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P H I L A N T H R O P Y 2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5


w total gifts donated by alumni

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nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

inside the

9 Chautauqua Heritage Society


10 Giving by Individuals

33 Giving by Class Year

45 Giving by Organizations

THE 2014-2015 REPORT ON PHILANTHROPY provides a summary of contributions made to North Carolina Central University by MORE THAN 6,200 alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and friends. Individual and institutional donors demonstrated record-level generosity and commitment with gifts totaling $7.6 MILLION; that total includes $2.2 million donated by 15 PERCENT OF OUR ALUMNI. Faculty and staff contributed to the 2014-2015 Giving Campaign at a participation rate of 76 PERCENT. One hundred and five years after admitting our first students, we continue to depend on your contributions to help us effectively advance the university’s mission and enhance each student’s experience.

Visit for a digital version of the Report on Philanthropy.

v PICTURED: NCCU students Kourtney Daniel-Robinson, senior, Nicholas Hedgpeth, sophomore, and Kadijah Miller, junior

BOARD OF TRUSTEES George R. Hamilton Chairman John A. Barbee Vice Chairman Paul R. Pope Jr. Secretary


Darrell T. Allison

John T. McCubbins

Oita C. Coleman

Olivia Robinson

Harold T. Epps

Allyson Siegel

Joan Higginbotham

Kenneth R. Tindall

Michael P. Johnson

Karyn S. Wilkerson

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015




North Carolina Central University is one of the nation’s top universities offering diverse, innovative educational opportunities to students. NCCU remains at the forefront of investigating and addressing health disparities affecting AfricanAmericans and other minority groups and making game-changing discoveries at our two advanced research institutes. As a result, the campus continues to expand its reach and impact as a premier, first-choice and global institution.

ke y priorities for the university: STUDENT SUCCESS Scholarships help NCCU improve retention rates for matriculating students, attract top scholars to campus, and develop innovative program offerings. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND PUBLIC SERVICE In keeping with our motto of Truth and Service, NCCU students worked 237,495 volunteer hours during 2014-15, a contribution valued at $5.1 million. INTELLECTUAL CLIMATE NCCU sponsors a series of extracurricular programs that bring individual thought-leaders and issues of national importance to campus. IMPROVING LIVING AND LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS Development of a new Student Center, renovation of residence halls, and construction of a new athletics complex are our capital priorities.


nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Dear NCCU Donors, Thank you for your investment in North Carolina Central University. We remain grateful to you for your commitment to our number one priority: student success. Our institution continues to lead the way in educating and equipping scholars and giving them the competitive credential they will need to succeed in the global marketplace. Over the past fiscal year, your generous contributions have made a significant impact in the lives of the students we serve. Each of you — our alumni, faculty, staff and friends, along with our corporate and foundation partners and organizations — assisted in providing near record-setting support totaling $7.6 million. Collectively, l et ter f r om the your gifts are improving North Carolina Central University by providing critical scholarships and creating research opportunities for our students. Our classrooms are led by faculty who are global leaders in their respective fields and who prepare and provide our students with lifelong debr a saunders-whi t e learning opportunities so they can excel and succeed before and after graduation. From our programs in the STEM disciplines, nursing, pharmaceutical sciences and the biosciences, to our innovations in business, education, law and liberal arts, NCCU is training some of the best and brightest scientists, medical doctors, health disparities researchers, musicians, marketers, educators, attorneys and business leaders in the Triangle, throughout North Carolina, around our nation and across the world. In September 2014, the Division of Institutional Advancement launched “The Road to Eagle Excellence” Key Cities Tour. We traveled to six cities and engaged our major constituant communities, including many of you, and encouraged support for the university. (Please see story on page 35.) A special thank you is due to our alumni hosts, corporate partners and donors who supported us at these events. As we celebrate North Carolina Central University’s 105th anniversary, we commemorate a solid legacy of “Truth and Service” that is synonymous with excellence, innovation, integrity and quality. Our institution will continue to thrive in the centuries to come and deliver on our promise of being the gateway to opportunity. Thank you for investing in our future leaders and North Carolina Central University!


In Truth and Service,

Dr. Debra Saunders-White Chancellor t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015


Dear NCCU Supporters, All of us at North Carolina Central University value and appreciate your ongoing support and dedication to helping students realize their dreams. With your invaluable commitment to excellence, we achieved one of the highest institutional records in 2014-2015 by raising more than $7.6 million in a single fiscal year. This would not have been possible without all of you. With the generosity and support of donors, NCCU provides an enhanced academic environment for our students. We are grateful for your continuous support of Eagle Excellence through giving. Our alumni participation rate increased from 12 percent to 15 percent over the le t t e r f r om the past year, generating $2.2 million in 2014-2015, as Eagles gave back in record numbers! Additionally, 76 percent of NCCU faculty and staff also contributed to the institution. The Division of Institutional Advancement has created a culture of philanthropy that is engaging for institutional advancement more current and potential donors than ever before. In June 2015, we launched the “Every Eagle. Every Year.” Giving Campaign. This campaign rallies “every Eagle” to harriet frink davis, ph.d. give to North Carolina Central University “every year.” As part of the campaign kickoff, we issued a challenge on social media that received enthusiastic response from many millennial alumni and members of other affinity groups. (Please read about one of our young, first-time donors on page 23.) Please know that every dollar entrusted to our care is leveraged and tracked to ensure that it reaches its maximum potential for improving the lives of current and future students, who are and will remain our No. 1 priority. Not only are we able to help students discover their individual pathways to success, we also encourage them to give back to have a tangible and meaningful impact on succeeding generations. Thank you again for your support and your generosity. With you, we are able to realize our mission of providing students with access to quality education while building a brighter future for successive generations in North Carolina.

vice chancellor


Harriet Frink Davis, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement


nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015







DEEDS MEMBERS OF THE CHAUTAUQUA HERITAGE SOCIETY: 2014-2015 **Deceased since last printing +New since last printing


Last updated: 12/1/2015

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y



Elmontenal C. Allens ’79 Maury Alston ’90 Roxana M. Alston ’91 Shirley R. Armstrong ’71, ’83 David L. Avery ’63 Annette A. Bailey ’68 Ertie F. Barnes ’51 Arthur L. Best ’87 Tiffany R. Blakeley ’91 Lillian J. Bowser ’89 Bertha H. Breese ’57 Drew H. Brown ’65 Judge Brown Jr. ’68 Ophelia Garmon-Brown ’76 Walter M. Brown ’48, 55 Gevonda Braswell-Bryant ’81

Roy Brooks Octavia W. Cabey ’74 Nannie Coleman Charles E. Clinton ’66 Charles Cooper+ Vivian S. Cooper+ Wilfreda C. Coy ’69+ Pharrah Crawford ’02 Claretha M. Davis Nathaniel Davis Jr. Robert L. Dobbs Sr. ’60+ Donna K. Douglas ’84 Susette Spivey-Dula ’95 Harold T. Epps ’74 Gwendolyn Flowers ’74 Sharon Freeland ’74


The Chautauqua Heritage Society honors and thanks all those who have made a commitment to North Carolina Central University in a will or trust, life

insurance or life income annuity or through the gift of real estate, and who have informed the university

of their intentions. The Chautauqua Heritage Society’s name recalls the original title of North Carolina

Central University — the National Religious Training School and Chautauqua for the Colored Race. The first Chautauqua took place beside a lake of the same name in New York state. The movement that

drew together people for educational lectures, sermons, performances and debates was popular in the

early 1900s, when NCCU was founded. Just as the university today is the legacy of the Chautauqua move-

ment, you will leave your legacy as a member of the Chautauqua Heritage Society by supporting students, researchers and faculty of NCCU.

Members of the Chautauqua Heritage Society have made the commitment to include a college, school,

program or scholarship fund as a beneficiary in their will or trust. Bequests are not subject to estate taxes, reducing tax liability for their heirs. Gifts may include residences, vacation homes or acreage through a

“remainder interest” deeded to the NCCU Foundation. Contributions may also include appreciated assets, such as stocks or life insurance policies, that offer important tax benefits.

For more detailed information about wills and estate plans and the Chautauqua Heritage Society, please

contact 919-530-5264 or email

Pamela S. Glean ’80 Angela N. Gray Jamar Gregory Roger R. Gregory ’71** George R. Hamilton ’77 Thomas N. Hammond ’64 Sybil S. Henderson ’77 Calvin Hilton ’78+ Glendora Hilton ’78+ Vanessa Hinton Cheryl Hodge ’87+ Barbara E. Holland ’82 Carla Horne Ronnie Horne ’81 Brinson Hyman ’85 Kasey Jackson

Anthony Jarman Timothy Jarmon Leonard T. Jernigan Jr. ’76+ Gardner L. Johnson ’84 Zandra Sue Johnson ’65 Zaundra Y. Johnson ’89 Elnora S. Jones ’44 Esther Morgan Jones ’63 Vasant Kaiwar Carolyn B. Kamara ’72 Jermaine Kee Allen Kirkman ’80 Ann Kizzie Apryle Lawson ’92 Heather S. Linton Theresa Little

Ernestine D. Lyon ’57 Daphne Magee-Hunter ’75 Sylvia Massey ’72 Deborah Mayo-Jeffries ’76 Sucheta Mazumdar Linda W. McDougle ’66 Helen V. McLean ’54 Tommy T. McNeill ’93 Richard A. Miller ’48** Eric A. Montgomery ’87 Janelle Morrow ’95 Dwight D. Perry ’76 Karen S. Perry ’91, ’96 Norma Petway ’77 Allison C. Phillips James D. Ragin ’72

Bobbie Reddick ’70 Barbara J. Redmon ’88+ Avon L. Ruffin ’75 Myrtle B. Sampson ’51, ’52 Barbara B. Smith ’84 Larkin B. Smith III ’74 Nicole Smith ’95 Sherika Smith William G. Smith ’77 James H. Speed Jr.’ 75 Benjamin Speller Jr. ’62 Gerald A. Spence Jennifer Spence ’86 Jerry Spence ’86 JoeAnne Stephens ’70 James A. Stewart

Harold Suggs ’57 Chevella L. Thomas ’82, ’04, ’06 Carlton E, Thornton Sr. Kay T. Thomas ’66 Sean A. Thomas ’95, ’98 Viola G. Turner Erdyne Vereen Peggy M. Ward ’74 Monte D. Watkins ’84+ James M. Webb ’76 Harvey L. White ’72 Melvin F. White ’70 Monya J. White ’72 James E. Williams Sr. ’57, ’74

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



THE JAMES E. SHEPARD SOCIETY Through this publication and in other ways, North Carolina Central University recognizes and celebrates the commitment and dedication of all of its donors at every dollar amount. Beginning at the Supporter level to the Living Legacy donor, every donor counts toward helping to meet our critically important participation goals. Donors who give annually at the Leadership level are welcomed as members of the Shepard Society, named for our founder, Dr. James E. Shepard. Donors at the 1910 Circle level and above receive invitations to special events, including Lyceum, Symposiums, speaker series and receptions with the Chancellor.


nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y


LIVING LEGACY $25,000 – $1M _________________ Robert Dolan John Fassett George Hamilton ’77 and Jill Hamilton Kevin Holloway ’75 and Lauretta Holloway ’75 Michael Johnson ’69 and Elizabeth Johnson Veronica Johnson ’71 ’80 David Mitchell ’84 Tonja Roberts ’93 Macerine Sampson ’75** Myrtle Sampson ’52 ’73 Allyson Siegel S. Dallas Simmons ’62 ’67** and Yvonne Simmons ’62 S. Dallas Simmons Jr. ’86 Cornell Slade ’75 and Bessie Slade ’75 Isaiah Tidwell ’67 and Hellena Tidwell ’68

VISIONARY $10,000 – $24,999 _________________ Anonymous John Barbee ’73 and Laquetta Barbee ’74 Carolyn Booker Robert Dobbs ’60 Harold Epps Jr.’74 and Kathy Epps ’75 Ralph Frasier ’63 ’65 Kenneth Gibbs ’78 and Lori Jones Gibbs Isaac Green Keith Haywood ’77 and Marilyn Sutton-Haywood ’75 Hugh Johnson II ’97 Mandrake Lewis ’97 Elmira Mangum ’75 Branford Marsalis Michael Hershfield and Susan Rosenthal Stephen Shafroth Esther Silver-Parker ’69 Dwight Perry ’76 and Veronica Ray John Smith ’64 and Laura Smith ’65 ’83 George Walls ’75 and Portia Walls ’75 Peggy Ward ’74 Raymond Weaver ’70 and Deborah Weaver ’71

Clarence Williams ’61 and Mildred Williams ’61 Floyd D. Young

CHANCELLOR’S CIRCLE $5,000 – $9,999 _________________ John Amey ’63 ’77 and Ellen Amey ’62 ’72 Norman Anderson ’77 Yolanda Banks Deaver ’87 Danielle Bennett ’99 Walter Brown ’48 ’55 John Burris and Cheryl Amana-Burris Sammie Chess Jr. ’56 and Marlene Enoch-Chess ’57 Wilfreda Coy ’69 Mellissa Craig ’95 Phyliss Craig-Taylor Charles Daye ’66 Troy Dixon ’75 and Brenda Dixon Yvonne M. Evans Barbara Exum ’75 Willie Gary ’74 Marvin Genzer Walter Gerald ’64 Nicholas Harvey ’73 Calvin Hilton ’78 and Glendora Hilton ’78 Elston Howell and Lisa Howell ’91 ’95 Ernest Jenkins ’74 ’80 and Shirley Jenkins ’73 ’79 Leroy Johnson ’57 and Cleopatra Johnson Ernestine Lyon ’57 Keith Manning Mitchell McAllister ’91 and Lorna McAllister ’90 Ronald McCray ’74 Evelyn Morrisey ’60 Paul Pope Jr. ’75 Hazell Reed Avon Ruffin ’75 Earl Sanders** and Arthrell Sanders ’53 Debra Saunders-White Richard Smith ’81 and Jacqueline Beatty-Smith ’79 ’93 Mary Stevenson ’71 ’75 Donald Thomas ‘64 and Kay Thomas ’66 Milton Tingling ’82 Monte Watkins ’84 Samuel Williams

SHEPARD’S COURT $2,500 – $4,999 _________________ Charles Bailey ’74 Dori Bennett ’84 Gayla Bivens-Moss ’00 Herman Boone ’58 ’67 and Carol Boone Christopher Boozer ’78 Leland Branch ’77 ’93 Leslie Brinson ’61 ’71 and Doris Brinson ’61 Robert Chiles ’56 Thereda Cobb-Newsome ’75 Willie Cooper ’65 William Coward ’53 and Tamara Coward Melvin Crawley ’79 James Davis ’64 Tracy Dawkins ’86 Edward Gomes and Lois Deloatch Ronnie DeWitt ’72 and Verlene DeWitt ’73 Lee Dudley ’92 Carolyn Edge ’67 Rebecca Edmonds ’43 ’68 David Fitts ’76 and Maxine Fitts Ophelia Garmon-Brown ’76 Janice Harper ’76 ’77 Sampson Harrell ’65 and Lizzie Harrell ’65 William Hayes ’65 and Carolyn Hayes ’65 Susan Hester Joan Higginbotham Ola Hill ’76 Gail Hoggard ’75 Lenward Hood ’65 George Huff ’72 Ralph Hunt ’64 and Rebecca Hunt Vergil Hyatt ’76 Wanda Hyatt ’82 Denice Johnson ’77 Deborah Johnson Reeder ’76 Ronita Caldwell ’78 Thad Jones ’63 Irving Joyner Carolyn Kamara ’72 Linda Kennedy-Beauvil ’65 Clara Lawson Carlton Mack ’66 Laverne Mance-Burch ’64 Vivian McCoy ’83 Ann McMillon Linda Norflett ’70

Every effort has been made to present an accurate account listing of our donors. However, there still may be errors of omission. If your listing is incorrect or your name has been omitted, we apologize. Please provide the correct information by contacting the Division of Institutional Advancement at 919-530-6151.


Milton Parker ’65 ’77 and Gwendolyn Parker ’65 Thomas Parrish ’68 and Margaret Parrish Gerald Price ’84 Karen Prus ’95 Barbara Redmon ’88 Margie Riley ’68 ’80 Lettie Robinson Goode ’78 Debra Russell ’76 Stephanie Shaw ’77 Belinda Smith ’76 James Speed ’75 and Thedora Speed ’80 Cressie Thigpen ’68 Gwendolyn Townsend ’80 Anthony Wade Priscilla Wallace ’63 James Williams ’76 and Sherron Williams ’91 Robert Williams ’56 ’65 and Eva Williams ’58 Valeria Wilson ’65

1910 CIRCLE $1,000 – $2,499 _________________ Gale Adams ’84 E. Lavonia Allison Howard Alston ’51 and Daisy Alston Kenneth Alston ’51 Regina Alston ’74 Rodrick Alston ’65 and Grace Alston Terrell Amos ’65 Yolanda Banks-Anderson Earlene Armstrong ’69 Ertie Barnes ’51 Kenneth Barnes ’92 and Monica Barnes Charles Baron ’58 and Martha Baron Cynthia Bell ’64 Sarah Bell-Lucas ’59 ’70 Floyd Benjamin ’65 and Floretta Benjamin ’67 Floyd Benjamin Jr. John Bennett ’91 Paul Bennett ’67 Cornelius Best Ronald Blaylock Daniel Blue ’70 and Edna Blue ’72 Irma Bogan ’64 James Boone ’66 Reginald Boone ’67 Percell Bowser ’55 ’65 and Christine Bowser ’58 Joanne Boykin ’64 Glorial Bradby ’55 Stephanie Branch ’79 Dolores Brinkley ’59 Glorius Bristol ’64 Ellain McGhee Brooks ’44 Otis Brooks ’56

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



Danielle Brown ’98 Drew Brown ’65 Ernest Brown ’70 Gary Brown ’02 Judge Brown Jr. ’68 ’73 Oliver Brown ’59 and Thelma Brown ’73 Verita Lynne Brown ’92 ’02 Ronald Douglas ’82 and Wanda Bryant ’82 Regina Budd ’65 LaDerrick Bullock ’97 and Tara Bullock Janet Bunch ’80 William Burnette ’57 and Barbara Burnette ’57 Garland Burton ’59 Norris Burton ’77 Joseph Butler and Etherine Butler ’65 Linc Butler George Butterfield ’69 ’74 and Connie Butterfield Octavia Cabey ’74 William Camp and Pamela Camp Joseph Campbell ’50 and Dorothy Campbell ’46 ’47 Henry Campen ’86 and Ellen Campen Esther Carter ’53 John Carter Otis Carter ’74 and Sherretta Carter Melvin Carver and Glenda Carver William Carver ’67 Gloria Carver-Mack ’62 ’82 Gladys Chance-Perry ’64 Harold Chapman ’65 William Chapman ’68 and Iris Chapman ’68 Helen Chavious ’65** Randal Childs Evelyn Clay ’64 George Cliette ’65 Gregory Cole and Aura Cole E’Vonne Coleman-Cook ’76 Bert Collins ’70 and Carolyn Collins ’04 M. Elizabeth Collins Iris Cooper ’64 Samuel Cooper ’80 Robert Corbitt ’85 Chatonda Best Covington ’94 Carolyn Crump ’79 Thomas Cuffie ’78 Patrick Curry and Danita Curry ’91 Roy Cuttino ’70 Delois Daniels-Hester ’74 Reginald Dark ’73 and Joyce Dark ’71 Helen Davenport ’63 Glenwood Davis ’78 Harriet Frink Davis Ron Davis


Tania Davis ’94 Winifred Davis ’65 Achamyeleh Debela Doris Dees ’52 Willie Deese Freidia Dinkins ’68 John Whyte and Charmaine Dominique B. Jeannette Douglas Walter Douglas ’54 and Retha Douglas ’56 Gloria Doyle Mardecia Dudley ’64 Norma Duncombe ’64 Benjamin Durant III Sherry Eaton LuAnn Edmonds-Harris ’75 Dennis Ellis ’77 Edward Ellis ’64 Gene Ellison and Angela Ellison Norman Epps and Arvis Bridges-Epps ’79 Mary Evans ’59 Joyce Exum ’64 Warachal Faison ’85 Deborah Farmer ’79 Gloria Feaster ’74 Beatrice Ferebee ’64 Floyd Ferebee ’66 Courtney Ferguson ’64 James Ferguson ’64 Cynthia Fobert Anthony Fox ’82 and Selma Fox ’77 Cory Francis ’98 John Fuller ’64 Stephanie Gaither-Harris ’85 Alphonso Gantt ’62 and JoAnn Gantt Nathan Garrett Sr. ’86 and Wanda Garrett ’86 Michelle Gaston ’81 Joseph Gatewood ’71 and Patricia Gatewood James Geer ’69 Tonya Gerald-Goins ’89 Richard Gilbert Jr. ’93 Angela Gilmore Samuel Goren Frances Graham Christopher Graves ’97 and Tiffany Graves David Green Fred Green ’69 and Gloria Green ’67 Ronald Gurley ’70 Roy Gwyn ’63 and Eva Gwyn ’62 Jarvis Hall and Rosalind Fuse-Hall Yvonne Hammonds ’88 Floyd Hardy ’56 Leon Hardy James Harrington and Edna Harrington ’72 Ella Harris ’67

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Irene Harris Mary Harris ’73 ’78 Don Harrison ’53 ’72 and Norma Harrison ’45 Ernest Harrison ’59 ’61 and Karen Harrision Paul Harrison and Margaret Harrison Audwin Helton ’81 and Raefette Helton ’81 John Henderson ’64 and Verna Henderson ’64 Sybil Henderson ’77 Patricia Henry ’67 ’74 Ayana Hernandez Benjamin Hill ’74 William Hill ’64 and Barbara Hill ’64 David Hood David Horton and Jenny Horton ’73 Lyle Horton ’64 and Brenda Horton ’65 ’76 Rufus Horton ’65 Paula Hubbard John Hudson and Harriet Hudson Lenora Ingram ’74 Edward Irving ’65 E. Rochelle Jackson ’72 ’73 Gloria James ’71 William James ’71 Charles Jarmon ’64 Mack Jarmon ’63 and Sue Jarmon ’64 Jessie Jeffers ’91 ’94 and Erica Jeffers ’94 Cheo Johnson ’03 and Kimberly Johnson ’01 Constance Johnson ’61 ’66 ’73 Laharve Johnson ’72 Morris Johnson ’65 Robert Johnson ’65 Bernell Jones ’64 Douglas Jones ’74 Evonne Jones ’52 Mattie Jones ’64 and David Jones Riccardo Jones ’75 Thomas Jones ’74 Almeta Jordan ’60 Derrick Jordan ’99 Jacquelyn Joyner ’59 Anita Keith-Foust ’79 Charles Knox ’71 and Marsha Knox ’72 Wade Kornegay ’56 Eva Kraus James Lamb and Shawn Lamb Tandra Landers ’76 Blandina Lane ’63 Cloyce Lassiter ’64 Ira Laster ’56 and Mary Laster ’57 ’73 Leroy Latten ’66 and Helen Latten ’69 D. Curtis Lawson ’87 ’94

Barbara Lewis ’64 Elvis Lewis ’66 and Claudine Lewis ’65 Charisse Lillie Heather Linton Renita Linville Joseph Lipscomb ’74 Reginald Lipscomb Sr. ’90 and Marjorie Lipscomb Daniel and Valinda Littlefield ’87 Arnold Locklear ’73 and Dale Locklear Mark Locklear ’96 and Lisa Locklear Maude Lyons ’78 James Mack ’56 ’69 and Madelaine Mack Jerry Mack C.J. Malloy and Phyllis Malloy ’63 Toni Manning ’64 Davis Martin Jr. ’51 ’53 and Marian Martin Jarvis Martin ’72 and Norma Martin ’74 Joel Maxwell ’69 Lafayette Maxwell Jason McAlpine Pearline McCoy ’56 Geno McCree and Ingrid Wicker-McCree Ricky McGhee ’74 and Patricia Buie-McGhee ’75 ’83 Helen McLean ’54 James McLean ’70 ’78 and Val McLean ’72 ’75 Anne McMahon Eunice McMillan ’68 Harvey McMurray Daniel Meachum ’77 Letitia Melvin ’00 Kewanda Merritt ’06 LaToya Merritt ’00 Theodore Meyers Carlon Mitchell ’70 Mark Morris ’82 and Angela Morris Quinton Morris ’01 Victor Morrison ’73 and Joan Morrison ’78 Mattie Moss ’64 Lewis Myers Victor Neal ’81 Orlean Newton Donald Nolen ’73** and Rosa Nolen ’73 Carolyn O’Garro-Moore Jocelyn Olcott Barry Oliver and Sharon Oliver James Osler ’90 ’91 Irene Owens Michael Page ’84 Lanetta Pantiel ’05 Samuel Parham ’52 Brandon Paris ’94

Daniel Parker ’65 and Mamie Parker ’75 Debra Parker ’80 ’86 ’92 Delores Parker ’77 Freddie Parker ’75 ’76 Barbara Parker Hayes ’64 Jane Pearce ’98 Gwendolyn Peart ’74 Adolphus Peoples ’73 Frankie Perry Lawrence Pettis ’55 and Treva Pettis Norma Petway ’77 Kimberly Phifer-McGhee Wendell Phillips and Ruth Phillips Marshall Pitts ’90 Virginia Politano Zaneta Ponton ’92 Ann Pretty ’57 Freddie Putney Jr. ’74 ’81 Edward Pygatt ’52 Archie Rahmaan ’70 and Minnie Rahmaan Lawrence Rawson Joseph Ray Sr. ’55 ’63 ’73 Regina Ray ’55 Michael Reaves Albert Reddick ’68 and Bobbie Reddick ’70 Thornton Reid ’63 Robert Revelle ’76 Samuel Rhoades ’67 ’73 and Dianne Rhoades Edwin Roberts ’67 Corliss Robinson ’68 Isaac Robinson ’62 and Delia Robinson ’87 Seronda Robinson Mae Rodney ’67 Margaret Ross ’64 JoAnn Salley ’00 Charles Sanders ’63 Hazel Sanders ’70 ’74 Michael Sanders ’65 Earlene Satterfield ’57 Barry Saunders and Kim Saunders Clark Scales ’65 John Scarborough III ’60 and Queen Bass-Scarborough ’72 Evelyn Schmidt George Scott and Constance Scott ’64 ’77 Clementine Sessoms ’65 Rodney Sessoms ’84 Gladys Shelton ’69 Theodosia Shields Phyllis Shumate ’64 James Sibert ’63 and JoAnn Sibert ’64 Benjamin Siler ’51 ’63 and Evelyn Siler ’54 Joseph Silver Miles Simpson Brenda Sloan ’65



Maria Small Bonnie Smith ’65 Maurice Smith ’05 and Diane Smith Edith Smith ’79 ’82 Eurydice Smith ’55** Flossie Smith ’64 Howard Smith ’52 William Smith ’77 Grace Solomon ’49 ’55 Johnnie Southerland Aaron Spaulding ’64 Benjamin Speller ’62 Jesse Spratley ’ 55 and Alice Spratley ’56 A. L. Stanback ’65 ’68 and Michelle Stanback Covia Stanley ’68 ’74 and Lillian Stanley ’70 R. Ed Stewart ’52 ’58 Shawn Stewart Cheryl Stone Larry Suitt ’62 and Gwen Suitt ’69 Julia Taylor Chevella Thomas ’82 ’04 ’06 Tulani Thomas ’98 Geraldine Thompson ’67 L. Donnell Thompson and D. Carr Thompson ’90 Nathaniel Thompson

Carlton Thornton and Clovia Thornton Carlton Thornton Jr. ’94 and Kathy Thornton Lula Thorpe ’57 Emmett Tilley and Martha Tilley ’71 ’84 Kenneth Tindall and Susan Turbak Francis Turner Frank Turner ’68 ’73 and Kimberly Turner James Tyson ’64 André Vann ’93 and Tracey Vann ’89 ’06 Richard Vaughan ’64 Samuel Vaughan ’71 and Rose Vaughan ’62 ’72 Kurt Vernon and Kia Hardy-Vernon ’93 ’00 Jerry Walker ’71 and Sarah Davis-Walker ’72 ’77 Margaret Walker ’66 Leroy Walters ’73 and Debna Porter Walters ’73 ’78 Anita Walton Gary Ward ’85 Robert Waters Christopher Watkins ’81 Herbert Watkins ’65 and Mary Watkins ’65

Oreta Watkins ’55 Kerry Watson Vernaline Watson ’64 ’68 Virginia Weaver ’64 James Webb ’76 Melvin White ’70 Lillonteen Whitehurst ’54 Floyd Wicker ’71 and Evelyn Wicker ’72 Andrew Widmark and Virginia Widmark Cecelia Williams ’64 Gertrude Williams ’58 Jennifer Williams ’69 Edward Williams and Lois Williams ’64 Quantella Williams ’76 and Glenda Tate Williams ’86 Winifred Williams ’55 Carlton Wilson ’78 Kenneth Wilson ’79 Larry Wilson Jr. ’66 Sharmell Wilson ’92 William Wilson ’62 Robert and Pamela Winton Ontario Wooden Robert Woods ’69 ’71 and Cynthia Woods ’70 Ronnie Wotorson Sandra Wray-McAfee ’67

Mary Wright Denise Wynn ’99 Reuben Young ’85 and Pamela Young ’85

EAGLES COURT $500 – $999 _________________ Jay Ager Lovest Alexander ’64 and Peggy Alexander ’70 ’78 Horton Allen ’72 and Iris Allen ’75 Johnny Alston ’73 Melvin Asbury ’73 LaShauna Askew-Thomas ’02 Kevin Atkinson Toussaint Avent ’56 David Avery ’63 and Evelyn Avery James Avery ’70 Brenta Baldwin ’66 Jannie Barrett ’80 Morris Barrier ’03 Dorothy Barton ’62 Ethan Basch Pattie Baskette ’64 Roy Bass and Saundra Bass ’75

Sonja Winstead Beckford ’76 Arthur Beeler Douglas Bell Ethel Benkin Chiara Best ’97 Randall Best Miron Billingsley Carolyn Blanks ’64 Enoch Bond Barbara Boone ’60 Sherle Boone ’65 Thomas Boone ’62 Renee Bowser ’82 Rhonda Bridgers ’68 ’88 Eddie Britt ’58 Helen Bronson ’68 Ezell Brown ’71 and Muriel Brown ’70 Frederick Brown Kendal Brown Vincent Brown Marzella Bryant ’64 Amanda Bryant-Friedrich ’90 Richard Budet and Doris Budet Raymond Bullock Jr. ’71 and Gladys Bullock ’72 Fred Burke ’63 Gloria Burton ’64 ’87

Richard Miller Leaves Largest Single Alumni Gift to University

Upon his death in 2013, Miller left a bequest of more than $351,000 for an endowed scholarship in the NCCU Athletics Department.

