrey Collins ’08 Samuel Cooper ’80 Theresa Cooper ’86 Connell Covington Avery Crump ’97 Jason Crump ’97 Dollie Daniel ’68 Reuben Daniels ’75 William Darity Reginald Dark ’73 and Joyce Dark ’71 Barry Davis Maxie Davis Terrie Davis Jessica Davis-Ganao ’96 Tracy Dawkins ’86 Arnold Dennis Dorothy Dove ’68 William Downey Tia Doxey Gloria Drew ’63 Lee Dudley ’92 William Dudley ’76 Esther Dunnegan A. Root Edmondson ’76 Jeffrey Edwards and Shelley Edwards Barbara Ellis ’61 ’75 Bettye Ellis ’65 Anthony Ervin Marquis Eure ’77 James Faison ’84 ’87 Steve Fenton Robert Fisher Howard Fitts ’41 ’47 Curtis Forbes Letitia Franklin ’78 Anthony Freeman ’68 Evelyn Freeman ’69 Lackisha Freeman ’99 ’02 Brenda Froneberger ’65 Edward Fulbright Edward Furtick Jr. Alphonso Gantt ’62 and Jo Ann Gantt Margo Garrett ’89 and Wilbert Garrett

Henri Gavin Annie Gillespie Carlene Godfrey Delores Grant Sarah Grant Elvira Green ’62 Theodore Greve William Hager II ’85 Ralph Haile Layfette Hall Regina Halyard ’94 Ralph Hardy Richard Harkrader and Lonna Harkrader Juanita Harrell ’57 Eric Harrington ’94 ’98 Calvin Harris W. Harris and Jean Harris ’53 S.T. Harris ’80 David Harrison ’51 and Dorothy Harrison Nicholas Harvey ’73 Richard Harvey Susan Hauser Sonny Haynes ’10 James Hill ’75 Alesha Holland ’11* Pamela Holmes ’82 Robert Horsley ’87 Robert Huger Kimball Hunt ’74 and Dorothy Hunt William Hunter ’76 Edward Irving ’65 Caesar Jackson E. Rochelle Jackson ’72 ’73 Rayfield Jackson and Naomi Jackson ’57 Willie Jacobs ’54 and Charity Jacobs Ada Williamson James ’68 Howard James Charles Jarmon ’64 Mack Jarmon ’63 and Sue Jarmon ’64 Leola Jenkins ’63 Leonard Jernigan Diane Jinwright ’75 Bernice Johnson David Johnson ’75 and Eleanor Johnson ’88 Lawrence Johnson Alicia Jones ’60 Anizsa Jones ’97 Helen Jones Riccardo Jones ’75 Peggy Jones-Boone Alice Kennedy Jacqueline Knight Johnnie Knight Charles Knox ’71 and Marsha Knox ’72 Marsha Knox Carolyn Koonce ’83 Richard LaBennett Cynthia Lambert ’79

May Langston ’74 Davesene Lawson ’60 Jonathon Leach ’04 Larry Leatherberry ’63 Willie Leathers ’72 Mildred Lee Tinchung Leung Elvis ’66 and Claudine Lewis ’65 Pamela Lewis ’98 ’02 Robert Lewis John Littlejohn ’80 and Toya Littlejohn Charles Lyon ’90 Clayton Mack ’97 Edward Marshall Davis Martin Jr. ’51 ’53 James Martin Marian Martin Berta McCallum Larry McCallum Neil McDougald ’71 and Marrian McDougald’72 Bessye McGhee ’52 ’54 Oveta McIntosh-Vick ’79 Angela McIver ’96 ’01 Beverly McIver ’87 Willard McKiver III Harvey McMurray Gloria McNeil ’80 Myrtle McNeill ’53 ’60 Lawrence McPhail ’06 ’11 Arthur McZier Doris Mebane ’67 Robert Mebane ’68 Adrienne Meddock ’91 Earl Miller ’63 Charles Mitchell Johnnie Mizelle ’67 and Gloria Mizelle ’69 Edward Moody Lynne Moody James Morris ’75 and Maria Morris Victor Morrison ’73 and Joan Morrison ’78 Arimental Moseley ’72 Levelle Moton ’96 William Moultrie A. Kirsten Mullen Jonathan Nettles ’03 Derek Norford Veronica Nwosu Esther Okeiyi Elaine Bushfan ’84 ’91 Ashley Owens ’95 ’98 and Alfreda Owens ’96 Huston Paschal James Patterson ’75 Stanford Peaker ’70 Cecil Perry Lillie Perry Wendell Perry ’62 Wendell Phillips Theodore Pikes Eric Pristell E. Yvonne Pugh ’70 ’73

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


giving by individuals Carolyn Ramsey-Williams ’73 Ella Ravnell Robert Raynor ’76 Reginald Rice Sandra Richardson ’76 Gwendolyn Ricks ’65 Laurie Robinson Haden Wade Robinson Sandra Rogers ’71 ’97 Danielle Battle ’89 ’95 Diane Scott Stephen Shafroth M.J. Sharp Pamela Sharpe ’87 David Sherrill ’01 Jason Sherrill Lowell Siler ’76 and Sharron Siler Kathleen Simms Miles Simpson Arwin Smallwood ’88 ’90 and Alisa Smallwood ’89 George Smith Ira Smith ’75 Jean Smith ’57 Joyce Smith Lisa Smith ’90 ’92 Barbara Smith Johnson ’65 Covia Stanley ’68 ’74 and Lillian Stanley ’70 John Stephenson ’09 Gwendolyn Strane ’63 and Clinton Strane Harold Sussman Sheilda Sutton ’69 Brenda Taylor ’93 Charlie Taylor Etienne Thomas ’96 Sean Thomas ’95 ’98 Lynette Throckmorton Michael Throop and Margarita Throop Patricia Timmons-Goodson Alade Tokuta Mark Trustin Geoffrey Tuson Samuel Vaughan ’71 and Rose Vaughan ’62 ’72 McDonald Vick ’77 ’96 Tonnie Villines ’88 Eric Walker ’71 and C. Ann Walker ’72 George Wallace ’60 Mary Wallace ’58 Herbert Watkins ’65 and Mary Watkins ’65 Walter Weathers ’68 and Mary Weathers ’69 Barbara Weaver Marion Weaver ’70 and Barbara Weaver Herbert West Edith White ’70 Carolyn Wiggins Karyn Wilkerson ’82 ’97* Thomas Wilkins Brian Wilks ’96 and Lisa Wilks ’96


Allan Williams Austin Williams George Williams and Carolyn Williams Nettie Williams Suntrease Williams- Maynard Isadora Wills ’63 Gwyndella Wilson Kenneth Wilson ’79 Kevin Wilson ’12 Angelique Witherspoon ’66 Glenn York ’75

MAROON & GRAY CLUB $100 – $499 _________________ John Abdul-Malik ’80 Terra Abrams ’02 Amal Abu-Shakra Antenor Adam ’59 ’65 and Barbara Adam Danny Adams John Adams Jay H. Ager Linda Ahmed ’70 Barbara Akinwole ’79 Obataiye Akinwole ’69 Jennifer Albright 0’Mard Alexander Alfred Alexander and Helen Alexander ’75 Howard Alexander ’84 Benjamin Alford John Alford III ’88 Sharae’ Alford ’13 Joseph Algood and Willeena Algood ’91 Arshad Ali and Delores Ali ’98 Farad Ali Arlinda Allen ’72 Jacqueline Allen ’74 Vanya Allen Wanda Allen-Abraham ’91 Mary Allen-Flagler Elmontenal Allens ’79 DeVona Alleyne Sandra Allgood Anita Alston Carolyn Alston Kellie Alston E. G. and Pearla Alston ’04 Rossie Alston William D. Alston Lila Ammons Kofi Amoateng Anthony Amos ’75 Terrell Amos ’65 Carol Anderson Christopher Anderson ’92 Norman Anderson ’77 Rosa Anderson ’74 ’79 ’98 Bertha Breese ’57 Victor Archie ’95 Matthew Arhsberger

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Katherine Armacost William Armistead Bobby Armstrong ’75 Charles Armstrong Kenisha Armstrong ’09 ’11 Annie Arrington Carolyn Arrington Edith Arrington Gloria Arrington ’79 Ashley Ascott Faheem Ashanti Marion Ashford ’65 Martha Askew LaShauna Thomas ’02 Kevin Atkinson Barbara Atwater ’63 James Atwater ’53 James Avery ’70 Dia Baggett ’94 Theodore Bagley ’89 David Bailey ’07 Edna Bailey ’69 Gloria Bailey Roger Bailey ’81 Freda Shipman ’83 Alysia Bailey-Taylor Stanley Baird William Baity B.W. Baker Debbie Baker ’94 Kia Baker ’96 Vivienne Baker Paul Baldasare Karen Baldwin Lawrence Baldwin Janice Baldwin-Jennings ’67 Frank Ballance Jr. ’63 ’65 and Bernadine Ballance Lloyd Ballance ’81 Brenda Ballard ’72 Charles Ballard Mildred Ballentine ’53 John Bang Shelva Banks ’76 Brenton Bannister Raychelle Baptist ’96 Audrey Barbee ’11 Melvin Barbee and Margaret Barbee ’66 Sherwood Barbee ’99 Diane Barber Jethro Barber Daniel Barco Fannie Barksdale Margaret Barnard Evon Barnes ’92 James Barnes Lisa Barnes Margaret Barnes ’58 ’75 Cynthia Barnette Deborah Barnette ’10 Willetha Barnette Charles Baron ’58 Jannie Barrett ’80 Wayne Barrett Morris Barrier ’03 Scotta Barsella

Daten Bass Dennis Bass Thelma Bass Doris Bass-Glenn Melanie Bates Gregory Battle ’89 Isaac Battle and Ruth Battle ’60 Henrietta Bature ’04 Frank Baumgartner Edith Bazemore Sheila Bazemore ’71 Jewel Bazilio-Bellegarde Ninian Beall Jr. Marlene Beamon Audrey Beard ’07 Selece Beasley Stephen Beasley Harold Beatty Jolyquin Belfield Clark Bell Douglas Bell Estancia Bell ’87 Eugena Bell Renee Bell Donnie Bellamy ’62 Robert Bembry Denise Bennett Ellen Bentley ’55 and Robert Bentley Donna Bergholz Scott Bertram Mattie Best ’74 Randall Best Willie Best ’77 Johnny Bethea Doris Bethel ’47 Jane Bethel William Beyah ’70 and Wadeeah Beyah ’71 Timothy Bickerstaff ’91 Morris Billingslea Katrina Billingsley ’06 Doris Bing-Bowser ’46 Rositar Black Elsie Blackman ’53 Eugene Blackman ’65 and Normandy Blackman ’65 Susan Blackmon ’72 Chantay Blackwell ’89 Suzanne Blackwell Norman Blake Morris Blount Sr. ’56 Patricia Blue ’73 Frank Blythe ’79 Jo Alice R. Blyther Mary Boatwright Bruce and Cindy Boehmke Nicholas Bogen Willie Boggan ’72 Norman Bolden Jemma Boler Eleanor Bond Joan Bond ’74 Elizabeth Booker Evelyn Booker ’73 Joann Booker

Lee Booker ’71 and Evelyn Booker Sylvester Booker Arthur and Valerie Boone ’77 Gary Boorman and Natalie Boorman Charlie Booth ’65 Christine Bouck Sheila Bowens-Bratts ’91 Kimberly Bowers William Bowie III ’85 Keith Bowles ’93 Brenton Boyce Harold K. Boyd ’67 and Sara Boyd ’55 Audrey F. Boykin ’63 Mary Boykin Sharon Boykin ’77 Lewis Boyles Robert Bozick Kanesha Bradsher Wendy Bradsher Carnell Brame ’85 Deborah Brame Gregory Bryant ’79 and Gevonda Bryant ’81 Cheryl Brewer George Brewer ’61 Janet Brewer Jay Brewer and Maryann Brewer Thomas Brewington ’98 Barbara Brice George Bridgers ’62 Grova Bridgers ’68 William Bridgers Christopher Bridges Sheila Bridges-Bond Kayla Briggs Cedric Bright Darlene Brinkley Douglas Bristol Daniel J. Britt ’12 Marietta Britt-Boone ’85 Jacqueline Brodie ’71 ’77 Mary Brogden Dolly Bromberg Karen Bronson Mary Brookhart Kimberly Brooks Laura Brooks Theodore Brooks Wanda Brooks ’74 James Brothers Walter Brower ’53 ’68 Dorothy Brower-Brokaw ’73 Douglas Brown and Beatrice Brown ’74 Betty Brown Calvin Brown ’58 and Genevieve Brown ’58 Chioke Brown ’12 Deborah Brown Doris Brown ’72 ’75 Ezell Brown ’71 and Muriel Brown ’70

Gary Brown ’02 Grant Brown Henry Brown ’75 Irene Brown ’54 Mary Brown Norma Brown ’69 ’70 Oliver Brown ’59 and Thelma Brown ’73 Robert A. Brown Robert E. Brown Shirley Brown Zachary Brown Saprina Brown-Taylor John Brunson Margaret Brunson Constance Bryant ’68 Katasha Bryant ’95 Lou Bryant Martina Bryant Olga Bryant ’74 Roger Bryant Ronald Douglas ’82 and Wanda Bryant ’82 Wilbert Bryant Emerson Buckhalter Richard and Dorie Budet Delaina Buehler Prince Bull ’90 and Gloria Bull ’89 Gladys Bullock Helen Bullock Raymond Bullock Jr. ’71 Shirley Bullock Wayne Bulls William Bulow ’54 Raymond Bunch ’63 and Doris Bunch ’65 Kathryn Bunch ’92 Kelly Burgess ’06 Blake Burgher Angela Burke Robert Burke Alvater Burnette James Burnette William Burroughs ’01 and Anita Burroughs Garland Burton ’59 Joseph and Linda Burton Franklin Burwell Frederick Burwell Antonio Bush and Renee Bush ’06 Paul Bush Lindsey Bute David Butler ’85 Etherine Butler ’65 and Joseph Butler Twyla Butler Veronica Butler ’71 Leonard Byers Derek Byrd Walter Byrd ’66 Joyce Caesar ’76 Percy Caldwell Thomas B. Caligan

*Current Trustee

Denyce Calloway ’68 Stephen Camak Anita Cameron ’78 ’87 Calvin L. Cameron Sophia Cameron Barbara Campbell ’67 Joseph Campbell ’50 and Dorothy Campbell ’46 ’47 Janice M. Campbell Wright ’69 Arien Cannon ’11 Amanda Cantrell ’87 Rose Caple Stacey Carless Crystal Carpenter Leonard Carpenter Lonnie Carraway Ronald Carter Glenda Carver Melvin Carver Bernard Casterlow ’80 Gayford Caston Matthew Ceradini Lorna Chace Joanne Challenger James Chambers Charlotte Chapman Joyce Chapman Lynn Chapman Robert Chapman Katherine Charron Linda Chatman ’70 Kimberly Chavis Martina Chavis Linda Cheatham Ronald Cheatham Judith Chenevert ’71 James Cherry and Jean Cherry ’57 Veronia Cherry Ricky Christian William Christy ’89 Gwendolyn Chunn ’64 Gwen Clare Barbara Clark Grace Clark ’78 Kinna Clark ’14 Evelyn Clay ’64 Joyce D. Clayton ’69 Melvin Clayton ’69 Nancy W. Clements ’71 Saundra Clemmons Sandra Clemons Joanna Cleveland Louise Clifford F. Clontz Yancey Cobb Anita Cox Cobbs ’94 Willie Cofield Kimberly Cogdell Matthew Cogdell ’76 Timothy Coggins Annitra Cole ’02 Carolyn Coleman Cedrick M. Coleman Joseph Coleman

Eagle Friendships Flourish for Class of 1969 Donor

Class of 1969 graduate CHRIS COY majored in art and minored in education at North Carolina Central University and taught in New York City schools throughout most of her career. Coy recalls her time on NCCU’s campus as “very nurturing and encouraging” and was especially fond of the active social scene that helped stave off homesickness. “When I got to the point in life where I had something to give back, I wanted to give to NCCU,” she added. “I want to help other people get a good education. I guess it was a desire to pay it forward.” Coy has donated to various areas of campus where needs have been identified. Athletics, the annual fund, and student disability services are among the departments that have benefited from her generosity. Now retired, Coy finds herself on campus more often these days. After visiting occasionally for homecoming, Coy returned for her 39th reunion in 2009 and now comes back each year. “Some of my friends still live in Durham but others are from lots of different places,” she says. “We stay in touch throughout the year.”

When I got to the point in life where I had something to give back, I wanted to give to NCCU. I want to help other people get a good education. I guess it was a desire to pay it forward.”— CHRIS COY, class of 1968 t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2 015-2016


giving by individuals Karen Coleman ’06 Morocco Coleman Arthur Colen Carmen Coley Krishnee Coley ’00 Curtis Collier Omari Collins James Colson ’65 and Lacy Colson ’66 Hazel Colwell ’53 Jerome Commander ’87 ’93 Wanda Coneal R D. Conwell ’77 Elizabeth Cook Paul Cook William Cooks ’59 Carolyn Coolidge-Riggs Allan D. Cooper Amos Cooper Beverly Cooper ’81 Brenda Cooper Glen Cooper ’61 Iris Cooper ’64 Charles M. Cooper and Vivian Cooper ’51 Marie Cooper-Palmer Barbara Cooper-Robinson Jennifer Copeland ’96 Donald Corbett Toya Corbett Mischelle Corbin Joseph Corey Jr. ’88 Augustine Cotten Tressie Cottom Nichole Cotton Thomasenia Cotton ’63 James Courtney ’55 and Elizabeth Courtney John Williams and Mona Couts Azani Couture Willie Covington Connie Cowell Charlie Cox ’63 Gail Cox J. B. Craddock ’12 Deloris Crane George Crane Martin Crane and Deloris Lowman- Crane Stefan Crane Benjamin Crawford Robin Crawley ’83 Joann Credle ’75 Jean Cropper ’53 Donella Croslan ’68 ’74 ’85 Annie Cross Clarence Cross Jr. ’69 Evelyn Cross Nettie Crossman ’69 ’80 Kevin Croston Lisa Croucher Elaine Crovitz Courtney Crowder ’00 James Crowell ’86 Terry Crumpler ’10 Pauline Crutchfield


Dimitrus Culbreath ’84 Vannie Culmer ’63 LaRue Cunningham ’70 Mildred Cunningham Samuel Cunningham Rebecca Currie H. Sebastain Curtis ’84 Tom Dalby and Carolyn Dalby Karen Dameron ’79 James Damon and M. Joanne Damon Donald Daniel ’72 Kourtney Daniel-Robinson Calvin Daniels ’87 Wilma Daniels ’73 Delois Daniels-Hester ’74 Anita Daniels-Kenney Karen Daniels-Mitchell Loren Darden Ida Dark Leigh Dasher ’09 Lorraine Davenport ’70 Harvey Davidson ’69 Janice Davidson ’74 Dalia Davies Flanagan James Davies ’79 Audrey Davis ’74 Carolyn Davis ’81 Darius Davis and Dessolene Davis ’89 Doris Davis ’70 E. Ann Davis Eddie Davis III Emily Davis Emily D. Davis Fredrick Davis Geraldine Davis ’59 Gloria Davis ’71 ’74 ’79 James H. Davis James V. Davis Madge Davis Patricia Davis Ron Davis Ronald Davis Sandra Davis ’72 Tania Davis ’94 Vanda Davis ’97 April Dawson Shade Dawson Jr.’85 Shelly DeAdder ’08 Gina Dean Lisa Grant DeGraffenreidt Hilary Delbridge Nelson Delgado Kathryn DeMarco David DeMarini Constance Demkowicz Caroline Denning Ella Dennis Bruce Depyssler Frantz Derilus John Descary Ronald DeShields Carolyn Dickens ’69 Emily Dickens ’95 ’99 ’02 Liza D. Dillard Judith Disney

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

James Dixon Nettie Dixon ’67 James Dockery ’80 Katrina Dodd Dennis Dorin Carmen Dorsey ’72 ’87 Jeff Dortch Catherine Dorwart Tiffany Dove Shauna Dozier ’02 Raymond Dragon Annie Drake Rueben C. Brake and Audrey Drake ’70 Jason Draper David Dreifus Janice Drumwright ’58 William Dudley ’08 and Dawn Dudley Deloise Dudley-Mayfield Chrisine Dufner Gretta M. Dula ’89 ’96 Angelia Duncan Antionette Dunn ’75 Melanie Dunshee Judith Dunston Lena Dunston ’84 Yolanda Dunston Auria Dupuch-Freeman Williette Durant Michael Durbin Jonathan A. Duren Carl Durham ’74 David Durham Ernest Eason ’76 Granville Eastman Wilbert Eatmon ’74 ’80 and Linda Eatmon ’74 ’77 Darlene Eberhardt-Burke Charles Edelman Antwoine Edwards Theodore Edwards Ekib Ekure Bill Elias Timothy Elleby ’92 Carrie Ellerbe Anthony Elliott Thomas Elliott ’67 and Vardreane Elliott ’69 Clyde Ellis Edward Ellis Elizabeth Ellis Golda Ellis Joyce Ellis ’67 June Ellis Eugene Ellison ’83 Ollie Ellison William Ellison Bernice Emanuel ’54 and Lawrence Emanuel Edward Embree Stuart Embree Jim Ericksen Rachel Espey Roderick Ethridge Alfreda Evans Deborah Evans ’78

Lida Evans Thomas Evans and Lynn Evans Marilyn Evans ’77 Tabitha Evan Thomas and Lynn Evans Willie Evans Jr. Janet Ewald Carol Exner ’93 Frank Exner Joyce J. Exum ’64 Edward Faison Jr. ’55 Flora Faison Warachal Faison ’85 Waverly Faison ’72 Michele Fallon Linda Falls ’87 Janice Farley Debra Farmer ’77 Etienne Farquharson ’12 ’13 Faye Farrar ’59 Dorothea Merritt Farrington Linda Farrish LaForest Faulkner ’58 Ulyssess Faulkner Wanda Featherson ’92 Paul Feldblum Veronica Fennell ’73 Cynthia Ferebee ’76 Joyce Ferebee ’75 Lewis Ferebee Eleanor Ferguson Alec Fernandez Leigh Fernandez Louis Fields ’55 and Garlinda Fields ’58 Tara Fikes ’83 Patricia Finger Alan Finkel Ronald Fisher ’73 Hermenia Fitts-Salmon Alan Fitzgerald ’84 Carolyn Fitzgerald William Fitzgerald ’71 Herbert and Mary Flack Lynwood Fleming Rick Fleming Gale Fletcher William Fletcher ’56 ’58 Chena Flood Paula Flood Carrie Florence ’90 Rhonda Flowers Connie Floyd Dennis Floyd ’94 Ledell Flynn Barbara Foggie ’59 Thomas Fondren Obe Ford ’78 Veronica Ford Laura Foreman ’90 Augustus Forte III Christy Foster ’04 Constance Foster ’92 Richard Foster Howard Foust Iva Foust

Edith Fowler ’60 Steven Fowler ’99 Walter Fowler Katrina Fox LaMisa Foxx ’95 Cheryl Foy ’78 Kevin Foy ’94 Jon Fozard ’70 and Alice Fozard ’70 Charles Francum Vonda Frantz Clyde Frazier Tony Frazier ’98 Dianne Fredericks Claudette Free ’86 Marjorie Freeman Montre Freeman Eloise Freeman-Edwards Marian Freeman-Wright ’71 Sheryl Friedrichs Samuel Frink Mahalia Frost Carolyn Fulford Charles Fuller ’70 Charmaine Fuller Cooper Doris Fuller Julene Fuller Kenethia Fuller Jerry Fulmer Melvin Gaddy III ’87 and Janice Gaddy ’87 Jacqueline Gadison ’76 Roddy Gaither ’70 Bobi Gallagher Clement Gallop ’77 ’90 Julia Gample Sandra Gant-Satterfield ’75 Deryle Gantt Ronald Gantt Jaime Garamella Kristopher Gardner ’02 and Olivia Gardner Celia Garrett ’67 Terry Garrison Cheryl Gee Roland Gee Sr. Eric Geers Clara George ’66 Franklin George ’65 Melinda Gerrard ’79 Harry Geter ’67 Brenda Gibson ’95 Iris Gilchrist Demetrius Giles Robin Gillespie ’96 Bryan Gilmer Al-Tony Gilmore ’68 Beryl Gilmore ’70 Olivia Gilmore ’65 ’77 Peggie Gilmore Ajamu ’02 and Tamara Giscombe ’05 Luis Glean Pamela Glean ’80 Earlene Glenn ’75 Furman Glenn ’66 and Janet Glenn ’68 Susan Glover

A Life Gets Brighter for NCCU Scholars

Approximately 1,137 freshmen enrolled in North Carolina Central University for the 2015-2016 academic year, including 21 individuals identified as Soaring Eagles, part of the Chancellor’s Cycle of Success Scholars. These special Eagles all are incoming first-year students who were designated National Achievement, Hispanic or Merit Semifinalists by the National Merit Corporation. They come from North Carolina, Maryland, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Washington, D.C. Soaring Eagles scholarships are competitive, as they cover in-state tuition plus fees, room and board. The students also receive $400 per semester as a book stipend and $500 to help cover living expenses, along with a new laptop. Psychology major ELLEASA TAYLOR says her Chancellor’s scholarship was a big factor in making the decision to enroll at NCCU because it meant she didn’t have to work year-round to attend college. “I received scholarship offers from other schools but none compared to NCCU,” she said. “Attending NCCU is the best decision I could have made.” Chancellor’s Cycle of Success Scholarships are made possible in part by individual donors who give annually to the NCCU Foundation.

