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ABOUT TRACEY Tracey Hawkins, a.k.a. "Tracey, the Safety Lady," is founder and CEO of Safety and Security Source. See her speak at XCHANGE '17 in September to learn more about adding safety to your business to make more money.


Putting Business into Your Safety Plan


s a former real estate agent and safety educator for over 22 years, Tracey Hawkins had to find a way to get agents excited about safety. Unfortunately, it often takes a tragedy to get agents to attend safety classes despite those classes being scheduled and encouraged by leadership. For whatever reason, agents would not show up, and this translated into an unwise investment on behalf of REALTOR® associations and boards. Tracey had an "aha moment" nearly five years ago when she decided she needed to show agents how to make more money by taking safety seriously and integrating it into their businesses. She recalled a previous conversation with an association education director that told her agents will not attend classes unless they are learning how to make more money. Tracey’s challenge was to find a way for agents to learn safe work practices and to convert that knowledge into safe business techniques that would give them an edge. So Tracey created a designation class where agents could complete two, threehour CE classes to earn the Consumer Safety and Security Specialist (CSSS) designation. The goal was to add safety and value to consumer relationships. Taking this extra step would make the agent stand out from the crowd, increase their bottom line and form lasting relationships with clients.

Four ways the CSSS designation adds value to relationships:

SELLERS During listing presentations, sellers are inundated with marketing presentations from agents that consistently promote the same things: we can put your house in the MLS, we will hold it open, we will create promotional flyers, etc. What was missing from this approach was safety. Through the CSSS designation, agents learn to focus on the safety and security of the real estate process from the very first meeting. The agent utilizes a security checklist and walks through the house with the seller (this step is solely for safety reasons and not to look at the condition of the house for marketing). The agent will query the seller about lighting, locks, landscaping and getting financial documents, jewelry and valuables out of sight. These agents are determining security vulnerabilities and offering advice on eliminating them so that the seller has peace of mind when the house is on the market. Typically, the “average” agent hasn’t taken the time to show concern for their safety nor the safety and security of the seller's family and possessions. The security-focused agent stands out from the crowd. • INSIGHT  21

Insight | May 2017  

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