ALUMNUS RICHARD ALLEN MILLER passed away in 2013 and left a bequest of more than $351,000 for an endowed scholarship in the NCCU Athletics Department. His gift was the largest individual gift from an alumnus of North Carolina Central University. Miller remained a lifelong fan of NCCU athletics – despite moving 500 miles to coach at Tennessee State University for nearly half a century. As a freshman, Miller arrived at NCCU to play basketball for Coach John McLendon and became a star player for the Eagles as they won the first Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association championship. After graduation in 1948, he served in the U.S. Army, then earned a master’s degree at Tennessee State and a doctorate at the University of Indiana. But he never forgot his roots at NCCU. That gift was formally recognized by the Board of Trustees in 2015, when they voted to name an academic resource center in McDougald-McLendon Arena the Richard A. Miller Computer Lab for this former Eagle whose star qualities shined both on and off the court. t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



Special Memories Spark Giving by Hellena and Isaiah Tidwell HELLENA HUNTLEY AND ISAIAH TIDWELL once pooled their money to share a double Popsicle at NCCU in the 1960s. The couple, married now for 48 years, still keeps those leftover Popsicle sticks around as a reminder of humble beginnings. After graduating from NCCU, Isaiah launched a career in corporate banking that transcended glass ceilings and paved the way for upcoming African-Americans in the field. Hellena, a psychology major, became a top fundraiser for Winston-Salem State University and the Arts and Science Council of Charlotte/Meckenburg, among others. Throughout their marriage, the Tidwells’ commitment to philanthropy and public service has benefitted the communities where they lived and worked. They’ve also shown an ongoing commitment to NCCU. Isaiah steered a corporate donation of $500,000 from Wachovia to establish an endowed chair at NCCU in 1999. In 2015, the couple established a $100,000 scholarship in the names of his parents, William and Anna Davis Tidwell, saying: “It seemed fitting to honor my parents with a gift to future generations.”

Allie Bynum ’73 James Byrd ’71 Thomas Cadwallader Faye Calhoun Robert Cameron Lawrence Campbell ’89 Evelyn Carter ’64 Kalipha Ceesay ’07 Ertle Chavis ’73 Clayton Mack ’97 Roger Chesley Kenneth Clemons and Remell Clemons ’72 John Clifford Gregory Clinton James Cole ’87 Judy Coley ’75 Clifton Collier Bradley Collins James Colson ’65 and Lacy Colson ’66 Marjorie Coward J. B. Craddock ’12 John Crawford Elaine Crovitz Jason Crump ’97 Kenneth Dalsheimer Dollie Daniel ’68 Jessica Davis-Ganao ’96 Constance Demkowicz Arnold Dennis


Walter Diggs ’51 Dorothy Dove ’68 Tia Doxey William Dudley ’76 Ernest Eason ’76 Jeffrey Edwards and Shelley Edwards Kenneth Edwards Timothy Elleby ’92 Edward Embree Stuart Embree J. N. England and Mary Whitton Anthony Ervin Sadie Ethridge ’61 ’77 ’80 Marquis Eure ’77 William Evans ’62 Debra Farmer ’77 William Farris ’01 Darryl Felder ’75 Tara Fikes ’83 Robert Fisher Howard Fitts ’41 ’47 Dorothy Fleming-Brown ’69 Laura Foreman ’90 Lackisha Freeman ’99 ’02 Kenneth Froneberger ’64 Henry Frye and Shirley Frye Edward Fulbright Edward Furtick Jr. Eleanor Gatling ’63

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Al-Tony Gilmore ’68 and Beryl Gilmore ’70 Bobby Glenn ’64 Furman Glenn ’66 and Janet Glenn ’68 Carol Goins ’86 ’89 Delores Grant Sarah Grant Wendall Keith Greene ’95 Willie Grissom ’64 and Mary Grissom ’61 Constance Guerin William Hager II ’85 Thomas Hammond ’64 Eric Harrington ’94 ’98 Carroll Harris and Josephine Harris S.T. Harris ’80 W. Harris and Jean Harris ’53 Loretta Harry ’74 Richard Harvey Jethro Hawkins ’61 Tonya Hawkins Virginia Hawkins ’64 Sonny Haynes ’10 William Lewis ’53 ’69 and Gloria Haynes-Lewis ’66 Ralph Hester and Faye Hester ’74 Patricia Hill ’64 ’80

It seemed fitting to honor my parents with a gift to future generations." — ISAIAH TIDWELL

Ronald Hines ’74 and Laura Hines Shirley Holliday ’57 Kevonne Holloway ’00 Isaiah Holmes Nicki Holmes Robert Horne ’10 and Stacey Horne ’09 Theo Howard Harry Howell and Daisey Howell Michael Howell Edith Hubbard Gwendolyn Hudson ’74 Phyllis Hughes ’78 ’80 Kimball Hunt ’74 and Dorothy Hunt

William Hunter ’76 Tita Hunter-Herod Wilton Hyman ’92 Raghavan Iyengar Andrew Izod Caesar Jackson James Jackson and Kaye Jackson ’70 Rayfield Jackson and Naomi Jackson ’57 Willie Jacobs ’54 and Charity Jacobs Harold Jeffreys III ’66 ’71 and Brenda Jeffreys ’66 Emma Johnson ’63 Patricia Johnson ’64 Saquan Johnson ’10


Walter Johnson ’67 and Elizabeth Johnson ’62 Alicia Jones ’60 Anizsa Jones ’97 April Jones Beatrice Jones ’75 Helen Jones Kristi Jones ’89 Linda Jones ’75 ’82 Maurice Jones Sr. ’68 Melvena Jordan ’74 Marsha Kee Rosemarie Kitchin Johnnie Knight and Jacqueline Knight Carolyn Koonce ’83 Jenny Koortbojian Richard LaBennett John Langston May Langston ’74 Jonathon Leach ’04 Larry Leatherberry ’63 Warren Leggett ’67 Tinchung Leung Herman Lewis ’57 Pamela Lewis ’98 ’02 Connie Lipscomb ’78 and Tameria Lipscomb ’79 Kate Little ’69 Estell Lloyd ’64 Robert Loftin ’93 and Barbara Loftin ’68 Mitzi Logan Clayton Mack ’97 Edward Marshall James Marshall ’63 Lorina Leavy Marshall Blake Perry Massey ’69 Ilean Mattocks ’57 Tyree McAlphine Tessa McCarthy William McCoy and Gladis McCoy ’53 Neil McDougald ’71 and Marrian McDougald’72 Barnetta McGhee-White Thomas Tiemann and Eileen McGrath Angela McIver ’96 ’01 Frances McIver ’69 David McKenna Paul Meade Robert Mebane ’68 Adrienne Meddock ’91 Edna Mills ’64 Nathaniel Mitchell Rodessa Mitchell ’74 Johnnie Mizelle ’67 and Gloria Mizelle ’69 Sara Mobley Leonard Moore ’65 Dexter Morris Margaret Morris Arimental Moseley ’72 Carlton Moss Jr. ’98 Levelle Moton ’96 David Nass

Danny Neal ’67 James Neal ’64 Charlie Nelms and Jeanetta Nelms Jonathan Nettles ’03 Raymond Nobles ’63 and Billie Nobles ’63 Derek Norford Veronica Nwosu Margaret Osborne-Chadwick ’75 Ashley Owens ’95 ’98 and Alfreda Owens ’96 Huston Paschal Lisa Patterson ’00 Angelo Peebles ’06 Charles Penny ’80 Louis Skip Perkins Jr. ’94 ’98 ’00 Nichelle Perry ’97 Dorothy Person ’59 Robert Person ’73 and Ethel Person ’72 Elizabeth Peterson ’87 Theodore Pikes Mildred Pointer Rudd ’74 James Potts ’57 and Virginia Potts ’55 Bettye Powell ’69 Patricia Purcell ’66 Archie Rahmaan ’70 and Minnie Rahmaan Sharnese Ransome ’80 Ira Reade ’76 and Mary Reade ’73 Vivian Reed ’64 James Riddick ’94 Gerald Riley ’70 ’76 Reginald Roberson Sammy Robinson’76 Wade Robinson James Rogers ’87 and Bertha Rogers ’81 John Rogers ’73 Sandra Rogers ’71 ’97 Anitra Royster ’02 Stephen Russell ’72 and Rose Russell ’71 James Sanders Jr. ’68 and Brenda Sanders ’68 Lillie Sanders ’63 Angela Satterthwaite ’74 Stephen Schewel Bernard Scott ’67 ’97 Curtis Scott ’74 Diane Scott Joseph Seagle ’96 Pamela Sharpe ’87 Ralph Shaw ’77 ’79 Lowell Siler ’76 and Sharron Siler Henry Simmons ’70 Tarryn L. Simmons ’09 Cynthia Simoni Aaron Smith Ira Smith ’75 Michael Smith

Ronald Speight ’71 ’74 Henry Spencer ’64 and Lillie Spencer ’66 Elizabeth Stephenson ’00 Mable Stevenson ’63 Erogers Stinson Lillian Stokes ’66 Gwendolyn Strane ’63 and Clinton Strane Janette Street ’65 Richard Strowd ’81 John Sullivan Sheilda Sutton ’69 V. Rashad Sweet Charlie Taylor Vanessa A. Taylor M. R. Thissen Etienne Thomas ’96 Sean Thomas ’95 ’98 Larry Thompson and Brenda Thompson ’68 Phyllis Thompson ’94 Percy Thorne ’67 and Barbara Thorne Michael Throop and Margarita Throop Alade Tokuta Clarence Toomer ’76 Susan Trabka Geoffrey Tuson Hope Tyehimba Lolethia Underdue Beatrice Vasser ’54 Stacey Venable ’94 Tonnie Villines ’88 A. Maurice Waddell ’74 and Sylvia Waddell ’74 Abbie Walker ’56 ’65 Courtney Walker ’05 Eric Walker ’71 and Clara Ann Walker ’72 Acie Ward ’75 Judith Washington ’77 Walter Weathers ’68 and Mary Weathers ’69 Edith White ’70 James Whittaker ’74 Bennie Wicker Carolyn Wiggins Clarence Williams ’61 ’65 ’85 Dexter Williams ’79 Kimberly Williams ’95 Larry Williams ’78 Lorena Williams ’74 Marilyn Williams ’72 Mary Williams-Poindexter ’71 Barbara Wilson ’69 Charles Wilson Kevin Wilson ’12 and Shanika Wilson Clifton Woods III ’66 Claretha Woody ’77 Diane Wormsley Bobby Wynn ’77 and Lyndelia Wynn ’79

MAROON & GRAY CLUB $100 – $499 _________________ James Abdullah and Shirley Abdullah Joanne Abel ’87 Amal Abu-Shakra William Acton ’77 Evelyn Adams ’82 John Adams Yvonne Adams ’64 Anne Aiello Johnson Akinleye Obataiye Akinwole ’69 and Barbara Akinwole ’79 Susan Alberts Jennifer Albright Howard Aldrich Alfred Alexander and Helen Alexander ’75 Jamaul Alexander ’08 John Alford III ’88 Joseph Algood and Willeena Algood ’91 Adrienne Allen ’89 Ervin Allen ’71 and Sarah Folsom ’80 Jacqueline Allen ’74 Kenya Allen ’97 Natalie Allen Sonya Allen ’99 Venessa Allen ’89 Wanda Allen-Abraham ’91 Elmontenal Allens ’79 Bridgette Allen-Webb ’86 Pamela Allison Gregory Alston ’81 Herman Alston ’74 and Phyllis Alston ’87 E. G. Alston and Pearla Alston ’04 Sylvia Alston-Purnell ’72 Rahesha Amon ’93 Anthony Amos ’75 Albert Anderson ’77 Brenda Anderson ’76 Edward Anderson Sr. ’76 Richard Anderson Sylvia Anderson Nicole Andrade Jeremy Ardrey ’96 Kenisha Armstrong ’09 ’11 Bobby Arnold and Anjali Arnold Annie Arrington ’71 Gloria Arrington ’79 Kimberly Arrington ’00 Avis Artis ’80 Brenda Asbury ’73 Nita Asher ’06 Kelvin Atkinson ’03 Milton Austin Teresa Badger ’75 Dia Baggett ’94 Katrina Baggett ’97

Theodore Bagley ’89 Alan Bailey ’03 David Bailey ’07 Dorothy Bailey ’62 Evester Bailey ’70 ’72 and Brenda Bailey ’71 ’74 Herbert Bailey and Laurie Shannon-Bailey ’86 Kermit Bailey ’84 Melvin Bailey ’69 B.W. Baker Debbie Baker ’94 Karen Baldwin Lawrence Baldwin Frank Ballance Jr. ’63 ’65 and Bernadine Ballance Lloyd Ballance ’81 John Bang Darryl Banks ’83 Felicia Banks Sherrod Banks Camille Banks-Payne ’01 Shelly Bao ’06 Audrey Barbee ’11 Melvin Barbee and Margaret Barbee ’66 Ruth Bardon Alton Barfield Jr. ’93 Tracy Barley ’93 Margaret Barnes ’58 ’75 Michael Barnes ’98 Leacha Barnette ’83 John Bartlett and Chris Bartlett Patricia Bartlett Gregory Battle ’89 William Battye Henrietta Bature ’04 Sharon Baucum-DeShazo Frank Baumgartner Dessie Bauzon-Laxton Lori Beale Ninian Beall Jr. David Beattie Jeanette Beckwith Edna Becton-Pittmon ’56 Esther Belikoff Braxton Bell ’89 Jean Bell Ulysses Bell ’76 and Dorothy Henderson Donna Bellamy ’89 Ruthene Bellamy ’76 Timothy Bellamy Daniel Belsky Jennifer Bennett Voneka Bennett ’03 Monica Benteler Ellen Bentley ’55 and Robert Bentley Rex Bentley Ronald Bergquist and Drucilla Bergquist Dorothy Bernholz ’75 Malcom Berry ’80 Scott Bertram Willie Best ’77

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



Brenda Asbury Alan Bailey Felicia Banks Johnny Bethea Laura Bethea ’99 Doris Bethel ’47 Jane Bethel James Biggers ’70 Morris Billingslea Katrina Billingsley ’06 Sarah Bingham Nelson Birchette Bertrand Birdsall ’73 Paul Bitting ’67 James Black ’66 Elsie Blackman ’53 Eugene Blackman ’65 and Normandy Blackman ’65 Betty Blackwell Pamela Blake Jeff Bleustein Yalonda Blizzard ’98 Morris Blount Sr. ’56 Terrence Blount ’67 Frank Blythe ’79 Mary Boatwright Cynthia Boehmke Nicholas Bogen Willie Boggan ’72 Joyce Bolden ’68 Norman Bolden Thomas Boles ’91 ’98 Joan Bond ’74 Pamela Bond ’01 Walter Bond ’83 Amos Bonner ’59 Donald Bonner Lee Booker ’71 and Evelyn Booker Arthur Benjamin and Valerie Boone ’77 Victor Boone ’75 Karen Bostick ’77 Gregory Bosworth Sheila Bowens-Bratts ’91 William Bowie III ’85 Keith Bowles ’93 Lena Boyd Leon Boyd ’65 and Lillie Boyd ’65 Sara Boyd ’55 Montrale Boykin ’00 ’04 Tonya Boykin Aubrey Bradshaw ’75 Willie Bradshaw ’50 Deborah Brame Gevonda Braswel-Bryant Theodore Breeden Vera Breeze Robert Breitweiser and Sheila Breitweiser Gail Brenner Janet Brewer George Bridgers ’62 Grova Bridgers ’68 Sheila Bridges-Bond Dolores Bridgette ’67


Ethel Briggs Derek Brinson Jessica Brinson Douglas Bristol Daniel Britt ’12 James Britt Miriam Britt Rosenthall ’68 Charles Broach Kylie Brockenfelt Jacqueline Brodie ’71 ’77 Dolly Bromberg Melissa Bromley Mary Brookhart Edward Brooks ’84 Laura Brooks Stephanie Brooks Theodore Brooks Wanda Brooks ’74 James Brothers Dorothy Brower-Brokaw ’73 Anthony Brown Douglas Brown and Beatrice Brown ’74 Betty Brown Chioke Brown ’12 Deborah Brown Doris Brown ’74 Eugene Brown ’07 Calvin Brown ’58 and Genevieve Brown ’58 Grant Brown Irene Brown ’54 John Brown Joseph Brown ’76 Josephine Brown ’56 ’67 Phyllis D. Brown ToNola Brown-Bland Doug Broyles Constance Bryant ’68 Gregory Bryant ’79 and Gevonda Brasswell-Bryant ’81 Lou Bryant Michelle Bryant ’95 Olga Bryant ’74 Al Buehler Wendell Bullard ’94 Uchenna Bulliner Shirley Bullock Dorothy Bumphus ’62 ’88 Raymond Bunch ’63 and Doris Bunch ’65 Gregory Bundrage Kelly Burgess ’06 Lynn Burke ’10 James Burnette Sandy Burney ’08 Kathryn Burns J. A. Burrell William Burroughs ’01 and Anita Burroughs Joseph Burton and Linda Burton Philip Bushnell Barbara Bute ’13 Lindsey Bute Mary Butler ’69

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Timmy Butler Twyla Butler Mikisha Byers ’98 Frances Bynum Lora Bynum ’09 Derek Byrd ’72 and Brenda Ballad ’72 Sherman Byrd Joyce Caesar ’76 Billy Cain and Lena Cain Robert Cain ’69 and Artina Cain ’66 Gwendolyn Calhoun ’57 Thomas Caligan Anita Cameron ’78 ’87 Calvin Cameron Dominique Camm ’09 Frank Campbell Janice Campbell Wright ’69 Edmund Campion and Margaret Campion Tara-Anne Canada ’11 Waltrene Canada ’77 Marjorie Canaday ’88 Arien Cannon ’11 Sharon Cannon ’06 Robert Breed and Michele Carlo Rodney Carr Hattie Carrington ’81 Adrian Carroll Malcolm Carroll Cynthia Carter Jerry Carter Linda Carter ’09 Nancy Carter Kenneth Carver ’70 and Geraldine Carver ’70 David Causey Shirley Chambers ’69 Lemile Chandler Cynthia Chapman ’69 Julie Chappell Linda Chatman ’70 Latoya Cheek ’00 James Cherry and Jean Cherry ’57 Ricky Christian Robert Christy Jr. ’81 William Christy ’89 Gwendolyn Chunn ’64 Charles Ciaffone and Nancy Ciaffone Rosa Ciaramaglia Joseph Clark and Carolyn Clark ’68 Kinna Clark ’14 Theresa Clark ’74 Michael Clarke and Patricia Clarke Barbara Clayton Joyce Clayton ’69 Melvin Clayton ’69 Theaoseus Clayton ’58 and Eva Clayton Evelyn Barnes Clegg ’74 Nancy Clements ’71

Cheresa Clemons Della Clemons ’65 Michael Clemons ’75 Stanley Cleverley Louise Clifford Cassandra Cobb ’91 Anita Cox Cobbs ’94 Blair Cody ’00 Matthew Cogdell ’76 Thomas Cole Eula Coleman ’74 Karen Coleman ’06 Cora Cole-McFadden ’68 ’72 Krishnee Coley ’00 Curtis Collier James Collier ’93 and Kimberly Collier ’93 Bert Collins Jr. ’96 ’06 and Carolyn Collins ’04 James Collins Jeffrey Collins ’08 Paul Collins Arthur Colon Joseph Colvin and Lillie Colvin Helen Compton Wanda Coneal R. D. Conwell ’77 Karen Cook Allan Cooper Amos Cooper and Brenda Cooper Beverly Cooper ’81 Glen Cooper ’61 Theresa Cooper ’86 Joseph Corey Jr. ’88 Augustine Cotten Michael Cotter Mary Cotton ’65 Michael Cotton Walter Cotton ’78 and Phyllis Cotton Kimberly Council ’94 James Courtney ’55 and Elizabeth Courtney George Covington Gregory Coward Dionne Cox ’92 Tyrone Cox ’94 and Birshari Cox Betty Cozart ’59 George Crane Martin Crane and Deloris Lowman-Crane Stefan Crane Nicole Crawford Shenita Crawford ’04 Robin Crawley ’83 James Crisp Zelma Crisp ’74 Clarence Cross Jr. ’69 Nettie Crossman ’69 ’80 Courtney Crowder ’00 Gloria Crowder ’70 Dana Cuberson ’99 Teressa Cuff ’07 Dimitrus Culbreath ’84

Bria Culp ’00 Stephen Cumbie Sydney Cunningham John Curry H. Sebastain Curtis ’84 Tom Dalby and Carolyn Dalby Dewanda Dalrymple Karen Dameron ’79 James Damon and M. Joanne Damon Cleophus Daniel Donald Daniel ’72 Ahmad Daniels ’75 ’89 Calvin Daniels ’87 Harry Daniels Kathleen Daniels Anita Daniels-Kenney Ida Dark Joseph Dary and Mildred Dary ’78 Leigh Dasher ’09 Kristy Daughtry ’99 Walter Davenport Erica Daves ’94 Janice Davidson ’74 James Davies ’79 Audrey Davis ’74 Cherry Davis Dale Davis ’04 Darius Davis and Dessolene Davis ’89 Doris Davis ’70 E. Ann Davis Eddie Davis III Felicia Davis ’84 Geraldine Davis ’59 Gloria Davis ’71 ’74 ’79 Gwendolyn Davis ’73 James W. Davis and Nancy Davis James H. Davis Joyce Davis ’94 Kamaria Davis ’09 Kurtis Davis ’08 Markie Davis Rogers Davis ’65 Ronald Davis Sandra Davis Tatia Davis ’90 Vanda Davis ’97 Wendell Davis ’87 Alexander Davison Alexander Dawson April Dawson Shade Dawson Jr.’85 Shirley Dawson ’98 Siobahn Day ’09 John Daye and Anne Daye ’79 Timothy Daye ’89 Gina Dean ’90 Nequeela Deas-Blanton ’94 Dale Deese ’89 and Mindy Deese Saundra Degeneste Nelson Delgado Kathryn DeMarco


David DeMarini Deborah DeMott Bruce Depyssler Barbara Devane James Devine Michael Dey Carolyn Dickens ’69 Wallace Sellers ’94 and Emily Dickens ’95 ’99 ’02 Celia Dickerson Judy Dillard David Dillehay Jr. Bettie Dixon Freida Dixon Nettie Dixon ’67 James Dockery ’84 Melissa Doggett Robert Dolan Peggy Donald ’55 Dennis Dorin Elvert Dorsey ’73 and Carmen Dorsey ’72 ’87 Mary Dorty Steven Dowling Allen Downey Jr. Cheryl Downey Raymond Dragon Rueben Drake and Audrey Drake ’70 Andrea Dray Barbara Drum Janice Drumwright ’58 Cynthia Duarte James Duffy

Walter Dukes ’89 Melinda Dula Marvin Duncan ’62 and Sandra Duncan ’76 Charles Dunlap ’77 and Valerie Dunlap Antionette Dunn ’75 Melanie Dunshee Judith Dunston Yolanda Dunston Carl Durham ’74 Patricia Durham ’70 Sharon Durham Anita Earls Granville Eastman Wilbert Eatmon ’74 ’80 and Linda Eatmon ’74 ’77 Melanie Eberhart Lori Ector Charles Edelman Stephen Edgerton ’98 A. Root Edmondson ’76 Pauline Edwards ’73 Theodore Edwards and Shirley Taylor-Edwards ’96 Woody Edwards ’83 Nnaemeka Egwuekwe and Pamela Griffin-Egwuekwe Carrie Ellerbe Doris Ellerbee Thomas Elliott ’67 and Vardreane Elliott ’69 Alvin Ellis ’74 LaVeda Ellis ’64

Ollie Ellison Bethaney Embry ’08 LeRoy Etheridge Shawn Etheridge ’92 Vernell Eure Alfreda Evans Ronnie Evans and Brenda Evans Jay Evans 09 Marilyn Evans ’77 Richard Evans Willie Evans Jr. Latonya Everett ’94 Charles Everette ’97 Eurmal Exum ’56 Alexander Faison ’59 Brenda Faison ’80 Dawn Faison James Faison ’84 ’87 Shanelle Faison ’13 Julia Fales ’14 Linda Falls ’87 Janice Farley ’65 Michael Farmer ’77 Faye Farrar ’59 Felicia Farrar Geneva Fearrington ’03 Wanda Featherson ’92 Sharon Felton Veronica Fennell ’73 Joyce Ferebee ’75 Eleanor Ferguson Jane Ficalora ’13 Clavin Fields ’56

Sudie Fields ’48 ’57 Ronald Fisher ’73 Susan Fisher ’90 Alan Fitzgerald ’84 William Fitzgerald ’71 and Carolyn Fitzgerald ’72 Lynwood Fleming Rick Fleming Carrie Florence ’90 Minnjuan Flournoy-Floyd ’01 and Vivian Flournoy ’01 Delores Fogg ’78 Barbara Foggie ’59 William Foley ’89 Thomas Fondren and Mary Snyder Christopher Ford Steven Ford and Jeanne Ford ’98 Obe Ford ’78 Patricia Ford ’89 Regina Ford ’95 Arturo Forrill Augustus Forte III William Forte Jr. ’74 and Velma Forte ’88 Minnie Forte-Brown ’72 Spence Foscue Constance Foster ’92 Inez Foster ’55 Ira Foster ’88 Richard Foster Irene Fourqurean ’68

Walter Fowler Judy Fox LaMisa McCoy Foxx ’95 Edward Francis ’74 Donald Francisco Luis Franco ’96 Charles Francum Chris Frank Letitia Franklin ’78 Ralph Frasier ’94 Clyde Frazier Pandora Frazier ’82 Tony Frazier ’98 Claudette Free ’86 Daryl Freedman Theodore Freeland ’70 and Sharon Freeland ’74 Anthony Freeman ’68 Russell Freeman and Diana Freeman ’91 Robert Freeman ’50 ’52 and Donnie Freeman ’52 Marjan Freeman Carolyn Fulford Charles Fuller ’70 Doris Fuller Julene Fuller Kenethia Fuller Lois Fuller Annie Fuller-Alston ’71 James Fullwood ’70 Matthew Fussell Adrian Gaddis

A Champion for Equality in Education NCCU School of Law is uniquely honored to be the adopted alma mater of ATTORNEY AND FORMER CLERK OF THE U.S. SUPREME COURT JOHN D. FASSETT, who served as clerk to Justice Stanley Reed, considered a key vote on the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision. Fassett, who attended Yale University, chose NCCU’s Law Library in 2012 to receive the John D. Fassett Collection, a comprehensive body of work featuring documents written by and about Supreme Court Justices. Fassett also donated memorabilia from his term on the court and items related to Brown v. Board of Education, the case that brought an eventual end to segregation in America’s public schools. In 2015, the NCCU School of Law received a separate $250,000 gift from Fassett to fund an endowed professorship focusing on constitutional law, human rights and civil rights. The University of North Carolina General Administration matched that gift, creating a $500,000 endowment. --------------**Photo: Deceased Corbis

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015


Scholarship Recipient Continues Quest for Educational Quality When DR. CECELLIA STEPPE-JONES retired as dean of the School of Education in 2011, her colleagues and friends created an endowed scholarship in her honor. Dr. Steppe-Jones spent much of her career training effective teachers and devising better ways to recruit, prepare and retain quality teachers in public schools. Senior YOLANDA BLACK, this year’s recipient of the Steppe-Jones scholarship, expresses a vision that aligns with that of the gift’s namesake.

