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HEALTHY LIVING | HEALTHY PLANET FREE heart -healthy living The Zen of Love Mindfulness TIPS FOR COUPLES Cardiac Cuisine Food for Heart Health Relaxation from the Inside-Out HOW TO TRAIN YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM OPERATION HEALTHY HOME Kick Toxins to the Curb FEBRUARY 2023 | Sarasota/Manatee/Charlotte Edition | nasrq.com
2 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com Transforming Lives Through Holistic Care | Christina A. Captain, DAOM, MSHN, AP 2650 Bahia Vista St, Suite 101, Sarasota, Florida 34239 | 941.951.1119 | SCANsrq.com Our Offerings • Acupuncture • Acupuncture Point Injection • Cosmetic Acupuncture • Weight Management • Nutritional Assessment and Counseling • Fertility Care • Stop Smoking • Diagnostics • Treatment for Cancer Patients • Gastrointestinal Disturbances
3 February 2023 www.EvergladesUniversity.edu COURSES INCLUDE: • Nutrition and Aging • Detoxification and Healing • Antioxidants • Naturopathy • Introduction to Chiropractic • Principles of Acupuncture • Traditional Chinese Medicine • Anatomy and Physiology • Ayurvedic Medicine • Health Psychology • Herbology and Botany • Alternative Approaches to Disease Call about our additional degree programs, including: Sustainability, Alternative and Renewable Energy Management, Business Administration, Aviation, Construction Management, Crisis and Disaster Management, Healthcare Administration, and Marine Resources Management. Alternative Medicine YOU’LL LOVE OUR BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN 100% online or on-campus class schedules are available Students take one class at a time for more focused learning Financial aid is available for those who qualify Call today! 888 .417.3382 SARASOTA CAMPUS 6001 Lake Osprey Drive, #110, Sarasota, FL 34240
4 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com Knee Pain? Laura R. Korman, DC, DACBN 16954 Toledo Blade Blvd. • Port Charlotte, FL 33954 (941)629-6700 • drlaurakorman.com Functional Medicine | Over 30 Years in Private Practice Diplomate, American Clinical Board of Nutrition | Doctor of Chiropractic FINALLY, Get Rid of Knee Pain Without Drugs, Shots or Surgery! Do You Have Any Of The Following Conditions? •Arthritis • Knee pain • Cartilage damage • ‘Bone-on-bone’ • Tendonitis • Bursitis •Crunching & popping sounds A Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive, Knee Pain Treatment NOW AVAILABLE! Pain Relief With Laser Therapy! HERE’S WHAT PATIENTS SAY... “After just 1 Laser treatment, the pain was diminished and I had my first full night of sleep in several weeks.” - Merry N. LINDA HAD PAIN IN BOTH KNEES FOR 5-6 YEARS. “Amazing! I’m now able to enjoy my activities. My husband and I started bowling and going to the driving range again. We used to go biking, but donated our bikes because we thought it was something I’d never be able to enjoy again, but NOW we’re looking to purchase bikes again! Thank you Dr. Korman!” - Linda $67 CONSULTAT IO N Includes: Consultation, Exam, Necessary X-Rays & One Laser Treatment With Coupon. Expires 2/28/2023 1476 Main Street, Sarasota FL 34236 941.366.6325 • PixieDustSarasota.com Elevate your life with Pixie Dust Eclectic Gifts | Jewelry | Books Intuitive readings | Crystals | Events Classes | Incense | Smudges & More Monday-Friday: 11:00am-5:30pm Saturday: 11am-5pm | Sunday 12pm-5pm A One S top Shop for All Your Magical Needs New Level 1 & 2 Usui Reiki Certification New Sound Healing Meditation Holistic, Metaphysical & Wellness Expo - Sarasota 45 Plus Exhibitors, 32 Workshops, Guest Speakers, Top Intuitive Readers/Astrologers, Kids Activities, a Variety of Vendors and Holistic Products! 100 Gift Bags to 1st 100 people & Awesome Drawings Both Days February 11 & 12-Doors open at 10am Sarasota Event Center, 600 N. Beneva Rd., Sarasota Restaurant on site • Free Parking $10/day or $15/weekend pass To purchase Advanced Discounted Tickets and for more details visit: SherryLord.com Light Consciousness Expo

We Put

Head on Straight

Dr. Drew Hall has practiced the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic technique for the last 20 years in Los Angeles and Carson California before opening his third clinic right here in Sarasota, Florida

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a unique chiropractic technique that focuses all its attention on the upper neck and how it impacts the brainstem and central nerve system. The Blair technique is precise, gentle, and does not use any pulling, popping, or twisting of the neck.

Call (941) 259-1891 today to schedule an appointment to see if you suffer from a neck misalignment that may be affecting your health.

“I have over 20 years of practice experience and taking care of 10,000 patients f rom Los Angeles to Sarasota Florida. I recovered f rom severe chronic health problems 30 years ago after being introduced to blair upper cervical technique. It’s my lasting purpose to help as many people as possible live a life of health and happiness”.

- Dr. Drew Hall

3920 Bee Ridge Rd, Bldg D, Sarasota, Fl 34233

& Whiplash (941) 259-1891 • sarasotauppercervical.com

5 February 2023
If the first two bones in your neck are misaligned, communication between the brain and body is interrupted and can cause numerous health problems.
(So You Can Achieve Optimal Health, Naturally)
•Fibromyalgia •Lower
•Sciatica •Post-Concussion
•TMJ •Trigeminal
have helped people with the following conditions:
Back Pain

Breakthrough Natural Solutions

Got Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Teeth Grinding, and CPAP Intolerance? You are what you eat, PLUS how you breathe, sleep, and work. The mouth is to humans what roots are to plants. Is your mouth a health asset, or liability? See an Airway Mouth Doctor: a new breed of family dentists.

Dr. Felix Liao gained international acclaim for having identified “Impaired Mouth Syndrome” as the overlooked source of many medical, mood and dental issues, and developing a “Holistic Mouth” intervention framework for correcting the root causes of many conditions that are otherwise very difficult to permanently resolve.

Discover Impaired Mouth Syndrome: Get to know the red flags for yourself and your kids. Practitioners learn how you can empower your patients’ total health. Join free Webinar to learn more. 

“I can’t unsee it [signs of impaired mouth] now. Every time I take a class with Dr. Liao, I leave with at least a dozen new pearls of knowledge. It’s has been life-changing and paradigm-shifting.” – Dr. Teresa Scott, Spring, Texas

HolisticMouthSolutions.com 800-969-8035 • Falls Church, VA

Toys - Private Coaching & Retreats - Feng Shui & Spiritual Interior Design consultation We offer Sound Bowl & Reiki Healing for you and your Pets Try it, it's Magic

Opening Jan

6 Sarasota/Manatee Edition
Retreat - Team building - Company
for your
We offer tailored packages depending on group size & time Packages include: Yoga, Sound Bowl Healing, Breath-work Exercise,
Power Talk, Power of Intentions Setting,
Reiki, Laughing Therapy and much more amazing healing technic you can integrate into your daily life
Passionate French Designer Gaëlle
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success you
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Myakka Magic Retreat
2023 Finally a local place to rejuvenate : Bone Fire, Digital Detox, Sauna, Salt Bath, Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Sound Bowl, Meditation, Fast or Farm to table delights close to Siesta Key & Myakka! We're so excited to share it with you soon Powerful Healers For You 2106 Bispham Rd, Sarasota, FL 34231 - Love@ObjectsOfMagic.com - 818-793-7834 Peaceful
www.ObjectsOfMagic.com Welcome to our Sarasota store.
a whole new product line locally, to give you the tools
Keeping your dream alive, nurturing Your WHY, building Your inner
requires good personal management skills to keep a Powerful Mindset
life's constant challenges, stay healthy and stress free
online www.ObjectsOfMagic.com
- Crystal Singing Bowls
Dr. Felix Liao, DDS
7 February 2023
8 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com The Integrated Path RELIEVE STRESS Let us guide your mind and body to RESTORE BALANCE • Over 30 years of clinical experience • Board-Certified Acupuncture Physician • Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine • Acupuncture Diplomate NCCAOM Now in our new location! The Integrated Path, PA 2801 Fruitville Rd., Suite 135 (On the corner of Tuttle & Fruitville Roads) Sarasota, Fl 34237 941.924.8833 Favorite Acupuncture Physician Favorite Energy Healer Caryn L. Young, DOM, AP, OT We’ve Moved! Our Services Include: • Acupuncture • Oriental Medicine • Energetic Emotional Release • Bloodwork Analysis • Clinical Nutrition Assessments • Weight Management • Reiki Master • Occupational Therapy • ZYTO Elite (Computerized Bio-communication Technology) 16 FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE APPROACH TO HEART HEALTH 20 FASCIA AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM 22 THE HEALING POWER OF STEM CELLS 24 IMPROVING HEART HEALTH 28 NOURISH THE HEART 31 MUSINGS OF THE HEART 32 RHYTHMS OF THE HEART 34 LOVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT 35 BABY STEPS TO LIVING GREENER 36 WHOLE FOODS FOR DOGS AND CATS 38 HEART-HEALTHY KIDS 28 38 Contents DEPARTMENTS 12 news briefs 18 health briefs 22 community spotlight 26 event spotlight 27 eco tip 28 conscious eating 31 inspiration 32 fit body 34 healing ways 35 green living 36 natural pet 38 healthy kids 39 calendar 44 resource guide 45 classifieds 16


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letter from publisher

February is the month we most associate with love and affection. Heart-shaped chocolates take over the aisles at our local stores, and we share heartfelt messages with the cherished Valentines in our lives. But what about directing some of that love to our own heart health? That’s exactly what this issue of Natural Awakenings is all about. Let’s have a peek inside!