Carol Goins ’86 ’89 Vinston Goldman and Cecelia Goldman Renee Goldsmith William G. Goldston William R. Goldston Mary Louise Gomes Elijah Gooding Charles Gore and Marta Gore ’86 Suzanne Goree James Gorenflo and Ellen Granger Bertha Gorham Nancy Goudreau Laura Graham James Graham ’70 and Sadie Graham ’70 Tony Graham ’97 Charlton Grant ’79 Donna Grant Lorna Grant Dorothy Graves Ennis Graves and Dorothy Graves Lettie Graves-Matthews ’67 Jacinta Gray ’88 Kellie Gray ’89 Larry Gray Louise Gray ’51 Rosalind Grays Nancy Grebenkemper David A. Green

Joseph Green and Iris Green ’01 Marshall Green Ricky Green Robin Green ’91 Sylvia Green Earl Greene Paris Greene ’67 Cheresa Clemons ’05 Elbert Gregg Faye Gregg Summa Grier Wendy Grillo Victoria Grimes Marice Grissom Olga Grlic Julian and Debbie Sereno Clara Guess Deirdre Guion G. Patrick Guiteras Linda Gunn ’88 Carol Gunther-Mohr Charles Gurley Robert Gutman David Hager and Evangela Hager Seifu Hailemichael ’11 Ozella Hudson ’83 John Hairston David Hales ’68 Calvin Hall Deborah Hall DeShelia Hall ’01

Francine Hall Jerry Hall Julian Hall Keith Hall ’83 Lee Hall Ronald Hall Thomas Hall Jack Halperin Michael and Carolyn Halpern Lynda Hambourger William Hamilton ’71 Gerald Hamm Rozalind Hampton Jimmy Handy ’71 Pauline Hankins ’94 Arlene Hanks ’96 Gwendolyn Hanner ’74 Tracy Hanner ’74 Linda Wheat ’73 Michael and Elizabeth Hanson Jianping Hao Thomas Harden Alice Hardy Floyd Hardy ’56 and Perry Hardy Donovan Harper Sandra Harper John Harrell Katie Harrell R. Kent Harrell Stella Harrell ’70 ’87 John Harrington

Annie Harris ’51 Ariel Harris Barbara G Harris Belinda Harris ’76 ’85 Dean Harris Ellyn Harris Gregory Harris Harold Harris ’58 Holly Harris Jasper Harris Josephine Harris ’56 Larry Harris Leslie Harris Racquel Harris Robert Harris Stacey Harris ’92 Carolyn Harrison ’66 and Lorenzo Harrison Samuel Harrison and Mary Harrison ’71 Don Harrison ’53 ’72 and Norma Harrison ’45 Patricia Harrison ’70 Terrance Harrison Willie Harrison Cheryl Hart ’80 Trazionne Hart Marilyn Hartman George Harvin Lois C. Hasan ’74 Charles Hasty ’73 Anthony Hatcher Walter Hatcher

Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson Shirley Hatton ’56 Kerry Havner Cora Hawkins ’71 Jane Hawkins Jethro Hawkins ’61 Martha Hawkins Deria Hayes ’93 ’98 Norma Haywood ’64 Brenda Hazel Janelle Headen Marvin Hedgepeth ’79 ’99 Sharon Hedgepeth Wallace and Arlene Hedgepeth Audwin Helton ’81 Loretta Helton Raefette Helton ’81 Ricky Helton Donna Hembrick ’04 James Hemby III Carolyn Henderson ’78 James Henderson Linda Henderson Philip Henry ’70 ’75 Twinata Henry ’84 Gordon Herbert Maulin Herring ’88 Carrie Hester Ralph and Faye Hester ’74 Tracy Hewett ’04 William Hicks Pamela Higdon

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


giving by individuals William Hill ’64 and Barbara Hill ’64 Carol Hill Glover Hill ’53 and Verdelle Hill ’53 Michele Hill Nancy Hill Sherlane Hill Antoinette Hilliard Joseph Hilliard James Shumate and Valderia Hillard-Shumate ’75 Harvey Himberg Avis Hines ’76 Ronald Hines ’74 and Laura Hines Patrice Hinnant Harvey Hinton ’73 Jonathan Hinton ’92 ’10 Cheryl Hodge ’88 Undi Hoffler Pearl Holland ’57 Marlene Holley ’70 Timothy Holley Betty Holloway ’71 ’97 Fleechia Holloway Lily Holloway ’54 Simeon Holloway Sr. ’50 ’54 Bernard Hollowell Annie Holmes Charles Holmes ’75 Eugenia Holmes Isaiah Holmes Marian Holmes ’84 Nicki Holmes Tom Holmes Kenneth Homsley Monique Homsley Elisha Hood George Hood ’75 Robert Hood Ruth Hood Coley Hooker Jr. Vera Hooks ’79 Donnie Hoover ’74 Angela Hopkins Dennis Hopkins ’87 Mark Hopkins Russell Hopson ’66 Rudolph Horried ’57 Cassandra Horsley George Horwitz Tomee Howard Willie J. Howard Elvira Howell ’76 Joseph Howell James Howser Roketta Hudgins Floyd Hudson Gwendolyn Hudson ’74 Pearlie Hudson Rasheeda Hudson Elizabeth Huebner ’13 Donald Huggins Gary Hughes John Hughley Peter Humphries


Deborah Hunt Anatra H. Hunter Gen Hunter ’73 Robert Hunter Maggie Hupcey Arnita Hurst LeKeisha Hurst ’97 Melvin Hurstin Jack Hutcherson Frederick Hutchinson Nzinga Hutchinson Wilton Hyman ’92 Laureece Hymes Shirley Hymon-Parker Eric Ingram Patricia Inlow-Hatcher Eddie Isler Donald Jack ’10 Anita Jackson Ernestine Jackson James Jackson ’67 Kevan Jackson ’88 Richard Jackson and Mildred Jackson ’66 Samuel Jackson Theresa Jackson ’77 Volnetta Jackson ’83 H. Jacobs Kelvin Jacobs John Jacoby and Diane Jacoby Craig James ’90 ’96 Dorothy James Natacha Janvier-Derilus Anthony Jarman Gene Jarmon ’69 Virginia Jarmond John Jefferies ’73 ’81 and Deborah Mayo-Jefferies ’76 E. Ann Jefferson 84 Sterling Jeffreys ’84 Larry Jenkins Margaret Jenkins ’69 Phyllis Jenkins Gladys Jennings Erica Jessie Leslie and Angela Johns Annette Johnson ’07 Lafae Johnson’74 and Arlene Johnson ’75 Barbara Johnson ’86 Charles Johnson and Carol Johnson ’79 Cecilia Johnson ’84 Charles D. Johnson Courtrina Johnson ’64 Cynthia Johnson David Johnson Edmond Johnson and Theressa Johnson ’53 Granvel Johnson Harold Johnson Hazel A. Johnson ’62 Hazel L. Johnson Jacqueline Johnson LaFae Johnson ’74 and Arlene Y. Johnson ’75

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Lawrence Johnson Lee Johnson Marcia Johnson ’07 Odetta Johnson ’90 Oliver Johnson ’78 Patricia Johnson Reginald Johnson Robert Johnson ’65 Sharon B. Johnson Sudie Johnson Theresa Johnson ’72 Timothy Johnson Veronica Johnson ’71 ’80 Wade Johnson ’67 Willie Johnson-Johnson ’84 Dane Johnston David Jolly Alicia Jones Anitra Jones ’91 Anna Jones ’81 ’88 Bedford Jones Clarence Jones ’74 and Beverly Jones ’70 ’72 Bonnie Jones Brandi Jones Bullock Clara Jones ’54 Doris Jones ’60 Georgia Jones ’73 Teresa Jones ’86 and Harold Jones ’94 Henry and Hazel Jones Joyce Jones ’62 Kristi Jones ’89 Kristin Jones Linda Jones ’75 ’82 Marlynn Jones Robert Jones ’64 Sara Jones William Jones Jr. Derrick Jordan ’99 Matthew Jordy Doris Joseph ’78 Willis Joseph Lacy Joyner ’69 David Julien Charles Jurman Peter Kamarchik and Lisa Kamarchik Martin Kaplan Judy Karasik Ruth Katz Cathy Kea ’75 Marsha Kee Stephen Keene Adam Keith ’06 Dorsey Keith Ester Keith ’55 ’78 Linwood Keith ’68 ’81 Mary Keith Shannon Morgan Keith ’06 Mary Keith Shaw ’57 Yolanda Keller-Bell Leonard Kelley ’74 Ramey Kemp Jr. Constance Kennedy ’89 Stephen Kennedy Jim and Susan Keith

Susan Ketch Gloria Keyes ’63 Kelvin Kibler David Kiel John T. Kilby John Kilimanjaro and Culey Kilimanjaro ’56 Kevin S. Kimbro Mattie Kimbro Tiara Kincaid Emma King ’48 Garey King George King II ’84 James King and Gloria King Henry King ’55 and Gwendolyn King Leonard King ’67 Wesley King Hassan Kingsberry Fonda Kirk ’75 David Kirsh Suzon Kister Joseph Kitchen and Dorothy Kitchen Anastrasia Kizzie ’76 Larry Knight Mozell R. Knight ’74 Sylvia Knight Donna Knowlton Kenneth Koonce ’81 Jenny Koortbojian A. L. Korth Anne Kotch Jonathan Kotch Athena Kovalcik Joseph Kovalcik Marcella Kovalcik Eva Kraus Harry Kuhlman Daniel Kuntzman Vicki Lamb Laura Lamkin ’93 L’Tona Lamonte Deborah P. Lane DeWarren Langley ’11 Patrick Langston ’84 Erick Larson Barbara Lassiter Pamela Lattimore Lydia Lavelle ’83 Lewis Lawrence ’76 Margaret Lawrence ’63 Cherlyn Laws Earl Lawson Michael Lawson Sandra Lawson Jimmy Lawton Patrecia Lawton ’62 Hazel Layne ’56 Richard League Daniel Leatherberry ’65 Tyra Leazer ’90 Bruce Lecus Freeman Ledbetter and Willie Ledbetter Sislena Ledbetter Brandon Lee

Curtis Lee Demorris Lee Hilda Lee Katie Lee ’62 Kenneth Lee Stacy Lee ’09 Stanley Lee II Obe and Vivian Leeper Ford Warren Leggett ’67 Charles LeGrand and Thomascena LeGrand ’73 Julian Smith and Odessa LeMay-Smith ’96 Eva Lennon ’61 Vanessa Lennon ’80 Gloria Leonard ’62 Wanda Lester Anita LeVeaus-Quigless Emma Levi Brian Lewis ’13 Mamie Lewis ’76 Nichole Lewis Ola Lewis ’90 Priscilla Lewis Ronald Lewis Dindo Liboon Lucy Lincoln Ellis List Juarez Little Kate Little ’69 Thelma Little ’65 Margaret Littles ’83 Ericka Liverpool Wilma Liverpool Joyce Lockamy-Bell Clyde Lockhart James Locus and Bessie Locus Jon Lodge Alice Logan ’40 John Logsdon ’95 Robert Long ’95 Sally Longacre ’82 Annie Love Victor Lowery ’72 Morris Lucky ’88 Shirley Lucky ’85 Paul Luebke** Roger Lundbald Eddie Lunsford Magnoria Lunsford ’69 Susan Lupton Lawrence Muhlbaier and Jo Ann Lutz Dana Lynch ’92 Joel Lynch ’93 and Dana Lynch ’92 Kevin Lynk Rebecca Lyon Cheryl Lyons ’80 David Lyons Stephen Lyons ’03 and Cyntria Lyons Charletter Mack ’77 ’87 Jerry Mack Nathaniel Mackey John MacMaster

I gave because NCCU invested in me. I believe it is important to invest back into the university to ensure that NCCU will continue to exist and to also provide students with resources.” — LAURA REID, senior psychology student

James MacRae Julia Macrae Cassandra Madden David Madden Lois Madden Derrick Magee Mae Ruth Mainor Rolin Mainuddin Henry Majestic Joshua Malcolm Alisha Malloy Carol Malloy William and Carol Malloy Barry F. Malone ’02 Michael Maloney Ronald Maloney ’75 Franklin Manago ’70 David Mandel Theodora Manley ’59 Craig Mann and Bonnie Mann Jesse Mann ’69 Marshall Mann William Manson Tracey Marbury ’94 Elaine Marcus Lee Marcus Amy Marion Marzella Marley Jamesha Marshall ’97 Loire Marteney Brenda Martin ’00 John Martin ’58 Patrick Martin *Current Trustee **Deceased

Phyllis Martin Michael Martz Andrew Mason ’87 James Mason Akinlabi Mason-Hogans Angela Massenburg ’56 Joseph Massenburg Vernelle Massey ’83 ’11 Sylvia Massey ’72 Karoline Mathewson Carrie Matthews ’54 Robert Matthews Kenneth Matthewson Carolyn Mattocks Ilean Mattocks ’57 Michael Mattocks Lillian Mattox ’70 Katherine Mauney Melvin Mauney ’03 and Sherita Roberson Mauney ’04 Nancy Mayer ’06 Silas Mayfield ’72 Stephanie Mayo ’75 Robert ’49 and Anne McAdams Reginald McAfee Brenda McAllister Richard McBride Kim McBroom William McCarthy Ralph McCaughan Susan McCaughan Barbara McClain ’59

John McClain ’94 Autumn McClellan Steven McCloskey ’99 Mary McClure Michael McColgan ’06 Ingenue McCormick Shelvigean McCormick ’61 Nicole McCoy Stephanie McCoy ’81 Vivian McCoy ’83 Laura McCree ’70 John T. McCubbins ’12* Rickie McCullough ’79 Mildred McDade Elijah McDavid ’76 and Lynne McDavid Cynthia McDonald ’60 Lewis McDowell ’70 Robert McDuffee Frances McDuffie Jerry McFadden ’05 W. D. McFaydyen ’79 Michael McFee Martin McGhee Barbareta McGill Ferreli McGilvary Brenda McGirt ’78 Fenton McGonnell Steven Unruhe and Jennifer McGovern ’98 Anthony Mcgrady Eileen McGrath Kathleen McGraw Joyce McGriff

Julie McIntosh Terence McIntosh Timothy McIntosh ’01 W. J. McIver Rogerline McKenzie Timothy McKeown Stephanie McKissick-Melton Pecolia McKoy ’63 Dennis McLain Jeanette McLaughlin Stephen McLaughlin Jr. ’12 James McLean Lee McLean Vaughn McMillan Caroline McMillon Julie McNabb Marcia McNally Drew McNaughton Lavon McNeill-Driver ’56 Barbara McPhatter Bobby McRae Neil McWilliam Paul Meade Mary Mebane ’74 ’76 Audrain Melton ’84 K. Cynthia Melton ’70 Lloyd Melton Mark Melton Michael Mendenhall John Mercer Charlotte Merriweather Olivia Metzger Jones Theodore Meyers Edward Mezynski Jerrold Miles Angela Miles-Stephens A. Kathryn Miller ’71 Alexine Miller ’65 Amey Miller Charles Miller Katrina Miller Roger Miller William Miller Julius Milton ’64 Arthur Mims ’63 Naomi Minter Cicley Mitchell Faye Mitchell ’73 Floyd Mitchell ’77 Jashell Mitchell Jean Mitchell ’75 Joseph Mitchell ’50 Alexander Mitchell and Judy Mitchell ’64 Rodessa Mitchell ’74 Virginia Mitchell ’09 ’12 William Mitchell Joseph Mitchiner Nathalie Mizelle-Johnson Jo Anne Mondowney Gladys Monroe ’76 Kent Montford ’85 Betty Montgomery ’58 Eric Montgomery ’87 Kevin Montgomery Douglas Moody Edward Moon

Andrea Moore Annie Moore Carolyn Moore Edgar Moore Franklin Moore C. Moore Hamilton Joyce Moore ’78 Kimberly Moore ’91 ’94 Leonard Moore ’65 Mae Moore ’60 Linda Morgan Lisa Morgan Michael Morgan Robert Morgan Margaret Morris Talise Morris William F. Morris Wilma Morris and Leroy Morris ’72 Maureen Morris-Forensky ’89 Paulette Morrison-Danner ’07 Stephanie Morton ’79 Kitty Moses Trinice Moses ’87 Carlton Moss Jr. ’98 Cassandra Motley David Mottola Mary Ellen Mottola Marianne Mount Larry Muhlbarier Charles Murphy Glennette Murphy ’73 Linda Murphy Percy Murray ’70 James Muse ’90 Roslyn Muse and James Muse Philliph Mutisya Imogene Myers ’87 Lewis Myers Dorothy Nachman Joshua H. Nadel David Nass Delores Neal ’91 Alberta Neely ’60 Geraldine Neely ’71 Joan Nelson Elizabeth Newell Gwendolyn Newsome Larry Newsome Carlton Newton III ’85 Mary Newton Tin Nguyen Irene Nichols Woodrow Nichols and Joy Nichols ’65 Tammy Nicholson ’99 John Nieman Bertine Nixon Harold Rutherford and Doris Nixon Rutherford ’66 Shirley Nixon ’60 Valerie Noble Raymond Nobles ’63 and Billie Nobles ’63 Deborah Nowack

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Donor Aids Business Students on the Road to Success

As a child, GLENWOOD DAVIS knew that some day he’d be a successful businessman. “I told people I was going to grow up to be a wheeler-dealer,” Davis recalls. The Bunn, N.C., native made plans early in life to attend college, study hard and finish quickly, so he could get down to the work of building a business. But following his freshman year at North Carolina Central University, an unexpected internship opportunity with Mobil oil company, now ExxonMobil, took him to New York. Along with his first airplane ride, the experience introduced Davis to a world of corporate business opportunities. Even before graduating in spring 1978, Davis had a full-time job lined up at Dow Chemical Company. After five years in sales at Dow and 15 more at The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Ga., he was able to fulfill his dream of becoming a serial entrepreneur – buying, revamping and selling businesses. Davis is currently at the helm of his sixth venture, which provides consumer data analytics for health, beauty and wellness companies. He credits the skills he learned at NCCU, from reading financial statements to understanding consumer needs, for helping him soar to success. In return, he created the Glenwood Davis Endowed Scholarship for the School of Business, providing an opportunity for other deserving students to move closer to their dreams. 20

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Diasoula Nsiku Shayla Nunnally ’98 Rebecca Nwude ’66 Nancy Nye Nina O’Donnell James O’Farrow Mary O’Farrow Brenda Ogburn Chimezie Okobi ’11 Carla Oldham Annie O’Leary Susan Olive Colon ’67 and Evelyn Oliver ’67 Nina Olson ’91 Julie Omohundro Tiffany O’Neal ’04 Rob Onyenwoke Eleanor Organ Peter Ornstein Lucky Osho Natalee Ott Theodore Outwater Pamela Owens ’84 Robert Owens Henry Oxendine ’73 Cleve Packer ’88 William G. Pagan Coin Page Emily Page Gregory Page John Page Joyce Page ’73 Mildred Page Patricia Paige ’66 Burma Paige-Stokes ’69 ’71 Darren Palmer ’88 Gary Palmer ’71 Derek Pantiel Janet Parhams ’76 Barbara Parker ’69 Brenda Parker ’74 Faye Parker Freddie Parker ’75 ’76 Jason Parker John Parker Lonnie Parker Phillip Parker ’10 Regina Parker Pamela Parker-Cortijo ’82 Jo Anne Parker-Sales .87 Cynthia Parks Mona Parks ’75 Dorian Parreott ’59 and Yvonne Parreott C.N. Parrish David Parrish Mary Parrish Melvin Parrish Walterene Parrish Catherine Parrott Barbara Partridge ’72 Carolyn Paschall J. R. Passmore Nicole Patrick Gerrelyn Patterson ’92 Gloria Patterson P. Andrew Patterson

Roy Pattishall and Shella Gatling Sandra Paur Frankie Peace Milton Peace ’75 Christina Pearsall Marguerite Peebles ’70 Tiffany Peguise-Powers John Pelosi Teresa Pender ’82 William Penick William Penn ’57 Jennifer Pennix-Susong W. R. Perkins ’77 Wuan Perkins Yvonne Perkins ’77 Terezinha Perritt Annetta Perry ’58 Bertram Perry ’53 Carl Perry Christine Perry ’08 Gordon Perry ’54 Heidi Perry Juanita Perry ’81 Monica Perry ’93 Patsy Perry ’54 Robert Perry ’57 Mattie Perry ’82 Sarah Person Jon Peter Patricia Petersen Carolyn Pettiford-Ryals Eugene Pettis and Yvonne Pettis ’63 Mary Pettus ’56 Nicolle Phair Charles Pharr Camelia Phelps ’73 David Phelps Tamara ’05 and Ajamu Giscombe ’02 Virgie Phifer ’55 Harry Phillips Lloyd Phillips Alexia Phinizey Soraya Pickett Theodore Picott ’67 Sophia Pierce ’66 James Pinckney Nancy Pinckney Debra Toni Pinkston ’06 Bepi Pinner Justin Pinnix Tina Pinnix-Broome ’84 ’89 Nicole Piscitelli Elaine Pitt Pearl Pittman ’46 Dora Plummer ’96 Mildred Pointer Rudd ’74 Dollie Pollock Rufus Poole and Clarice Poole Dorothy Poole ’65 Troy Poole Marla Posey-Moss Robert Potter and Rubestene Potter Raheem Pounds

giving by individuals Arconstar Powell Jesse Powell ’66 and Carolyn Powell ’67 Phillip Powell Teresa Prather Henry Price John Price ’78 LeShawndra Price Pecolia Price ’78 Russell Price ’71 and Stella Price ’71 Vinnie Price Eric Pridgen ’03 and Amber Pridgen Florence Prince ’55 William Privott ’84 and Linda Privott ’83 Karen Proctor Timothy Proctor Leonard Prosnitz George Pruden ’81 James Pruett Lilian Pruett Paul Pugh ’80 Cynthia Pullen ’87 Florine Purdie Pittman ’75 Karen Puryear ’77 Freddie Putney Jr. ’74 ’81 Janis Quarles Terry Quarles Venita Quick ’88 Linde Rabebe Daphne Rainey Charles Ramsey ’58 Patricia Ramsey Barbara Randell Vikki Randle ’98 Chelsea Ray John Ray ’95 Edward Rayford Denise Raynor ’80 Daniel Read James Reagan India Reaves Jessie Reaves ’67 William Redd David Redden Delmer Reed Jason Reed Michael Reed Nancy Reese-Durham Brandi Reeves ’08 Marvin Reeves ’85 and Antoinette Reeves ’85 Albert Reid ’60 Althea Reid ’60 Chantal Reid Deborah Reid ’77 Eula Reid Gloria Reid ’77 Paulette Reid William Reid Jr. ’67 Olivia Rembach George Revelle Delores Revis ’66 Lisa Rhoades Judy Rhodes ’67