I always wanted to be a teacher, and especially to promote better education for minorities. It is the right of all minorities to have equal access and opportunities in education, and one day I plan to write new curriculum that will be more responsive to minorities, as well.”


— yolanda black, senior

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Melvin Gaddy III ’87 and Janice Gaddy ’87 Roland Gaddy ’65 and Jean Gaddy Roddy Gaither ’70 Dill Gamble ’66 and Azalee Gamble ’64 Sandra Gant-Satterfield ’75 Kellie Gardener Joe Garza Willie Gause ’56 Henri Gavin Eric Geers Alice George ’60 Donald George ’05 Franklin George ’65 Daniel Gerlach Melinda Gerrard ’79 Harry Geter ’67 Evander Gibbs ’66 Brenda Gibson ’95 Grafton Gilchrist ’69 Iris Gilchrist William Giles ’66 and Claudette Giles ’66 Lavonda Gillespie ’74 Robin Gillespie ’96 Peggie Gilmore Jennifer Ginsburg Ajamu Giscombe ’02 and Tamara Phelps-Giscombe ’05 Kessonga Giscombe ’99 and Cheryl Giscombe ’98 Amy Glass Trina Glass ’94 Pamela Glean ’80 Earlene Glenn ’75 Jacquelyn Glenn ’73 Beryl Glover-Lugo Philip Godwin ’78 Walter Godwin Vinston Goldman and Cecelia Goldman Renee Goldsmith William Goldston Delilah Gomes ’56 Junius Gonzalez Jerome Goodwin ’76 Charles Gore and Marta Gore ’86 Nancy Goudreau Michele Grace ’74 Gia Grady Dion Graham Donna Graham ’76 Hervey Graham James Graham ’70 and Sadie Graham ’70 Laura Graham Tony Graham ’97 Charlton Grant ’79 Lorna Grant Lettie Graves-Matthews ’67 Louise Gray ’51 Rosalind Grays Betty Green ’69

Beverly Green ’79 Edward Green ’98 Elvira Green ’62 Iris Green ’01 Marshall Green Merle Green ’79 Robin Green ’91 Trinitia Green ’90 Paris Greene ’67 Stephen Greene Cheresa Clemons ’05 Leigh Gregory Roger Gregory ’71** Carol Grier ’74 Dunyel Grier ’94 Phillip Griffin William Griffin Wendy Grillo Christopher Grimes Joyce Grimes Robert Gringle Kennis Grogan Deirdre Guion Kathy Gunn Linda Gunn ’88 Carol Gunther-Mohr Robert Gutman Rebekah Hagadorn Claudia Hager Seifu Hailemichael ’11 Diana Hales Bonita Hall ’87 Calvin Hall Cheri Hall DeShelia Hall ’01 Grover Hall ’91 Keith Hall ’83 and Deborah Hall Will Hall ’62 Eric Hallman and Elizabeth Woodman Jack Halperin Regina Halyard ’94 Lynda Hambourger Maurice Hamilton ’84 William Hamilton ’71 Lawrence Hampton ’57 Vincent Hancock David Hands Albert Handy ’56 Jimmy Handy ’71 Pauline Hankins ’94 Arlene Hanks ’96 Jianping Hao Bridget Hardy Dustin Harewood James Hargett Roscoe Hargrove Barbara Harmon ’66 Jacqueline Harney Desretta Harper Paul Harrell Annie Harris ’51 Anthony Harris Deborah Harris Deloris Harris ’69


James Harris Jasper Harris Shanai Harris ’11 Stacey Harris ’92 Lorenzo Harrison and Carolyn Harrison ’66 Don Harrison ’53 ’72 and Norma Harrison ’45 Samuel Harrison and Mary Harrison ’71 Terrance Harrison William Harrison ’69 and Patricia Harrison ’70 Cheryl Hart ’80 David Hart ’05 Natalie Hartman Ulrich Hartmond Stephen Hartzell Laura Harvey George Harvin Lois Hasan ’74 Walter Hatcher Geoffrey Hathaway and Beverly Scarlett ’93 Shirley Hatton ’56 Yvonne Hatton ’62 Susan Hauser Kerry Havner Cora Hawkins ’71 Laurence Hawkins ’89 Mary Hawkins ’56 William Hawkins ’80 Charles Hayden Deria Hayes ’93 ’98 Michael Hayes and Sheila Hayes ’84 Norma Haywood ’64 Janelle Headen ’07 Chris Heagarty ’10 Danielle Hearst ’05 Margaret Heath Wallace Hedgepeth and Arlene Hedgepeth Joseph Heitman Lenora Helm Cecil Henderson Thelma Henderson ’68 Angela Kessler ’92 Yvette Henry ’74 Gordon Herbert Steve Herman James Herndon Maulin Herring ’88 Linda Hester Pamela Hester ’97 Tracy Hewett ’04 Joyce Hicks ’71 Carol Hill ’67 Harold Hill James Hill Keisha Hill ’02 Sabrina Hill-Black ’94 Nancy Hillsman ’14 Avis Hines ’76 Paulette Hines ’74 Patricia Hinnant Harvey Hinton ’73


Jonathan Hinton ’92 ’10 Suzanne Hixson Alma Hobbs ’69 Oliver L Hodge and Gassennie Hodge ’65 Theresa Hodges ’65 Brenda Hoke ’68 Timothy Holley Vivian Holliday ’74 Fleechia Holloway Bernard Hollowell Charles Holmes ’75 Manus Homes ’87 ’90 and Shelia Holmes ’92 Valita Holmes ’83 Rosalyn Hood ’07 Ruth Hood William Hooks Donnie Hoover ’74 Rodney Hopkins ’93 Carolyn Hopp Amilda Horne Rudolph Horried ’57 Robert Horsley ’87 Kelly Horton Mertis Horton ’69 Dwayne Houston ’94 Margaret Howard-Gill ’62 Lillian Howell Helen Hudson ’60 Iris Hudson ’71 Tia Hudson Elizabeth Huebner ’13 Elsie Huff ’70 Robert Huger Susan Hughes John Hughley Samuel Hummel Jr. Peter Humphries John Hunt Anatra Hunter ’83 Jeanette Hunter Robert Hunter Charles Hurlbert and Sharon Spencer ’85 LeKeisha Hurst ’97 Frederick Hutchinson Nzinga Hutchinson Larry Hyde ’42 Kingsley Ikharo ’09 Donald Jack ’10 Andrea Jackson George Jackson James Jackson ’67 Richard Jackson and Mildred Jackson ’66 Robin Jackson Rosemary Jackson Samuel Jackson Stephen Jackson ’04 Melissa Jackson-Holloway Burnella Jackson-Ransom ’61 Brittany Jacob H. C. Jacobs Kelvin Jacobs John Jacoby and Diane Jacoby

Craig James ’90 ’96 Gearleen James ’70 William M. James Anthony Jarman Gene Jarmon ’69 John Jefferies ’73 ’81 and Deborah Mayo-Jefferies ’76 Phyllis Jeffers ’93 E. Ann Jefferson 84 Sterling Jeffreys ’84 Leola Jenkins ’63 Jennifer Jenkins ’96 Larry Jenkins and Phyllis Jenkins Margaret Jenkins ’69 Priscilla Jenkins Jung-Hwan Jeon Paul Joffrion Raymond Johnson ’64 and Alma Johnson Barbara Johnson ’86 Lawrence Johnson and Bernice Johnson Bertha Johnson Bobby Johnson Cecilia Johnson ’84 Channie Johnson ’64 Charles Johnson and Carol Johnson ’79 Courtrina Johnson ’64 Elbert Johnson Elnathan Johnson Gardner Johnson ’84 Harold Johnson Hazel Johnson ’62 Jack Johnson ’62 Jacqueline Johnson ’74 Kenasha Johnson Malinda Johnson ’48 Oliver Johnson ’78 Reginald Johnson Richard Johnson ’00 Rosetta Johnson Theresa Johnson ’72 Willie Johnson-Johnson ’84 Lisa Johnson-Tonkins ’03 David Jolly Anitra Jones ’91 Anna Jones ’67 ’73 Bettye Jones ’64 Doris Jones ’60 Elizabeth Jones EveLynn Jones ’70 Georgia Jones ’73 Harold Jones ’94 and Teresa Jones ’86 Kito Jones ’94 Marie Jones ’55 Marlynn Jones Marsha Jones Merriam Jones ’69 Michael Jones Robert Jones Terrance Jones ’11 William Jones Jr. ’90 Carmel Jones-Boyd ’84

H. Eugene Jordan Dolores Joyner Dennis Joyner ’76 and Katrina Joyner Lacy Joyner ’69 Therlon Joyner ’57 Carletta Judd ’ 74 Owen Justice ’65 and Nancy Justice ’66 Justin Kaiser Martin Kaplan ’97 Bettina Karpathian ’11 Ruth Katz Cathy Kea ’75 Stephen Keene ’00 Daniel Kehagias Linwood Keith ’68 ’81 Mary Keith Shaw ’57 Hans Keizer Yolanda Keller-Bell Patrick Kelley and Blair Lynne Kelley Leonard Kelley ’74 Carolyn Kelley Arrington James Kelly Wanda Kemp-King ’77 Constance Kennedy ’89 William Kennedy IV Nelson Keyes ’73 David Kiel John Kilimanjaro and Culey Kilimanjaro ’56 Eoline Killough George King II ’84 Leonard King ’67 Mary King-Taylor ’68 Eleanor Kinnaird ’92 Tonecia Kirby ’04 Tiffany Kirkland ’01 David Kirsh Mozell Knight ’74 Lisa Kosir 07 Joseph Kovalcik and Athena Kovalcik Marcella Kovalcik David Kraines Vance Kramer Harry Kuhlman Daniel Kuntzman Elizabeth Lacey Walter Lackey and Charlie Lackey ’74 Wade Lagrone Vicki Lamb Shelia Lambert Deborah Lane Richard Lane and Amelia Lane Vinita Lane ’66 Frances Langstaff Bruce Lapenson Lynell Lassiter Pamela Lattimore Lydia Lavelle ’83 Lewis Lawrence ’76 Margaret Lawrence ’63 Yolonda Lawrence ’94

Andre Laws and Grace Elaine Laws ’09 J. R. Lawson ’69 and Davesene Lawson ’60 Kwame Lawson ’94 Michael Lawson and Sandra Lawson Richard League Laura Leal Willie Leathers ’72 Tyra Leazer ’90 Bruce Lecus Sislena Ledbetter ’91 Brandon Lee Jennifer Lee ’01 Katie Lee ’62 Latrice McDowell ’12 Randolph Lee ’99 and Kaja Lee Valeria Lee ’61 Yvette Legette Eva Lennon ’61 Janulyn Lennon ’88 Vanessa Lennon ’80 Anthony Leonard ’00 and Nicole Leonard ’00 Paul Leslie Patricia Lester ’90 Ulysses Leverett Mamie Lewis ’76 Nichole Lewis Ola Lewis ’90 Robert Lewis William Lewis ’53 ’69 and Gloria Haynes-Lewis ’66 Margaret Lewter ’77 ’81 Andy Li Dindo Liboon Cornelia Liles ’68 Marie Liles ’65 Jonathan Lilley ’99 Lucy Lincoln Gladys Lindsay ’64 Evelyn Little Thelma Little ’65 John Littlejohn ’80 George Livanos Erika Lively ’94 Erikca Liverpool Wilma Liverpool Leon Livingston Tanisha Locke ’07 James Locklear Jon Lodge Alice Logan ’40 John Logsdon ’95 Joyce Long Robert Long ’95 Linda Love Mallorye Lovett Norman Lovick ’64 Hazel Lowder Daniel Lowe Yolanda Lowery ’94 Felecia Lucas ’78 John Lucas ’52

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



Paul Luebke Robert Lunceford ’66 Magnoria Lunsford ’69 Dianne Lust ’70 Joanna Lutz Kevin Lynk Julia Lyons ’66 Stephen Lyons ’03 and Cyntria Lyons Kirby Mack Vivian Mackey ’78 David MacRonald John MacRonald Rolin Mainuddin Barry Malone ’02 Micheal Malone Sylvia Malone ’59 Betsy Malpass Franklin Manago ’70 David Mandel Ernest Mangum Jennifer Mangum Angela Manley ’03 Jesse Mann ’69 Tracey Marbury ’94 Lee Marcus and Elaine Marcus Alvin Marriott ’96 Jamesha Marshall ’97 Dennis Martin ’93 Helen Martin Patrick Martin Michael Martz Andrew Mason ’87

Dorcas Mason Angela Massenburg ’56 Vernelle Massey ’83 ’11 Mary Mathew ’87 Karoline Mathewson Carrie Matthews ’54 Lillian Mattox ’70 Sulaiman Mausi ’97 Ralph Mayfield ’83 Andrew Maynard and Amy Ginsburg Kim McBroom Anne McCarthy Michael McCartney Ralph McCaughan and Susan McCaugham Barbara McClain ’59 John McClain ’94 Donald McCleod ’94 and Jerlyn McCleod Shelvigean McCormick ’61 Charles McCrary Denine McCullers Phillis McCullers ’74 Rickie McCullough ’79 Elijah McDavid ’76 and Lynne McDavid Lewis McDowell ’70 Robert McDuffee Michael McEntyre Jerry McFadden ’05 Dorothy McFalls ’56 W. D. McFaydyen ’79 Bessye McGhee ’52 ’54

Sebastian McGilvary Brenda McGirt ’78 Steven Unruhe and Jennifer McGovern ’98 Terence McIntosh Oveta McIntosh-Vick ’79 Joy McIver Tonia McKinnie Stephanie McKissick-Melton Dennis McLain J. D. McLamb Blue ’85 Dionne McLaughlin James McLaughlin ’75 Julius McLeod ’59 Natalie McMillan ’08 Vaughn McMillan Detrece McMillion ’85 Timothy McMullen Julie McNabb Emilie McNair ’85 Marcia McNally Tia McNeil ’00 Lawrence McPhail ’06 ’11 Zaire McRae ’01 Deborah McThatter Doris Mebane ’67 Mary Mebane ’74 ’76 Audrain Melton ’84 Michael Mendenhall Charlotte Merriweather Kimberly Merry Larry Mial Joyce Michaux A. Kathryn Miller ’71

April Miller Earl Miller ’63 Katrina Miller Ronald Miller Sherry Miller ’95 Ernest Mills ’48 Renetta Mills ’86 Julius Milton ’64 Arthur Mims ’63 Sharon Mincy Naomi Minter Cicley Mitchell James Mitchell Judy Mitchell ’64 Rebecca Mitchell Theresa Mitchell Virginia Mitchell ’09 ’12 Dianne Mitchell-Watkins Joseph Mitchiner ’76 Eddie Mlotkowski Jeffrey Moe and Audrey Green Brian Molkentine Reginald Mombrun ’88 Sherri Monds ’94 Kent Montford ’85 Barbara Montgomery Eric Montgomery ’87 Edward Moody and Lynne Moody Richard Mooney Carolyn Moore Edith Moore Franklin Moore

Kimberly Moore ’91 ’94 Mae Moore ’60 Marti Moore ’74 Commander Demichael Morgan ’95 Lisa Morgan Fred Morgner Leroy Morris ’72 and Wilma Morris Maureen Morris-Forensky ’89 Lawton Morrison ’58 Paulette Morrison-Danner ’07 Alonzo Morrow II ’94 Janelle Morrow ’95 Stephanie Morton ’79 Clifford Mpare ’80 and Nelwyn Mpare Lawrence Muhlbaier and Jo Ann Lutz Kirsten Mullen Spears Mullen Charles Murphy Glennette Murphy ’73 Joyce Murphy James Murray ’71 Verita Murrill ’94 James Muse ’90 and Roslyn Muse Philliph Mutisya Imogene Myers ’87 Dorothy Nachman Joshua Nadel Frank Navas Delores Neal ’91

NCCU Supports Students From Start to Finish NCCU has kicked off the Finish Line Initiative and Minimum Admissions Requirements Pilot Program. The programs have become an essential element moving NCCU toward its goals of increased student retention and graduation rates. The Minimum Admissions Requirements (MAR) Pilot Program allows the university to provide academic attainment to prospective students with high GPAs but are slightly short of the minimum SAT requirements. The program also ensures students succeed academically and subsequently become outstanding employment prospects. The Finish Line Initiative provides funding to help seniors who need additional coursework in the summer following their intended graduation. To date, 53 students have benefited from the program. 20

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This laudable effort has been greatly enhanced by a gift from NCCU Board of Trustees Member MICHAEL P. JOHNSON, who donated $50,000 to make the programs available to more students. Johnson, an alumnus with a degree in business administration, now serves as president and chief executive officer of J&A Group, LLC. His generous gift is his way of paying back to the university that molded him, just as it continues to do for today’s students.


Andrea Nesmith ’85 Jackie NewKirk Jimmie Newkirk ’74 Gwendolyn Newsome Carlton Newton III ’85 Woodrow Nichols and Joy Nichols ’65 Tammy Nicholson ’99 Dennis Nicks Mabel Nimmo ’46 ’50 Albert Nixon ’82 Harold Rutherford and Doris Rutherford ’66 Valerie Noble ’71 Ronald Nobles ’94 and Renee Nobles ’94 Ella Norman ’77 Lori Norman Paul Norman ’90 Gladys Nunnally Shayla Nunnally ’98 Emily Nwakpuda ’08 Rebecca Nwude ’66 Samuel Obie and Catherine Obie Rory O’Connor and Karen O’Connor Susan Olive Dominique Oliver Nina Olson ’91 Elaine Bushfan ’84 ’91 Jimmy O’Neal and Robin O’Neal Thomas O’Neal and Helen Drivas Tiffany O’Neal ’04 Albert Opher ’55 Eleanor Organ ’60 Emmanuel Oritsejafor Peter Ornstein Theodore Outwater and Diane Zimmerman Pamela Owens ’84 Scottie Owings-Leaks ’64 Henry Oxendine ’73 Rodney Oxendine ’98 Emily Page Joyce Page ’73 Patricia Paige ’66 Burma Paige-Stokes ’69 ’71 Ben Palmer Gary Palmer ’71 Janet Parhams ’76 Jan Paris Barry Parker ’70 Erica Parker ’94 George Parker ’71 Jacqueline Parker’70 John Parker Phillip Parker ’10 Raymond Parker Regina Parker Pamela Parker-Cortijo ’82 E. Glenn Parks Mona Parks ’75 Marzella Parks ’79 Catherine Parrott

William Parrott George Partlow ’66 Carol Passmore ’92 Nicole Patrick William Patrick ’70 Gerrelyn Patterson ’92 Roy Pattishall and Shella Gatling Betty Payne Frankie Peace Milton Peace ’75 Christina Pearsall ’98 Marguerite Peebles ’70 Christopher Peffley ’04 John Pelosi Dale Pelsey-Becton ’79 William Penn ’57 Regena Perkins W. R. Perkins ’77 Terezinha Perritt Carl Perry and Heidi Perry Christine Perry ’08 Patsy Perry ’54 Timothy Peterkin ’01 ’04 Natalie Peters Patricia Petersen Henry Peterson Jr. ’75 Rachelle Peterson ’84 Robert Peterson and Janelle Peterson Joseph Pettiford ’62 and Gladys Pettiford ’62 Carolyn Pettiford-Ryals Mary Pettus ’56 Virgie Phifer ’55 Diana Phillips ’74 Donald Phillips and Gwendolyn Phillips Harry Phillips and Kathleen McGraw Marion Phillips and Mary Phillips Steven Phillips ’93 Therence Pickett Theodore Picott ’67 Sophia Pierce ’66 Paul Piersma James Pinckney Nancy Pinckney Debra Toni Pinkston ’06 Bepi Pinner Tina Pinnix-Broome ’84 ’89 Carney Pitt ’69 Tommie Pitts Stephen Pomeroy Verine Poole ’73 Robert Potter and Rubestene Potter Mary Powell ’68 Phillip Powell William Powers ’75 Thurman Prescott and Gloria Prescott Nicole Presley Gwendolyn Price ’76 John Price ’78 Pecolia Price ’78

Russell Price ’71 and Stella Price ’71 Eric Pridgen ’03 and Amber Pridgen William Privott ’84 and Linda Privott ’83 George Pruden ’81 James Pruett and Lilian Pruett E. Yvonne Pugh ’70 ’73 Paul Pugh ’80 Cynthia Pullen ’87 Florine Purdie Pittman ’75 Ronnie Puryear ’99 and Janet Puryear Gwennella Quick Valerie Quiett ’95 Robert Quigley ’84 and Debra Quigley ’84 Jeffrey Quinn and Kelly Quinn Paul Quinn ’90 Trent Ragland and Anna Hayes Daphne Rainey Efrain Ramirez Charles Ramsey ’58 Patricia Ramsey ’63 Vikki Randle ’98 Robbin Randolph ’96 ’11 Rhonda Raney Yvonne Rawls Kenneth Ray ’83 Edward Rayford Joycelynn Raynor ’80 Robert Raynor ’76 Daniel Read Jessie Reaves ’67 Ronald Reaves Latonya R. Redd Takeisha Redd ’03 David Redden ’89 Stephen Redmon ’87 Michael Reed Althea Reid ’60 Eula Reid ’97 William Reid Jr. ’67 Olivia Rembach Harold Renfrow ’84 Sharon Reuss Thomas Revelle ’83 Linda Rhodes ’76 Jason Rhyne ’03 Celia Rice Reginald Rice ’76 Shirley Rice ’12 Carolyn Richardson Clyde Richardson ’55 Daphine Richardson ’81 Sabrina Richardson Terry Richardson ’76 James Richmond and Shirley Richmond ’63 Gwendolyn Ricks ’65 Jesse Riddick Saldanha Ridley ’97 Catherine Riggs

Nellie Riley Mark Ring Eric Rivera Mary Rivers Beverly Roach ’62 ’76 Adams Robbs Keith Roberson ’12 Brenda Roberson-Brown Charlotte Roberts ’69 Lowell Roberts and Asta Roberts Marie Roberts ’63 Richard Roberts Rita Roberts ’70 Sandra Roberts ’65 Spurgeon Roberts ’55 Eliza Robertson ’93 Randy Robertson and Linda Robertson ’04 Anthony Robinson ’88 Brandon Robinson ’13 Cheryl Robinson ’84 Edna Robinson Elwood Robinson ’78 and Myra Robinson ’78 Franklin Robinson Jr. ’89 ’93 George Robinson Hubert Robinson ’47 Monadell Robinson ’64 William Robinson Ojetta Robinson-Norton Jimonique Rodgers Ronald Rogers ’78 and Jo Ann Rogers Kenneth Rodgers Frank Roediger Walter Rogan Ciara Rogers ’09 Rodney Rogers and Bonita Rogers ’79 Elizabeth Rollins ’78 Hazel Rollins ’55 Esther Roseboro Odessa Roseboro’53 Marnell Ross Thomas Ross Patrick Roughen Ann Rouse ’67 Linda Rouse ’80 Oscar Rouse ’88 Winnie Rouse ’89 Leon Rouson ’83 ’95 Chadwick Royal Lao Rubert Cynthia Ruffin ’87 Douglas Ruhren Benjamin Runkle Susan Sachs ’95 Jennifer Alston ’91 Radeyah Saleem ’85 Jennifer Sammons ’83 Diane Sampson Gale Sampson ’72 Dawn Sanchez-Barona Arbin Sanders ’04 Charles Sanders ’58 James Sanders ’68 Tina Sanders ’00

Sandra Sanford ’65 Minnie Sangster Daron Satterfield ’98 and Tomeka Ward-Satterfield ’98 William Satterfield Jr. Michael Saulter ’73 and Hope Saulter ’74 Lilly Saulter ’74 Michael Saunders ’02 Corey Savage Candi Scarborough Nancy Schaefer Marilyn Schaffer James Schooler Jr. Micheal Schwalbe Jeffery Scott Kayla Scott Kimberly Scott Martin Scott Patrick Scott Ronald Scott and Sylvia Scott Mary Scotton ’90 Viviree Scotton ’83 Justin Scroggs ’96 Timothy Seigler Kyle Serba Julian Sereno and Debbie Groves Mary Sewell Yusupha Sey ’85 and Yolanda Sey ’92 George Shackelford Lori Shapiro Aditya Sharma Clarice Sharp ’53 Mattie Sharpless ’65 Brenda Shaw Willie Shaw and Cynthia Shaw ’92 Gary Shaw Joseph Shaw ’84 Junior Shaw Raymond Shedlick ’82 Jason Sherrill Elnora Shields ’58 James Shoaf David Shoemaker David Shore Uladzimir Shtukar Bettina Shuford ’78 T.M. Shuford ’73 Lawrence Shure Stephanie Sieburth Victoria Silver ’04 Belinda Simmons ’10 Christy Simmons ’88 Geoffrey Simmons Shannon Simmons ’12 William A. Simmons ’71 Cynthia Simms Kathleen Simms Annie Simons ’64 Daniel Simpkins Charles Simpson Jr. Karin Simpson Wanda Sims

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



Janet Sims-Wood ’67 James Simuel ’91 and Judy Simuel Cozette Sinclair ’62 Cornell Singletary ’76 Dorothy Singleton ’73 Raymond Sitar ’72 Vijay Sivaraman Aisha Slade ’10 William Slade ’71 and Mazy Slade ’67 James Sledge ’91 Angela Wall ’89 Barbara B. Smith ’84 Barbara E. Smith ’76 Cody Smith Courtney Smith Cynthia Smith Deirdrea Smith ’87 Denise Smith ’82 Ellis Smith ’61 ’70 and Enid Smith ’60 ’78 Elna Smith ’74 George Smith Gigi Smith Glasco Smith ’72 Jean Smith ’57 Jenee Smith ’91 John Smith Kathy Smith Kevin Smith Lisa Smith ’90 ’92 Mildred Smith ’63 Miles Smith Pamela Smith Richard Smith Shadwan Smith Stephen Smith Thaddeus Smith ’79 Erma Smith-King Mertie Snead ’84 Arthur Sneed and Flora Sneet Isaac Snype Frances Solari Bynum ’82 Brian Southwell Frank Sowell ’56 Mary Speight Henry Speller ’81 and Sabrina Spellers ’89 Minnie Spellman ’61 Matthew Sperati ’99 G. Wendell Spivey ’76 James Spruill ’74 John Spruill Sylvia Coleman Squire ’89 Joseph Sroka Angelique Stallings ’97 Tim Stallmann Michelle Stanback Clifton Stancil ’69 and Constance Stancil ’68 Zelda Stanfield ’83 Peaker Stanford ’69 Barbara Stanley Marjorie Steele ’62 Pearlie Steele ’71


Rosa Steele ’72 Melissa Stegman ’08 Eric Steidinger Christopher Stephens Dermetta Stevens ’75 Thomas Steward Mavis Stith ’76 Mallie Stocks ’55 and Chester Stocks Dorothy Stockton-Marshall ’75 Carla Stoddard Suzanne Stoskopf Thomas Struhsaker Perry Sugg B. Sterline Suggs ’74 Jesse Suggs ’69 Steve Sumerford ’86 Janice Summers Quentin Sumner ’72 Donnie Susong ’03 and Jennifer Pennix-Susong ’77 Bobby Sutton and Charieese Sutton ’78 Ilean Sutton ’89 and Carlton Sutton Mary Sutton ’64 Ruechell Sutton ’74 Cosby Swanson Kyron Taar Katayoun Tabrizi Johnice Tabron ’82 Vibeke Talley Jessica Tamba ’09 Helen Tannis Keith Tapp and Patricia Tapp ’72 ’82 Jay Tappan Helen Tapper Celia Tate ’72 Jeffrey Tate Stephanie Tatum ’84 Bessie Taylor ’64 Carolyn Taylor ’69 Earl Taylor Gail Taylor ’79 ’88 Hope Taylor Saprina Taylor ’96 Thomas Taylor Melvin Teel Dock Terrell George Terrone Angela Terry Helen Thomas ’79 Herman Thomas and Carolyn Thomas ’69 ’94 Kwame Thomas ’97 and Lesley Thomas ’98 Lourrie Thomas Robby Thomas Valeria Thomas ’01 Victoria Thomas ’69 Walter Thomas ’87 Pamela Thombs ’99 Anita Thompson ’87 Kerry Thompson ’09 Marshall Thompson ’77 and Ava Thompson ’84

