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May 2021

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May 2021


White Sands Dentistry Holistic | Biological Dentistry

Dr. Martina Mallery, DDS, AIAOMT

941.748.9393 www.WhiteSandsDentistry.com

Conscious Sedation Dentistry Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Huggins Protocol • Metal Free Dentistry • Dental Revision Ozone Therapy • Biological Extractions • Dental Material Biocompatibility Testing • Biomimetic Dentistry

$350.00 New Patient Package*

A Comprehensive Exam with a Holistic & Biological approach to Treatment Planning your dental needs, Digital Radiographs, Dental Cleaning with Ozone**, Microscopic Bacterial Analysis, Holistic Home Care Strategies, Nutritional Counseling *offer expires 5/31/2021, $557 value. **in absence of periodontal disease

White Sands Dentistry • 520 48th Street Court E. • Bradenton, FL 34208 2

Accredited by International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Active members of International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine and Holistic Dental Association Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com












Our Offerings •

Nutritional Assessment and Counseling

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Fertility Care


Stop Smoking

Detox Foot Baths


Weight Management

Treatment for Cancer Patients

Infrared Sauna


Jaffe Mellor Technique

Gastrointestinal Disturbances


Acupuncture Point Injection

Transforming Lives Through Holistic Care


Christina A. Captain, DAOM, MSHN, AP

2650 Bahia Vista St, Suite 101, Sarasota, Florida 34239




3 May 2021 SCANsrq.com

Virtual Gatherings Continue

Actual Fat Loss in 40 Minutes No Suction. No surgery

Sunday at 11 am

via FaceBook www.facebook.com/CSLCulturalCoast or YouTube Live Our Channel is CSL Cultural Coast

Thursday Meditation 6:30 pm via Zoom*

New! Presso Massage

New! TEC Treatments

*signup for e-newsletter to receive links CSLCulturalCoast.org Email: Info@CSLCulturalCoast.org Info@CSLCulturalCoast.org

Cryo Studio Sarasota

2100 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 34239 (941) 241-7358 CryoStudioSarasota.com

$100 off your first body treatment

Call to schedule a FREE consultation at our new location near Sarasota Memorial.

expires 4.30.21

Eliminate Chronic Pain & Fatigue Through Lifestyle, Functional Medicine, and Regenerative Therapies


• Stress Reduction • Pain Relief • Boost Immunity • Reduce Anxiety & Depression

• Bone Strength • Improve Sleep • Increase Energy • Improve Circulation • Decrease Inflammation


Dr. Korman would like to offer you a trial, of one of her Regenerative Therapies, PEMF. This includes an in depth nutritional assessment, as well as two sessions on the powerful PEMF! $97 ($300 Value) Call (941) 629-6700

Laura R. Korman, DC, DACBN

Korman Relief & Wellness Center

16954 Toledo Blade Boulevard • Port Charlotte, Florida 33954 (941) 629-6700 • drlaurakorman.com Functional Medicine | Over 30 Years in Private Practice Diplomate, American Clinical Board of Nutrition | Doctor of Chiropractic


Sarasota/Manatee Edition


Rev. Theresa Fieberts





IN AMERICA (Sarasota, Florida) Dr. David Cifra, DC who is board certified in the specialty of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression has been peernominated and recently recognized by the International Medical Advisory Board on Spinal Decompression. This advanced certification is provided in conjunction with Disc Centers of America, which sets the gold standard in training and research, on the latest, most effective options for the alleviation & treatment of

spinal disc disorders, which often cause low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, numbness, tingling, pins and needle sensations and more.

Dr. Cifra is committed to helping his patients AVOID narcotics, epidural injections, and unnecessary surgeries. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression provides safe, gentle, and effective relief for upwards of 90% of patients that qualify for care.

Dr. Cifra is located at: University Health Park 2415 University Parkway, Sarasota; Suite 216 SarasotaDiscCenter.com

Call (941)358-2224 or (315) 345-7390 today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION



2415 University Parkway Dr.FLORIDA David Cifra, Cifra, D.C. Dr. David D.C. FLORIDA Dr. David Cifra, Dr.University David Cifra, D.C.D.C. FLORIDA Fl 34243 2415 Parkway 2415Sarasota, University Parkway Dr. David Cifra, D.C. 2415 University Parkway 2415 University Parkway 2415 University Parkway 315-345-7390 Sarasota, Fl 34243 Dr. David Cifra, D.C. Sarasota, Fl 34243 2415 University Parkway Sarasota, Fl 34243 Suite 216 Sarasota, Fl 34243 315-345-7390 2415 University Parkway Sarasota, Fl 34243 WASHINGTON 315-345-7390 315-345-7390 Sarasota, FL 34243 315-345-7390 Sarasota, Fl 34243 315-345-7390 WASHINGTON Dr. Steven Thain, D.C. 941-358-2224 WASHINGTON 315-345-7390 WASHINGTON 14700 NE 8th St. #D.C. 115 Dr. Steven Thain, WASHINGTON Dr. Steven Thain, Dr. Steven Thain, D.C.D.C. Bellevue, WA 98007 Dr. Steven Thain, D.C. 14700 NE 8th St. # 115 WASHINGTON Dr. Steven Thain, D.C. 14700 NE 8th St. # 115 14700 NE 8th St. # 115 425-644-8386 Bellevue, WA 98007 14700 NE St. ##98007 115 Dr.Bellevue, Steven Thain, D.C. 14700 NE8th 8th St. 115 WA Bellevue, WA 98007 425-644-8386 14700 NE 8th98007 St. # 115 Bellevue, WA Bellevue, WA 98007 425-644-8386 NEW MEXICO 425-644-8386 Bellevue, WA 98007 425-644-8386 425-644-8386 NEW MEXICO Dr. Brian Hesser, D.C. 425-644-8386 NEW MEXICO NEW MEXICO 3850 E. Lohman Ave. Dr. Brian Hesser, D.C. NEW MEXICO NEW MEXICO Dr. Brian Hesser, Dr.NEW Brian Hesser, D.C.D.C. MEXICO Las Cruces, NM 88001 3850 E. Lohman Ave. Dr. Brian Hesser, D.C. 3850 E. Lohman Ave. 3850 E. Lohman Ave. Dr. Hesser, D.C. 575-521-0793 LasBrian Cruces, NM 88001 Dr. Brian Hesser, D.C. 3850 E. Lohman Ave. Las Cruces, NM 88001 Las Cruces, NM 88001 575-521-0793 3850 E. Lohman Ave. 3850 E. Lohman Ave. Las Cruces, NM 88001 575-521-0793 VIRGINIA 575-521-0793 Las Cruces, 88001 Las Cruces, NMNM 88001 575-521-0793 VIRGINIA Dr. Chris Lauria, D.C. 575-521-0793 VIRGINIA 575-521-0793 VIRGINIA 4915 Brambleton Dr. Chris Lauria, Ave. D.C. VIRGINIA Dr. Chris Lauria, Dr. Chris Lauria, D.C.D.C. Roanoke, VA 24018 4915 Brambleton Ave. VIRGINIA VIRGINIA Brambleton Ave. Dr.4915 Chris Lauria,Ave. D.C. 4915 Brambleton 540-725-9501 Roanoke, VALauria, 24018 D.C. Dr. Chris Roanoke, VA 24018 Brambleton Ave. Dr.4915 Chris Lauria, D.C. Roanoke, VA 24018 540-725-9501 4915540-725-9501 Brambleton VA 24018Ave. OHIO 540-725-9501 4915Roanoke, Brambleton Ave. Roanoke, VA 24018 540-725-9501 OHIO Dr. Carey Girgis, D.C. Roanoke, VA 24018 540-725-9501 OHIO OHIO


383Carey West Girgis, Main Street Dr. D.C. 540-725-9501 OHIO Dr. Carey Westerville, OHGirgis, 43081 Dr. Carey Girgis, D.C.D.C. 383 WestOHIO Main Street 383 West Main Street Dr. Carey Girgis, D.C. 383614-890-3500 West Main Street Westerville, OH 43081 Dr. Carey Girgis, D.C. Westerville, 43081 383 West Main Street Westerville, OH OH 43081 614-890-3500 383 West Main Street 614-890-3500 OH 43081 Dr.Westerville, Carey Girgis, D.C. 614-890-3500 ILLINOIS Westerville, OH 43081 614-890-3500 383 West Main ILLINOIS Dr. Richard Lohr,Street D.C. 614-890-3500 ILLINOIS


ILLINOIS N. Main Westerville, OHStreet 43081 Dr.3090 Richard Lohr, D.C. ILLINOIS Dr. Richard Lohr, D.C. Decatur, ILLohr, 62526 Dr. Richard D.C. 3090 N.ILLINOIS Main Street 614-890-3500 3090 N. Main Street

Dr. Richard Lohr, D.C. 217-706-5551 3090 N. Main Street Decatur, IL 62526 Dr. Decatur, Richard Lohr, D.C. IL 62526 3090 N. Main Street Decatur, IL 62526 217-706-5551 3090217-706-5551 N.ILMain Street Decatur, 62526 ILLINOIS 217-706-5551 Decatur, IL 62526 217-706-5551 Dr. Richard Lohr, D.C. 217-706-5551

3090 N. Main Street Decatur, IL 62526 217-706-5551

May 2021


The Integrated Path RELIEVE STRESS Let us guide your mind and body to

RESTORE BALANCE Dedicated to helping you and your family achieve health Our Services Include:

• Acupuncture • Oriental Medicine • Energetic Emotional Release • Bloodwork Analysis • Clinical Nutrition Assessments • Weight Management • Reiki Master • Occupational Therapy • ZYTO Elite

(Computerized Bio-communication Technology)

Caryn L. Young, DOM, AP, OT • Over 30 years of clinical experience • Board-Certified Acupuncture Physician • Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine • Acupuncture Diplomate NCCAOM Favorite Acupuncture Physician Favorite Energy Healer

The Integrated Path, PA 3148 Southgate Circle Sarasota, FL 34239 941.924.8833 6

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Headache/Migraine Parkinson’s Disease Depression Multiple Sclerosis Joint Pain Low Back Pain Arthritis Sports Injuries


Abdominal Pain Indigestion Common Cold and Flu Sinusitis & Allergies Stress Reduction Asthma Infertility Insomnia

$25 off


your first visit 3808 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34234

(800) 883-5528

EAST WEST COLLEGE CLINIC The East West College clinic has grown over the years and now provides services by highly trained and licensed natural medicine professionals and also serves as a hands-on training facility for our Oriental Medicine students.


for more info https://www.ewcollege.edu/clinic

Balance Life and Health Naturally

(800) 883-5528

ADVERTISING & SUBMISSIONS HOW TO ADVERTISE To advertise with Natural Awakenings or request a media kit, please contact us at 941-564-0885 or email Publisher@nasrq.com. Deadline for ads: the 15th of the month. EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS Email articles, news items and ideas to: Publisher@nasrq. com. Deadline for editorial: the 12th of the month. CALENDAR SUBMISSIONS Please submit all listings through nasrq.com. Deadline for calendar: the 12th of the month. REGIONAL MARKETS Advertise your products or services in multiple markets! Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. is a growing franchised family of locally owned magazines serving communities since 1994. To place your ad in other markets call 239-530-0885. For franchising opportunities call 239-530-1377 or visit NaturalAwakenings.com.

3808 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34234

Becoming a Primary Healthcare practitioner of Oriental Medicine including acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, will empower you to facilitate health and well being in today’s health care environment. East West College of Natural Medicine will provide you with the opportunity to make a difference in this dynamic health care field.

ABOUT US The East West College of Natural Medicine (EWCNM) was established in 1994 as the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts to provide training in the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Located on the southwestern coast of Florida in Sarasota, the program now attracts students from around the country and the world for their Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program.

for more info https://www.ewcollege.edu/

MISSION East West College of Natural Medicine holds to following core values: - To provide high level Healthcare education. - To Prepare our students for certification by National and State licensing boards in their profession. - To support the professional development of our graduates and other healthcare professional by offering advanced studies.



(800) 883-5528

3808 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34234



May 2021





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letter from publisher In the U.S., May is recognized as National Women’s Health Month, and here at Natural Awakenings, we are doing our part to advocate for the wellness and empowerment of women across all different backgrounds. This past year has been incredibly stressful for each of us, but women in particular often carry the burden of keeping their entire families safe and cared for in times of crisis. Therefore, it’s important to shine a light on women’s health and vitality, now more than ever—and that is exactly what this month’s issue is all about. To begin with, our feature issue dives into “Women’s Top Health Concerns” and the evolution of gender equality in healthcare. Of course, there is still much work to be done in this area—especially for women in underserved populations—but in recent decades, clinical research has led to more nuanced treatments and medications. For example, breast cancer deaths among women have decreased by 40 percent, yet more advancements are still required to protect women from heart disease, hormone imbalances, depression and autoimmune issues. Obviously, we cannot talk about women’s health without exploring reproductive wellness and prenatal care, and this month’s “Healthy Kids” column pulls back the curtain on holistic pregnancy. In this period of gestation, both mother and baby share nutrition, blood and oxygen, so it’s important to eat organic whole foods, take a quality prenatal vitamin, exercise on a regular basis, practice meditation or yoga, and make sure that household cleaners and body care products are free of chemical toxins. In addition, hiring a midwife or doula can provide birth coaching and comfort in the actual delivery room. Mental and emotional health is another facet of well-being that should not be overlooked—for both men and women alike. Research on the mind-body connection points to an undeniable relationship between caring for emotional wellness and maintaining physical resilience, stamina and vitality. This month’s “Inspiration” article focuses on “Three Steps for Facing Difficult Emotions” which all of us could use right now in this time of collective uncertainty. We can still experience calm in the midst of a challenge when we name our emotions, welcome them in without judgment, and lean into compassion for both ourselves and others. As always, this is just a small taste of the enlightenment and encouragement that awaits you inside these pages. We would love to hear how best we can serve you during this season, so please send any comments, questions or feedback to Publisher@NASRQ.com. And thank you for allowing us to be a continual part of your wellness practice.

Crystal Cave The

The Crystal Cave has reopened on the inside!

Crystals make Mother’s Day a happy day! Crystals, stones, mineral specimens! Fossils, jewelry, books, & unique gifts! www.crystalcave.me • 941-346-6203 1899-B Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL • crystalcave.me@gmail.com Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11ish-5ish • Please like us on Facebook!

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Sarasota/Manatee Edition


news briefs

2021 Feldenkrais Summit: “Move Better, Feel Better” Free Online Event


aking place from May 1–10, the 2021 Feldenkrais Summit features 10 days of interviews with more than 30 experts in somatic learning, movement and overall well-being. There will also be live panel discussions where you can ask questions at the end of each day. The first week in May has historically been a celebration of Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sc., and his revolutionary body-mind ideas on relearning how to stay flexible in the mind and body to keep yourself moving with more efficiency and continued balance. For the last five years, this first week in May has become a lively online event, The Feldenkrais Summit, with over 30 interviews, panel discussions and Awareness Through Movement® lessons offered daily and free-of-charge. This event is an opportunity to experience and explore topics such as “Original Breath” (four interviews including one with James Nestor, author of BREATH: The New Science of a Lost Art), “Healing Trauma,” and a discussion on how to maintain a lifelong “Active Lifestyle.” Local Feldenkrais® practitioner, Bonnie Kissam, M.A., will be on the Mother’s Day panel, reviewing the day of interviews on the topic of “Move Your Brain.” Each interview and panel discussion will be available to view for 48 hours after presentation. Simply register for free and allow yourself to discover valuable information in every aspect of life. Experience an Awareness Through Movement® lesson, then stick around to listen and explore one or more of the many interviews. To register, visit FeldenkraisSummit. com/?Affiliate=BonnieKissam.