Most conversations around heart health begin with the topic of nutrition. This month’s Conscious Eating article focuses on how to nourish the heart with foods that promote cardiac healing. The right dietary choices can lower the risk of heart disease, shrink artery plaque and strengthen cardiovascular function. Nutrients like fiber, healthy fats, clean protein and probiotics can do absolute wonders for your heart—and total-body wellness. This article also features recipes like a heart healthy vegetable frittata, ratatouille and Italian seafood stew.

Consistent physical and mental self-care practices are essential for cardiovascular health too, and our Fit Body article offers a unique method to strengthen heart rhythms from the inside out. This modality is known as vagus nerve toning, and it can help you maintain an optimal heart rate variability (the amount of time between heartbeats). The vagus nerve plays a crucial role in the nervous system, as it facilitates signals between your brain, heart and digestive tract. Toning this nerve can also reduce chronic stress, depression or anxiety to enhance your mood state. As this article points out, there are a number of effective ways to tone the vagus nerve: breathwork, meditation, massage, exercise, cold water immersion, music therapy and more.

Finally, we would be remiss not to touch on relationships and romance in our February issue. With Valentine’s Day celebrations just around the corner, this month’s Healing Ways article is all about mindfulness for couples. To cultivate a deep, intimate connection with your significant other, a foundation of authentic trust and quality time must be established. Couples can awaken this intimacy with each other through mindfulness-based practices such as journaling, Tai Chi, breathwork, dance or yoga, intentional eye contact or physical touch, honest conversations and tuning into body sensations. It’s also important to look for shared activities to enjoy together such as walking in nature, cooking a meal or listening to a podcast.

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As usual, this is just a brief snapshot of all the insights and inspiration that await you on each page. We are continually grateful that you invite us to be part of your holistic wellness journey, and we wish you a month filled with abundance, connection and, of course, love!

Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com

Magazine is ranked 5th Nationally in CISION’S® 2016 Top 10 Health & Fitness Magazines
DiscoverSarasotaTours.com • 941-260-9818 The Trolley Cottage Gift Shop | 1826 4th Street | FREE Parking! DAILY TROLLEY TOURS ENTERTAINING • INFORMATIVE SAVE $ with code NATURAL LOVE SONGS OF SARASOTA Celebrate Valentine’s Week on a Musical Tour! Performed by Kathryn Chesley, Jason Ellis, Sarah Haun, & Liz Pascoe Hear Stories & Songs Of Sarasota’s Most Interesting Couples! FEBRUARY 12-15 • 7:30PM (Includes FREE Champagne/Beer/Wine)
11 February 2023 The Age Reversal Technology Center (ARTC) provides comprehensive programs to help you achieve your health & performance goals. Fatigue, pain, inflammation, brain fog, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, dementia, nerve pain, immune problems and ALL chronic diseases have two things in common: A Damaged Microvascular System that causes Damaged Mitochondrial Function Now we can test your Microvasular Health with Glycocheck and Repair it! Learn more at: ARTC.health/Glycocheck Call: 941-806-5511 Get $50 off with this ad* * Applied to GlycoCheck analysis, must be used before 3/1/23. Scan Code for Testimonials

Is Detox Right for You? Find Out at Professional Supplement Center

With the start of a new year, detoxification is top of mind. Are you wondering whether you would benefit from a detox program? You could benefit from detox if you experience any of these symptoms: fatigue, difficulty sleeping, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, food cravings, unhealthy weight gain, low libido, skin issues or joint discomfort.

Also, consider unhealthy exposures such as strong chemicals, pesticides, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, gas fumes, pesticides or herbicides in food, and toxins from your occupation. It is beneficial to detoxify once or twice a year. Some even choose to undergo a detox with the change of seasons.

Start a detox program and see how you feel. You can then determine which approach resonates until you find one that suits your unique needs. In addition to a detox, it is important to include adequate hydration, exercise, rest and stress management.

There are many detox products to choose from. Standard Process SP Detox Balance is a comprehensive detox cleanse that delivers whole food-based nutrition to support the easy, safe, and healthy removal of toxins. This powder mixes into your beverage of choice and comes in chai flavor or unflavored. It has a mild neutral taste, and is gentle on the digestive system.

Stop by the Professional Supplement Center for all kinds of high-quality supplements such as NeuroScience, Standard Process, Ortho Molecular, Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Designs for Health, Xymogen, Klaire Labs, Thorne Research and Microbiome Labs. Our friendly staff will assist you in choosing the supplements to meet your needs.

Location: 5525 Palmer Crossing Cir., Sarasota. For more information, call 941-487-5990 or visit ProfessionalSupplementCenter.com.

Palm Studio & Boutique

February Events at Sarasota Center of Light

This month, the Sarasota Center of Light will continue to present those who have been integral to our metaphysical community for several years, as well as some new friends. In addition, the Center’s Ministry Team will conduct the services in February, offering heartfelt spiritual guidance. There is always the possibility of surprise guests, teachers and talented musicians who are eager to see this beautiful Center thrive and grow.

Our services will continue online, and new classes on a wide variety of topics will also be offered online. Please let us know how we can support you in this time of continued change and challenge. We will immediately email and Facebook any changes that occur at the Center.

We humbly and graciously ask for your support as well. Contributions can be submitted via the “Donate” page on our website, or by calling the office, mailing a check or using PayPal at ChurchOffice@ SarasotaCenterOfLight.com. All contributions sincerely appreciated. In addition, we always welcome and encourage your questions.

This month will be a special Valentine weekend Crystal Bowl Concert with Robert Austin in person at the Sanctuary on Feb. 11 at 7p.m. Cost is $20 at the door or in advance at SarasotaCenterofLight.com.

Mailing address: 2710 Browning St, Sarasota, 34237. Location: 852 S Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. For more information, call 941-953-6620, email ChurchOffice@SarasotaCenterofLight.com or visit SarasotaCenterofLight.com.

Announcing New Sarasota Trolley Tours

On February 12–15, 7:30 p.m., enjoy the new Love Songs of Sarasota Trolley Tour. This experience will celebrate the love stories of leading Sarasota couples, as told by guide Kathryn Chesley. You will also be entertained with love songs performed by Jason Ellis, Liz Pascoe and Sarah Haun. Come early to savor complimentary champagne, beer or wine at the Tiki Bar, while browsing our Trolley Cottage Gift Shop, full of trinkets for all your Valentines.

On Thursdays and Saturdays this month (excluding February 9), 7:30 p.m., enjoy the Murder Mystery Trolley. Attempt to solve the Circus Queen’s murder in a fun and interactive theatrical performance. This 90-minute fantastical murder mystery tour visits a number of circus locations in Sarasota, where colorful characters will jump aboard to offer clues and hilarious antics. When booking this tour, you can choose to be cast in a role—just be sure to arrive early if you want to play a certain part.


Yoga, Fascial Stretch and Barre

441 W. Dearborn St. Englewood, FL 34223 (941) 208-5568

web: palmstudioenglewood.com email: palmstudioenglewood@gmail.com

Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com

On Fridays this month, 8 p.m., enjoy the Haunted Sarasota Trolley Tour. Hop aboard for a historical tour of Sarasota’s haunted past. Hear stories about famous murders, visit spirited buildings, and explore unsolved crimes during this 90-minute, air-conditioned nighttime tour. Sit back and listen as our entertaining Ghost Hostess brings the rich history of Sarasota to life on this fun tour—and be sure to keep an eye out for surprise guests as the tour rolls along. Costumes are encouraged, so come dressed to kill.

Cost: $52.99 + taxes and fees. Ticket includes free parking. Location: Tours depart from the Discover Sarasota Tours Trolley Cottage, 1826 4th Street, Sarasota. To book a tour, call 941-260-9818, email Info@ DiscoverSarasotaTours.com or visit DiscoverSarasotaTours.com.

news briefs

The Light Consciousness Expo Third Annual Event

On February 11–12, the Light Consciousness Expo will return for its third year at the Sarasota Event Center. Immerse yourself in the joyous, diverse atmosphere with speakers, readings, energy work, massage, yoga, new innovations and vendors who are excited to share their services and merchandise.

Featured keynote speakers include Jeremy McDonald, Sherry Lord, Elizabeth Monroy, Betsy Opyt, Annie Birnbach, Rina Litchlinger, Dr. Andrew Hall, and Lainie Sevante Wulkan. Seats for speakers are limited, so arrive as early as possible to learn, grow and evolve. There will also be an Exhibitors Hall with book signings and photos with authors, crystals, aura pictures, innovative products, jewelry, readers and more. 100 gift bags will also be available to the first 100 people, including daily drawings. There is a restaurant onsite, and parking is free.

Many workshops are free to attend with the price of admission, while others cost an additional fee. On both days of the event, doors will open at 10 a.m. Tickets cost $10 per day or $15 for a weekend pass. Discounts are available online, and a free weekend pass is offered along with the online purchase of a speaker ticket. This event is sponsored by Down to Earth: A Gathering Place, Spirit Speaks Metaphysical Store and Venice Island Café.