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Martha Thompson ’55 Mildred Thompson ’66 Ronald Thompson Rosie Thompson Ruthalean Thompson Sharita Jacobs Thompson ’94 Sheila Thompson ’75 Wanda Thompson Leamon Thornton ’60 Edith Thorpe David Tilley Diane Tilley ’96 Leighanne Tillman Patricia Timmons-Goodson Aija Tingling ’05 Fred Tinsley and Jewellynne Tinsley Bertha Todd ’51 Frank Toliver Doris Tomlinson ’60 ’67 Curtis Toms ’72 Ann Toney Zulla Toney Ryne Toole ’13 Brenda Toomer ’09 Barbara Torian ’13 Jerry Totten ’85 Naomi Totten Hjordis Tourian Edward Townes ’66 and Joyce Wilson-Townes ’67 Lloyd Townsend and Cheryl Townsend Richard Townsend and Pamela Townsend Claude Trotter Robert Trotter and Shirby Trotter Robert Trowers Kimberly Truesdale ’91 Mitch Tuchman Adrienne Tucker ’05 Evelyn Turner ’64 Frances Turner ’88 James Turner Kerry Turner ’12 Sharon Turner ’95 Theresa Turner ’93 William Turner ’62 Lamont Upperman ’73 and Gertrude Upperman Ronald Upperman ’70 Regina Upshur Queen Utley-Smith ’75 Maria Valdecanas Stephen Valentine ’09 Marten Van Rijssen Melvin Vass ’59 Glenn Veit ’88 Erdyne Vereen McDonald Vick ’77 ’96 Irving Virgil A. Vogt and Mary Vogt Malin Vollmer Frederick Vosburgh David Waddell ’77 and Nelbra Waddell ’80

C. V. Wainwright Gerald Walden ’01 Meshia Todd ’02 Alice Walker ’63 Crawford Walker ’82 and Stephanie Walker ’77 Gwendolyn Walker ’96 Lea Walker ’07 Tavius Walker ’00 John Wall and Terry Wall Quinton Wall ’49 ’55 Barbara Wallace ’56 Robert Walladrop Chris Walton Yan Wang Audrey Ward ’78 David Ward Gerty Ward Doanne Ward ’07 Michele Ware Angeline Warren ’80 Linda Warren William Warren Pearline Washington Robbin Washington ’70 and Ann Washington Suzanne Wasiolek ’89 Annie Marie Watkins James Watkins ’70 and Ellenois Watkins ’70 Melton Ellerby and Luredean Ellerby ’90 Brenda Watson ’70 and Bobby Watson Leroy Way Jr. ’78 and Sudie Way ’74 Karen Weaver ’74 Marion Weaver ’70 and Barbara Weaver Morty Webber Elizabeth Welsby Dave West ’72 and Rene West Mary West ’69 Sharon West Richard Wheeler Donnell Whitaker ’83 Barbara White ’97 Erica White ’96 George White Gloria White Irene White ’63 Loretta White ’78 Frank White ’92 and Margaret White ’90 Michelle White ’90 Patricia White ’66 Samuel White Jr. Sandra White ’84 Peggy Whiting Claudette Whitley Henry Whitlow Jr. ’77 Bonnie Whitmore Janice Whitney ’67 Michelle Wicker ’97 Leslie Wickham ’83 Patricia Wigfall

Bynetta Wiggins ’69 Tiffany Wilcox ’05 Jennifer Wilder Karyn Wilkerson ’82 ’97 J. S. Wilkins James Wilkins ’90 and Wanda Wilkins ’74 Thomas Wilkins ’69 and Betty Wilkins ’69 Zachary Wilkins E. A. Wilkinson Gizelda Willard ’98 Oscar William Alexander Williams III ’79 Andrew Williams Diane Williams Donna Williams ’75 Dorothy Williams ’88 Ellis Williams ’81 Estelle Williams Frances Williams ’68 Fred Williams George Williams ’73 and Carolyn Williams ’73 Harold Williams and Renee Williams ’72 Howard Williams ’91 James Williams ’64 and Hazel Williams ’63 Jean Williams ’67 John Williams John Williams and Mona Couts Junius Williams and Elma Williams Kenyatta Davis Williams ’97 Larry Williams ’94 and Kathy Williams ’81 Larry Williams and Jo Ann Williams ’80 Pamela Williams ’75 Stephanie Williams ’97 Syrena Williams Thelma Williams ’45 Willie Williams ’69 Joyce Williams-Green ’70 Radawna Williams-Hinton Clarence Williamson David Williamson Samuel Williamson Jr. ’64 Chester Willis Michael Willis ’81 Mary Williston ’64 Isadora Wills ’63 Clarence Wilson and Melverleen Wilson Evelyn Wilson ’64 George Wilson and Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson Grace Wilson ’85 ’93 LeRoy Wilson ’64 Tracey Wilson Steven Wing Crystal Winston Levone Winston ’88 Gloria Winston-Harris ’82


Angelique Witherspoon ’66 Joyce Witherspoon ’10 Robert Wolpert James Womble ’78 Cassaundra Wood Charles Wood ’65 Diane Woodard Stephen Woodard Elizabeth Woodman Curtis Woods Lashawn Wordlaw-Stinson Constance Wortham ’71 Samuel Wortham Trish Wray ’04 Cornell Wright ’02 David Wright Ronald Wright and Edith Wright ’66 Phail Wynn and Peggy Wynn ’04 Esther Yamaoka ’93 Susan Yancey Tiffany Yancey ’01 Mark Yarboro ’82 Li-An Yeh Demeatrice Young ’05 Stanley Young ’84 GeColby Youngblood Talise Younge-Morris ’87 Jeffrey Yow Jianliang Zhang Kerri Ziegler

SUPPORTER _________________ Ismail Abdullahi ’88 Trudi Abel Vanessa Abernathy-Enoch ’94 Melissa Acevedo ’97 Patricia Acrey Antenor Adam ’59 ’65 and Barbara Adam Florence DuPalevich ’06 Tereon Adams ’00 Reva Adams-Bell Audrey Adcock Yekini Adetunji ’12 Debra Adkins Anne Aitchison Marie Aldridge ’63 Ann-Margaret Alexander ’95 David Alexander Jr. ’94 Frankie Alexander Latavia Alexander ’12 Melvin Alford Sharae’ Alford ’13 M. W. Allen and Carol Allen Clara Allen ’59 Felix Allen Renae’ Allen ’99 Tawannah Allen ’96 Willa Allen Leslie Allen-Howell Tammie Allen-Pulley Catherine Allsbrook Fleta Alston ’74

Joe Alston Keith Alston Michael Alston ’00 Roxana Alston ’91 Roy Alston Sylvia Alston ’72 Toni Alston Anna Ambrose Terrie Ames Kofi Amoateng Lisa Amundson Jacinda Anderson ’02 Kellie Anderson ’91 Sharon Anderson ’78 Thomas Andrews Takeia Anthony ’10 Carol Apollonio Myrial Applewhite ’85 ’99 Trevor Archer Barbara Armstrong ’80 Bobby Armstrong ’75 Grady Armstrong Adam Arnold Carolyn Arrington Lerone Arrington ’98 Shirley Arrington Charles Asbury ’54 Catherine Ascott ’68 George Ash Kwabena Ashanti ’67 and Rhonda Davis ’79 Marion Ashford ’65 Margaret Ashworth ’88 Charles Asubonten and Rosiland Asubonten Alvin Atkinson ’95 and Claudia Atkinson Vera Attaway Barbara Atwater ’63 Brenda Atwater Janetta Atwater Kayode Atwell ’02 Morris Autry ’80 Carol Ayres Farida Azam Darnell Badger ’93 Vaughn Badger Annette Badgett ’77 Oliver Bagwell Charlie Bailey Donald Bailey Roger Bailey ’81 Sandra Bailey Dawn Baker ’98 Jeanette Baker Leslie A. Baldwin Leslie I. Baldwin ’89 Maurice Baldwin Frank Ballance Jr. ’63 ’65 and Bernadine Ballance Anthony Banka Deborah Banks Lucretia Banks ’03 Reginald Banks ’11 Robert Banks Vernestine Bannerman ’89

Brenda Barbee Micah Barbee Susan Barbee James Barbour ’84 Daniel Barco Clarissa Barks Latrice Barner Bridget Barnes Niguel Barnes ’77 Willetha Barnette ’74 Kristina Barney David Barnhill ’81 Ralph Barrett Sharon Barrett Donald Barringer ’02 ’04 Lionel Barrow Jr. and Frederica Barrow ’60 Sharon Barry Willie Bartelle ’62 ’74 Randolph Baskerville Rahmud Bass ’06 and Adrina Bass ’09 Mary Bass Joan Bass-Evans ’11 Doris Bass-Glenn John Bates and Frankie Bates ’96 Donnie Batten James Battle ’99 Isaac Battle and Ruth Battle ’60 Eleanor Battle-Sharpe ’71 Edith Bazemore Elijah Bazemore ’87 Kacedia Beamon ’84 Carollynn Bear Omar Beasley ’96 Stephen Beasley ’85 and Selece Beasley W. Joseph Beavers and Reba Beavers ’91 Sandra Bechtold-Brown Robert Beck Theodis Beck ’70 Claudia Becker Cynthia Beckwith ’07 Deanna Befus Barbara Belangerb’74 Antwand Bell ’10 David Bell Jacey Bell Linda Bell ’03 N. Estancia Bell ’95 Norcott Bell ’59 Paula Bell ’08 Raymond Bell ’56 Tempie Bell ’86 Tracy Bell ’86 William Bell ’84 Willie Bell Denise Belle ’00 Charles Bellinger ’72 and Charlene Bellinger Peter Bent and Esther Bent Charles Benz Douglas Berg


Millennials Making a Difference TERRY CRUMPLER, a 2010 North Carolina Central University School of Business graduate, was the first donor to the Divine Nine Giving Challenge in 2015. Crumpler, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., was among several Millennial-generation graduates to provide first-time donations to NCCU during 2015. “I’ve made many lasting memories and connections at ’Dear Ol’ NCC,’ and I want other Eagles to have the same or an even greater experience,” he said. As an alumnus, Crumpler worked for a time in the Division of Institutional Advancement, which he says gave him a first-hand look at the rich history of the university and planted the seeds for his donation. The Divine Nine Giving Challenge calls on sorority and fraternity members who were initiated at NCCU to stay involved and offer financial support to their alma mater.

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



Amir Berhannu ’12 Ella Bertram Jennifer Best Julia Best ’74 Kim Best Letha Best Moses Best ’79 and Veta McNeill-Best Priscilla Best ’67 Ronnie Best ’96 Stacey Best ’07 Staris Best ’93 Eric Betts ’86 Annette Bevans ’13 William Beyah ’70 and Wadeeah Beyah ’71 Joyce Biggers Joseph Biggs ’90 and Stephany Biggs ’90 ’93 Doris Bing-Bowser ’46 Angela Bingham Victor Birks ’80 and Cynthia Birks ’78 Arnathan Bishop ’79 and Diane Bishop ’80 Gertrude Bivens Anthonio Black ’08 and Ericka Black Juliet Black Kathy Black ’94 Marjorie Black ’82 Susan Blackmon ’72 Janice Blackstone ’94 Brittany Blackwell ’10 Chantay Blackwell ’89 Tyrone Blackwell Brian Blair Heather Blair Jason Blalock Delores Blue Patricia Blue ’73

Arthur Boatwright Chantae Bohannon-Mangum ’92 ’96 Yvette Bonaparte John Bonas Ollie Bond ’58 Donald Bonner ’55 Joyce Bonner ’91 ’00 Elijah Booker and Linda Booker Carolyn Boone ’01 Connie Boone Donald Boone Ericka Boone ’94 Latarshia Boone ’90 Michael Boone Norma Boone ’92 Tammy Boone Vernon Boone ’88 Carolyn Boone-Kirkland ’92 Betty Borden ’74 Charles Bostic ’77 and Gloria Bostic Dorothy Bostic ’43 Jesse Boston ’76 Venus Boston ’12 Beverly Botsford Brenda Bowden Tomeika Bowden ’00 Gary Bowles Billy Boyd Lena Boyd ’59 Amber Boyd-Miller ’11 Lewis Boyles Tyrone Brackens Pauletta Bracy Marie Bradford ’96 Spencer Bradford and Renee Bradford Jonathan Bradley Glenda Bradsher

Denise Brandon ’71 Tammy Brandon Linda Brannon ’88 Lois Braswell Lela Bratcher Shelvy Bratcher-Porter Deborah Breese ’85 ’07 Allison Brendle Carolyn Brendle George Brewer ’61 Jay Brewer and Maryann Brewer Jan Brewer-Smoot ’79 Barbara Brice ’42 LaKeesha Bridges Ethel Briggs ’71 Joyce Briggs Bernell Bright and Pamela Bright ’88 Alan Brinkley and Jane Brinkley Darlene Brinkley Percy Brinkley Jr. ’80 Ilene Britt ’68 Melvetta Broadnax ’82 Kimberly Broadway Michael Brock and Karen Dacons-Brock ’92 Billy Brockington Wanda Brockington ’78 Mary Brogden Brigid Bronik Anthony Brooks ’94 Keesha Brooks Larita Brooks Mason Brooks ’68 Quintino Brooks Alice Brower Alicia Brown Ansel Brown ’99 Ashley Brown



nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Barrett Brown ’97 Brenda Brown Darrell Brown Felecia Brown ’90 Jennifer Brown Montrice Brown ’02 Norma Brown ’69 ’70 Percel Brown ’70 Terry Brown ’14 Westra Brown Peter Browning Bob Brueckner James Bryan Alycia Bryant ’02 Katasha Bryant ’95 Lloyd Bryant and Mary Bryant Scott Bryce Christopher Buckner Kevin Buczcek Tarsha Buie Adam Bull Thomas Bullock ’83 Vivian Bullock ’89 Kathryn Bunch ’92 Teresa Bunn Priscilla Burcham Brian Burg David Burgess and Patricia Burgess ’99 Joni Burke Peter Burke Moses Burkett Tierra Burkett ’15 Jesse Burnett Douglas Burnette Joyce Burnette ’75 Sheliah Burnette ’06 Tikira Burnette ’12 Sonya Burney ’94 Cathenia Burnie Angelique Burris ’91 David Burris Carissa Burroughs Rudy Burt Jerome Burton ’98 and Dilcy Burton ’99 Norrine Burton ’05 Paul Bush Renee Bush ’06 Katherine Butler Larry Butler ’70 and Diana Butler ’76 Tonia Butler Perez ’76 Sa’Maad Bynum ’11 Valerie Bynum Thompson ’86 Brian Byrd ’96 and Stacy Byrd ’99 Herman Byrd ’67 and Lillian Byrd ’66 Vermelle Byrd ’56 Walter Byrd ’66 Luann Cadby Sharon Calandra Fredicia Caldwell ’93 Percy Caldwell ’83 Denyce Calloway ’68

Annie Cameron Cecelia Cameron ’76 Nancy Camp ’86 Barbara Campbell ’67 Janice Campbell ’00 Vivian Canady ’77 Chris Canfield Patricia Canovai Kendra Cardwell Lisa Carl Corrisse Carlton ’00 Antoine Carnes Leonard Carpenter Miachel Carpenter Rhonda Carpenter ’83 James Carr ’01 Sharon Carrington Annie Carroll ’71 Jonathan Carrow ’96 Gloria Carter Jeanette Carter ’53 Lisa Carter ’99 Ronald Carter Ruth Carver Michael Casterline and Heather Blair Arbra Cates Johnnie Cates Sandra Cates Timothy Catlett Jr. ’10 William Chafe and Lorna Chafe Joseph Chambliss and Terry Chambliss Tom Charest Clifford Charles Ashesh Chatterjee Colleen Chavis Richard Chavis Cessaly Cheatham ’02 Patricia Cheatham Ronald Cheatham and Linda Cheatham Carol Chesnut Michelle Chestnut Scott Chilcote James Chophoen Deborah Christie Sandra Cianciolo Pamela Civins Apriale Clark ’12 Bobbie Clark ’77 Brian Clark James Clark Melanie Clark Stancil Clark Rodney Clayton Saundra Clemmons ’83 Sandra Clemons Yolanda Clemons Christine Clinton ’75 F. Clontz Michael Clow and Lucy Rozier Nicole Cobb Tiara Cobbin Louis Codrington Jr. ’92


Edna Cogdell ’90 Harold Cogdell ’96 Daniel Colbert Danielle Colbert-Lewis Oliver Cole Annette Coleman Rosalind Coleman ’93 Sharon Coleman Pearlis Coles Doris Collins ’57 Nellie Collins ’54 Tyrone Comegys ’81 Marty Comer ’84 and Sylvia Comer ’85 Jerome Commander ’87 ’93 Albert Conner ’66 Paul Conroy Raymond Conroy Bill Constangy and Deborah Constangy Jerron Cook Matthew Cook Bobby Cooke ’85 Harry Cooke ’93 Taylor Cooke William Cooks ’59 Evelyn Cooper ’91 Frederick Cooper Geoffrey Cooper ’09 Idell Cooper Montavis Cooper Sarah Cooper ’91 Sheena Johnson ’05 Vivian Cooper ’51 Wallace Cooper Roberto Copamatos Robin Copley Toya Corbett Carol Corbi Angela Corey ’85 Theodosia Cortale-Dunn ’71 Rebekkah Cote Christin Cotten ’11 Vivian Cottman ’60 Robert Cottrell William Couch Anderson Council ’66 ’69 Evelyn Council ’74 Janice Covington Richard Cowell Emily Cox Jennie Cozart ’70 Joseph Craig Terrina Edwards William Craighead Barbara Crane Gisele Crawford Kiesha Crawford ’99 Theresa Crawford ’53 Blenda Crayton Darrell Crews 01 Fred Crews ’79 Kenneth Crews Regina Crews ’82 Ricky Crews ’78 William Crews ’78 Julie Crocker

William Crowder ’62 Albert Crudup Terry Crumpler ’10 Athena Crutchfield Curtis Cummings David Cunningham ’78 and Beverly Powell Cunningham ’78 LaRue Cunningham ’70 Robert Cunningham and Betty Cunningham Samuel Cunningham ’80 and Mildred Cunningham ’82 Shelred Cunningham ’61 Dina Cutler Vincent Dalton Srinivasa Dandepally Herbert Daniel ’79 and Alma Daniel ’84 Joyce Daniel ’75 Carol Daniels Kisha Daniels Larry Daniels ’11 Thaddeus Daniels Jeffrey Daum ’11 Angela Davis ’03 Carolyn Davis ’81 Christopher Davis ’10 Clarence Davis Dana Davis Dora Davis ’53 Emily Davis Fred Davis Jeffrey Davis ’92 Kendra Davis ’95 Lena Davis ’55 Pamela Davis 07 Roger Davis ’80 Emily Davisson Alshadera Dawson Edward Daye Rebecca Daye Willie Daye Elisa De Bernal Janet Dear Beatrice Deas Billy Deaver Yiioshi Deberry Evelyn Deck ’67 S. Degraffenreidt Kermit DeGraffenreidt ’60 Thomas Del Viscio Boris DeLaine Cecil Delbridge ’71 Joseph DeLuca ’81 Tiffany Dempsey ’05 Johnny Dempson ’93 and Zabrina Dempson ’91 Kenneth Dennis and Jovetta Dennis ’89 Donald Devane Sherry Devries Virgil Dey Raymond Dezern ’95 Matthew Dickens and Cottis Dickens ’63 Patricia Dickinson

Shaunte’ Dickson ’99 Michelle Digsby ’09 Liza Dillard ’00 Enrique Dimas Tomas Ding and Kai Ding Judith Disney Aaron Dixon ’80 Barbara Dixon Cora Dixon ’54 Dorothy Dixon ’68 ’74 Erica Dixon ’97 Estella Dixon James Dixon ’96 Keith Dixon ’06 Patricia Dixon ’89 Sandra Dixon ’72 ’74 Larry Dobbins DeLaine Dobson ’55 Kimberly Dobson Reginald Doby ’79 Patricia Doggett ’69 Kenneth Douglas and Linda Douglas Walter Douglas ’54 and Retha Douglas ’56 William Douglas Shenita Dove ’04 Kim Dowdy ’93 Patricia Dowdy Barbara Downey Larry Downey Lillian Downey ’89 Dorothy Doyle Wilfred Drake Marino Drake Rodriguez Jim and Anne Drennan David Drutz and Lydia Drutz Jed Dube Petina Dubose Janet Dudley ’00 Shirley Dudley William Dudley ’08 and Dawn Dudley Faye Duffin ’76 Susan Duke Gretta Dula ’89 ’96 Gladys Dunston Lena Dunston ’84 Lisa Dunston Edward Dupree ’65 and Helen Dupree ’65 Derrick Durham Laura Eaddy ’12 Kenya Easley ’08 Steven Easley ’06 Lorretta Easley Gipson Howard Eason Kathryn Eason-Saunders Thomas East and Joan East Kendra Eaton James Eaves ’68 Darlene Eberhardt-Burke Dora Ebron Esteban Echeverria ’06 Roger Echols David Eckert Matthew Edge

Lawrence Edmendson ’01 Rodney Edmonds Annie Edwards Bartina Edwards ’04 Dorothy Edwards ’75 Stephen Edwards ’77 and Marlene Edwards Sterling Edwards ’93 and Darmella Edwards ’94 Yolanda Edwards ’95 Richard Ehrhardt Salimah El-Amin ’99 Calvin Ellerbee ’78 Timothy Ellerby ’80 Jeffrey Elliott Barbara Ellis ’61 ’75 Laverne Ellis ’06 Alicia Ellis-Gobert ’85 Eugene Ellison ’83 Lawanda Ellison Lilla Ellison Bernice Emanuel ’54 and Lawrence Emanuel Crystal Emery ’93 Geneva Ennett Mary Enoch William Eppinette Anna Epshteyn John Ervin ’89 ’11 Rita Escalante Jimmy Espada Maria Espitia Karl Esslinger Phyllis Ethridge ’67 Cynthia Eubanks Deborah Evans ’78 Thomas Evans and Lynn Evans Mary Evans Patrica Evans-Thomas ’66 George Everhart Anthony Ezeogu ’11 Molly Fahey Desdemona Faison Joel Faison ’94 Vernice Faison ’04 Leslie Fann Crystal Farmer ’04 Leo Farmer Mary Farmer Eugene Farrar Thomas Farrell Gregory Farrington Natasha Farrington ’14 Tijuanda Farrington Ruby Farrior ’81 Elizabeth Farrison ’59 Gerard Farrow ’05 Myra Farrow ’65 Alice Farrow ’58 Loraine Felder Camilla Felton Cheryl Fenner ’87 Daniel Fenton Carmen Ferebee ’07 Pamela Ferguson-Haggins ’93 Karine Ferri Lagneau

Beverly Ferrreiro Arnold Fields Richard Fields ’70 Shirley Fields ’01 Stephen Fields ’83 Johanna Finkelstein ’94 Julia Fiore Lyle Fiore Marion Fisher Yvonne Fisher Jerome Fitch ’65 Daisy Fitts ’60 David Fitts Jr. ’10 ’11 George Fitz-Hugh’ 94 Sundar Fleming Winston Fletcher ’62 and Sigredda Fletcher ’58 ’62 Thomas Fletcher Kelli Flood Liza Flores Margarita Flores Richard Flowe ’96 Rhonda Flowers ’73 Connie Floyd Ana Fonseca David Font Fayette Forbes ’77 Phillip Ford Linda Forem Cherith Foster George Fountain Helen Foust ’58 Linwood Foust ’68 Donna Fowler ’90 Philisa Fowler ’91 Steven Fowler ’99 Carolyn Fox ’70 Horatio Fox Laurie Fox Mildred Fox ’70 Jane Francis John Francis Lekeshia Franklin ’02 Patricia Franks William Frauenselder Joanne Frazer Eric Frazier Cate Frederick ’13 Cynthia Fredette ’96 Janae Freeman ’09 Jessica Freeman Sarah Freeman Stephanie Freeman Eloise Freeman-Edwards ’61 Marian Freeman-Wright ’71 Causaunda French ’72 David French Alfred Friedrich and Denise Friedrich ’92 Stefanie Frigo Joseph Fryar ’62 Glenn Frye ’13 Linda Fuell ’78 Jade Fuller ’01 Jean Fuller Marsha Fuller ’65 Charmaine Fuller Cooper ’02

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



Linda Fullwood ’72 Carrie Furberg Jacqueline Gadison ’76 Benjamin Gaines Jamie Gainey ’11 Anthony Galiani Gerald Galloway ’63 Todd Gambling Michelle Gannon Ronald Gantt ’73 Louis Garcia Peggy Gargis Sekou Gargonnu ’97 Ellen Garguilo Andrew Garner Claude Garner Rosa Garner Ann Garrett Marion Garrett ’66 Sean Garris Richie Garrison ’91 Edward Garvey Lorraine Gary TaWanna Gates ’83 Thelma Gause ’01 Helen Gay Roland Gee Sr. and Cheryl Gee

Yan Geng Andre George ’07 Krystal George Takeisha George Constance Gerald ’99 Jerry Gershenhorn ’91 Rachel Gevlin Carol Gibbs Clifford Gibson Savannah Gibson ’47 Selma Gibson Erica Gilchrist ’91 Icelene Gilchrist Willie Gilchrist-Stanfield ’94 Mayi Gill Gwendolyn Gilliam-Price ’82 Kara Gilliard Bryan Gilmer James Gilmore Paul Gilster Nailya Gilyazova Denise Glass Spanishia Glass Jonathon Glassman Geoffrey Gledhill ’75 Anthony Glenn Helen Glenn ’56 Kendrick Glenn ’88

Willie Glenn ’96 and Chanda Glenn ’96 Gineen Glenn Cargo ’04 Laura Glisson Nichole Glover ’96 Susan Glover Michael Glynn Dori Gobezye Thomas Goddard ’03 Lucy Godwin-Hanson ’75 Charles Goins Rachelle Gold Peter Goldberg and Susan Cohen David Goldman Ronald Goldstein Dionne Gonder-Stanley C. Reid Gonella Julia Gonzalez Winfred Goode ’77 Doris Goodlett ’61 Michelle Goodwin Evelyn Gordan Suzanne Goree Tamahl Gorham ’07 Beth Graham ’87 Melvin Graham ’00 Twanna Graham

Jody Grandy ’04 Carolyn Grant Gloria Grant ’52 Jill Grant Angela Grantham ’92 James Grantham and Kim Grantham Michael Graves Jacinta Gray ’88 Harry Gray and Rebecca Gray Carolyn Green ’78 Cynthia Green David Green Harold Green Lois Green Paul Green Ruby Green Stephanie Green ’96 Lawrence Greenblatt Cora Greene Darnell Greene Geraldine Greene ’72 Denaa’ Griffin ’13 Tonya Griffis ’92 Berkeley Grimball Charles Grimes ’53 Grenda Grimes ’85 Cynthia Grissom ’03

Olga Grlic Neeta Gropper Richard Gruber Kenneth Guidry Sreedevi Gummuluri Marilyn Gunter ’70 Lei Guo James Guseh Corey Guyton Pamela Gwishiri Dariel Hackett Harriet Hadrigan Addie Hagans ’51 David Hager ’00 and Evangela Hager ’88 Jamil Haider Melanie Haile ’85 Linda Hale John Halifax Bill Hall Lottie Hall Michael Hall Thomas Hall Joseph Halloran Marva Hall-Parks ’84 Michael Halpern and Carolyn Halpern Tyrone Halsey

Paying It Forward Alumni BESSIE M. AND CORNELL SLADE share a love for North Carolina Central University that runs deeps and spans more than 40 years. The Slades, both members of the class of 1975, first met in high school in Edgecombe County, N.C., before attending NCCU. The couple has maintained strong connections to their alma mater while developing successful professional careers. Bessie Slade, who earned a degree in sociology, worked as a vocational counselor and later in clinical social work before turning her full attention to raising their two children. Cornell Slade applied his NCCU business degree as a risk management specialist before becoming president of The Best Egg Co. of Graettinger, Iowa, which supplies liquid eggs for many of McDonald’s breakfast items. At their 40th class reunion, the Slades established two endowments: the Bessie M. Slade Endowed 26

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Scholarship and the Cornell Slade Endowed Scholarship, each valued at $30,000. Both of these annual, renewable scholarships are designated for Eagles who are first-year students from Edgecombe County with demonstrated financial need. “I truly believe in giving back, as our education at NCCU set forth the path that has allowed us to be successful,” said Bessie Slade. Cornell Slade said NCCU gave him the skill set to compete in a competitive global environment and reinforced an important lesson that he first learned from his father: “You have to work hard and reach back to help others.”