Anti-Aging Seminars on Zoom with Dr. Anna


r. Anna Baker, DOM, invites you to join her interactive anti-aging seminars via Zoom on May 12 and May 21, both at 1:30 p.m. She will showcase her Faces by Dr. Anna acupuncture facelift and her muscle retightening Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna. Please contact the Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna store at 941-921-2662 to access the meeting ID number. Dr. Anna performs a unique type of acupuncture facelift that she invented. The muscles of the face and neck are progressively retightened to retrace the steps that aging took. An initial package of 10 treatments is required, and the results last for 18 months before a one-treatment touchup is needed to maintain the lift. COVID-19 safety protocols include treatment rooms with special air filtration systems that pull patients’ breath droplets out the window. In this seminar, Dr. Anna will show photographed results on people of all ages. In addition, she will discuss her proprietary Pearl Cream by Dr Anna that offers the same muscle retightening as her acupuncture facelift in a slower, more gradual process. Pearl Cream is an anti-aging serum made from real pearls and Chinese herbs without any preservatives. Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna is also available as a muscle tightening body lotion, men’s antiaging line and sports performance line. Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna location: 2721 Mall Dr., Sarasota. Temporary COVID-19 store hours: Monday–Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. To access the meeting ID, call 941-921-2662. For more information, visit FacesByDrAnna.com and PearlCreamByDrAnna.com.

Find and Keep Your Inner Peace Naturally in Times of Life Uncertainty


hen banishing stress and anxiety in times of uncertainty, we at the Remedy Room turn to the Bach Flower Remedies for daily support. There are 38 single remedies and one original blend, all created by Dr. Edward Bach. Learning about these gentle remedies in order to choose the right one (or more depending on your needs) is essential. These remedies work with your current emotions to help you find balance. Perhaps you feel mental and physical exhaustion, or you suffer with grief due to the loss of a loved one. Life shifts can be stressful, but Bach Flower Remedies are excellent avenues for serenity. Taken orally, two drops under the tongue or mixed into your drinking water in an easy addition to a wellness regime. We hope you explore our Bach Flower session and learn how these beautiful remedies can bring ease to improve the quality of life. For more information, call 941-726-4784, email YourRemedyRoom@gmail.com or visit YourRemedyRoom.com. May 2021


Eliminate Back or Neck Pain Without Drugs, Injections or Risky Surgery  

news briefs


Delta-8 THC Is Now Available at Wild Ginger Apothecary


elta-8 is found in cannabis, and has a similar molecular structure to THC with a much lower psychotropic potency. You will feel a pleasant “buzz,” but you won’t feel “stoned.” Delta-8 does share a few similarities with THC. Some report that it helps stimulate appetite, reduce nausea, help calm stress, and ease aches and pains. Delta 8 THC is legal, non-habit forming, safe, effective and available without prescription. Delta-8 is the hemp-derived CBD alternative that you can physically feel working in the body. For many, it provides a total sense of well-being. Unlike CBD isolate that binds exclusively to the CB1 receptor, Delta-8 binds to both the CB1 and CB2 receptor, increasing its therapeutic efficacy. There are more than 100 cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. While we have some foundational knowledge about the primary cannabinoids, Delta-9-THC and cannabidiol (CBD), we know less about the secondary, or minor, cannabinoids. Delta-8-THC is a minor cannabinoid which occurs in the plant in very small concentrations. Delta-8-THC is also known to be a degraded form of THC, and is not directly produced by cannabinoid-synthesizing enzymes within the plant. When THC is stored for a period of time, it degrades into delta-8-THC. From a chemical or structural perspective, Delta-8-THC differs from Delta-9-THC due to the location of a critical chemical bond. Both delta-8 and delta-9-THC contain double bonds in their molecular chain. Delta-8-THC contains that bond on the eighth carbon chain, while delta-9-THC contains the bond on the 9th carbon chain. Although it’s a subtle difference, this has noticeable effects on how the body’s endocannabinoid receptors bind and respond to the molecule. In addition, Delta-9-THC is less stable than Delta-8-THC. Delta-9 THC is easily oxidized to become cannabinol (CBN) or delta-8-THC. Delta-8-THC is stable, does not oxidize to become cannabinol, and boasts a prolonged shelf life. Such stability is desirable in a medicinal compound. Delta-8-THC is also about half as strong as delta-9. Wild Ginger Apothecary offers dozens of Delta-8 products in addition to our extensive hemp-derived CBD, wellness and metaphysical products. Location: 6557 Superior Ave., Sarasota. Hours: Tuesday–Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. 4 p.m. 10

Sarasota/Manatee Edition


r. Cifra brings to the Sarasota area an unparalleled ability to diagnose and treat spinal disc disorders using Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. He received advance training in Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression in an exclusive award ceremony held at the national training center for Disc Centers of America.   This program is administered by the International Disc Education Association, Disc Centers of America, and the International Medical Advisory Board on Spinal Decompression. Certification through The International Medical Advisory Board on Spinal Decompression is obtained by physicians who demonstrate an exemplary level of excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disc disorders. Master status in Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is an elite status, and is awarded to a handful of doctors each year.   This certification is considered the gold standard in training and research of the most effective options for treating spinal disc disorders such as bulging, herniated and degenerative disc, low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, numbness and tingling.   Dr Cifra is committed to providing exceptional non-invasive care to patients who want to avoid narcotics, epidural injections and unnecessary surgeries. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression provides safe, gentle and effective relief for upwards of 90% of patients who qualify for care. With this procedure, there is no pain, drugs or surgery. Dr. Cifra is accepting new patients, so contact him for a free consultation.    Location: 2415 University Parkway, Bldg. 3, Suite 216, Sarasota. For more information, to make an appointment or to schedule your free consultation, call 941-358-2224 or 315345-7390 and visit SarasotaDiscCenter.com.        

Honoring Women and Mothers this Month


Free Sound Bath for Collective Community Wellness


his year has been different for sure. The OM Shoppe wants to give back to our community by offering a free sound bath concert at the Phillippi Estate Park on May 16, 4 p.m. Come early and find your perfect space in the garden by the Phillippi Creek. Relax into a crystalline sound bath led by the professional sound therapy practitioners and musicians of The OM Shoppe & Spa. The OM Shoppe provides more than 50 different instruments for this sound immersion in nature. An OM Singing Bowl Sound Bath is unlike any other, and is truly the gold standard for a sound healing experience. Drift into this vibrational immersion of sound, expertly composed with certified practitioners and musicians trained in the science of sound. Bring a blanket or cushion to sit on, a beverage to enjoy during the concert, and a mask to wear when necessary. Please remember to practice social distancing, and keep in mind, this is a meditative group experience, so please be considerate of others when deciding whether to bring pets or children. Giving back just makes sense, and our communities are in need of peaceful mending on so many levels. We have all been through a collective crisis and trauma. We also believe that at-risk, homeless and marginalized communities in our nation deserve respect, love and support. Streets of Paradise does just that. We hope you will consider making a love donation to their organization, as any amount helps. The event is free to the public, but participants are encouraged to make a love donation to Streets of Paradise, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to the outreach and awareness initiative to provide comfort to the homeless and at-risk communities through no-cost street access to basic necessities of life. Come join The OM Shoppe and dust off your favorite blanket to participate in this community sound healing event. Please arrive 15–30 minutes early. Phillippi Estate Park location: 5500 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. The OM Shoppe & Spa location: 4801 S Tamiami Trail, #5, Sarasota. For more information, call 941706-3257 or visit TheOMShoppeAndSpa.com. For more information on Streets of Paradise, visit StreetsOfParadise.org.

ay is for remembering our mothers. This starts with May Day as we dance around the May poles of life with gratitude and childhood playfulness. Mother’s Day is on May 9 this year, followed by the New Moon on May 11, known in some Native American traditions as the Corn Planting Moon or Rose Moon or Moon When the Ice Goes Out of the Rivers. New Moon times belong especially to women. We often refer to a woman as on her monthly “moon.” In some indigenous cultures, Red Tents were a place that women, on their Moon days or in childbirth days, could retreat to rest and be pampered by other women. We were birthed into families of various sorts. Many of us raised in loving homes, but some of us were not so fortunate. We might have been abused, abandoned or overlooked. Still, the images of ”Mother” resonate strongly within thoughts and analogies, some joyous and some more intense. Women come in many forms and archetypes, representing the different faces and aspects of womanhood. Jungian Psychology explains that there are seven Feminine Archetypes; Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, Lover, Wise Woman (mystic), Huntress (warrior) and Queen. A woman’s life journey touches at times on each of these architypes. In some cultures or traditions, women are believed to be secondary citizens, subservient to men. They have been assigned the care of home and children to maintain, as well as to sexually please their husbands. They are even sold or bartered in marriages as an object to be used, abused and discarded. My mother was born at the start of feminine emergence in the 1920s during the advent of the Nineteenth Amendment. Even as she raised me, she was still of the impression that I needed to find a man to support me. It was crucial to her that I look desirable which, for her, was more important than my creativity, dreams or education. I am certain that many women of my generation have faced similar scenarios. It is my understanding and experience that today, women need to heal the wounds that made them feel inadequate in the past by honoring themselves and being authentic to who they are. This is the path to well-being for all people, no matter their gender identification. We know that withholding our emotions, our stories and our truths, have consequences for our health such as suicide, depression, headaches, digestive issues and even cancer. To all women of every generation, culture, ethnicity and background: love yourself and speak your truth. Honor that woman who is you. Be resolute, strong, persistent and brave. Give yourself the space and permission to heal. To connect with Rev. Zan “Butterfly Deerwoman,” visit Woman-Spirit.com. May 2021


news briefs

Eliminate Stubborn Fat, Reduce Wrinkles or Tighten Crepe-y Skin with Cryoskin


f you could eliminate stubborn body fat or achieve smoother, more radiant skin on your face, neck or cleavage without surgery or downtime, would you do it? Cryoskin is a natural treatment that works by using sub-zero temperatures to eliminate body fat. We utilize this science to provide fat reduction, skin tightening, toning, and cellulite or facial treatments with non-invasive results. Cryoskin slimming helps our customers lose inches off their stomachs, love-handles, thighs and other areas. Toning sessions help to diminish cellulite, tone the body and tighten the skin. Toning is effective for the face, neck and cleavage areas because it reduces the look of crepe-y skin. Our treatments are neither painful nor invasive, and there is no downtime. We also use compression therapy to help the lymphatic system process the fat cells lost during treatments. This treatment can significantly improve the speed of your results. In addition to lymphatic drainage, compression therapy is effective with the following modalities: • • • • •

Cellulite treatments Muscle recovery and regeneration for athletes Detox and circulation disorders Relieved muscle and joint pain Accelerated healing time after injury or post surgery

During this month, Natural Awakenings readers will receive $50 off their first treatment or $200 off any kind of body treatment package, as well as a free consultation. Location: 3100 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. For more information, call 941-241-7358 or visit CryoStudioSarasota.com. 12

Sarasota/Manatee Edition


May Events at Sarasota Center of Light

T nity.

his month, the Sarasota Center of Light continues to present those who are an integral part of our metaphysical commu-

On May 2, Gerald O’Hara and Eric Cargill will join us from their home in England to participate in Sunday Service. On May 9, Rev. Tom Newman will join us on Zoom to participate in Sunday Service and deliver a spirit talk, meditation and messages from spirit. We are also pleased to announce a Dowsing Practice Class on May 13, at Davis Hall, 2727 Browning St., 7:30–8:30 p.m., with a love offering accepted. This is designed for those who attended Rev. Tom Newman’s Dowsing class on March 27. Please bring your Dowsing Rods with you. On May 16, Rev. Richard Schoeller will join us on Zoom to participate in Sunday Service and deliver a spirit talk, meditation and messages from spirit. We are also pleased to announce a “Meditation, Mindfulness and Focus” Zoom class (“Turn off that Monkey Mind!” ) with Rev. Lisa Johnson on May 27, 7:30–9 p.m., for a fee of $20. The Center’s Ministry Team will conduct the services in May to offer heartfelt spiritual guidance. There is always a possibility of surprise guests, teachers and talented musicians who are eager to see this Center thrive and grow. We continue to prioritize well-being and safety as we all navigate this time. Our services will continue online, and new classes will continue virtually this month as well. Please let us know how we can support you in this period of challenge. We will immediately email and Facebook any changes that will occur. We humbly and graciously ask for your support. Donations can be submitted on our donate page on our website by calling the office or sending a check to the office. All contributions are appreciated. In addition, questions are encouraged and welcomed. Mailing address: 2710 Browning St, Sarasota, 34237. Location: 852 S Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. For more information, call 941-953-6620, email ChurchOffice@SarasotaCenterofLight.com or visit SarasotaCenterofLight.com.

eco tip eco-friendly swaps abound, such as cucumber slices for puffy eyes.

Eco-Cosmetics Choosing Sustainable Beauty Products

n Go with glass packaging instead of plastic. Glass is recycled more easily and doesn’t release harmful toxic chemicals.

n Choose brands that use the least amount of packaging materials as possible, eschewing plastic in favor of biodegradable, paper-wrapped, cartoned or package-less products.

n Look for brands that use less gizele/AdobeStock.com

packing material and planetforward shippers.

Beauty is a $49 billion industry in the U.S. That’s a lot of plastic lipstick cases and shampoo tubes buried in landfills and breaking down into microplastics that leach poisonous chemicals into the world’s oceans and our drinking water. As consumers, we can vote with our wallets, sending a clear message to makeup and skincare brands: We want the planet to be beautiful, too. Sustainability to-do list:

n Instead of using disposable cleansing wipes, make a reusable, washable alternative using a cut-up T-shirt or ultra-soft baby washcloths. Online DIY recipes for the liquid solution include water, witch hazel, essential oils and mild soaps.

n Opt for products that eliminate water as the main ingredient, such as shampoo and conditioners that come in paper-wrapped bars, lowering shipping costs, eliminating the need for plastic bottles and conserving water.

n Say no to single-use sheet masks wrapped in plastic or made of petroleum-based materials. Easier,

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n Support, applaud and purchase refillable products.

n In certain areas of the country, #1 and #2 plastic containers commonly used in the beauty industry are not accepted at local recycling centers. TerraCycle.com offers a mail-in solution with free shipping labels for packages weighing more than 15 pounds. Among the recyclable items accepted through this program are lip balm tubes, soap dispensers, shampoo and conditioner caps, hair spray triggers, lipstick cases, mascara tubes, eye shadow cases, foundation packaging and lip liner pencils.

May my soul bloom in love for all existence. ~Rudolf Steiner

Spring Into Action!

Eco-friendly beauty brands:

n By Humankind (ByHumankind.com) is reducing use of single-use plastics.

n LOLI (LoliBeauty.com) is a zerowaste brand that uses food-grade glass yogurt jars that can be repurposed in the kitchen.

n Cadence (KeepYourCadence.com) offers refillable containers as an alternative to wasteful, travel-size products.

n Lush (LushUSA.com) champions

Adopt -AManatee


package-less products.

n Beautycounter (BeautyCounter.com) has pledged to eliminate unit cartons; decrease its use of virgin plastic; use recycled, recyclable, reused or compostable packaging; and create refillable products.

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May 2021


People in the “poorest of the poor” communities in which money is not a high value can feel as happy as people in high-income Scandinavian countries, concludes new research from Canada’s McGill University. For the study published in PLOS One, interviewers studied 678 people living in Bangladesh and the Solomon Islands, both extremely low-income countries. People in remote fishing villages with subsistence-level incomes reported very high levels of “subjective well-being”, which they attributed to spending lots of time with family and being in nature. Villagers that had migrated to urban areas for work were more likely to gauge their well-being by economic and social factors, and reported lower feelings of well-being, leading researchers to speculate that monetization, especially in its early stages, may be detrimental to happiness. “When people are comfortable, safe and free to enjoy life within a strong community, they are happy—regardless of whether or not they are making any money,” says Chris Barrington-Leigh, a professor at McGill’s Bieler School of the Environment.

As convenient as store-bought baby food is, it can pose hidden dangers for infant brains, say U.S. congressional investigators. A report issued by the House of Representatives on February 4 found “dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals,” including arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury, in baby foods made by major companies Hain Foods, Gerber, Beech-Nut and Happy Family Organics. Walmart, Campbell Soup Company and Sprout Organic Foods refused to cooperate with the investigation. On March 5, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration pledged to enact new standards, increase inspections and testing, and support research to lower baby food contaminants. Low levels of exposure to heavy metals can cause serious, irreversible damage to children’s brain development, studies show. Naturally present in the environment, they enter baby foods through soil, water and air; companies attempt to minimize this impact through processing. In one example, Hain Celestial, which makes Earth’s Best Organic, says it no longer uses brown rice, which can harbor arsenic.