Location: 600 Beneva Rd., Sarasota. For more information and to purchase a discount ticket in advance, visit SherryLord.com.

Dr. Anna Can Make You Look Like Your Snap Chat

Dr. Anna Baker, DOM, invites you to join her interactive anti-aging seminars via Zoom on February 15 and 24, both at 1:30 p.m. She will showcase her Faces by Dr. Anna acupuncture facelift and her muscle retightening Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna, both of which can make you look like your Snap Chat filter pictures. Please contact the Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna store to access the meeting ID number. If you can’t make the seminar in real-time, Dr. Anna will be glad to send you a link to a copy of the seminar.

Dr. Anna performs a unique type of acupuncture facelift that she invented. The muscles of the face and neck are progressively retightened to retrace the steps that aging took. An initial package of 10 treatments is required, and the results last for 18 months before a one-treatment touchup is required to maintain the lift. COVID-19 safety protocols include treatment rooms with special air filtration systems that pull patients’ breath droplets out the window.

In the seminar, Dr. Anna will show photographed results on people of all ages. In addition, she will discuss her proprietary Pearl Cream by Dr Anna that offers the same muscle retightening as her acupuncture facelift in a slower, more gradual process. Her Pearl Cream is an anti-aging serum made from real pearls and Chinese herbs without any preservatives. Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna is also available as a muscle tightening body lotion, a men’s anti-aging line and a sports performance line.

Location: 2721 Mall Dr., Sarasota. Store hours: Monday–Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. To access the meeting ID, call 941-921-2662. For more information, visit FacesByDrAnna.com and PearlCreamByDrAnna.com.

Meet Dr. Karolina Baker of Aven Functional Medicine

AvenFunctional Medicine clinic, located in Osprey, provides functional and integrative medicine. Dr. Baker is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician with 17 years of clinical experience. She completed two residency programs: Family Medicine in Miami and Emergency Medicine in the Netherlands. After graduating from Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland, she worked in multiple healthcare settings such as emergency departments, urgent care centers, primary care practices and mental health facilities all over the world.

Dr. Baker also completed an Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship, and is certified in the Walsh protocol to manage mental health conditions. She combines her unique background and range of experience to create personalized medical care that combines compassion and competence. She believes that a fundamental part of the doctor-patient relationship is allocating the time to thoroughly address all concerns.

Dr. Baker at Aven Functional Medicine clinic is passionate about helping others find lasting relief from chronic mental and physical health conditions, including: chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, weight gain, skin eczema, allergies, thyroid problems, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, PMS and PMDD.

She also creates a personalized plan to heal the body based on a comprehensive intake process, specialized tests and clinical insight. She will evaluate the following factors: nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, inflammation markers, reactions to stress, potential allergens, gut health and genetic predispositions

Location: 3976 Destination Dr., Suite 102, Osprey. For more information and to schedule a free exploratory consultation, call 941-500-2093 or visit AvenFunctionalMedicine.com.

13 February 2023

Find Acceptance and Love at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County

If you are reading this, you most likely live in Florida or spend time here quite often. However, this state can sometimes be a difficult place for certain groups to exist in relative safety and peace. For example, within in the last few years, LGBTQ+ youth and their families have been— and continue to be—under attack.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County is a safe place where all can feel welcome, just as they are. Unitarian Universalists believe in living out their values of love, equity, justice, interdependence, pluralism and generosity within their own community, as well as extending these values into the world. Unitarian Universalists choose to recognize the inherent worth in everyone, no matter their background or beliefs.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County is a strong community of people who strive to respect everyone’s dignity and well-being. Our faith tradition respects both the individual being and the natural environment. We have a commitment to justice and spiritual meaning, and we respect others’ views and spiritual beliefs. Bring your whole self—your full identity, your questioning mind and your expansive heart—on Sunday mornings, 10:30 a.m., to worship with our community.

Location: 1532 Forrest Nelson Blvd., Port Charlotte. For more information, visit UUFCC.org.

Objects of Magic Mini Healing Retreats


the last three months, Objects of Magic has organized healing mini retreats at the beautiful South Gate Community Center, and our crowd has grown quickly. Setting aside two hours for yourself with no interruption is becoming a luxury, so our healing mini retreats are just what you need to relax and recharge.

We offer a light stretching exercises to loosen up your muscles, then we transition into a guided mediation to re-center the mind, along with a powerful healing sound bath. This is followed by a talk on the power of intentions and life coaching tips from our founder Gaëlle Wizenberg.

Anxiety and stress are on the rise, and major shifts are occurring all around the world. Now is a time of change, adjustments and rebuilding. We need to be connected and build a strong community. Our mini retreat is a fun safe place to relax, heal and connect with others. The feedback so far has been amazing as well. This is such an important resource for those in Sarasota, Myakka, Tampa and the surrounding areas. We have lined up our 2023 dates which you can view on our website.

There will be a soft launch this month for our current members, followed by our first mini retreat of the year to be announced on our Instagram. Currently, mini retreats take place from 6–8 p.m. If you want to organize a mini retreat for your business team, friends or family members, contact us via email.

Location: 3145 Southgate Cir., Sarasota. For more information, call 818-793-7834, email Love@ObjectsOfMagic.com or visit ObjectsOfMagic.com.

Guru Ganapati Comes to the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light

Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light is honored to present Guru Ganapati to the Manasota Area of Florida. Visiting from New York, Guru Ganapati (Guru Ganapati Ramanujadhaasananda) assists in the spiritual awakening of the consciousness, spreading techniques and wisdom that empower others to live a harmonious, balanced life.

As a dispenser of the light, he travels far and wide, sharing wisdom and teachings to help others reclaim their inherent divinity. His mission is to establish Cosmic Consciousness in all human beings. He offers freeto-the-public programs on how to live a better life, and now he is visiting Florida to offer these teachings to us.

Guru Ganapati is also a minister of the Awakening Consciousness Fellowship, with spiritual centers in New York and Kathmandu, Nepal. He received a Kriya Yoga initiation in 2006, his Saranagati initiation in 2016, and his Guru title and initiation in 2015. He also has a Ph.D., in Religious Philosophy and a Doctorate in Religious Science.

He will offer “Introduction to Cosmic Dreamspell Astrology Wisdom” on February 24, 7–9 p.m., and the “Mayan Pineal Chakra Attunement Energy Healing Technique Workshop” on February 25, 2–4 p.m. Both are completely free.

Location: 5041 Ringwood Meadows, Bldg. G-2, Sarasota. For more information, call 941-371-9333, visit CCOSL.com, or follow the Cosmic Center on Facebook and Instagram.

14 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com news briefs
The OM Shoppe & Spa | 941-706-3257 4801 S. Tamiami Trail #5, Sarasota FL 34231 TheOMShoppe.com | TheOMShoppeandSpa.com READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Personalize Your Energy Medicine! Shop by CHAKRA & INTENTION

Resistance Breathing Can Lower Blood Pressure

Only 30 breaths a day can change your life, and five minutes a day of resistance breathing can improve blood pressure, blood vessel tone, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiration rate, lung capacity, obstructive sleep apnea, exercise duration and inflammation.

Resistance breath training involves breathing into and out of a little pipe. You can turn a knob and set the degree of resistance for in and out breaths. The resistance of the pipe forces the chest respiratory muscles to activate properly, and also properly activates the core musculature that is involved in creating a canister required for optimal breathing.

Resistance breathing forces you to breathe correctly. When you breathe correctly the muscles move properly, endothelial nitric oxide is released, the lungs fill and empty properly, and circulation improves. So how you practice resistance breath training?

1. Brush your teeth or at least rinse out your mouth.

2. Set your resistance breathing device at the lowest number for inhale and exhale resistance.

3. Position the device in your mouth, then breathe in and out only through the mouth.

4. Breathe in for three seconds.

5. Breathe out for seven seconds.

6. Repeat these slow breaths for five minutes.

7. Practice resistance breathing most days.

8. If you feel tired or dizzy, can’t catch your breath, or have a racing heart, stop.

Dr. Caroline Peterson is a board-certified chiropractic physician. For more information, visit NaturalWomensHealthInstitute.com.

Everybody will benefit from this carefree haircutting Technique, especially baby-fine hair. Any Length from short to long. I

“All Nutrient”, an organic derived haircolor and Highlights/ Balayage made with Blueberrys.

15 February 2023
The “Vines” Shopping Center, 701 JC Center Court, Unit 10, Port Charlotte, FL • www.EuropeanHairDesigner.com European Helix
Designer THE CUT THAT CURLS and with NO chemicals. Please call Jutta for an appointment 941-629-0074 Helix cut
Neckor AvoidLowBackPain? Surgery?

Functional Medicine Approach to Heart Health

Heart health is of paramount importance for overall well-being and longevity. As a functional medicine physician, I focus on identifying and addressing the root causes of disease, rather than simply treating symptoms. When it comes to heart health, several key areas are crucial to focus on to maintain strong heart function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. First and foremost, it’s essential to consume a healthy diet rich in whole, nutrient-dense foods. This means incorporating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats, while limiting processed foods, refined sugars and saturated fats. A diet high in fiber, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids is particularly beneficial for heart health.

