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The best beach in Europe • Country house with studio • The beauty of Mallorca • Dream Lessons • A feast for the senses, recipes included Naturelle


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~ Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys)



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Welcome to Naturelle 6! Welcome to Naturelle 6, the biggest issue ever! I couldn’t help it and just kept adding page after page with new discoveries that I hope will inspire you. Maybe I overdid it a little bit, but be sure you make it to the end of the issue. I saved some of the very best things for last. The many pages of this issue include a look inside a beautiful Dutch wooden farmhouse on the banks of the river Amstel, great discoveries in Portugal (the most beautiful beach and a hideaway in the middle of nowhere), a special about the unexpected charms of the island of Mallorca, an interesting interview about the meaning of your dreams and three splendid recipes from a brand new cookbook. Enjoy the issue!

Annemique de Kroon Naturelle


Naturelle August-September 2012 | nËš 6

10 Favorites of writer Nelleke 12 All in one: nursery, greenhouse and vineyard. Noordervliet.

44 Natural-cosmetics connoisseur Shirley Tol and her choices. 4


22 A look inside a converted farm house along the Amstel.

46 Interview with Sven Goed- 50 Discovered: beach and style of Comporta, Portugal. bloed, revealer of dreams.

Days and nights with a silver lining at Casas do Sal

70 Mallorca-special with the best tips and addresses.


126 Delicious editor Merijn Tol's cooking secrets. AND ALSO 07 Adornments:jewelry by A Beautiful Story. 08 Accessories for the home in blue and white. 09 Favorite in Amsterdam: a flea market with antiques on the Amstelveld. 20 The South of France through the eyes of artist Sara Midda.

128 A feast for the senses: three recipes.

134 Life according to illustrator Lou Niestadt. Naturelle





dornments R

Hand-made jewelry with a story.

DISCOUNT Naturelle readers get a 15% discount on GIVEAWAY all purchases. Order at You can win this Lucky Buddha Bracelet and mention 'Naturelle of A Beautiful Story 2012'. (â‚Ź 249,95). Click here!

Online jewelry store A Beautiful Story was recently awarded the Damprijs and thus voted the most sustainable company in Amsterdam. In everything they do founder Cathelijne Lania and her team ask themselves whether it is fair and sustainable. So the men and women in Nepal who forge the silver and do the beading, work under pleasant conditions and get a fair price for the jewelry they make. A beautiful story, indeed. Pictured: Lucky Buddha Bracelet made of silver including turquoise, buddha and a little bell,â‚Ź 249.95. The other collections of A Beautiful Story can be viewed on Naturelle



The color combination of choice to give your home a fresh look.

Ceramic vase, 14x14 cm, € 19,95, Zara Home, Cotton tea towel, € 2,95, Dille&Kamille,

Bowl Pergola, in different sizes, starting at circa € 20, Rörstrand, via

Light blue denim cushion, 50x50 cm, € 46,

Mug Carisma, 35 cl, circa € 19, Rörstrand, via 8


Cotton hammam towel in ‘parlement bleu’ by Ottomania, 100x170 cm, € 18,95, via


TREASURE HUNTING ON AMSTELVELD A market in the shadow of monumental trees, with chitchat, a coffee and stall after stall filled with beautiful old things. Sounds good? Every last Friday of the months May, June, July and August, a lovely flea and antiques market takes place on Amstelveld. Especially the double booth of MarieJosĂŠ - in the corner near cafe Marcella - is a feast for the eyes. The next market (the last one of the year) is on Friday, August 31, 2012, from 9:00 until 16:30. Naturelle


© Ernie Enkelaar




“I like typically European hotels, such as Montreux Palace. Villa d'Este is even better than Montreux Palace: a really old Italian palace from the 16th century, on the shores of Lake Como. Luxe, calme et volupté as Baudelaire wrote.”

“Apocalypse Now is a fascinating film adaptation of an equally fascinating book, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. This movie brilliantly shows us the madness of war. Violent, cynical, mad.”




“Near our second home in France lies Chalet de la Croix-Fry, my favorite restaurant. It is a classic, cozy chalet, with stunning mountain views, a warm welcome and good food. The dessert buffet is a fine closing of the feast. Thereafter we roll down the hill to our home.” MUSIC


“Disgrace by Coetzee left me shattered for a few days. With incredible precision it illustrates the dilemmas of a society. Whites in South Africa felt insulted by the book. That's what literature is for: it should bring something about.”


“There is a track that manages to grab me every time. According to me it will last a lifetime: the String Quintet by Schubert. I listen to it when I want to be carried away, it pulls at my heart.”

“Louisiana, just outside Copenhagen, is a great museum. The architecture is wonderful, it is beautifully located on a green slope along the waters of the Sound. The works of art all have been carefully placed in exactly the right spot.” Naturelle


nursery, greenhouse, terrace and vineyard All in one:



Just outside of 's-Graveland, a charming little Dutch village, there is an old nursery with a secret vineyard. There is also a shop where you can buy home grown organic vegetables. And in the conservatory and on the terrace you can sit down for homemade cake with lemonade.



