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hey are blooming like multicolored moss on the walls of buildings throughout urban areas. Outdoor murals, painted in a medley of styles and designs, are popping up in places as diverse as New York, Miami, Indianapolis and even Greensboro, North Carolina. 26  INSIGHT • November 2018

Large-scale street art has become the darling of many community development agencies which see this as a way to enhance blighted areas and build neighborhood pride. Increasingly, however, private developers are adding outdoor art to attract residents and business tenants, enhance buildings,

entice tourists and ultimately improve property values. W. Marshall “Marty” Kotis, CEO and owner of the Greensboro-based Kotis Holdings, has a passion for outdoor murals which reflects both his personal love of art and business acumen. He has commissioned more than 40 murals for

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Insight | November 2018