Julie Rhodes and Timothy McMackin Celia Rice Ronald Rice ’70 Shirley Rice ’12 Anna Richards Curtis Richardson Daphine Richardson ’81 James Richmond and Shirley Richmond Edward Rickless Jonathan Ricks Ronald Riggle Cathy Riggs Gerald Riley ’70 ’76 Mark Ring Toby Ritterhoff Linda Rivere Rodney Rivers Beverly Roach ’62 ’76 Keith Roberson ’12 Lowell Roberts and Asta Roberts Marie Roberts ’63 Rita Roberts ’70 Spurgeon Roberts ’55 William Roberts Jr. Anthony Robinson ’88 Brandon Robinson ’13 Isaac Robinson ’62 and Delia Robinson ’87 Edna Robinson Elwood Robinson ’78 and Myra Robinson ’78 Everett Robinson Franklin Robinson Jr. ’89 ’93 James Robinson Lucilla Robinson Michael E. Robinson ’14 Naomi Robinson Nedra Robinson Sandra Robinson ’73 William Robinson Jr. LaShona Robinson-Johnson Twan Roddey Jimonique Rodgers Ronald ’78 and Jo Ann Rogers Kenneth Rodgers Sheilda Rodgers Frank Roediger and Andrea Roediger Walter Rogan Ciara Rogers ’09 Cynthia Rogers John Rogers ’73 John Rogers ’72 Kaye Rogers Pamala Rogers Elizabeth Rollins ’78 Hazel Rollins ’55 LaHoma Romocki Timothy Romocki Odessa Roseboro’53 Luther Ross Marnell Ross Robert Roule

Ann Rouse ’67 Chadwick Royal Anitra Royster ’02 Grant Royster Vinston Rozier ’01 Douglas Ruhren Benjamin Runkle Robert Rusher Cornelias Rushing Barbara Russell Brenda Russell ’81 Harold Russell Stephen Russell ’72 and Rose Russell ’71 Edward Sadler David Salman Diane Sampson Gale Sampson ’72 Claire Sanders Dorothy Sanders ’70 Mark Sanders Rasheda Sanders Patricia Sanders-King Daron Satterfield ’98 Angela Satterthwaite ’74 Hope Saulter ’74 Lilly Saulter Michael Saulter ’73 Joan Saunders Corey Savage Joseph Sawyer Jr. ’73 Clark Scales ’65 Margaret Scarborough Marjorie Scavella Nancy Schaefer Robert Schall Thomas Scheft Stephen Schewel Sheryl Schiff Jan Schochet Jennifer Schum Bernard Scott ’67 ’97 Charles Scott Constance Scott ’64 ’77 Curtis Scott ’74 George Scott Jeffery L. Scott Roberta Scott ’73 Selecia Scott Tina Scott Richard Scotton ’78 Viviree Scotton ’83 Justin Scroggs ’96 Timothy Seigler Mary Selden Clementine Self ’71 ’78 Barbara Sellars Harold Sellars Wallace Sellers Kyle Serba Julian Sereno and Debbie Groves Glenn Sergeant Lawanda Sessoms-Ray Yusupha Sey ’85 and Yolanda Sey J. M. Shambley

Aditya Sharma Willie Shaw and Cynthia Shaw ’92 Joseph Shaw ’84 Junior Shaw Linda Shaw Sonya Shaw Stanley Sheats Raymond Shedlick Ann Sherman Caroline Sherman Katherine Sherrill Kyle Shields Myra Shobande David Shoemaker Bettina Shuford ’78 T.M. Shuford ’73 Phyllis Shumate ’64 Freddrick Sidberry Benjamin Siler ’51 ’63 Evelyn Siler ’54 Gladys Sills Victoria Silver ’04 Belinda Simmons ’10 Ruby Simmons Shannon Simmons ’12 William A. Simmons ’71 William Simmons Charles Simpson Jr. Jamillah Simpson Wanda Sims Janet Sims-Wood ’67 James Simuel ’91 and Judy Simuel Cozette Sinclair ’62 Michael Singleton Raymond Sitar ’72 Vijay Sivaraman William Slade Angela Wall ’89 Joel Smith ’63 and Ardetha Smith ’63 Barbara Smith ’84 Barbara Smith ’76 Bettye Smith ’55 ’71 Bill Smith Cassandra Smith Denise Smith ’82 Elna Smith ’74 Faye Smith Lindsey E. Smith Lynn Smith Reatha Smith ’58 Roberta Smith Sherwood Smith Thaddeus Smith ’79 Valerie Smith ’57 Jason Smoots ’02 Arthur Sneed Flora Sneed Bernice Snipes Kenneth Snow ’00 Mary Snyder Ruel Solomon David Sotolongo Andrea Southall ’70 Frank Sowell ’56

Howard Spanogle Larry and Jennifer Sparrow Vincent Spaulding Eugene and Maude Spencer ’59 Matthew Sperati ’99 Nicole Spivey Barbara Spruill James Spruill ’74 William Spruill Roberta Stacey Clifton ’69 and Constance Stancil ’68 Willie Stanfield Zelda Stanfield David Stanford Covia Stanley ’68 ’74 and Lillian Stanley ’70 Lawrence Stanley Marianne Stanley William Stanley Kwadjo Steele Marjorie Steele ’62 Robert Steele ’81 Rosa Steele ’72 JoeAnne Stephens ’70 Ruthene Bellamy ’76 Cecelia Steppe-Jones ’68 ’71 Robert Stevens Mable Stevenson ’63 Thomas Steward Garner Stewart Kurtis Stewart Loraine M. Stewart Yvonne Stewart Robert Stiefvater Mallie Stocks ’55 and Chester Stocks Dorothy Stockton-Marshall ’75 Carla Stoddard G. Patricia Stokes Jeanette Stokes John Stokes Lillian Stokes ’66 Monique Stokley ’83 Suzanne Stoskopf James Stotler Orlando Stovall ’76 and Vanessa Stovall ’76 Susan Straw Angela Street Lee Strong Linda Strong-Leek ’88 ’90 Angelica Stroud Otis Stroud Thomas Struhsaker Sterline Suggs Jesse Suggs ’69 Robert Suggs Paul Suhr ’88 Larry Suitt ’62 and Gwen Suitt ’69 Larry Suitt John Sullivan Brian Summers ’06 Janice Summers Alton Sumner ’76 Donnie Susong ’03

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giving by individuals Ilean Sutton ’89 and Carlton Sutton Mary B. Sutton Mary H. Sutton Ruechell Sutton ’74 Samantha Swan Willette Swann Cosby Swanson Margaret Swygert ’61 Katayoun Tabrizi Vibeke Talley Helen Tannis Keith Tapp and Patricia Tapp ’72 ’82 Jay Tappan Norman Tate Bessie McKoy ’64 Carnell Taylor ’60 Carolyn Taylor ’69 Charles Taylor Gail Taylor ’79 ’88 Joyce A. Taylor Leslie Taylor Levonia Taylor ’67 Phillis Taylor ’05 Robert Taylor Vanessa A. Taylor Shirley Taylor-Edwards ’96 Dock Terrell George Terrone Angela D. Terry ’14 Angela O. Terry Janelle Terry Joyce Terry ’73 Helen Thomas ’79 Dale Thomas Jr. Larry Thomas ’78 Nathan Thomas Ruby Thomas ’52 ’67 Theodore Thomas ’75 Valeria Thomas ’01 Victoria Thomas ’69 Pamela Thombs ’99 Patricia Thombs Ava Thompson Larry Thompson and Brenda Thompson ’68 Jovon Thompson Marshall Thompson ’77 Mildred Thompson ’66 Mittie Thompson ’55 Porta Thompson ’66 Randall Thompson Sheila Thompson ’75 Geraldine Thorne ’81 Judy Thorne Leamon Thornton ’60 Charles Thorpe Charles Thorpe ’59 and Edna Thorpe ’60 Linnetta Threatt Thomas Tiemann Winifred Tillery ’53 David Tilley Aija Tingling ’05 Fred Tinsley and Jewellynne Tinsley


Glenn A. Todd ’75 and Deborah A. Todd ’ 84 Frank Toliver Ryne M. Toole ’13 Brenda Toomer ’09 Bernard Torain ’73 ’83 K. M. Torain Cheryl Townsend Lloyd Townsend Richard and Pamela Townsend Susan Trabka Crystal Triplett Joan Tropnas Robert and Shirby Trotter Robert Trowers Chuvalo Truesdell Monica Tsotetsi Julie Tucker ’04 Marion Tucker George Tukey and Melissa Tukey ’90 Alfonso Tundidor John Turman Brendell Turner ’71 Christy Turner Frances Turner James Turner Sharon Turner ’95 Theresa Turner ’93 William D. Turner ’62 William M. Turner Hope Tyehimba Ethel Tyree Douglas Tyson Lolethia Underdue Lamont Upperman ’73 and Gertrude Upperman Beverly Vance Jonathan Vance David Vandevusse Earlie Vanhook Josephus Vanhook Melvin Vass ’59 Beatrice Vasser ’54 Glenn Veit ’88 Alease Venable David Vereen Wanda Verreault Joyce Vestal Carolyn Vincent Drewry Vincent ’83 and Teresa Vincent Frances Vines A. Vogt and Mary Vogt Frederick Vosburgh Ruth Wade ’61 Kathleen Walchle Gerald Walden ’01 Nancy Walden Meshia Todd ’02 Abbie Walker ’56 ’65 Alice Walker ’63 Courtney Walker ’05 Gladys Walker ’71 Tavius Walker ’00 John Walker and Veronica Walker

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Robin Walker-Creecy ’84 Quinton Wall ’49 ’55 George Wallace ’75 Shawn Wallace ’97 Stephen Wallis Keely Walston Kimothy Walston Isis Walton Diana Wang Yan Wang Acie Ward ’75 Audrey Ward ’78 Charles Ward Horace Ward ’55 Tomeka Ward-Satterfield Angeline Warren Linda Warren Anthony Grasty and Pia Grasty ’92 Clarence Washington ’59 Judith Washington ’77 Robbin Washington ’70 and Ann Washington Roger Washington Herbert Watkins ’65 and Mary Watkins ’65 Melton Ellerby and Luredean Ellerby ’90 Brenda Watson ’70 and Bobby Watson Geraldine Watson ’57 Vernaline Watson ’64 ’68 Carrol Watts Leroy Way Jr. ’78 and Sudie Way ’74 Laverne Weatherly Karen Weaver ’74 Wanda Weaver Gizette Webb Joe Webster Louise Weeks ’71 and Willie Weeks Nancy Wehling James Weiss Vernetta Wells Dave West ’72 and Rene West Mary West ’69 Cherie Westmoreland Jane Wettach Carmel Wheaton Vada Whitaker Anne White Barbara White ’97 Benjamin White Bobby White Delores White ’80 Erica White ’96 Frank White and Margaret White Gloria White Irene White ’63 Jack White Lee White and Thalia White Michelle White ’90 Monica White Monya White ’72

Harry White and Shauntae White Thalia White Lenzola Whitehead Shirley Whitesides David Whitfield ’94 Mary Williams ’04 Peggy Whiting Teresa Whitley Bonnie Whitmore Maxine Whitney Jennie Whitt ’63 ’65 James Whittaker ’74 Roland Whitted Paul Whtiting Vernice Whyms ’67 ’00 Arneta Wicker ’83 Bennie Wicker Michelle Wicker ’97 Leslie Wickham ’83 Mark Wiesner Jean Wiggins Jesse Wiggins Margarine Wiggins Mitchell Wiggins Kelvin Wilder Betty Wilkins Avis Wilkinson ’79 E. A. Wilkinson Oscar J. William Alfred Williams Allie Williams Bobbie Williams Celestine Williams Cicero Williams ’79 ’87 Clarence Williams ’61 ’65 ’85 Dexter Williams ’79 Diane Williams Dyann Williams Frances Williams ’68 Fred Williams George Williams Ginger Williams James Williams ’64 and Hazel Williams ’63 James Williams Jean Williams Larry Williams and Jo Ann Williams ’80 John Williams and Mona Couts Joy Williams Joyce Williams Kent A. Williams Jr. ’09 ’13 Kimberly Williams ’95 Edward Williams and Lois Williams ’64 McArthur Williams Sandra Williams Willie Williams ’69 Joyce Williams-Green ’70 Tiffany Williams-Jennings ’95 and Mae J. Williams ’65 David Williamson Mary Williamson ’65 Nathalae Williamson Samuel Williamson Jr. ’64

Catherine Williamson-Hardy ’88 ’93 Mike Willis Priscilla Wills ’83 Clarence Wilson and Melverleen Wilson Daniel and Connie Wilson EricK Wilson Evelyn Wilson ’64 George Wilson Grace Wilson ’85 ’93 Jairus Wilson Janie Wilson Jevon Wilson ’94 Leslie Wilson Valerie Wilson Velma Wilson ’58 Tawana Wilson-Allen ’72 N.D. Wilson-Taylor Brandon Winford Elizabeth Wing Chantal Winston ’05 ’13 Dorothy Winston Levone Winston ’88 Ida Witherspoon ’60 Aaron Wofford Kimberly Womack-Dockery ’93 James Womble ’78 Charles Wood ’65 Stephen Woodard Alvin Woods Curtis Woods Cynthia Woods Claretha Woody ’77 Mildred Woolfolk ’82 Thomas Woolfolk ’68 Wanda Wooten Brown Lashawn Wordlaw-Stinson Christian Wortham Leroy Wray ’02 Donald Wright Ronald Wright and Edith Wright ’66 Gwendolyn Wright Kittye Wright Pamela Wright ’79 Phail Wynn and Peggy Wynn ’04 Robin Wynn Pyles ’86 Esther Yamaoka ’93 Marilyn Yancey Tiffany Yancey ’01 Mark Yarboro ’82 Theodore Yarboro Paquita Yarborough Li-An Yeh Douglas Young Monique Young Sandra Young ’70 ’75 Furaha Youngblood Jianliang Zhang Diane Zimmerman

SUPPORTER _________________ Darryl Aaron Melissa Acevedo ’97

Susie Acklin Edward Adams Emile and Myrna Adams Evelyn Adams ’82 Lonnie Adams ’58 Emile and Myrna Adams Tereon Adams ’00 Jacquelyn Adcock Donald Adderly Debra Adkins Georgia Agee Dnima Ahemn Maureen Ahmad Syed Ahmad ’09 Mohammad Ahmed Ann-Margaret ’95 Charlotte Alexander Daniel Alexander LaKenya Alexander Latavia Alexander ’12 Samuel Alexander ’79 Abdul Ali ’70 India Ali ’13 Beverly Allen Bobby Allen ’92 Samuel and Carol Allen Courtney Allen Jean Allen Linda Allen Renae’ Allen ’99 Roslyn Allen Susie Allen ’08 Vanessa Allen ’91 Kathryn Allen-Curry ’60 Tammie Allen-Pulley Pamela Allison Catherine Allsbrook Tara Almonte Fleta Alston Keith Alston Mamie Alston ’55 Amy Amador Harry Amana Terrie Ames Bonnie Ammons Rahesha Amon ’93 Lisa Amundson Barbara Anderson Cha’ssem Anderson ’00 Doretta Anderson ’73 Fred Anderson Jacinda Anderson ’02 Sharon Anderson ’78 Sylvia Anderson Terrell Anderson Walter Anderson Tasha Andrews ’07 Thomas Andrews Kimberly Anthony ’00 Takeia Anthony ’10 Trevor Archer Pashuan Armond James Armstrong Jason Armstrong ’74 Jennifer Armstrong Jeanette Armwood Sharonda Arnold ’05

Brenda Asbury ’73 Charles Asbury Robert Asbury Margaret Ashworth Betty Atcherson Gregory Atkins Mattie Atkins Brenda Atwater David Auerbach Morris Autry ’80 Arthur Axelbank and Susan Axelbank Carol Ayres Michelle Babbit Steven and Margaret Bachenheimer Vaughn Badger Sharon Bagby Tammy Baggett ’66 Jacob Bagley Sharilyn Bagley-Hamm ’84 Hurshell Baguette Oliver Bagwell Jeene Bailey Melvin Bailey Sandra Bailey Willis Baird ’52 Angela Baker Ashley Baker Danisa Baker Ivy Baker ’92 Nathaniel Baker ’73 Howard Baldwin Maurice Baldwin Anita Ballard Chuck Ballen Vera Balmer Olufemi Balogun Robert Banks Pauline Barbee Rod Barbee James Barbour Kennnedy Barkley Barry Barnes Bridget Barnes Denise Barnes ’90 Niguel Barnes ’77 Kristina Barney David Barnhill ’81 Donald Barringer ’02 ’04 Daniel R. Barrow Jennifer Barrow John Bartlett and Chris Bartlett Patricia Bartlett Linda Bass Saundra Bass ’75 and Roy Bass Tanya Bass Tia Bass Kimberly Bassett ’90 Joan Bass-Evans Glenna Batson Andrew Battisto Beryl Battle Darcel Battle ’98 Emma Battle

Corporate Scholarship Pays Dividends for Future Entrepreneur University Honors Program student and School of Business senior ERIM AKPAN, 21, is not afraid of a challenge. So she hesitated only slightly before agreeing to apply for an Educational Testing Service (ETS) Presidential Scholarship. The prestigious award is given annually to eight students attending historically black colleges and universities by ETS, the company that administers wellknown academic tests such as SAT, GRE and AP. The winners receive full-tuition scholarships for a year, along with a living stipend and the opportunity to visit Princeton, N.J., to engage with company mentors and present ideas at the ETS annual conference. The application process was rigorous. Akpan, a native of Durham, N.C., had to secure four positive recommendations to accompany her application, including one from the university chancellor, and write six essays. When the winners were announced, she was one of two North Carolinians chosen for the award. At the ETS conference in Princeton, N.J., Akpan made a presentation about her business concentration: entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurship is something people talk about but don’t always understand,” Akpan explains. “It’s all about making something happen.” Scholarships can have the same effect on students, igniting a burst of achievement that propels them further toward their dreams. t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


giving by individuals Elaine Bauman Grayson Baur Susan Baylies Eve Beamon Audrey Beard Glennie Beasley ’74 David Beattie Robert Beck Theodis Beck ’70 Claudia Becker Jeanette Beckwith Barbara Belangerb ’74 Linda Belans Esther Belikoff Joyce Bell Kia Bell Linda Bell Maurice Bell ’69 ’70 Paula Bell ’08 Thelma Bell Donna Bellamy ’89 Hilda Bellamy Denise Belle ’00 Charles Bellinger ’72 and Charlene Bellinger Jessie Benjamin Alice Bennett Gillettie Bennett ’86 Tonya Bennett ’92 Trude Bennett Melissa Bent Thomas Benton Damien Berahzer Ari Berenbaum Anne Berkley Malcom Berry ’80 Tina Berryman Lynwood Best ’80 ’07 Priscilla Best ’67 LaTasha Best-Gaddy Jerome Bias Neto Biez Joseph Biggs Stephany Biggs Latifa Bikdash Brandye Birdsall ’13 Arnathan Bishop Diane Bishop John Bishop Richard Blackburn Minnie Blackwell Xantippe Blackwell Jason Blalock Ronita Bland Michael Blanford ’00 Charles Blanton John Bloomenthal Lanier Blum Jalen Bobbitt Margaret Bockting Cheryl Boddie Sheena T. Boddie Kimberly Boies Thomas Boles ’91 ’98 Doris Bonaparte Yvette Bonaparte John Bonas


Ollie Bond ’58 Pamela Bond ’01 Sharon Bond Stuart Bondurant Angela Bonner Ja’Mareia Bonner Joyce Bonner ’91 ’00 Elijah Booker Jacqueline Booker Linda Booker Kristina Bookman Carolyn Boone Connie Boone Donald Boone Norma Boone ’92 Tia Boone Vernon Boone Danielle Boose DaQuan Bordeaux Betty Borden ’74 Jeffrey Borden Charles Bostic ’77 Gloria Bostic Jesse Boston ’76 Venus Boston ’12 Camille Washington ’84 Ethel Bounsell Shellie Bowers Lewis Bowling Latanya Bowman Ryand Bowman Billy Boyd Carolyn Boyd Lucy Boyd ’11 Amber Boyd-Miller Wanda Boykin ’65 Pauletta Bracy Marie Bradford ’96 Renee Bradford and Spencer Bradford Spencer Bradford Donovan Bradley ’09 Jonathan Bradley Amber Bradshaw Priscilla Bradsher Cleta Bradwell ’73 Sallie Brand Dwayne Brandon Leroy Brandon Lela Bratcher Yolanda Bratcher Hope Breeze Vera Breeze Sequitta Bress Damario D. Brice Evette Bridges Dolores Bridgette ’67 Lynn Bridgman Pamela Bright Alan Brinkley Jane Brinkley Derek Brinson Quebbie Brinson Jr. Ilene Britt ’68 Janet F. Britt Kayla Britt Carolyn Britton ’54

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Yolanda Broadie Kenneth Broadway Ann Brock Billy Brockington Miriam Brodersen Rhonda Brodie Crystal Brooks ’10 ’14 Keesha Brooks Larita Brooks Mason Brooks ’68 Travis Brooks Elaine Brothers George Brothers Alice Brower Dot Brower ’73 Ajiah Brown Aviance Brown Bobby Brown Brenda Brown ’06 Candice Brown Cassandra Brown Cynthia Brown ’88 Deborah Brown Denise Brown Douglas Brown Dyral Brown Florence Brown ’62 Jacqueline S. Brown ’00 Janice Brown Jennifer Brown Karen K. Brown Keoshia Brown Kian Brown Kizzy Brown Latonya Brown Melva Brown Minnie Brown Nadirah Brown Percel Brown ’70 Shannon Brown ’13 Tony Brown Travis Brown Westra Brown ToNola Brown-Bland Terrell Brownlee Melody Brown-Peyton Lousie Brunson James Bryan Jennier Bryan Mia Bryan ’88 James Bryant Maggie Bryant ’38 Wilbert Bryant Christopher Buckner Kevin Buczek Elizabeth Bullen Alfred Bullock Juanita Bullock Thomas Bullock ’83 Stephanie Bullock-Parker Johnnie Bumpass Larry Bumpass Priscilla Bumphus Sheila Bunch Merelyn Bunn Priscilla Burcham David Burgess