The nursery and the conservatory are not overly tidy; it is pleasant and relaxed







Tip: visit the secret vineyard. Ask for the key in the shop. Cross the street and the bridge, walk to the forest and turn right. Unlock the wooden gate in the curved wall and enter this small, well-maintained domain Naturelle




Land & Boschzigt is the oldest biodynamic nursery in the Netherlands. For quite some decades, Sijmen Brandsma and Sissie Haijtema have been growing and nurturing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers which now grow in abundance in the gardens. Everything is grown in accordance with the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. Focus points are a fertile soil, natural growth and even the position of the planets is taken into account. The proceeds of the land and other things organic are sold in a homely wooden building on the site. Suggestion for a visit: stroll along the fields and greenhouses, discover the vineyard, do some grocery shopping and then sit down on the terrace for a piece of homemade cake or lunch. One Saturday a month you can also have dinner. That may be outside under the sun or a starry sky, or inside, in the conservatory with a wood burning stove. So you can visit all year round. •••;



THE LOVELIEST LITTLE BOOK ON THE SOUTH OF FRANCE In 1990 Sara Midda, whose work was also featured in the first issue of Naturelle, published South of France. A Sketch Book. In this delightful little book, she gives a monthly account of life in Provence, both in painting and in writing. Baguettes, wicker shopping baskets, olives, espadrilles, pottery, palm trees, cheeses, cafes, the colors of a summer day - everything which makes the South of France so alluring, is addressed without turning it into a clichĂŠ. Sara Midda's South of France is still available, for example through Naturelle


At this bend in the Amstel River lies the home of sculptor Elly de Jong and her husband. Elly: “Occasionally we swim in the river. In the city I would not do it, but here the water is clean.�



Sthe ummer on river bank





When Elly de Jong saw the house on the banks of the river Amstel during her house hunt she didn't have any doubts: “This was it!� Husband Kees agreed under one condition: the orchard beside the house had to be included in the sale. And, fortunately for Elly, it was. Naturelle




Ask any Amsterdammer-with-dreams-of-aquiet-life where he or she would like to live and chances are that the answer will be: “On the Amstel.” Living on the banks of this river has always been popular. It began in the 17th century, when wealthy merchants from the capital built their summer residence there. They did so not just to have a place to relax in the summer; at times they also desperately needed to escape the stench rising up from the main canals in the city. Till this day there are beautiful houses on the bank of the river which gave Amsterdam its name and which continues well outside of the city borders. Artist Elly de Jong and her husband Kees live in a typical farm along the river. Elly: “We have been living here for eighteen years now. When I saw this house, I knew immediately that I wanted to live here. Kees wanted it only if the orchard was included in the sale. Much to our delight it was.” The house had been part of a farm and the previous owners had never really cared for the building. “Almost everything had to be rebuilt, at one point only the outer walls were still up.” The result of all their efforts is worth while. Not only the outside of the farm is charming, the inside is lovely too. While decorating, spontaneity rules for Elly. “It just happens. I do think about it, but I don't have a fixed plan. Recently I painted a wall in the hallway. I wanted it to match the exact shade of yellow used in a painting that hangs there. In order to achieve that, I had to try three times, but that's fine with me.” Elly and Kees like to read literature and art books, and there is a cabinet with cookbooks for him and one with gardening books for her. Elly: “I don't really read all of the art and gardening books, to me they are picture books.” While Kees is lord and master in the kitchen, Elly spends most of her time in her studio, where she makes both free work and commissioned works. “My sculptures have the same quality as my house: the light tone prevails.” ••• Naturelle








“The kitchen door with its peeling paint is the only thing left from the original house. A flake of that paint was used to mix the color for the rest of the kitchen” From left to right, top to bottom: Elly and Kees bought the two Fornasetti plates that hang in the kitchen in Florence; clog boots by Sanita (Elly: “I have a weakness for shoes.”); still life in the soft gray-painted hall; dog Jip watches over the house and its owners, part of Elly's porcelain collection; plaster imprint of Kees's hand, a saucer repaired with gold colored glue.









“The living room is cozy and comfortable, and through the large windows and doors we always feel connected with the garden and orchard�



“Kees and I always agree on the house and how it should be decorated. The only thing he does not like, is a porcelain figurine of a young blonde boy in a white nightgown. He thinks it is kitschy, but I think it is simply adorable� 36










“In the back of the house there is a high and bright studio. This is where I do most of my work, in various sizes and materials. My work ranges from ceramic jewelry and small bronze animals to big bowls and large busts and statues� Naturelle







Personal favorites of Shirley Tol, owner of natural cosmetic webshops Shizo and Shimai. & “My skin is hypersensitive and reacts to everything. That is why I started looking for natural skin care brands that do not cause reactions. But at the same time I want to use products with character, they must be sexy. I try out all the products I find on my quest and the ones I like best I select for my online shop Shizo. I also have an online store, Shimai, especially for women with dark skin. “I do not consider myself to be an ecoterrorist, I am more a slightly green person. People should decide for themselves what products they want to use, but if I can help them to become more aware I am more than happy to do so. I often build a good relationship with my clients. If they repeatedly order a product in a short period of time, I simply call or email to tell them that they are probably using too much. Traditional cosmetics have few active substances, but certified natural cosmetics contain high concentrations. My advice: Less is more.” 44



“I absolutely love the sensitive skin cream for day and night of Pai Skincare. I also have a hand cream of the same brand. It is not only nice for my hands, but also leaves no stains on my smartphone and tablet. Perfect.”


“Bodhi means enlightenment and the philosophy behind this brand is that you become more aware through the products you use daily. That is all very nice, but their bath and shower gels are just plain delicious. Mint Thé and Galangal Spice are my favorite scents.”



“Applying mineral makeup is something you need to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you won't go back. My eye makeup is from Inika and my foundation from Smashit. The kabuki is not cheap, but for me this brush is indispensable.”

“My lipstick by USPA is called 'I am'. According to color therapy this color will give you strength and vitality.”


“For my hair I use products for frizzy and curly hair by Tia's Mimosa. All her products are mixed by hand.”


“My current favorite is Elements of the Irish brand Voya. It is a spicy, layered fragrance in a beautiful, slender bottle.”


“The nail polish of Nailgirls contains no toxic substances and is salon quality. Each season new colors are introduced, straight from the catwalk.”


