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10 Steps

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for a Safe Open House

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Open houses can be a great sales tool — but hosting one also exposes you to numerous unfamiliar people for the first time. Take these steps to stay safe:

Establish your escape routes, including parking where you cannot get blocked. Inform a neighbor that you will be showing the house and ask if they will keep watch for anything strange. Advise clients to lock up any valuable items. Work in teams when possible.

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Check out your guests as they arrive and leave.

which REALTOR® Safety was brought to the forefront after a murder in Washington. (pg 19)

Never turn your back on a prospect.


Set up for safety and only bring what you need.

Avoid attics, basements and getting trapped in small rooms with no exit. Check your cell phone’s strength and signal prior to the open house. Notify someone at the office or a family member that you will be calling in every hour on the hour.



NCAR is fully committed to our members’ personal safety. Please take time to read “Targeted,” our feature on real attacks on NC REALTORS®, on pg 18. As always, we will continue to promote safety through webinars, articles, presentations and other resources found on our website at

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of REALTOR® Partners now offering safety tools. (pg 30) • INSIGHT  5