Sleep Deeply to Reduce Anxiety A natural, non-pharmaceutical remedy for anxiety disorders that affect 40 million Americans is as close as our beds, say University of California at Berkeley researchers. In Nature Human Behaviour, they reported that a sleepless night can trigger up to a 30 percent rise in anxiety levels, but a full night of slumber stabilizes emotions. The type most apt to calm and reset the anxious brain is deep sleep, also known as nonrapid eye movement, slow-wave sleep during which neural oscillations become highly synchronized and heart rate and blood pressure drop. The researchers used brain scans to identify anxiety levels in 48 volunteers after nights of deep or restless sleep. “Without sleep, it’s almost as if the brain is too heavy on the emotional accelerator pedal without enough brake,” says the study’s senior author Matthew Walker, professor of neuroscience and psychology. A second survey of 280 people online found that the amount and quality of sleep people experienced from one night to the next predicted how anxious they would feel the next day. Even subtle nightly changes in sleep affected anxiety levels. 14

Sarasota/Manatee Edition


vladislav muslakov/Unsplash.com

theodore gouta/Unsplash.com

Don’t Rely on Money for Happiness

Nix Baby Foods that Harbor Toxic Metals

m studio/AdobeStock.com

health briefs

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Avoid Coffee When Pregnant to Safeguard Brain Development A mother’s coffee drinking during pregnancy can change important pathways in an infant’s developing brain, raising the risk of behavioral issues, attention difficulty and hyperactivity years later, say researchers at the University of Rochester, in New York. Analyzing thousands of brain scans of 9- and 10-year-olds, researchers found clear changes in how white matter tracks, which form connections between brain regions, were organized in children whose mothers reported consuming caffeine while pregnant. “These are sort of small effects and it’s not causing horrendous psychiatric conditions, but it is causing minimal, but noticeable behavioral issues that should make us consider long-term effects of caffeine intake during pregnancy,” says John Foxe, Ph.D., principal investigator of the university’s Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study. Previous studies have found that a fetus does not have enough of the enzyme necessary to break down caffeine when it crosses the placenta.

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Climbing Time

Ark Park

photo courtesy of phil hardberger park conservancy

World’s Largest Wildlife Highway Crossing Opens in San Antonio

The new Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge connects people with nature in the heart of San Antonio across a sixlane highway at Phil Hardberger Park. Private donations and a fiveyear bond program approved by voters helped fund the $23 million bridge, the largest wildlife crossing of its kind in the U.S. Wildlife and vehicle collisions are a big problem across the country, increasing by 50 percent in 15 years, with an estimated 1 to 2 million large animals killed by motorists every year, according to National Geographic sources. In the U.S., 21 threatened and endangered species face extinction partly because of traffic accidents. Wildlife crossings are seen as an effective solution to the problem, with fatality reductions of up to 95 percent, depending on the location. The San Antonio bridge is notable for its size—150 feet wide and 150 feet long—and that it accommodates people, too. Animals in the 330-acre park that benefit from the bridge include ringtails, squirrels, coyotes, lizards, raccoons and deer. They are using it as intended, and it also serves as a habitat for native plants.

Critters React to Warming Temperatures in the Rockies

A 13-year study at the University of Colorado at Boulder published in the journal Ecology reveals that the popular goldenmantled ground squirrel and 46 other species of rodents and shrews in Colorado are climbing uphill to escape warming temperatures in the state. The report states that, on average, the ranges of the animals have shifted more than 400 feet in elevation since the 1980s. Montane mammals, or those already living at higher elevations like the ground squirrel, have moved up 1,100 feet on average. It‘s a significant change that could rob them of their environmental niche. The same species may be harbingers of larger and more urgent changes in the Rocky Mountains. Colorado has warmed by nearly 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1980s because of human-caused climate change. As the state continues to heat up, scientists say that ponderosa pine forests and other mountain ecosystems will have to move higher to find cooler weather. Beginning in 2008, the team visited multiple sites in Colorado’s Front Range and San Juan mountains to collect records of the current ranges of 47 species of rodents and shrews. They compared their findings with approximately 4,500 historic records from museum collections dating back to the 1880s and included animal specimens stored at the university museum, which houses nearly 12,000 mammals from Colorado.


Climate Change Makes Pollen Season Worse for Allergy Sufferers

budimir jevtic/AdobeStock.com

A new study by the University of Utah published in the journal PNAS found that pollen seasons have been getting longer and more intense in North America over the last 30 years, aggravating asthma and weakening defenses against respiratory viruses, resulting in more emergency room visits that disrupt lives. Researchers comparing pollen metrics between 1990 and 2018 from 60 monitoring stations indicate that seasons are starting up to 20 days earlier and lasting up to eight days longer, affecting millions of allergy sufferers. The study looked at variable factors such as temperature, rainfall, frost days and carbon dioxide concentrations, and found that an increase in mean annual temperatures was the strongest driver. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 19 million adults have been diagnosed with hay fever, an allergic reaction to pollen, a fine powder from plants that can come into contact with the eyes, nose, mouth and throat.


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global briefs

aliaksandr marko/AdobeStock.com

MARLIT, an open-access web app based on a deep-learning artificial intelligence algorithm, will promote the detection and measurement of floating plastics in the sea with a reliability of over 80 percent, according to a study published in the journal Environmental Pollution conducted by experts at the Biodiversity Research Institute of the University of Barcelona. Floating macro-litter is a threat to the conservation of marine ecosystems worldwide. The largest density of floating litter is in the great ocean gyres (systems of circular currents that spin and catch litter), but polluting waste is also abundant in coastal waters and semi-closed seas such as the Mediterranean. The analysis, using artificial intelligence techniques and more than 3,800 aerial images of the Mediterranean coast along Catalonia, will permit researchers to detect the presence, density and distribution of plastic pollutants in seas and oceans worldwide. Historically, direct observation by boats and planes formed the basis for assessing the impact of floating marine macro-litter, but the massive area of the oceans and the amount of data required have made it hard in the past for researchers to progress with new monitoring studies.

Fitting End

Composting Human Remains is a Reality

Frustrated with the limited options for environmentally friendly burial services and the rampant use of embalming in most funeral homes, which turns these sites into major groundwater polluters, environmental activist Katrina Spade founded Recompose (Recompose.life), the country’s first human composting funeral home, in Seattle. Formaldehyde, one of the most common embalming chemicals, is a carcinogen. Inspired by Spade’s idea, Governor Jay Inslee passed a bill legalizing composting as a form of human burial in 2019. Before then, the only legal and eco-friendly burial options were natural burial sites, of which there are only one or two hundred in the country. Both cremations and traditional burials cause environmental damage. Recompose offers an innovative funeral service that turns human remains into healthy soil. It gives Washington state and surrounding residents a chance to make a positive environmental change through their death, as well as their life. The process is said to save a metric ton of CO2 in the burial process, and the facility is accepting clients throughout the Northwest.

Gas Utilities Knock Electric Appliances

As cities phase out the installation of gas lines in new buildings to cut down on methane emissions, gas utilities have been staging adversarial campaigns nationwide. In Santa Barbara, California, residents received warnings that a gas ban would dramatically increase their bills. The Pacific Northwest group Partnership for Energy Progress, funded in part by Washington state’s largest natural gas utility, Puget Sound Energy, has spent at least $1 million opposing heating electrification in Bellingham and Seattle, including $91,000 on bus ads with the slogan, “Reliable. Affordable. Natural Gas. Here for You.” In Oklahoma, Arizona, Louisiana and Tennessee, the industry has worked aggressively with state legislatures to pass laws to prevent cities from passing cleaner building codes. The American Gas Association even has a website (aga.org) dedicated to promoting cooking with gas. Surveys have found that most people are open to switching water heaters and furnaces from gas to electric versions, so gas company advertising has made gas stoves a symbol of wealth, good taste and status for consumers, builders and realtors. Gas connections in American houses are at an all-time high, but as Americans realize that natural gas is a powerful contributor to climate change and source of air pollution, at least 42 cities have strengthened building codes to discourage expanding gas hookups in new construction.

For Wellness Living, Joy & Empowerment The Universal Service - Sun. May 23 at 10:30am “Graduating To A New Paradigm.” On Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/812208049 Password: RTI2020. Private Sessions: Counseling, Energy Work, Reiki, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Intuitive and Oracle Card Readings Rev. Zan Benham (Butterfly Deerwoman) www.woman-spirit.com • Zan@woman-spirit.com • 941-922-7839 Visionary • Intuitive Counselor • Shamanism • Reiki Master Teacher • Ceremonialist • Reader May 2021


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Artificial Intelligence Joins Fight Against Marine Litter

Fuel Fight


Great Minds

Bioidentical Women’s Hormone Therapy women’s hormone therapy

ze and prioritize by Dr. Fred Harveyyour wellness. omen's health, one size does not fit all.


e have heard much conflicting informaegrative Medicine is known tion with regard to hormone y offering patients traditional, replacement in the past 25 d holistic therapies. years. From Suzanne Somtions?mers, who popularized the term “bioidentical” in 1997, utrition live radio show to the negative press of the co-hosts WMNF 88.5FM Women’s Health Initiative 1am. in 2001, and all the way to dj@wmnf.org on the present, we have been inundated with so many opinions that it makes the ey Centerhead for Integrative spin. Medicine Ridge Road, Suite J | Sarasota 34233 Many women have 9.9355 www.harveycenter.com fallen prey to marketing campaigns for different interventions that promote health and longevity. However, there are some factual points which can help to clarify the steps women can take to ensure optimal hormone health. First, I want to define bioidentical. BIO HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) uses estradiol, the principle human estrogen, rather than conjugated 18

Sarasota/Manatee Edition

horse estrogen found in the carcinogenic pill Premarin. Instead of the synthetic toxin medroxyprogesterone found in Prempro and Depo-Provera, we use progesterone which can help protect against both breast and uterine cancers. The term “natural” is not used with bioidentical hormones because all of them are anti-synthetic. They are made in a lab using enzymes to transform natural plant extracts such as genistein from soy or dioscorea from wild yam. This process results in bioidentical hormone replacements that function exactly like human hormones do. In addition to hormone replacement therapy, it’s also important to follow the foundational principles of clean diet, abundant water, restful sleep, daily exercise and


nurturing relationships. Fiber, micronutrients (like B vitamins), sulfur compounds (like sulforaphane), DIM from brassica vegetables, and phytochemicals (like genistein from soy) promote healthy hormone metabolism. Probiotics can also help to ensure the gut and liver function optimally which further supports hormone health. There are many approaches to Hormone Replacement Therapy, but one in particular has no long-term clinical trial evidence of safety, has never been studied officially to determine efficacy, has no certified method of manufacture or delivery, and defies every principle of functional medicine because it overrides natural physiologic signals to force the body into hormone induced submission and glandular coma. This method uses hormone pellets. Pellets are compounded by certain pharmacies, using a variety of waxy carriers that dissolve at slow unknown rates which are different in everyone. These are injected into abdominal fat with a large needle called a trocar. Once placed, they cannot be removed without surgery. The pellets make hormone levels flatline for many months. This causes a “coma” in the master glands, hypothalamus and pituitary, shutting them down for the duration. Hormones fluctuate monthly in women and daily in men. Therefore, hormone pellets are not natural and can be potential harmful. I prefer the use of topical or oral hormone replacement. There are brand names, generic pharmaceuticals and compounded hormones to achieve the desired outcomes. I have been using bioidentical hormones in my practice since 1992 before they were even called bioidentical because I knew 30 years ago that synthetic hormones were poison. If you are interested in more information, please come in for a bioidentical hormone consultation to start your customized wellness journey. The Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine is located at 3982 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota. For more information, visit HarveyCenter. com. To schedule your own personal consultation, call 941-929-9355 or email Doc@ HarveyCenter.com. Telehealth and second opinion consultations are also available upon request.

Bioidentical women’s hormone therapy Customize and prioritize your wellness. Because with women's health, one size does not fit all.

The Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine is known for optimizing wellness by offering patients traditional, alternative, preventive and holistic therapies. Do you have medical questions? Call or email the Health & Nutrition live radio show and "ask the Doc"! Dr. Fred co-hosts WMNF 88.5FM every other Monday, 10-11am. Call 813-239-9663 or email dj@wmnf.org on May 10 & 24. THE


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Dr. Korman?

by Dr. Laura Korman, DC Q: Can I reduce anxiety without the use of medications? A: It is estimated that 18 percent of Americans suffer from anxiety, and half of those Americans also suffer from depression. One main contributor to the onset of these mood disorders is a traumatic life event. We all know that 2020 was a year of fear, isolation and uncertainty which, for some people, resulted in loneliness, depression and anxiety. Genetics does play a role in a person’s susceptibility to mental health issues, as well as the environment in which that person was raised or how they were nurtured by those around them. However, it’s recently discovered that a traumatic life event is the main cause of unmanageable anxiety and depression. Perhaps even more surprising, this is not just a the result of a stressful situation itself, but the perception of not being able to cope with a traumatic life event. While psychotropic medication might be able to help in the short-term, when dealing with an acute unexpected life event, 20

Sarasota/Manatee Edition


medications slowly deplete the body’s natural production of the neurotransmitters they are designed to improve. Long-term nutrition and lifestyle solutions are the best ways to optimize mental health. Another positive strategy to handle life’s unexpected stresses is to practice visualization with prayer, meditation and affirmations. The brain cannot hold onto two different thoughts at the same time, so as a result, you can train the brain to believe in your own abilities to handle fear in a new and constructive way. The nervous system, which controls thoughts and emotions, can be trained to align with your “chosen” affirmations through a practice called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This is a form of psychological acupressure which uses light tapping with your fingertips at specific meridian points on your head, face, rib cage and wrists. Verbally expressing a fear, problem or traumatic event, while you perform a tapping sequence, then voicing a positive affirmation can break this circuit of emotional pain and allow a more balanced mind-body connection to restore optimal health. One place you can learn this simple technique to quickly lower fear and anxiety, is by watching EFT Tapping with Julie Schiffman on YouTube. You might also notice that your gut is often negatively affected under stress, but you might not understand the reason why. All the neurotransmitters that the brain uses for mood, motivation and sleep are manufactured, in large part, in the gut by foods you eat and the presence or absence of healthy microbiota (friendly bacteria). The gut is actually considered a second brain because of the direct influence the two have on each other. According to Dr. Joe Mercola, unhealthy gut flora alone can lead to mental health issues including anxiety, depression, autism and more. Research has shown the probiotic Lactobacillus Rhamnosus had a marked effect on raising GABA levels. This neurotransmitter is shown to be low in people with anxiety. This probiotic was also shown to lower corticosterone, a stress-induced hormone which results in lower anxiety and depression. Avoiding processed foods and refined sugars, while consuming vegetables, fermented foods a high-quality probiotic supplement, will help the gut effectively make neurotransmitters to stabilize your emotional health. You might also consider a gluten-free diet (also shown to reduce anxiety in some people) for a period of two or three weeks to see how you feel. Other lifestyle factors that can help optimize your mental health include consistent exercise, sun exposure (without burning) to increase vitamin D levels, supplementation with highquality omega-3 oils (these healthy fats are vital to reducing depression), vitamin B complex and magnesium, seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night, and other stress management techniques as mentioned above. I hope you found this information valuable. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, please reach out to someone for help. If you would like further one on one direction with lifestyle and nutrition, please feel free to contact me at 941-629-6700 or visit DrLauraKorman.com.

May 2021


community spotlight

Talking Women’s Health with Dr. Christina Captain

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer


ay is recognized as National Women’s Health Month, and in this current landscape, it’s more crucial than ever for women of all ages to make both their physical and mental well-being a priority. This includes nutrition, hormone balance, detoxification, stress management, sexual or reproductive health, and other lifestyle factors that contribute to optimal functioning. For an insider’s take on how women can be their own wellness advocates—both during Women’s Health Month and even all year round—I sought the expertise of Dr. Christina Captain. As a nationally 22

Sarasota/Manatee Edition

board-certified Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, as well as the founder of Sarasota Center for Acupuncture and Nutrition, Dr. Captain offers a breadth of knowledge and experience on the topic, as outlined in our conversation below.