Patricia Burgess ’99 Patrick Burkart Matthew Burkert Benton Burnett ’67 Jesse Burnett Belinda Burnette J. A. Burrell Kimberly Burrell ’99 Ollie Burrell Jr. ’75 Phyllis Burrell Angelique Burris ’91 Geraldine Burroughs Rudy Burt Shirlina Burwell Andrea Bush Ellen Bush Michael Bush ’03 Philip Bushnell Mary Butler ’69 Lora Bynum ’09 Valerie Bynum Thompson Alethea Byrd Maleek Byrd Maria Byrd Shirley Byrd Celeste Byrnes Caroline Cahan Donnell Caldwell Fredicia Caldwell Jemesha Caldwell ’05 Kevin Calmann Anne Cameron Cecelia Cameron ’76 Wendell Camp Oriana Campanelli-Decelles Christopher Campbell ’92 Diane Campbell ’11 Eunice Campbell Frank Campbell Regina Campbell Shari Campbell Daryl Campbell-Pierre Horace Canady III ’08 ’12 Saria Canady ’04 Wynessa Cannady Patricia Canovai Kendra Cardwell Lisa Carl Corrisse Carlton Timothy Carlton Lora Carmicle Elaine Carmon Antoine Carnes Rose Carolton-Gaines ’67 Jermey Carpenter Rhonda Carpenter ’83 Annette Carrington Larry Carroll Malcolm Carroll Cynthia Carter Evelyn Carter ’64 Gloria Carter Jerry Carter Robert Carter Tina Carter Zainya Carter Jason Casden

Pierce Cassedy Treby Cates ’69 William Caudle Kalamu Chache Ronnie Chalmers ’03 Ernelle Chamberlin Brett Chambers ’02 Kenneth Chambers Virginia Chambers Devin Champion Lemile Chandler Theresa Chapman Jennifer Charles Walter Charles Ashesh Chatterjee Pradeep Chatterjee Helen Chavious ’65** Geneva Chavis Kanawha Chavis Richard Chavis Cessaly Cheatham Patricia Cheatham Katherine Cheek Clara Cheltenham Tanja Cherry LA Chesson Catherine Chiappetta Scott Chilcote Schelley Childress Allison Chrestensen Patricia Christmas ’11 Charles Ciaffone Nancy R. Ciaffone Sandra Cianciolo Cathy Clabby Kevin Claiborne ’12 Sandra Clariett Bobbie Clark ’77 Brenda Clark Edward Clark Henry Clark ’65 ’81 James Clark Jonathan Clark Nancy Clark Van Clark Ronnie Clarke Victoria Clarkson April Clawson ’11 Rosetta Clay Tawanda Clay Kristina Clayton Pamela Cleland Marilyn Clements ’74 Eddy Clemons Dquayvion Cloud Shakiya Cloud Michael Clow Jeffery Cobb Nicole Cobb Jasmine Cobbs David Cockrell Blair Cody ’00 Tamula Coffey Edna Cogdell ’90 George Cohen Susan Cohen Derrick Cohens **Deceased


76% 69% Danielle Colbert-Lewis Sean Colbert-Lewis Cathy Cole Oliver Cole Calvin Coleman ’10 Dwain Coleman ’81 Sharon Coleman Chanel Coley Fiona Colin Hester Collier Doris Collins ’57 Roger Collins Lauren Colston Tyrone Comegys ’81 John Comer Helen Compton Bryan Conklin Albert Conner ’66 W. David Conner Paul Conroy Raymond Conroy Bobby Cooke ’85 Harry Cooke ’93 Alexis Cooper Annie Cooper ’61 ’79 Billy Cooper Candace Cooper Evelyn Cooper Frederick Cooper Gerald Cooper J. Sileg Cooper Katashia Cooper Montavis Cooper Stephanie Cooper Wallace Cooper Sheena Coples ’05 Bernice Coppedge ’56 Regina Corbett Andrea Corbett Sample Carol Corbi Nickayla Corbin Theodosia Cortale-Dunn ’71 Shelley Cosner-Wald Christin Cotten ’11 Denise Cotten Leon Cotton




Michael Cotton Anderson Council ’66 ’69 Janice Covington Jeanette Covington Caroline Cox Paul W. Cox Roy Cox Tiffany Cox Tyrone Cox ’94 and Birshari Cox Joseph Cox-McMahon Robert Crabill Guy Crabtree Bryan Craig LaKaya Craig Brenda Cranke ’69 David Cratty and Gayle Cratty Albert Crawford Ashley Crawford ’10 Gisele Crawford Tahirah Crawford Wendy Creasey Alisia Credle ’05 ’12 Jamar Creech ’10 Kenneth Crews LaKeisha Crews William Crews ’78 Curtis Cribb James R. Crisp Janet Crisp Adrienne Cromwell Allen Cross Benjamin Crowe Tony Cruse LeeAnn Crush Tyechia Culmer Bria Culp ’00 Rodney Cunningham ’92 Shelred Cunningham ’61 John Curry Jacquim Curtis ’13 John Curtis Doris Cutherell Karen Dacons-Brock ’93 Sarah Danaher

Bennett Dancy Srinivasa Dandepally Gladys Dandridge Henry Daniel Herbert Daniel ’79 and Alma Daniel ’84 Christopher Daniels Jody Daniels Karen Daniels Kisha Daniels Larry Daniels ’11 Sadie Daniels Thaddeus Daniels Margaret Darby Jalen Darden Kahliyah Darden Erica Daves Jeffrey Davidson Beth Davis Carla Davis Christopher Davis Clarence Davis Cleo Davis ’69 Clevonne Davis Donna Davis Felicia Davis ’84 Glenda Davis Joe Davis Joesph Davis Kelli Davis Kendra Davis Kenneth Davis Kurtis Davis Laretha Davis Larry Davis ’72 Lula Davis Marian Davis Pamela Davis Ralph Davis ’99 Requan Davis Shannon B. Davis Sharyn Davis ’83 Shirley Davis Stephanie Davis Tianitia Davis Nikia Davis-Green ’98

Rosada Davis-Layne ’69 Salena Davis-Woods Alexander Dawson Jr. Alshadera Dawson Elaine Dawson G. Dawson Siobahn Day ’09 Aaron Daye Camille Daye Danny Daye Edward Daye Toya Daye Willie Daye Anthony DeAngelo Shantel Deans Nequeela Deas-Blanton John Deberry Evelyn Deck ’67 Kimberly Dedmon ’05 Saundra Degeneste Boris DeLaine Glaire Delancy Ida Delaney Denise DeLapp Joseph DeLuca Mary Dempson ’74 Alvin Dennis Kenneth Dennis and Jovetta Dennis ’89 Mary Desharnais Donald Devane Sujayalakshmi Devarayasamudram Sherry Devries Agnes Dewitt Claudia Di Bona ’94 Matthew Dickens and Cottis Dickens Matthew Dickens James Dickerson Patricia Dickinson Joseph Diepenbrock Audrey Difilippo Michelle Digsby Judy Dillard Enrique Dimas Martha Dimes Kai Ding Tomas Ding Dian Dingle Brandon Dinkins Corey Dinkins ’09 Barbara Dixon Dorothy Dixon ’68 ’74 Sandra Dixon ’72 ’74 Michael Doan Kimberly B. Dobson Lewis Dodson ’02 Zachary Dodson Linda Doleman Peggy Donald ’55 Xiuli Dong Deborah Dorsett Elvert Dorsey ’73 Catrina DosReis Mae Doss T. G. Doucette ’12

Kenneth Douglas Linda Douglas and Kenneth Douglas William R. Douglas Lillian Downey Dorothy Doyle Ricoya Dozier Wilfred Drake Thornton Draper Robert Drayton ’02 Jim and Anne Drennan Paula Drew-Estes David J. Drutz Cynthia Duarte Jed Dube Shirley Dudley Faye Duffin Nicole Duggins Stacie Dukes Mia Dulin Jabar D. Duncan ’09 Letisha Duncan ’05 Daisy Duncan-Foster Amelia Dunn Ashleigh Dunston Gladys Dunston Phillip Dupree Shannon Dupree Khalil Eaddy Lorretta Easley Gipson Kenya Easley ’08 Jarrett Eason Thomas East and Joan East Kendra Eaton Melanie Eberhart David Eckert Erin Eckert William Eddleman Gwendolyn Eddy Matthew Edge Stephen Edgerton ’98 Lawrence Edmendson ’01 Jerry Edmond Benjamin Edwards Brian Edwards E.D. Edwards Kimberly Edwards Malik Edwards Mary Edwards Stephen Edwin Irvin Eisen ’91 Salimah El-Amin Wallecia Eley Sanya Eller ’93 Joyce Ellington Jeffrey Elliott Charles Ellis and Jacqueline Ellis ’81 James Ellis Jr. Lilla Ellison William Ellison Andrew Elman Harriet T. Elmore-Wilks ’83 Phillip Emenogu William Ennis Mary Enoch John Ervin ’89 ’11

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


giving by individuals Jimmy Espada Maria Espitia LeRoy Etheridge Ronnie and Brenda Evans David Evans Dianne Evans ’78 Lemuel Evans ’56 Michael Evans Richard Evans Ronnie Evans Tanya Evans Patrica Evans-Thomas ’66 Arthur Everett Edwin Everheart James Everitt Alexis Faison Joel Faison ’94 Vernice Faison Barbara Falana ’03 Bria Farmer Bruce Farmer Garrison Farmer Linda Farmer Michael Farmer ’77 Felicia Farrar Gregory Farrington Tijuanda Farrington Nathan Farrior Dionne Farris Audrey Farrish-Lane Betty Faucette Gerald Featherstone Felicia D. Felton-Lewis Erica Fennell Sandra Fennell Eliza Ferguson Arnold Fields Loreathea Fields Stephen Fields ’83 Annie Branch Laura Filson Paul Finkel Charles Fiore Joe Fiore Julia Fiore Thomas Fiore Kymberly Fisher David L. Fitts Jr. ’10 ’11 James Fitts Sheneshia Fitts George Fitz-Hugh’ 94 William Flagler Jodie Fleming Dorothy Fleming-Brown ’69 Winston Fletcher ’62 and Sigredda Fletcher ’58 ’62 Matthew Floding Barbara Flood Dudley Flood ’54 Liza Flores Maria Flores-Estrada Vivian Flournoy ’01 Minnjuan Flournoy-Floyd ’01 and Vivian Flournoy ’01 Richard Flowe Camille Flowers


Nakisha Floyd Charlene Foley Sylvester Fontenelle Steven Forbres Peggy Force Brianna Ford Christopher Ford Jeanne Ford ’98 Steven Ford Minnie Fort Deborah Fortune Nicholas Fortune Spence M. Foscue Alice Foster-Gales Julie Fountain Donna Fowler Ciera Fox Horatio Fox Laurie Fox Mildred Fox Tania Fox Lorri Foy Mary Foy Jane Francis Michael O. Francis Consuela Francis Williams ’99 Nyasia Franklin William Frauenselder Joanne Frazer Theodore Frazer Ronmeisha Frederick Daryl Freedman Montre Freedom Russell Freeman and Diana Freeman ’91 James Freeman Janie Freeman Stephanie Freeman Causaunda French ’72 Olivia French Pamela French Rufus French M. Frenzel Alfred Friedrich and Denise Friedrich ’92 Stefanie Frigo Joseph Fryar ’62 Charletta Fuller Charlotte Fuller Fredric Fuller Linda Fullwood ’72 Chelsea Fulmore Carl Funderburk Darrell Furgess Matthew Fussell James Fyfe Adrian Gaddis Audrey Gaddy ’92 Jamie Gainey ’11 LaQuisha R. Galloway Jonsie Gantt Ellen Garguilo Stephen Garlington Claude Garner Ann Garrett Christina N. Garrett

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Derrick Garrett Marion Garrett ’66 Sean Garris Jo Garrison Edward Garvey MacKenzie Garvin Joe Garza Renee Gaskin-Martin Sharon Gaston Elizabeth Gatchel TaWanna Gates ’83 Crenicia Gaunt Helen Gay Robert Gelblum and Mary Gelblum James Gemborys Yan Geng Alice George ’60 Pamela George Takeisha George Chernee Gerald Constance Gerald Fred Gerkins London Germ Ariel Germain Kevin Gerrish and Patricia Bauman Jerry Gershenhorn ’91 Arian Gibson Clifford Gibson Jesse Gibson Le’Asia Gibson Selma Gibson Timothy Gibson ’04 and Kate Sturdivant Gibson ’08 Mayi Gil Carla Gilchrist Grafton Gilchrist ’69 James Giles Wadad Giles ’89 Doreen Gilliam Tijr Gilliam Paul Gilster Willa Glaspie Denise Glass Nan Glass Wykeshia Glass Geoffrey Gledhill ’75 Laura Glisson Beryl Glover-Lugo Michael Glynn Dori Gobezye Gloria Godwin Charles Goins Elizabeth Gold Peter Goldberg Patrice Goldmon Ronald Goldstein Richard Goldthwaite C. Reid Gonella DeShawna Gooch ’98 Denzel Goodlin Verna Goodman Jerome Goodwin ’76 Paradise Goodwin-Taylor Deborah Goodwyn ’73 D. Gordon

Tyna Gordon Dina D. Gorham Tamahl J. Gorham ’07 Roslyn Grace Daniel Graham Devin M. Sanders ’06 Hervey Graham Jeremy Graham ’94 Nathan Graham Shanetal Graham Twanna Graham Marsha Graham-Ali Jody Grandy Carolyn Grant Gloria Grant ’52 Jacqueline Grant Terri Grant Kenneth Graves Lorraine Graves Michael Graves Millicent Graves Harry and Rebecca Gray Jessica Grazen George Greeley Asia Green Carolyn Green Edward Green ’98 Erica Green ’12 Lois Green Ruby Green Shanice Green Sherrie Green Stephanie Green ’96 Lawrence Greenblatt Cuttina Greene ’95 Stephen Greene Virginia Greene Natasha Greene-Leathers Aaron Greenhood Robert Greenlandx Leroy Gregory Martha Grice Denaa’ Griffin Joyce Griffin Charles Grimes Joyce Grimes Karen Grimwood Robert Gringle Cynthia Grissom ’03 Willie Grissom ’64 and Mary Grissom ’61 Ronald Groene Neeta Gropper Lynne Grossman Richard Gruber Ron Grunwald Kali Guest Xavier Guions Dannie Gullett Henry Gunn Barbara Gunter ’54 Marilyn Gunter ’70 Lei Guo Felicia Gupton Yvonne Guyton Evelyn Hagans Creft Haggins ’66

Emma Jean Haggins ’72 Jamil Haider Melanie Haile ’85 Conova Hairston John Halifax Frederick Hall William Hall Mary Halloran Deandrea Hamer Anthony Hames Donald Hamm Bruce and JoAnn Hammer Lenora Helm Hammonds Lawrence Hampton ’57 Thomas Hampton ’80 Florence Handy Billie Hanes ’77 Aretha Hankinson Audrey Hankinson John Hanks Nancy Hanley Valeria Hannah Grover Hannon and Mary Hannon Katie Hanschke Rachel Hardy Samantha Hargrove Deloris Hargrow Anna Harkley ’54 Barbara Harper ’59 Carla Harper Cheri Harrell Janie Harrell ’87 Joseph ’72 and Cheri Harrell Kevin Harrell Margaret Harrington Altise Harris ’77 Amber Harris Amy Harris ’94 Arnissa Harris Barbara Harris Carol Harris Carole Harris Donna Harris Dwight Harris Esther Harris Georgette Harris James Harris Lori Harris Margo Harris Marsha Harris Martha Harris Melanie Harris Odessa Harris Ronald Harris Trudy Harris-Adeeyo Bo Harrison Felecia Harrison Paula Harrison Richard Harrison Ricky Harrison ’89 and Tawanda Harrison ’98 Warnetta Harrison Mary Harrison-Stinnett ’82 Joan Harshbarger Natalie Hartman

I received scholarship offers from other schools but none compared to NCCU. Attending NCCU is the best decision I could have made.” — ELLESEA TAYLOR, Chancellor’s Scholar Tana Hartman Dana Hart-Raynor ’05 ’12 Amari Hartsfield John Harvey Jane Harwell Barbara Hasty Berkshire Hathaway James Haverkamp Laurence Hawkins ’89 Michael Hawkins James Hawley Tueresa Hayden Henry Hayes ’64 Lottie Hayes ’60 Phillip Hayes Mark Hazelrigg Wendy Hazelton Gregory Headen and Kathleen Headen ’70 Dorethea Headen-Watson Chris Heagarty ’10 Darius Heard Mia P. Heard George Hearn Adrienne Heath Roderick Heath Stacey Heath Garnell Heggie Bobby Heggins Bridget Height-Williams ’94 Niki Helms Paul Hemphill Edward and Brenda Henderson Gary Henderson Randolph Henderson Shannon Hendricks G. Hendrix Jurgen Henn Angela Kessler ’92 Chanele Henry-Jackson Sharnia Herbin Doris Herrell Kimberly Herron Deborah Hester Nathaniel Hewitt Robert Hewitt Vicki Hewitt-McNeil Donna Hewlin Lisa Hibbert Anissa Hicklen ’94 ’03 Shawn Hicklen ’94 and Anissa Hicklen ’94 ’03 Ollie Hickman ’66 Trasha Hickman Brandon Hicks ’12 Carol Hicks Iris Hicks Jaleesa Hicks Jeremy Hicks

Kianda Hicks Yolanda Hicks Regina Hicks-Coleman Lillie Highsmith Yvonne Highsmith Andrea Hill Annette Hill Annie Hill ’85 ’12 Braxton Hill ’70 and Annie Hill ’63 Bobby Hill ’91 Charles Hill ’76 Deandra Hill Dessena Hill Harold Hill Khiry Hill ’13 Linda Hill ’81 Melissa Hill William Hill Sabrina Hill-Black ’94 Nancy Hillsman ’14 Natalie Hinds-Scott Quwaisha Hines Alonzo and Shirley Hines ’75 Tiya Hines Sherry Hinnant Edna Hinton Tiffany Hinton Jay Hitchens Maria Hitt Melissa Hlavac Gassennie Hodge ’65 John Hodge Oliver Hodge Michele Hodgson Courtland Hoggard Nadena Holden ’55 Twanece Holden Marian Holiday-White Laura Holland Sharon Holland Tatyanna Holley Vivian Holliday ’74 Beverly Hollingsworth Darrion Holloway Gloria Holloway Kim Holloway ’12 Vivian Holmes Rebecca Holt April Homer John Honor Barbara Hood Chandra Hooks Katina Hooks Kemba Hopkins Kishka Hopkins Linda Hopkins ’13 Patrice Hopkins ’01 Angelo Horiates

Laurence Horne Alan Horton Kelly Horton Zakir Hossain Blaire Houston Dwayne Houston Montae Howard Pamela Howard Stephanie Howard John Howell LaDonna Howell Melinda Hsu Xiaoyan Huang Xinyu Huang Helen Hudson ’60 Hugh A. Hudson Mariel Huger Letitia Huger-Hill Priscilla Huggins Samantha Huggins ’90 Diebold Hughes Layne Hulet Lance Hulme Daniel Humphrey Lora Humphrey Denise Humphries Freek Hunsel Roy Hunt Helen Hunter Cox Deborah Hunter Lamitha Hunter ’81 Rachel Hunter ’75 Shirley Hunter ’94 Shirley Hurdle Keith P. Hurka-Owen Charles Hurlbert and Sharon Spencer ’85 Keisha Hurst ’97 Vickie Hussey Darryl Hylton ’83 Betty Hyman Mirna Inestroza Meraz John Ingersoll Tom Ingram Victor Ingram Lewis Isaac Khalid Ishaq Mary Ishaq Raghavan Iyengar Alasea Jackson Anthony Jackson Brittany Jackson Doris Jackson ’48 George Jackson Gertrude Jackson Karen Jackson Kevin Jackson Matt Jackson Ronnie Jackson

Sanford Jacobs Sheena Jacobs Gearleen James ’70 Osaffo James Tyronne James Ilana Janovich Leah Jansen Thelma January ’65 Melanie Jarvis James Jefferson Jr. ’09 Harold Jeffreys III ’66 ’71 Tonya Jeffreys ’83 Keith Jenkins Miranda Jenkins Jaamal Jennings Marci Jennings Harry Jensen Thomas Jepsen Elizabeth Jewell Vickie Jiles Paul Joffrion Alicia John Aaron Johnson Allene Johnson ’54 Antoniquan Johnson Barry Johnson Barthonie Johnson Bonnie Johnson Brinda Johnson ’84 Candace Johnson Casi Johnson ’13 Curtis Johnson ’91 Dana Johnson Demiah Johnson Dorothy Johnson Dwayne Johnson George Johnson Henry Johnson Ida Johnson ’73 Israel Johnson ’12 Jerel Johnson Joanne Johnson Katherine Johnson Kenneth Johnson Krystal Johnson Lauren Johnson Leroy Johnson Jr. M. Mateel Johnson Marquita Johnson ’02 Melvin Johnson Reginald Johnson Robert Johnson Sheena Johnson Stewart Johnson Thomas Johnson Tia Johnson ’05 Tiffany Johnson Wanda Johnson ’82 Adrian Jones ’02

Alenda Jones Anthony Jones Asante’ Jones Belinda Jones Betty Jones Camesha Jones ’00 Carl Jones Carlton Jones Cassandra Jones Chloe Jones Christopher Jones ’09 ’13 Cotina Jones Dominique Jones Doris Jones Earlene Jones Ebony Jones ’11 Edward G. Jones Henrietta Jones ’62 Hilda Jones Janay Jones Jason Jones Jim Jones Kristina Jones Kyonna Jones Linda Jones Mae Jones Mark Jones Mike Jones Patricia A. Jones Reginald Jones Russhion Jones Shanika Jones Teresa Jones Vickie R. Jones ’11 Helen Jones-Bond Kimberly Jones-Tippett Jouene Jones-Walker ’85 Dee Jordan Jacquelyn Jordan Rebecca Jordan Rodney Jordan Steven Joyce Juls Joyner Carletta Judd ’74 Carla W. Jukes Jin Jung Tau Kadhi Justin Kaiser Chris Kaman Mina Kamberos Martin Kamela Erastus Karanja Javad Kargar Marian Kaslovsky Peter Kay JaNassa Kearney Karen Keaton-Jackson Lizzie Kee Paul Keene ’11

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


giving by individuals Tiarra Keesee Kimberly Thompson ’01 Jay Kelderman Susan Kelemen James Keller Deidre L. Kelly Iva Kelly James Kelly Jaren Kelly Kristene Kelly Latasha Kelly Shirmonicah Kelly Alexis Kemp Darrell Kemp Dewitt Kennard Gene Kennedy ’63 Kaela Kennedy Sheila Kerrigan Anne Keyworth Ophelia Khan Shahzeel Khokhar Keisha Kidd Hae-Young Kim Christopher Kimaru Antonio King Charles King Deborah King Georgia King Gerod King ’87 Gloria King Rashawn King Devor’e Kingsley Eleanor Kinnaird ’92 Lisa Kirscht ’98 Irene Kitchcart Rick Kleinfelter Peter Klem Andrew Kligerman David Kneeburg Dwight Koeberl James Koerner
Ginnae Koon Elaine Kornegay Todd Kosmerick Joyce Kovalik Douglas Krafte Vance Kramer Maisha Kudumv Richard Kunst Megan Kunz Kyla Kurian Kuldip Kuwahara Steve Lackey Candace Lacy Jacqueline Lacy ’57 Gerald Lamb Markeeta Lamb Peyton Lambert Fred Lampe Shawne Land Karen Lander Tatiana Landrum Melvin Lane Edward Lanear and Mary Lanear Frances Langstaff Jennifer Langston Bruce Lapenson


