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Welcome to the Nest!

Established in 1939 in Durham, North Carolina to provide an opportunity for African Americans to obtain a legal education, the North Carolina Central University School of Law continues to train a diverse cadre of students to become lawyers and leaders in their local communities, their states, and in the world. From its founding until now, NCCU Law continues to provide a quality, personalized, practice-oriented, legal education at an affordable cost to increase diversity in the legal profession. The mission of North Carolina Central University School of Law is to provide a challenging and broad-based educational program to stimulate intellectual inquiry of the highest order and to foster in each student a deep sense of professional responsibility and personal integrity to produce competent and socially responsible members of the legal profession. In achieving this mission, the Law School holds accountable to the following joint statement of the American Bar Association, the Association of American Law Schools, and the Law School Admission Council: “a student body that is diverse with respect to sex, ethnicity and race, and economic, educational and experiential backgrounds is essential to a quality legal education. Ours is a diverse society, and thus law students, before entering the legal profession, must obtain both a wide range of perspectives concerning the impact of law on various segments of our population and a deeper understanding of law and justice in this increasingly complex society”.

OUR COMMUNITY 1,222 NC CENTRAL UNIVERSITY APPLICANTS Our Community is enriched by the wide range of student organizations and extracurricular activities. The Legal Eagle maxim of “In Truth and Service” permeates student life. NCCU Law students enhance their educational experience with opportunities that include student-run academic journals, legal affinity organizations, and student governance. Our faculty are committed to providing a challenging, broad-based education designed to stimulate intellectual inquiry and professionalism of the highest order. Because student success has always been a top priority, members of our dedicated faculty spend substantial time teaching, mentoring, and advising. 141 DAY STUDENTS 17 EVENING STUDENTS First Year Students TRUTH AND SERVICE 3.32 MEDIAN GPA 148 MEDIAN LSAT 1 : 1 MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING & WELLNESS COACHING 12:1 STUDENT TEACHER RATIO As of the 2021–22 academic year LIBRARY COLLECTION: 460K+ DIGITAL & PRINT TITLES 86% EMPLOYMENT RATE IN 2021 88% BAR PASSAGE RATE FROM 2019-2021 459 TOTAL LAW SCHOOL ENROLLMENT TOP 10 LAW SCHOOL FOR STUDENT DIVERSITY Enjuris
We empower all of our graduates to become highly competent and socially responsible lawyers and leaders committed to public service and to meeting the needs of underserved communities. In fulfilling our mission, we will help create a more just society.


We offer a day program and a part-time evening program that lead to the Juris Doctorate Degree. In addition, we offer our students an opportunity to select between various Joint Degree and Certificate programs. Our students are committed to the University’s motto “Truth and Service” as evidenced by their community service activities. Our students have the opportunity to participate in our Pro Bono Program which fosters a sense of commitment and pride. We also offer an opportunity to prepare for the rigors of law school through our NCCU Virtual Pre-Law Undergraduate Courses. Our Office of Career and Professional Development provides guidance for students as they prepare for internships and permanent employment after law school. The programming focuses on providing both guidance beginning in the very first year of law school.


Tech Law and Policy Center

Social Justice and Racial Equality Institute


Our curriculum is challenging and intellectually demanding. It prepares students to become effective members of the legal profession whether as a member of the judiciary or as a practicing attorney in government, business, or education. The curriculum also provides students with a plethora of Academic Support programs.

Our Clinical Legal Education and Experiential Learning Programs produce practice-ready attorneys who are committed to serve the needs of people and communities that are traditionally underserved and in need of legal representation. Through a breadth of clinical courses, NCCU Law students have the opportunity to pursue training in a variety of legal disciplines, and we teach our students the need to respect the legal process and the dignity of all clients regardless of their station in life.



The primary mission of the NCCU Law Office of Admissions & Financial Assistance is to recruit, admit, and enroll applicants who are diverse and academically talented by focusing on the unique talents of each applicant. We take pride in serving as the front door to NCCU Law and setting the tone for the unique experience that awaits future and returning students that reflect the core values and mission of the School of Law and the University. Our aim is to conduct a holistic review of applications and to identify prospective students who are bright, intellectually curious, and collegial. We seek students who will be embrace the legal education experience and assume leadership roles at the Law School and in the legal profession. Being a member of the NCCU Law community is not just for three years, but for life.

If you believe that it is a place that you will thrive, we encourage you to apply!

Your Journey to law school begins with your application. We begin accepting applications on October 1, and our deadline for submitting all required materials is April 30.

The application process allows you to embark on an educational journey through a legacy of learning that will challenge and empower you academically and intellectually.

Applicants should apply as early in the admission process as possible. The Admission Committee will only review completed files. Final decisions may take up to eight weeks after a file is complete. If accepted, your offer of admission is accompanied by an Intent to Enroll/Enrollment Fee form

In-state Tuition and Fees per semester: $9,483 Out-of-state Tuition and Fees per semester: $20,819


Summer Start

Initiative (SSI): It is a five-week summer program for students who are required to attend or who may attend voluntarily. SSI is an extension of the first semester and allows students to begin classes in June as opposed to the traditional fall semester which starts in August. In June and July, SSI participants begin four first year classes. Upon completion of SSI, students receive academic credit for the four classes. In August, they return to school and resume their studies by picking up where their summer courses ended. Participation in SSI allows students to complete their fall semester work at a slightly slower pace which yields greater opportunity to master the subject matter in each course.

Performance-Based Admission Program

(PBAP): As a school of opportunity and inclusion, NCCU Law identifies a limited number of applicants whose credentials do not qualify them for unconditional admission, but whose records nonetheless show promise of academic success in law school. There is not a separate application for PBAP. Applicants selected for PBAP have an opportunity to gain admission to the law school through their performance in this two-week, non-academic credit program.



Durham, NC once celebrated worldwide for tobacco products, is known as the City of Medicine, with more than 300 medical and health-related companies and medical practices contributing $1.5 billion annually to the local economy. Located halfway between the Great Smoky Mountains and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, Durham is home to world-class medical facilities, art and science museums, the Durham Bulls Triple-A baseball team and Research Triangle Park (RTP) which is now a global headquarters for information technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

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