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Introducing/ Quantum Healthy Longevity

Blueprint for a Healthy Longevity Innovation Mission

Accelerating healthy people, planet and growth.

There is growing evidence we are getting close to or have already gone beyond tipping points associated with important parts of the Earth system,


By 2050, 31 countries, including China, will have an older population than that of Japan today.

The Quantum Healthy Longevity Innovation Mission is intended to provide the blueprint for accelerating healthy longevity - at quantum scale and pace. Traditional approaches are no longer sufficient to deal with the complexity and scale of this challenge and realise the opportunities. We need a new paradigm for how we innovate and novel approaches and ways of working to unleash business, talent, technology and science. We are on the cusp of transformational change with technologies that can give a massive step change in delivering healthy longevity for all, taking advantage of the UK’s unique strengths such as the world’s largest longitudinal cradle to grave dataset from NHS healthcare records.

The opportunity is now to invest in Healthy Longevity significantly. We need to radically reimagine and reinvent short, medium and long term responses at a global, societal and individual level and power an interdependent ecosystem for science and innovation to collectively address what is both needed - and possible – to realise the benefits of the ‘longevity dividend”.

The Goal both people and planet prosper and all citizens have the best possible chances for healthier, happier, more productive, longer lives.


Increasingly I am frustrated and irritated that we know so much and yet it’s wasted. Still we are fixing, not getting ahead, prevention is everything.

Tony, VOICE member





(It’s time for a quantum leap forward).

It’s time for bold, radical change.

It’s time to tackle big, real world problems in both climate and health.

It’s time for healthier, longer more productive lives for everyone.
It’s time to harness longevity science and data innovation.

Mapping the Human Exposome for exponential insights

Next generation Applications
Living Lab for Health Ageing Biomarkers Bank Atlas of geroprotective interventions

Open Life Data


• Internet of Caring Things

• Living Lab: data powered regional innovation clusters via federated TRE network

• Growing bank of biomarker data and atlas of geroprotective interventions

• World’s leading test bed for health, harnessing NHS longitudinal datasets, health relevant data outside ‘sickcare’, robust global standards and data using ageing biomarkers as proxies for clinical trials

• Longevity as a Service bridging biology, psychology, behaviour and brain capital

• leveraging AI to personalise health and wellness and using aggregated data to improve individual & population health

• AI-enabled Platformintelligence powering products and services in diversified portfolios in all sectors for health, from ‘cells to cities’

• Next generation products & services that improve health and reduce heath inequalities

• Fewer hospitals built as we invest in preventative health and move away from sickcare model

• Longevity cities around the world: urban planning, built environment, housing, active transport, leisure, & retail driven by ESHG investment & impact for health=wealth

• Human Exposome Project

Now 5 years 10 years 20 years 9

Takes an exposome approach

Guiding principles for the world’s Leverages technologies Mobilises brain capital

The ‘exposome’ is a concept explaining the complex exposures humans face. It includes the food we ingest, the air we breathe, the objects we touch, the psychological stresses we face, and the activities in which we engage.

Breakthrough innovation using quantum computing, robotics, AI, synthetic biology, blockchain and other key emerging and transformational technologies.

An investment category premium on approaches brain health across the encompassing technology care innovations that health and skills such and self-esteem.

Rooted in democratisation of access to benefits of a ‘longevity dividend’ to all people, taking equality, diversity, and inclusion into daily life as a prerequisite. 10
Underpinning tenets

orld’s first test bed for health


category placing a approaches to protect the life course, technology and health nurture brain such as resilience

Focuses on intergenerational engagement

People of all ages across the life course, ensuring that there is effective dialogue and meaningful involvement of citizens of all ages, in all communities.

Optimises digital engagement

A focus on skills development, citizen driven co-design and equitable access to new tools and enabling technologies like 5G.

Ensures compassion is the running thread, with looking after one another, especially in times of need, a core societal value.


Investing in the Innovation Economy

Regulatory reform

• Regulatory reform to enable data innovation

• Finance reform (eg. pension freedom to invest in innovation; unlocking capital to support scale ups; support for venture capital increasing SEIS limits from April 2023 and extending Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) beyond 2025)

• Biotech regulatory reforms could unlock market potential for healthy longevity: longer intellectual copyright protection, MHRA priority reviews, use of surrogate endpoints/ageing biomarkers, exclusive patient protection, R & D incentives (taking learnings from Orphan Drug experience)

• Government should use the opportunity provided through regulatory change to create a new, larger, Institutional Growth Fund, modelled on the Business Growth Fund.

Public activation

• Government commitment to R & D funding (£2.4 billion/year) to shift away from UK as a services led economy, and toward science and technology innovation driven nation.

• Growth plan £500 million in Long term Investment for Technology & Science (LIFTS), £800 million for Advanced Research Invention Agency (ARIA) Tech Missions Fund, Innovation Accelerators)

• Significant potential to mobilise and link NHS ‘cradle to grave’ longitudinal datasets with other datasets (Our Future Health ‘healthy’ data, ONS socio economic data etc)




Institutions environment,



• Greater • Equity •
• Harness


Public investment

• Data philanthropy to mobilise data to drive ethical research for public good and economic growth

• Mobilise UK government aim to promote collaboration, openness and data sharing between private and public sector

• Drive proactive prevention agenda with links to open science and research including 'Our Future Health’

• Government could empower local government and expand Levelling Up devolution missions to encompass functional economic areas

• Government could shift to public sector funded pensions and explore how such funds can encourage productive investment

Private sector finance

Greater institutional investment in UK venture and growth capital: a strong case for investment in less liquid assets as part of a diversified portfolio Equity investment in unlisted UK companies would support those firms to grow, drive innovation and create jobs

Harness patient capital and disruptive power of UK based pension funds 3rd largest in world Harness 'Health' into ESG innovation and investment (via workforce health, consumer health, community health)

Package assets for investment by international investors investible propositions for overseas sovereign wealth funds nstitutions like the British Business Bank, the UK Infrastructure Bank and Homes England can use their roles to create a better national environment, and leverage pools of capital.