Bruce Hamerberg Anthony Hames ’95 Blake Hamlin ’11 Carol Hammond-Peterson Journe Hammonds ’06 Elsa Hampton ’98 Florence Handy ’60 Billie Hanes ’77 Aretha Hankinson Nancy Hanley Grover Hannon and Mary Hannon Michael and Elizabeth Hanson Dionne Harden Thomas Harden ’91 Teresa Hardison Shawnda Hargrave Masah ’99 Katye Hargraves ’57 Amanda Hargrove ’01 John Hargrove ’95 Pedro Harmon ’85 and April Harmon ’85 Stewart Harper ’86 and Pamela Harper ’91 Joseph ’72 and Cheri Harrell Kevin Harrell Marchyco Harrell ’71 Julia Harrelson Altise Harris ’77 Anesa Harris Arnissa Harris Beth Harris Charles Harris II ’01 Christopher Harris Dean Harris Ella Harris Ellyn Harris ’90 Frances Harris James Harris ’66 Jeanne Harris ’49 Kenneth Harris ’66 Larry Harris ’77 Lynn Harris Marsha Harris Michelle Harris ’97 Odessa Harris Sharon Harris Shauna Harris Tomi Harris ’69 Trudy Harris-Adeeyo Lisa Harris-Hampton ’87 Paula Harrison ’87 Ricky Harrison Sophia Harrison ’06 Warnetta Harrison ’85 Joan Harshbarger Cheryl Hart ’88 Sherreka Harvey ’99 Yazhmin Harvey-Price ’99 Charles Harvin ’74 Jane Harwell Anthony Hatcher Charles Hatcher Elsie Hatcher Michael Hawkins Zack Hawkins ’04

James Hawley Darryl Hayes ’90 Lexi Hayes ’02 Virginia Hayes ’80 Debora Hazel ’75 ’83 Mark Hazelrigg Qingping He Gregory Headen and Kathleen Headen ’70 Ailene Hedgspeke Matthew Hedt Bobby Heggins ’75 Rheba Heggs Charles Heidgerd Nikki Helms Billy Helton Donna Hembrick ’04 April Henderson ’98 Billy Henderson Edward and Brenda Henderson Gary Henderson ’99 James Henderson Josephine Henderson ’56 Lana Henderson Merrill Henderson ’84 Mike Henderson Renata Henderson G. Hendrix Rosita Henley-Purnell ’94 Stanley Henshaw Calleen Herbert Noah Heringman Kimberly Hernandez Marco Hernandez-Cuevas Godfrey Herndon Jacquelyn Herndon ’64 Kimbelyn Herndon Leon Herndon Oneshia Herring ’10 Keith Hersey Gloria Hester-Manley Larry Hexstall ’67 Danise Hicklen ’85 Trasha Hickman ’02 Carol Hicks Iris Hicks Jeremy Hicks Marva Hicks Andriea Hill Angela Hill Annette Hill ’81 Antonio Hill ’91 Braxton Hill ’70 and Annie Hill ’63 Deandra Hill Lougene Hill ’70 and Nancy Hill ’70 Richard Hill Harvey Himberg Dexter Hines Eric Hines ’82 Tiya Hines Sherry Hinnant David Hinton ’91 Leslie Hobbs Cheryl Hodge ’88 Gary Hodgson

Michele Hodgson Chris Hoerter Steve Hoff Beth Hoggard Genia Holder-Cozart Marian Holiday-White Shirley Holiness ’78 James Holland ’80 Phaedra Holley Debra Holloway ’83 Franklin Holloway and Anne Holloway Marcus Holmes ’90 J. L. Holt ’91 Katina Hooks Vera Hooks ’79 Kim Hopkins Linda Hopkins ’13 Donald Hopper Cecelia Horton ’87 Deidre Horton ’90 Heather Horton Shirley Horton Jaimey Howard ’14 Pamela Howard ’69 Sandra Howard Sheila Howell Harry Hu Xiaoyan Huang Barbara Hudgins ’59 Albert Huey ’63 and Dorothy Huey ’64 Diebold Hughes ’57 Lora Humphrey Chiu Hung Margaret Hunt ’64 Roy Hunt Archie Hunter and Carolyn Hunter Selena Hunter ’79 Setrina Hunter ’80 ’81 Shirley Hunter ’94 Virgie Hunter Shirley Hurdle Keith Hurka-Owen Keisha Hurst ’97 Vickie Hussey ’92 Martha Hutt Betty Hyman Clarine Hyman ’96 Tiresha Hymes 04 Gordon Ibeanu Mirna Inestroza Meraz Kenneth Ingram ’79 and Paulette Ingram ’95 Wiline Isom Steven Jack Gertrude Jackson Karen Jackson Matt Jackson Nicole Jackson Patricia Jackson Paul Jackson Val Jackson Sanford Jacobs Steven Jacobs Tysha Jacobs Hansley ’00

Dorothy James Lea James ’99 Osaffo James ’14 Raymond James ’88* and Margie James Walter James Leah Jansen Natacha Janvier-Derilus Alisa Jarmon Mimi Jefferson Arcelia Jeffreys ’68 ’70 Katherine Jeffries Patricia Jenkins William Jenkins and Diana Rowley Gail Jennings Willie Jennings Jeneea Jervay ’12 Richard Jester ’95 Elizabeth Jewell Leslie Johns and Angela Johns Alfreda Johnson Allene Johnson ’54 Amy Johnson ’10 Beverly Johnson ’13 Crystal Johnson ’10 Cynthia Johnson ’71 Dana Johnson ’93 Dorothy Johnson ’65 Ethel Johnson ’63 George Johnson Harland Johnson Harold Johnson ’49 Israel Johnson ’12 Katherine Johnson Latisha Johnson 00 Lauren Johnson Lee Johnson Leroy Johnson Jr. Lethia Johnson ’59 Linda Johnson ’78 Lisa Johnson Margaret Johnson ’48 Marquita Johnson ’02 Odetta Johnson ’90 Patricia Johnson Reginald Johnson ’97 and Tiffany Johnson ’97 Robert Johnson Samuel Johnson Sharon Johnson Shirley Johnson Stewart Johnson ’04 Thomas Johnson Vashion Johnson Wade Johnson ’67 and Barbara Johnson Wanda Johnson ’82 Wilbert Johnson James Johnston and Jennifer Johnston ’97 Adrian Jones ’02 Anna Jones ’81 ’88 Antonio Jones ’10 and Demetria Jones ’02 ’09 Augusta Jones ’62 Carl Jones

Carlton Jones and Camesha Jones ’00 Carolyn Jones Cassandra Jones Chloe Jones David Jones ’93 Earlene Jones ’91 Ebony Jones ’11 Geneva Jones ’02 James Jones ’88 Jason Jones Linda Jones Olivia Jones Reginald Jones Richard Jones ’71 Robert Jones ’64 Sharon Jones ’12 Stephen Jones Tad Jones Tammy Jones Travis Jones Virginia Jones ’74 Helen Jordan ’85 Juanita Jordan ’53 Doris Joseph ’78 F. Belton Joyner Jr. and Louise Joyner Tonya Joyner ’93 China Jude Larae Junior ’99 Taugamba Kadhi Chris Kaman H. Kanthamani John Kayrouz Calvin Kearney ’71 Roseann Keck Madeline Keels ’08 ’12 Susan Kelemen Gabrielle Kelly ’96 Iva Kelly ’99 Kristene Kelly Patricia Kelsick-Fasusi Cynthia Kendrick Michael Kendrick Angela Kenion Dewitt Kennard Brian Kennedy II ’12 Brian Kennedy Sr. ’87 Kimberly Kennedy ’88 Jesse Kenyon Jeffrey Kerr-Ritchie Michael Keziah Kevin Kimbro Tiara Kincaid ’12 Charles King Henry King ’55 and Gwendolyn King Julie King ’11 Katrina King ’91 Linda King Emma Kinyanjui ’03 Lisa Kirscht ’98 Beverly Kisner ’08 Anastrasia Kizzie ’76 Rick Kleinfelter Andrew Kligerman Leo Klohr

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Tasty Ambitions SHALOM HAM was inspired by the culinary arts program at Northern Durham High School. “My passion became cooking,” says the now 21-year-old senior at NCCU. Setting his sights on a career in professional food service, Mr. Ham wrestled with how to pay for college. He was fifth in a family of 10 children from rural Durham County, and knew he had to find a way to be self-sufficient. Tapping grants, loans and applications for scholarships, Ham was able to enroll in NCCU’s Hospitality and Tourism Administration program in fall 2012. Through hard work in class, a full-time job, and a boost from the J.W. Marriott Foundation Endowed Scholarship his junior year, Ham was able to complete the Hospitality and Tourism program and will receive his degree in May 2016. Next on the horizon: attending law school to train as an attorney for the hospitality industry.

I love this field because of all the things you can be a part of – hotels, restaurants, casinos, resorts and museums.” — shalom ham, senior 28

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Dennis Knight ’13 Donna Knowlton ’94 Lance Koberlein ’88 Dwight Koeberl James Koerner Taji Kommineni ’09 Ginnen Koon Kenneth Koonce ’81 Ann Koppelman Robert Kornegay ’60 and Geraldine Kornegay Rhonda Kosusko ’00 Jonathan Kotch and Anne Kotch Joyce Kovalik Joel Kraeuter Paul Kropp Tom Kruck ’85 Amy Kujawa ’11 Richard Kunst Schannon Kyuer Kent Lacin Jacqueline Lacy ’57 Gerald Lamb Markeetia Lamb Beverly Lampley Tony Landis ’00 Edward Lanear and Mary Lanear Jennifer Langston ’11 Shyrese Langston Veronica Lansey ’96 Bob Larsen Richard Larson Barbara Lassiter Carlos Lavin-Sanchez ’11 Gay Law ’97 Clarence Lawing ’94 Margaret Lawrence William Lawrence ’62 and Queen Lawrence ’61 Addie Laws ’92 Brian Lawson ’94 Elizabeth Lawson ’93 Tony Lawson Jimmy Lawton ’78 Trevora Lawton Lawrence Lazarus James Leach Monica Leach Elsie Leak Daryl Leake Gracie Leath Daniel Leatherberry ’65 Mae Leathers Wendy Lea-Walker Freeman Ledbetter and Willie Ledbetter Angela Lee Beverly Lee ’83 Eun Lee Harry Lee Kesha Lee ’03 Kimberly Lee ’03 Lucy Lee S. Lewis Lee II Sandy Lee

Stacy Lee ’09 Tronda Lee Peter Leese Velvet Legrande Mary Lehman Debbie Lell Bradshaw Lentz Gracie LeSane ’83 Alysa Lesemann Andrea Leslie-Fite Jasmine Lester Renee Leverty Hunter Levinsohn Gloria Lewis Hugh Lewis Jamal Lewis Jody Lewis ’84 Maureen Lewis Priscilla Lewis Williams Lewis Puyu Li Alphonzo Liggins and Sylvia Liggins Fan Lin Thomas Linden Amy Linder ’11 Lisa Lindsay Helen Lindsey ’90 ’95 William Lipa Lewis Lipsitz Brenda Little Devon Little ’10 James Little and Jeannine Little Juarez Little ’70 Hsin-Yi Liu William Lloyd ’87 and Avery Lloyd Cheryl Lloyd ’90 Glenda Locklear Jerry Locklear Michael Lockridge ’02 and Carolyn Lockridge Michael Logan Sally Longacre ’82 Christopher Lopez ’13 Chiyoko Lord Christian Losinger Malinda Love ’15 Mary Love ’83 Travaughn Lovick ’03 Roszena Lowe ’93 Donna Lowell Rashanda Lowery ’99 Jeuane Lucier Morris Lucky ’88 Esther Lumsdon Roger Lundbald Rae Lundy Andre Lunsford Frances Lunsford ’93 Robert Lunsford Sharon Lynch-Harris ’78 Cora Lyon Sheron Lyon Barbara Lyons ’79 Inez Lyons ’85

Carolyn Mabry-Martin Howard Machtinger Ann Mack Linda Mack ’85 Valor Mack ’72 ’86 Shanta MacKinnon ’99 John MacMillian Richard MacPhail David Madden Sherry Maddrey Catherine Mader ’11 Dorothea Ann Madison Dwayne Madison ’07 Henry Majestic Jessica Major ’09 Ignacio Maldonado Constance Mallette George Mamoulides Siresa Manie Craig Mann and Bonnie Mann Paul Manos William Manson Gloria Marcus Amy Marion Debra Markley Mark Marles Marzella Marley Edward Marquart Jacqueline Marrow Leo Marsh Deborah Marshall Tammie Marshall ’12 Calvin Martin Eydie Martin Mary Martin ’66 Letita Mason Penelope Mason Peter Mason ’70 and Irma Mason ’68 Curtis Massey ’82 Felicia Massey ’94 Linda Massey ’95 Ada Maxwell Lynn Mayfield William Mayfield ’70 Sadie Maynard ’63 Gwen M. Mayo Jackson Mayo ’81 and Fay Mayo ’63 Kim Mayo ’91 Jacquelyn Mays Morris McAdoo ’00 Katrina McAllister Wanda McAllister ’95 Paul McAndrew Andrew McArthur II ’08 Renee McBride Jo McCants ’87 ’90 Michael McCarthy DeLauren McCauley ’10 Thomas McClain ’93 Barbara McClamy Chavery McClanahan ’10 Karen McClendon Rose McCloud ’65 Traci McCluney ’98 Marc McCook


Brian McCorkle ’90 and Serena McCorkle Vincent McCormick ’93 Anthony McCoy Kenyatta McCoy Wayne C. McCray Cindy McCreary Laura McCree ’70 Reginald McCrimmon ’13 Andre McDavid ’12 Nancie McDermott Patricia McDowell Alicia McGee Francis McGee ’56 Constance McGee-Alharazim ’89 Sharen McGlothen ’88 Paula McGrann ’01

Sherree McManus Tiffany McMillan ’09 Meredith McMonigle Acquirneta McNair ’90 John McNair ’93 Gloria McNeil ’80 Frankie McNeil-Bright ’66 ’72 Carlotta McNeill ’97 Cynthia McNeill ’82 Myrtle McNeill ’53 ’60 Mae McPhail ’57 Ronnie McPhatter Tracy McPherson Angus Meachem ’93 Anthony Meachem ’96 Ayanda Meachem ’97 Christopher Medley

Ondin Mihalcescu Lisa Miles Gyvonie Miller Nancy Miller Norwood Miller Sabrina Miller ’91 Louise Mills Georgiate Milton ’94 Mark Mintz and Merybeth Howett A. Dwight Mitchell ’76 and Edna Mitchell ’76 Asia Mitchell Brenda Mitchell ’76 Brian Mitchell ’96, ’12 Darlene Mitchell Gregory Mitchell ’90

Shawki Moore ’96 Thomasine Moore ’71 Tiffany Moore ’11 Timothy Moore ’10 and Florine N. Moore ’04 Trina Moore ’85 Caroldine Morgan Blake Morgan Chad Morgan Ruth W. Morgan Ruth V. Morgan Sylvia Morra ’83 Eric Morris ’08 Robert Morris William Morris Hassel Morrison Patricia Mortensen

Ricky Murdock ’83 Jimmie Murphy Monica Murphy ’02 Terry Murphy Erika Murphy-Newkirk ’99 LeDarrell Murray Percy Murray ’70 Arthur Musselman ’83 Richard Musselwhite Donald Narensky Thomas Neagle ’02 Tertius Neal Joseph Neff Makiko Negishi ’90 Melody Nelson ’89 Patricia Nelson Laurence Nessly

Isaac McGraw ’68 Michelle McIlwain ’05 Anitra McInnis ’97 Timothy McIntosh ’62 and Marian McIntosh ’62 Frankie McKin Mariah McKinney ’04 Robert McKinnon ’69 Lola McKnight ’63 Rochelle McKoy James McLean and Lee McLean John McLean Lee McLean ’65 ’68 and Carol McLean ’65 Rebecca McLennan ’00 Brenda McLeod ’70

Diane Medlin Rodney Meheux ’79 and Faustina Meheux ’82 Joseph Meloche Alicia Melton Evelyn Melton ’67 Lisa Melvin ’88 Tonya Melvin ’02 John Mercer Korey Mercer David Merritt and Shirley Merritt ’69 Ruby Messick ’02 Michael Mezzatesta June Michaux ’75 Jean Middleton Sam Miglarese

Jashell Mitchell Nicole Mitchell ’10 Vivian Mitchell ’85 Shelia Mitchell-Green ’82 Nathalie Mizelle-Johnson ’91 Sparkle Molyneaux Kelly Monsees ’12 Charlese Montague Betty Montgomery ’58 Kevin Montgomery Chanee’ Moon ’05 Edward Moon Felicia Moore ’96 Anthony Moore and Gloria Moore ’87 Hattie Moore Ronald Moore

Emma Mosby Trinice Moses ’87 Daphine Moss Marguerite Most Victor Motley ’81 David Mottola William Moultrie ’14 Randall Mounce Baiyina Muhammad Hodgie Muhammad ’01 Ricky Muldrow Rosemary Mulligan Kent Mullikin Timothy Mulrooney Michael Mulvey Selina Mumford ’79 Jennifer Munford ’00

Reginald Nettles ’12 Michelle Newkirk ’08 Chan Newman Dixie Newsome ’68 Heather Newton Rochelle Newton-Brown ’05 ’07 Willie Nicely Alan Niederland and Alice Niederland Stacie Nixon ’05 ’09 ’08 Erica Noble ’95 Gale Noble Helena Nobles-Jones ’67 Donald Nolen ’73 Damond Nollan


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Donald Nonini Robert Northcott Andrea Novicki Rosa Nuchurch Vonnie M. Nunnally Jori Nwachukwu ’11 Jane Nymberg ’85 Sonya Oates ’01 Catherine O’Brien ’02 Shawn Odom Jacqueline Okoh Carla Oldham Brian Oliver Steven Oliver Elton O’Neal ’73 and Myrtle O’Neal ’73 Michael Onufer Jason Onyebuagu Cynthia Ordaneff Steve Ornat Brian Orol John Osoro ’12 Wendell Ott Crystal Outlaw ’13 Daria Outlaw ’91 Brenna Ozment Arthur Page Garrett Page Ida Page ’71 John Page Robert Page ’77 Wanda Page ’95 Janice Palmer Janice Panza ’86 Debra Pappas ’98 Gwendolyn Parham ’68 Anita Parker Barnett Parker Cheryl Parker ’99 ’11 Donald Parker III ’11 and Turquoise Parker ’10 Earline Parker ’81 Quinton Parker Parker Johnson ’69 Anne Parks Thomas Parks Tiffany Parms ’09 Amanda Parris C.N. Parrish ’70 and Walterene Parrish ’70 Mitsue Parrish’91 Reshea Hill ’94 Jack Parson Laura Parsons Camille Passalacqua Kelly Patterson ’90 Robert Patterson ’88 Eloriss Paylia Loretha Peacock ’81 ’87 Yvette Pearson Dwight Peebles Teresa Pender ’82 Deborah Pendleton ’97 William Penick Sherril Penn ’96 Edith Penny ’81 Janet Peoples ’62 ’73


Beulah Peppers ’54 William Perdue Paula Perez Gladys Permuy ’69 Denise Perrington Carolyn Perry ’84 Davin Perry ’97 Josephus Perry ’89 Monica Perry ’93 Robert Perry ’57 and Annetta Perry ’58 Savaun Perry ’09 Wendalyn Perry ’12 Mattie Perry ’82 Andrea Perry-Couch’12 Melody Peters Gabriel Peterson Ronald Peterson Veronica Pettiford Jennai Pettis ’12 Eugene Pettis ’63 and Yvonne Pettis ’63 Dean Phelps ’11 Melanie Phelps ’00 Christopher Pickett ’05 Teresa Pickney Kathryn Pierce Lucretia Pinckney Joseph Piorkowski Bill Piper Nicole Piscitelli Anthony Pitt Sr. ’59 Rozelia Pittman ’60 Grayce Pitts ’56 Vincent Pledger ’80 and Vernese Pledger ’79 Patricia Plummer ’84 Joel Pointer Melanie Poloff Jared Pone ’09 Amanda Poole ’08 Rufus Poole and Clarice Poole La Ressa Poole ’87 Harold Pope ’83 Joe Poran Tierra Poteat ’11 ’12 Belinda Pounds Judy Pounds ’01 Jalysa Powell ’10 James Powell Joel Powell ’92 Tamani Powell Tera Powell Sandra Powers Steven Preissler Charles Price Timothy Price ’96 Stella Pride Cira Prieto Florence Prince ’55 Eric Pristell ’94 John Pulliam Daryl Purcell ’01 Dominick Purdie Erica Purkett ’07 Jody Putnam

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

GSK Scholarship Expands Future Doctor’s Horizons Chemistry major KATYA DE LA TORRE says the GlaxoSmithKline Women in Science Scholarship has put her career on an upward trajectory. The 2015 graduate is now working as a research technician at NCCU while in the process of applying to medical school. “The scholarship has been extremely useful in helping me afford the fees required for medical school applications,” de la Torre said. The funding also enabled her to attend professional conferences where she was inspired by the presentations of established women scientists. “Going to medical school is what I always wanted to do, but this program gave me a better understanding of some of the other ways women are contributing to scientific research. I plan to continue doing research as a doctor.”

The scholarship has been extremely useful in helping me afford the fees required for medical school applications.” — katya de la torre, graduate

Michael Putney ’78 ’06 ’11 and Cassandra Putney ’79 Robert Pyle Venita Quick ’88 Vernell Quinn Robert Rabb and Merry Rabb

Lee and Trish Rafalow Ava Ragland-Bailey ’80 Ronald Rahn Antionette Raines ’96 Asha Ralph ’13 Calvin Ramseur Lynn Ramsey

Richard Randall Adrian Rankin Katherine Rankin Ronald Ransom Randolph Rasch Baheejah Rasheed ’63


Jeff Raskin and Charlene Ratliff Joseph Ratliff ’86 John Ray ’95 and Lawanda Sessoms-Ray ’98 William Ray ’91 Calvin Reaves ’97 ’02 ’09 Felicia Reaves ’94 Christopher Redd ’93 Betty Redwood ’13 Nancy Reese-Durham Benjamin Reid Jorim Reid Kenya Reid ’03 Lakysha Reid ’95 Margaret Laverne Reid ’71 John Reilly Michael Render ’06 Trip Renn Delores Revis ’66 Tanya Reynolds Mary Rhodes Shameka Rhodes ’05 Virginia Rhoton Ellinor Rhyne Dorothy C. Rice Ronald Rice ’70 Ronnie Richards Bobby Richardson ’14 Demond Richardson Horace Richardson Judy Richardson Ndibulum Hazel Richardson ’02 P. Demond Richardson ’99 Phyllis Richardson ’86 Rosalind Richardson ’80 Clayton Riddle Ronald Riggle Melvin Riggs Kathy Riggsbee Thomas Ringer Shandra Robertson ’06 Alvin Robinson ’97 Daniel Robinson Gladys Robinson Jossan Robinson ’93 Melonie Robinson Michael Robinson ’14 Rebecca Robinson ’98 Shelron Robinson ’79 Sylvia Robinson ’72 Tony Robinson Veronica Robinson ’92 Michael Rodrigues ’91 Yazmin Rodriguez Clarence Rogers ’90 John Rogers ’72 Samuel Rogers Alexander Roman Nigme Romero Timothy Romocki and LaHoma Romocki Maria Roper Sharon Ross Mark Rosso Melinda Rouillard Wendy Rountree Debra Rowe-Reid ’75

Amelia Royster Evelyn Royster Grant Royster Valeria Royster ’83 Tami Ruckman Judy Rudolph Ellen Ruffin-Torian Ernesto Ruiz Cornelias Rushing Brenda Russell ’81 Kishon Russell Jennifer Ryan Renee Saddler Nicole Sainworla Lydia Salett Rosalyn Salter Ardell Sanders Joe Sanders Velvaline Sanders ’76 Clara Sands Angeliss Santana Leslie Saper Janie Sargent ’84 James Sartor and Thelma Sartor Bernice Satterwhite ’57 Jacqueline Satterwhite Susan Sauls ’99 Dianne Saunders Elvin Savage Michael Savino and Elizabeth Savino Bernard Scales ’69 and Thomasine Scales John Scalzo and Rosey Scalzo Joyce Scarborough ’77 Melodie Scarborough ’44 Miriam Schaul Thomas Schnick and Anne Schick Scott Schlesinger Arnold Schmidt Aeon Schmoock and Eva Schmoock Victor Schoenbach Joseph Schuch Leon Scipio ’62 and Berneatha Scipio Charles Scott Dennis Scott Jr. ’08 Emilie Scott ’87 Gregory Scott and Carla Scott ’87 John Scott Michele Scott Sonya Scott ’91 ’00 ’08 Tammy Scott Virgil Scott Warrick Scott ’83 Jamillah Scott-Branch ’08 Richard Scotton ’78 Althia Scriven ’79 Nicholas M. Scurlock Martha Sears Georganne Sebastian Louis Sedaris

Kathryn Wymer Segedy Clementine Self ’71 ’78 Linda Seligman Georganne Sebastian James Senter Brenda Sexton ’71 Keith Sexton ’98 Maurice Seymour Frances Shabazz ’98 David Shackleford ’95 Georgia Shannon Beverly Sharpe ’78 Kirti Shastri Juanita Shepherd Caroline Sherman Harriet Sherman ’90 Marywinne Sherwood Carter Shewbridge George Shields Irene Shields ’54 Staney Shields Alan Shiffman Joan Shipman ’79 Martin Shoffner and Shadra Shoffner Jacqueline Shropshire ’70 Daniel Simala Debbie Simmers Cassandra Simmons ’74 Janelle Simmons Joe Simmons ’94 Sue Simonds Patricia Simpson ’70 Thomas Simpson ’60 ’71 and Sallie Simpson ’56 Javance Sinclair II Herbert Singleton Jr. and Mella Singleton ’60 Undi Sistrunk Christopher Skinkis Robert Skiver and Melissa Skiver Robert Slentz-Kesler ’97 Virgil Scott Floyd Sloan ’02 Rhonda Small ’09 Barbara Smalley Argyle Smallwood Allana Smith ’02 Amelia Smith Archie Smith Bill Smith Carrie Smith ’90 Catherine Smith Clara Smith ’66 Deena Smith ’01 Evelyn Smith ’62 Gloria Smith ’63 James Smith Joel Smith ’63 and Ardetha Smith ’63 Karen Smith ’08 Keith Smith ’01 Tyrone Everett ’82 and Linda Smith ’84 Lindsey Smith Lynn Smith

Mauritania Smith Nathaniel Smith Nikia Smith Norma Smith Partice Smith ’93 Ronnie Smith ’80 Sarah Debnam ’99 Sharon Smith Sherwood Smith ’70 and Cassandra Smith ’75 Shirley Smith Timothy Smith Toney Smith Walter Smith ’61 William Smith Heather Smith Braxton ’01 Jason Smoots ’02 Thomas Snell ’03 Natashalyn Snipes ’12 ’14 Mark Snyder Joshua Socolar Vertella Solomon ’79 Rebecca Soper Bram Sorgman Endia Sowers ’12 Allen Spalt John Sparks Larry Sparrow and Jennifer Sparrow Todd Speakman Kathleen Speaks Lori Special Allen Spector Brian Speese Derrick Spellman ’93 and Lakita Spellman ’98 Viola Spells Deyaska Spencer Joan Spencer ’76 John Spencer Vickie Spencer ’81 ’92 Vivian Spencer ’02 ’04 Clarence Spencer ’67 and Vickie Spencer Lisa Spiegel Tracey Spivey-White ’92 Henry Spragley Stanley Sprague ’74 Terrance Spruill ’85 Christina Stableford Charles Stanback ’65 and Shirlyn Stanback Artemesia Stanberry Alison Stanley ’95 Elizabeth Stanley Lawrence Stanley ’75 Margaret Stanley Carol Stanton Sheri Starks Catherine Starkweather Orin Starn Sandra Staton ’83 Nichole Neloms ’93 Edwin Stephen Gwen Stephens Paulette Stephens ’87

Antonio Stephans and Shinel Stephans Suzanna Stephens Theresa Stephens Charles Stephenson Charles Stevens Robert Stevens ’71 Kim Stewart Monique Stewart ’91 Robert Stiefvater Justin Stiller Rebecca Stirewalt Ann Stock Jeanette Stokes James Stotler Ryan Stowe ’13 Raquel Strauss Lucille Streeter ’70 Al Strong Linda Stroud Raz Stuchiner Monica Stuckey Leonard Sturdivant ’82 William Sugg Harold Suggs ’57 and Frances Suggs Vickie Suggs-Jones ’90 Tracey Super ’98 Shannon Sutherland-Kirk Justin Sutton Deborah Swain William Swallow and Louise Romanow Jonas Swartz and Laura Swartz ’12 Mary Swoope ’90 Lisa Szyc ’09 Quincey Tait ’06 Allis Talley Elizabeth Tamakloe Wilma Tarry ’79 Annette Taylor ’90 Carol Taylor Cecia Taylor Courtney Taylor ’99 Cynthia Taylor ’09 David Taylor Donna Taylor ’00 Gloria Taylor Phillis Taylor ’05 Steve Taylor Teressa Taylor ’90 Thomas Taylor Thomas Taylor Travis Taylor ’94 Trevor Taylor Veronica Taylor Gail Taylor-Hilliard Jordan Tazewell Mary Tazewell ’77 Rodriguez Teal ’91 and Angela Teal ’90 Louis M. Teasley Chandra Tedder Ema Temu Perritt Terezinha Angela Terry ’90 ’14