“Finally: a natural, organic sunscreen that does not leave a white film on your skin. I sell it myself, but it is widely available in a lot of shops.” Naturelle


Lessons of the night How dreams can enrich your life 46


That Sven Goedbloed would become an interpreter of dreams and that he would even set up the international School for Dreaming was not a very likely thing to happen. It certainly was not on his list of obvious career choices. As a psychologist and consultant, he was initially not at all interested in dreams. “I considered dreams to be the remnants of unresolved emotions, nonsense stories that I could not remember. But one day I found a spiritual coach who instructed me to remember my dreams. The interpretation she gave to my dreams, had a big impact on me. Through her I realized that dreams are about the interplay between the ego and the soul. Since I have realized that, my dream world has opened up to me and I have started to live a fuller life.” What are dreams? “Dreams offer an opening in our consciousness. If you want, you can get to know yourself better through your dreams. Dreams are witnesses of the game between your ego and your soul. They are openings to deeper layers in us. In the dream world everything is possible. We can fly and breathe underwater, but we can also have contact with our ancestors and our inner guides. “You can look at your dreams in several ways. For example, you can see them as nonsense stories or as ways to deal with remains of the day. The best known way of looking at dreams comes from the psychology of Freud and Jung. They saw dreams as a way to process emotional experiences. This psychological approach, while true, does not interest me that much. I am much more interested in the wisdom that is found in dreams. I see life

Sven Goedbloed, School for Dreaming

© Floor Knaapen

According to Sven Goedbloed of School for Dreaming dreams are tailor-made advice to ourselves. “This is what I would call night school.” An interview and a brief introduction to the symbolism of your dreams.

as very intelligent and it is this high intelligence that I encounter in my dreams. This experience adds depth to my life.” What can we learn from our dreams? “Dreams can teach you to be more present and to 'wake up' in your daily life. By dreaming deliberately you can learn to play with the different frequencies in your consciousness. We all know the waking consciousness, that is our daily reality. In the night we change frequency and then suddenly the dream becomes our world of reality. So we find it quite normal that we easily exchange one reality for another. It would be interesting if we manage to mix these frequencies deliberately. If we can bring our waking consciousness into our dream consciousness, then we know that we are dreaming while we dream and we become 'lucid'. This is an alert dream state during which you can decide to change the whole dream. By doing this you can in fact change patterns within yourself. “You can also introduce your dream consciousness into your waking consciousness, thus dreaming your day. You agree with yourself that you will spend a few hours or a day in a different frequency. Instead of being your normal business like and focused self, you open up yourself and all your senses to the colors, smells, meetings and events that surround you. Thus you will see what is present, go through doors that you otherwise Naturelle


would not enter soyou will experience wonderous events. You will see that life is full of symbolism and you will wake up in that reality. “By thus playing with your reality, you learn that you can play with your consciousness and you awake to another layer or bandwidth: your higher consciousness. If you use your dreams to achieve this, they are exercises in enlightenment.” How can we remember our dreams? “Compare it with going fishing: when you go fishing, it is your intention to catch fish. Before you go to sleep, tell yourself that your goal is to catch a dream. And tell yourself that the first thing you will do after waking up, is to reel in your rod. Be alert, because your waking consciousness will want to make your dreams vanish. Also note how you reel in your line; it is better to use the line of your feeling than the line of your thinking. Keep noticing how you feel about even the slightest remnant of your dream. From your feeling, you can recall the rest of your dream. This can be learned. Then you immediately write down what you have dreamed, including even the smallest detail. Your ego can get in your way since it will not benefit if you remember your dreams and become more conscious. Retrieval of your dream can be viewed as a tug of war between ego and soul.” Should nightmares worry us? “A nightmare often is a clear and vivid dream about the forces that slumber inside of you, about patterns of anxiety you can and may break. A nightmare usually indicates a strength in yourself that you are afraid of and often indicates that you're doing well. Unfortunately, people often have a different view. I know a woman who once dreamed of a black raven who took her with him. This nightmare scared her so much, that she slept with the window closed for eight years. Only when I explained to her that the raven stood for the magic in herself, she dared to sleep with the window open again. 48


“As first aid for nightmares I always advise to realize when you wake up that everything is okay and that a nightmare is a beautiful lesson. Write the dream down, look at it and isolate moments when the fear starts. Who or what is happening at that moment in your dream? It is important to step out of the emotion. If your ex shows up in your dream, you should not be distracted by any negative feelings you may have for him or her. Realize that it's all about you, that everything and everyone in your dream is a part of you. Find out what power you are afraid of. Often that is personified by someone in your daily life from whom you would not take any advice. Refer everything that is in your dream to yourself.” Can we interpret our dreams? “Let me start by saying that I do not believe in dream encyclopedias. A red car is not always a symbol of sex and danger - that depends on the context of the dream. Personal symbolism also plays a role: perhaps the porcelain horse you played with as a child, symbolizes your happy childhood to you. “There are three ways to open your dreams: by using rational thinking, by being sensitive to what you feel and intuitively, by bringing your attention to the dream and see what happens. I prefer the latter way, but this requires training. “Get some distance from the dream and watch your dreams go through different stages. How does the main character move through the dream? Which moods can you distinguish? And when does something change or shift, what are the tipping points? These often give information about your personal process.” Naturelle may give away one dream consultation by Sven Goedbloed (1.5 hours, in Amsterdam). Click here for Naturelle's Facebook page.