Regular physical activity is also crucial for a healthy heart. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week, such as brisk walking, cycling or swimming. In addition to improving cardiovascular fitness, regular exercise can also help control weight, lower blood

pressure and improve cholesterol levels.

Stress management is another essential component of heart health. Chronic stress can lead to high blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Stress-reducing activities such as yoga, meditation or deep breathing can help to lower stress levels and, ultimately, protect the heart.

It’s also important to have regular check-ups with your healthcare provider to monitor blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, as well as to discuss any other risk factors you might have for cardiovascular disease. I say this all the time as well: please quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption.

In addition to these lifestyle changes, certain supplements can be beneficial for heart health as well. For example, I personally take OmegAvail Hi-Po fish oil and CoQnol 100, which can help to improve cholesterol levels and lower inflammation in the body.

Another powerful intervention that

can help to reverse heart disease is chelation therapy. Many people suffer from cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death globally. Fortunately, heart disease is preventable and reversible, but many people are not aware of this. Chelation therapy is an intravenous treatment used for the last 50 years to treat cardiovascular disease. It helps rejuvenate the linings of blood vessels and removes toxic metals in order to improve your overall health.

A 2013 study showed that chelation therapy had a significant impact on people who suffered a previous heart attack, resulting in a 20 percent reduction in overall mortality five years after treatment. The results are even more impressive for those with diabetes after a heart attack, with a 50 percent reduction in the risk of another heart attack, the need for bypass surgery or stenting, and overall mortality after 40 treatments. These effects can last four to five years.

At Functional Medicine Florida, we offer chelation therapy, as it has been proven to be powerful for those with cardiovascular disease, angina, heart attack, peripheral vascular disease, stroke or vascular dementia. It can also improve cognitive function and memory. If you have one or more of these conditions, you might be a candidate for chelation therapy.

In conclusion, as a functional medicine physician, I believe that a holistic approach to heart health is essential for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Focus on a healthy diet, consistent physical activity, stress management, and regular check-ups with your healthcare provider. Quit smoking, limit alcohol consumption, take the right supplements and consider chelation therapy as well. By taking these proactive steps, you can better protect your heart and improve your overall well-being.

If you’re looking to improve your health and well-being, consider functional medicine. Functional Medicine Florida, led by Dr. Fred Harvey, can help you find the root cause of your health issues and create a personalized plan to improve your health. For more information, call the office at 941-929-9355 or visit FunctionalMedicineFlorida.com. To shop for supplements, visit HealthyStepsStore.com.

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Quantum Healing with the Biofeedback L.I.F.E. System

The Healing Room is offering Biofeedback-Bioresonance sessions with the L.I.F.E System, in addition to all of our other services. Owner Beata Molnar previously made biofeedback evaluations available with a voice recognition device which showed clients list of panels to identify health, emotional, spiritual and mental issues.

The L.I.F.E. System, however, not only identifies imbalances, but also offers correcting and harmonizing energy to create wellness and stress reduction. This system is CE-certified as a Class 2A medical instrument.

This quantum technology works in the subtle energy field where it helps reduce stress and promotes balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies with the help of over 14,000 frequencies, including RIFE, meridian and homeopathic frequencies.

It also finds stress patterns in the body on organs, bones, muscles, hormones, emotional states, viruses, bacteria, food related sensitivities, diseases, allergies, genetics, aging, nutritional information, toxicities and so much more.

The L.I.F.E System can stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. It scans and harmonizes the body’s stresses and imbalances energetically in a non-invasive way. This quantum bioresonance device both sends and receives signals and measures the changes these signals make to see how the balancing session progresses with each client.

In other words, it can detect and repair energetic aberrations. The client’s biofeedback response is measured to nearly 7,000 individual frequency signals in 39 health categories. These sessions can take place in-person or virtually. Sessions are 90 minutes long. The Healing Room still offers Energy Healing, PEMF therapy, Red Light therapy, Sound Healing and Rife Sessions with Plasma as well. We are located in Sarasota near Bee Ridge.

Location: Aaron Ct., Sarasota. For more information, call 941-586-9539 or follow The Healing Room at Facebook.com/CreateBalanceAndHealing.

“CoQ10 – Heart Health”


Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that your body produces naturally, however levels of CoQ10 in your body decreases as you age. Also, CoQ10 levels get affected when taking cholesterol lowering agents such as statins. CoQ10 has potential benefits that include protecting against free radicals, helping fight fatigue, enhancing the immune and nervous system, protecting against free radicals, helping with bleeding gums/gingivitis, it contains antioxidants, and may improve heart function.

Nutritional tip- when taking CoQ10 it should be natural CoQ10 chewable and dissolve in cheeks (buccal absorption) where the absorption is 300% greater than swallowing a capsule.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diagnose. For more information on CoQ10, call 941-5548623, visit The Natural Apothecary Shoppe at 6608 Gateway Ave., Sarasota or TheNaturalApothecaryShoppe.com or follow us on Facebook at Natural Apothecary Shoppe.

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Mental Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

Add maternal mental health benefits to the well-documented physical advantages that breastfeeding offers to moms and their infants. A systematic review published in the Journal of Women’s Health found that breastfeeding was associated with overall improved maternal mental health outcomes. A majority of the studies concluded that breastfeeding was connected to fewer mental health symptoms. Thirty-six of the 55 articles reported significant relationships between breastfeeding and reduced symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety. Notably, when breastfeeding challenges arose or when the actual experience of breastfeeding didn’t meet expectations, five studies reported negative mental health symptoms.

The researchers suggest that breastfeeding may have protective effects on mental health due to the release of oxytocin—also known as the love hormone—which is associated with decreased maternal stress levels and anxiety. This suggests that breastfeeding may have immediate, short-term effects on maternal mood. Further research is needed to help provide better personalized breastfeeding and mental health counseling to moms.

Zinc for Colds and Flu

A study published in BMJ Open evaluated the use of zinc for the prevention or treatment of acute viral respiratory tract infections (RTI) in adults. As a treatment for colds and flu, zinc reduced symptoms by two days, compared to the placebo. The researchers surmised that of 100 people with upper respiratory infections, 19 of them recovered by day seven as a result of the zinc treatment. Symptom severity appeared to be lower for those treated with zinc—with improvements seen by day three. Those taking zinc experienced an 87 percent lower risk of developing severe symptoms.

In terms of the prevention of colds and flu-like illness, taking zinc was found to have a modest effect compared to the placebo, with one out of 20 infections prevented. Preventive effects were most significant in reducing severe symptoms. Overall, there was evidence suggesting zinc might prevent RTI symptoms and shorten its duration. Researchers were unable to clearly ascertain the efficacy of different dosages and delivery (oral or nasal spray).

Weighted Blanket for Better Sleep

Weighted blankets may be a non-drug option to help ease conditions like insomnia and anxiety by allowing the body to release more melatonin (a hormone that promotes sleep) at bedtime.

In a new study published in the Journal of Sleep Research, researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden measured the amount of melatonin, oxytocin and cortisol in the saliva of subjects after sleeping with either a light blanket or a weighted blanket. They found that using a weighted blanket helped naturally increase production of melatonin by 32 percent. There were no significant changes in the levels of oxytocin, cortisol or sympathetic nervous system activity.

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Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind and spirit—the realization that everything we do, think, feel and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.
~Greg Anderson

Herbal Toothpaste Deemed Safe and Effective

Toothpaste containing certain plant-derived extracts was found to be effective in the prevention or treatment of gingivitis and early-stage periodontitis, according to a study published in Dentistry Journal. The authors noted that people should still get regular, in-depth cleanings and treatments to maintain oral hygiene, and that antibacterial herbal extracts have safer toxicity profiles for human use.

In the double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, patients with a previous diagnosis of gingivitis or initial stages of periodontitis were given an experimental toothpaste or the control toothpaste for a 60-day trial period, during which time they brushed twice daily. The experimental toothpaste contained chemical components and extracts of German chamomile, sage, arnica and echinacea. The control toothpaste contained only chemical active ingredients.

The herbs used in the study showed positive anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial actions. Patients in the experimental group experienced diminished bleeding of the gums and teeth whitening. The indices of gingivitis, general oral hygiene, plaque, tartar buildup and mild periodontitis decreased in both groups over the trial period. While both toothpastes eliminated several bacterial periodontal pathogens, the experimental one was more efficient against several of them.

Put On a Happy Face

According to a new study led by Stanford University and published in Nature Human Behaviour, positioning our facial muscles into a smile can actually cause us to feel happier. Researchers collected data from 3,878 participants across 19 countries, using three techniques:

n Mimicking facial expressions of actors seen in photos

n Moving the corners of their mouths to their cheeks using only their facial muscles

n Using the “pen-in-mouth” technique, which moves facial muscles in a simulated smile shape

The study found a noticeable increase in feelings of happiness from people that mimicked smiling photographs or pulled their mouth toward their ears.

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Fascia and the Nervous System

Afibrous tissue called fascia covers, connects and protects almost every other tissue in the human body. Fascia is becoming well-known as a possible source of muscle, spine and joint pain. This fibrous, connective tissue is arranged in fabric-like sheets around your muscles, bones, organs and more. Remarkably, fascia also surrounds all nerve tissue and contains hundreds of millions of its own nerve endings.