The British Business Bank could work with regulators to expand access to institutional investment for small and medium sized firms Leverage opportunities of Investment Zones to increase investment in regional innovation clusters becoming eventually ‘Longevity Cities’


Invest in the world’s leading test-bed for health.

Acquire healthy longevity intelligence via a platform that can connect, link and aggregate insights from NHS longitudinal cradle to grave data and other public and private datasets using AI to fuel the next generation of products and treatments at pace and at scale. With populations ageing so quickly, prevention and longevity interventions are now becoming essential, aided by the development of biological clocks and biomarkers, and the rapid improvement in consumer facing products with longevity applications.

Being the first to know

Take a stake in a global innovation cluster.

The UK is already home to some of the most cutting edge, innovative businesses in the world, alongside globally recognised universities and a world-leading science and technology base. Building regional innovation clusters, supporting tech start-ups and scaling up university spin-outs will build the UK economy and its status as a global science and technology superpower.


Diversify your portfolio in healthy longevity.

It will be a combination of interventions, not one drug, that will drive healthy longevity. Build the ‘longevity dividend’ by investing long term patient capital and spreading investments over a number of assets to manage risk and reap potentially substantial financial rewards over a longer period. Invest in funds not single ventures, perhaps even fund-of-funds versus direct VC holding.

the unknown unknowns

Bring ‘Health’ into ESG investment.

Be part of bringing ‘Health’ into ESG driven investment (‘ESHG’), taking a steer what has guided the climate change agenda and net zero targets. An ESHG framework focussed on equitable health outcomes will help the business and investor community drive positive change through long-term strategic programmes that reduce the risk factors that can damage healthy longevity and are incentivised and measured by their impact on positive health and wellbeing outcomes.


Things are too slow. Same old, same old.

I want radical. I want to see ‘wow!’ ideas.

People want a quantum leap forward – we deserve that.


key stakeholders
Venture Capital , private equity, family office, angel investors Pension and Asset Managers Universities and Academic Institutions Public R & D (LIFTS, ARIA, NIH) Sovereign Wealth Funds 18
Citizens &
for the mission & Residents Incubators & Accelerators Corporate Venture Funds Entrepreneurs, Start ups, Scale ups Science and technology pioneers NHS Regional TREs 19

Supporting the mission


Health, CEO Business for Health, Trustee, British Society for Research on Ageing, UK

Tina Woods Collider Professor Nic Palmarini Director, National Innovation Centre for Ageing, UK Professor Lynne Corner COO, UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing & Director, VOICE Professor Nir Barzilai Director, Institute for Aging Research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; USA Professor Linda Fried Dean of the Mailman School of Public Health and DeLamar Professor of Public Health Practice, Columbia University Medical Center, USA Professor David Furman Director Stanford 1000 Immunomes Project, Associate Professor and Director Buck AI Platform, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging, USA
Professor Brian Kennedy Director, Centre for Healthy Longevity and Professor Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology at National University of Singapore

Former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Technology, Innovation and Life Sciences, UK

Professor Lynne Cox

Head of Lab of Ageing and Cell Senescence, University of Oxford; Co Director, UK Ageing Networks, UK;

Ass. Professor Harris Eyre

Brain Capital Alliance, Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, USA

Lord James Bethell Dr Luigi Ferrucci National Institute on Aging, NIH Baltimore MD USA Dr Andrew Roddam Chief Executive Officer, Our Future Health, UK Professor Andrew Scott Professor of Economics, London Business School, UK Dr Richard Siow Director of Ageing Research at Kings College London, UK Dr Alex Zhavoronkov
Founder and CEO, Insilico Medicine, Hong Kong

Making it happen

Stage 1 November 2022- May 2023

• Build up Advisory Board

• Identify early stakeholders, partners and funders

• Develop a detailed operational and financing plan

• Pitch to LIFTS, ARIA and private investor community

Stage 2 May 2023- December 2023 Stage 3 January – December

• Align the next stage of Open Life Data Framework development with agile regulatory reforms

• Input into the next stage of development of National AI and Data strategies

• Develop data architecture blueprint

• Build a database of leading tech businesses to join the testbed

• Identify and sign MOUs with regional innovation clusters and high-investment zones

• Identify and sign MOUs with regional TREs.

• Scale up Internet of (IoCT) into other regions

• Leverage learnings from

• Develop templates and studies for Longevity

• Develop AI enabled

• Develop Longevity-as

• Formalise network of TREs


December 2024 Stage 4 From 2025

Key Milestones


Things regions from IoCT and case Longevity Cities platform MVP as-a-Service of federated

• Iterate and build testbed

• Roll out bank of biomarker data, atlas of geroprotective interventions and Longevity Cities exemplars for global export

• Deliver a full-fledged V 1.0 AI platform

• Capture and measure outcomes (ESHG) to show impact on health

• 2023/ Develop Open Life Data Framework stage 2 and develop data architecture blueprint

• 2024/

• Scale up IoCT, formalise a network of federated TREs, Develop AI Platform MVP

• 2025/ World test bed launch including Biomarker Bank, Longevity Cities, Longevity-asa-Service principles


Contact and credits

Join us for more information:

Contacts: Tina Woods tina.woods@colliderhealth.com

Lancet Blueprint Article: Link: bit.ly/QuantumHealthyLongevityLancet Ref: 10.1016/S2666-7568(22)00267-7


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