Natural Awakenings: What are some key facets of a comprehensive healthcare plan for women’s bodies, and how does your practice address them? Dr. Christina Captain: It’s all relative, depending on each person’s needs, as well as the phase of life. For adolescent girls, it’s all about making sure their menarche experi-


ence (the first occurrence of menstruation) is manageable, and their subsequent cycles are regular and painless. Nutrition and acupuncture are both major components of this. As women move into their child bearing years, I focus on both fertility and pregnancy health. Targeted nutrition and acupuncture play a significant role here as well, then labor induction and postpartum care are next. Later in life, I emphasize healthy aging and hormonal balance. Sometimes this means dealing with the effects of medications, life challenges such as cancer, or treatments such as chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). In the later years, I also address menopausal symptoms, sexual health maintenance, and the deterioration of joints, organs, and other body parts (e.g. incontinence or vision issues), so that women feel assisted and supported in the limitations of an aging body. My treatment protocol during all of these life phases is uniquely tailored to the patient, but frequently includes nutritional planning, acupuncture, detoxification (mental and physical) and target supplementation based on laboratory analysis. The main focus is on whole health—looking at all aspects of wellness and making specialist referrals where necessary. This team approach is the best for the patient, and one I also utilize for myself.

NA: As a woman in the healthcare profession, what do you want other women to know about being empowered to advocate for and take control of their own well-being? Dr. Captain: Women are the bedrock of their families, so it often falls on them to seek out positive and effective healthcare solutions for each member of the family. During my 21 years in practice, I have been honored to treat generations of families, and with each patient, I utilize education to facilitate empowerment. We all need to ask questions and challenge the “why” behind a treatment or procedure. I encourage my patients to inquire about alternatives and know all the options available before they make a healthcare de-

cision. A number physicians do this now, but there are still those who remain in practice by keeping medicine a secret. These physicians might tell a patient, “The ‘why’ is for me to know—you can trust my expertise. There is a reason it’s called doctor’s orders, right?” However, the state of Florida requires by law that patients receive, to the best of their understanding, all the transparent facts about a medical treatment including the pros, cons and alternatives. I consistently strive to empower my own patients to take ownership of their bodies and be proactive in asking questions about their course of treatment. I encourage them to view their healthcare team as an advisory board, not as a command center. When patients are active in the process and have a full understanding, they can make informed decisions.

NA: How has your practice changed or pivoted this last year in response to the pandemic, and what measures have you taken to ensure both staff and patient safety? As an essential business, my practice never closed, but so much has changed about our daily operations. We now pre-screen the temperatures of all staff members, and are actively seeking vaccinations for them. At this time, we are 50 percent vaccinated as a team, and we have also changed from street clothes and labcoats to scrubs full-time. In addition, we are masked 100 percent from the start to finish of each day, and we no longer use linens in our treatment rooms— only paper and disposable everything. Before patients enter our office, we also pre-screen their temperatures and ask about their overall health or current symptoms. Masks are required for entry as well, and if a patient feels sick or has been exposed to someone who might have COVID-19, we ask them not to come in. Due to the limited space in our practice, we allow one person in the lobby at a time, and we sanitize every room after each patient. I am not a fan of chemicals, so I use soap and water to clean all surfaces. I was grateful when the CDC recently came out with new information that COVID-19 is not spread through surface contact, but Lysol, masks and handwashing are imperative. The last year has been an undeniable challenge, but my practice has weathered both the crisis of 9–11 and the recession of 2008—I know we’ll survive this too.

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Dr. Christina Captain, DAOM, MSAOM, MSHN, MA, AP, is nationally board-certified by the National Commission for Certification in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She is the lead practitioner at Sarasota Center for Acupuncture and Nutrition. Her practice is located at 2650 Bahia Vista Street, Suite 101, Sarasota. For more information, call 941-951-1119 or email DrCaptain@SCANsrq.com. Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer is the Managing Editor of Natural Awakenings Sarasota–Manatee. She also works as a freelance writer, blogger and social media marketer. Her personal blog HealthBeAHippie.Wordpress.com features tips for embracing an active, nutritious, balanced and empowered lifestyle. May 2021



by Eric Winder, DC


europathy of the feet or hands can range from mild to severely limiting for life activities, and it can even cause safety issues. There are limited options to treat this condition of nerve damage— mostly using conventional methods—but at our office, we see tremendous improvements in most cases by using low-level laser therapy and fascia release techniques. For many patients. there are improvements in symptoms after just the first or second treatment. In most cases, neuropathy involves a combination of numbness, tingling or pain. It has many different causes, but the most common neuropathy stems from diabetes. This is caused by chemical changes from high blood sugar, but researchers cannot explain why some diabetics with wellcontrolled sugar experience neuropathy, while others with higher blood sugar levels do not. The other two most common types of neuropathy I see in my practice are chemotherapy-induced neuropathy and idiopathic (cause unknown) neuropathy. 24

Sarasota/Manatee Edition

There are many other types, but those tend to be much less common. While our current protocols help over 90 percent of neuropathy patients, this was not always the case. We helped many people to improve their symptoms, but our overall success rate was closer to 60 percent. However, by adding in a new type of fascia release therapy that we had not used before, we are now able to help almost all of our patients with the three most common neuropathy types listed above. Fascia is the sheet-like connective tissue that covers other tissues, including muscles and joints. The new fascia therapy technique we added to neuropathy treatment focuses on treating restrictions in the superficial fascia, located just under the skin. It is the connective tissue that joins the skin to the muscles underneath, while also allowing the skin to flex and move. We added this new treatment to our typical muscle and joint fascia release therapy for neuropathy patients. To complete each treatment, we use low-level laser therapy


in the infrared wavelengths. This promotes increased energy production and metabolism in the injured nerve cells. A patient whom I will refer to as Marilyn is a prime example of the success of using this protocol. Her diabetes had caused painful numbness in her feet that was severe enough to cause poor balance. She carried a cane with her for reassurance, and had greatly reduced her activities such as beach walks and even shopping due to worries about falling. The pain in her feet would often wake her at night. As with all of my neuropathy patients, I tested her sensation perception in her feet. A sharp point felt dull to her on the arches and balls of her feet, and Marilyn could feel nothing at all on the pads of her toes. After one treatment at our office, she felt better balance on her feet. After two treatments, she began to feel dull sensation in her toe pads. After the third treatment, she could feel the sharpness of a pointed object pressed against her arches, and her balance improved enough to elicit confidence in walking without her cane. After two months of treatment, Marilyn enjoyed beach walks again, and was able to sleep through the night without pain. While her feet are still slightly numb, we are able to maintain her improvements with just occasional treatment visits. It is truly exciting to see the consistent results that neuropathy patients can experience with this combination of fascia release therapies and low-level laser therapy. Medications often help the pain of neuropathy but not the loss of sensation and balance. Neuropathy medications also often have strong side-effects, and I have treated many patients who are not able to tolerate taking them. Fortunately, there is a non-drug approach that works effectively for most people, and I am thrilled to help patients get relief with such a difficult problem. Eric Winder, D.C., uses gentle manual therapy and rehab techniques, without forceful manipulation, to help patients with a wide range of pain and injury problems. For more information, call 941-957-8390 or visit Gentlebay.com. Dr. Winder’s offices are located in Sarasota and Osprey.

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GentleBay Chiropractic Dr. Eric Winder Fascia, a fibrous connective tissue, is the “structural fabric” of your body. It houses the position sense nerve endings which allow for coordination, muscular balance, and joint stability. Restrictions in fascia can cause a wide range of pain problems from tendinitis to back pain and from chronic headaches to joint arthritis. Fascia therapy relieves this pain and restores flexibility. We are open and accepting new patients, while adhering to strict hygiene protocols in light of COVID-19.

Feel your best. (941) 957-8390 3131 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota • 618 S. Tamiami Trail, Osprey More info at www.gentlebay.com May 2021




Five Top Health Concerns and What to Do


by Ronica O’Hara

nyone walking into a U.S. hospital today will notice something that was inconceivable 50 years ago—one in three practicing physicians is a woman, and among physicians under age 35, it’s three in five. That compares to one in 14 in 1970. For women needing health care, that fact can change everything. “Research says that female physicians provide better care to female patients than male physicians do,” says Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Alice Domar, Ph.D., a pioneer in women’s mind-body medicine. “They are more likely to listen carefully and take complaints seriously.” That’s just one factor in how health care is improving for women. Only three decades ago, women were simply considered “small men” in medical research and rarely included as subjects in clinical studies. Today, after a 1993 federal mandate ensured their inclusion, it’s been well established that women metabolize drugs differently than men, respond to health threats with a more robust immune system and are more likely to experience side effects. These findings have helped spur major changes for women in standards, dosages, medications and procedures—resulting in fewer cancer deaths, better treatment of autoimmune disorders and more nuanced cardiac care strategies. Although much has improved about women’s health, much more remains to be done.

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About one in three women is diagnosed with cancer in the course of a lifetime, and they have better survival rates than men, of which one in two receives that diagnosis. Between 2001 and 2017, the overall cancer death rate for women declined by 1.4 percent each year as diagnoses and treatments became more refined and targeted. The number one cancer killer for women is lung cancer, although 19 percent diagnosed have never smoked. The next most deadly are cancers of the breast, colon/rectum, pancreas and ovaries. Breast cancer deaths have dropped by 40 percent since 1989, thanks to greater awareness, early detection and better treat-

ments. “Women learned from the AIDS crisis that making noise gets results,” says Domar. “Look at how far breast cancer research and treatment has come in the past 10 to 20 years, how powerful Breast Cancer Awareness Month is, and that everyone recognizes that pink ribbon.” Common symptoms: Bowel changes, lingering sores, fatigue, lumps, unusual discharge, difficulty digesting or swallowing, nagging cough or hoarseness, belly or back pain. New research: An international research team has identified a direct molecular link between meat and dairy diets and the development of antibodies in the blood that increases the chances of developing cancer. Medical advances: Painful, invasive biopsies may become a thing of the past. Mayo Clinic researchers have developed a simple blood test that detects more than 50 types of cancer, as well as their location within the body, with a high degree of accuracy, and the City of Hope Cancer Center, in Los Angeles, has developed a urine test that analyzes cell-free fragments of DNA to detect cancer. Preventive strategies: Vitamin D supplementation lowers the risk of mortality across all cancers, German researchers found, estimating that if all Germans older than 50 took such supplements, up to 30,000 cancer deaths per year might be avoided. A 10-year study found that people between 55 and 74 that took a low-dose aspirin at least three times each week lowered their risk of all types of cancer by 15 percent and overall mortality by 19 percent.

Heart Disease

One in three American women die from heart disease, more than all cancers combined. “Unfortunately, awareness that heart disease can and does happen to women remains low, and this results in delay of care,” says cardiologist Nicole Harkin of Whole Heart Cardiology, in San Francisco. “Women tend to seek medical care later in the course of their heart attack and with more risk factors, resulting in poorer outcomes, and they are more likely than men to die of their first heart attack.” Women have different symptoms of heart disease than men, are often misdiagnosed and have a 20 percent greater risk of dying within five years of a heart attack. Pregnant women that develop hypertension are two to five times more likely to later develop cardiovascular disease. Common symptoms: Heart pressure, fatigue, breathlessness and pain between the shoulder blades. New research: Eating more than seven servings per day of refined grains like croissants and white bread increased the risk of heart disease by 33 percent and stroke by 47 percent, concluded a study in The British Medical Journal. In a Stanford study, participants that ate plant-based meat for eight weeks had improved markers of heart health, lower LDL levels and lost two pounds compared to those eating meat. Medical advance: To successfully fix a floppy mitral valve that’s hampering blood flow in the heart, doctors can guide a catheter

up a patient’s leg vein and staple the troubled parts of the valve with a tiny clip, a safer and less invasive procedure than openheart surgery. Preventive strategies: Eating nuts several times a week lowers by 30 to 50 percent the risk of heart attacks, sudden cardiac death and cardiovascular disease, four large cohort studies have shown. Older women with high fitness levels have one quarter the risk of dying from heart disease as women that are out of shape, report Spanish researchers.

Autoimmune Diseases The prevalence of autoimmune diseases has grown by one half in two decades, even as medications and targeted therapies have kept more patients active and out of wheelchairs. “Where it used to be the norm for many physicians to consider women with some autoimmune illnesses to be neurotic, that approach is now being recognized as being abusive and unacceptable. This is a critical step towards recovery,” says chronic fatigue expert Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., author of From Fatigued to Fantastic! About 80 percent of the 23 million Americans that suffer from debilitating autoimmune diseases are women, and those conditions tend to develop during childbearing years. The eighth-leading cause of death among women, these illnesses shorten lifespan by an average of eight years. The 80-plus diseases, including fibromyalgia, lupus, celiac disease, Type 1 diabetes, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, are linked to genetics, environmental triggers, some medications, obesity, injuries and stress. Common symptoms: These vary widely, but may include achy muscles, fatigue, recurring low-grade fever, joint pain and swelling, skin problems, abdominal pain and swelling, hair loss, swollen glands and tingling in hands and feet. New research: Eating significantly fewer foods containing the amino acid methionine, found at high levels in meat, fish, dairy and eggs, could slow the onset and progression of autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis in high-risk individuals, reports a study in Cell Metabolism. Medical advance: Evidence is mounting that low doses of naltrexone, a substance-abuse treatment drug, can treat conditions like lupus, Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis by normalizing the immune system and relieving pain with few side effects. “It costs only about 70 cents a day, is made by compounding pharmacists and is remarkably beneficial for a host of autoimmune conditions,” says Teitelbaum. Preventive strategy: To fight inflammation, take a daily turmeric or curcumin supplement that includes piperine (black pepper) for better absorption. A University of Houston meta-study in Nutrients found that curcumin supplements improved symptoms in 14 osteoarthritis, two ulcerative colitis and eight Type 2 diabetes studies.

Hormonal Imbalances The past 20 years has seen significant improvements in the studies May 2021


Medical advance: A major study of 9,000 postmenopausal women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer showed 94 percent that received hormonal therapy, but not chemotherapy, did not have recurrences. Preventive strategies: To avoid toxic chemicals, buy organics; replace plastic kitchen containers with glass; replace Teflon pans with ceramic or cast-iron; use chemical-free cosmetics and shampoos; nix air fresheners and chemical cleaners; and check out food and care products at the Environmental Working Group (ewg. org). To help detox the body, consider working with a naturopathic doctor to develop a program that may include cleansing foods, herbs, saunas, elimination diets and chelators such as activated charcoal and algae.

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and treatments of female hormonal issues. “There are now treatment options that allow women to transition into menopause, options for prevention of osteoporosis and momentous changes in fertility,” says Stephanie Seitz, a naturopathic family physician in Scottsdale, Arizona. At the same time, she adds, “I have seen environmental toxins rising in my female population. I see young girls coming in with polycystic ovary syndrome, early menarche and painful menstrual cramping; women having trouble getting pregnant for unknown reasons; the rise of fibroids, premature ovarian insufficiency and endometriosis.” Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers, regulating processes ranging from hunger to blood pressure to mood and playing a key role in reproduction. They have come under assault from endocrine disrupters, thousands of largely unregulated perand polyfluoroalkyl substances, abbreviated PFAS. These “forever chemicals” are found in everything from plastics to cushions to canned foods, and are in the blood of 98 percent of Americans. Studies have linked them to girls experiencing puberty one year earlier than 40 years ago; to rising cases of infertility, miscarriages and low birth weight; to menopause occurring two to four years earlier; and to obesity, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis and breast cancer. Common symptoms: Because hormones regulate all of the body’s processes, symptoms of imbalance run the gamut and may include fatigue, weakness, erratic menstrual cycles and weight gain or loss. New research: Early menstruation increases the likelihood of hot flashes and night sweats decades later at menopause, according to a University of Queensland study. Eating five teaspoons of extra-virgin olive oil daily reduced women’s moderate to severe menstrual cramps by 83 percent in two months, Iranian researchers found. 28

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Women are twice as likely as men to develop depression, with one in four having a major episode at some point in life, yet fewer than half seek treatment. “Many women are too busy caring for others and feel guilty about their depression, fearing it could get in the way of their caregiving goals,” says New York psychoanalyst Claudia Luiz. “Many have the fantasy that if they open that door and allow themselves to focus on their feelings, they won’t be able to keep going.” Depression occurs most frequently in women ages 25 to 44, and one in five teenage girls reports having had a major depressive episode, a number that has exploded due to social media use. Psychotherapy is effective for 62 percent of adults with depression, antidepressants work for 54 percent and combining the two is helpful for 72 percent. Common symptoms: Sadness, anxiety, flat feeling, loss of motivation or feelings of pleasure, change of eating or sleeping patterns, low energy, difficulty concentrating or headaches. New research: Sleeping irregular hours, doing night shifts and working for more than nine hours a day have been shown to put women at higher risk of depression, while eating more dietary fiber in produce, grains and legumes significantly lowers this risk. Medical advances: For the estimated one in four people with depression that doesn’t respond to medication or therapy, emerging approaches offer fresh hope. Low doses of the anesthetic drug ketamine lifted the depression of 70 percent of hard-to-treat subjects by targeting specific serotonin receptors, Swedish researchers report. Transcranial magnetic stimulation, which uses magnetic pulses to stimulate parts of the prefrontal cortex, lifts symptoms for 50 to 60 percent of subjects, studies show. Preventive strategies: Eating at least two servings a week of wild-caught, oily fish or a daily 1,000-to-2,000-milligram fish oil supplement with a 60-to-40 EPA to DHA ratio has been shown to be effective for symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and postpartum depression. Taking a brisk daily walk in nature with a friend or dog lowers four factors linked to depression: a “nature deficit”, physical inactivity, low vitamin-D levels and isolation. Natural health writer Ronica O’Hara can be reached at OHaraRonica@gmail.com.