Beyond just causing aches and pains, restrictions in the fascia can also cause symptoms expressed through the nervous system. The brain and spinal cord have their own fascia, called the meninges. This fascia seals in the cerebrospinal fluid that cushions the central nervous system. Nerves to the rest of the body exit through the meninges, and are then covered with a fascia called the paraneural sheath, with more layers of fascia inside the nerves.

Most types of fascia can stiffen due to trauma, and this will sometimes become relatively permanent. Stiffness in meningeal and nerve fascia can be caused by car accidents, falls, sports injuries and repetitive stress. In my practice, I have seen fascia

stiffness in the nervous system develop into a wide range of problems—from tension in the spinal meninges caused by whiplash, to neuropathy in the feet, poor balance, sciatica and leg weakness.

With head injuries that cause stiffening of the cranial fascia, it’s not unusual to see nausea, vertigo, poor mental focus, insomnia or hand tingles. Carpal tunnel syndrome, meralgia paresthetica (a numbness of the upper thigh) and other types of numbness or tingles can be due to restriction in a peripheral nerve.

Stiff or restricted fascia can be treated by stimulating it to relax and release its tension. Fascial therapies like Residual Strain Therapy (RST) use gentle pressures from the surface of the body to trigger release of even deep tissues like the meninges and peripheral nerve tissue. If the symptoms are caused by the fascia, they will improve when it is released.

A thorough history and examination is necessary to determine if symptoms are caused by fascia restriction. Permanent injury and other causes must also be evaluated. Below are some examples of cases seen in our clinic, with names and details changed for privacy.


Bill sought help for nearly constant numbness and tingles in all five fingers of his left hand. This had been occurring for six months, and the symptoms were starting to worsen to the point of disrupting his sleep. Examination showed stiffness of the meninges at the neck and upper mid-back, probably due to a car accident three years prior. These restrictions were treated, along with several more in muscular and joint fascia. The numbness and tingles disappeared, and Bill also found relief from his neck and back pain. Having tried medications and other kinds of therapy, Lisette underwent RST treatment for her meralgia paresthetica. This painful condition is caused by problems with a nerve that runs forward over the pelvic bone and down the thigh. Tingles and numbness of the front or outside of the thigh usually worsen when standing or walking, and Lisette’s case was no exception. Her pain had been limited her to walking shorter distances for over a year.

To treat this problem, we released restrictions causing the muscle tensions that pinched the nerve. In order to help Lisette achieve more relief, however, we had to treat the fascia of the nerve itself in the area where it was pinched. As a result, she is now able to walk long distances with only occasional mild pain.

Head Trauma

“Lazy eye,” or amblyopia, can slow a young child down. Brianna was in high spirits when we first saw her, but walked slowly and was less active than a typical three-year-old. Examination showed weakness of the left arm, weakness of left head rotation and inability to track an object well with her left eye. She had significant stiffening of fascia on the left side of the skull.

Her parents could not recall a head injury, but Brianna’s birth was difficult, with a long labor and forceps delivery. Treatment of the cranial fascia with gentle manual therapy proved successful. Brianna’s weakness disappeared, and her eye tracking improved to almost within the normal range. Her improved vision gave her the confidence to move about with the speedy abandon of a typical child her age.

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comes to vertigo, conventional medical treatment focuses on evaluating the inner ear as a probable cause, and that is certainly important to consider. However, most of our position sense comes from the millions of pressure- and tension-sensitive nerve endings in the fascia. In my experience, this is a major source of vertigo. Just a week before writing this article, a patient in our clinic, whom I will refer to as George, complained of recent spinning sensations and nausea when lying down at night. His main reason for scheduling an appointment was to treat chronic neck pain, but he was pleased when RST release of his cranial meningeal tension and neck muscle fascia also greatly reduced his vertigo. With continued treatment we hope to eliminate that vertigo entirely, as we have been able to do for many others.

Severe concussions can result in symptoms that continue years after the injury. Sometimes the underlying cause is stiffened fascia of the meninges, caused by the original impact. Sarah came to our office for

help with intense migraine headaches that she felt were related to being knocked unconscious by an impact several years prior.

She also related that she experienced cognitive decline, with difficulty concentrating, remembering information and performing complex tasks. She was pleasantly surprised when treatment of cranial meningeal stiffness not only relieved her migraines, but also gave her mental clarity, the capacity to do mentally demanding work and improved recall abilities.

The Gut

In addition to nerve endings for position sense, fascia has millions of nerve endings that are part of the sympathetic nervous system. Disturbance of these nerves by restriction in fascia can cause a spill-over effect that disturbs gut function, causing symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, constipation and intestinal pain. This is a likely outcome of restrictions around the abdomen, lower rib cage, pelvis and spine.

Ingrid is a recent patient who came

to see us for chronic low back pain. While she is pleased with her continually improving back pain, she is also thrilled that she no longer needs to take medication for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). She hasn’t had IBS since her third treatment to release fascia restriction from muscles of the pelvis and low back.

As mentioned above, a careful and expert evaluation is needed to find the cause of any neurological symptoms, and restriction in fascia is just one of many potential causes of problems like neuropathy, vertigo, IBS and post-concussion syndromes. However, fascia treatment is worth exploring for these types of conditions. Fascia therapies like RST are safe and non-invasive, and the relief from these treatments usually last for a long time.

Dr. Eric Winder has been practicing chiropractic for 26 years. His practice emphasizes relieving pain to restore alignment and motion with gentle fascia release therapies. For more information, call 941-957-8390 or visit Gentlebay.com.

21 February 2023 3131 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota • 618 S. Tamiami Trail, Osprey More info at www.gentlebay.com Dr. Eric Winder Gentle But Powerful, Non-Invasive Treatments Feel your best. (941) 957-8390 Low Level Therapeutic Laser • Neuropathy (Diabetic and Other) • Knee Arthritis • Plantar Fasciitis • Hip Pain Fascia Release Therapies • Back and Neck Pain • Vertigo • Headaches • Tendinitis
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The Healing Power of Stem Cells:


We all want to maintain a life of wellness and vitality— but for those who deal with persistent, chronic orthopedic pain, this can often seem like an unattainable goal. In fact, some chronic pain sufferers will spend years consulting with medical professionals or enduring invasive operations, only to find minimal or temporary bouts of relief.

If this circumstance sounds all-too-familiar, I cannot wait to introduce you to the subject of this month’s Community Spot. Mark Walter M.D. is a pioneer in the field of Regenerative Stem Cell Orthopedics, as well as the founder at RegenOrtho here in Sarasota. His area of expertise can offer the effective, long-term pain relief you’ve been searching for—without a potential risk of surgery. So on that note, allow me to turn it over to Dr. Walter.

Natural Awakenings: For anyone who is unfamiliar, could you summarize what Stem Cell Orthopedics is, and how does this particular modality work?

Dr. Mark Walter: With this modality, I use healing cells from the patient’s own body fat, then combine it with growth factors from their blood. I inject these cells at specific sites to help rebuild joints in the knees, hip, spine, neck, shoulder, ankle or almost any other part of the body with unresolved pain, injuries or damage. It’s common for an MRI or ultrasound to miss micro-tears in the

attachments of ligaments, tendons and joint capsules, which are often the root-cause of persistent, chronic orthopedic pain. So whenever I see a patient, the first question on my mind is: “What’s the primary pain generator?” Then, as I examine the patient and identify the jump-sign, I could ultimately diagnose a different root-cause of the pain than previously diagnosed by conventional orthopedic surgeons or other doctors.

Therefore, my practice has an entirely different approach to treating joint pain, and for many patients, it can offer them a much safer and more effective solution. In fact, as more patients come to understand Regenerative Orthopedics, they often remark that it should be primary care orthopedics.

If someone experiences significant chronic pain of more than a month or two, I should be the first doctor they come to—not the last resort, as is often the case. But the reason this approach is so little known is that it isn’t part of the conventional medical system which, of course, is based on surgery and pharmaceuticals.

NA: What specific factors drew you to Regenerative Orthopedics and Stem Cell Therapy, and what are the benefits of practicing this form of medicine?

Dr. Walter: Here we have a healing modality that’s safe and minimally invasive with almost no downtime after the procedure. In most cases, we can actually treat the root cause of pain, so many patients can avoid the risk of surgery. Regenerative Stem Cell Orthopedics has an 85 percent success rate. To me, this is an effective way to help someone restore their quality of life.

NA: In your experience, what medical issues can Stem Cell Orthopedics successfully help with, and what does the treatment protocol usually entail?

Dr. Walter: As I mentioned earlier, orthopedics can be used to treat almost any joint in the entire human body. As such, we commonly use Regenerative Stem Cell Orthopedics for all types of arthritis, injuries, chronic pain and more. This modality can help resolve at least 80 percent of orthopedic issues with long-term success.

In my practice, the stem cell treatment protocol itself is done in a single day as an outpatient procedure. From start to finish, it only takes about three or four hours out of their schedule. Best of all, they can return to activities of living the next day.

NA: What can a patient expect during their first appointment with you, and what would you tell someone who is hesitant to undergo this form of treatment?

Dr. Walter: The main advantage of stem cells is that we only use a patient’s own tissue, which makes this treatment as natural as possible. As I said, it’s also quite safe, and there’s almost no downtime. When we perform the stem cell injection on a patient, we’ll draw some fat from under the skin, then we do what I call a lipo-sculpting procedure. We take their blood, they relax for a couple of hours, then we inject the stem cells into specific areas of the body.