Gerald Latta Gay Law ’97 Clara Lawson James Lawson Robert Lawson ’62 Terri Lawson ’11 Lawrence Lazarus James Leach Monica Leach Tomarius Leach Ernest Leake Barbara Leathers ’91 Chiquetta Leathers Pamela Leavy Allen Lee C. Esther Lee ’71 Eun Lee Harry Lee Ju-ahng Lee Kesha Lee ’03 Sondra Lee Latonya Leeks Andre Lee-Moye Warren D. Leggett and Lois Leggett ’68 Richard Lekwuwa Debbie Lell Michael Lemay Alice Lenker Bradshaw Lentz Gracie LeSane ’83 Paul Leslie Jasmine Lester Patricia Lester ’90 Frederick Levitt Alesha Lewis Ben Lewis Carl Lewis Eileen Lewis Floyd Lewis Glenn Lewis Jamal Lewis Jazmine Lewis Margie Lewis ’56 Ruth Lewis Tifanie Lewis Elvis and Claudine Lewis Ping Li Beghetta Liles Breonna Liles Cornelia Liles ’68 Marie Liles ’65 Fan Lin Amy Linder ’11 Lisa Lindsay Deborah Lindsey Robbie Link William Lipa Lewis Lipsitz Adrian Little Devon Little ’10 Evelyn Little Mageline Little Medora Little Robert Little Tyrone Little Yokista Little

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Alicia Littlejohn ’87 Kimberly Littlejohn Hsin-Yi Liu Erika Lively ’94 Jean Lloyd ’62 Glenda Locklear Jerry Locklear Kyndria Lofton Kimberly Logan Michael Logan Vonda Long-McFarlane Stacey Looney and David Looney Maria Lopes Chiyoko Lord Kali Love Linda Love Michael Loven Norman Lovick ’64 Lois Lowder Mike Lowder and Lois Lowder Tre’Von Lowe Alisheia Lowery Stephanie Lowry Jeuane Lucier Esther Lumsdon Rae Lundy Andre Lunsford Robert Lunsford Stephanie Lunsford Mary Lynch Frank F. Lyon II Sheron Lyon Barbara Lyons ’79 Curtis Lyons Julian Macaulay Howard Machtinger Ann Mack Jillian Mack Nancy S. Mack Tyson Mack Valor Mack ’72 ’86 Shanta MacKinnon ’99 Rose Mackritis John MacMillian John MacRonald Baheeyah Madany Catherine Mader Alan Magid Sherise Malachi Ignacio Maldonado Laurell Malone Marcelle Malone Marcus Malveau ’88 John Manley William Mann Paul Manos Betty Marable Samantheo Marcellus Amy Markin Shirrell Marks ’86 Edward Marky Hazel Marlowe Alvin Marriott ’96 Jacqueline V. Marrow Josephine Marrow ’75

Latosha Marsh Leo Marsh Deborah Marshall Shelia Marshall ’85 Tammie Marshall ’12 Cynthia Marshall-McFarland Teresa Marszal Emma Martin Eydie Martin Helen Martin Nora Martin Rae Martin Robert Martinelli Nancy Martinez Nathan Wayman Shawnda Masah Dorcas Mason Kenneth Massenburg Robert Mathes ’88 Venson Mathews Pauline Mathis Joyce Matthews Mary Matthews Trixie Matthews Ada Maxwell Meryl C. Maynor Gwendolyn Mayo Kim Mayo ’91 Katrina McAllister Wanda McAllister ’95 Breyana McArthur Philip McCabe Felita McCain Jo B. McCants ’87 ’90 Tessa McCarthy Arnold McClain Kimberly McClain Barbara McClamy Charles McCloud Marc McCook Kenyatta McCoy Taylor McCracken Iva McCrae ’47 Andrew McDaniel Douglas McDaniel Alfena McDonald Patricia McDowell Charles McEachern Brenda McEachin RaShaunda McElwaine Alicia McGee Marie McGee Daphne McGhee-Hunter Barnetta McGhee-White Janet McGrane Paula McGrann ’01 Luke McHale Michelle McIlwain Matt McKeever Janae’ McKinney Nolana McKinstry Lola McKnight ’63 Debra McKoy ’94 Dorothy McKoy ’63 Earl McKoy Paula McKoy McLamb Blue ’85

Dionne McLaughlin Rosalyn McLaughlin-Nelson Andrea McLean Vicki McLean Dominique McLendon Rebecca McLennan ’00 Brenda McLeod ’70 Janet McLin Sherree McManus Tiffany McMillan Timothy McMullen Concepta McNally Trinice McNally Stephen McNeary Vickie McNeil Cynthia McNeill ’82 Isabelle McNeill Latazja McNeill Phillip McNeill Ronnie McNeill ’75 Moses Best ’79 and Veta McNeill-Best Shelia Lee Peggy McPhail Ronnie McPhatter Sarah McPherson Kelsey McRae Kyran McShaw ’05 Crystal Meaders Hattie Medley ’54 Faustina Meheux Rodney Meheux ’79 Nancy Melamed Hayk Melikyan Julie Mell Joseph Meloche Jacqueline Melton Jameelah Melton Angela Mercer Devin B. Mercer E. Meredith Gloria Merritt Eric Meyer June Michaux ’75 Earline Middleton Jean Middleton Stephen Middleton George D. Midgett Ondin Mihalcescu Lisa Miles Taittiona Miles ’13 Brenda Miller Carolyn Miller Gyvonie Miller Jasmyne Miller Keyunda Miller ’05 KoKeita Miller LaTasha Miller Richard Miller TeAndra Miller Tijuana Miller Alicia Mills Dorian Mills Emani Mills James Mills ’81 and Von Renetta Mills ’86 Bradford Milton ’91



Adam Mincher Don Minnick Jimmy Minter Mark Mintz and Merybeth Howett Shemika Mintz Margaret Misch Asia Mitchell Brenda Mitchell ’76 Deborah Mitchell Donna Mitchell Patricia Mitchell Shelia Green Preston Mitchum ’11 Jennifer Moetului Robert Moffie Jessica Mohabir Sparkle Molyneaux Lula Monds Amber Monroe Christina Montague ’12 Carmelo Montalvo ’13 Barbara Montgomery Lilly Moody Chanee’ Moon Cawanda Moore Anthony Moore and Gloria Moore ’87 Krystina Moore Lillie Moore Marilyn Moore Marvin Moore ’83 Ronald Moore Terrence Moore ’05 Thomas Moore

Trina Moore ’85 Wanda Moore S. Annette Cox ’63 Harvey Moose R. Morales Jones Chad Morgan Tiffany Teal ’00 Willie Morgane Eric Morris ’08 Linda Morris Robert Morris Yolanda Morris ’05 Archie Morrison Constance Morris-Varnum Alonzo Morrow II ’94 Patricia Mortensen Betty Morton David Morton Cary Moskovitz Cierra Mosley Sharron Moss James Moton Jo Ann Moultrie Beth Muelder Milton Muelder Trish Mulherin Spears Mullen Rosemary Mulligan Kent Mullikin Shanice Mullins Timothy Mulrooney Selina Mumford ’79 Jennifer Munford Edson Munoz Walter Munoz

Hafsa Murad Deirdre Murphy Joyce Murphy Takira Murphy Terry Murphy Elsie Murray Sally Murrell ’71 ’73 Steven Murry Monica Musgrove Richard Musselwhite Patricia Mutch Hilda Myers Mary Nabors Bettie Nails ’89 Sadie Namis Ronnae Nash Abm Nasir Frank Navas Paul Naylor and Linda Naylor Ama’aNin Ndong Thomas Neagle Larry Neal Tertius Neal Makiko Negishi ’90 Annette Nelson Julie Nelson Maudine Nelson Reginald Neptune Alvin Nesbit Trumiller Nesbit Laurence Nessly David Neter Jerry Neville Thomas Newcomb Jimmie Newkirk ’74 Athyya Newman Chan Newman Robert Newman Lelo Ngoma Lester Nichols Janice Nicholson Portia Nicholson

Alvin Nickerson Jeffery Nieiman Jennifer Nirenberg Stacie Nixon ’05 ’09 ’08 Bettylenah Njaramba Danielle Nolen Damond Nollan Donald Nonini Brandon Norman Brittany Norris Erma Norris Robert Northcott Carolyn Norwood Tammy Norwood Jay and Marie Novello Jeffery Novey Derrick Nuchurch Aracely Nunez-Mattocks Kadijia Nunn Quelontae Nunn Vonnie Nunnally Victor Nwanguma Wayne Oatis ’08 Samuel and Catherine Obie Jason O’Briant Karen O’Connor Rory O’Connor William O’Connor John O’Daly Shawn Odom Mary O’Donnell Jacqueline Okoh Daniel Oldman M. Oleck Brian Oliver Dominique Oliver L. Oliver Peyton Oliver Benjamin Ollison ’63 Ngozi Onoh Michael Onufer Jason Onyebuagu

Satia Orange Orok E. Orok Peter Orton Jerry Oster and Trisha Lester Destiny Owens James Owens John Oxaal Janet Oxendine Rodney Oxendine Arthur Page Garrett Page Ida Page ’71 Robert Page ’77 James Paisner Janice Palmer Richard Palmer Mahesh Panda Janice Panza ’86 Debra Pappas Jan Paris Anita K. Parker Christell Parker ’75 Cornell Parker Creola Parker Donald Parker III ’11 and Turquoise Parker ’10 Earline Parker Elizabeth Parker J. Quinton Parker Quinton Parker ’10 Samuel Parker ’75 William Parker Brittany Parkins Anne Parks Chasity Parks Henry Parks Tiffany Parms Dorian Parreott ’59 and Yvonne Parreott Robert Parris Patricia Parrish Reshea Hill ’94

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giving by individuals Jack Parson George Partlow ’66 Camille Passalacqua Premal A. Patel Taruna Patel Yogesh Patel Carolyn Patrick Gordon Patten Anthony Patterson Brandon Patterson Fernell Patterson Lisa Patterson ’00 Patricia Patterson Robert Patterson Bryan Patton ’11 Rosetta Pauling ’63 Estarlin Paulino Karen Paynter ’90 ’08 Loretha Peacock ’81 ’87 Tikiyha Peak LaDessa Pearson ’05 Angelo Peebles Kathryn Peele-Myles ’82 Jonathan Peeler Dale Pelsey-Becton ’79 Deborah Pendleton A’Sheika Penn Tasha Penner Charlene Pennington Best ‘81 Lydia Perez Artelia Perry Barbara Perry Carlton Perry ’07 and Angela Perry ’83 Charles Perry Euric Perry ’79 Josephus Perry ’89 Regina Perry Renda Perry ’73 Tinacious Perry Wendalyn Perry ’12 Francis Peterman Ronald Peterson Andrea Underwood ’05 Nina Pettice Lelia Pettyjohn ’54 Donald L. Phillips Gwendolyn Phillips Matthew Phillips Samantha Phillips Shauna Phillips Stephanie Phillips Jeffrey Pickering Davetta Pickett Cassidy Pierce Nigel P. Pierce Lucretia Pinckney Teresa Pinckney Joseph Piorkowski Grayce Pitts ’56 Steven Plair Vincent Pledger ’80 and Vernese Pledger ’79 Patricia Plummer ’84 Philip Poe James Pointer Brenda Pollard ’66


Stephen Pomeroy Jared Pone Cathy Poole Donald Poole LaRessa Poole ’87 Verine Poole ’73 Marquitta Pope Laurestine Porter ’63 Mary Porter Tierra Poteat ’11 ’12 Briana Powell James Powell Mary Powell William Powell ’66 Sandra Powers Joseph Pratt ’64 Keyona Presha Gerald Price ’84 Kweneshia Price Timothy Price Stella Pride Kimberly Pringle Michael Provencher ’14 Santese Pryor David Puckett Shannon Pugh Delois Purdie ’58 Lucille Purser Ariel Purvis Cynthia Putnam ’08 Steve Quessy Benita Quick Brent Quick Gwennella Quick Sharon Quick Theodore Quick Tiffany Quick Lisa Quick-Scarlette Alician Quinlan ’02 Jordan Quinn Pete Quinn Merry Rabb Robert Rabb Lee and Trish Rafalow Belinda Ragland ’84 Ronald Rahn Gwendolyn Rainer Vinita Rajan Asha Ralph ’13 Efrain Ramirez Carla Ramsdell Calvin Ramseur Deondra S. Ramsey Lakeisha Randall Adrian C. A. Rankin Andrian Rankin Paul Ransford Sally Ransford Ronald Ransom Michael Rapp Kim Ratliff Phyllis Ratliff Dimple Ratra Frederick Ravin, III ’05 ’07 ’12 Kenneth Ray ’83 Marlys Ray

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Shirley Ray ’93 Tracey Ray Ira Reade ’76 and Mary Reade ’73 Calvin Reaves ’09 Shirline Reaves ’86 Bruce Reavis Lena Reavis Takeisha Redd ’03 Ryan Reddick Jason Redmond Annie Reed Arthur Reese Bryana Reese Edward Reid Kenya Reid ’03 John Reilly Michael Reinke Bud Lavery Lisa Reiter-Lavery Sarah E. Reives Molly Renda Michael Render ’06 Edwin Renn Sharon Reuss David Reynolds Tomico Reynolds ’95 Jaleh Rezaie Mari Rhodes Mary Rhodes Nicole Rhone Daniel Ricca Jean Ricca Dorothy Rice Ronnie Richards Bobby Richardson ’14 Bryona Richardson Corene Richardson ’62 Linda Richardson Lynn Richardson Micheler Richardson P. Demond Richardson Rosalind Richardson Gloria Richmond Peggy Ricks William Ricks Jesse Riddick Larry Riddick Andy Riddle Clayton Riddle Saldanha Ridley ’97 Melvin Riggs Kathy Riggsbee Melvin Riley Adrian Roberson Michelle Roberts Sheila Roberts Merritt Robertson Alvin Robinson Barbara Robinson Bobby Robinson Chardayle Robinson ’71 Daniel Robinson Deborah Robinson Demetria Robinson Emmanuel Robinson George Robinson Gladys Robinson

Johnny Robinson Kristina Robinson Kenneth and Mabel Robinson Maxine Robinson Michael Robinson Shanci Robinson Sylvia Robinson ’72 Valda Robinson ’79 Willa Robinson William Robinson Ojetta Robinson-Norton Michael Rodrigues Bonita Rogers ’79 Gracie Rogers Helen Rogers Jean Rogers Jessica Rogers Marva Rogers Mary Rogers Randal Rogers Rodney Rogers Susan Rogers Nigme Romero Aspen Romeyn Maria Roper Katherine Rosania Alex Rosenberg Brianna Ross Ermagene Ross

John Ross Pamela Ross Sharon Ross Sherry Ross Tracy Ross Mark Rosso Patrick Roughen Melinda Rouillard Chenita Rountree ’00 Wendy Rountree Delia Rouse Marquitta Rouse Tia Rouse Edward Rovner Camika Royal Keith Royster Lucy Rozier Sheria Rucker Avon Ruffin ’75 Geraldine Ruffin Joseph Ruiz Jon’shel Rumley ’13 Alvin Rush Larry Russell Fred Ryals Quinton Ryan Steffany Ryan Renee Saddler Travis Sadler Lynn Sale Radeyah Saleem

Student-Giving Initiative Shows Love for NCCU In 2015, North Carolina Central University’s Student Government Association (SGA) kicked off a student-centered giving initiative that emphasized the importance of giving back to the university. The I Love My 1910 campaign teaches NCCU students the important contribution they can make by donating to their alma mater. “I am excited to bring to campus an initiative that allows all of our students to give back while we are attending the university,” said Olivia Robinson, 2015-2016 SGA president. Robinson set the goal for each student to donate at $19.10 in honor university’s founding – although donations of any amount were welcomed. When students enroll, they know they will be joining a cohort of classmates committed to making an impact on the community, the nation and the world. Students have embraced the I Love My 1910 campaign for expressing that service-oriented attitude, students say.

Eric Saliim Dawn Sanchez-Barona Ardell Sanders Brian Sanders ’91 Carl Sanders Damarus Sanders Effie Sanders Robert Sanders Velvaline Sanders ’76 Teresa Sandford Leslie Saper Samridhi Sarin William Satterfield Jr. Alice Saunders Michael and Elizabeth Savino Bernard Scales Jordan Scales Bernard and Thomasine Scales Candi Scarborough Heather Scavone ’08 David Schaevitz Miriam Schaul Scott Schlesinger Aeon Schmoock Eva Schmoock Karol Schoenbaum Jodi Schoenberger James Schooler Jr.

David Schoonmaker Lynda Schrecengost Thomas Schrecengost Joseph Schuch Darren Schuman Ashley Scott Charles Scott Dennis J. Scott Jr. ’08 Dennis Scott Ebony Scott Emilie Scott John Scott Mark Scott Melva Scott Myra Scott Ronald and Sylvia Scott Sonya Scott ’91 ’00 ’08 Vera Scott Virgil Scott Jamillah Scott-Branch ’08 Mary Scotton ’90 Malaysia Seabrooks Tia Seals Martha Sears Louis Sedaris Linda Seligman Leah Fullerton ’97 James Sessoms Mary Sewell Brenda Sexton ’71 Jonathan Sexton

“I gave because NCCU invested in me,” said LAURA REID, senior psychology student. “I believe it is important to invest back into the university to ensure that NCCU will continue to exist and to also provide students with resources.” Recreation administration major DAVID HOOBERT says students are enthusiastic about the opportunity to demonstrate their love for NCCU. “NCCU has helped me grow in every way possible,” York said. “It's important to support NCCU so others will have the same experience.” According to a report in the Journal of Public Affairs Education, student philanthropy is not only positive for universities but also has educational value, similar to service-learning – something NCCU has long embraced with its community service hours requirement. By engaging students in giving from freshman to senior year, NCCU is building a solid foundation of support from and helping secure the continued growth and success of this well-loved institution.

Keith Sexton Sabrina Seymore Maurice Seymour Jilma Shackleford Ketki Shah Jamaal Shamsuddeen Dorothy Shanklin Andrea Shapiro Lanya Shapiro Sanaa Sharrieff Gary Shaw Tre’keysha Shaw Gladys Shelton ’69 Kenneth Sherbondy and Marilyn Sherbondy Harriet Sherman ’90 Lemuel Sherman Marywinne Sherwood Lei Shi Elnora Shields ’58 Alan Shiffman Kim Shinault Jelaina Shipman Shenekaule Shipman Brenda Shivers James Shoaf Lemuel Shoffner Jimmy Short Courtney Shrader Jacqueline Shropshire ’70

Bernice Shuler Rochede Sibblies Alexander Sibley Bruce Siceloff Ronald Sieber Stephanie Sieburth Susan Siegel Gwyn Silver ’00 LaKisha Silver Michael Silver ’07 Leah J. Silverman Michael Simmons Spencer Simmons Tarryn L. Simmons ’09 Tom Simon Sue Simonds Daniel Simpkins Anthony Simpson Patricia Simpson Thomas Simpson ’60 ’71 and Sallie Simpson ’56 Dwight Sims ’73 Mary Singletary Rachel Singley Olivia Sings Christopher Sistrunk Christopher Skinkis Robert Skiver and Melissa Skiver Alexis Slay

Chandra Sledge Laura Sligh ’60 ’65 Victor Sloan Ethel Small Rhonda Small Barbara Smalley Marilyn Smalls ’10 Argyle Smallwood Agnes Smith ’65 Breylon Smith Carrie Smith ’90 Carter Smith ’47 and Madelyn Smith Catherine Smith Christina Smith Christopher Smith Clara Smith ’66 Deena Smith ’01 Dorothy Smith Ginger Smith J. Smith Jasmine Smith Jenee Smith Jerry Smith Joseph Smith Kevin Smith LaPrince Miller-Smith Lenora Smith Mary Smith Naima Smith

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


giving by individuals





nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Nina Smith Norma Smith Patricia Smith ’72 Raymond Smith Ronnie Smith Sharon Smith Shirley Smith Steven Smith Timothy Smith Toney Smith Walter Smith ’61 Erma Smith-King Katoya Smith-Wallace Cynthia Snair Thomas Snell ’03 Natashalyn Snipes ’12 ’14 Mark Snyder Isaac Snype Annmarie Sommerville ’00 Khadeyah Sorey Bram Sorgman Robert Sotolongo LeStancia Spaght Saundra Sparling Hilburn Sparrow Larry and Jennifer Sparrow Todd Speakman Mike Spears Henry Speller ’81 and Sabrina Spellers ’89 Sharon Spencer ’85 and Charles Hurlbert Vickie Spencer ’81 ’92 Vivian Spencer ’02 ’04 Clarence Spicer ’67 and Vickie Spicer Wilhelmina Spinner ’87 Denise Spivey RaShina Spivey Thomas Spivey Jasmine Spooner Stanley Sprague ’74 Wayne Spranger Jerry Spruell Deshea Spurgeon Sylvia Coleman Squire ’89 Christina Stableford Delores Stacey-Merritt Clifton ’69 and Constance ’68 Stancil Yvonne Stancil ’71 Michael Stanfield Serrine Stanfield Sandra Stanford Faye Stanley Harry Stansberry Orin Starn Belinda M. Staten ’95 Lugretta Staten ’72 Stefan Stein Nichole Neloms ’93 Edwin Stephen Ashley Stephens Clyde Stephens Jeffrey Stephens Jennifer Stephens LiBria Stephens

Marian A. Stephens Robert Stephens Suzanna Stephens Theresa Stephens Charles Stephenson Charles Stevens James Stevens Rosie Stevens Jess Stevens-Tuttle Brian Stewart Mary Stewart Michele Stewart Monique Stewart Rebecca Stirewalt Lorraine Stith Ann Stock John Stokes Ryan Stokes Evelyn Stone Donald Strader Alessandro Strano Raquel Strauss Doris Strickland ’58 Philip Stromjensen Julie Stubblefield Kaela Stubbs Monica Stuckey Kate Sturdivant Gibson Leonard Sturdivant Caroline Paul ’11 Joel Sugarman Ernie Suggs ’90 Henry Suggs ’63 ’69 Linda Suitt Betty Summers Elizabeth Sutton Deborah Swain Mary Sweeney Mary Swoope Cameron Szok Kevin TaBois April Dickinson Tamara Talmadge Yongan Tang Juella Tanner Carina Tate Cremolia Tate Bruce Taylor Courtney Taylor Craig Taylor Earl Taylor Ellis Taylor Hope Taylor Joanne Taylor Ollie Taylor Sonya Taylor Sue Taylor Thomas Taylor Tiana Taylor Travis Taylor ’94 Gail Taylor-Hilliard Louis Teasley V. Lynett Tempest Perritt Terezinha Wayne Terrell ’89 Fonta Terry Phillip Terry

Alice Tharrington ’77 Lynwood Tharrington Daryl Thaxton Ronni Theeman Kristian Theissen Charles and Sylvia Thibaut Abdul Thomas ’87 ’00 Betty Thomas Brandon Thomas Felichia Thomas Lesli Thomas ’09 Taylor Thomas Willie Thomas Sheila Thomas-Dortch Beth Thompson Calvin Thompson Edith Thompson George Thompson James Thompson Melba Thompson Michelle Thompson Patricia Thompson Renata Thompson Sheila Thompson Stephen Thompson Terry Thompson Wanda S. Thompson Eva Thompson-Walton Gary Thorn Vanessa Thornburg Angela Thornton ’92 Andrea Thornton-Briscoe Andrew Thorpe Edith Thorpe John Thorpe Steven Thorpe Tonia Thorpe Marvin Thrasher Jerome Tiangson Randal Tibbetts Andre’ Tiller ’07 Barbara Tillman Beth Tillman Irma Timberlake ’80 Telford Tipper Minh Ton William Tonkins Beverly Torain Lonnie Torain Kiera Torres Darshema Townsend Mikella Townsend Milton Townsend Sasha Townsend Cecilia Trappier Edward Trapps Dennis Trollinger Charles Tuck ’79 and Retha Tuck ’83 Adrienne Tucker ’05 Antoinette Tupponce DeAndre Turner Delcenia Turner Evelyn Turner ’64 Vera Turner ’66 Linda Barnett Carrye Tyler ’73