Three Steps for Facing Difficult Emotions


by Shauna Shapiro

pass away, like waves in the ocean. When we remember that this painful feeling will not last forever, it becomes more manageable. Through practice, we can learn to welcome all our emotions with an attitude of kindness and curiosity. This involves becoming interested in the emotion and the felt experience in the body. For example, we may feel sadness as a tightening in the throat or fear as a contraction in the belly. All emotions have their signature in the body. Compassion for ourselves and others. The final step to managing difficult emotions is to cultivate compassion. Self-compassion involves treating ourselves as we would a dear friend that is suffering. The willingness to face the pain in ourselves and in life takes great courage. As we practice self-compassion, we learn not only to grow from our own struggles and sorrows, but to connect with the sufferings and sorrows of others. We realize that we are not alone in our fear and overwhelm, and become aware of the many others right now that are also afraid. As we recognize our common humanity, our isolation begins to lessen and we understand that we are all in this together. Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness and compassion whose most recent book is Good Morning, I Love You: Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Practices to Rewire the Brain for Calm Clarity and Joy. For more information, visit DrShaunaShapiro.com.


ll of us can feel the impact of these uncertain and challenging times on our hearts and in our nervous systems. While there are parts of the situation that we cannot control, that does not mean we are powerless. When we’re up against change, uncertainty and stress, resilience is the key to navigate life and emerge with more happiness and satisfaction. We can cultivate resilience through the practices of mindfulness and compassion. Here are three key steps to finding greater clarity, calm and well-being. Naming our emotions. The first step is to bring mindfulness to whatever we are feeling and simply name it. Research shows that acknowledging and naming our emotions allows the body to physiologically calm down. It is helpful to remember that our emotions are here for a reason, metaphorically serving as a smoke alarm to let us know about an impending fire. Ignoring or repressing our emotions can lead to bigger problems, but mindfulness teaches us a different way to manage difficult emotions—acknowledge them and name what we feel—“name it to tame it”. When we name an emotion, it puts the brakes on our reactivity, downregulates the nervous system and allows us to see clearly. Welcoming our emotions. The second step is to learn to welcome difficult emotions. Emotions have a limited time span, typically lasting for only 30 to 90 seconds. They arise, do their dance and

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green living

Sustainably Stylish

Eco-Fashion that’s Kind to the Planet by Kajsa Nickels

is the washing of clothes. The synthetic fabrics and dyes come off in the laundry process and go into our groundwater and oceans, including the microplastics from polyester clothing.” Jay Charlton, founder of the UK’s Viva la Vegan fashion brand, believes eco-friendly fashion does not have to be poorly produced or poorly designed. Nor does it mean choosing between a million different options, says Charlton, who found her passion for veganstatement apparel after adopting a vegan diet. “One easy choice here is organic cotton over conventional cotton. While not perfect, it is better for the environment. Most organic cotton is produced under better working conditions for the farmers, too,” she says. She also stresses the importance of reading labels to determine where clothes originate. “The next time you go shopping, seek out sustainable vegan fabrics and fair wear policies to do what’s right for the planet, people and our animal friends.”


Clothing from companies like Fair Indigo use more sustainable fabrics and ensure better lives for garment workers.


Sarasota/Manatee Edition


Sustainable Yet Stylish

Just because something is safe for people and the planet doesn’t mean it can’t also be fashionable. Fair Indigo, located in Madison, Wisconsin, is a sustainable clothing company that specializes in garments made from organic Peruvian pima cotton. According to president and co-founder Robert Behnke, Peruvian pima cotton is prized for its longevity and durability. “We want to show the world that organic and sustainable does not have to be either too ‘crunchy’ or too trendy. The clothes that people wear every day— the clothes that make them feel comfortable—these are the brands that will have the greatest impact in truly changing the world.” Fashion doesn’t have to be brand-new in order to be in style. Although secondhand clothing has been regarded negatively in the past by some, it has become more popular in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Market researchers predict that resale clothing sales will increase 185 percent in the next decade compared to 20 percent for fast fashion. Creative ways we can help reduce clothing waste while staying in style include the following: Clothing exchange parties. Friends and family members can swap clothes and non-sized items such as purses, hats and scarves in fun, socially distanced events. Creative mending. People that have extra time on their hands may like to learn a new skill. Also known as visible mending, creative mending includes freestyle stitching around holes and tears, and both beaded and Japanese shashiko embroidery. image courtesy of FairIndigo.com

he trendy “fast fashion” industry standard that originated in the early 1990s has had far-reaching effects that continue today. With a production turnaround time as short as four months, designer knock-offs made with inexpensive materials line the shelves of shopping centers throughout the world. But cheap textiles come with a hidden price tag. According to the documentary The True Cost, consumers worldwide buy around 80 billion new items of clothing per year, a 400 percent increase from 20 years ago. A report by the UK-based Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which advocates a regenerative, circular economy, found that more than $500 billion in value is lost globally every year from rarely worn manufactured clothing and the lack of recycling. The greenhouse gas emissions from the production of these textiles total more than 1 billion metric tons per year, more than produced by international flights and maritime shipping combined. Sustainable clothing is important for both the planet and those wearing the clothing, says Jeff Garner, a fashion designer in Franklin, Tennessee, who founded the eco-label Prophetik. “The worst effect

Repurpose into something new. If an item of clothing is beyond repair, it doesn’t have to be thrown away. Old T-shirts can be turned into blankets, pillowcases and even coin purses. Men’s dress shirts can be transformed into dresses for young girls or onesies for babies. Kajsa Nickels is a freelance writer in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Contact her at Kajsa.BlueMountain@gmail.com.

conscious eating

Baby Bites Healthy Homemade Food for Tiny Tummies


or the first year of a baby’s life, breast milk and formula are the main sources of nutrition, but as early as 4 to 6 months, a little one may be suited to try solid foods. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, when a baby consistently holds their head up, has started to sit upright, has doubled their birth weight to a minimum of 13 pounds and exhibits an interest in food, they are ready. Anjali Shah, a board-certified health coach and author of The Super Easy Baby Food Cookbook, is a proponent of homemade purées and soft finger foods. “A store-bought sweet potato pouch can cost $2.50, whereas one sweet potato is under a dollar, and you can get multiple meals out of it,” says Shah. “So, budget-wise, it’s a lot cheaper. It’s also healthier because you can control what’s in your baby food.” The process is easy. “If you have a spoon and a fork, that’s a pretty good start, and if you have a blender, that’s really all you need,” says Amy Palanjian, author of Busy Little Hands: Food Play! and blogger at YummyToddlerFood.com. A very basic technique, which both she and Shah employ, involves boiling or steaming vegetables and fruits, puréeing them with a fork or blender to the desired smoothness and freezing one-ounce portions in ice cube trays. Once frozen, the cubes can be popped out, kept in labeled freezer bags and thawed to serve. They recommend a progression from thin, smooth purées to chunkier blends, and from very mild, single foods to progressively more adventuresome and complex flavors and textures. “Start with a really mild fruit like avocado or a really mild vegetable like carrots, green beans or sweet potato,” Shah advises. “Introduce one food every two or three days to make sure your baby is not allergic and that it suits their digestive system.” In addition to purées, parents can offer their babies small-cut, softened versions of foods that they can hold in their hands and gnaw, a technique called baby-led weaning. “Your baby will pick it up with their fists, stick it in their mouth and drool all over it and gum it up. It teaches them to chew very early on,” Shah explains. “Kids need healthy fats for proper brain development,” Palanjian says, suggesting a splash of olive oil in a broccoli purée or a dab of peanut butter in oatmeal. She also favors healthy proteins like a purée made with hard-boiled egg yolk slathered on a piece of toast or a well-blended bit of salmon.

“At 7 or 8 months, you can add lentils, beans and grains, and around 9 or 10 months you can start introducing mild spices—cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, turmeric, cumin, coriander. For example, if you’re going to make a lentil soup for yourself, you could add a few fresh, aromatic herbs like rosemary, oregano or thyme, and then for your baby, you can mash up that same lentil soup and serve it to them. The key is to avoid the hot spices like black pepper, cayenne or chili powder,” Shah says, noting that salt should be avoided in the first year because a baby’s kidneys cannot handle it. Added sugar is also a big no-no in her book. “The best way to feel like you’re feeding your baby safe food is to serve a variety of foods over the course of a week,” Palanjian says. “But most of all, learn to enjoy this phase of your baby’s life. It can be a fun milestone. Let them explore. Trust them if they turn their face, close their mouth or push the spoon away. There’s no reason you need to force another bite. Let them show you and be in charge of what goes into their mouth. That can be a great way to set the foundation for intuitive eating. We want them as adults to be able to say when they’re hungry and when they’re full, and we often have the tendency to try to override that in our kids. So, if you let that develop as it very clearly does and is present from birth, that can be a great thing to do with little ones.” Sandra Yeyati, J.D., is a professional writer. Reach her at SandraYeyati@gmail.com. May 2021



by Sandra Yeyati

wise words

Devaki Lindsey Berkson on

Bioidentical Hormones for Long-Term Health by Linda Sechrist ormone scholar Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson, a nutrition and gut expert as well as a continuing education professor for medical doctors and pharmacists, frequently lectures at conferences to clarify misinformation about hormones, such as the difference between synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and plantbased bio-identical hormone therapy (BHT). This peer-reviewed, published researcher is the bestselling author of Safe Hormones Smart Women and Sexy Brain: How Sizzling Intimacy & Balanced Hormones Prevent Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Depression & Divorce and a breast cancer survivor of 26 years.


Why do you refer to hormones as nature’s physiologic internet system?

Hormones send invaluable “email” signals to cells throughout the entire body and brain.

What is the difference between HRT and BHT?

Synthetic hormones are altered by pharmaceutical companies to make them profitable.

Bioidentical hormones are like those made by the body and designed by Mother Nature. I advise tracking hormone levels every decade throughout life to determine which levels help an individual feel their best. Unfortunately, doctors are still being taught that hormones are mainly important for reproductive or sexy things, addressing issues like peri- or post-menopause, andropause, erectile dysfunction or disease.

How did the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) affect the use of hormones?

Up until 2002, when WHI prematurely stopped one of its hormone study groups which was prescribed a combination of Premarin plus synthetic progesterone, estrogen therapies were the recommended standard of care for menopausal women and the biggest-selling pharmaceuticals in history. Medical journals, research institutions and expert cancer doctors accepted that estrogen was safe and did not increase the risk of breast cancer.

Carried out by the U.S. National Institutes of Health from 2002 to 2008, WHI conducted a series of 40 group studies following the health of 161,809 postmenopausal women. Studies covered various aspects of aging women’s health from diet, bone health and nutrients to heart health and the risk of hormone-driven cancers, as well as two randomized trials on hormone therapies. The resulting claims that the HRT combo of Premarin plus synthetic progestin significantly increased the risks of breast cancer, cardiac events, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke alarmed the public and huge numbers of U.S. doctors stopped prescribing hormones.

What has changed?

By 2004, re-analysis of the combo study demonstrated opposite findings, and a 19-year follow-up WHI analysis revealed that estrogen protects against breast cancer while on it and even 10 years after, while progestins do the opposite. Dr. Leon Speroff, professor at the University of Oregon and the physician who authored Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility, twice concluded after reviewing every statistical nuance of the WHI, “There continues to be good reason to believe that there are benefits associated with treatment, including improvement of quality of life beyond the relief of hot flushes, maximal protection against osteoporotic fractures, a reduction


Sarasota/Manatee Edition




in colorectal cancers, maintenance of skin elasticity and the possibility of primary prevention of coronary heart disease and Alzheimer’s.” Although new science clearly showed that hormones rule body and brain health and are critical for staying healthy, fighting illness long-term rather than short-term and lowering mortality timing by preventing heart attacks and strokes, CEOs of Big Pharma companies that provided the synthetic hormones used in the WHI trials continued to fight hard against BHT formulated by compounding pharmacists. Now these very same CEOs have released a BHT combination of estradiol and progesterone and are writing in peer review studies about how much better and safer it is. Big Pharma intends be the sole source of supply. They plan to do that by eliminating their competition: compounding pharmacies.

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What is your experience with compounding pharmacists?

The FDA purports that compounding pharmacies are dangerous, unregulated and use items that are too complicated to compound. Not true. Compounding pharmacists are skilled professionals at mixing bioidentical hormones to a doctor’s prescription. I’ve successfully been using compounding pharmacies for more than 30 years. A compounding pharmacist should be part of the health team when natural, bioidentical hormones are prescribed. Their knowledge can provide a wealth of experience for doctor and the patient. Furthermore, they provide an invaluable service at manufacturing a safe product that is unique for a particular patient. Hormones are so critical that even if you’re prescribed HRT, it’s better than losing out for decades on the hormone signals that keep your body younger and less inflamed. To be without healthy hormone signals is an aging and pro-inflammatory process to the body. In other words, get hormones any way you can. While synthetic is better than nothing, bioidentical trumps synthetic. DrLindseyBerkson.com offers a podcast archive, blog, newsletter and membership opportunities that include live, monthly, Zoom conversations. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings.

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fit body

Stay Fit with Bodywork Therapy Enhance Workout Performance and Recovery with Massage by Marlaina Donato

Tailored Tools “In the context of exercise, someone who trains three to five times per week at a high intensity will likely have a higher level of fitness. However, the demand placed on the soft tissue structures will equally be high, and may require more treatment to offset this. This may vary from once a week to once a month,” says Andy Stanbury, head of soft tissue therapy at Pure Sports Medicine, a London clinic for sports injuries. After working with high performance athletes for 15 years, he always asks, “What do I need to add to improve a patient’s fitness or performance?” For a patient that wants to improve fitness by running, “I would want to optimize their range of movement and stimulate the nervous system in readiness to exercise. I may look to use some myofascial release techniques, active release therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization or muscle energy techniques. This would of course take place before the run.” For post-run recovery, Stanbury suggests more relaxing modalities, such as gentle massage, combined with breathwork.

The Fascia Factor Fascia, a network of connective tissue, wraps the body in protective layers from the most superficial muscle to the deepest organs and plays a central role in flexibility. This complex netting can become stuck due to inactivity, injury or surgery. Keeping it supple is vital for everyone. 34

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herapeutic massage and other bodywork modalities are well-known stress-busters, but they can also hasten recovery after a workout or injury. A little restorative TLC with a bodywork practitioner before or after exercise can combat post-workout soreness and stiffness, maximizing our fitness investments in and out of the gym. Approaches such as Swedish, deep tissue and sports massages, and myofascial trigger point release therapy can boost both blood and lymphatic circulation, giving soft tissues a vital shot of cellular nutrition. Massage modalities affect biochemical processes and on the deepest level, mitochondria—the cell’s energy-producing engines. Research from 2015 published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows that massage immediately following injury due to resistance training encourages tissue regeneration.