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Janelle Terry ’00 Michelle Terry Clarke Thacher Ronni Theeman Kristian Theissen Charles Thibaut and Sylvia Thibaut Abdul Thomas ’87 ’00 Betty Thomas ’70 Dale Thomas Jr. ’09 Darek Thomas ’89 Curtis Thompson ’07 and Kristina Thompson ’08 Edith Thompson Ernest Thompson ’72 Kathryn Thompson Leah Thompson ’07 Thomas Thompson and Nancy Thompson ’90 Patricia Thompson Simone Thompson ’14 Mary Thompson-Jones David Thomson Vanessa Thornberg Stephanie Thorne ’95 Lenora Thorpe Tonia Thorpe Louis Threatt ’08 Jerome Tiangson Margaret Tiano Danielle Tildon ’94 Ralph Tillmann Betty Tinnin Steve Toler William Tonkins ’69 Theresa Toomer ’73 Beverly Torain ’83 Christine Torain Hazel Torain Hassie Torain-Hester ’54 Wilhelmenia Torian ’55 Cecilia Trappier Elizabeth Trexler Sterling Tripp ’83 Kenneth Trivette Joan Tropnas ’70 William Trost Stephanie Troy ’88 Mary True Althea Truitt ’54 Monica Tsotetsi

Charles Tuck ’79 and Retha Tuck Alisha Tuck-Brown ’99 Julie Tucker ’04 Larry Tucker George Tukey and Melissa Tukey ’90 John Turlington and Connie Turlington Brendell Turner ’71 DeAndre Turner Sarah Turrentine Darin Tyler ’07 Baron Tymas Yolanda Tynes Benjamin Tyson Sahron Tyson Nickolas Udumaga Leon Underdue and Joyce Underdue Edward Underwood ’70 Joe Urquhart Alexis Van Culin ’09 Gloria Van Dam Earlie Vanhook ’57 Sandra Vavra Patricia Vereen Jason Vernon Adam Versenyi Henry Vickers ’68 Bertha Villines ’91 Curtis Vincent ’82 Drewry Vincent ’83 and Teresa Vincent ’88 Phyllis Vincent Rosalind Vinson Tamisha Waden ’02 Joseph Wadlington Kelly Wakefield Gladys Walden ’71 Carolyn Walker ’71 Constance Walker ’64 ’87 Dwight Walker Gladys Walker ’71 Julie Walker ’66 June Walker ’80 ’82 Gwenetta Walker-Batchelor ’76 Constance Wall Gary Wall ’70 Patricia Wall Theresa Wall Mark Walters



nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Diana Wang Lenwood Ward ’63 Daron Satterfield ’98 and Tomeka Ward-Satterfield ’98 Cynthia Ware Harriet Warrington Hattie Warrington ’51 Delois Washington Rufus Washington ’77 Leroy Waters and Angela Waters ’61 Joseph Watkins ’12 Rachel Watkins ’70 Malchus Watlington Brittany Watson ’11 Carlos Watson ’94 Ronnie Watson ’84 Zelphia Watson ’56 Ingrid Watson-Miller ’71 ’94 Joeyl Watts Stefan Weathers ’14 James Weaver Wanda Weaver ’91 Kaye Webb Tony Webb Brett Webb-Mitchell Demerice Webster ’70 Loretta Weeden James Weiss Jeffrey Welch Herbert West ’69 Scott Westfall and Theresa Westfall Brent Weston Andrea Wheeler ’12 Tawana Wheeler Alphonsa White ’79 Avera White ’94 Brenda White ’65 Brenda White Dorian White Margaret White ’56 Mary White Patricia White Sharon White Faith Whitehead Jonathan Whitehead Jean Whitfield Charlene Wicks ’70 Ira Wiggins ’77 and Joyce Wiggins ’94 Mitchell Wiggins

Jeffrey Wilcox Estella Wilkerson Maureen Wilkerson Cynthia Wilkerson-Monroe ’07 Elizabeth Wilkes Shirley Wilkins Andrea Wilkinson Avis Wilkinson ’79 Alfred Williams Collette Williams Allie Williams ’65 Anthony Williams Brenda Williams Brenton Williams ’92 Bridget Williams Carrolyn Williams ’64 Charlie Williams Cicero Williams ’79 ’87 Dalphaline Williams ’73 Deandrea Williams ’05 Demetricous Williams Derrick Williams Dyann Williams Edna Williams ’79 Edward Williams Geraldine Williams ’95 Howard Williams Jahmal Williams James Williams ’83 Janice Williams John Williams Johnnie Williams Joseph Williams ’65 Joseph Williams Karen Williams Kent Williams Jr. ’09 ’13 Kevin Williams Kia Williams Larfue Williams ’97 and Kelcy Eady ’97 Leonardo Williams ’05 Linda Williams Mae Williams ’65 Mary Williams ’60 Mary Williams Michael Williams Muriel Williams ’49 Raleigh Williams Robert Williams ’80 Stephanie Williams Thomas Williams Timothy Williams Tiffany Williams-Jennings ’95 Amanda Williamson ’11 Cecelia Williamson ’53 Hubert Williamson ’63 Wanda Williams-Pettiford ’92 Betty Willingham Debby Willis Josephine Willis Alphia Wills ’65 and James Wills Angela Wilson ’71 Benita Wilson ’76 Charles Wilson ’07 Cynthia Wilson ’75 Jevon Wilson ’94 Jimmy Wilson

Marcus Wilson ’09 Mark Wilson Sharen Wilson ’88 Thanena Wilson ’89 Tyrone Wilson ’76 Kathleen Windsor Kaleb Wingate ’14 Lakesha Winley ’09 Shawn Winstead Russell Witcher Dominic Witherspoon ’89 Gary Witherspoon Michelle Witherspoon ’90 Barbara Witherwax Joseph Witkowski Lynn Wolfgram ’94 Dannie Wood ’69 Kendra Wood ’10 Joyce Woodard Mike Woodard Luchuna Woodland John Woodruff Alvin Woods ’73 and Cynthia Woods ’73 Lawanda Woods ’82 Philana Woods ’00 Quentin Woodward ’72 Catherine Wooten ’11 Christopher Wooten ’07 Vivian Wooten ’81 James Worley Selliestean Worsley ’72 Koon Woyee ’05 Leroy Wray ’02 Brandon Wright ’13 Brenda Wright Mark Wright Milton Wright Katherine Wulff ’00 Nykole Wyatt ’00 Calvin Wyche Jiahua Xie Chunyu Xu Fei Yan Betty Yancey ’78 Ellaweed Yancey Xiaohe Yang Yongan Yang and Liju Yang Zhiming Yang Elaine Yarborough ’78 Richard Yeuoff Susan Yeyeodu Robert Yoder ’11 Eun Young Yoo-Lee Brandon Young Robert Young and Mary Young ’56 Tamela Young Furaha Youngblood Jian Yu ’99 Michelle Yuan Leo Yurek Alan Zagoria Ming Zhao Qingxia Zhao Weifan Zheng Ashley Zorski

GIVING BY BASED ON FISCAL YEAR GIVING J U LY 1 , 2 0 1 4 – J U N E 3 0 , 2 0 1 5

1940 Alice Logan

Malinda H. Johnson Margaret K. Johnson Ernest J. Mills



Howard M. Fitts

Jeanne B. Harris Harold E. Johnson Grace V. Solomon Quinton K. Wall Muriel Williams

1942 Barbara F. Brice Larry R. Hyde


Rebecca P. Edmonds

1944 Ellain M. Brooks


Norma L. Harrison Thelma C. Williams

1946 Doris E. Bing-Bowser Dorothy W. Campbell Mabel I. Nimmo

1947 Doris T. Bethel Savannah G. Gibson Hubert L. Robinson**

1948 Walter M. Brown Sudie M. Fields


1950 Willie Bradshaw Joseph E. Campbell Robert C. Freeman Stanley Harley

1951 Howard Alston Kenneth N. Alston Ertie F. Barnes Vivian S. Cooper Walter P. Diggs Louise G. Gray Addie S. Hagans Annie B. Harris Davis B. Martin Myrtle B. Sampson Benjamin T. Siler Bertha B. Todd Hattie J. Warrington

1952 Doris S. Dees Donnie J. Freeman Gloria A. Grant Evonne P. Jones

John H. Lucas Bessye L. McGhee Samuel M. Parham Edward Pygatt Howard W. Smith Ed Stewart Richmond E. Stewart

19 5 3 Elsie C. Blackman Esther Y. Carter Jeanette W. Carter William G. Coward Theresa B. Crawford Dora M. Davis Charles L. Grimes Jean C. Harris Don K. Harrison Juanita J. Jordan William A. Lewis Gladis M. McCoy Myrtle J. McNeill Odessa Roseboro Arthrell D. Sanders Clarice E. Sharp Cecelia B. Williamson

19 5 4 Charles A. Asbury IIrene M. Brown Nellie F. Collins Cora O. Dixon Walter E. Douglas Bernice K. Emanuel Delilah T. Gomes Willie D. Jacobs Allene Johnson Carrie Z. Matthews Helen V. McLean

Beulah C. Peppers Gordon Perry Patsy B. Perry Irene D. Shields Evelyn L. Siler Hassie S. Torain-Hester Althea J. Truitt Beatrice W. Vasser Lillonteen Whitehurst

19 5 5 Ellen C. Bentley Donald A. Bonner Percell R. Bowser Sara L. Boyd James B. Courtney Lena P. Davis DeLaine C. Dobson Peggy Ann W. Donald Inez W. Foster Marie A. Jones Henry C. King Albert W. Opher Lawrence Pettis Virgie B. Phifer Virginia E. Potts Florence A. Prince Joseph J. Ray Regina L. Ray Clyde B. Richardson Spurgeon A. Roberts Hazel M. Rollins Eurydice W. Smith Jesse A. Spratley Mallie B. Stocks Martha T. Thompson Wilhelmenia G. Torian Oreta B. Watkins Winifred Y. Williams

19 5 6 Toussaint L. Avent Edna L. Becton-Pittmon Raymond J. Bell Morris A. Blount Otis M. Brooks Josephine H. Brown Vermelle T. Byrd Sammie Chess Robert S. Chiles Retha H. Douglas Eurmal D. Exum Clavin C. Fields Willie Gause Helen L. Glenn Albert E. Handy Floyd C. Hardy Shirley G. Hatton Mary E. Hawkins Josephine W. Henderson Culey V. Kilimanjaro Wade M. Kornegay Ira Laster James A. Mack Angela D. Massenburg Pearline W. McCoy Dorothy M. McFalls Francis J. McGee Mary E. Pettus Grayce C. Pitts Edna L. Becton-Pittmon Sallie L. Simpson Frank U. Sowell Alice N. Spratley Lula G. Thorpe Abbie G. Walker Barbara G. Wallace Zelphia G. Watson

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



Margaret B. White Robert C. Williams Mary M. Young

1957 Barbara A. Burnette** William N. Burnette Gwendolyn A. Calhoun Jean W. Cherry Bernice D. Chiles Doris W. Collins Marlene Enoch-Chess Lawrence E. Hampton Katye H. Hargraves Shirley J. Holliday Rudolph J. Horried Diebold E. Hughes Naomi J. Jackson Leroy R. Johnson Therlon W. Joyner Mary F. Keith Shaw Jacqueline J. Lacy Mary W. Laster Herman Lewis Ernestine D. Lyon Ilean H. Mattocks Mae F. McPhail William T. Penn Robert L. Perry James L. Potts Ann W. Pretty Harold Russell Earlene B. Satterfield Bernice M. Satterwhite Jean R. Smith Harold Suggs Earlie Vanhook

1958 Margaret A. Barnes Charles J. Baron Ollie P. Bond Herman I. Boone Christine R. Bowser Eddie T. Britt Calvin L. Brown Genevieve R. Brown Theaoseus T. Clayton Janice B. Drumwright Pauline A. Farrow Sigredda R. Fletcher Helen S. Foust Betty C. Montgomery Lawton A. Morrison Annetta B. Perry Charles A. Ramsey Charles L. Sanders Elnora J. Shields Eva C. Williams Gertrude P. Williams

1959 Antenor J. Adam Clara M. Allen

**34 Deceased nort h

Norcott E. Bell Sarah M. Bell-Lucas Amos S. Bonner Lena B. Boyd Glorial H. Bradby Dolores L. Brinkley Garland Burton William C. Cooks Betty H. Cozart Geraldine F. Davis Mary F. Evans Alexander Faison Faye A. Farrar Elizabeth M. Farrison Barbara J. Foggie Ernest A. Harrison Barbara L. Hudgins Lethia J. Johnson Jacquelyn S. Joyner Sylvia J. Malone Barbara J. McClain Julius A. McLeod Dorothy W. Person Anthony Pitt Melvin L. Vass

1960 Frederica H. Barrow Ruth M. Battle Barbara H. Boone Vivian M. Cottman Kermit J. DeGraffenreidt Robert L. Dobbs Daisy E. Fitts Alice L. George Florence E. Handy Helen W. Hudson Alicia D. Jones Doris D. Jones Almeta G. Jordan Robert L. Kornegay Davesene W. Lawson Mae F. Moore Evelyn D. Morrisey Eleanor H. Organ Rozelia C. Pittman Althea P. Reid John C. Scarborough Thomas M. Simpson Mella D. Singleton Rosa W. Small William T. Small Enid S. Smith Leamon Thornton Doris J. Tomlinson Mary L. Williams

1961 George E. Brewer Doris F. Brinson Leslie Brinson Glen E. Cooper Shelred L. Cunningham Barbara J. Ellis Sadie R. Ethridge

c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Eloise Freeman-Edwards Doris R. Goodlett Mary N. Grissom Jethro R. Hawkins Burnella Jackson-Ransom Geraldine Kornegay Constance H. Johnson Valeria L. Lee Eva B. Lennon Shelvigean J. McCormick Ellis H. Smith Walter E. Smith Minnie C. Spellman Angela K. Waters Clarence G. Williams Clarence F. Williams Mildred C. Williams

1 96 2 Ellen B. Amey Dorothy F. Bailey Willie A. Bartelle Dorothy E. Barton Cary A. Booker Thomas A. Boone George Bridgers Dorothy Y. Bumphus Gloria E. Carver-Mack William S. Crowder Bettie Y. Cummings Marvin E. Duncan William P. Evans Winston B. Fletcher Joseph H. Fryar Alphonso M. Gantt Elvira O. Green Eva B. Gwyn Will Hall Yvonne W. Hatton Gloria A. Haynes-Lewis Margaret L. Howard-Gill Elizabeth H. Johnson Hazel A. Johnson Jack Johnson Augusta L. Jones William W. Lawrence Robert E. Lawson Patrecia J. Lawton Katie L. Lee Timothy McIntosh Janet E. Peoples Gladys H. Pettiford Corene T. Richardson Joseph B. Pettiford Beverly D. Roach Isaac A. Robinson Leon D. Scipio S. D. Simmons Yvonne M. Simmons Cozette P. Sinclair Evelyn V. Smith Benjamin F. Speller Marjorie Steele Larry T. Suitt William D. Turner Rose T. Vaughan

Paul S. Wallace William E. Wilson

19 6 3 Marie H. Aldridge John E. Amey Barbara B. Atwater David L. Avery Frank W. Ballance Eugene Blackman Raymond Bunch Fred A. Burke Helen S. Davenport Cottis L. Dickens Ralph K. Frasier Gerald Galloway Eleanor Gatling Ruby D. Green Roy R. Gwyn Annie M. Hill Albert Huey Mack A. Jarmon Leola H. Jenkins Emma Johnson Ethel B. Johnson Thad S. Jones Blandina K. Lane Margaret D. Lawrence Larry S. Leatherberry Phyllis G. Malloy James W. Marshall Sadie Maynard Fay Mayo Lola T. McKnight Earl Miller Arthur W. Mims Billie F. Nobles Raymond N. Nobles Eugene Pettis Yvonne S. Pettis Patricia C. Ramsey Baheejah B. Rasheed Thornton C. Reid Shirley B. Richmond Marie T. Roberts Charles W. Sanders Lillie I. Sanders James E. Sibert Ardetha S. Smith Gloria J. Smith Joel C. Smith Mildred W. Smith Mable H. Stevenson Gwendolyn A. Strane Alice M. Walker Priscilla H. Wallace Lenwood E. Ward Irene T. White Hazel E. Williams Hubert Williamson Isadora B. Wills

19 6 4 Yvonne Adams Lovest T. Alexander

Pattie M. Baskette Cynthia M. Bell Carolyn B. Blanks Irma J. Bogan Joanne P. Boykin Glorius F. Bristol Marzella A. Bryant Doris A. Bunch Gloria R. Burton Evelyn J. Carter Gladys L. Chance-Perry Gwendolyn C. Chunn Evelyn B. Clay Iris N. Cooper James W. Davis Mardecia V. Dudley Norma R. Duncombe Edward B. Ellis LaVeda C. Ellis Joyce J. Exum Beatrice Ferebee Courtney S. Ferguson James E. Ferguson Kenneth B. Froneberger John F. Fuller Azalee B. Gamble Walter R. Gerald Bobby R. Glenn Willie E. Grissom Thomas N. Hammond Virginia S. Hawkins Norma W. Haywood John H. Henderson Verna S. Henderson Jacquelyn Herndon Barbara J. Hill Patricia V. Hill William G. Hill Lyle H. Horton Margaret R. Hunt Ralph A. Hunt Charles Jarmon Sue E. Jarmon Alma S. Johnson Channie F. Johnson Courtrina P. Johnson Patricia M. Johnson Bernell Jones Bettye S. Jones Mattie S. Jones Robert F. Jones Cloyce H. Lassiter Barbara W. Lewis Gladys P. Lindsay Estell M. Lloyd Norman Lovick Laverne R. Mance-Burch Toni M. Manning Edna S. Mills Julius W. Milton Judy G. Mitchell Mattie E. Moss James E. Neal Orlean B. Newton Scottie M. Owings-Leaks Barbara Parker Hayes Vivian D. Reed



The Road to Eagle Excellence

Key Cities Tour





North Carolina Central University’s Division of Institutional Advancement launched “The Road to Eagle Excellence” Key Cities Tour in September 2014. The purpose of the tour was to engage and visit alumni, friends and university partners in cities across the United States. These visits provided an opportunity for Chancellor Debra Saunders-White and other members of the NCCU community to present an update on the state of the university, while encouraging support and continued investment in the institution.

Newly Established or Enhanced University Endowments (FY 2015) £ John Andrew Barbee Sr., Endowed Scholarship Trustee John A. Barbee ’73 and Trustee Allyson Siegel £ Brian R. Dolan Endowment – Former Trustee Robert E. Dolan £ FDY, Inc. Endowed Scholarship – Floyd D. Young £ Kenneth and Lori Jones Gibbs Endowed Scholarship Kenneth ’78 ‘94 and Lori Gibbs £ John A. Myers, Ph.D. Endowed Scholarship – David Mitchell ‘84 £ Bessie M. Slade Endowed Scholarship – Bessie M. Slade ‘75 £ Cornell Slade Endowed Scholarship – Cornell Slade ‘75 £ The William and Anna Davis Tidwell Scholarship Endowment Isaiah ’67 and Hellena ’68 Tidwell £ Class of 1965 Endowed Scholarship

£ £ £ £ £ £ £

Class of 1968 Endowed Scholarship The McClary and Pear Hall Endowed Scholarship General George H. ’75 and Portia Walls ‘75 Alice Blanche VanHook Mangum Endowed Scholarship Elmira Mangum ‘75 Ronald F. McCray Endowed Scholarship – Ronald F. McCray Charles L. Bailey & Family Athletics Endowed Scholarship Charles L. Bailey H. Donnell Lewis Endowed Graduate Student Scholarship Harold Lewis Arthrell Dupree and Earl A. Sanders Endowed Scholarship Arthrell Dupree Sanders t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



Monadell M. Robinson Margaret M. Ross Constance Scott Phyllis H. Shumate Joann H. Sibert Annie C. Simons Flossie L. Smith John N. Smith Aaron L. Spaulding Henry L. Spencer Janette D. Street Mary B. Sutton Bessie B. Taylor Donald Thomas Evelyn M. Turner James E. Tyson Richard I. Vaughan Constance A. Walker Vernaline Watson Virginia D. Weaver Carrolyn N. Williams Cecelia W. Williams James H. Williams Lois R. Williams Samuel Williamson Mary K. Williston Evelyn S. Wilson LeRoy A. Wilson Claretha Woody

1965 Rodrick A. Alston Terrell R. Amos Marion S. Ashford Floyd Benjamin James C. Black Normandy S. Blackman Leon C. Boyd Lillie M. Boyd Drew H. Brown Regina M. Budd Etherine P. Butler Harold L. Chapman Helen L. Chavious** Della M. Clemons George E. Cliette James H. Colson Willie E. Cooper Mary F. Cotton Rogers M. Davis Winifred R. Davis Edward A. Dupree Helen E. Dupree Beverly A. Evans Janice F. Farley Myra R. Farrow Jerome H. Fitch Marsha B. Fuller Roland C. Gaddy Franklin George Lizzie J. Harrell Sampson E. Harrell Carolyn P. Hayes William L. Hayes Gassennie W. Hodge Theresa Hodges


Lenward C. Hood Brenda L. Horton Rufus V. Horton Dorothy L. Huey Edward L. Irving Dorothy J. Johnson Morris W. Johnson Robert M. Johnson Owen W. Justice Linda C. Kennedy-Beauvil Daniel H. Leatherberry Claudine D. Lewis Marie Liles Thelma S. Little Rose B. McCloud Carol M. McLean Lee M. McLean Leonard Moore Joy E. Nichols Daniel H. Parker Gwendolyn S. Parker Milton E. Parker Mary S. Reade Gwendolyn F. Ricks Sandra K. Roberts Michael S. Sanders Sandra B. Sanford Clark E. Scales Clementine Sessoms Mattie R. Sharpless Brenda D. Sloan Bonnie B. Smith Laura B. Smith A. Leon Stanback Charles R. Stanback Zulla M. Toney Herbert L. Watkins Brenda V. White Allie L. Williams Joseph Williams Mae J. Williams Mary S. Williamson Alphia L. Wills Valeria H. Wilson Charles E. Wood

1966 Brenta J. Baldwin Margaret G. Barbee James S. Boone Lillian B. Byrd Walter R. Byrd Artina K. Cain Lacy A. Colson Albert R. Conner Anderson Council Charles E. Daye Patrica A. Evans-Thomas Floyd C. Ferebee Dill Gamble Marion A. Garrett Evander M. Gibbs Claudette W. Giles William H. Giles Furman E. Glenn Barbara J. Harmon

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Jacqueline W. Harney James R. Harris Kenneth W. Harris Carolyn J. Harrison Mildred M. Jackson Brenda R. Jeffreys Harold L. Jeffreys Nancy J. Justice Vinita L. Lane Leroy C. Latten Elvis Lewis Robert L. Lunceford Julia D. Lyons Carlton T. Mack Mary D. Martin Jacquelyn M. Mays Frankie L. McNeil-Bright Doris N. Nixon Rutherford Rebecca P. Nwude Patricia H. Paige George A. Partlow Sophia B. Pierce Patricia H. Purcell Delores W. Revis Clara M. Smith Lillie M. Spencer Lillian G. Stokes Kay T. Thomas Mildred C. Thompson Edward M. Townes Julie L. Walker Margaret T. Walker Patricia A. White Larry Wilson Angelique W. Witherspoon Clifton Woods Edith D. Wright

19 6 7 Kwabena F. Ashanti Floretta G. Benjamin Paul E. Bennett Priscilla R. Best Paul F. Bitting Terrence G. Blount Reginald D. Boone Dolores L. Bridgette Herman C. Byrd Barbara J. Campbell William H. Carver Evelyn C. Deck Nettie Y. Dixon Carolyn D. Edge Thomas A. Elliott Phyllis F. Ethridge Harry L. Geter Lettie L. Graves-Matthews Gloria S. Green Paris W. Greene Ella T. Harris Patricia L. Henry Larry E. Hexstall Carol M. Hill Shirley M. Holiness Wade Johnson Walter S. Johnson

Anna R. Jones Leonard King Warren D. Leggett Doris B. Mebane Evelyn R. Melton Johnnie E. Mizelle Danny P. Neal Helena N. Nobles-Jones Theodore R. Picott Jessie C. Reaves William L. Reid Samuel T. Rhoades Edwin A. Roberts Mae L. Rodney Ann A. Rouse Bernard H. Scott Janet L. Sims-Wood Mazy D. Slade Clarence V. Spicer Geraldine H. Thompson Percy Thorne Isaiah Tidwell Janice B. Whitney Jean F. Williams Sandra Wray-McAfee

19 6 8 Catherine C. Ascott Joyce H. Bolden Sherle Boone Grova L. Bridgers Rhonda R. Bridgers Ilene L. Britt Miriam H. Britt Rosenthall Helen Bronson Mason E. Brooks Judge Brown Constance B. Bryant Denyce L. Calloway Iris T. Chapman William Chapman Carolyn M. Clark Cora Cole-McFadden Dollie M. Daniel Freidia J. Dinkins Dorothy J. Dixon Dorothy N. Dove James M. Eaves Irene W. Fourqurean Linwood O. Foust Anthony D. Freeman Al-Tony Gilmore Janet B. Glenn Thelma T. Henderson Brenda A. Hoke James R. Jackson Arcelia T. Jeffreys Maurice D. Jones Linwood Keith Mary King-Taylor Cornelia E. Liles Barbara A. Loftin Irma T. Mason Isaac E. McGraw Eunice E. McMillan Robert L. Mebane

Brenda C. Neal Dixie L. Newsome Gwendolyn C. Parham Thomas I. Parrish Mary R. Powell Albert R. Reddick Margie Riley Corliss W. Robinson Brenda L. Sanders James Sanders Covia L. Stanley Cressie H. Thigpen Brenda A. Thompson Hellena H. Tidwell Frank S. Turner Henry A. Vickers Walter S. Weathers Frances L. Williams

1969 Obataiye B. Akinwole Earlene Armstrong Edna H. Bailey Melvin E. Bailey Norma C. Brown Mary K. Butler George K. Butterfield Robert C. Cain Janice M. Campbell Wright Shirley L. Chambers Cynthia B. Chapman Joyce D. Clayton Melvin L. Clayton Wilfreda C. Coy Clarence L. Cross Nettie S. Crossman Carolyn A. Dickens Patricia L. Doggett Vardreane K. Elliott Dorothy L. Fleming-Brown Evelyn L. Freeman James W. Geer Grafton B. Gilchrist Betty A. Green Fred H. Green Deloris B. Harris Tomi T. Harris William H. Harrison Alma C. Hobbs Mertis B. Horton Pamela C. Howard Gene C. Jarmon Margaret S. Jenkins Michael P. Johnson Merriam D. Jones Lacy L. Joyner Helen H. Latten Kate Little Magnoria W. Lunsford Jesse A. Mann Perry A. Massey Joel E. Maxwell Frances H. McIver Robert L. McKinnon Shirley P. Merritt



Gloria W. Mizelle Burma J. Paige-Stokes Jacqueline F. Parker Onald I. Parker Janice S. Parker Johnson Gladys J. Permuy Carney L. Pitt Bettye B. Powell Charlotte A. Roberts Bernard E. Scales Gladys G. Shelton Esther Silver-Parker Clifton R. Stancil Peaker Stanford Jesse L. Suggs Gwendolyn C. Suitt Sheilda B. Sutton Carolyn J. Taylor Carolyn J. Thomas Victoria B. Thomas William P. Tonkins Mary G. Weathers Herbert L. West Mary B. West Bynetta M. Wiggins Betty L. Wilkins Thomas Wilkins Jennifer S. Williams Willie M. Williams Barbara J. Wilson Dannie L. Wood Robert L. Woods

1970 Peggy A. Alexander James L. Avery Evester B. Bailey Theodis Beck William A. Beyah James C. Biggers Daniel T. Blue Ernest G. Brown Muriel S. Brown Percel H. Brown Larry G. Butler Geraldine C. Carver Kenneth R. Carver Linda C. Chatman Bert Collins Jennie S. Cozart Gloria T. Crowder LaRue P. Cunningham Roy L. Cuttino Doris R. Davis Audrey C. Drake Patricia M. Durham Richard K. Fields Carolyn M. Fox Mildred B. Fox Theodore H. Freeland Charles E. Fuller James R. Fullwood Roddy Gaither Beryl S. Gilmore James E. Graham Sadie Graham