Lamonte Tyler Baron Tymas Yolanda Tynes Benjamin Tyson Vernon Tyson Nkechi Ubaka Nicholas Udumaga Joe Urquhart Scoti Ussery Edidiong Utin Patricia Valentine Reginald Valentine Peter Vallario Darryl Vallier Edna Vann June Vann Venita Vaughan Tameka Vaught Lori Vazquez Rhona Vega Sarah Verbiest Erin Verdell Jason Vernon Adam Versenyi Michael Vicario Karen Villanueva-Sierra Curtis Vincent Glen Davis and Joyce Vinson-Davis ’09 Matthew Vizithum Nathaniel Waddell John Wade ’90 Robert Wade Timothy Wagner Kelly Wakefield Paula Wald Gladys Walden ’71 Carolyn Walker Deloriese Walker J’Omega Walker Julie Walker ’66 June Walker ’80 ’82 Terrence Walker Theresa Walker Yushika Walker ’94 Gwenetta Walker-Batchelor ’76 Constance Wall Maxine Wall ’71 Patricia Wall Dr. Ralph L. Wall Jr. William Wallace Robert Walladrop Richard Waller Dennis Walraven Wanda Walston Chris Walton Angela Ward ’03 Eloise Ward Kenya Ward Donnae’ Ward Laughinghouse Lenwood Ward William Ward Michele Ware Matthew T. Wareham ’14 Lori Warlick ’07 **Deceased

Deborah Warren-Hicks Deborah Warren LaToya Warren Phillip Warren Harriet Warrington Austin Washington D’Armon Washington Dorothy Washington Yazmin Washington Suzanne Wasiolek ’89 Randall Wasserstrom Sandra Waters Elouis Watford Deborah Watkins Ivan Watkins Mary Watkins Kelly Watson Talisha Watson Theodore Watson Diane Dallas Bernadette Watts Ginger Waynick James Weaver Kimberly Weaver W. L. Weaver Doretha Webb ’69 Katherine Webb Kaye Webb Linwood Webb Tony Webb Marcell Webson Demerice Webster ’70 Joy Weeber Tiffany Welborn C. E. Welch James Welch Jeffrey Welch Victor Wells Laurece West LeDonya Westbrook ’05 Brent Weston Lynn Whitaker Brenda White ’65 Darin White ’92 Hope White Irvin White Joan White Kendra White Loretta White ’78 Margaret White ’90 Margaret White ’56 Marvin White Mary White Meera White Patricia White Rebecca White Shelton White Sonia White ’07 Thomas Whiteside Robert Whyte Karen Wiebe Jonathan Wiener James Wilcox Nicole Wiley Estella Wilkerson James Wilkerson

Cynthia Wilkerson-Monroe Collette Williams Andrew Williams Anitra Williams Anthony Williams Brenda Williams Carolyn Williams ’64 Carrolyn Williams ’64 Chanelle Williams ClarLynda Williams Connie E. Williams David Williams ’81 Demetricous Williams Derrick Williams Dorothy Williams Edna Williams Eric Williams ’09 Erika Williams Janeen Williams Johnnie Williams Joice Williams Joyce Williams Julian Williams Junius Williams and Elma Williams Kathy W. Williams Kelsey Williams Kevin Williams Kia Williams ’05 Kia Williams Larry S. Williams Linda Williams Louis Williams Mary Williams ’60 Opal Williams ’03 Pearlene Williams Raleigh Williams Robert Williams Ruth Williams ’53 Stephanie Williams Tamaria Williams ’13 Timothy Williams Williams, Williams

Tameeka Williams ’96 ’03 Tammy Williams-Moore Amanda Williamson ’11 Brenda Williamson Donzell Williamson Jr. Gwendolyn Williamson Jamie Willie ’84 Muriel Williman Betty Willingham Debby Willis Shilita Willis Tom Wills Benita Wilson Bunita Wilson Charles Wilson Clarence Wilson Jimmy Wilson Kurt Wilson Marcus Wilson ’09 Mark Wilson Matrice Wilson ’82 Michele Wilson Steve Wilson Sydney Wilson Thanena Wilson ’89 Tracey Wilson Tyrone Wilson Kaleb Wingate Nannie Winstead Crystal Winston Valeria Winston-Swoope Atia Wise Thomas Witelski Gary Witherspoon Joyce Witherspoon ’10 Stacey Williams Porter Dannie Wood ’69 Luchana Woodland Alfred Woods and Elfreda Woods ’79 Andrea Woodson-Smith Catherine Wooten ’11

Vivian Wooten ’81 Joanna Worrell Samuel Wortham Cornell Wright ’02 David Wright Fred Wright ’66 James Wright Jr. Rhonda Wright Shamekia Wright Katherine Wulff Calvin Wyche Adrian Wyrick Jean Wyte Jiahua Xie Chunyu Xu Fei Yan Danny Yancey Xiaohe Yang Zhiming Yang Elaine Yarborough Shin-yiing Yeung Robert Yoder ’11 Marquise York Aranda Young Brandon Young Jimmie Young ’73** and Geraldine Young ’95 Gloria Young ’64 Robert and Mary Young ’56 Tonya Young Talise Younge-Morris ’87 Allan Younger Leslie Yow Leo A. Yurek Alan Zagoria Joshua Zaslow Luisa Zavala Rebecca Zeazey Weifan Zheng

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


Giving by Class Year BASED O N F I SCA L YE A R G IV ING JULY 1, 2 0 1 5 – J U N E 3 0, 2 0 1 6


Maggie Bryant

Emma King The Estate of Richard Miller Mildred Page



Alice Logan


Howard M. Fitts


Barbara F. Brice


Rebecca P. Edmonds


Ellain M. Brooks


Jasper Harris


Doris Bing-Bowser Pearl Pittman


Doris Bethel Elizabeth Ellis Iva McCrae Carter Smith


Walter Brown Doris Jackson


W. Hermenia Fitts-Salmon Robert McAdams Swannie Moore-Richards Joseph Parker Quinton Wall


Joseph Campbell Simeon Holloway Joseph Mitchell


Kenneth Alston Phillip Barnhill Vivian Cooper Sadie Daniels Louise Gray Annie Harris David Harrison


Willis Baird Doris Dees Gloria Grant Evonne Jones Bessye McGhee Henry Michaux Samuel Parham Edward Pygatt Howard Smith Ed Stewart Ruby Thomas

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

19 5 3

James Atwater Mildred Ballentine Elsie Blackman Walter Brower Robert Carter Hazel Colwell Jean Cropper Charles Grimes Jean Harris Don Harrison Verdelle Hill Theressa Johnson William Lewis Pauline Mathis Gladis McCoy Myrtle McNeill Bertram Perry Odessa Roseboro Arthrell Sanders Winifred Tillery Ruth Williams

19 5 4

Charles Asbury Carolyn Britton Irene Brown William Bulow Walter Douglas Gwendolyn Eddy Bernice Emanuel Barbara Flood Barbara Gunter Anna Harkley Lily Holloway Willie Jacobs Allene Johnson Clara Jones Mageline Little

Carrie Matthews Hattie Medley Gordon Perry Patsy Perry Lelia Pettyjohn Evelyn Siler Lorraine Stith Barbara Tillman Beatrice Vasser Ollie Wesley Lillonteen Whitehurst Theodore Yarborot

19 5 5

Mamie Alston Ellen Bentley Percell Bowser Sara Boyd Hester Collier Peggy Ann Donald Edward Faison Louis Fields Doris Herrell Nadena Holden Dorsey Keith Henry King Lawrence Pettis Virgie Phifer Florence Prince Joseph Ray Regina Ray Spurgeon Roberts Hazel Rollins Bettye Smith Eurydice Smith Jesse Spratley Mallie Stocks Mittie Thompson Ethel Tyree Frances Vines

Deloriese Walker Horace Ward Oreta Watkins Winifred Williams


Toussaint L. Avent Suzanne Blackwell Morris Blount Otis Brooks Joyce Chapman Robert Chiles Bernice Coppedge Retha Douglas Lemuel Evans William Fletcher Floyd Hardy Josephine Harris Shirley Hatton Culey Kilimanjaro Wade Kornegay Ira Laster Hazel Layne Margie Lewis Lavon McNeill-Driver Mary Pettus Grayce Pitts Sallie Simpson Frank Sowell Alice Spratley Abbie Walker Eloise Ward Margaret White Robert Williams Kittye Wright Mary Young


Carol Allen Bertha Breese

giving by class year William Burnette Jean Cherry Bernice Chiles Doris Collins Marlene Enoch-Chess Lawrence Hampton Juanita Harrell Pearl Holland Shirley Holliday Rudolph Horried Diebold Hughes Naomi Jackson Mary Keith Shaw Jacqueline Lacy Ernestine Lyon Emma Martin Ilean Mattocks James O'Farrow William Penn Robert Perry Ann Pretty Harold Russell Jean Smith Valerie Smith Lula Thorpe Earlie Vanhook Geraldine Watson


Lonnie Adams Margaret Barnes Charles Baron Ollie Bond Herman Boone Eddie Britt Calvin Brown Genevieve Brown Janice Drumwright Ulysses Faulkner Sigredda Fletcher Harold Harris Delores Jones John Martin Betty Montgomery Delois Purdie Charles Ramsey Christine Roseboro Bowser Elnora Shields Reatha Smith Doris Strickland Mary Wallace Eva Williams Gertrude Williams


Antenor Adam Sarah Bell-Lucas Glorial Bradby Garland Burton William Cooks Geraldine Davis Faye Farrar Barbara Foggie Barbara Harper Ernest Harrison Barbara Hudgins **Deceased

Jacquelyn Joyner Nancy Mack Theodora Manley Barbara McClain Dorian Parreott Barbara Robinson Maude Spencer Leslie Taylor Charles Thorpe Melvin Vass Clarence Washington


George E. Brewer Kathryn Allen-Curry Frederica Barrow Ruth Battle Shirley Brown James Chambers Ella Davis Robert Dobbs Dorothea Farrington Edith Fowler Alice George Florence Handy Lottie Hayes Harriett Haymon Helen Hudson Pearlie Hudson Alicia Jones Doris Jones Almeta Jordan Davesene Lawson Cynthia McDonald Gloria Merritt Mae Moore Carolyn Morris Estate of Evelyn Morrisey Alberta Neely Shirley Nixon Eleanor Organ Albert Reid Althea Reid Barbara Russell John Scarborough Laura Sligh Rosa Small Enid Smith Ruel Solomon Calvin Thompson Hazel Thornton Leamon Thornton George Wallace Mary Williams Ida Witherspoon


Martha Askew George Brewer Doris Brinson Leslie Brinson Annie Cooper Glen Cooper Shelred Cunningham Barbara Ellis Eloise Freeman-Edwards

Mary Grissom Evelyn Hagans Jethro Hawkins Constance Johnson Ida Johnson Mary Keith Ernest Leake Eva Lennon Shelvigean McCormick Lula Monds Erma Norris Ellis Smith Walter Smith Margaret Swygert Ruth Wade Clarence Williams Mildred Williams

19 6 2

Ellen B. Amey Donnie Bellamy Thomas Boone George Bridgers Florence Brown Marvin Duncan William Evans Joseph Fryar Elvira Green Eva Gwyn Gloria Haynes-Lewis Hazel Johnson Henrietta Jones Joyce Jones Katie Lee Gloria Leonard Jean Lloyd Barbara Perry Wendell Perry Corene Richardson Beverly Roach Randal Rogers Yvonne Simmons Cozette Sinclair Benjamin Speller Marjorie Steele Larry Suitt William Turner Rose Vaughan William Wilson

19 6 3

John Amey Barbara Atwater David Avery Eugene Blackman Audrey Boykin Helen Bullock Raymond Bunch Fred Burke Thomasenia Cotton Charlie Cox Vannie Culmer Helen Davenport Cottis Dickens Gloria Drew

Betty Faucette Ralph Frasier Joe Grandy Ruby Green Joyce Griffin Annie Hill Mack Jarmon Thad Jones Gene Kennedy Gloria Keyes John Lawrence Margaret Lawrence Larry Leatherberry James Marshall Lola McKnight Dorothy McKoy Pecolia McKoy Earl Miller Arthur Mims Sarah Moore-Cox Billie Nobles Raymond Nobles Benjamin Ollison Robert Parris Rosetta Pauling Eugene Pettis James Pointer Laurestine Porter Patricia Ramsey Thornton Reid Shirley Richmond Marie Roberts Charles Sanders Lillie Sanders Marjorie Scavella James Sibert Ardetha Smith Joel Smith Mable Stevenson John Stokes Gwendolyn Strane Henry Suggs William Turner Alice Walker Lenwood Ward Irene White Jennie Whitt Isadora Wills

19 6 4

Cynthia Bell Constance Black Scott Joanne Boykin Gloria Burton Evelyn Carter Gwendolyn Chunn Evelyn Clay Iris Cooper Joyce Exum Walter Gerald Willie Grissom Henry Hayes Norma Haywood John Henderson Verna Henderson William Hill Lyle Horton

Charles Jarmon Sue Jarmon Carl Johnson Courtrina Johnson Doris Jones Mattie Jones Robert Jones Curtis Lee Norman Lovick Laverne Mance-Burch Mildred McDade Julius Milton Judy Mitchell Mattie Moss James Murrell Orlean Newton Irma Page Bogan Joseph Pratt Phyllis Shumate Joann Sibert John Smith Aaron Spaulding Mary Sutton Bessie Taylor Donald Thomas Evelyn Turner Judith Walker Austin Washington Vernaline Watson Carolyn Williams Carrolyn Williams James Williams Lois Williams Samuel Williamson Evelyn Wilson Claretha Woody Gloria Young


Anita Alston Terrell Amos Velma Andrews Marion Ashford Johnny Batts Jolyquin Belfield Floyd Benjamin Charlie Booth Leon Boyd Lillie Boyd Wanda Boykin Cassandra Brown Drew Brown Regina Budd Jacqueline Burnette Rose Caple Helen Chavious** Henry Clark Mary Conaway Willie Cooper Nathaniel Currie Rogers Davis Joyce Douglas Bobbie Dunn Edward Dupree Helen Dupree Williette Durant Bettye Ellis

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2 015-2016


giving by class year Flora Faison Janice Farley Jerome Fitch Howard Foust Ruth Franks Brenda Froneberger Verlie Gaither Franklin George Bobby Gibbs Olivia Gilmore D. Jacqueline Gordon Clara Guess Diane Hall Francine Hall Jerry Hall Thomas Hardin Lizzie Harrell Sampson Harrell Barbara Harris Margo Harris Carolyn Hayes Fulton Hayes William Hayes Gassennie Hodge Lenward Hood Gwendolyn Hoover Edward Irving Thelma January Dorothy Johnson Robert Johnson Zandra Johnson Doris Jones Linda Kennedy-Beauvil Daniel Leatherberry Mildred Lee Claudine Lewis Marie Liles Thelma Little Annie Love Mae Ruth Mainor Pearl Mangum-Smith Marva Manley Joyce Matthews Robert McNair Alexine Miller Richard Mizelle Lester Moore Archie Morrison Joy Nichols Gwendolyn Parker Milton Parker Dorothy Poole Brenda Randolph Mary Reade Adelaide Reddick Gwendolyn Ricks Evelyn Riddick Frances Robinson Naomi Robinson Michael Sanders Clark Scales Mary Selden Barbara Sellars Mattie Sharpless Agnes Smith Bonnie Smith Burnette Smith


Faye Smith Joyce Smith Laura Smith Barbara Smith-Johnson A. Leon Stanback Norman Tate Gwendolyn Taylor Zulla Toney Alma Turner William Turner Beverly Vance Jonathan Vance Anthony Ward Herbert Watkins Mary Watkins Brenda White Allan Williams Allie Williams Joseph Williams Mae Williams McArthur Williams Nettie Williams Sandra Williams Mary Williamson Nathalae Williamson Alphia Wills JoAnn Wilson Valeria Wilson Charles Wood


Shirley Allen Robert Asbury Brenta Baldwin Esther Bond Hardin James Boone Walter Byrd Lacy Colson Albert Conner Anderson Council Madge Davis Charles Daye Patrica Evans-Thomas Floyd Ferebee Samuel Frink Marion Garrett Clara George Creft Haggins Jimmy Handy James Harris Carolyn Harrison Ollie Hickman Russell Hopson Harold Jeffreys Gloria King Julia Lyons Carlton Mack Linda McDougle Charles Mitchell Doris Nixon Rutherford Rebecca Nwude Patricia Paige George Partlow Sophia Pierce Brenda Pollard William Powell

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Delores Revis Brenda Shivers Clara Smith Lillian Stokes Kay Thomas Mildred Thompson Porta Thompson Vera Turner Julie Walker Patricia White Larry Wilson Angelique Witherspoon Clifton Woods Fred Wright

19 6 7

Janice Baldwin-Jennings Paul Bennett Priscilla Best Reginald Boone Dolores Bridgette Benton Burnett Barbara Campbell Rose Carolton-Gaines William Carver Evelyn Deck Nettie Dixon Daisy Duncan-Foster Carolyn Edge Joyce Ellis Celia Garrett Harry Geter Gloria Green Paris Greene Ella Harris Patricia Henry Carol Hill Illawennette Hill Leonard King Warren Leggett Doris Mebane Johnnie Mizelle Evelyn Oliver Lonnie Parker Fernell Patterson Theodore Picott Carolyn Powell Jessie Reaves William Reid Samuel Rhoades Judy Rhodes Maxine Robinson Mae Rodney Ann Rouse Bernard Scott Gladys Sills Janet Sims-Wood Clarence Spicer Levonia Taylor Patricia Thombs Ralph Wall Janice Whitney Vernice Whyms James Williams Jean Williams Sandra Wray-McAfee

19 6 8

Jeffrey Borden Grova Bridgers Rhonda Bridgers Ilene Britt Helen Bronson Mason Brooks Judge Brown Robert Brown Constance Bryant Denyce Calloway Iris Chapman William Chapman Morocco Coleman T. Morocco Coleman Cora Cole-McFadden Donella Croslan Dollie Daniel Freidia Dinkins Dorothy Dixon Dorothy Dove Annie Drake Lilla Ellison Lewis Ferebee Annie Gillespie Al-Tony Gilmore Janet Glenn David Hales James Jackson Howard James Melvin Johnson Maurice Jones Linwood Keith Lois Leggett Cornelia Liles Berta McCallum Robert Mebane Thomas Parrish Mary Powell Albert Reddick Margie Riley Corliss Robinson Edward Sadler Brenda Sanders Constance Stancil Cecelia Steppe-Jones Hellena Tidwell Frank Turner Frances Williams Joyce Williams Gwyndella Wilson Thomas Woolfolk

19 6 9

Earlene Armstrong Edna Bailey Melvin Bailey William Baity Maurice Bell Norma Brown Angela Burke Mary Butler Janice Campbell Wright Treby Cates Brenda Clark

Joyce Clayton Melvin Clayton Wilfreda Coy Brenda Cranke Clarence Cross Nettie Sherard Crossman Harvey Davidson Rosada Davis-Layne Carolyn Dickens Vardreane Elliott Dorothy Fleming-Brown Evelyn Freeman James Geer Grafton Gilchrist Fred Green Sherlane Hill Pamela Howard Gene Jarmon Virginia Jarmond Margaret Jenkins Michael Johnson Lacy Joyner Helen Latten Juarez Little Kate Little Jesse Mann Perry Massey Larry McCallum Burma Paige-Stokes Barbara Parker Francis Peterman Gladys Shelton Clifton Stancil Jesse Suggs Sheilda Sutton Carolyn Taylor Victoria Thomas William Tonkins Mary Weathers Doretha Webb Herbert West Mary West Betty Wilkins Jennifer Williams Willie Williams Dannie Wood Robert Woods


Linda Ahmed Peggy Alexander Abdul Ali Jean Allen Stanley Allen Yvonne Allen Orvis Arrington Betty Atcherson James Avery Evester Bailey Theodis Beck William Beyah Curtis Brown Ernest Brown Muriel Brown Percel Brown Franklin Burwell

Frederick Burwell Larry Butler Leonard Byers Linda Byrd Geraldine Carver Kenneth Carver JoAnne Challenger Linda Chatman Barbara Cooper-Robinson LaRue Cunningham Lorraine Davenport Doris Davis James Davis Ella Dennis Linda Doleman Audrey Drake Esther Dunnegan Linda Farmer Ledell Flynn Mildred Fox Alice Fozard Charles Fuller Roddy Gaither James Graham Sadie Graham Marilyn Gunter Ronald Gurley John Hairston Larry Hamme Sandra Harper Stella Harrell Patricia Harrison Kathleen Headen Philip Henry Nancy Hill Marlene Holley Betty Holloway John Honor Kaye Jackson Gearleen James Beverly Jones Cherlyn Laws Dianne Lust Franklin Manago Phyllis Martin Kenneth Matthewson Lillian Mattox Laura McCree Lewis McDowell Miriam McIntosh Rogerline McKenzie Jeanette McLaughlin Brenda McLeod Lloyd Melton Percy Murray C.N. Parrish Walterene Parrish Stanford Peaker Marguerite Peebles Dollie Pollock Elizabeth Pugh Bobbie Reddick Delmer Reed Ronald Rice Gerald Riley Linda Rivere Rita Roberts


Bobby Robinson Dorothy Sanders Linda Shaw Jacquelyn Shropshire Henry Simmons Spencer Simmons Patricia Simpson Andrea Southall Faye Stanley Lillian Stanley JoeAnne Stephens Betty Thomas Joan Tropnas Robbin Washington Brenda Watson Marion Weaver Raymond Weaver Demerice Webster Edith White Maxine Whitney Charlene Wicks Joyce Williams-Green Cynthia Woods Sandra Young


Annie Arrington Edith Arrington Lee Booker Jacqueline Brodie Raymond Bullock Veronica Butler James Byrd Judith Chenevert Nancy Clements Theodosia Cortale-Dunn Joyce Dark Gloria Davis Curtis Forbes Marian Freeman-Wright Terry Garrison Elijah Gooding William Hamilton Willie Harrison Cora Hawkins George Hearn

Carrie Hester Debbie Hunter Weaver Gloria James Cynthia Johnson Belinda Jones C Esther Lee Betty Marable Hazel Marlowe Neil McDougald Joyce McGriff A. Kathryn Miller Sally Murrell Geraldine Neely Valerie Noble Ida Page Gary Palmer Stella Price Pete Quinn William Ricks Larry Riddick Chardayle Robinson Sandra Rogers Alvin Rush Rose Russell Thomasine Scales Melva Scott James Sessoms Brenda Sexton William Simmons William Slade Ethel Small Ronald Speight Barbara Spruill William Spruill Yvonne Stancil Robert Stevens Mary Stevenson Brendell Turner Samuel Vaughan Gladys Walden Carolyn Walker Eric Walker Gladys Walker Jerry Walker Maxine Wall Roger Washington Gizette Webb

Louise Weeks Shirley Whitesides Floyd Wicker Mary Williams-Poindexter

19 7 2

Arlinda Allen Horton Allen Stanley Baird Queen Bass-Scarborough Susan Blackmon Edna Blue Willie Boggan Doris Brown Ollie Burrell Andrea Bush Derek Byrd Remell Clemons Connell Covington Donald Daniel Larry Davis Maxie Davis Sandra Davis Sarah Davis-Walker Ronnie DeWitt Sandra Dixon Carmen Dorsey James Ellis Waverly Faison Carolyn Fitzgerald Vivian Flournoy Causaunda French Linda Fullwood Jonsie Gantt Joseph Harrell Edna Harrington Barbara Harris George Huff E. Rochelle Jackson Theresa Johnson Hilda Jones Jacquelyn Jordan Carolyn Kamara Garey King Marsha Knox Willie Leathers

Floyd Lewis Victor Lowery Valor Mack Sylvia Massey Silas Mayfield Val McLean Wilma Morris Arimental Moseley Barbara Partridge Josephus Perry Gwendolyn Rainer Sylvia Robinson John Rogers Stephen Russell Gale Sampson Clementine Self Raymond Sitar Patricia Smith William Stanley Lugretta Staten Rosa Steele Clara Walker Diane Watson-Dallas David West Monya White Tawana Wilson-Allen Alvin Woods


