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NATAN – Dignity for Every Individual

$50 = Medicine for one affected person $100 = A bag of medical supplies $200 = One day training for local professionals $500 = One week of medicine for mobile clinic $1000 = Mobile water filtration unit $2000 = Sending a volunteer

Abie Nathan, the iconic Israeli humanitarian, provided the inspiration for the organization that bears his name and aims to carry on his legacy of humanitarian assistance to any individual in need whether in Israel or throughout the world. NATAN International Humanitarian Aid has aspired over its 15 years of activity to fulfill the fundamental values of respect for the individual’s right to a secure life, liberty, food, shelter and freedom of expression.

People to People Three ways to contribute to NATAN: 1. PAYPAL Online Donations: 2. USA Tax Deductible Contributions: U.S. tax deductible contributions may be sent (and must be made payable) to: P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc., 630 Third Ave, Ste 1501, New York, NY 10017 with a recommendation that it be used for NATAN. On the recommendation attached to the check, please specify: NATAN INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN AID, R.A. 580526424. PEF is a tax exempt public charity, not a private foundation, under Code 501(c)(3). PEF tax ID number is 13-6104086.

NATAN in Figures: • 750 volunteers, all experienced professionals • 13 field operations in 15 years • The best cost effectiveness: Nepal: $82,400 for 5 missions in 3 months • Nepal: 2,400 medical patients in remote Himalaya villages • 5,300 refugees received medical and mental care in Presevo Transit Camp • Tens of resilience trainings in Nepal, Serbia, Haiti and Mozambique • The creation of Community Centers and Schools in Sri Lanka, Haiti, the Philippines and Lesbos (Greece)

Providing Humanitarian Aid Around the World

3. To donate directly into NATAN’s Israeli Bank account: NATAN International Humanitarian Aid BANK HAPOALIM (12), Branch no.532, Account no. 498976 IBAN: IL-13-0125-3200-0000-0498-976 Email: Tel: +972(0)52 734 5005 Facebook: NATAN - International Humanitarian Aid Instagram: natan_aid

Priorities for 2019-2020:

What Makes NATAN Unique:

Georgia 2008 Serbia 2015-2017 Greece 2017 Syria 2018 Jordan 2016 Nepal 2015-2016

Who We Are: Volunteers – All teams are comprised entirely of volunteers. 94% of donations go directly to field operations. Our 750 volunteers are trained in NATAN’s mission and ethics.

Karala, India 2018 Phillippines 2013-2014 Sri Lanka 2004

Haiti 2010

Mozambique 2019

Multicultural, multi-faith, non-political and non-governmental. Professional – Deploying certified skilled professionals into every field of operation. Multidisciplinary – Medical care, mobile water purification, psychosocial aid, and education to the individual and the community.

15 Years of Disaster Relief: 2004: Sri Lanka - Tsunami 2008: Georgia - War with Russia 2010: Haiti - Earthquake 2013-14: Philippines - Typhoon 2015-16: Nepal - Earthquake 2015-19: Refugees (see below) 2018: Kerala (India) - Monsoon Floods 2019: Israel - Dental aid 2019: Mozambique - Cyclone Idai

How We Work:

2015-2018: Aid to Syrian Refugees:

We work shoulder to shoulder with local organizations, sharing skills by training local trainers.

• Israel/Jordan – Trained 20 Jordanian medical caregivers for work with Syrian refugees. • Serbia – Medical and psychological aid to refugees in Presevo and at the Macedonian border, Created and operated a medical clinic which served more than 5.000 refugees in transit. • Greece – Chios & Lesbos islands. Established OHF Community Center & created the first school for refugees operated by refugees. • Syrian Golan – Medical and Dental Primary Care Clinic in Camp Ichay and Telemedicine provided by Israeli doctors to civilians within Syria.

We are agile – We adjust our programs to meet local needs and cultures. We are mobile – We can access even the most remote villages while maintaining our ability to operate independently in the field.

Preparedness for rapid and larger deployment in disasters including: training, equipment, data management, and funding. Medical Aid: Investment toward World Health Organization’s standardization. Social Impact: Increase awareness among Israeli entrepreneurs and help extend their projects to developing nations or to disaster relief efforts, while providing professional advice in implementing their initiatives. Dental Aid: Developing NATAN’s dental clinic for underprivileged people in Israel and operating the Mobile Unit in Africa.

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NATAN Brochure: People to People 2019  

NATAN Brochure: People to People 2019  

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