Marilyn P. Gunter Ronald C. Gurley Patricia H. Harrison Kathleen E. Headen Braxton W. Hill Lougene Hill Nancy D. Hill Elsie C. Huff Kaye D. Jackson Gearleen O. James EveLynn A. Jones Juarez D. Little Dianne B. Lust Franklin J. Manago Peter Mason Lillian M. Mattox William Mayfield Laura C. McCree Lewis McDowell James M. McLean Brenda C. McLeod Carlon J. Mitchell Percy E. Murray Linda K. Norflett Barry M. Parker C.N. Parrish William N. Patrick Marguerite D. Peebles Regena P. Perkins Elizabeth Y. Pugh Archie A. Rahmaan Bobbie K. Reddick Ronald F. Rice Gerald Riley Rita M. Roberts Hazel A. Sanders Jacquelyn B. Shropshire Henry T. Simmons Patricia J. Simpson Sherwood E. Smith Lillian C. Stanley Lucille B. Streeter Betty A. Thomas Joan E. Tropnas Edward M. Underwood Ronald Upperman Gary E. Wall Robbin E. Washington Ellenois F. Watkins James H. Watkins Rachel H. Watkins Brenda B. Watson Marion J. Weaver Raymond L. Weaver Demerice W. Webster Edith U. White Melvin F. White Charlene T. Wicks Joyce F. Williams-Green Cynthia H. Woods

1971 Annie H. Arrington Brenda J. Bailey Eleanor R. Battle-Sharpe Wadeeah Y. Beyah

Lee W. Booker Denise R. Brandon Ethel D. Briggs Jacqueline H. Brodie Ezell F. Brown Raymond Bullock James N. Byrd Annie W. Carroll Nancy W. Clements Theodosia I. Cortale-Dunn Joyce B. Dark Gloria S. Davis Cecil E. Delbridge William R. Fitzgerald Marian G. Freeman-Wright Annie B. Fuller-Alston Roger R. Gregory** William E. Hamilton Jimmy T. Handy Marchyco J. Harrell Mary A. Harrison Cora A. Hawkins Joyce E. Hicks Iris L. Hudson Gloria C. James William K. James Cynthia E. Johnson Linda T. Johnson Veronica B. Johnson Richard E. Jones Calvin Kearney Charles E. Knox Neil A. McDougald A. Kathryn Miller Thomasine E. Moore James C. Murray Valerie L. Noble Ida R. Page Gary P. Palmer George Parker Donald L. Phillips Russell S. Price Stella H. Price Margaret L. Reid Sandra M. Rogers Rose P. Russell Thomasine F. Scales Brenda J. Sexton William A. Simmons Thomas M. Simpson William L. Slade Ronald E. Speight Pearlie C. Steele Robert L. Stevens Mary D. Stevenson Martha E. Tilley Brendell K. Turner Samuel E. Vaughan Gladys L. Walden Carolyn T. Walker Eric E. Walker Gladys R. Walker Jerry L. Walker Ingrid F. Watson-Miller Deborah H. Weaver Floyd W. Wicker Mary B. Williams-Poindexter

Angela S. Wilson Constance W. Wortham

19 7 2 Horton C. Allen Sylvia S. Alston Sylvia K. Alston-Purnell Brenda P. Ballard Charles E. Bellinger Susan M. Blackmon Edna S. Blue Willie P. Boggan Gladys K. Bullock Derek L. Byrd Remell S. Clemons Donald D. Daniel Sarah M. Davis-Walker Ronnie R. DeWitt Sandra C. Dixon Carmen E. Dorsey Carolyn Fitzgerald Vivian Flournoy Minnie M. Forte-Brown Causaunda B. French Linda T. Fullwood Geraldine E. Greene Joseph A. Harrell Edna L. Harrington George T. Huff E. Rochelle Jackson LaHarve M. Johnson Theresa M. Johnson Carolyn B. Kamara Marsha S. Knox Willie M. Leathers Valor M. Mack Isaac J. Martin Marrian S. McDougald Val J. McLean Wilma R. Morris Arimental S. Moseley Josephus D. Perry Ethel A. Person Sylvia D. Robinson John M. Rogers Stephen O. Russell Gale M. Sampson Clementine F. Self Raymond Sitar Glasco Smith Rosa M. Steele Quentin T. Sumner Patricia A. Tapp Celia S. Tate Ernest D. Thompson Curtis Toms Clara Ann V. Walker David West Marilyn R. Williams Renee Williams Quentin Woodward Selliestean Worsley

19 7 3 Johnny B. Alston Brenda P. Asbury

Melvin L. Asbury John A. Barbee Bertrand L. Birdsall Patricia Blue Evelyn S. Booker Dorothy Brower-Brokaw Thelma B. Brown Patricia A. Buie-McGhee Allie T. Bynum Ertle K. Chavis Reginald A. Dark Gwendolyn B. Davis Verlene B. DeWitt Elvert L. Dorsey Pauline L. Edwards Veronica A. Fennell Ronald L. Fisher Rhonda F. Flowers Ronald H. Gantt Jacquelyn L. Glenn Mary S. Harris Nicholas E. Harvey Harvey Hinton Jenny P. Horton John R. Jefferies Shirley D. Jenkins Georgia M. Jones Nelson A. Keyes Esther S. Kilgore Arnold Locklear Victor C. Morrison Glennette C. Murphy Donald R. Nolen Rosa J. Nolen Elton M. O’Neal Myrtle T. O’Neal Henry W. Oxendine Joyce C. Page Adolphus J. Peoples Gwendolyn A. Phillips Verine B. Poole Debna A. Porter Walters Carolyn A. Ramsey Gail J. Roberson John C. Rogers Michael L. Saulter Roberta A. Scott Thomas M. Shuford Dorothy M. Singleton Theresa Toomer Lamont W. Upperman Leroy Walters Evelyn B. Wicker Dalphaline Williams George W. Williams Cynthia G. Woods

1974 Fleta F. Alston Herman Alston Regina R. Alston Charles L. Bailey Laquetta Barbee Barbara S. Belanger Julia D. Best Joan V. Bond

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



A. M. Waddell Sylvia Waddell Peggy M. Ward Sudie L. Way Karen D. Weaver James L. Whittaker Wanda B. Wilkins Lorena J. Williams

Betty M. Borden Wanda N. Brooks Beatrice J. Brown Doris G. Brown Olga J. Bryant Octavia W. Cabey Otis D. Carter Theresa T. Clark Evelyn Clegg Eula M. Coleman Evelyn P. Council Zelma L. Crisp Delois Daniels-Hester Janice L. Davidson Audrey S. Davis Carl M. Durham Linda H. Eatmon Wilbert R. Eatmon Alvin L. Ellis

Kimball H. Hunt Lenora M. Ingram Ernest Jenkins Grady Jessup Jacqueline W. Johnson Alexander L. Jones Douglas A. Jones Paul L. Jones Thomas M. Jones Virginia P. Jones Melvena Jordan Carletta Judd Leonard T. Kelley Mozell R. Knight Charlie B. Lackey May F. Langston Joseph M. Lipscomb Norma B. Martin Ronald F. McCray

19 7 5

Harold T. Epps Gloria S. Feaster William Forte Edward M. Francis Sharon S. Freeland Willie E. Gary Lavonda G. Gillespie Michele R. Grace Carol J. Grier Loretta R. Harry Charles L. Harvin Lois C. Hasan Charles L. Hayden Yvette M. Henry Faye J. Hester Benjamin F. Hill James R. Hines Paulette M. Hines Vivian T. Holliday Donnie Hoover Gwendolyn D. Hudson

Phillis McCullers Ricky McGhee Mary C. Mebane Rodessa D. Mitchell Marti G. Moore NCCU Class of 1974 Jimmie D. Newkirk Gwendolyn B. Peart Diana T. Phillips Mildred A. Pointer Rudd Freddie Putney Angela A. Satterthwaite Hope Saulter Lilly Saulter Curtis Scott Cassandra N. Simmons Elna Smith Stanley B. Sprague James L. Spruill B Sterline Suggs Ruechell Sutton


nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Marilyn A. Sutton-Haywood Sheila S. Thompson Queen Utley-Smith George H. Walls Portia H. Walls Acie L. Ward Donna L. Williams Pamela B. Williams Cynthia E. Wilson

Alfred L. Alexander Iris G. Allen Anthony A. Amos Bobby J. Armstrong Teresa D. Badger Willetha K. Barnette Saundra V. Bass Dorothy C. Bernholz

Earlene Glenn Lucy P. Godwin-Hanson Joseph Green Debora E. Hazel Bobby Heggins Avis P. Hines Gail T. Hoggard Kevin M. Holloway Lauretta Holloway Charles H. Holmes Beatrice Jones Linda H. Jones Riccardo T. Jones Cathy D. Kea Elmira Mangum James H. McLaughlin June W. Michaux Margaret J. Osborne- Chadwick

Victor J. Boone Aubrey Bradshaw Joyce Burnette Glenda M. Carver Michael B. Clemons Christine C. Clinton Thereda J. Cobb-Newsome Judy C. Coley Joyce I. Daniel Ahmad Daniels Troy L. Dixon Antionette W. Dunn LuAnn P. Edmonds-Harris Dorothy H. Edwards Kathy W. Epps Barbara N. Exum Darryl L. Felder Joyce E. Ferebee Regina D. Ford Sandra K. Gant-Satterfield Geoffrey E. Gledhill

Freddie L. Parker Mamie R. Parker Mona F. Parks Milton V. Peace Henry J. Peterson Paul R. Pope William J. Powers Florine Purdie Ronnie J. Puryear Debra Rowe-Reid Avon L. Ruffin Macerine S. Sampson Bessie M. Slade Cornell Slade Cassandra M. Smith Ira Q. Smith James H. Speed Lawrence D. Stanley Dermetta R. Stevens Dorothy S. Stockton- Marshall

Diane W. Butler Tonia D. Butler Perez Joyce L. Caesar Cecelia A. Cameron Matthew W. Cogdell E’Vonne Coleman-Cook Saundra Degeneste William A. Dudley Faye A. Duffin Sandra F. Duncan Ernest B. Eason A. R. Edmondson David L. Fitts Jacqueline M. Gadison Ophelia E. Garmon-Brown Joseph K. Gatewood Jerome Goodwin Donna J. Graham Janice A. Harper Ola M. Hill William K. Hunter

1976 Brenda F. Anderson Edward M. Anderson Sonja W. Beckford Ulysses Bell Ruthene S. Bellamy Jesse Boston Joseph A. Brown


Vergil A. Hyatt Deborah A. Johnson Reeder Dennis Joyner Anastrasia B. Kizzie Tandra J. Landers Lewis B. Lawrence Mamie S. Lewis Deborah M. Mayo-Jefferies Elijah L. McDavid A. Dwight Mitchell Brenda L. Mitchell Joseph H. Mitchiner Janet M. Parhams Dwight D. Perry Gwendolyn D. Price Robert G. Raynor Ira F. Reade Robert M. Revelle Linda M. Rhodes Reginald Rice Terry B. Richardson Sammy P. Robinson Debra Russell Velvaline Sanders Lowell L. Siler Cornell W. Singletary Barbara E. Smith Belinda B. Smith Joan C. Spencer G. Wendell Spivey Mavis Stith Clarence Toomer Gwenetta L. Walker- Batchelor James M. Webb James D. Williams Quantella Williams Benita B. Wilson Tyrone D. Wilson

1977 William D. Acton Albert B. Anderson Norman B. Anderson Sandra L. Armstrong Annette Badgett Niguel Barnes Willie A. Best Valerie A. Boone Charles D. Bostic Karen H. Bostick Leland Branch Norris E. Burton Waltrene M. Canada Vivian S. Canady Bobbie Clark R. Denise Conwell Charles W. Dunlap Stephen B. Edwards Dennis W. Ellis Marquis A. Eure Marilyn H. Evans Debra H. Farmer Michael T. Farmer Fayette R. Forbes Selma E. Fox

Winfred C. Goode George R. Hamilton Billie D. Hanes Altise R. Harris Larry Harris Keith J. Haywood Sybil S. Henderson Denice M. Johnson Wanda D. Kemp-King Margaret B. Lewter Ernest Mangum Daniel R. Meachum Ella M. Norman Robert L. Page W. R. Perkins Norma D. Petway Joyce L. Scarborough Ralph L. Shaw Stephanie J. Shaw William G. Smith Mary A. Tazewell Marshall Thompson McDonald Vick David L. Waddell Stephanie C. Walker Judith E. Washington Rufus Washington Henry Whitlow Ira T. Wiggins Evelyn Winston-Dadzie Bobby C. Wynn

1978 Sharon D. Anderson Bernadine S. Bellance Victor Birks Christopher N. Boozer Wanda G. Brockington Anita M. Cameron Walter L. Cotton Kenneth Crews William T. Crews Thomas F. Cuffie Beverly P. Cunningham David Cunningham Mildred E. Dary Glenwood O. Davis Calvin Ellerbee Deborah R. Evans Delores A. Fogg Obe J. Ford Letitia E. Franklin Linda B. Fuell Kenneth D. Gibbs Philip P. Godwin Carolyn J. Green Calvin Hilton Glendora E. Hilton Phyllis A. Hughes Oliver C. Johnson Ronita E. Jones Doris Joseph Jimmy Lawton Connie W. Lipscomb Felecia W. Lucas Sharon Lynch-Harris

Maude W. Lyons Vivian L. Mackey Brenda R. McGirt Edna P. Mitchell Joan Morrison John F. Price Pecolia R. Price Michael W. Putney Elwood L. Robinson Myra D. Robinson Lettie T. Robinson Goode Ronald W. Rogers Elizabeth P. Rollins Richard F. Scotton Beverly G. Sharpe Bettina C. Shuford Charieese J. Sutton Veronica J. Walker Audrey M. Ward Leroy Way Loretta R. White Larry D. Williams Carlton E. Wilson Shelia D. Wilson-Doby James E. Womble Betty C. Yancey

19 7 9 Barbara S. Akinwole Elmontenal C. Allens Gloria A. Arrington Jacqueline M. Beatty-Smith Moses L. Best Arnathan Bishop Frank M. Blythe Stephanie Branch John B. Carter Jan Brewer-Smoot Arvis E. Bridges-Epps Gregory C. Bryant Melvin L. Crawley Fred J. Crews Carolyn N. Crump Karen H. Dameron Herbert W. Daniel James C. Davies Rhonda A. Davis Anne H. Daye Reginald W. Doby Deborah A. Farmer Melinda R. Gerrard Charlton C. Grant Beverly C. Green Merle C. Green Vera D. Hooks Michael L. Howell Selena M. Hunter Kenneth R. Ingram Carol R. Johnson Anita M. Keith-Foust Tameria Lipscomb Barbara J. Lyons Rickie L. McCullough W. D. McFaydyen Oveta B. McIntosh-Vick Rodney Meheux

Stephanie H. Morton Selina J. Mumford Marzella M. Parks-Marley Dale Pelsey-Becton Vernese D. Pledger Cassandra T. Putney Shelron W. Robinson Bonita H. Rogers Althia R. Scriven Joan N. Shipman Cynthia S. Simms Edith R. Smith Thaddeus B. Smith Vertella Solomon Wilma C. Tarry Gail S. Taylor Helen B. Thomas Naomi M. Totten Charles E. Tuck Alphonsa White Avis A. Wilkinson Alexander Williams Cicero Williams Dexter L. Williams Edna M. Williams Kenneth Wilson Lyndelia B. Wynn

19 8 0 Barbara M. Armstrong Avis A. Artis Morris A. Autry Jannie W. Barrett Malcom R. Berry Diane M. Bishop Jenice V. Brinkley Percy A. Brinkley Janet F. Bunch Timmy R. Butler Samuel Cooper Samuel W. Cunningham Roger L. Davis Aaron Dixon Timothy N. Ellerby Brenda S. Faison Sarah D. Folsom Pamela S. Glean S.T. Harris Cheryl F. Hart William E. Hawkins Virginia Hayes James Holland Setrina A. Hunter Vanessa Y. Lennon John H. Littlejohn Gloria A. McNeil Nelwyn J. Mpare Debra O. Parker Charles W. Penny Vincent L. Pledger Paul W. Pugh Ava Ragland-Bailey Sharnese Ransome Denise Raynor Rosalind C. Richardson Linda F. Rouse

Michael L. Smith Ronnie Smith Thedora B. Speed Gwendolyn W. Townsend Nelbra W. Waddell June R. Walker Angeline Warren Jo Ann C. Williams Robert E. Williams

1981 Gregory E. Alston Roger I. Bailey Lloyd R. Ballance David A. Barnhill Gevonda B. Braswell-Bryant Hattie J. Carrington Robert H. Christy Tyrone Comegys Beverly S. Cooper Carolyn M. Davis Joseph J. DeLuca Ruby G. Farrior Michelle V. Gaston Audwin A. Helton Raefette B. Helton Annette B. Hill Anna M. Jones Kenneth E. Koonce Jackson Mayo Victor Motley Victor S. Neal Garrett Page Earline E. Parker Loretha Peacock Edith A. Penny George E. Pruden Daphine Richardson Bertha J. Rogers Brenda B. Russell Richard D. Smith Henry L. Speller Vickie V. Spencer Richard E. Strowd Nathaniel L. Thompson Christopher T. Watkins Ellis K. Williams Kathy W. Williams Michael W. Willis Vivian A. Wooten

1982 Evelyn A. Adams Marjorie T. Black Renee L. Bowser Melvetta Broadnax Wanda G. Bryant Regina Crews Mildred Y. Cunningham Ronald S. Douglas Anthony Fox Pandora Frazier Gwendolyn Gilliam-Price Eric W. Hines Wanda R. Hyatt

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2 014-2015



Wanda G. Johnson Sally A. Longacre Curtis T. Massey Cynthia I. McNeill Faustina B. Meheux Shelia Mitchell-Green Mark W. Morris Albert G. Nixon Pamela A. Parker-Cortijo Teresa T. Pender Mattie N. Perry Johnson Raymond R. Shedlick Barbara B. Smith Denise L. Smith Frances P. Solari Bynum Leonard Sturdivant Johnice G. Tabron Chevella L. Thomas Milton A. Tingling Curtis Vincent Crawford L. Walker Karen L. Wilkerson Gloria W. Winston-Harris Lawanda F. Woods Mark J. Yarboro

1983 Darryl T. Banks Leacha M. Barnette Walter M. Bond Thomas D. Bullock Percy C. Caldwell Rhonda Y. Carpenter Saundra O. Clemmons Robin Crawley Woody L. Edwards Eugene W. Ellison Stephen L. Fields Tara L. Fikes TaWanna A. Gates Keith Hall Cheryl L. Harrington Debra J. Holloway Valita R. Holmes Anatra H. Hunter Carolyn M. Koonce Lydia E. Lavelle Beverly Lee Gracie G. LeSane Mary G. Love Beverlyn V. Massey Ralph Mayfield Vivian G. McCoy Sylvia T. Morra Ricky K. Murdock Arthur Musselman Angela J. Perry Harold G. Pope Kenneth Ray Thomas C. Revelle Leon Rouson Valeria Royster Jennifer D. Sammons Warrick G. Scott Viviree L. Scotton Zelda M. Stanfield


Sandra Staton Beverly A. Torain Sterling W. Tripp Retha B. Tuck Drewry Vincent Donnell Whitaker Arneta H. Wicker Leslie O. Wickham James A. Williams Elaine H. Yarborough

1984 Gale M. Adams Kermit L. Bailey James E. Barbour Kacedia Beamon William N. Bell Dori J. Bennett Edward Brooks Marty T. Comer Dimitrus Culbreath H. S. Curtis Alma R. Daniel Felicia R. Davis James E. Dockery Lena E. Dunston LeRoy W. Etheridge James H. Faison Alan R. Fitzgerald Marva L. Hall-Parks Maurice S. Hamilton Shelia G. Hayes Merrill W. Henderson Marian C. Holmes Elizabeth Ann H. Jefferson Sterling O. Jeffreys Cecilia R. Johnson Gardner L. Johnson Willie R. Johnson-Johnson Carmel Jones-Boyd George W. King Jody L. Lewis Audrain L. Melton David Mitchell Elaine M. O’Neal Pamela B. Owens Michael D. Page Carolyn K. Perry Rachelle Peterson Tina L. Pinnix-Broome Patricia A. Plummer Gerald A. Price William T. Privott Debra K. Quigley Harold Renfrow Cheryl R. Robinson Janie B. Sargent Rodney K. Sessoms Joseph Shaw Linda F. Smith Mertie V. Snead Stephanie E. Tatum Ava D. Thompson Francis L. Turner Monte D. Watkins Ronnie D. Watson

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Sandra C. White Stanley D. Young

19 8 5 Myrial K. Applewhite Stephen A. Beasley William C. Bowie Deborah R. Breese Sylvia R. Comer Bobby Cooke Robert J. Corbitt Angela R. Corey Shade Dawson Alicia L. Ellis-Gobert Stephanie L. Gaither-Harris Grenda Grimes William H. Hager Melanie S. Haile April C. Harmon Pedro L. Harmon Warnetta H. Harrison Danise B. Hicklen Robert L. Huger Helen M. Jordan Tom E. Kruck Priscilla A. Lewis Inez S. Lyons Linda M. Mack J. D. McLamb Blue Detrece A. Mcmillion Emilie M. McNair Vivian C. Mitchell Kent Montford Trina L. Moore Andrea B. Nesmith Carlton Newton Jane E. Nymberg Radeyah Saleem Yusupha M. Sey Terrance W. Spruill Jerry L. Totten Gary L. Ward Grace R. Wilson Pamela T. Young Reuben F. Young

19 8 6 Bridgette Allen-Webb Tempie A. Bell Tracy L. Bell Eric B. Betts Valerie D. Bynum-Thompson Nancy A. Camp Henry C. Campen Theresa P. Cooper Tracy W. Dawkins Claudette L. Free Nathan T. Garrett Wanda J. Garrett Carol L. Goins Marta W. Gore Stewart J. Harper Barbara M. Johnson Teresa P. Jones James C. Lamb

Renetta B. Mills Janice J. Panza Joseph L. Ratliff Phyllis S. Richardson Laurie A. Shannon-Bailey S. Dallas Simmons Jr. Steve L. Sumerford Grave R. Wilson

19 8 7 Joanne E. Abel Phyllis C. Alston Yolanda P. Banks Deaver Elijah Bazemore James C. Cole Jerome A. Commander Calvin C. Daniels Wendell M. Davis Linda L. Falls Cheryl D. Fenner Janice C. Gaddy Melvin P. Gaddy Beth M. Graham Bonita Hall Lisa R. Harris-Hampton Paula R. Harrison Manus E. Holmes Robert A. Horsley Cecelia E. Horton Brian E. Kennedy D. C. Lawson Valinda W. Littlefield William D. Lloyd Andrew J. Mason Mary T. Mathew Jo B. McCants Eric A. Montgomery Carolyn B. O’Garro-Moore Gloria M. Moore Trinice S. Moses Imogene E. Myers Elizabeth C. Peterson La Ressa J. Poole Cynthia A. Pullen Stephen T. Redmon Delia R. Robinson James E. Rogers Cynthia J. Ruffin Emilie W. Scott Gregory A. Scott Pamela L. Sharpe Deirdrea Y. Smith Paulette O. Stephens Walter Thomas Lettie J. Toran Anita M. Thompson Talise Younge-Morris

19 8 8 Ismail H. Abdullahi John T. Alford Margaret M. Ashworth Keith E. Bell Vernon W. Boone Linda L. Brannon

Pamela B. Bright Marjorie S. Canaday Joseph J. Corey Velma M. Forte Ira L. Foster Jacinta M. Gray Linda L. Gunn Evangela M. Hager Yvonne P. Hammonds Cheryl D. Hart Maulin C. Herring Cheryl L. Hodge Raymond E. James James J. Jones Kimberly F. Kennedy Lance Koberlein Janulyn Y. Lennon Morris G. Lucky Sharen W. McGlothen Lisa E. Melvin Reginald Mombrun Robert T. Patterson Venita G. Quick Barbara J. Redmon Anthony P. Robinson Oscar J. Rouse Christy L. Simmons Stephanie B. Troy-Williams Frances G. Turner Glenn C. Veit Tonnie R. Villines Teresa H. Vincent Dorothy K. Williams Sharen A. Wilson Levone R. Winston

1989 Adrienne K. Allen Venessa L. Allen Charles A. Asubonten Rosiland S. Asubonten Theodore J. Bagley Leslie I. Baldwin Vernestine Bannerman Gregory L. Battle Braxton H. Bell Donna D. Bellamy Chantay K. Blackwell Vivian L. Bullock Tracey H. Burns-Vann Lawrence M. Campbell William H. Christy Dessolene W. Davis Timothy M. Daye Dale G. Deese Jovetta A. Dennis Patricia A. Dixon Lillian W. Downey Walter R. Dukes Gretta M. Dula John R. Ervin Warachal E. Faison William A. Foley Patricia Y. Ford Tonya M. Gerald-Goins

N C C U I S R A NKED Laurence B. Hawkins Marcus E. Holmes Kristi L. Jones Constance B. Kennedy Constance D. McGee-Alharazim Maureen D. Morris-Forensky Melody C. Nelson David Redden Franklin L. Robinson Winnie P. Rouse Angela F. Smith Sylvia Squire Ilean D. Sutton Darek L. Thomas Suzanne J. Wasiolek Thanena S. Wilson Dominic Witherspoon

1990 Joseph L. Biggs Stephany C. Biggs Latarshia Y. Boone Felecia A. Brown Amanda Bryant-Friedrich Edna A. Cogdell Tatia M. Davis Gina P. Dean Susan J. Fisher Carrie S. Florence Laura C. Foreman Donna M. Fowler Trinitia A. Green Ellyn R. Harris Darryl M. Hayes Deidre R. Horton Craig James Odetta Johnson William Jones Tyra M. Leazer Patricia T. Lester Ola M. Lewis Helen D. Lindsey Reginald J. Lipscomb Cheryl L. Lloyd Lorna M. McAllister Brian S. McCorkle Acquirneta D. McNair Gregory O. Mitchell James T. Muse Makiko Negishi Paul A. Norman Kelly L. Patterson Marshall B. Pitts Paul M. Quinn Clarence E. Rogers Mary M. Scotton Harriet S. Sherman Carrie T. Smith Lisa R. Smith Sabrina A. Speller Christopher Stephens Vickie L. Suggs-Jones Mary A. Swoope Annette E. Taylor Teressa Y. Taylor

in a l u m ni par t ici pat i o n rat e a m o n g 16 p eer ins t i t u t i o ns in t h e unc s y s t e m

Angela S. Teal D. Carr Thompson Nancy J. Thompson Melissa C. Tukey Luredean Watkins-Ellerby Margaret A. White Michelle M. White James C. Wilkins Michelle R. Witherspoon

1991 Willeena D. Algood Wanda E. Allen-Abraham Roxana M. Alston Kellie A. Anderson Reba H. Beavers John A. Bennett Thomas E. Boles Joyce Y. Bonner Sheila R. Bowens-Bratts Angelique Burris Cassandra Cobb Evelyn E. Cooper Sarah D. Cooper Danita H. Curry Zabrina W. Dempson Philisa C. Fowler Diana M. Freeman Richie V. Garrison Jerry B. Gershenhorn Erica L. Gilchrist Robin D. Green Grover B. Hall Thomas J. Harden Pamela L. Harper Antonio V. Hill David H. Hinton J. L. Holt Jessie A. Jeffers Anitra J. Jones Earlene S. Jones Katrina King Sislena G. Ledbetter Kim P. Mayo Mitchell R. McAllister Adrienne L. Meddock Sabrina V. Miller Nathalie D. Mizelle-Johnson Kimberly A. Moore Delores N. Neal Nina E. Olson

James E. Osler Daria J. Outlaw Mitsue Parrish William P. Ray Michael N. Rodrigues Jennifer D. Sako Sonya Scott James O. Simuel James E. Sledge Jenee N. Smith Monique Stewart Rodriguez A. Teal Beth Y. Thompson Kimberly D. Truesdale Bertha T. Villines Wanda Weaver Howard T. Williams Sherron H. Williams

19 9 2 Willa R. Allen Toni Alston Kenneth E. Barnes Chantae P. Bohannon-Mangum Norma B. Boone Carolyn M. Boone-Kirkland Verita L. Brown Kathryn C. Bunch Louis W. Codrington Dionne G. Cox Jeffrey R. Davis Lee A. Dudley Timothy E. Elleby Shawn K. Etheridge Wanda L. Featherson Constance T. Foster Denise A. Friedrich Angela P. Grantham Tonya R. Griffis Stacey L. Harris Angela R. Henry Jonathan M. Hinton Vickie G. Hussey Wilton B. Hyman Eleanor G. Kinnaird Addie Laws John F. McNair Carol A. Passmore Gerrelyn C. Patterson Zaneta A. Ponton

Joel S. Powell Veronica D. Robinson Yolanda A. Sey Cynthia N. Shaw William R. Thompson Tracey L. Spivey-White Brenton J. Williams Wanda Williams-Pettiford Sharmell O. Wilson