Johnny Alston Doretta Anderson Brenda Asbury Melvin Asbury Nathaniel Baker John Barbee Patricia Blue Cleta Bradwell Dot Brower Dorothy Brower-Brokaw Thelma Brown Patricia Buie-McGhee Juanita Bullock Allie Bynum Wilma Daniels Reginald Dark Verlene DeWitt

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2 015-2016


giving by class year Elvert Dorsey Veronica Fennell Patricia Finger Ronald Fisher Rhonda Flowers Ronald Gantt Deborah Goodwyn Linda Hannibal Mary Harris Nicholas Harvey Charles Hasty Linda Henderson Harvey Hinton Jenny Horton Gen Hunter John Jefferies Shirley Jenkins Alenda Jones Georgia Jones Georgia King Gloria King Thomascena LeGrand Arnold Locklear Cynthia Lovick Faye Mitchell Victor Morrison Betty Morton Glennette Murphy Mary Newton Henry Oxendine Joyce Page Cornell Parker Adolphus Peoples Renda Perry Camelia Phelps Gwendolyn Phillips Elaine Pitt Verine Poole Debna Porter Walters Gail Roberson Sandra Robinson John Rogers Joseph Sawyer Roberta Scott Thomas Shuford Dwight Sims Charles Stevens Joyce Terry Carrye Tyler Venita Vaughan Leroy Walters Evelyn Wicker Janis Wiggins George Williams Leslie Wilson Cynthia Woods


Jacqueline Allen Fleta Alston Regina Alston Rosa Anderson James Armstrong Laquetta Barbee Glennie Beasley Barbara Belanger Mattie Best


Morris Billingslea Joan Bond Betty Borden Wanda Brooks Beatrice Brown Olga Bryant Norman Butler Octavia Cabey Eunice Campbell Otis Carter Marilyn Clements Delois Daniels-Hester Janice Davidson Audrey Davis Mary Dempson Carl Durham Linda Eatmon Harold Epps Gwendolyn Hanner Tracy Hanner Rhonda Harrison-Lewis Lois Hasan Faye Hester Benjamin Hill James Hines Edna Hinton Vivian Holliday Gwendolyn Hudson Kimball Hunt Ernest Jenkins Grady Jessup Jacqueline Johnson Clarence Jones Douglas Jones Paul Jones Carletta Judd Leonard Kelley Mozell Knight May Langston Jannie McCray Ronald McCray Mary Mebane Rodessa Mitchell Jimmie Newkirk Brenda Parker Mildred Pointer Rudd Cathy Poole Freddie Putney Phyllis Ratliff Patricia Richardson Angela Satterthwaite Hope Saulter Lilly Saulter Curtis Scott Elna Smith Thomas Spivey Stanley Sprague James Spruill B Sterline Suggs Ruechell Sutton Antoinette Tupponce Carolyn Vincent Peggy Ward Karen Weaver Vernetta Wells Monica White James Whittaker

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

19 7 5

Alfred Alexander Iris Allen Lila Ammons Anthony Amos Bobby Armstrong Jean Baldwin Willetha Barnette Saundra Bass Victor Boone Undine Brickers Henry Brown Geraldine Burroughs Glenda Carver Theresa Chapman Thereda Cobb-Newsome Marie Cooper-Palmer Joann Credle Reuben Daniels Margaret Darby Troy Dixon Antionette Dunn LuAnn Edmonds-Harris Golda Ellis Kathy Epps Barbara Exum Sandra Fennell Joyce Ferebee Veronica Ford Sandra Gant-Satterfield Geoffrey Gledhill Earlene Glenn Priscilla Godwin-Hanson Lafayette Hall Alice Hardy Lorraine Harris Melvin Harris Bobby Heggins Paul Hemphill James Hill Valderia Hilliard-Shumate Avis Hines Shirley Hines Gail Hoggard Kevin Holloway Lauretta Holloway Charles Holmes George Hood Rachel Hunter Eddie Isler Leonard Jernigan Dianne Jinwright James Johnson Sudie Johnson Linda Jones Riccardo Jones Cathy Kea Fonda Kirk Kenneth Lee Robert Little Joyce Lockamy-Bell Ronald Maloney Elmira Mangum Josephine Marrow James Martin Stephanie Mayo

Daphne McGhee-Hunter Caroline McMillon June Michaux Jean Mitchell James Morris Larry Newsome Christell Parker Freddie Parker Mamie Parker Samuel Parker Mona Parks James Patterson Milton Peace Sarah Person Alexia Phinizey Alvin Pittman Paul Pope Florine Purdie Shielda Rodgers Luther Ross Avon Ruffin Joan Saunders Ruby Simmons Bessie Slade Cornell Slade Cassandra Smith Ira Smith James Speed Lawrence Stanley Dorothy Stockton-Marshall Marilyn Sutton-Haywood Alexis Taylor Theodore Thomas Sheila Thompson Milton Townsend George Wallace Portia Walls Acie Ward Laverne Weatherly Roland Whitted Margarine Wiggins Gwendolyn Williamson N. Wilson-Taylor Glenn York Jimmie Young

19 7 6

Edward Anderson Shelva Banks Randolph Baskerville Marlene Beamon Sonja Beckford Jesse Boston Joseph Brown Diane Butler Joyce Caesar Cecelia Cameron Matthew Cogdell Evonne Coleman-Cook Saundra Degeneste William Dudley Faye Duffin Frances Dyer Ernest Eason A. Edmondson Cynthia Ferebee David Fitts

Jacqueline Gadison Ophelia Garmon-Brown Jerome Goodwin Janice Harper Belinda Harris Charles Hill Michele Hill Ola Hill Annie Holmes Elvira Howell William Hunter Vergil Hyatt Deborah Johnson Reeder Anastrasia Kizzie Tandra Landers Lewis Lawrence Mamie Lewis Juanita Massenburg Deborah Mayo-Jefferies Elijah McDavid, Jr. Brenda Mitchell Joseph Mitchiner Gladys Monroe Marilyn Moore Janet Parhams Artelia Perry Dwight Perry Gwendolyn Price Robert G. Raynor Jr. Reginald Rice Sandra Richardson Everett Robinson Marie Robinson Sammy Robinson Debra Russell Velvaline Sanders Patricia Sanders-King Freddrick Sidberry Lowell Siler Vera Simpson Althea Smiley Barbara Smith Belinda Smith Ruthene Stephens Orlando Stovall Alton Sumner Michael Taylor Alton Thompson Gwenetta Walker-Batchelor Linda Washington James Webb James Williams Joyce Williams Benita Wilson Tyrone Wilson


Norman Anderson Gloria Bailey Angela Baker Niguel Barnes Willie Best Valerie Boone Sharon Boykin Leland Branch Norris Burton Bobbie Clark

HOMECOMING 2015 Reunion Classes 0’s and 5’s Alumni Giving Total

R. Denise Conwell Dennis Ellis Marquis Eure Marilyn Evans Debra Farmer Michael Farmer Selma Fox Clement Gallop Willa Glaspie George Hamilton Billie Hanes Altise Harris Larry Harris Keith Haywood Sybil Henderson Theresa Jackson Denice Johnson Veronica Johnson Helen Jones-Bond David Lyons Charletter Mack Walter Melvin Robert Page Delores Parker Jennifer Pennix-Susong W. Perkins Yvonne Perkins Karen Puryear Deborah Reid Gloria Reid Stephanie Shaw Norma Smith William Smith Alice Tharrington McDonald Vick Judith Washington Bobby Wynn


Benjamin Alford Sharon Anderson Christopher Boozer Anita Cameron Regina Campbell Grace Clark Guy Crabtree

Kenneth Crews William Crews Glenwood Davis Deborah Evans Dianne Evans Cheryl Foy Letitia Franklin Kenneth Gibbs Carolyn Green Sharon Hedgepeth Carolyn Henderson Robert Hewitt Glendora Hilton Phyllis Hughes Oliver Johnson Ronita Jones Doris Joseph Jimmy Lawton Maude Lyons Brenda McGirt Joyce Moore Joan Morrison John Price Pecolia Price Elwood Robinson Lettie Robinson Goode Elizabeth Rollins Richard Scotton Harold Sellars Bettina Shuford Larry Thomas Veronica Walker Audrey Ward Leroy Way Loretta White Lenzola Whitehead Carlton Wilson James Womble


Barbara Akinwole Samuel Alexander Elmontenal Allens Gloria Arrington Jacqueline Beatty-Smith Eugena Bell

Moses Best Frank Blythe Gregory Bryant Melvin Crawley Karen Dameron Herbert Daniel James Davies Anthony Elliott Gale Fletcher Melinda Gerrard Charlton Grant Vera Hooks Michael Howell Arlene Johnson Cynthia Lambert Barbara Lyons Rickie McCullough W. McFaydyen Oveta McIntosh-Vick Earl McKoy Rodney Meheux Angela Mercer Michael Morgan Stephanie Morton Selina Mumford Hilda Myers Jason Parker Vernese Peerman-Pledger Dale Pelsey-Becton Euric Perry Valda Robinson Edith Smith Thaddeus Smith Gail Taylor Helen Thomas Lynette Throckmorton June Vann Deborah Watkins Avis Wilkinson Cicero Williams Dexter Williams Edna Williams Kenneth Wilson Valeria Winston-Swoope Elfreda Woods Pamela Wright Lyndelia Wynn

19 8 0

John Abdul-Malik Morris Autry Wayne Barrett Thelma Bass Ethel Benkin Malcom Berry Lynwood Best Diane Bishop Norman Blake Carolyn Boyd Janet Bunch Bernard Casterlow Sandra Clariett Samuel Cooper Glenn Davis James Dockery Nathan Farrior Debra Gray Thomas Hampton S.T. Harris Cheryl Hart Brenda Hazel Vanessa Lennon John Littlehohn Cheryl Lyons Reginald McAfee Brenda McAllister Gloria McNeil Debra Parker Teresa Pinckney Vincent Pledger Paul Pugh Joycelynn Raynor Rosalind Richardson Myra Scott Ronnie Smith Theodora Speed Juella Tanner Robert Taylor Eva Thompson-Walton Irma Timberlake Gwendolyn Townsend June Walker Angeline Warren Delores White


Sandra Allgood Tara Almonte Gregory Alston Roger Bailey Lloyd Ballance Barry Barnes David Barnhill Sheila Bazemore Gevonda Braswell-Bryant Cheryl Brewer Dwain Coleman Tyrone Comegys Beverly Cooper Evelyn Cross Carolyn Davis Blondolla Dawson Joseph DeLuca Alvin Dennis Paula Drew-Estes Charles Ellis Michelle Gaston William Goldston Sherrie Green Conova Hairston Audwin Helton Raefette Helton Annette Hill Linda Hill Larnitha Hunter Anna Jones Kenneth Koonce Medora Little Stephanie McCoy Ronnie McNeill James Moton Victor Neal Reginald Neptune Garrett Page Earline Parker Loretha Peacock Charlene Pennington-Best Juanita Perry George Pruden Daphine Richardson Johnny Robinson Bertha Rogers

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2 015-2016



Total Gifts from Corporations and Foundations


Total Gifts Raised by Alumni BASED ON FISCAL YEAR GIVING 2016

Brenda Russell Carl Sanders Dennis Scott Jilma Shackleford Richard Smith Vickie Spencer Harry Stansberry Robert Steele John Stokes Nathaniel Thompson Geraldine Thorne Kathy Williams Louis Williams Mike Willis Vivian Wooten


Evelyn Adams Rossie Alston Terry Banks Joyce Bell Renee Bowser Tony Brown Wanda Bryant Elaine Carmon Mildred Cunningham John Deberry Pandora Frazier Sylvia Green Georgette Harris Mary Harrison-Stinnett Gloria Holloway Pamela Holmes Wanda Hyatt Wanda Johnson Bonnie Jones Jim Jones Carla Jukes Sally Longacre Cynthia McNeill Peggy Mcphail Faustina Meheux Shelia Mitchell-Green


Mark Morris Pamela Parker-Cortijo Kathryn Peele Myles Teresa Pender Mattie PerryJohnson Steven Plair Raymond Shedlick Michael Singleton Barbara Smith Denise Smith Hilburn Sparrow Leonard Sturdivant Chevella Thomas Milton Tingling Curtis Vincent Karyn Wilkerson Anitra Williams Matrice Wilson Mildred Woolfolk Mark Yarboro


Donald Adderly Freda Bailey Shipman Clark Bell Mary Boykin Thomas Bullock Percy Caldwell Rhonda Carpenter Lonnie Carraway Saundra Clemmons Robin Crawley Sharyn Davis Denise DeLapp Eugene Ellison Harriet Elmore-Wilks Stephen Fields Tara Fikes TaWanna Gates Ozella Hailey Cheryl Harrington Stacey Heath Ricky Helton

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Anatra Hunter Darryl Hylton Volnetta Jackson Tonya Jeffreys Carolyn Koonce Lydia Lavelle Gracie LeSane Eileen Lewis Margaret Littles James Locus Beverlyn Massey Vivian McCoy Marvin Moore Patricia Parrish Linda Privott Kenneth Ray Leon Rouson Selecia Scott Viviree Scotton Michael Stanfield Zelda Stanfield Monique Stokley Willette Swann Beverly Torain Retha Tuck Drewry Vincent Leslie Wickham Michael Williford Priscilla Wills Elaine Yarborough

19 8 4

Glenn Adams Howard Alexander Sharilyn Bagley-Hamm James Barbour Dori Bennett Camille Boston-Washington Dimitrus Culbreath H. Curtis Barry Davis Felicia Davis Lena Dunston

LeRoy Etheridge James Faison Alan Fitzgerald Mary Flack Verna Goodman Donald Hamm Nathaniel Henry Twinata Henry Marian Holmes Donald Huggins Elizabeth Ann Jefferson Sterling Jeffreys Brinda Johnson Cecilia Johnson Willie Johnson-Johnson George King Patrick Langston Pamela Leavy Audrain Melton Elaine O'Neal Pamela Owens Michael Page Tina Pinnix-Broome Patricia Plummer Gerald Price Belinda Ragland Rodney Sessoms Joseph Shaw Ava Thompson Deborah Todd Robin Walker-Creecy Monte Watkins Jamie Willie

19 8 5

Jeanette Armwood Stephen Beasley Renee Bell Jemma Boler William Bowie Carnell Brame Marietta Britt-Boone Dennis Bryant

David Butler Bobby Cooke Robert Corbitt Alexander Dawson Shade Dawson Benjamin Edwards Vincent Gordon William Hager Melanie Haile Warnetta Harrison Annie Hill Robert Huger Jouene Jones-Walker Priscilla Lewis Shirley Lucky Shelia Marshall J. McLamb Blue Kent Montford Trina Moore Carlton Newton Lucky Osho Carlyn Paschall Soraya Pickett Marvin Reeves James Robinson Radeyah Saleem Christopher Smith Sharon Spencer Gregory Tate Linnetta Threatt K. Torain Edna Vann Gary Ward Brenda Williamson Grace Wilson Reuben Young


Vivienne Baker Gillettie Bennett Wilbert Bryant Valerie Bynum Thompson Sophia Cameron Schelley Childress Theresa Cooper James Crowell Tracy Dawkins Katrina Dodd William Eddleman Claudette Free Wanda Garrett Carol Goins Marta Gore Donna Hewlin Denise Humphries Barbara Johnson Larry Knight James Lamb Sondra Lee Anita LeVeaux-Quigless Shirrell Marks Michael Mattocks Von Renetta Mills Janice Panza Shirline Reaves Pamela Ross

giving by class year Glenda Tate Williams Vada Whitaker Robin Wynn Pyles


Yolanda Banks Deaver Lisa Barnes Ethel Bounsell Amanda Cantrell Tanja Cherry Jerome Commander Regina Corbett Calvin Daniels Linda Falls Melvin Gaddy Ronald Hall Janie Harrell Paula Harrison Kenneth Homsley Dennis Hopkins Cassandra Horsley Robert Horsley Rodney Jordan Gerod King D. Lawson Alicia Littlejohn Andrew Mason Jo McCants Beverly McIver Eric Montgomery Gloria Moore Trinice Moses Imogene Myers Carolyn O'Garro-Moore Jo Anne Parker-Sales La Ressa Poole Cynthia Pullen Delia Robinson James Rogers Emilie Scott Pamela Sharpe Wilhelmina Spinner Evelyn Stone Carmel Wheaton Valerie Wilson Talise Younge-Morris


John Alford Margaret Ashworth Robert Bembry Vernon Boone Pamela Bright Cynthia Brown Mia Bryan Joseph Corey Jacinta Gray Linda Gunn Maulin Herring Cheryl Hodge Kevan Jackson Eleanor Johnson Morris Lucky

James MacRae Marcus Malveau Robert Mathes Cawanda Moore Cleve Packer Darren Palmer Robert Patterson Venita Quick Barbara Redmon Anthony Robinson Pamala Rogers Christy Simmons Delores Stacey-Merritt Linda Strong-Leek Paul Suhr Frances Turner Glenn Veit David Vereen Tonnie Villines Fred Whitfield Catherine Williamson-Hardy Levone Winston


Bonnye Anthony Howard Atkins Theodore Bagley Gregory Battle Donna Bellamy Chantay Blackwell Gloria Bull Tracey Burns-Vann William Christy Andrea Corbett Sample Doris Cutherell Jovetta Dennis Kimberly Dobson Lillian Downey Gretta Dula John Ervin Warachal Faison Tonya Gerald-Goins Kellie Gray Ricky Harrison Laurence Hawkins Priscilla Huggins Kristi Jones Rebecca Jordan Constance Kennedy Tyrome Little Maureen Morris-Forensky Bettie Nails David Redden Franklin Robinson Danielle Sanders Battle Alisa Smallwood Angela Smith Sylvia Squire Ilean Sutton Mary Sutton Wayne Terrell Chuvalo Truesdell Suzanne Wasiolek Thanena Wilson

19 9 0

Gregory Atkins Denise Barnes Kimberly Bassett Joseph Biggs Amanda Bryant-Friedrich Prince Bull Edna Cogdell Gail Cox Gina Dean Carrie Florence Laura Foreman Alice Foster-Gales Donna Fowler Charles Gurley Ellyn Harris Gail Hollowell Samantha Huggins Craig James Curtis Johnson Odetta Johnson Tyra Leazer Demorris Lee Patricia Lester Ola Lewis Charles Lyon Lorna McAllister Donna Mitchell Andrea Moore James Muse Makiko Negishi Karen Paynter Tinacious Perry Marshall Pitts Larry Russell Mary Scotton Harriet Sherman Carrie Smith Lisa Smith Sabrina Speller Ernie Suggs Mary Swoope Ollie Taylor Melissa Tukey Josephus Vanhook John Wade Luredean Watkins-Ellerby Margaret White Michelle White

19 9 1

Willeena Algood Vanessa Allen Wanda Allen-Abraha, JD Jennifer Alston Evon Barnes Timothy Bickerstaff Thomas Boles Joyce Bonner Sheila Bowens-Bratts Angelique Burris Annette Carrington Evelyn Cooper Irvin Eisen Tanya Evans Jerry Gershenhorn

Robin Green Thomas Harden Bobby Hill Rebecca Holt Alicia Jones Anitra Jones Earlene Jones Barbara Leathers Sislena Ledbetter Jacqueline Lynch Marcelle Malone Carolyn Mattocks Meryl Maynor Kim Mayo Mitchell McAllister Adrienne Meddock Angela Miles Stephens Bradford Milton Nathalie Mizelle-Johnson Kimberly Moore Delores Neal Nina Olson James Osler Lisa Quick-Scarlette Michael Rodrigues Brian Sanders Sonya Scott James Simuel James Sledge Monique Stewart Cremolia Tate Beth Thompson Wanda Weaver

19 9 2

Bobby Allen Christopher Anderson Ivy Baker Tonya Bennett Norma Boone Verita Brown Kathryn Bunch Christopher Campbell Rodney Cunningham Donna Davis Lee Dudley Timothy Elleby Wanda Featherson Constance Foster Denise Friedrich Audrey Gaddy Kenneth Graves Stacy Harris Felecia Harrison Tueresa Hayden Phillip Hayes Angela Henry Jonathan Hinton Gary Hughes Vickie Hussey Wilton Hyman Eleanor Kinnaird Dana Lynch Joan Nelson John Nieman Anthony Patterson Gerrelyn Patterson

Zaneta Ponton Kim Ratliff Yolanda Sey Cynthia Shaw Angela Thornton Kimothy Walston Pia Warren-Grasty Darin White Frank White Sharmell Wilson


Darryl Aaron Rahesha Amon Keith Bowles Stephanie Bullock-Parker Fredicia Caldwell Harry Cooke Karen Dacons-Brock Tiffany Dove Kim Dowdy Sanya Eller Lorri Foy Jesse Gibson Carla Gilchrist Theodore Greve Marice Grissom Deria Hayes Lisa Hibbert Dana Johnson Laura Lamkin Monica Perry Shirley Ray Rodney Rivers William Robinson Jerry Smith Sandra Stanfield Nichole Stennis Brenda Taylor Theresa Turner AndrĂŠ Vann Kimberly Womack-Dockery Esther Yamaoka


Darrell T. Allison Dia Baggett Debbie Baker Anita Cobbs Chatonda Covington Tyrone Cox Erica Daves Tania Davis Nequeela Deas-Blanton Claudia Di Bona Joel Faison George Fitz-Hugh Dennis Floyd Katrina Fox Kevin Foy Ralph Frasier Jeremy Graham Regina Halyard Pauline Hankins Katie Harrell Eric Harrington

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


giving by class year Amber Harris Amy Harris Bridget Height-Williams Sabrina Hill-Black Dwayne Houston Shirley Hunter Harold Jones Donna Knowlton Deborah Lindsey Erika Lively Tracey Marbury John McClain Debra McKoy TeAndra Miller Alonzo Morrow Reshea Parrish-Hill Eric Pristell Tracey Ray Laurie Robinson Haden Wallace Sellers Naima Smith Travis Taylor Renata Thompson Rhona Vega Stacey Venable Yushika Walker David Whitfield Robert Williams Stephanie Williams Tammy Williams-Moore Jevon Wilson


Ann-Margaret Alexander Victor Archie Brian Beverly Derek Brown Katasha Bryant Stephen Camak Mellissa Craig Kendra Davis Jerry Edmond Linda Farrish LaMisa Foxx Brenda Gibson Cuttina Greene Wendall Keith Greene Anthony Hames Lisa Howell Erica Jessie Charles Johnson John Logsdon Robert Long Wanda McAllister Timothy McIntosh Karen Prus Tomico Reynolds Vera Scott Belinda Staten Felichia Thomas Sean Thomas Sharon Turner Ivan Watkins Chanelle Williams Kimberly Williams Tiffany Williams-Jennings Peggy Wynn



Atiba Adams Tammy Baggett Kia Baker Raychelle Baptist LaTasha Best-Gaddy Nathaniel Bishop Marie Bradford Saprina Brown-Taylor James Bryant Jennifer Copeland Jessica Davis-Ganao James Dixon Richard Flowe Robin Gillespie George Greeley Stephanie Green Arlene Hanks R. Harrell Sharnia Herbin Anissa Hicklen John Hodge Robert Hood Odessa LeMay-Smith Mark Locklear William Mann Alvin Marriott Angela McIver LeVelle Moton Julie Omohundro Alfreda Owens Tiffany Peguise-Powers Nicolle Phair Dora Plummer Timothy Price Justin Scroggs Etienne Thomas Linda Turner-Barnett Erica White Thalia White Brian Wilks Tameeka Williams-Burchette Tonya Young