Bodywork like myofascial release that targets trigger points—knots of tension—can help to ramp up postoperative and overall injury recovery. “Myofascial release is a technique used to reduce the tension in the fascial membrane. Slowly stretching the fascia will unwind and reduce the pressure on the muscles and nerves, reducing pain and creating range of motion and flexibility,” explains Anthony Hansen, a myofascial release therapist at Therapy on the Gulf, in Naples, Florida. Hansen, who specializes in a “fast release” technique, emphasizes the importance of a gentle approach. “Trigger points are caused by cellular debris encapsulated by the fascia, so it’s much better to stretch it loose than it is to force it. Normally, it takes about three to five sessions, depending on the condition of the patient, for the fascial system to unwind before the patient will feel relief.” Active trigger points refer, or radiate, pain elsewhere in the body while latent

points tend to be more localized and are sore when compressed. “From a wholebody perspective and when we put this in the context of fascial planes, restoration of efficient movement is key, particularly post-surgery and when progressing training load,” says Stanbury. “However, this is not just movement of the body (muscles), but movement of blood, lymph and energy.” A supple, tension-free body helps deter and bounce back from injuries. Regular bodywork, especially Swedish and deep tissue massage, fosters muscle recovery and helps prevent future issues. Self-massage using foam rollers and massage balls or canes can also be very helpful. Bodywork offers full-spectrum perks, points out Stanbury, including “improved tissue mobility and elasticity, more efficient blood circulation and reduced anxiety and stress. This will, in turn, help promote better sleep, which is, of course, where we recover best.” Marlaina Donato is a body-mind-spirit author and composer/recording artist. Connect at AutumnEmbersMusic.com.


Swedish Massage: Gentle, gliding strokes to stimulate circulation, lower blood pressure and reduce muscle tension. Deep Tissue Massage: Specific, focused massage to break up muscle congestion and reduce restrictions. Sports Massage: Offered at many gyms, physical therapy facilities and recreational sports events for recovery and prevention. Muscle Energy Techniques: Stretching and hands-on techniques that enable gentle muscle contraction to improve joint function and lengthen muscles. Myofascial Release: Modalities that specifically target trigger points in the muscles and fascia to release adhesions, increase oxygen and reduce pain and tightness include the following: Active Release Therapy: May be beneficial for chronic pain due to repetitive movements, especially where muscle weakness, numbness or tingling/burning is experienced in the soft tissues. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization: Also known as the Graston technique, practitioners use an array of hand-held instruments for deep trigger points in the fascia and muscles—beneficial after injuries and conditions such as piriformis, muscle-induced sciatica and back pain. Myofascial Cupping: A technique that employs cups to create suction on the muscle tissue to move lymph and blood through the area of deep trigger points.

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healthy kids

Natural Mama Holistic Approaches to a Healthy Pregnancy


by Julie Peterson


uring her first pregnancy, Sarah Wallace, a former registered nurse in Atlanta, was chronically anemic. “I was so tired I would fall asleep while I was eating dinner,” she says. That pregnancy resulted in a baby with a low birth weight. Fortunately, Wallace learned more about nutrition and wellness. Her now 4-year-old has caught up to the growth charts and is thriving, and her next pregnancy went smoothly. No matter how pregnancy is counted—280 days, 40 weeks or three trimesters— mama and baby share blood, nutrition and air for the duration. “Taking a holistic path before and during pregnancy is about embracing the nature of our bodies and committing to maintaining all aspects of wellness during this journey,” says Nancy Peplinsky, founder of the Holistic Moms Network, based in Caldwell, New Jersey.

Nutrition for Two The right foods nourish the growing baby, the placenta and the mother’s increasing blood volume, maintaining the mother’s body during the complex mission. Whole foods rather than processed are best. The Whole 9 Months: A Week-By-Week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide with Recipes for a Healthy Start, by integrative obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) Jennifer Lang and dietitian Dana Angelo White, makes it easier to select the proper nutrients along the way and provides ways to deal with nausea and cravings. Choose organic foods when possible to reduce exposures to pesticides. If organic isn’t an option for every food, The Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, from the Environmental Working Group (ewg.org), can be downloaded and taken to the market. Either avoid foods on the “Dirty Dozen” list or go organic for those items. A high-quality prenatal vitamin fills nutrition gaps. Wallace saw a difference between her first and second pregnancy by switching brands. “The first time, I took generic prenatal vitamins. With the second pregnancy, I found whole-food supplements. I never got that exhaustion, and my second baby was a healthy weight,” she says. “Research has shown that healthy nutrition during pregnancy improves outcomes for mom and baby, while unhealthy food choices can lead to premature childbirth, high-risk pregnancies and poor developmental outcomes in children,” says Peplinsky. 36

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In addition to clean food, it’s important to reevaluate body care products and household cleaners for toxicity. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has linked personal care and cleaning product ingredients to endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive disorders, neurotoxicity and cancer.

Body Love Kristen Burgess, in Fife Lake, Michigan, creator of the website NaturalBirthAnd BabyCare.com, teaches classes for momsto-be. “[Exercise] helps your blood volume increase, brings plenty of oxygen to your baby, increases your stamina and endurance for labor (which is an athletic event), and perhaps best of all, keeps you feeling great,” she writes in her blog. Options such as stretching, walking and prenatal yoga can be soothing for mom and baby. Burgess also advocates prenatal belly dancing to raise the heart rate “while bonding with your baby and relishing your beautiful pregnant form.” Peplinsky notes, “A holistic approach to pregnancy also embraces integrative therapies such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture and chiropractic, which may

assist in reducing stress, minimizing physical discomfort and joint pain, while improving overall life quality for mom and baby.”

Support Along the Way


A healthy pregnancy includes assistance. In the U.S., most women choose an OB-GYN, with just over 9 percent of 2017 births incorporating a midwife to support the mother before, during and sometimes after birth. A midwife is medically trained and, depending on state law, may offer gynecological examinations, birth control counseling and prescriptions. On her own or as an assistant to a doctor, she coaches the mother during labor and assists with the delivery, which may be in a home, birthing center or hospital. The American College of Nurse-Midwives, in Silver Spring, Maryland, offers a midwife locator. Another option is engaging a doula that focuses on emotional support for mom, her partner and the family during pregnancy and birth. During labor, she may offer massage, encouragement and breathing coaching. While doulas only provide non-medical care, they can offer evidence-based resources to inform decision-making. There is a database to find one at DoulaMatch.net. There are also books and apps to provide week-to-week details on pregnancy. Genevieve Howland, a childbirth educator in Destin, Florida, and author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth, offers a weekly article at MamaNatural.com about what’s going on with the developing baby and mother. “Being a holistic mom is about connecting the mind, body and spirit, and approaching wellness with all three in mind,” adds Peplinsky. “The more we listen to our instincts and our needs, the more our health improves during childbearing and afterwards.”

Pregnancy Apps

Julie Peterson writes about health and wellness. Reach out at JuliePeterson2222@gmail.com.

Tracking exercise, nutrition, baby bump images, the joys of the journey and the baby’s development are available options in a variety of apps. There are even apps for dads. Ovia has many features that expand based on the data entered. It answers questions about food safety and medications, and even has a community feature to connect with other moms. Hello Belly offers practical tips and a good dose of silliness with pregnancy jokes and memes. There are also yoga videos. Glow Nurture can be customized, has community spaces, symptom trackers, reminders for appointments and a boatload of articles. Expectful Pregnancy gives reminders to focus on joy by taking a moment to breathe or meditate. With guided sessions for pregnancy, moms-to-be can put regular meditation practices in place.


Sprout Pregnancy has a pregnancy timeline, weight tracker and journal. The 3-D images showing development of the baby are really cool, as well. Who’s Your Daddy gives Dad a to-do list, weekly updates, a development timeline, suggestions for taking care of Mom and helps him pick baby names.

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Homeopathy to the Rescue

Arnica montana

Create a Family First-Aid Kit by Marlaina Donato


Soft Tissue Trauma, Burns and Bites


Sarasota/Manatee Edition


olga ionina/AdobeStock.com

Gentle Go-To Medicine Whether treating a child’s skinned knee or an athlete with a mild to moderate injury, regular potencies offer benefits without a high risk of unpleasant or dangerous contraindicaLedum palustre tions. “In general, homeopathic remedies are safe for people of all ages because if taken as directed, there are no side effects or drug interactions. This is due to the fact that remedies have been made through a process that renders the substances harmless,” says certified classical homeopath Myra Nissen, in Davis and Walnut Creek, California. Classical homeopathic treatment is based on a person’s unique physical, emotional

and mental nature, and requires deeper study to find the most appropriate remedies, but first-aid applications are most often universally straightforward. “A homeopathic first-aid kit at home is useful for cuts, burns, bumps and bruises, insect bites, poison oak/ivy and minor illnesses,” says Nissen. Gentle, but beneficial Arnica montana is perhaps the best-known application, used for acute injury and post-surgery. In a 2016 review of studies in the American Journal of Therapeutics, a team of international researchers found Arnica to be more effective than a placebo for swelling, bruising and post-surgery pain, and suggested it could be an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Calendula is a heavy hitter for wound care, skin ailments, minor burns including sunburn, diaper rash and post-tooth extraction. It offers antiseptic and antiinflammatory properties and is available for topical and internal use.

Nissen highlights Ruta graveolens and Rhus toxicdendron for soft Rhus toxicdendron tissue injury and tendonitis and suggests Symphitum for serious damage to cartilage and ligaments. For puncture wounds or injuries involving nerves, Hypericum perforatum is helpful. She emphasizes the importance of using remedies immediately and properly to maximize the potential for rapid healing and pain reduction. Birch says that bee stings and allergic


homeo—meaning similar, and pathos—meaning suffering. Basically, it means that a substance has the power to cure the same symptoms it can create,” says Kate Birch, a certified classical homeopath at the HippHealth Center for Holistic Healing, in Minneapolis. “Moreover, the more a substance is diluted through homeopathic preparation, the more potent it can be for healing when given upon homeopathic indications.” For most health conditions, including chronic complaints, homeopaths recommend tailoring remedies to an individual’s constitution, but first-aid applications are relatively universal and simple. Homeopathic first-aid can be administered for muscle strains, splinters, minor burns and even the common cold. Available in health food stores and pharmacies, homeopathic remedies come in various potencies in the form of pellets, tinctures and topical agents.


Aconitum napellus

he 200-year-old health system of homeopathy is based on natural sources and is unique in its “like cures like” philosophy that uses extremely diluted substances to trigger the body’s natural defenses. “The word homeopathy is derived from two words:


healing ways

Hypericum perforatum

When taken at the first sign of a cold or flu, specially combined homeopathic formulas or single remedies can help to lessen severity and duration of certain viruses. Bryonia alba is useful for moderate fever, Gelsemium for general flu-like symptoms, Nux vomica for severe chills and nausea, and Arsenicum album for respiratory and stomach flus. Homeopathic remedies, like all medications, should be properly stored and kept away from children and pets. Also, not all products labeled as homeopathic may be pure. Some products add homeopathic remedies to other ingredients that are not safe; for example, Arnica gel may have alcohol, preservatives and stabilizers, and be harmful if swallowed. While homeopathy offers many benefits, Birch clarifies that it is not designed to be a quick fix and is best approached from a broader view or “a philosophy that shapes your day-to-day life. When you understand these things, once you have the right remedy, it produces instantaneous results.” Marlaina Donato is a body-mindspirit author and composer. Connect at AutumnEmbersMusic.com.

Bryonia alba

Suggestions from Myra Nissen Aconitum napellus: Known as Aconite, it is useful immediately after an injury when there is a shock or fright, such as a fall or a car accident. Also helpful to fight off a cold after being exposed to a chill.


Fighting the Flu

Homeopathic First-Aid Kit

Apis mellificia: Helpful for insect bites which are red, hot and swollen, like a bee sting. Arnica montana: Helpful for cuts and bruises. Hypericum perforatum: Helpful for puncture wounds and injuries involving nerves such as catching a finger in the car door or hitting it with a hammer. Ledum palustre: Helpful for puncture wounds and most insect bites. Rhus toxicdendron: Helpful for itchy rashes, such as poison oak or ivy where there are blisters. A curious symptom that indicates Rhus tox is the right choice is when the itch is relieved by bathing or washing with very hot water. Ruta graveolens: Helpful for sprains, strains, tendonitis and joint injuries. Symphitum officinalis: Made from comfrey, also known as “bone knit”, it helps recovery from a broken bone or damaged cartilage and connective tissue.

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Nux vomica: Go-to remedy for indigestion or overindulgence, including hangovers. It's also useful in the event of food poisoning. Phosphorus: Useful for nosebleeds, especially after blowing the nose. basicmoments/AdobeStock.com

responses respond well to Apis mellificia and fevers and headaches to Belladonna. Using Cantharis or Urtica urens for firstand second-degree burns can help to prevent blisters and minimize pain, while Silicea is a good choice for splinters. In general, for all acute cases and injuries, remedies are often taken every hour and tapered down to every four hours upon signs of improvement or lessening of intensity. If results are not seen within two days, it is best to discontinue the remedy.

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable. ~Joseph Addison

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natural pet

CURBING CANCER in Cats Ways to Keep a Feline Healthy by Julie Peterson


Diagnosis and Staging Cats instinctively hide pain, so it’s up to pet parents to detect unusual behaviors or symptoms. Karen Shaw Becker, a holistic veterinarian in Chicago who writes Mercola Healthy Pets, recommends that unusual bumps, sores that won’t heal, weight loss, offensive smell, low energy and difficulty eating indicate the need for evaluation by a veterinarian to rule out cancer. If cancer is diagnosed, a referral to a veterinary oncologist is likely. Pet owners can also search for one at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (ahvma.org). Blood work, biopsies or aspirates, imaging and a thorough exam may be needed to determine the extent of the cancer and any possible complications. These tests help ensure treatment is appropriate, tolerable and humane.

Treatment Options Treatments vary based on the type, site and stage of cancer, the age and wellness of the cat and what is available and accessible to the owner. Traditional remedies may include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. While not without side effects, cats tolerate these methods relatively well. Holistic therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, supplements and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine may also 40

Sarasota/Manatee Edition


be used. “Herbal therapies can be used with traditional cancer treatment to relieve side effects and to improve outcomes,” says veterinary oncologist Amanda Beck, at the University Veterinary Hospital, in Shreveport, Louisiana. Clinical trials are another option. The Veterinary Cancer Society, in Columbia, Missouri, provides information on current research trials that “may involve novel diagnostic methods or therapies including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical procedures, hypo- or hyperthermia, immunotherapy and photodynamic therapy, among others.” While these trials may offer hope, each has very specific qualifications for participation and they may not be free. Herbst did her own research after seeing the 2019 documentary Fantastic Fungi and learning about cancer patients using turkey tail mushrooms. “We found that dogs taking those mushrooms were living four times as long as dogs that got chemo,” she says. “We wondered if we could use that for Cougar.” Their veterinarian ensured they wouldn’t be harmful and determined an appropriate dosage.

image courtesy of The Basket Cat

iz phil/Unsplash.com

he absence of one back leg isn’t slowing down 13-yearold Cougar the cat. In fact, she is doing better than before, as that limb once had a painful tumor. Alyssa Baker Herbst, co-founder of the Autumn Farm Sanctuary, in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, was told that, even with chemotherapy, Cougar might only live three more months. Herbst sought out a veterinary oncologist at University of Wisconsin Veterinary Care for another opinion. Amputation was recommended and done in December 2020. Cancer isn’t uncommon in cats; the Animal Cancer Foundation, in Port Washington, New York, states that one in five cats will be diagnosed at some point. This equates to approximately 6 million cats being newly diagnosed with cancer each year, according to the Comparative Oncology Program of the U.S. National Cancer Institute.

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Unfortunately, some feline cancers are extremely aggressive. It started in Doris Gassen’s cat, Meadow, with a few small bumps under the skin that quickly grew and multiplied. “About six days after they first appeared, they were open and draining,” says Gassen, in Madison, Wisconsin. The diagnosis of cutaneous lymphoma was made and palliative care was implemented. Meadow crossed the rainbow bridge within a few weeks.