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In most cases, patients can return to their normal daily activities in 24 hours. Generally, we advise that our patients wait two or three weeks before resuming sports, exercises and more strenuous activities. In some instances, we might also recommend a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) booster about six to eight weeks after the initial procedure. PRP is a concentration in the blood that functions as a growth factor and works in synergy with the stem cells. Think of it this way: if a stem cell is the seed, then PRP is the fertilizer. The PRP can reignite the stem cells to accelerate the healing further.

NA: What’s the downside?

Dr. Walter: The main risk of a stem cell procedure is that someone might pay for the procedure and not achieve the results they hoped for (since stem cell procedures are not yet covered by Medicare or any insurance companies). Overall, as mentioned, we have an 85 percent success rate for long-term pain relief and return to activity. In my view, this option should be carefully considered for anyone with a significant problem. This is the medicine of the future!

Mark Walter, MD, has pioneered the field of regenerative orthopedics for the last 22 years, and is considered one of the top Stem Cell Orthopedic specialists in Florida. Dr. Walter completed his MD degree at McGill University (1980), then completed five years of post-doctoral work in Regenerative Orthopedics with the world-famous Hackett-Hemwall foundation (in association with the University of Wisconsin). He is a master Prolotherapist and a leading proponent of offering patients non-surgical alternatives for serious orthopedic issues. Dr. Walter also just released his new book Stem Cell Orthopedics: A New Way to Fix Joint, Back and Neck Problems (available on Amazon). For more information, to schedule a phone or in-person consultation, to or reserve a seat at an upcoming free monthly seminar, please call Dr. Walter’s office in Sarasota at 941-955-4325, text the Stem Cell Hotline at 941-376-2100, or visit RegenOrtho.com.

Sarasota Center of Light

23 February 2023 STEM CELL ORTHOPEDICS TRUST A TOP EXPERT WITH YOUR JOINT PAIN Find Relief WITHOUT SURGERY! Mark Walter MD, CCFP Pioneered the field of regenerative orthopedics for the last 22 years and is considered one of the top specialists in Florida. He has just released his new book Stem Cell Orthopedics (available on Amazon). Scan the QR Code to Order. ■ Knees, Hips and Ankles ■ Shoulder / Rotator cuff ■ Low Back & Neck ■ Wrists & Hands and many other conditions • 85% SUCCESS RATE • ALMOST NO DOWNTIME • LONG-LASTING RESULTS AND PAIN RELIEF! THIS IS THE MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE! (941) 955-4325 regenortho.com Call today to schedule a PERSONAL CONSULTATION or book your seat at a FREE SEMINAR Please call for dates and times 2068 HAWTHORNE ST., SUITE 202, SARASOTA, FL 34239 We Use Your Own Stem Cells to heal: Local metaphysical community that offers authentic teachings of Mediumship, Healing, and other Esoteric Arts. Weekly Sunday Morning Service with messages from Spirit, and Wednesday evening Healing Mediation Service. Links to our services and information about our classes can be found on our website. www.SarasotaCenterofLight.com • 941-953-6620 852 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota, FL 34237
Sarasota Center of Light Established 1949

Improving Heart Health


When it comes to preventing cardiovascular diseases, lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise are often mentioned. But a deeper dive into heart health shows other factors such as sleep, stress management and proper screenings are just as important.

Catch Those Zs

Dr. Randi Foraker is a professor of medicine within the Division of General Medical Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), and the Deputy Director for WUSTL’s Institute for Informatics. She helped co-author the American Heart Association’s (AHA)

Life’s Essential 8, a prescription of eight lifestyle metrics for cardiovascular health. They include modifiable risk factors such as diet, physical activity, nicotine exposure, sleep duration, body mass index, blood lipids, blood glucose and blood pressure.

Last June, the AHA added sleep to their lifestyle recommendations. “Poor sleep has been something we have suspected as a contributor to cardiovascular health for some time,” Foraker says. “Sleep has been identified recently as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases. Interrupted sleep is a problem, because our body isn’t able to rebuild and recharge if we don’t have adequate sleep. That’s a recent finding, and the evidence around that is building.”

In addition, research into how sleep

patterns affect heart health is ongoing. Experts are looking at when people are sleeping, and if it’s broken into three- or four-hour increments. The demands of one’s occupation may lead to sleeping during the day instead of at night, or broken sleep that may or may not lead to a total of eight hours of sleep.

Stress Management

“Not managing stress well can be linked to insulin resistance, gut issues, high blood pressure and inflammation, which directly contribute to heart disease,” says Charlotte Nussbaum, M.D., a functional medicine practitioner based in Medford, New Jersey. “That’s a lifestyle factor that people need to address—and it can be the hardest one to address. Even if you’re dialed in to a healthy diet and exercise routines, you’re not going to keep yourself healthy if you have unresolved stress issues.”

Nussbaum further notes that unaddressed childhood traumas can lead to unhealthy stress management techniques. She encourages people to consult with a therapist or other practitioner to work through childhood traumas. Try to identify and eliminate the stressor. If a job is causing stress, we can’t always change jobs, but using techniques such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness can help.

She also recommends bodywork and movement, breathing techniques, biofeedback and going outdoors and into nature as effective stress relieving techniques.

Foraker notes that the Life’s Essential 8 framework has specifically called out mental health and social determinants of health. These underlying factors can be barriers to achieving ideal cardiovascular health. “Mental health can impact depression and be a proxy for nicotine addiction and poor diet,” she says.

Social determinants may include living in a food desert without access to healthy foods. Some people may not be able to achieve physical fitness because they might live in a high crime area, preventing them from being physically active outdoors. “Social determinants of health are often cost prohibitive to

24 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com

achieving health goals,” Foraker reiterates.

Nationwide, nonprofits such as The Food Trust are helping to bring nutritious food to low-income communities. The National Youth Sports Strategy, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, strives to expand children’s participation in youth sports and encourage regular physical activity.

Looking Beyond Cholesterol

Nussbaum observes that while much attention is placed on lowering fat and cholesterol for a healthier heart, what is more important is choosing fats that don’t oxidize easily. When low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is oxidized, it can lead to atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque on the artery walls.

“Seed oils like canola oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil or corn oil have been promoted as heart healthy, but those are very easily oxidized because they contain linoleic acid, an inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid that can contribute to heart disease,” Nussbaum says. “While omega-6 is an essential fatty acid, we only need a small amount in our diets. Our modern diet has become very high in omega-6.”

Nussbaum advises increasing omega-3 intake to balance the omega-3s/omega-6 ratio. Cold water, fatty fish that’s low in mercury, such as salmon, along with shellfish, are good sources of omega-3s. For people that don’t eat seafood, marine algae provide omega-3s.

Polyphenols are plant-based foods— that boost heart health and immunity. Polyphenol-rich foods include green tea, citrus fruits, hibiscus tea and turmeric. Nussbaum adds that organ meats such as liver are high in antioxidants such as retinol and vitamin A.

Red meat has gotten a bad rap, but Nussbaum notes how meat is sourced makes a difference. The nutritional quality of a fastfood burger is much different than a cut of beef from grassfed cows that are sustainably raised; the latter having a very different nutrition profile, along with omega-3s.

Nussbaum cautions that consuming a low-fat diet may not lower risk of heart disease because many low-fat diets substitute fat with carbohydrates. A high-carbohydrate diet can lead to obesity and insulin resistance, which are risk factors for heart disease.

The American Heart Association confirms that practicing mindfulness and meditation may help manage stress and high blood pressure, improve sleep and help us feel more balanced and connected, which can help lower the risk of heart disease. Meditation can be as simple as sitting quietly in a calm place and focusing on breath. Other types include relaxation, Zen, transcendental and mantra, mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Exercise: Less Can Be More

It can be intimidating to start a workout regimen, especially if time is limited. “What’s more important is not being sedentary and finding ways to keep moving,” Nussbaum reassures. “Even if you have desk job, there are ways to incorporate short bursts of movement into your day. Walking can be helpful.”

She adds that high-intensity interval training—short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods—can be effective for those with limited time. “Some of those workouts are only five to 10 minutes long but can have just as much benefit as a 90-minute cardiovascular workout.”

Screenings and Advanced Testing Detect Underlying Issues

Dr. Yale (Yoel) R. Smith is a Melbourne, Florida-based physician who is triple board-certified and an Advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging Metabolic and Functional Medicine. “There are millions of people walking around with severe cardiac disease that do not even know it, because heart attacks and death from an acute coronary syndrome (ACS) can kill someone without warning,” he cautions. “Thus, preventing such an event with specialized testing can allow people to live long lives with loved ones.”

Smith emphasizes the importance of a complete lipid profile. “I see many patients that come to me with incomplete lipid profiles,” he notes. They do not include sensitive biomarkers that go beyond just total cholesterol, LDL, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and triglycerides.

There’s a misconception that if one’s cholesterol is within normal range, they need not worry about heart disease. “But someone could have ‘unstable plaque’ just waiting to burst in a coronary artery that kills the patient,” Smith explains. “When an unstable plaque ruptures in a major vessel, the body senses it as bleeding and sends clotting factors to stop the bleeding, thus creating the heart attack and death. We can look for this with cutting-edge testing.”