Melissa Acevedo Katrina Baggett Chiara Best Tamula Coffey Avery Crump Jason Crump Bennett Dancy Patricia Davis Vanda Davis Chena Flood Charletta Fuller Sharon Gaston Tony Graham Wendy Hazelton Keisha Hurst LeKeisha Hurst Melanie Jarvis Hugh Johnson Reginald Johnson Tiffany Johnson Anizsa Jones

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Martin Kaplan Dara Kendall Gay Law Mandrake Lewis Clayton Mack Jamesha Marshall Sulaiman Mausi Deborah Pendleton Nichelle Perry Nathan Prather Calvin Reaves Eula Reid Saldanha Ridley Alvin Robinson Leah Selvy Bernice Shuler Reginald Valentine Shawn Wallace Barbara White Bobby White Michelle Wicker

19 9 8

Jeene Bailey Darcel Battle Keisha Bluford Thomas Brewington Ajiah Brown Nikia Davis-Green Sharon Dent Stephen Edgerton Nakisha Floyd Jeanne Ford Tony Frazier Sheryl Friedrichs DeShawna Gooch Edward Green Nathaniel Hewitt Monique Homsley Timothy Johnson Lisa Kirscht Pamela Lewis Julie McIntosh Shayla Nunnally Rodney Oxendine Debra Pappas Jane Pearce Christina Pearsall A'Sheika Penn Samantha Phillips Henry Price Vikki Randle LaShona Robinson-Johnson Daron Satterfield Tia Seals Lawanda Sessoms-Ray Keith Sexton William Simmons Angelica Stroud Tomeka Ward-Satterfield

19 9 9

Charlotte Alexander Arshad Ali Renae' Allen Sonya Allen

Sherwood Barbee Danielle Bennett Dwayne Brandon Kimberly Burrell Ralph Davis Salimah El-Amin Steven Fowler Consuela Francis Williams Lackisha Freeman Constance Gerald Richard Harrison Gary Henderson Vicki Hewitt-McNeil Natalie Hinds-Scott Cotina Jones Derrick Jordan Iva Kelly Shanta MacKinnon Shawnda Masah Steven McCloskey Jerrold Miles Tammy Nicholson Shauna Phillips P. Demond Richardson Camika Royal Anitra Royster Travis Sadler Mark Sanders Matthew Sperati Courtney Taylor Pamela Thombs D'Armon Washington Linwood Webb Kelvin Wilder Andrea Woodson-Smith Denise Wynn

20 0 0

Tereon Adams Cha'ssem Anderson Pashuan Armond Danisa Baker Denise Belle Michael Blanford Latanya Bowman Yolanda Bratcher Yolanda Broadie Jacqueline Brown Corrisse Carlton Krishnee Coley Courtney Crowder Bria Culp Toya Daye Liza Dillard Stacie Dukes Kymberly Fisher Arian Gibson Tijr Gilliam David Hager Kevonne Holloway Letitia Huger-Hill Donice Jeffries Marci Jennings Patricia Johnson Stephen Keene Brenda Martin Karoline Mathewson

Rebecca McLennan Letitia Melvin LaToya Merritt Tiffany Morgan Jennifer Munford Lisa Patterson Tiffany Quick Chenita Rountree Robert Rusher JoAnn Salley Gwyn Silver Chandra Sledge Kenneth Snow Annmarie Sommerville Janelle Terry Abdul Thomas Tavius Walker William Wallace Celestine Williams


Jason Armstrong Alysia Bailey-Taylor Pamela Bond Carolyn Boone William Burroughs Robert Carter Terrie Davis Lawrence Edmendson Minnjuan Flournoy-Floyd Iris Green DeShelia Hall Patrice Hopkins Kimberly Keith-Thompson Kimberly Logan Sherise Malachi Paula McGrann Quinton Morris Tracy Ross Vinston Rozier David Sherrill Christina Smith Deena Smith LeStancia Spaght Phillip Terry Valeria Thomas Gerald Walden Tiffany Yancey


Terra Abrams Vanya Allen Jacinda Anderson LaShauna Askew-Thomas Donald Barringer Damien Berahzer Dyral Brown Gary Brown Brett Chambers Cessaly Cheatham Annitra Cole Kelli Davis Lewis Dodson Shauna Dozier Robert Drayton Charmaine Fuller Cooper

giving by class year Kristopher Gardner David Hands Trasha Hickman Marquita Johnson Adrian Jones Teresa Jones Kyndria Lofton Barry Malone Thomas Neagle Arconstar Powell Alician Quinlan Nicole Rhone Christopher Sistrunk Jason Smoots Vivian Spencer Nicole Spivey Scoti Ussery Meshia Waleh Yan Wang Deborah Warren–Hicks ClarLynda Williams Leroy Wray Cornell Wright


Kelvin Atkinson Morris Barrier Tanya Bass Linda Bell Michael Bush Ronnie Chalmers Barbara Falana Cynthia Grissom Kesha Lee Mary Lynch Stephen Lyons

Jonathan Nettles Eric Pridgen Takeisha Redd Kenya Reid Delia Rouse Thomas Snell Kurtis Stewart Donnie Susong Angela Ward Opal Williams Danny Yancey


Pearla Alston Henrietta Bature William Bridgers Saria Canady Carolyn Collins Vernice Faison Audrey Farrish-Lane Erica Fennell Christy Foster Jody Grandy Calvin Harris Darius Heard Donna Hembrick Tracy Hewett Stewart Johnson Hassan Kingsberry Jonathon Leach Joshua Malcolm Vicki McLean Florine Moore Tiffany O'Neal Debra Pinkston Sherita Roberson Mauney

Tia Rouse Sanaa Sharrieff Victoria Silver Julie Tucker Debra Watkins Mary Whitfield-Williams James Wilkerson

20 0 5

Sharonda Arnold Brenton Bannister Amber Bradshaw Keoshia Brown Jemesha Caldwell Joseph Coleman Mary Collins Lauren Colston Alexis Cooper Sheena Coples Alisia Credle Jeffrey Davidson Salena Davis-Woods Aaron Daye Kimberly Dedmon Letisha Duncan Phillip Dupree Tania Fox LaQuisha Galloway Chernee Gerald Cheresa Greene-Clemons Dana Hart-Raynor Twanece Holden Kishka Hopkins Kevin Jackson Tyronne James Miranda Jenkins

Giving by Alumni Chapters £ NCCU Alumni Association, Incorporated

£ NCCU New Jersey Alumni Chapter

£ NCCU Baltimore Alumni Chapter

£ NCCU Northern Piedmont Alumni Chapter

£ NCCU Cape Fear Area Alumni Chapter £ NCCU Charlotte Alumni Chapter £ NCCU DC Metro Alumni Association £ NCCU Durham Alumni Chapter £ NCCU Fayetteville Alumni Chapter £ NCCU Greater Atlanta Alumni Chapter £ NCCU Greensboro Alumni Chapter £ NCCU Johnston County Alumni Chapter

£ NCCU Nursing Alumni Chapter £ NCCU Orange County Alumni Chapter £ NCCU Philadelphia Alumni Chapter £ NCCU Raleigh-Wake Alumni Chapter £ NCCU South Florida Alumni Chapter £ NCCU Winston-Salem Alumni Association

Kristin Jones JaNassa Kearney Antonio King Yokista Little Latosha Marsh Trixie Matthews RaShaunda McElwaine Marie McGee Michelle McIlwain Kyran McShaw Keyunda Miller Charles Mitchell Chanee' Moon Terrence Moore Yolanda Morris Takira Murphy Lelo Ngoma Stacie Nixon Lanetta Pantiel Tikiyha Peak LaDessa Pearson Wuan Perkins Andrea Petifer Tamara Phelps-Giscombe Davetta Pickett Ariel Purvis Frederick Ravin Chelsea Ray Mari Rhodes Demetria Robinson Damarus Sanders Jennifer Stephens Phillis Taylor Aija Tingling Adrienne Tucker Courtney Walker LaToya Warren

Tiffany Welborn Kia Williams Clarence Wilson Brandon Winford Chantal Winston Adrian Wyrick


LaKenya Alexander Kemi Amola Katrina Billingsley Christopher Bridges Brenda Brown Kian Brown Kelly Burgess Renee Clark Bush Karen Coleman Tyechia Culmer Ariel Germain Devin Graham Melanie Harris Roderick Heath Adam Keith Shannon Keith Latonya Leeks Glenn Lewis Julian Macaulay Michael McColgan Lawrence McPhail Crystal Meaders LaTasha Miller Dorian Mills Tin Nguyen Jeffery Nieiman Angelo Peebles Marquitta Pope

giving by class year Deondra Ramsey Michael Render Sheria Rucker Brian Summers Tameka Vaught Katherine Wulff


Tasha Andrews Ashley Ascott David Bailey Audrey Beard Brenton Boyce Kenneth Broadway Kalipha Ceesay Kimberly Chavis Tahirah Crawford Pamela Davis Tamahl Gorham Janelle Headen Annette Johnson Antoniquan Johnson Marcia Johnson Peter Kamarchik Kali Love Deborah Mitchell Paulette Morrison-Danner Derek Pantiel Carlton Perry India Reaves Michael Silver LiBria Stephens Randall Thompson Andre' Tiller Lori Warlick Sonia White Cynthia Wilkerson-Monroe Charles Wilson Rhonda Wright


Susie Allen Jacob Bagley Paula Bell Randall Best Danielle Boose Larry Brown

Terrell Brownlee Horace Canady Devin Champion Jeffrey Collins Kurtis Davis William Dudley Shannon Dupree Kenya Easley Sheneshia Fitts Tiya Hines Latasha Kelly Eric Morris Constance Morris-Varnum Wayne Oatis Jason O'Briant Christine Perry Cynthia Putnam Benita Quick Brandi Reeves Jonathan Ricks Heather Scavone Dennis Scott Jamillah Scott-Branch Sabrina Seymore Nina Smith Kate Sturdivant Gibson Brandon Thomas Michelle Thompson Rebecca White Suntrease Williams- Maynard


Bernadine Ballance Syed Ahmad Kenisha Armstrong-Hill Melvin Barbee Edith Bazemore Donovan Bradley Margaret Brunson Lora Bynum Eddy Clemons Willie Covington Leigh Dasher Darius Davis Siobahn Day Michelle Digsby Corey Dinkins

Jabar Duncan Willie Evans Bruce Farmer MacKenzie Garvin Richard Gilbert Vinston Goldman Samuel Harrison Beverly Hollingsworth Stacey Horne Dorothy Hunt Dorothy James James Jefferson Christopher Jones Shanika Jones Stacy Lee Stanley Lee Marjorie Lipscomb Dorcas Mason Nolana McKinstry Tiffany McMillan Virginia Mitchell William Mitchell Ronald Moore Lester Nichols Portia Nicholson Brittany Norris Susan Olive Tiffany Parms Yvonne Parreott Jared Pone Teresa Prather Paulette Reid Ciara Rogers Tarryn Simmons Rhonda Small Breylon Smith Dorothy Smith Raymond Smith John Stephenson Linda Suitt Julia Taylor Lesli Thomas Dale L. Thomas Jr Jewellynne Tinsley Brenda Toomer Patricia Wall Dennis Walraven Dorothy Washington LeDonya Westbrook Eric Williams George Williams Kent Williams Jairus Wilson Marcus Wilson

20 1 0

MILLION ENDOWMENT VALUE Based on fiscal year 2016


nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Grace Alston Takeia Anthony Deborah Barnette Crystal Brooks Alfred Bullock Lynn Burke Calvin Coleman Ashley Crawford Jamar Creech Terry Crumpler Christopher Davis

David Fitts Russell Freeman Sonny Haynes John Heagarty Regina Hicks-Coleman Donald Jack Richard Lekwuwa Devon Little Timothy Moore Brandon Norman Phillip Parker Quinton Parker Turquoise Parker Margaret Parrish Lucilla Robinson Jean Rogers Belinda Simmons Marilyn Smalls Craig Taylor Austin Williams Brenda Williams Kurt Wilson Joyce Witherspoon

20 1 1

Audrey Barbee Joan Bass-Evans Melanie Bates Charles Blanton Lucy Boyd Amber Boyd-Miller Damario Brice Kimberly Brooks Diane Campbell Arien Cannon Patricia Christmas April Clawson Christin Cotten Larry Daniels Rachel Espey Jamie Gainey Seifu Hailemichael Julian Hall Dwayne Johnson Ebony Jones Janay Jones Vickie Jones Paul Keene Karen Lander DeWarren Langley Jennifer Langston Terri Lawson Amy Linder Preston Mitchum Jessica Mohabir Rotcelis Morales Jones Chimezie Okobi Bryan Patton Tierra Poteat Lakeisha Randall Mark Scott Jimmy Short Ashley Stephens Caroline Stutts Amanda Williamson Catherine Wooten Robert Yoder


Latavia Alexander Venus Boston Daniel Britt Chioke Brown Nadirah Brown Shannon Brown Matthew Burkert Kevin Claiborne John Comer Jabari Craddock Thomas Doucette Ashleigh Dunston Etienne Farquharson Erica Green Victoria Grimes Yvonne Guyton Brandon Hicks Kim Holloway Blaire Houston Hugh Hudson Ilana Janovich Jaamal Jennings Israel Johnson Tiara Kincaid Jillian Mack Tammie Marshall Stephen McLaughlin Jr. Christina Montague Wendalyn Perry Shirley Rice Keith Roberson Shannon Simmons Natashalyn Snipes Erin Verdell Kevin Wilson


Sharae’ Alford India Ali Brandye Birdsall Alethea Byrd Chanel Coley LeeAnn Crush Jacquim Curtis Denaa’ Griffin Linda Hopkins Elizabeth Huebner Kelvin Jacobs Casi Johnson Deidre Kelly James Lawson Brian Lewis Frances McDuffie Taittiona Miles Carmelo Montalvo Michael Onufer David Phelps Matthew Phillips Raheem Pounds Asha Ralph Brandon Robinson Jon’shel Rumley Ashley Scott Tre’keysha Shaw Ryne Toole Tamaria Williams


Daniel Barrow Sheena Boddie Deborah Brown Kinna Clark Caroline Denning Ricoya Dozier Nicole Duggins Auria Dupuch-Freeman Ciera Fox Mahalia Frost Chelsea Fulmore Gloria Godwin Nancy Hillsman Sheena Jacobs Osaffo James Megan Kunz Adam Mincher Krystina Moore William Moultrie Monica Musgrove William Pagan William Parker Michael Provencher Bobby Richardson Michael Robinson Alexis Slay RaShina Spivey Angela Terry Matthew Wareham Kaleb Wingate Kaleb Wingate


Courtney Allen Ashley Baker Kennedy Barkley Ja`Mareia Bonner Kristina Bookman Melody Brown-Peyton Daryl Campbell-Pierre Dquayvion Cloud Shakiya Cloud Sarah Danaher Clevonne Davis Brianna Ford Kianda Hicks Tatyanna Holley Demiah Johnson Michael Lemay Jazmine Lewis Alisheia Lowery Baheeyah Madany Taylor McCracken Latazja McNeill Jasmyne Miller Emani Mills Shanice Mullins Victor Nwanguma Malaysia Seabrooks Jelaina Shipman Jasmine Spooner Yazmin Washington Talisha Watson Sydney Wilson

GIVING BY CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS A Plus Test Prep & Academic SE A-1 Real Estate Services Inc. Aarp Chapter 189 Durham Abbott Downing, A Wells Fargo Company Adele & Willard Gidwitz Family Foundation Adore Inc. Adrienne Kruse Inc. African American Cultural Festival African American Heritage Committee Alpha Kappa Alpha – Iota Kappa Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Alpha Management Community Services, Inc. American Honda Motor Company, Inc. America's Charities Antioch Baptist Church ART Financial Services ASIS&T Carolinas Association of Retired NCCU Personnel AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Atkins Investment Company, LLC Atty. John A. Waller DBA Loja Waller Business Bank of America Charitable Foundation BBH Design, PA Belk, Inc. Beyond Measure Ministries Beyu Caffe Billys Plumbing Service, Inc. Biologics, Inc. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation for the Carolinas BOBO'S Men's Wear Bon Secours Health System, Inc. Boyles Law Firm, PLLC

Brewington Law Group, PLLC Brigs Restaurant Britt-Rosenthall BHP Foundation Buffalo Wild Wings Bullard Properties Operating Account CGC Campbell University Campus Alpha, LP Carolina Theatre of Durham, Inc. Carolinas HealthCare System Central Carolina Black Nurses Charitable Adult Rides and Services, Inc. Charles R. Chuck Davis Charlottesville Area Community Foundation Chesnutt, Clemmons & Peacock, P.A. Christian Faith Baptist Church Citizens Community Bank CJB Jewelry CJM Fondation Cleveland Chapter of The Links, Inc. Construction Management and Technology Inc. Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Couch and Associates P.C. CSX Transportation Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc. Dell Computer Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated Foundation Dessausure Law Firm Deutsch & Gottschalk, PA Discover Financial Services Duke Energy Company Durham Jazz Workshop Durham Performing Arts Center Durham Public Schools Durham Sports Club Eagle Athletic Foundation Emily Sutton Dezio, PA Emmanuel AME Church

Enterprise Holdings Foundation Environmental Federation of NC Town Evelyn D. Schmidt Chartiable Trust Eventbrite ExxonMobil Foundation Farber Law Firm, PLLC Fayetteville Chapter of NC Central Alumni Association Fenway Sports Management Fidelity Foundation & Charitable Gift Fund First Calvary Baptist Church Fludd Law Firm, PLLC Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, Inc. Frankie Baltimore Promotions Frasier & Griffin PLLC Frost Brown Todd. LLC Fulbright Financial Consulting PA G. Alan Incorporated Gatewood Financial GlaxoSmithKline, Inc. Gregory B. Davis Foundation H&R Block Tax Services, Inc. Halpern Immigration Law Henry Law Offices, PLLC Hickory Grove Art Center Hilton Garden Inn Southpoint Holloway Memorial Funeral Home Incorporated IBM Corporation IBM Matching Grants Integrity Building & Maintenance Services iPay Solutions Jack and Jill of America, Inc. – Capital City Chapter Jackson Lewis, P.C. Jam Construction Jazz at Lincoln Center Jennifer Sold It, LLC JF Webb High School Cheerleading

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2015-2016


GIVING BY CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS (continued) John W. Kirkman, Jr., Attorney At Law Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Johnson, Inc. Joint Logistics Managers, Inc. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Kappa Iota Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Kisala Watkins Law Group, PLLC LaGrange/Frink Alumni & Friends Association, Triangle Chapter Latta Distributing Co. Law Firm of Shawndria McCoy, PLLC Law Office of Darrell Lee Robinson Law Office of R. Kent Harrell, P.C. Law Offices of Blair E. Cody, III, PLLC Lawrence P. Jones & Sarah S. Jones Trust Lawyers Mutual Liability Insurance Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association, Inc. Local 4G Graham Media Group LSA Outreach, LLC M.S. Goldklang & Co., Inc. Manning Enterprises, Ltd. Mayo's Unisex Hairstyles & Cuts MC Sports Acquisition LLC McBath Family Trust, Mechanics and Farmers Bank Media Placement Services Medtronic Incorporated Mercy Education Project Modern Woodmen of America Morgan Stanley Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church National Association of Securities Professionals National Christian Foundation National Watermelon Promotion Board NBCAHOF NC Legislative Black Caucus Foundation NC Mutual Life Insurance Company NC Recreation Therapy Association NCBA Foundation NCCU Class of 1971 NCCU Alumni Choir NCCU Class of 1955

NCCU Class of 1965 NCCU Class of 1970 NCCU Class of 1975 Neil Bryant Realty Co. Network For Good New York Life Foundation Newcomb and Company North Carolina Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat North Carolina Museum of Art Foundation, Inc. Novelty Joe’s, LLC NPR Omega Supply Services, Inc. Orange Grove Baptist Church Original Circle of Friends Perfection At Academy Court Person County Board of Education Philadelphia Chapter-NCCU Alumni Association Pi Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Pride Investments, LLC Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Masons of N.C. Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc. Rich Family Foundation Rooms To Go Root & Root, PLLC Ross’s Trucking Ruth Franks Trust DTD SALEKTIV, LLC Sanders & Nashland CPAs, P.A. Sanders Funeral Home SAS Institute, Incorporated Scarborough & Hargett Funeral Home, Inc. Schwab Charitable Fund Sew Fine II Shift NC Short Lines and Smiles LPA, LLC Sigma Tau Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Sigma Theta Tau International Smith/Shaver Law School Scholarship Fund, Inc. Southeast Region Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Incorporation Southern Association of State Highway and Transportation & Transportation Offic Spiritual Lights of Timberlake, N.C. State Employees Combined Campaign State Farm Companies Foundation State of N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

Steve Toler, LLC Still You Hair Replacements, LLC Structure Building Company, Inc. The Art of Cool Project The Blue Note Grill, LLC The Carver Foundation Of Norwalk, Inc. The Cotton Law Firm, PLLC The Dickson Foundation, Inc. The Elmore Group, Ltd. The Elsevier Foundation Matching Gift Program The Famous Jordanaires The Hamner Institutes The Herald Sun The J & A Group, LLC The Law Offices of Travis H. Simpson The Law Offices of Willie R. Brooks, Jr., PLLC The Marriage & Family Clinic The North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation, Inc. The P&G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation The Philadelphia Foundation The Tom Joyner Foundation, Inc. Thurgood Marshall College Fund TIAA/CREF Triangle Center For Enrichment, PLLC Triangle Community Foundation, Inc. Triangle Volleyball Club Inc. TRUiST Turrentine Law Firm, PLLC TYJ, LLC United States Tennis Association Incorporated United Therapeutics Corporation United Way of the Greater Triangle Washington Nationals Baseball Club, LLC Webber Marketing & Consulting, LLC Welcome Home Care Agency, Inc. Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Wells Fargo Foundation Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program Wescott Strategic Communications, LLC White Rock Baptist Church Williams & Exum, P.A. Williams, Luck & Williams World Of Flowers Xerox Foundation YourCause, LLC

Newly Established or Enhanced University Endowments (FY 2016) £ Richard A. Miller Memorial Endowment £ Reverend Troy L. and Brenda E. Dixon Endowment £ Class of 1988 Endowment £ Class of 1990 Endowed Scholarship Fund £ James A. Stewart & Frances Dyer STEM Endowment


nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

£ Glenwood O. Davis Endowed Scholarship £ Dr. Francis A. Kornegay Student Development £ Marva Jean Pitt Riley Endowed Scholarship £ Michael P. Johnson Professorship in the School of Business £ Leroy C. Latten Endowment

At a cost of $1.95 each, 3,500 copies of this public document were printed for a total of $6,750 in Spring 2017

di v ision of institutional a dva nce men t




Giving to NCCU sustains the high-level research, teaching and learning opportunities that students need to make an impact in the global economy. During the 2015-16 fiscal year, the combined gifts of more than 6,610 NCCU faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends, together with our corporate and foundation partners, helped us raise $7 million. Your contributions provide critical funds for scholarships and allow our students to continue and complete their education. Thank you for your continued investment in Eagle Excellence! The Report on Philanthropy is produced by the Division of Institutional Advancement, including the Office of Advancement Services, Office of Alumni Relations, Office of University Relations, Office of Development, NCCU Foundation Inc., as well as the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid in the Division of Enrollment Management. Office of University Relations Contributors: EDITORS, WRITERS: Ayana D. Hernandez, Renee Elder, Kia Bell, Quiana Shepard DESIGN AND LAYOUT: Pandora Frazier PHOTOGRAPHY: Chioke Brown and Ivan Watkins


Division of Institutional Advancement 1801 Fayetteville Street Durham, NC 27707

NCCU Report on Philanthropy 2015-2016  

The 2015–2016 Report on Philanthropy provides a summary of contributions made to North Carolina Central University by more than 6,610 alumni...

NCCU Report on Philanthropy 2015-2016  

The 2015–2016 Report on Philanthropy provides a summary of contributions made to North Carolina Central University by more than 6,610 alumni...