DREAM SYMBOLISM Even though the meaning of symbols in a dream depends on the context of that dream, there are a number of general clues. The following interpretations were given by Sven Goedbloed. They can be used if you want to analyze your own dreams. Elements Water: the emotional life. Fire: passion and willpower. Earth: manifesting, your body, the material. Air: the mind. Erotica People often feel guilty when they dream that they have sex with someone other than their partner. Often it is not about cheating, but about the missing part of yourself. As a woman you have an inner man, a part which completes you. Once united, you reach a symbiosis with your soul, your higher consciousness. In your dream you can meet your inner man or woman and merge. If you honestly look at this type of dream, it can be a very moving experience. Numerology Figures are full of meaning. A few examples. 1: unity consciousness, the all and everything 2: polarity, such as light / dark, male / female. 3: the female, responsive part of the human being which is able to be empty, receive, to go with the flow, without initiative. 4: the male principle, the part that manifests itself in the worl, is active, takes initiatives. Decor If the dream takes place in a basement, this often refers to an unconscious processes. If the dream takes place on the top floor of a high building with lots of light and glass, this often refers to your higher consciousness. Animals The animal kingdom likes to show up in our dreams. Animals often represent specific qualities

and dark sides. But here again the context determines whether a wolf is the animal instinct in yourself and that you want to tear someone up or that he stands for the lone wolf. A wolf can symbolize both a member of the group and a pack leader. A bear is a charming softy and an all-rending demon. A horse is about movement and intuition in social relations; it is a flight animal that is geared to what is going on around him. A dog is often the conditioned side of man. But he may also have rabies, then it becomes a different story. There are also many species that represent transformation, such as butterflies, frogs, dragonflies, bats and snakes. Birds Birds often represent parts of the dreamer that want to be free or parts of your life you would like to see from a higher perspective (represented, for instance, by an eagle that flies over the land). The kind of bird also plays a role. A kingfisher quickly goes in and out of an emotion. A duck, on the other hand, floats on an emotion and is bobbing around. Conditioning There are clues that indicate whether your dream is about your conditioned self - the part of you that is tied to beliefs from your upbringing or society - or your unconditioned self - which is not bound to agreements and conventions. Dreams that take place in the bedroom of your parents, in the old family home that you grew up in or in a castle or fortress that needs to be protected, are often about your conditioned self. Dreams about vacations, something strange or alien, or an unfamiliar environment often suggest that the dream is about your unconditioned self. Naturelle


Dream A green-blue sea as clear as glass, white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, the occasional beach club and even a small beach library for the children (in a red and white striped tent). This is Comporta, the best kept secret of Europe.



beach Naturelle




The French call it the Cap Ferret of Portugal, but the Portuguese call it Comporta; a friendly village with unrivaled beaches that are pristine, wide and glorious. It's a mystery how this place has remained undiscovered for so long. What might have helped are the relatively boring surroundings (flat, with rice fields) and its status of protected nature reserve. The calmness, however, becomes a notch less deep each year. Hip Lisbon moves to Comporta in the summer and more and more shops and restaurants open their doors. Let's just hope it will not turn into another Saint Tropez ... Eating The best addresses: Sleeping CasasNaAreia is beautiful and expensive. In 2013, an Aman chain hotel will open, which will also be nice and expensive. A 45 minute drive from Comporta is Casas do Sal (see next article), highly recommended. Possanco Comporta resort accommodates families or groups of up to twenty people.

Possanco resort, apartments/comporta-possanco-resort-bungalows

Restaurant Dos Pescadores on Carvalhal, one of the beaches of Comporta.



The large barn on the estate, opposite the bed&breakfast. 54


Hidden in Portugal Casas do Sal

It takes some searching, but Casas do Sal is so worth it. This bed & breakfast in the middle of nowhere offers serenity and inspiration. Rural, but decorated with cosmopolitan flair. For peace seekers and lovers of taste and style.



Dawn is the perfect time for a walk on the extensive grounds







The reddish pink of the bougainvillea contrasts beautifully with the intensely blue sky



Cheerful bright colors lend character to the large and cool rooms





Your private terrace and the garden by the pool invite you to a soothing siesta







It was not easy to get here. We asked for directions in the tourist office of the village of Alcácer do Sal. “No no, you can't go there,” said the lady with light mustache in heavily accented Portuguese (not our strongest language). “Television”, was the only other word she could make us understand. We were slightly confused, because we had called Casas do Sal the day before and had made reservations... Even though the woman insisted that we could not go, she put us on the right track. After miles and miles on a quiet road we finally saw a sign: Casas do Sal. We turned right, onto a driveway which seemed never ending, past cows and cork oaks. Right after we passed a pasture with horses and a chapel we saw our destination ... We were glad that we had not let the tourist information lady discourage us. Getting out of the car, we are greeted by a goodnatured labrador and our hostess. She explains why the local tourist woman had mentioned television: “Until recently, this place was the scene for a very popular television show which was recorded here every year. Apparently she does not know that this has come to an end. The camera crews have now made room for our guests.” She leads us around the white and blue building, through a modern and stylish living room for the guests, the breakfast room, terrace, beautiful garden with swimming pool and finally our room. It is very spacious, with even a mini kitchen included, and it is painted bright red. The other seven rooms of the bed&breakfast are also carried out in bold colors such as bright green and pink. What immediately strikes us, is the peaceful atmosphere. Let the holiday begin... Tip: Don't miss Hortelã da Ribeira, a Descoberta in Alcácer do Sal. Fidelis Helena and her team greet you from the open kitchen with a smile and suggestions for a delicious lunch or dinner. Plan your meal strategically and leave room for dessert. Naturelle


A quiet corner near the edge of the garden for massage or meditation







In the evening the pool is lit like a fairy tale. The white stone wall occasionally acts as a screen on which films are projected



Mallorca • the nicest hotels • the loveliest beaches • the best tips (from insiders)


Mallorca magic: the best tips 70



Hotel La Residencia in Deià


The charm of simplicity in Bellavista


The best of both worlds: Portixol


Beach club Purobeach: a cool highlight


Snow white salt fields at Es Trenc


Hotel Son Vent, an oasis of calm


Organic soap, handmade on Mallorca Naturelle


Mallorca Magic Mallorca deserves a rediscovery. Besides beaches and entertainment for the masses, the largest of the Balearic Islands offers breathtaking natural beauty, authentic country life, friendly people and traditional crafts.