Preventive Measures Keeping cats at a healthy weight, giving them plenty of exercise opportunities and keeping them indoors more or entirely can all help reduce the risk of cancer. The feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus, which can lead to cancer, are usually contracted from feral cats outdoors. Genetically modified organism (GMO) ingredients such as corn, soy, alfalfa and cottonseed in pet foods are also culprits, because they can contain high concentrations of glyphosates. The World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer declared glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, to be a probable human carcinogen, and research indicates that it does cause cancer in animals. “Many experts who have studied animal dietary patterns in the wild agree that a whole-food diet composed of mostly meats, organs and bones, supplemented to a much lesser extent with vegetables, is the way to go for both cats and dogs,” says Ty Bollinger, the San Antonio-based author of The Truth About Cancer. Keeping cats healthy throughout life with routine wellness care helps strengthen them against any illness or injury. And while quality of life for pets may be paramount, Cougar seems to be going for quantity, as well. “Clinically, Cougar is doing fantastic. She just can’t jump as high as she used to,” says Herbst. “She’s back to bullying the other three cats and hanging out with the dog. She’s feisty.” Julie Peterson writes about health, wellness and environmental issues. Find her at JuliePeterson2222@gmail.com. 42

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SATURDAY, MAY 1 Move Better, Feel Better 2021 Feldenkrais Summit - May 1-10. It started as Feldenkrais WEEK. Now it’s 10 Days of Interviews with a panel discussion to follow. Along with FREE Awareness Through Movement Lessons. Take a look at all the Summit Offers! Sign up for Free! https://www. feldenkraissummit.com/?affiliate=bonniekissam


The Universal Service - 10:30am. With Rev. Basira, Anna Gomez, “A Time For Reflection.” Inward reflection and inquiry can serve us during the remaining two thirds of this year. What have I experienced during this unique year? What does my heart yearn for? How do I envision the rest of 2021. This weekly egalitarian service celebrates all of humanity’s religions on a single altar. On Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/812208049   Password: RTI2020. For Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, RisingTideInternational.org. For info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839.


Spiritual Principles for Covid Recovery - 7pm. Explore universal spiritual principles that are keys to open into a new expression and experience in life as we evolve through Covid. Learn ways to discover, choose, attract and create more freedom, fulfillment and peace in our lives every day. Fee is $10, presented online on Zoom. Please contact Jim at RevJimToole@gmail.com or 941-330-5031 to attend.


A Universal Service - 2pm EST. With Rev. Tara Muir and other Reverends from Rising Tide International, honoring the Centennial Anniversary of the Universal Worship Service, our weekly egalitarian service. Join us in our global wave of celebrations on Zoom https://zoom.us/j/99249870462. Meeting ID: 992 4987 0462. Passcode: 435819. For Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, RisingTideInternational. org. For info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839.


Special Gallery Event – 2-4pm. Presented by well-known Psychic-Medium, Teacher, Lecturer Diana Mier, winner of the Sarasota Psychic Award Challenge. Born into Spirit service, Diana will bring loving and precise messages from Spirit and loved ones to each person in attendance. Please make your reservations early as seating will be limited to 15 attendees. Reservations required by call or text to Diana 941-488-0833. We are providing separated seating and all CDC requirements are being met. A $25 donation is requested. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204. Sarasota, 941-266-8435, CMFSarasota.org, Facebook is CMF of Sarasota.


The Universal Service -10:30am. With Rev. Aisha Carol Rosenbaum, “Celebrating Mother’s Day.” We celebrate the Divine Mother of All, as we also honor our Mother Earth. Included is the Hindu Devi Prayer, honoring the many aspects of the Divine Mother. This weekly egalitarian service celebrates all of humanities on a single altar. On Zoom: https:// zoom.us/j/81220 8049 Password: RTI2020. For Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, RisingTideInternational.org For info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839. Move Better, Feel Better 2021 Feldenkrais Summit Discussion – 6pm. Bonnie K of Sarasota is a panelist discussing the 4 interviews of the day with the theme ‘Move your Brain’ conducted by Lavinia


Plonka. View Move Better, Feel Better 2021 Feldenkrais Summit here: https://www.feldenkraissummit. com/?affiliate=bonniekissam Sign up for Free!


Viva LA Breathing – Online 6:30-8:30pm. A Touch to Inform seminar online. Through the Feldenkrais Method® learn how mobility and action support breathing, while optimally breathing supports posture. 2 CEs for LMTs. Breath is central to our well-being. A fully functionally aligned spine supports breathing while exploring different ways to breath can support spinal alignment. Explore how engaging your attention to your breathing mechanisms (rib cage, spine and diaphragm) you can drastically improve your posture, movement and life. Bonnie Kissam, 941-360-2248, Bonnie@ FeldenkraisInSarsota.com,  TouchToInform.com/ Product/Viva-La-Breathing/

THURSDAY, MAY 13       

Double Pyramid Activation Workshop – 7-9pm. Lead by Robert Austin, you will lie under the Copper Frame Pyramids, infused with energy of large Stones of Selenite, Rose Quartz Sodalite and Crystals for ten to fifteen minutes. Tibetan Bowls will be played to experience the Sacred Geometry and Amazing Healing Energy, in a dream-like state of relaxation.  Guests will share their observations of what they perceive, during this period. There will be two Double Pyramids set up for this event. We are providing separated seating and all CDC requirements are being met. Reservations Needed. Call or text  Robert at 941-822-9046. A $25 donation requested. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota, 941-266-8435, CMFSarasota.org, Facebook is CMF of Sarasota. Dowsing ‘Practice’ Class – 7:30-8:30pm. Please Bring your Dowsing Rods with you. Love offering. Davis Hall @ Sarasota Center of Light, 2727 Browning St., Sarasota, 941-953-6620, SarasotaCenterOfLight.com.


Meet the Angels of Integrated Energy Therapy Taught by Dr. Cynthia Higgins, MD – 1-6pm. What do you need help with changing in your life? Why not ask the Divine intercessors and messengers for help and support and insight. Learn how to open your heart to hear, feel, see and sense angel presence. “Meet the Angels of the Healing Ray” is an experiential workshop in which we will connect with at least 9 angels dedicated to healing of our human condition. These 9 angels are an integral part of a hands-on healing modality called Integrated Energy Therapy®. Connecting with these angels offers an opportunity to understand what is being offered to humanity as a tool for our spiritual evolution. This class requires no prerequisites other than the willingness to receive. $175. Reserve: TheOmShoppeandSpa.com or call 941-706-3257. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota.


The Universal Service - 10:30am. With Rev. Tara Muir, “Loving Kindness.” The service is about finding and being at ease in one’s own true nature. On Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/812208049  Password: RTI2020. This weekly egalitarian service celebrates all of humanities on a single altar. For Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, RisingTideInternational. org. For info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839. Free Community Sound Bath for Collective Community Wellness - 4-5pm. Free Sound Bath Concert offered by The OM Shoppe at Phillippi Estate Park in Sarasota. Relax back into a Crystalline Sound Bath led by the professional sound therapy practitioners and musicians of The OM Shoppe & Spa. The OM Shoppe provides over 50 different instruments for this amazing sound immersion in nature. Drift into this vibrational immersion of sound, expertly composed with certified practitioners & musicians trained in the

science of sound. Free to the public; love donation can be made to Streets of Paradise at StreetsofParadise. org which provide comfort to the homeless. It is recommended to arrive 15 to 30 minutes early; bring a blanket- Phillippi Estate Park is located at 5500 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. For more info, contact The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota, TheOmShoppeandSpa.com or call 941-706-3257.


Healing with Feminine Energy Taught by Dr. Jenna Peterson, AP - 7-9pm. Learn the skills of feminine energy cultivation, direction/distribution for youthfulness and healing. Learn ancient energy medicine techniques and skills you can immediately utilize and continue to develop over time. Regular practice will bring a relaxed and youthful appearance, soothe anxiety, and reduce body pains and tension. $55. Reserve: TheOmShoppeandSpa.com or call 941-706-3257. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota.


The Freedom and Fulfillment of the Divine Feminine - 7pm. Explore the beauty and benefit of accessing, expressing and experiencing the energy of the Divine Feminine. Learn ways, whether you are male or female, to bring more balance, harmony, freedom and grace into your life. Fee is $10, presented online on Zoom. Please contact Jim at RevJimToole@ gmail.com or 941-330-5031 to attend.


Regain, Maintain Lifelong Agility - Seminar LIVE in Sarasota and Online – 5-8pm Friday through Sunday 4pm. If you could feel more agile, what would you be able to do? Would you crawl more with your grandchildren or walk more painfree?  Do you think it is possible to sense space and agility and find yourself moving more youthfully? Through Lifelong Agility you will discover ways to work with the unique patterns you have developed that limit your movements and find many variations that enhance your abilities. Dr. Feldenkrais’ Awareness Through Movement® lessons, are used throughout along with individual demonstration and partner work. Bonnie Kissam, 941-360-2248, Bonnie@FeldenkraisInSarsota.com, TouchToInform.com/Product/Lifelong-Agility-Seminar/


The Universal Service - 10:30am. With Rev. Zan Benham, “Graduating to A New Paradigm” May marks the season of graduations all around our country. For many, it marks the end of one undertaking, and offers a breather before the next one, with time to contemplate, let go and unfold. It is thus with our spiritual quests as well.  On Zoom: https://zoom. us/j/812208049  Password: RTI2020. \ For Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, RisingTideInternational.org. For info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 26 Crystal Singing Bowls for Personal Wellness @ The OM Shoppe & Spa Taught by Zen Seraphine - 7-9pm, May 26th or Sept 22nd or Dec 15th 7-9pm. Learn how to play a quartz crystal singing bowl for optimum benefits. Discover the transformative power of sound therapy, and how a crystal singing bowl can enhance your quality of life! Learn how to play a crystal singing bowl with nuance, finesse, energetic sensitivity, and confidence for personal energy work, and to develop or enhance your personal meditation practice. $125/pp. Reserve: TheOmShoppeandSpa.com or call 941-706-3257. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota.


Meditation, Mindfulness, and Focus “Turn off that Monkey Mind!” - 7:30-9pm. ZOOM Class with Rev. Lisa Johnson. $20. Register & Pay at Sarasota Center of Light 941-953-6620 (M-F 9am-12noon) or at SarasotaCenterOfLight.com.


The Universal Service - 10:30am. With Rev. Kismet Weeber, “Harmony and Disharmony.” God called by many names, and translations is the one true love behind all religions. This weekly egalitarian service celebrates all of humanities on a single altar. On Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/812208049  Password: RTI2020.   For Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, RisingTideInternational.org. For info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839

plan ahead MONDAY, JUNE 7 Four Part Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation Course Taught by Maria Schaedler-Luera, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Certified Chopra Center Meditation Instructor - 4-6pm, June 7th, 14th (by appt), 21st & 28th. What can I expect from taking this four part primordial sound meditation course? Learn Primordial Sound Meditation led by certified Chopra Center meditation instructor Maria Schaedler-Luera. Primordial Sound Meditation is a time-tested meditation technique dating back thousands of years to the Vedic traditions of India. Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon have revived this ancient process and made it available in a format that is easy for anyone to learn. TheOmShoppeandSpa. com or call 941-706-3257. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota.

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sunday OM Shamanic Sound Journeys with Resonance - 4th Sunday of every month. Sold out for over 2 years! You will experience a blend of, shamanic drumming, rhythm, crystal singing bowls, rattles, tuning forks, vocal toning, electric violin and more in a coordinated and orchestrated fashion to help improve participants well-being. Clinical Hypnotherapist Beth A Snyder begins your journey by gently inducing a hypnotic state. Then your journey into sound begins. Consider your intention now. Tickets: TheOmShoppeandSpa.com or call 941-706-3257. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota. Unity of Sarasota- 9am. Live service at the labyrinth. Bring your chair and wear a mask. social distance is in place. Check website for other classes available on Zoom. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941-9553301, UnityOfSarasota.org. Christian Spiritualist Sunday Morning Services - 10am. Old time camp meet style service, guided meditation, healing, presentation of truth and mini spirit message for each person. Private or group readings available daily by appointment. Contact Rev Shari. Church of Light, 2408 43rd Ave. West, Bradenton, 941-751-5683. Sunday Service at CMF - Each Sunday morning service we are offering spiritual healing, an inspirational talk, messages from spirit, and an ever-important environment of fellowship.  Leave refreshed and inspired to start the new week. We feature a variety of speakers and spirit message bearers throughout the year. We are providing separated seating and all CDC requirements are being met. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Dr., Suite 204, Sarasota, 941-266-8435, CMFsarasota.org, Facebook: CMF of Sarasota. Unity of Sarasota- 10:30am. Services available on the Web and Facebook Live. The Sunday Celebration service includes a message and lively music. Check website for other classes available on Zoom. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941-955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org. Sunday Morning Celebration Service, Zoom Live - 11am. Join us as we come together as a spiritual family and community, sharing our love and light for ourselves, for each other, and the world. Be a part of sharing the energy and illumination of our hearts and souls together through conversation, music, meditation, a talk and an affirmation. Sarasota Center of Light, 852 S Tuttle Ave. 941-953-6620, SarasotaCenterOfLight.com. Center for Spiritual Living Cultural Coast 11am. Virtual Gathering Via FaceBook & YouTube Live. Join us the first Sunday each month for a contemplative/meditative experience. The rest of the month is a bit more lively - always an inspiring message based on the Science of Mind (New Thought) philosophy, featuring local & internationally known musicians. Contact Rev. Theresa Fieberts 941-3760177, CSLCulturalCoast.org.  

monday Living Spiritual Circle - 11am and 5pm. Circles via zoom with Rev. Suzi. Check website to sign up and for other classes available on Zoom. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941-955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org. Feldenkrais with Bonnie K - 5:45pm. Online! Awareness Through Movement classes: Lessons (in chairs/on floor) are designed to quiet non-working habitual patterns, invite you into a process for learning and offer experiences for more efficient move-

May 2021


classifieds HOUSECLEANING. Enjoy your free time and let us do what we do best: Housecleaning to your healthy satisfaction. Call Paula for a free estimate 941-320-4052. ADVANCED CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY. Advanced Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is available in Sarasota. Specializing in healing trauma and coping with life transitions. La-Alza.com. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCED HOUSE SITTER AVAILABLE. Attention SARASOTA SNOWBIRDS. Available dates: May 15th through September 30th. I am reliable, responsible and dependable. I can provide excellent reputable references. Contact Nichell at LLehcin@Me.com ment. Ongoing classes $65/4 movement lessons w/ replays. 941-360-2248. FeldenkraisInSarasota.com. Register with Bonnie at: FeldenkraisinSarasota. com/Sarasota-Classes-Feldenkrais/   Candlelight Sound Bath Meditation with Becky Moriarty - 6pm. During these crazy, stressful, weird, unbalancing times of life self-care is super important. There is no better way to relax, de-stress, take time for ourselves & boost our immune systems then with Sound Healing. The use of crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, other deep-vibrational instruments plus intention can balance dissonant frequencies and bring them back into harmony.  $20. Book at WildGingerApothecary.com Wild Ginger Apothecary 6557 Superior Avenue Sarasota, 941-312-5630. Pub Theology - 6:30-8pm, the 2nd Mon. of the month available on Zoom. With Rev. Amy Zehe. Bring your Spiritual questions. Contact Rev.Amy@UnityofSarasota.org for Zoom meeting instructions. Go to website for other classes available on Zoom. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941-955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org.