Such testing includes Cleerly, which uses artificial intelligence to look within the coronary arteries. It provides actual visualization of the patients’ vessels and pinpoints locations of stenotic lesions, total plaque volume and unstable plaque locations. “This is revolutionary and allows me to provide information to the patient and the interventional cardiologist vital information before catheterization,” Smith says.

The Protein Unstable Lesion Signature test looks for cellular markers for high-risk patients and determines risk for plaque rupture. The Vibrant Health CardiaX allows doctors to look at 22 different genes that can contribute to various heart disease issues.

“Family history is a look into the future of your chance of developing heart diseases,” Smith shares. “The genetics of a patient’s family is quite important, and genes can jump a generation. Thus, the patient could have their grandfather’s or grandmother’s genes that can put them at risk and lead to an early death.”

There are natural ways to control and reverse heart disease, Smith reiterates, but he cautions against over-the-counter, unregulated supplements marketed toward improving heart health. A comprehensive workup and cardiovascular health plan should be monitored by a qualified medical doctor.

“Meditation and massage are beneficial to lower stress,” Smith concurs. “Stress and high cortisol levels create a pathway to heart disease, elevated blood pressure and other issues. Thus, anything that can lower stress and create a happy lifestyle will help with heart health.”

For more information, visit Tinyurl.com/55nuk9dm. Sheila Julson is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Natural Awakenings.

25 February 2023

KnoWEwell, P.B.C., the Regenerative Whole Health benefits and services company, acquired Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation in December, 2022. “This is a transformational moment for both companies. Readers and consumers looking for trusted knowledge and education related to whole health, sustainable green living and community connections, locally and globally, will surely benefit from this collaboration,” says Kimberly Whittle, CEO of both companies.

Whittle is quick to celebrate the visionary behind Natural Awakenings , which has had an almost 30-year run across American cities, saying, “I am thankful for the tremendous leadership, vision and spirit that Natural Awakenfounder Sharon Bruckman instilled in this great publication—which I have been reading, enjoying and benefitting from for many years—and I look forward to continuing her legacy as part of the KnoWEwell family.”

Natural Awakenings is—and will continue to be—a franchise with scores of publishers in different markets. “As a franchisee, each publisher manages their own magazine, collaborating with local businesses and producing hyperlocal news reporting and feature stories about people and events in their hometowns. Because they’re right there, they are wellequipped to connect readers with the best

local resources. Publishers also are able to offer their readers national articles that are produced by a team of professional journalists. It’s the best of both worlds,” says Whittle.

KnoWEwell operates the Regenerative Whole Health Hub, a digital ecosystem, community and marketplace that centralizes global health and well-being knowledge, resources and connections. With a mission to transform health care, it is connecting the dots between regenerative organic agriculture, lifestyle choices, social issues and environmental solutions to inspire and empower individuals to prevent harm, address the root causes of chronic disease and achieve “WELLthier Living”.

KnoWEwell’s acquisition will have minimal impact on local magazine operations. “Moving forward, we’re looking for ways that the two companies can complement each other and also support our publishers at each location in their quest to offer the best content,” Whittle says. “We’re growing a movement as we share knowledge, celebrate healing success stories, provide access to evidence-based resources and create meaningful connections while helping today’s consumers, whole-health providers, mission-aligned nonprofits, businesses and advertisers thrive. Together, we’re addressing global, local and personal issues—the nexus for consumer consciousness, healing and hope.”

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Natural Awakenings Join Families

Deciphering Egg Carton Labels

There are many egg choices in the grocery store with different labels—cage-free, free-range, pasture-raised, organic. Here is what these terms mean.


Cage-free eggs are defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as eggs laid by hens that are able to roam vertically and horizontally in indoor spaces while having access to fresh food and water. Although this method of egg production is considered to be more humane than the longtime standard of battery cages, some cage-free farms may restrict outdoor grazing, and their hens’ nutrition may not be as good as that of hens allowed outside.


Free-range hens follow the same rules as cage-free, with the added requirement of having access to the outdoors during their laying cycle. How much time the hens are permitted to spend outside is open to interpretation, although some animal welfare groups define it as at least six hours per day of outdoor access with at least two square feet of outdoor space per bird.


This term isn’t defined by the USDA, but if eggs come with a third-party animal welfare certification seal, more robust standards of care have been applied. Certified Humane and American Humane Certified both expect pasture-raised, egg-laying hens to have at least 108 square feet of pasture with live vegetation, and for those fields to be rotated so that fresh vegetation is always available. Having access to the outdoors year-round means they must also have access to a barn for protection from predators. Pasture-raised (and organic eggs described below) often have darker, yellower yolks and contain less cholesterol, which may be due to the continuous access to live vegetation and because they have more omega-3 fatty acids.


Organic egg-laying hens must be provided with 100 percent organic feed without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. They must also be able to graze outside for at least 120 days per year and are given antibiotics only in the event of an infection.


Local or locally produced eggs must originate less than 400 miles from the processing facility or within the state the eggs originated from and were processed in.

Vegetarian fed ensures that no animal byproducts were used to feed the hens.

Grass fed is not defined by the USDA. No hormones is a misleading term, as the USDA has banned the use of hormones, and all eggs are hormone-free.

27 February 2023 eco tip
Web Buttons Inc/AdobeStock.com

The right food choices don’t just prevent heart disease and help shrink artery plaque, they also nourish and heal the heart. For a healthy ticker, enjoy these five food groups every day.

Fabulous Fiber

Fiber is the roughage in vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts, and it is loaded with age-busting nutrients. Eating fiber suppresses appetite, promotes weight loss, improves blood sugar and cholesterol levels, decreases inflammation and feeds a healthy gut microbiome.

The challenge is to get more fiber every day. Too often, people consume fiber from processed grains and flour, and the sugar load that comes with grain fiber has many adverse impacts on heart health. The best option is to enjoy daily fiber from the following sources: three cups of colorful vegetables; two pieces of fruit, such as one cup of berries and one apple; two handfuls of nuts and seeds; and one-half to one cup of beans.

Smart Fat

Clinical studies show that enjoying fats from seafood, extra-virgin olive oil and nuts decreases the risk of a heart attack and stroke

Nourish the Heart


without causing weight gain.

Healthy fats improve cholesterol levels, assist with blood sugar control, are critical for the brain, improve hormone balance and reduce inflammation.

Fats enhance the texture of food, adding that smooth, creamy mouth feel to a meal that makes eating a pleasure. Enjoy healthy fats from avocados, seeds and dark chocolate daily.

Clean (Not Mean) Protein

Raising animals in large-scale conventional operations with cruel living conditions is not just mean, it also produces less nutritious meat that can be loaded with hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. Choose clean protein instead, which does not contain added hormones, pesticides and other toxins. Good sources of protein are organic dairy products and eggs, wild seafood and animal protein that has been grass-fed or organically fed while living on open pasture. Beans are also a great protein-packed choice that improves blood sugar and cholesterol profiles. They are the most powerful anti-aging food ever tested.

Beneficial Beverages

Start with at least four cups of water per day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s flat or sparkling, so long as it’s pure. Pure water can be purchased or made at home or at work with a reverse osmosis filter system.

Except for people that are caffeine sensitive, one to two servings of caffeinated beverages can be enjoyed daily. In moderation, those tea and coffee pigments are good for us.

Don’t forget a fiber- and protein-rich

smoothie to stay satisfied and revved up all morning. A balanced and delicious recipe includes one serving of protein powder, frozen organic cherries or blueberries, almond milk and chia seeds.

Take advantage of the option to enjoy wine with dinner—just be sure to limit wine intake to no more than two servings daily.

Avoid any beverage with added sugar or commercial sweeteners. Don’t be fooled into drinking juice; without the fiber, fruit juice is much closer to drinking soda than to eating fruit.

Powerful Probiotics

Not only do probiotics help gut function—a healthy gut microbiome decreases inflammation and supports weight control. The latest research reveals that the microbes in the gut have a dramatic impact on the risk for heart disease, as well. Because healthy microbes feed on fiber, eating fiber is good for the gut microbiome, too.

The right gut microbes offer numerous benefits. They lower harmful cholesterol levels, improve blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure to normal levels, assist with weight loss, decrease inflammation and decrease production of trimethylamine N-oxide (also known as TMAO), a marker for heart disease. Support the gut microbiome by eating probiotic food sources daily, such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, pickled veggies and miso.

Steven Masley is a physician, nutritionist, trained chef, clinical professor at the University of South Florida and creator of health programs for public television. He is the author of The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up. Learn more at DrMasley.com.

28 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com conscious eating




½ pound fresh spinach, washed and drained, stems removed, chopped

2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

½ medium sweet onion, finely chopped

2 cups mushrooms, sliced

½ tsp sea salt

1 tsp Italian herb seasoning

2 medium garlic cloves, finely chopped

8 large cage-free, organically fed eggs

2 Tbsp organic, whole fat milk (or sourcream)

½ cup organic Comté (or Gruyère) cheese, grated ¼ cup Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, grated

Preheat oven to 375° F.

Place spinach in a saucepan with ½ cup of water. Cover with a lid and allow to steam on high heat for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and drain; squeeze out excess water. Set aside.

Heat a sauté pan to medium heat; add olive oil, then onion; stir occasionally. After 1 minute, add mushrooms and continue heating for about 3 to 4 minutes until the onion is translucent and the mushrooms have softened. Add garlic and Italian herbs and heat 1 minute, then remove from heat.