Inland Majorca - often overlooked by visitors - is also worth a discovery





Mallorca has a reputation as a party island, but if you avoid Magaluf and El Arenal an overwhelming amount of peace, quiet and beauty awaits you. Landing by airplane on Mallorca has a festive touch to it. While the landing gear screechingly unfolds, you can see the Mallorcan interior from north to south underneath you. Among the gently rolling wheat fields, olive groves and vineyards there are many windmills which adorn the landscape as a kind of party decorations. You would almost think that they have been put there especially for your arrival... Once on the ground, the festive feeling only increases; Mallorca is downright gorgeous. In this comprehensive special, you can get acquainted with this beautiful and trendy and rural island. To start with, here are some tips, with many thanks to all the nice Mallorcans we met. 76


Car rental A rental car gives you all the freedom you need to properly explore Mallorca. Beware that the line at the car rental agencies at Palma airport can be so long that the wait is longer than your flight. So check the reputation of the car rental agency before you book. Secret beach The beach of Es Trenc is generally considered to be the most beautiful beach on the island. This is a generally known fact and the beach can become rather crowded. A Mallorcan gave us directions to a beach 'like Es Trenc but without people': drive from Santanyi to Faro ses Salines (lighthouse), park the car there, grab your stuff and walk along the shoreline to the right (heading west). After about fifteen minutes you arrive at a paradisiacal sandy beach. Bring water and food, because there are no restaurants in paradise.

Beach shack Where on nearby Ibiza you stumble over the beach bars and restaurants, on Mallorca you sometimes need to investigate before you find a place by the sea where you can eat super fresh fish with your feet in the sand. Cala Torta near the town of Arta is such a place. It is not much more than a wooden hut on the beach (the last five minutes of the drive there take you over a bumpy dirt road), with fabulous views of large waves. The fish does not come cheap, so bring enough cash with you. Restaurant On Mallorca restaurants abound, but Ca Na Toneta deserves a special mention. The restaurant, in a narrow street in the otherwise rather insignificant village of Caimari, is run by Mary and Teresa Solivellas, two energetic and friendly sisters who understand what cooking and eating in the year 2012 is all about: good organic slow food

with local ingredients of the season. There is no a la carte, but a five-course tasting menu. Check the opening hours and make a reservation! Traditional fabric Everywhere on the island you can see distinctive, hand-woven fabrics, with - often blue - diamond patterns on a white background. Teixits Vicens at the roundabout just outside Pollença offers a wide choice, but the real textile lover goes to Textil Bujosa in Santa María del Camí. The small shop and old factory of the family Bujosa are located on the main road which runs through the town (C /. Bernat de Santa Eugènia, number 53). and Photos left page: La Granja, an open air museum about Mallorca's past is a bit run down, but it is still a nice place to get acquainted with the old crafts and traditions of the island. This page: rural Mallorca with mills and donkeys in the interior. Naturelle




Hotel La Residencia - a celebrity magnet, according to The New York Times - is surrounded by lavender and lemon trees





At the edge of artist's village DeiĂ lies five star hotel La Residencia. The terrace of this celebrity magnet (according to The New York Times) is the perfect place for a lunch in luxury. DeiĂ 's claim to fame is the home of the British I, Claudius author Robert Graves (now a fine little museum) and one of the fanciest hotels on the island: La Residencia. Spending one night costs as much as a week for the entire family in an all-inclusive resort with wristbands, but you do not necessarily have to stay the night. During lunch you can enjoy the understated luxury of La Residencia. Not in the mood for lingering on a terrace? From neighboring Valldemossa starts the Cami de S'Arxiduc, a popular walk of about sixteen kilometers, through the mountains, with rewarding views over the coast and DeiĂ .



Valldemossa is one of the prettiest villages on the island. Frederic Chopin and George Sand once spent a winter in the local monastery







The view from the terrace of restaurant Es Grau, on the road between Estellencs and Andratx, is breath taking. In case you are not hungry: next to Es Grau there is a viewpoint where you can enjoy this splendor without having to eat anything








Coloma (pictured right, left colleague and friend Rebecca) runs the best place in Port de Pollenรงa: Bellavista. Despite its name, there is no nice view. But, as with most things in life, it is the inside that counts... 88




“There is a vegetarian restaurant, with vegetables from my father's garden, but you can also sit down to have a fresh juice or watch a movie�





While holidaying in Mallorca is a joy, it has a slight drawback: it is not cheap. A nice exception is Bellavista in Port de Pollença, where a double room with bathroom costs around sixty euro. The rooms are simple but adequate, the mood is friendly and relaxed and the courtyard of the guesthouse is a small, somewhat alternative Garden of Eden. Bellavista is run by Jaume Coloma Campomar, the energetic great granddaughter of the original owners. Her grandmother Joana still comes to the guesthouse every day where the small, grey haired lady is pampered and spoilt by the entire staff. Coloma: “Joana inherited the hotel from her parents, but that building - that looked out over the sea - no longer exists. In the annex of the hotel, I started this guesthouse in 2005. The name Bellavista - beautiful view - remained. Two years ago we opened the patio for the general public: there is a vegetarian restaurant, but you can also have a drink and choose from a wide selection of fresh juices and teas. We cook with organic vegetables from my father's vegetable garden. From time to time there is a gig here and we also show movies on a big white wall in the courtyard. Moreover, we organize charity events, for humanitarian and environmental causes and for animal rights.” The four turtles roaming in the yard are living proof of Coloma's good intentions; she rescued them from certain death. Idealism seems to run in the family: Coloma's brother works as a 'dentist on wheels' in Africa. The island of Mallorca has no secrets for Mallorca born Coloma. “My favorite place is la Señora de la Cambra, a beautiful hidden bay on the Tramuntana coast. If I am in Palma, I like to eat at Sa Pastanaga, a vegetarian restaurant in the old part of town. The Mallorcan artist I admire most is painter Dionís Bennàssar. His house in Pollença is now a museum.” Coloma's enthusiasm is endless and contagious. The independent traveler will definitely like to be her guest. ••• 92