19 9 3 Rahesha S. Amon-Harrison Darnell F. Badger Alton H. Barfield Tracy H. Barley Staris O. Best Keith O. Bowles Fredicia M. Caldwell Rosalind L. Coleman James L. Collier Kimberly G. Collier Harry L. Cooke Karen Dacons-Brock Johnny P. Dempson Kim R. Dowdy Sterling T. Edwards Crystal Y. Emery Pamela D. Ferguson-Haggins Richard G. Gilbert Kia D. Hardy-Vernon Deria P. Hayes Linda L. Hester Shelia H. Holmes Rodney M. Hopkins Phyllis M. Jeffers Dana M. Johnson David L. Jones Tonya J. Joyner Elizabeth L. Lawson Robert J. Loftin Roszena A. Lowe Frances M. Lunsford Dennis G. Martin Thomas G. McClain Vincent B. McCormick Angus F. Meachem Monica B. Perry Steven B. Phillips Christopher D. Redd Tonja M. Roberts Eliza S. Robertson

Jossan Robinson William R. Robinson Beverly A. Scarlett Partice L. Smith Derrick A. Spellman Nichole M. Stennis Brenda T. Taylor Theresa D. Turner AndrĂŠ D. Vann Esther L. Yamaoka

1994 Vanessa R. Abernathy-Enoch David Alexander Dia E. Baggett Debbie G. Baker Kathy M. Black Janice A. Blackstone Ericka I. Boone Anthony M. Brooks Wendell Bullard Sonya D. Burney Anita C. Cobbs Kimberly N. Council Chatonda B. Covington Tyrone Y. Cox Erica F. Daves Joyce H. Davis Tania B. Davis Nequeela N. Deas-Blanton Darmella F. Edwards Latonya M. Everett Joel T. Faison Johanna Finkelstein George M. Fitz-Hugh Ralph K. Frasier Willie G. Gilchrist-Stanfield Trina L. Glass Dunyel F. Grier Regina N. Halyard Pauline Hankins Bridget G. Hardy Eric L. Harrington Rosita S. Henley-Purnell Sabrina T. Hill-Black Dwayne C. Houston Shirley M. Hunter Harold V. Jones Kito D. Jones Donna C. Knowlton Clarence W. Lawing

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



Yolonda L. Lawrence Brian A. Lawson Kwame T. Lawson Erika D. Lively Yolanda Y. Lowery Tracey J. Marbury Felicia N. Massey John W. McClain Donald McCleod Georgiate L. Milton Sherri N. Monds Alonzo A. Morrow Emma L. Mosby LeDarrell E. Murray Verita Murrill Renee A. Nobles Ronald F. Nobles Brandon L. Paris Erica G. Parker Reshea Parrish-Hill Louis B. Perkins Eric Pristell Felicia S. Reaves James A. Riddick Melodie R. Scarborough Kimberly Scott Wallace Sellers Joe H. Simmons Travis L. Taylor Phyllis A. Thompson Sharita E. Thompson Carlton E. Thornton Danielle L. Tildon Stacey Venable Carlos D. Watson Avera White Joyce S. Wiggins Larry S. Williams Stephanie E. Williams Radawna C. Williams-Hinton Jevon C. Wilson Lynn J. Wolfgram

1995 Ann-Margaret Alexander Alvin Atkinson N. E. Bell Katasha T. Bryant Michelle Bryant Mellissa T. Craig Kendra A. Davis Raymond E. Dezern Emily M. Dickens Yolanda Edwards LaMisa D. Foxx Brenda D. Gibson Wendall Keith Greene Anthony L. Hames John Hargrove Lisa S. Howell Paulette B. Ingram Richard E. Jester John M. Logsdon Robert Long Linda Massey Wanda J. McAllister


Sherry E. Miller Demichael T. Morgan Janelle E. Morrow Erica Noble Ashley A. Owens Wanda S. Page Karen L. Prus Valerie M. Quiett John M. Ray Lakysha Z. Reid Susan L. Sachs David F. Shackleford Alison Stanley Sean A. Thomas Stephanie D. Thorne Sharon P. Turner Geraldine T. Williams Kimberly V. Williams Tiffany Williams-Jennings Peggy L. Wynn

1996 Tawannah G. Allen Jeremy E. Ardrey Frankie H. Bates Omar S. Beasley Ronnie Best Marie Bradford Brian D. Byrd Jonathan E. Carrow Harold Cogdell Bert E. Collins Jessica S. Davis-Ganao James A. Dixon Richard Flowe Luis A. Franco Cynthia H. Fredette Robin C. Gillespie Chanda L. Glenn Willie A. Glenn Nichole H. Glover Stephanie H. Green Arlene D. Hanks Clarine D. Hyman Jennifer N. Jenkins Gabrielle A. Kelly Veronica S. Lansey Mark D. Locklear Alvin R. Marriott Angela D. McIver Anthony Meachem Brian E. Mitchell Felicia B. Moore Shawki K. Moore LeVelle D. Moton Alfreda L. Owens Sherril M. Penn-Gentry Timothy B. Price Antionette Raines Justin L. Scroggs Joseph E. Seagle Saprina B. Taylor Shirley A. Taylor-Edwards Etienne Thomas Diane S. Tilley Gwendolyn C. Walker

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

Erica D. White Brian C. Wilks Lisa P. Wilks

19 9 7 Melissa R. Acevedo Kenya M. Allen Katrina R. Baggett Chiara S. Best Stacey D. Best Barrett L. Brown LaDerrick D. Bullock Avery M. Crump Jason B. Crump Vanda G. Davis Erica Dixon Charles A. Everette Sekou J. Gargonnu Tony J. Graham Christopher A. Graves Pamela L. Griffin-Egwuekwe Michelle A. Harris Pamela R. Hester Keisha Hurst LeKeisha D. Hurst Hugh F. Johnson Reginald H. Johnson Tiffany H. Johnson Jennifer M. Johnston Anizsa M. Jones Martin L. Kaplan Gay B. Law Mandrake Lewis Clayton C. Mack Jamesha D. Marshall Sulaiman Mausi Anitra L. McInnis Carlotta L. McNeill Ayanda D. Meachem Deborah E. Pendleton Davin Perry Nichelle J. Perry Calvin M. Reaves Eula E. Reid Saldanha A. Ridley Alvin R. Robinson Robert Slentz-Kesler Angelique D. Stallings Kwame Thomas Barbara A. White Michelle A. Wicker Kenyatta Davis A. Williams Larfue C. Williams Syrena N. Williams

19 9 8 Lerone Arrington Dawn C. Baker Michael D. Barnes Yalonda N. Blizzard Danielle Brown Jerome Burton Mikisha Y. Byers Shirley M. Dawson Stephen R. Edgerton

Jeanne B. Ford Cory T. Francis Tony A. Frazier Cheryl L. Giscombe Edward T. Green Elsa Hampton April N. Henderson Lisa Kirscht Pamela M. Lewis Traci M. McCluney Jennifer McGovern Carlton J. Moss Shayla C. Nunnally Rodney Oxendine Debra M. Pappas Jane E. Pearce Christina N. Pearsall Vikki N. Randle Rebecca G. Robinson Daron D. Satterfield Keith L. Sexton Frances Shabazz Tracey S. Super Lesley E. Thomas Tulani Thomas Tomeka L. Ward-Satterfield Gizelda C. Willard

19 9 9 Renae’ A. Allen Sonya M. Allen James E. Battle Danielle T. Bennett Laura C. Bethea Ansel E. Brown Patricia A. Burgess Dilcy G. Burton Stacy T. Byrd Lisa M. Carter Kiesha D. Crawford Dana C. Cuberson Kristy L. Daughtry Shaunte’ Dickson Salimah H. El-Amin Steven W. Fowler Lackisha S. Freeman Constance Gerald Kessonga Giscombe Shawnda D. Hargrave Masah Sherreka L. Harvey Yazhmin I. Harvey-Price Gary L. Henderson Lea C. James Derrick D. Jordan Larae N. Junior Iva M. Kelly Randolph L. Lee Jonathan Lilley Rashanda L. Lowery Shanta E. MacKinnon Aaron B. Martin Jr. Erika C. Murphy-Newkirk Tammy D. Nicholson Cheryl L. Parker P. Demond Richardson Anitra D. Royster

Susan M. Sauls Sarah T. Smith Matthew P. Sperati Courtney A. Taylor Pamela M. Thombs Alisha T. Tuck-Brown Denise Y. Wynn Jian P. Yu


Tereon N. Adams Michael L. Alston Kimberly C. Arrington Denise G. Belle Gayla R. Bivens-Moss Tomeika A. Bowden Montrale D. Boykin Janice S. Campbell Corrisse L. Carlton Latoya D. Cheek Blair E. Cody Krishnee V. Coley Courtney A. Crowder Bria M. Culp Liza D. Dillard Janet B. Dudley Melvin I. Graham David G. Hager Dustin H. Harewood Kevonne Holloway Tysha N. Jacobs Hansley Latisha N. Johnson Patricia Johnson Richard A. Johnson Camesha S. Jones Stephen Keene Rhonda S. Kosusko Tony F. Landis Anthony A. Leonard Nicole A. Leonard Karoline S. Mathewson Morris F. McAdoo Rebecca T. McLennan Tia McNeil Letitia K. Melvin LaToya C. Merritt Jennifer S. Munford Lisa M. Patterson Melanie G. Phelps JoAnn Salley Tina B. Sanders Elizabeth A. Stephenson Donna M. Taylor Janelle A. Terry Abdul K. Thomas Tavius J. Walker Philana N. Woods Nykole Wyatt

2001 Camille D. Banks-Payne Pamela A. Bond Carolyn G. Boone William E. Burroughs James G. Carr

Darrell E. Crews Lawrence E. Edmendson William M. Farris Shirley N. Fields Minnjuan W. Flournoy-Floyd Jade L. Fuller Thelma M. Gause Iris P. Green DeShelia S. Hall Amanda B. Hargrove Charles E. Harris Kimberly W. Johnson Tiffany S. Kirkland Jennifer Lee Paula K. McGrann Zaire D. McRae Quinton L. Morris Hodgie Muhammad Sonya L. Oates Truitt O’Neal Timothy J. Peterkin Judy M. Pounds Daryl S. Purcell Deena T. Smith Keith S. Smith Heather N. Smith Braxton Valeria B. Thomas Gerald L. Walden Tiffany A. Yancey

2002 Jacinda D. Anderson LaShauna T. Askew-Thomas Kayode Atwell Donald A. Barringer Gary L. Brown Montrice D. Brown Alycia L. Bryant Cessaly T. Cheatham Stormie D. Forte Lekeshia D. Franklin Charmaine S. Fuller Cooper Ajamu A. Giscombe David W. Hands Lexi A. Hayes Trasha N. Hickman Keisha W. Hill Marquita J. Johnson Adrian T. Jones Demetria E. Jones Geneva M. Jones Michael E. Lockridge Barry F. Malone Tonya Y. Melvin Ruby S. Messick Monica D. Murphy Thomas J. Neagle Catherine M. O’Brien Ndibulum Hazel O. Richardson Michael R. Saunders Floyd D. Sloan Allana O. Smith Jason L. Smoots Vivian S. Spencer

Tamisha M. Waden Meshia Q. Waleh Yan Wang Leroy L. Wray Cornell P. Wright

2003 Kelvin J. Atkinson Alan R. Bailey Lucretia R. Banks Morris C. Barrier Linda J. Bell Voneka S. Bennett Tarsha R. Buie Angela S. Davis Geneva Fearrington Thomas R. Goddard Cynthia M. Grissom Cheo A. Johnson Lisa Y. Johnson-Tonkins Emma G. Kinyanjui Kesha T. Lee Kimberly F. Lee Travaughn J. Lovick Stephen L. Lyons Angela M. Manley Jonathan P. Nettles Eric E. Pridgen Takeisha Redd Kenya D. Reid Jason H. Rhyne Thomas E. Snell Donnie M. Susong

2004 Pearla M. Alston Henrietta H. Bature Carolyn B. Collins Shenita M. Crawford Dale J. Davis Shenita L. Dove Bartina L. Edwards Vernice Faison Crystal Y. Farmer Gineen A. Glenn Cargo Jody C. Grandy Zack A. Hawkins Donna Y. Hembrick Tracy H. Hewett Tiresha S. Hymes Stephen Jackson Stewart W. Johnson Tonecia D. Kirby Jonathon C. Leach Mariah D. McKinney Florine N. Moore Tiffany S. O’Neal Christopher F. Peffley Debra T. Pinkston Linda S. Robertson Arbin D. Sanders Victoria T. Silver Julie H. Tucker Trish J. Wray

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20 0 9

Norrine Y. Burton Sheena L. Cooper Tiffany S. Dempsey Freida C. Dixon Gerard L. Farrow Donald R. George Kendrick Glenn Cheresa D. Greene-Clemons David L. Hart Danielle D. Hearst Tacara L. Kirby Michelle D. McIlwain Chanee’ A. Moon Rochelle Newton-Brown Stacie D. Nixon Lanetta Pantiel Tamara D. Phelps-Giscombe Christopher A. Pickett Shameka L. Rhodes Michael R. Shay Maurice R. Smith Phillis H. Taylor Aija Tingling Adrienne C. Tucker Courtney Walker Tiffany J. Wilcox Deandrea Williams Leonardo O. Williams Koon A. Woyee Demeatrice M. Young

David J. Bailey Cynthia D. Beckwith Ericka S. Black Eugene J. Brown Kalipha Ceesay Teressa B. Cuff Pamela R. Davis Carmen D. Ferebee Andre T. George Tamahl J. Gorham Christopher L. Grimes Janelle Headen Rosalyn Hood Tasha S. Hughes Annette T. Johnson Lisa Kosir Andrea M. Leslie-Fite Tanisha Locke Dwayne T. Madison Paulette S. Morrison-Danner Carlton Perry Erica J. Purkett Curtis K. Thompson Leah Thompson Darin T. Tyler Lea R. Walker Doanne L. Ward-Williams Cynthia J. Wilkerson-Monroe Charles Wilson Rhonda Wilson Christopher E. Wooten

Kenisha L. Armstrong-Hill Adrina G. Bass Lora P. Bynum Dominique Camm Linda C. Carter Geoffrey A. Cooper Leigh A. Dasher Kamaria Y. Davis Siobahn C. Day Michelle D. Digsby Jay W. Evans Janae C. Freeman Stacey H. Horne Kingsley O. Ikharo Taji Kommineni Grace E. Laws Stacy E. Lee Jessica M. Major Tiffany S. McMillan Virginia R. Mitchell Tiffany A. Parms Savaun L. Perry Jared A. Pone Ciara L. Rogers Tarryn L. Simmons Rhonda Small Lisa M. Szyc Jessica M. Tamba Cynthia E. Taylor Angela D. Terry Dale L. Thomas Kerry L. Thompson Brenda J. Toomer Stephen Valentine Alexis M. Van Culin Kent A. Williams Marcus T. Wilson Lakesha K. Winley

2006 Florence Adamo Nita Asher Shelly M. Bao Katrina Y. Billingsley Kelly N. Burgess Sheliah K. Burnette Renee N. Bush Sharon A. Cannon Karen L. Coleman Keith G. Dixon Steven M. Easley Esteban Echeverria Laverne M. Ellis Journe L. Hammonds Sophia E. Harrison Dorothy M. Henderson Adam S. Keith Shannon N. Keith Glenn M. Lewis Lawrence T. McPhail Kewanda D. Merritt Tin Nguyen Angelo Peebles Michael B. Render Shandra L. Robertson Matthew J. Sullivan Quincey D. Tait Thomas A. Taylor Ema E. Temu Ronnie B. Wotorson Katherine A. Wulff


2008 Jamaul V. Alexander Paula G. Bell Randall Best Anthonio F. Black Sandy R. Burney Jeffrey Collins Kurtis L. Davis William A. Dudley Kenya C. Easley Bethaney Embry Tiya R. Hines Madeline M. Keels Beverly A. Kisner Andrew L. McArthur Natalie P. McMillan Norwood A. Miller Eric T. Morris Michelle Newkirk Emily I. Nwakpuda Christine M. Perry Amanda C. Poole Dennis J. Scott Jamillah J. Scott-Branch Karen A. Smith Melissa Stegman Kristina Thompson Louis D. Threatt

nort h c ar ol i na c en t ral un iv er sit y

20 1 0 Takeia N. Anthony Antwand D. Bell Brittany N. Blackwell Brenda D. Brown Lynn M. Burke Timoty A. Catlett Terry Crumpler Christopher L. Davis David L. Fitts Sonny S. Haynes John C. Heagarty Oneshia S. Herring Robert A. Horne Donald Jack Amy J. Johnson Crystal Johnson Saquan R. Johnson Antonio Jones Devon W. Little DeLauren McCauley Chavery S. McClanahan Nicole M. Mitchell Timothy J. Moore Phillip J. Parker Quinton D. Parker

Turquoise L. Parker Jalysa D. Powell Belinda D. Simmons Aisha Slade Brenda T. Williams Joyce F. Witherspoon Kendra A. Wood

20 1 1 Reginald I. Banks Audrey D. Barbee Joan J. Bass-Evans Amber M. Boyd-Miller Sa’Maad I. Bynum Tara- Anne M. Canada Arien P. Cannon Christin E. Cotten Larry L. Daniels Jeffrey C. Daum Anthony C. Ezeogu Jamie L. Gainey Seifu T. Hailemichael Blake A. Hamlin Shanai R. Harris Ebony S. Jones Terrance M. Jones Bettina M. Karpathian Julie R. King Amy B. Kujawa Jennifer M. Langston Carlos E. Lavin-Sanchez Amy D. Linder Catherine J. Mader Tiffany P. Moore Jori C. Nwachukwu Donald G. Parker Dean P. Phelps Tierra A. Poteat Robbin A. Randolph Brittany E. Watson Amanda P. Williamson Catherine J. Wooten Robert L. Yoder

20 1 2 Yekini A. Adetunji Latavia S. Alexander Amir A. Berhannu Venus D. Boston Daniel J. Britt Chioke D. Brown Tikira D. Burnette Apriale H. Clark Jabari B. Craddock Thomas G. Doucette Laura T. Eaddy Jeneea N. Jervay Israel Johnson Sharon Jones Brian E. Kennedy Tiara D. Kincaid Latrice N. Lee Tammie Marshall Andre T. McDavid Tracy T. McPherson Constance J. Milstein

Kelly L. Monsees Reginald K. Nettles John O. Osoro Wendalyn M. Perry Andrea D. Perry-Couch Jennai M. Pettis Shirley A. Rice Keith T. Roberson Shannon F. Simmons Natashalyn S. Snipes Endia S. Sowers Laura T. Swartz Kerry M. Turner Joseph P. Watkins Andrea L. Wheeler Kevin M. Wilson

2013 Sharae’ P. Alford Annette M. Bevans Barbara Bute Shanelle M. Faison Jane R. Ficalora Cate S. Frederick Glenn R. Frye Denaa’ J. Griffin Linda Hopkins Elizabeth Huebner Kelvin Jacobs Beverly L. Johnson Dennis R. Knight Christopher D. Lopez Reginald A. McCrimmon Frances M. McDuffie Rochelle G. McKoy Michael J. Onufer Crystal L. Outlaw Asha M. Ralph Betty J. Redwood Brandon A. Robinson Deyaska S. Spencer Ryan M. Stowe Ryne M. Toole Barbara E. Torian Brandon R. Wright

2014 Terry S. Brown Kinna N. Clark Julia Fales Natasha E. Farrington Nancy B. Hillsman Jaimey A. Howard Osaffo E. James William R. Moultrie Bobby D. Richardson Michael E. Robinson Angela D. Terry Simone C. Thompson Stefan Weathers Kaleb Wingate

2015 Tierra M. Burkett Malinda Love

GIVING BY B A S E D O N F I S C A L Y E A R G I V I N G J U LY 1 , 2 0 1 4 – J U N E 3 0 , 2 0 1 5

C O R P O R AT I O N S , F O U N D AT I O N S , O R G A N I Z AT I O N S A N D A S S O C I AT I O N S 1st Atlantic Surety Co. Abbott Fund Adele & Willard Gidwitz Family Foundation Adrian Carroll Entertainment Advance Dental Care, Inc. AGA Tennis Enterprises AIG Matching Grants Program Alliance Data Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority– Alpha Zeta Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Alpha Lambda Omega Chapter ART Financial Services Ashford TRS Sapphire VI dba Association of Fundraising Professionals, Triangle Chapter Association of Retired NCCU Personnel AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Atkins Investment Company LLC Balfour Beatty Construction Company Bank of America Charitable Foundation BBH Design, PA Better World Books Beyu Caffe Billy’s Plumbing Services, Incorporated Black Celebrity Giving Black College Football Hall of Fame Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Boyles Law Firm, PLLC Brigs Restaurant Britt-Rosenthall BHO Foundation Brookridge Assisted Living Buffalo Wild Wings Bullard Properties Operating Account Burroughs Wellcome Fund Butler & Son Funeral Home Butterfield For Congress BW&A Books, Inc. Campbell University Campus Alpha, LP Capital Community Foundation Inc. Capital One Services, LLC Capitol Properties

Cargill Incorporated Carolina Academic Press Carolina Theatre of Durham, Inc. CBC/WRAL Community Fund of the Triangle Community Fdn. CD Summer Bucs Baseball Central Carolina Black Nurses Central Jersey Alumnae Chapter – Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Charitable Adult Rides and Services, Incorporated Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Charlottesville Area Community Foundation Chesnutt, Clemmons & Peacock, P.A. Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. Chiles Dunnings, Inc. Christian Faith Baptist Church City Of Winston-Salem CJM Fondation Clariant Corporation Clark Nexsen Architect & Engineering Cloninger Law Offices, PLLC Closing the Achievement Gap, Inc,– Alamance-Burlington Comerica Incorporated Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan Community Outreach For Youth and Family Services Inc. Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) CP Kruse & Company Craig James Attorney at Law Crisp Cleaning Service Crowder Consulting Company, LLC Daniels & De La Cruz PC Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc. DBA Silver & Associates Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Nassau–Alumnae Chapter Dessausure Law Firm Dominion Foundation Matching Gift Program Dominion Resources, Inc. Donna Taylor Law PLLC Duke Chapel Duke School

Durham (NC) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated Durham Chapter Continental Societies, Inc. Durham Green Flea Market Durham Jazz Workshop Durham Sports Club Eagle Athletic Foundation Eagleland Earthquake Productions Educause Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Incorporated Energizer Corporate Enterprise Holdings Foundation Evolve Mentoring Executive Leadership Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation Ezeh Law Firm LLC Faith Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Inc. Farris and Farris, P.A. FDY, Inc. Fidelity Foundation & Charitable Gift Fund First Baptist Church, Georgetown First Calvary Baptist Church Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Fulbright Financial Consulting PA G. Alan Incorporated Gary, Williams, Parenti, Finney, Lewis, McManus, Watson & Sp Gatewood Financial GCCCM Baptist Church General Electric Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Inc. Goddard and Peterson, PLLC Graham-Davis Law Firm, PLLC Greater Emmanuel Pentecostal Temple of PAW Greater Grace Temple Community Church Greensboro Barristers Wives H.W. Wilson Foundation, Inc. Halpern Immigration Law Handi Foods Hands Law Office PLLC Hickory Grove Art Center

t h e r ep ort on ph i l ant h r op y 2014-2015



IBM Corporation IBM Matching Grants Irving Joyner, Attorney At Law Jack and Jill of America, Inc.–Capital City Chapter Jackson Lewis LLP James E. Heyward, CPA Janvier Law Firm, PLLC Jim Crisp Insurance Agency Julian Pierce Memorial Initiative Kids Korner Learning Center L. A. Downey & Sons, Incorporated Larry High State Farm Insurance Co. Law Office of David E. Sherrill Law Office of Nichole B. Greene, PLLC Law Office of R. Brent Walker Law Office of R. Kent Harrell, P.C. Law Office of Stanley D. Young Law Offices of Blair E. Cody, III, PLLC Law Offices of Larry D. Brown Jr. PLLC Law Offices of Sheila M. Lambert Law To The People, LLC Lenovo Employees Care LeRoy R. Johnson, P.C. Lincoln Financial Group Foundation, Inc. Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association, Inc. Living Water Baptist Church, Inc. Macy’s, Inc. Majestic Realty Co. Manning Enterprises Limited dba McDonalds Marjorie D. Russell Trust Marriott International Marshall B. Pitts Jr. Mcghee Publishing Company Michael Jordan Nissan Michael R. Coates, Inc. Michael T. White, Inc.– dba All Star Girls Report Microsoft Corporation MillerCoors Mississippi College Mock Tire at Robinhood Road, Inc. Morgan Stanley Mt Olive Missionary Baptist Church Mt. Calvary United Church of Christ Nathan A. Baskerville, PPLC National Christian Foundation National Collegiate Athletic Association NBCAHOF NC Department of Transportation NC Legislative Black Caucus Foundation NC Mutual Life Insurance Company NCCE, LLC New Beginnings Community Church New Vision Records LLC Norfolk Southern Corporation Trust Account North Carolina Community Shares North Carolina Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat North Carolina Symphony Northhampton Partners LLC Novelty Joe’s LLC Nursing Alumni Chapter Okorocha Law, PC Omega Supply Services, Inc. Optix Eyecare Center, OD PLLC Orange Grove Baptist Church Oxford Speak Life Peace Pointe Guest Hose and Retreat, LLC


Peterkin Law Firm Pfizer Foundation, Inc. Pi Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Piedmont Investment Advisors, LLC Pierce’s Rental Services Pinot’s Palette Pitney Bowes Plasticard Locktech International PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. PNC Foundation Pope Funeral Services, Inc. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Masons of N.C. Prince Hall Shriners Foundation, Inc. Prodigal Son Foundation PRWT Services, Inc. Quality Care Solutions, Inc. Radio One Rahmaan Exterminators Reaching Our Goal RTP Signs & Graphics, LLC S. E. Smith Insurance Agency (Allstate) San Antonio Area Foundation Sara’s Boutique SAS Institute, Incorporated Scarborough & Hargett Funeral Home, Inc. Scherrer Construction Co. Schwab Charitable Fund Security Mini Storage Sessoms Medical Associates PLLC Sew Fine II Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.– Beta Lambda Sigma Chapter Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.-– Beta Pi Sigma Chapter Sigma Tau Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Silver Stars of Raleigh Smith/Shaver Law School Scholarship Fund, Inc. Social Work Society Southwood Landscaping & Lawn Spoken 4 Communications, LLC St James Racing LLC St. Thomas University State Employees Combined Campaign Structure Building Company, Inc SunTrust Banks, Inc. Takeda Pharmaceuticals Talbots Charitable Foundation Terry B. Richardson Attorney at Law Tharrington Smith & Hargrove The Arts Council of Wilson, Inc. The Banks Law Firm, PA The Benevity Community Impact Fund

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The Carthens Law Firm, PLLC The Charlotte Chapter of the Links, Incorporated The Church of Aposolistic Revival International The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida The Cotton Law Firm PLLC The Dickson Foundation, Inc. The Dome Group, LLC The Dow Chemical Company Foundation The Duke Energy Foundation The Durham Chapter of Charms The Elizabeth Ruchenski Trust The Home Depot The Ivy Community Center, Inc. The Law Office of D Cole Phelps, PLLC The Law Office of James D. Williams Jr., P.A The Law Office of Sonja M. Hole The Law Offices of Kelvin Atkinson The Law Offices of T. Greg Doucette, PLLC The Law Offices of Willie R. Brooks Jr., PLLC The Links, Incorporated The Original Circle of Friends The Property Firm, LLC The True School Corporation The Winston-Salem Foundation The Wotorson Group LLC TIAA/CREF Total Wine and More Triangle Community Foundation, Inc. TRUiST Turner Consulting Inc. TWilcox Group, LLC Ty Cox & Co., CPAS, PLLC Ubiquitous Entertainment, LLC United Christian Campus Ministry United Way of Greater Milwaukee United Way of the Greater Triangle University of Florida University Sports Publications USA Luxury Tours Verizon Foundation Victorious Praise W. Trent Ragland Jr. Foundation Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Wells Fargo Foundation Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program Whipper Law Firm William Land Parks Attorney at Law Williams & Exum, P.A. Williams Investment Property’s Wilson Revocable Trust Women of Faith Ministry YourCause, LLC


At a cost of $2.13 each, 3,500 copies of this public document were printed for a total of $7,452 in Spring 2016

di v ision of institutional a dva nce men t




Your generous gifts and support make Eagle Excellence possible for North Carolina Central University students! During the 2014-15 fiscal year, the combined gifts of more than 6,200 NCCU faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends, together with our corporate and foundation partners, helped us to raise $7.6 million. Your contributions provide critical funds for scholarships and allow our students to continue and complete their education. Thank you for your continued investment in Eagle Excellence!


Division of Institutional Advancement 1801 Fayetteville Street Durham, NC 27707



NCCU Report on Philanthropy 2014-2015  

North Carolina Central University's Report on Philanthropy, 2014-2015

NCCU Report on Philanthropy 2014-2015  

North Carolina Central University's Report on Philanthropy, 2014-2015