Learning to Connect Classes at CMF - 7-9pm. Join Susan Houliston and guest instructors every Monday & Tuesday to learn techniques for connecting with Spirit. Students are given the opportunity to practice lessons to develop their skills and each class will end with healings by the “WE” for all attending. Discussions will follow. $10 donation is requested. Please refer to the CMF website CMFSarasota.org for description of the programs offered for each weekly class. Reservations needed, so call or text Susan at 941-266-1696. We are providing separated seating and all CDC requirements are being met. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota.  A Taste of Feldenkrais, Class on Essentials - 7pm online. The mindset of Feldenkrais Essentials is to Inquire and ask questions. This is a TIME for NO striving. We simply ask you to be quiet and notice, BE and discover, how much more potential you have when you learn to ‘move with attention’, and, with the purpose to learn and expand!  941-3602248, FeldenkraisInSarasota.com.

tuesday The Lightness of Walking, for Better Balance and a Pain Free Walk, Online - Twelve Feldenkrais’ Awareness Through Movement lessons chosen to help YOU RE-DESIGN your walk. Over the years injuries, habits and illnesses have moved us away from that youthful, well-balance walk. Learn to re-embody the basic elements for walking in your own home for 6 weeks. Learn to fine tune your alignment, balance and coordination – the ABCs for Walking. You will need a chair and carpeted or padded spot on the floor and a computer, or mobile device with a camera. Sign up for free – Ebook, The ABCs for a Better Balanced, Pain-FREE Walk  FeldenkraisInSarasota.com/Free-Ebook-and-Videos-Registration/ For more information, current dates, times and registration, LightnessOfWalking. com,  941-360-2248. Living Spiritual Circle - 3:30pm. Circles via zoom with Rev. Suzi. Check website to sign up and for other classes available on Zoom. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941-955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org.

wednesday Feldenkrais with Bonnie K - 9:45 or 11am. Online! Awareness Through Movement classes: Lessons (in chairs/on floor) are designed to quiet non-working habitual patterns, invite you into a process for learning and offer experiences for more efficient movement. Ongoing classes $65/4 movement lessons w/ replays. More info, 941-360-2248. FeldenkraisInSarasota.com. Register with Bonnie at: FeldenkraisinSarasota.com/Sarasota-Classes-Feldenkrais/   Free Healing Clinic - 4-6:30pm. Our Masters tap into the Divine Source of energy to balance and heal your being. Relax and enjoy this renewing and enlightening experience. Love Donation Appreciated. Angel Ministries, 2269 S Tamiami Trl, Venice, 941-492-4995, AngelMinistriesfl.org. OM Crystalline Vibrational Immersion – 7pm, every 2nd Wednesday of the month. Join us for this beautiful form of deepened relaxation!  The OM Shoppe professional Sound Therapy Practitioners bring you these beautiful multi-instrumental sound baths to guide you into a deepened place of stillness and peace. Discover the magical way that sound can help ease you into a meditative state, and heightened mind-body awareness! Tickets: TheOmShoppeandSpa.com or call 941-706-3257. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota. Unity of Sarasota - 7pm. Weekday service with music and inspiration. Services available on the Web and Facebook Live. Check website for other


Sarasota/Manatee Edition


classes available on Zoom. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org. Healing, Intention and Meditation Zoom Live 7pm. Join us for a time of healing, connection and meditation. Let us all come together and experience the energy and inspiration that can make such a powerful difference in our individual lives. Will be offered on Zoom. Sarasota Center of Light, 852 S Tuttle Ave. 941-953-6620, SarasotaCenterofLight.com.

thursday Living Spiritual Circle - 4pm. Circles via zoom with Rev. Suzi. Check website to sign up and for other classes available on Zoom. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941-955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org. Bentleys House - 7pm, 3rd Thurs of the month. A safe place to express your grief from loss of a pet. Contact Rev.Amy@UnityofSarasota.org for Zoom meeting instructions. Reservations required. Unity of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Rd., Sarasota, UnityOfSarasota.org.

friday Living Spiritual Circle - 11am. Circles via zoom with Rev. Suzi. Check website to sign up and for other classes available on Zoom. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941-955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org.

saturday Sarasota Farmers Market - 7am-1pm. Rain or shine. Established in 1979, the market continues its tradition of serving the community with local produce, plants, prepared foods and artisans. They currently have a full market that includes 70 vendors and 5,000 sq ft of produce and plants. 1592 Main St from Lemon Ave to Selby Five Points Park, Downtown Sarasota. Central Sarasota Year-Round Farmers Market - 8am-1pm, rain or shine. Every agriculture vendor at the market (fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants, etc.) is a grower or farmer, not just a reseller. The Florida House, 4454 S Beneva Rd, Sarasota. CentralSarasotaFamersMarket.com. Bradenton Farmers’ Market - 9am-2pm. Over thirty-five vendors offering locally-grown fruits, vegetables, plants, organic products, fresh seafood, prepared foods, as well as the s of local artists, craftspeople and musicians. 1005 1st Ave W, Bradenton. 941-932-9440. RealizeBradenton.com/our_vendors. Downtown Bradenton Farmers’ Market - 9am2pm. Features a special activity including guest chefs, raffles, arts & crafts vendors, children’s activities. Old Main St, Downtown parking/free on weekends. Dogs on leashes welcome. 941-744-7484. Psychic Fair - 10am-3pm. 2 nd & 4th Sat. Are you searching, questioning and seeking answers? Choose from some of the best Intuitive Artists in the area. See what your future holds. Complimentary refreshments. Private Readings $1/Min. Angel Ministries, 2269 Tamiami Trail, Venice, 941-492-4995, AngelMinistriesfl.org. The Third Testament? - 11am. Introduction to the life work of Martinus. Live Stream with chat questions. Free. 941-462-3177, TheThirdTestament.info. Living Spiritual Circle - 1pm. Circles via zoom with Rev. Suzi. Check website to sign up and for other classes available on Zoom. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941-955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org. Sound Healing Meditation with Ed Russell – 5pm, 1st Saturday of every month.  Sound bowls have a centuries-old tradition throughout Asia to awaken and refresh those in sacred spaces. You will feel the vibrations move throughout your body, allowing conscious and unconscious information to come to you. $20. Book at WildGingerApothecary. com Wild Ginger Apothecary 6557 Superior Avenue Sarasota, 941-312-5630.


Board Certified Acupuncture Physician The Integrated Path, P.A. 3148 Southgate Ci, Sarasota 941-924-8833 • IntegratedPath.com

The Integrated Path to Health and Wellness for the whole family utilizing Trad i t i o n a l C h i n e s e Medicine,Acupuncture, Energetic Medicine, Bloodwork Analysis,Clinical Nutrition Assessments and ZYTO Elite to restore balance. Over 30 years of clinical experience!



6557 Superior Avenue (Gulf Gate Shopping Village), Sarasota 941-312-5630 WildGingerApothecary.com

Community for health + wellness. Offering hemp CBD, health remedies, metaphysical gifts and tools, crystals, cards, essential oils, jewelry and more! Classes and drop-in tarot and psychic readers daily. Open Tues -Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Closed Sun + Mon


Alain Menard • Allaesia Menard 7733 Holiday Drive • Sarasota, Fl 34231 941-922-7744• ColonTherapyClinic.com

Cleansing for digestive disorders. Licensed 49 years. Developed gentle technique. Foot bath and ear candling.


Dr. Christina Captain, DAOM Nationally Board Certified Dipl.Ac Complimentary Meet & Greet The Medical Complex 2650 Bahia Vista Street, Suite 101, Sarasota, 941-951-1119 •FamilyHealingCenter.com

Family Healing Center, an integrative wellness practice. Addressing all health issues we will find the key to unlock your highest level of health and wellness. Complimentary Meet & Greet


Anna L. Baker, D.O.M. Nationally Board Certified Acupuncture Physician 941-924-2723 • FacesByDrAnna.com

Unique muscle-tightening acupuncture facelift and necklift done with 12 hair-thin needles, none of which are on the face. Results documented photographically. Only one maintenance treatment needed every 18 months. Free consultation includes facial analysis. Monthly seminars, call for schedule.


Mobile Chiropractic Or in Sarasota/Bradenton Offices 941-447-2041 • DrAmyTafeen.com

Dr. Amy provides exceptional and compassionate chiropractic care for pregnancy, infants, children, and adults! She has over 40 years of experience providing both long-term wellness and acute injury care. She loves working with babies and kids, and also specializes in athletic care. Dr. Amy is now offering mobile chiropractic! She’s excited to either come to you at your home or office (using COVID safety protocols), or to see you at one of her Sarasota or Bradenton office spaces. Dr. Amy has a cash practice and is not currently accepting insurance. Contact Dr. Amy TODAY to discuss scheduling and pricing. She is offering complimentary phone consultations to talk about whether chiropractic is for you!


Residual Strain Therapy Eric Winder DC Offices in Sarasota and Venice, FL 941-957-8390 • eric.winder.dc@gmail.com

Professional care with a personal focus. Feel better through proper alignment, and get back to work and play! See our website for more information.



Fusion Therapy 7069 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 941-921-7900 • FusionTherapySarasota.com Terry Schibler has 30 years experience in advanced bodywork. He has a singular ability to trace, recognize and treat complex pain patterns through numerous modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral and Fascial manipulation. Terry’s hands-on work is effective for a wide range of problems associated with pain and dysfunction such as Migraines, Chronic neck/back pain, Concussions, TMJ, Post-surgical dysfunction...and more.


Dr. Martina Mallery 520 48th Street Court E. Bradenton 941-748-9393

Our holistic & biological dental practice offers fluoride-free, mercury-free and mercury-safe procedures, Huggins Protocol, biological extractions, jaw-bone cavitation/NICO revisions, Ozone Therapy, holistic dental hygiene protocols, phase-contrast microscopy, homeopathic support, metal-free restorations, dental material biocompatibility testing, detoxification protocols and nutritional counseling all the while taking highly conservative and preventative approach.


HEALING ROOM, ENERGY HEALING, BIOFEEDBACK STRESS MANAGEMENT, PEMF Treatments to balance over a thousand conditions! Infrared Inversion, Sound Immersion with the Singing Bowls 
• PureFieldForce@gmail.com

 Energy Healing helps the body with a long list of conditions, aches, pains and imbalances. Biofeedback Scanning locates the imbalances and it also corrects them. PEMF (Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy) reenergizes damaged cells, it is a powerful tool to MANAGE PAIN! 941-586-9539, Facebook.com/CreateBalanceandHealing

May 2021





Lessons for Children (ABM), Adults, Classes, Prof Seminars Bonnie Kissam, M.A., Feldenkrais® Practitioner, LMT, CE Provider 941-360-2248 Bonnie@FeldenkraisInSarasota.com FeldenkraisInSarasota.com  

The Feldenkrais® Approach , ‘Movement with Attention’, helps one ‘sense easier, improved posture and ways of moving. Clients optimize their musical, athletic or everyday activities through heightened ‘awareness’. They find unique ways to recover from injury, surgeries or illness. Call for appointments, classes or  for weekend TOUCH TO INFORM seminars 941-360-2248 , Bonnie@FeldenkraisInSarasota.com.


KORMAN RELIEF & WELLNESS CENTER Laura Korman, DC, DACBN Chiropractor, Diplomate in Nutrition 16954 Toledo Blade Blvd, Port Charlotte 941-629-6700 • DrLauraKorman.com

Dr. Korman specializes in helping peri-menopausal women eliminate pain, fatigue and unwanted belly fat through functional medicine, lifestyle strategies and regenerative therapies so they can reclaim their vitality and stay engaged in the life they love. We offer PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy), Class IV Deep Tissue Laser, Near & Far Infrared Sauna, Decompression Therapies, Whole Body Vibration and carry a professional line of supplementation.


Colleen Keegan Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Eye Movement Desensitization, NLP, Reiki Master Life & Wellness Coach Releasing Trauma; Creating vitality and resiliency in Mind, Body, Spirit 808-224-6164 Colleen@ColleenKeegan.com


Caroline Crawford Messages from the spirit world with clarity and compassion. 941-402-9595 • CarolineCrawford.org CarolineCrawfordorg@gmail.com

Highly gifted, British Medium Caroline Crawford brings messages from your loved ones, human & animals with a profound wisdom and insight. Her deep connection to the Spirit world will light your path forward to greater peace, confidence and optimism. Touching hearts and souls for over four decades now, Caroline is currently based in Sarasota. By appointment only. CarolineCrawford.org


801 S Tamiami Trail, Nokomis, FL 941-412-4334 • CafeEvergreen.net

Cafe Evergreen is a natural, organic restaurant. Our menu consists of many organic recipes designed to not only taste delicious, but also enhance your health. Open 7 days a week 11am-9pm.

Sarasota/Manatee Edition


1882 Stickney Point Rd, Sarasota 941-929-0884 • SpecialNutrition.net

Offering the largest selection of all major supplement brands and natural products in the Sarasota area at discount prices. Special orders are our pleasure.


Dr. David Cifra, DC Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Specialist Office: 941-358-2224 • Cell: 315-345-7390 DrCifra@SarasotaDiscCenter.com www.SarasotaDiscCenter.com

Medical Breakthrough Technology! Non-Surgical Spinal Decompress i o n S p e c i a l i s t , D r. D a v i d Cifra,DC. Advanced procedure for patients who have back and neck pain and want to avoid narcotics, epidural injections, and unnecessary surgeries. Over 90% effective. No pain, No drugs, No surgery, NO Injections. Call today 941-358-2224. FREE CONSULTATION.


5411 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, 941-378-4367 5770 Ranch Lake Blvd, East Bradenton, 753-7297 • HolisticForPets.com

Specializing in Hypo-allergenic Foods, Frozen Natural Raw Foods, Herbal & Homeopathic Remedies, Detergent & Soap Free Shampoo, Natural Flee Preventatives Skin Care Products, Healthy treats, Toys and gifts.


640 S. Washington Blvd., Suite 150 941-552-4500
• BrainwaveSarasota.com

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BREAK FREE OF ANXIETY and negative thought patterns? Colleen is a highly skilled Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, NLP, EMDR Practitioner and Life Coach. She can help you remove blocks to better sleep, improve your health, gain life balance, create satisfying relationships, enhance work performance and more! Call for a FREE Consultation. Colleen is based in Sarasota and works by phone and Zoom.




We offer Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Training. Non-drug, Non-invasive relief for anxiety, depression, ADHD, Trauma, and more. Free consultation. Retrain Your Brain & Enjoy Life!


at Wild Ginger Apothecary 6557 Superior Avenue (Gulf Gate Shopping Village), Sarasota 941-312-5630 WildGingerApothecary.com

Fourth-generation Psychic Intuitive Tarot Reader, Skye Samuel, is now available full time for readings Tuesday-Saturday at metaphysical and health boutique, Wild Ginger Apothecary. Skye has over 35 years’ experience and specializes in direct question answering for all matters of love, health, money, and life. Inperson, virtual video or phone available. Book online or drop-in. Tues - Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm.


5411 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota 941-378-4367 5770 Ranch Lake Blvd. East Bradenton, 753-7297 HolisticForPets.com

Specializing in Hypo-allergenic Foods, Frozen Natural Raw Foods, Herbal & Homeopathic Remedies, Detergent & Soap Free Shampoo, Natural Flee Preventatives Skin Care Products, Healthy treats, Toys and gifts


Spiritual counselor, shamanic practitioner, Reiki healing, breath, and energy work, hypnosis, soul retrieval, past life regression all to empower and help you move into the Divine flow of the joy and power within you.


3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota 941-266-8435 CMFSarasota.org • Facebook: CMF of Sarasota

10:30 Sunday worship with inspired talk, music, spirit messages and healing. Weekly classes, special events, monthly message gallery. Come to engage, be enriched and enlightened.

CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING CULTURAL COAST Rev. Theresa Fieberts 941-376-0177 CSLCulturalCoast.org Info@CSLCulturalCoast.org

Sometimes meditative, sometimes rockin’ ~ always inspirational. Our Sunday services on-line via FB or YouTube, meditation group, prayer support, on-going enrichment and Science of Mind classes, networking and community building! Sign up for our e-newsletter at CSLCulturalCoast.org.



727-729-2711 FloridaMedicalThermography.com


Certified Clinical Thermographer 2008. Prevention is better than early detection. Knowledge is power: Know your risk factors to make corrections and avoid developing pathology. Call for location convenient for you.


852 S Tuttle Ave, Sarasota 941-953-6620 • sarasotacenteroflight.com

Experience the peaceful energy, love and light of our metaphysical spiritual community. Join us for the inspiration, healing and connection to Spirit in our services, classes and social gatherings.


6557 Superior Avenue (Gulf Gate Shopping Village), Sarasota 941-312-5630 WildGingerApothecary.com

Community for health + wellness. Offering hemp CBD, bulk herbs, remedies, sage, gifts, cards, metaphysical tools, essential oils, jewelry and more! Classes and drop-in psychic readers daily. Open Tues - Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Closed Sun + Mon

Feel the JOY of LOVE again! Join the Largest Online Community of Holistic-Conscious Singles who value Authentic & Loving Relationships Natural Health & Sustainable Living Living a Conscious Life Honoring Diversity

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FREE at NaturalAwakeningsSingles.com May 2021



YOUR ONE-STOP SOLUTION TO HEALTH CARE A REGENERATIVE WHOLE HEALTH COMMUNITY & MARKETPLACE THERE IS NO SIMPLE WAY TO DESCRIBE KNOWEWELL BUT THINK BIG! “WebMD meets Match.com, HomeAdvisor, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Indeed for Regenerative Whole Health, all in one place for the benefit for everyone.”



Join a safe, secure, and private community. Find best-matched screened, checked, and approved Whole Health providers, based on your needs, values, and preferences. Access evidence-based knowledge and resources. Attend live educational webinars from providers and experts. Search 1,400 natural medicines for safety and effectiveness. Join moderated Topic Groups with vetted multimedia content and like-minded members.




Visit KnoWEwell.com

Sarasota/Manatee Edition


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