Part of breakfast at Bellavista: coupes with Greek yoghurt and red summer fruit, muesli with nuts, honey and - because it is so healthy - a few grains of pollen





The Lemon Lounge Bar is an oasis on the busy promenade of Porto de Pollenรงa





Hotel on the harbor Portixol Hotel offers the best of both worlds: you can relax at the pool or a nearby beach and one of the free hotel bikes takes you to the bustling heart of Palma in no time. Naturelle




Hotel Portixol is a fine blend of Scandinavian and Mediterranean style Naturelle


A few days of sun, relaxation and inspiration can be easy: check the weather forecasts, buy a ticket, fly to Mallorca and drive half an hour to Portixol. This hotel is a fine blend of Scandinavian (the owners are Swedish) and Mediterranean style, situated in the harbor of Portixol. Everything is top notch: breakfast, rooms, staff, pool and restaurant are delightful and there are sympathetic extras such as a bowl with fresh apples for guests and free bicycles, which take you to Palma over a bike path along the sea. Mallorcans are content that their capital has matured into a city with plenty of atmosphere, history, fine restaurants and unique shops. A good example of the latter is Rialto Living, a lifestyle store with furniture, clothing, fabrics, books, a gallery and cafe, set up by - again - a Swede (cofounder of the Gant brand). So let yourself be inspired by the history and creativity of Palma before you bike back to Portixol. ••• 100 Naturelle



Pure delight Strandclub Purobeach

102 Naturelle



When Purobeach opened its doors a few years ago, it immediately became the place to be for trendy and decadent Mallorcans. The beach club in the bay of Palma de Mallorca (Cala Estancia) is done up in sleek and shining white, with a tuft of ethnic exoticism here and there. The jaded attitude of visitors of the first days has now been replaced by a more mixed public. An old grandmother in a black dress lies shoulder to shoulder to a blonde in bikini. Here you can easily doze and gaze for a few hours, watching the white curtains fluttering in the breeze, windsurfers breaking the blue line of the horizon and enjoying a fresh and fruity drink under an umbrella. With the sunshine reflecting on the all white decor, a pair of sunglasses is essential. The concept of Purobeach - an oasis del mar - has also been successfully introduced in Marbella, Portugal, Romania and Montenegro.

104 Naturelle

Around the pool on the terrace of Purobeach there are white sunbeds and white umbrellas. The effect: flawless and dazzling. Naturelle


106 Naturelle

Among the green hills and golden fields of Mallorca the white mountains of Es Trenc catch the eye as beautiful mirages. It is the salt of Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc.



Swiss born Katja Wöhr traveled all over the world being a jack of all trades and a master of none, until she saw the light in France. There she discovered the art of fleur de sel harvesting: using a sieve on a long wooden handle and with calm, almost meditative movements salt crystals are being scooped from the surface of salt water. With her last money Katja went to Mallorca where she could use a brine pool to practice. Katja Wöhr's 'salt fields' are located in the southeast of the island, very close to Es Trenc beach. The fleur de sel that is harvested there is not only tasty, but crunchy and healthy as well. Through its good quality, beautiful packaging and effective marketing Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc has become a great success in a relatively short period of time. Well known chefs of the island are a fan and island visitors find it an irresistible souvenir. The harvested salt mountain at Es Trenc is flanked by a nice little shop and a terrace. ••• Next to the salines of Es Trenc is the beautiful, white Flor de Sal shop where - apart from fleur de sel cooking oils and other kitchen supplies are sold.

108 Naturelle



110 Naturelle

Oasis of calm

SonVent in southeast Mallorca offers tranquility, great food, color and character. A look at this fine hotel plus the best tips and addresses in the vicinity of owner Dagmar.



“We want everyone to feel welcome and relaxed,” says Dagmar Wintersteller as she welcomes us into her hotel Son Vent. “Therefore, you can have breakfast here until noon and we let the guests move at their own pace. If you want, you can have dinner in our restaurant. Occasionally, when the guests feel like it, we will organize something, like a barbecue for example.” Moving at your own pace is easy in Son Vent. The eleven rooms and suites have their own separate entrance and most have a private terrace or balcony. Even when the hotel is fully booked, there is peace and calm and it feels very private. The majority of guests at Son Vent come from Germany, Dagmar and her husband Peter's home land. Peter: “We are of course very pleased that so many countrymen find their way to our hotel. But only German visitors can also be a bit boring at times. I prefer when all kinds of nationalities visit us.” Dagmar and Peter have been living on the island for years now and know their neighborhood well. Dagmar: “We prefer quiet beaches and restaurants. In the summer we go to the beach very early in the morning until maybe 10 a.m. The Blue Bar in Porto Colom is a a great beach bar where you can experience a bombastic sunset. And the bay of Cala sa Nau is wonderful. On Friday there is a DJ and his music enhances the already great atmosphere and makes it a little hippie-ish.” “My absolute favorite boutique is Gramma Anna in Santanyi. They sell colorful clothes, a little different from others, and not expensive. We like to eat at Caracole, in the harbor of Porto Pedro. It may look like nothing special, but the food is good. We also like to go to Vienna in Cas Concos, with a relaxed atmosphere, good food and friendly service. And more than anything we like sailing on our boat, which is also available to our guests. Peter likes to take people with him so they can get acquainted with Mallorca from the waterside.” ••• 112 Naturelle



Son Vent has eleven rooms and suites, most with balcony or terrace and each with its own separate entrance. The rooms are spacious, light and very nicely decorated (no air conditioning). Many rooms boast a fireplace - a cozy feature when you are vacationing in the cooler low season.

114 Naturelle



116 Naturelle

The common lounge room has a bar, a big TV and an even bigger fireplace. The paintings on the wall are made by friends of Peter and Dagmar and vary every few months. These are by Dimitri Vojnov. Naturelle


118 Naturelle

Breakfast, including whole wheat bread, croissants and fresh fruit and juice, is served at the table on the patio surrounded with plants and trees.



120 Naturelle

In the sun or shade, at Son Vent you will always find a little corner where you can quietly read a book or take a nap Naturelle


Years ago Trudi Murray and her children made soap for a science project. Today Trudi is Mallorca’s soap star, manufacturing hundreds of natural soaps per week. When we plan to meet Trudi Murray, she asks us to go to the roundabout at the town hall of Andratx. As we arrive, a Mini station wagon races by. The driver waves, we recognize her from the picture on the web site and she motions us to follow her. Soon we leave the main road, and the road that we have embarked on is becoming narrower, rougher, steeper. After ten minutes we are literally at the end of what has become a path and there is the finca, the house where Trudi works and lives with her family. The only thing you hear are the birds. Trudi greets us warmly and immediately takes us to the room where it all happens: the former playroom of the children that has been transformed into a soap laboratory. Apprentice Kate is on the verge of pouring a liquid substance into molds to cast, a chore that requires some concentration. Trudi: “Usually during the production of soap to one hundred degree heat, but I stop at 32 degrees. At this low temperature, all natural, active ingredients intact.” Three times a week Trudi and Kate make soap, 150 pieces each time. Ingredients are the pure nature of Mallorca. Vegetable oils, especially olive, and essential oils like lavender and mint. Extras, used for example as a mild exfoliant, range from salt and powdered loofah to seaweed and oatmeal. Today Trudi and Kate make soap using mint and chocolate. Kate: “Trudi always says that you should never put anything on your face that you would not put in your mouth.” While we are enjoying a cup of tea Trudi, an engaging woman in her fifties, relates her story. Born and raised in Germany, she lived in London 122 Naturelle

Mallorca's soap star

The natural soaps of Trudi Murray



for 15 years, sailed with a boat and her family around the world and has now been living for almost 25 years on Mallorca. Her four children grew up on the island and were home schooled. One day, for a science project, they experimented with soap making. The rest is history. Meanwhile a comprehensive line of natural beauty products has been developed, from shampoo to foot cream and Trudi delivers her products to luxury hotels and even more luxury yachts. She also gives workshops in soap and perfume making at the finca, writes about her soap making adventures on her blog, and besides her web shop she has a beautiful shop in the old part of Palma. Despite all the activity and entrepreneurship, Trudi’s heart is and stays with soap. “Every time I wonder how the soaps will turn out. How will they look? Will they smell nice? Soap making will always be an exciting adventure for me.” ••• RECIPE FOR GAIA HAND SCRUB Do you want to try and make something of your own? Trudi was so kind to share her recipe for the Gaia Orange Blossom Hand Scrub. She promises that this delicious hand scrub will cleanse your hands beautifully, leave them super soft and smelling heavenly! To make the Gaia Orange Blossom Hand Scrub you will need: 90 ml vegetable glycerine • 45 g corn flour • 20 g oats • 20 g ground rice • 15 ml chamomile water or chamomile infusion • 5 g grated organic orange skin • 3 ml orange essential oil • 1 ml grapefruit seed extract as a preservative (optional) Blend together the glycerin with the oats, rice and corn flour. Slowly add chamomile water and mix well. Finally add the orange skin, the essential oil and the grapefruit seed extract. You may need to stir the scrub before each use as the corn flour will settle after a few days. 124 Naturelle

TRUDI’S MALLORCAN FAVORITES We also asked Trudi about her favorite places in Mallorco. Favorite beaches are San Telmo and Cala Fornells in her area, and Es Trenc ‘the most beautiful beach of Mallorca, almost Caribbean...’ Apart from beach life, Trudi occasionally enjoys a good hike. ‘One of my all time favorites is a long hike up the mountain to the Castillo de Alaró. It is a very charming little church, a small and very simple inn with simple but good food. Superb to eat there in the evening and sit in the quiet and play a game of chess or read one’s book. It is lovely to walk up at dusk to arrive at the top for sunset and see all the island from coast to coast. One can stay the night in very simple rooms with not many comforts but one goes here just for the pleasure of waking up, sometimes above the clouds, and having breakfast there. Everything you eat and drink up there is carried up by donkey and it is a super special place.



10% DISCOUNT ON ALL GAIA NATURAL COSMETICS Handmade and organic soap, body, facial and hair products from the Mediterranean

Based in Mallorca, Gaia Natural Cosmetics offers environmentally friendly soaps, moisturisers, gels, washes and scrubs. Using sustainably and biologically grown flowers, herbs, olive and sweet almond oils that are native to Mallorca, Gaia has developed its own original recipes to create natural solutions for skincare. Gaia has artisan status in Majorca as they use traditional methods of soap making - to produce pure, hypo-allergenic, bars of jabon. Gaia Natural Cosmetics are a great gift to yourself and a wonderful present for someone who appreciates pure beauty. There are skin care ranges for every type of skin and for everybody: women, men and children. As a reader of Naturelle you will receive a ten percent discount when ordering one or more products of Gaia Natural Cosmetics. Just go to the webshop of Gaia Natural Cosmetics at and mention ‘Naturelle’ as coupon code with your order. This offer will be valid until the end of 2012. WWW.GAIA-NATURAL-MALLORCA.COM Naturelle


© Sven Benjamins


The Arab cuisine plays a part in almost everything delicious editor Merijn Tol writes, thinks, feels and cooks. Here is a peek into her kitchen and a preview from her new cookbook Arabia at home which she wrote with Nadia Zerouali. “My love for the Arab cuisine has its roots in Italy, the Mediterranean and Morocco. For me it is not exotic, it feels like my own food. Of course I sometimes have a cracker with jam, but usually my breakfast, lunch and dinner are from the Arab cuisine. “In Lebanon, where I often go, I want to set up a hotel and restaurant with a culinary and cultural center. All my passions will meet there: people gathering around food on the table, music and art. Food connects people, it shows that people are the same and want the same thing. I would like to let people see and experience that their similarities outnumber their differences.” 126 Naturelle


“Almonds, lemon, parsley, bulgur, tomatoes and chickpeas are essential ingredients for me, but good cooking begins and ends with delicious olive oil. Foggia from Meeuwig & Zn. in Amsterdam is a favorite: fruity with the taste of green tomatoes. Smell it and you think you are in Italy, standing in a field of hay and grass.” TIP

“When I use chickpeas - which is often, for example for hummus - I don't use canned chickpeas, but I choose the dried version which needs to be soaked and cooked. Once you've tasted the difference, you will not go back.”


“Pomegranates are essential to me. I even have one tattooed in my neck. This fruit stands for abundance, fertility and hospitality. Pomegranate molasses are also great. I use them for example in yoghurt, with some aniseed and passion fruit.” DRINK


“This book by Claudia Roden marks the beginning of my love for the Arab cuisine. When I read about the Lebanese chef Kamal Mouzawak, I decided I would go to that country and meet him. And so it happened.” TOOL

“‘White coffee’ is really nice. In the Middle East it is often drunk after a meal, as a digestif. It is very simple: you take a glass of hot water add a few drops of orange blossom water. Use very little, otherwise it will taste too much like perfume.”

“Without the Microplane grater, I can not cook. I use it for grating lemon peel, ginger, garlic, and so on.” Naturelle




for the senses R

Three great recipes from Arabia at home, the newest cookbook by Merijn Tol and Nadia Zerouali: refined granita, spectacular eggs and a super salad. 128 Naturelle

Š Sven Benjamins

Watermelon granita with rose water



Fried eggs with garlic yogurt sauce

130 Naturelle

Spicy salad with samphire, Turkish cheese and a sumac pomegranate dressing



Watermelon granita

Fried eggs

Serves 6-8 people 500 g watermelon • rosewater • possibly sugar

Serves 4 people mild olive oil • 4 eggs • 1 clove fresh garlic • 200 g full fat yogurt • 3 sprigs of mint • zest of 1 lemon • fresh green olive oil


Peel the watermelon and remove all seeds. Cut the melon into chunks. Put them in a blender, add some rose water to taste and puree until smooth, or use a hand blender. If it is not sweet enough add some sugar, and if you do not really taste the rose water, add some more. The mixture may have a rather distinct taste at this point, since the flavor will wear off once the mixture is frozen. Scoop the mixture in a plastic container and put it in the freezer for about 4-6 hours. Stir the granita with a fork every hour in order to obtain nice, small ice crystals. The granita is delicious between mezze and the main course, as a final fresh dessert or as a boost on a hot summer day.

132 Naturelle


Heat a dash of mild olive oil in a frying pan and fry the eggs (to taste with ongoing or coagulated egg yolk) on low heat. Grate the garlic over the yogurt, add some (coarse) salt to taste and mix well. Spread the yogurt over the eggs in the skillet and heat briefly. Finely cut the mint leaves. Put the eggs with the warm yogurt on 1 large plate or 4 small plates. Sprinkle with the mint, the lemon zest, possibly some extra salt and a generous splash of fresh green olive oil. Serve with fresh Turkish pide, flatbread or some other Arabic type bread.

Spicy salad Serves 6-8 people 1 pomegranate • 1 clove garlic • 4 tablespoons sumac • 1 cup pomegranate molasses • 6 or 7 tablespoons fresh green olive oil • 1/2 bunch mint • 1 bunch dill • 1 bunch fresh oregano • 1 bunch parsley • 1 lettuce • 75 g arugula • 1 cup samphire • 200 g white Turkish cheese


Peel the pomegranate, remove the crown and break the pomegranate open by using your thumbs. Peel the seeds and make sure that the white skin is removed from the seeds. Puree the garlic, sumac, pomegranate molasses and oil in a blender until it is a thick dressing. Tear the herb leaves from the stems and tear larger leaves into smaller pieces. Separate the lettuce leaves and tear them into smaller pieces. Mix the herbs with three quarters of the pomegranate seeds, the lettuce, arugula and samphire in a large bowl or dish. Crumble the white cheese over it, sprinkle with the remaining pomegranate seeds and drizzle a little dressing on top. Serve the remaining dressing on the side.

Arabia bij je thuis by Merijn Tol&Nadia Zerouali (photos Sven Benjamins; illustrations Rosa Vitalie) will be published in September (Kosmos. ISBN 9789021552200, € 29,95). Naturelle



Lou Niestadt

134 Naturelle

THE ART OF CELEBRATING EACH DAY In the words of John Lennon: “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” While you are dreaming of a grand and passionate life, the days with all their little worries pass you by almost unnoticed. According to Lou Niestadt - former model, teacher and illustrator - those daily recurring trivia do not have to turn your life into a monotonous routine. It all depends on how you look at it. In Lou's first book she shows her own way of looking at things. She uses words and drawings to examine relationships, work, household - in short: her entire life. The resulting book, though personal, can act as a mirror. With perky prose, frank observations and inspiring illustrations Lou shows how special every day can be - the only thing you may need is a more creative and adventurous outlook on life. American inspirational author and artist Sark (featured in this section in Naturelle 2) loves Lou and her new book already: “I applaud her to the sky.” And rightly so! Lou Niestadt's book ‘Groots & meeslepend leven. Een ode aan dagelijkse sleur’ will be published in Dutch by the end of August at Kosmos, € 19,95.



Naturelle is published 4 to 6 times per year. If you do not want to miss the next issue, please send an e-mail to or follow Naturelle on Facebook or Twitter. 136 Naturelle