In a large bowl, whisk the eggs and milk together. Stir in the Comté or Gruyère cheese, steamed spinach and sautéed onions with mushrooms.

Grease a pie dish with extra virgin olive oil, then pour the egg and vegetable mixture into the pie dish. Sprinkle Parmigiano Reggiano cheese over the top.

Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until it has the texture of custard— trembling and barely set. For a golden crust, turn on the broiler for the last couple minutes of baking, but don’t over-bake, or it will get tough. Check it 5 minutes before it’s supposed to be done.

This recipe and photo were excerpted from The Mediterranean Method. ©2019 Steven Masley, M.D. Used with permission of Harmony Books. All rights reserved.

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1 medium eggplant (remove ends and any damaged skin), cut into 1-inch cubes

2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

1 medium sweet onion, diced ½ tsp sea salt

¼ tsp ground black pepper

½ tsp oregano, dried

½ tsp fines herbes (or Italian herb seasonning), dried

3 small zucchini, chopped into ½-inch cubes (about 2½ cups)

2 small yellow squash, chopped into ½-inch cubes (about 2 cups)

2 Tbsp white wine

3 medium tomatoes, chopped (about 2½ cups)

4 medium garlic cloves, minced

1 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley

1 tsp fresh rosemary, diced

1 Tbsp fresh basil, chopped

⅛ tsp paprika or cayenne powder (or to taste)

1 lb firm tofu, cubed, or 15 oz cooked cannellini beans (optional)

Fresh herbs for garnish (parsley, basil, and/ or thyme)

This fragrant side dish from southern France is packed with nutrients. It goes well with chicken or fish, and especially a soufflé. To convert this from a side dish to a complete meal, add 1 pound of cubed tofu or 15 ounces of cooked cannellini beans. Can be served hot or cold and usually tastes better when served the next day.

Steam eggplant on the stove top for 6 minutes or microwave in a glass container for 4 minutes. Cook until tender.

Heat a pan on medium heat and add olive oil; add the onion, salt, black pepper, oregano and fines herbes. Sauté for 2 to 3 minutes or until onions are soft and translucent. Add zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant and wine; stir. Cover and heat for 3 to 4 minutes, until the vegetables soften, stirring occasionally. Add the tomatoes, garlic and fresh herbs; cover, reduce heat to low and simmer for 4 to 10 minutes, until squash softens and the flavors blend.

For a touch of heat, add paprika or cayenne pepper. Garnish with fresh herbs.

Excerpted from The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up. Copyright © 2021 Steven Masley, M.D. Used with permission from Little, Brown Spark, New York, NY. All rights reserved.



1 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

1 medium onion, chopped

¼ tsp sea salt

1 cup mushrooms, sliced

1 tsp dried Italian herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil)

¼ tsp ground black pepper

3 large carrots, chopped

1 medium fennel bulb, chopped into ½-inch pieces (or 3 celery stalks)

1 cup red wine

1 medium red bell pepper, chopped

1 cup chopped tomatoes or tomato sauce

2 cups low sodium vegetable or fish broth

1 pound mussels and/or clams in the shell, scrubbed clean

1 pound fresh whitefish, cut into 1-inch pieces (tilapia, cod, snapper, catfish)

½ pound large shrimp, peeled and deveined

8 large sea scallops

½ cup fresh parsley, chopped

Heat a large stew pot over medium-high heat. Add oil, onions, salt, mushrooms, herbs and black pepper; stir for 2 minutes. Add carrots and fennel; cook another 2 minutes. Add wine to deglaze for 30 seconds while stirring. Add bell pepper, tomato sauce and broth; simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, unless the seafood is super fresh, soak fish, shrimp and scallops in orange juice or milk for 10 minutes. Rinse and drain when ready to add them to the pot.

Bring another pan with a steamer tray to a boil; add the mussels and/or clams; cook until they open, 5 to 6 minutes. Drain, saving 1 cup of the liquid for later use.

Increase the temperature under the large stew pot to medium-high and add the fish, shrimp and scallops. Heat 4 to 5 minutes until shrimp are pink and fish is cooked. Add the drained mussels and clams plus 1 cup of the reserved clam/mussel liquid; simmer another minute.

Ladle stew into bowls and garnish with parsley. This stew is fabulous accompanied with a tossed green salad on the side or as a second course. Be sure to set the table with additional large bowls for discarded shells.

Recipe excerpted from The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up by Steven Masley, M.D. Copyright © 2021 by Steven Masley, M.D. Used with permission of Little, Brown Spark, New York, NY. All rights reserved.

30 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com hlphoto/ShutterStock.com
Africa Studio/AdobeStock.com RATATOUILLE

Musings of the Heart

To help celebrate Heart Health Month and Valentine’s Day, take a moment to enjoy this selection of musings from a former pioneer in holistic healing. Breathe deeply; pause between each of them; take in life’s energy and reflect and connect with your intentions and loved ones.

Teaching is for the mind; healing is for the heart.

A daily healing invocation: I open my heart for the Spirit to pass onto those who want Healing through me.

The heart is the way to the Soul. The more open the heart, the more the Soul is revealed.

This may well be the best description of Healing: The healer opens his heart, his love pouring out from him to enfold the sufferer, to bring him into his expanded aura.

And the sufferer, feeling this love, opens his heart to enter the healer’ s.

As a holistic healer for almost fifty years who had his practice in his home, Dr. John Diamond (1934-2021) said he wanted to try to make his home a hearth, where the life energy, the heart flame, the flame of love and life of the sufferer may be rekindled to blaze anew. He saw his heart as a flaming beacon for the sufferer lost in distress. Not to come for a fixed time, but to spend time, to visit, living not by the clock, but by the heart. And home can be any place one feels love in their heart. Diamond’s musings, of which he wrote hundreds, are individual pearls of wisdom, each created with the intention of raising the life energy of the reader. Read more at DrJohnDiamond.com. ~ Susan Diamond

Pelvic Pain, Infertility, Postpartum Renewal, Bowel & Bladder Problems

Dr. Caroline Peterson is a chiropractic physician, retired midwife, and retired researcher

• Visceral & Vascular Manipulation

• Lymphatic Drainage • Craniosacral Therapy • Chiropractic • Functional Medicine • Energy Medicine • Mind-Body Therapy

Neuroemotional Technique (NET) In-Person care, In-Person & Online Classes, & Retreats

31 February 2023 inspiration
Tulum Tulum E L E M E N T A L E L E M E T A L P O W E R P O W E R 5 D A Y S / 5 D A Y S / 4 N I G H T S 4 I G H T EXPLORE A P R I L 2 7 T H - M A Y 1 S T 2 0 2 3 E x p e r i e n c e E p i c A c c o m m o d a t i o n s N o u r s h i n g F o o d & E x c u r s i o n s D a i l y C e r e m o n e s & H e a l i n g S e s s i o n s ( M a y a n R u i n s , P r i v a t e C e n o t e S o u n d J o u r n e y , M a y a n M u d B a t h E c s t a t c D a n c e & M o r e ) R e c e v e T h e M e d c i n e O f T h e L a n d & H e a n g o f Y o u r S p r i t M E D I C I N E O F T H E L A N D A D V E N T U R E & P L A Y C E R E M O N I A L J O U R N E Y S w w w . a w a k e a n d s o u l f u l . c o m / t u l u m Potent energies, ancient wisdom, elemental magic & total recalibrating are at our fingertips as we dive into collective healing & connection
Caroline Peterson, DC, PhD, MPH


While most people consider the brain to be the power center of the body, the heart is stronger in several ways. In research pioneered by the HeartMath Institute in the 1990s, the heart has been found to be 40 to 60 times stronger than the brain electrically and about 100 times stronger magnetically.

HeartMath studies heart rate variability (HRV), which measures the naturally occurring beat-to-beat changes in heart rate and rhythms, and is a key marker of overall health, resiliency and longevity. HeartMath discovered people could train themselves to improve their HRV and, as a result, their ability to regulate

emotions by using breath as a type of biofeedback.

Central to this work is the vagus nerve, a main component of the parasympathetic nervous system that carries signals at an unconscious level between the brain, heart and digestive system. Due to its many functions, particularly controlling mood, researchers have targeted the vagus nerve in treating depression, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders.

According to a 2018 study, “Vagus Nerve as Modulator of the Brain-Gut Axis in Psychiatric and Inflammatory Disorders,” published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, “Treatments that target the vagus nerve increase the vagal tone and inhibit cytokine production. Both are important mechanisms of resiliency. The stimulation of vagal afferent fibers in the gut influences monoaminergic brain systems in the brain stem that play crucial roles in major psychiatric conditions, such as mood and anxiety disorders. Since the vagal tone is correlated with capacity to regulate stress responses and can be influenced by breathing, its increase through meditation and yoga likely contribute to resilience and the mitigation of mood and anxiety symptoms.”

Vagal tone tells us how well the vagus nerve is functioning, and it is measured indirectly by HRV. A toned vagus nerve can help regulate the nervous system and improve digestion, heart health and breathing rate. It can also counter the body’ s “fight” response and help us relax and bounce back from daily stresses by boosting the “rest-and-digest” response, which also boosts HRV.

Because the vagus nerve is integral to the gut-brain connection, Michael Ruscio, DNM, DC, writes that lifestyle practices that are good for the gut and brain, like diet, exercise and deep breathing, can improve vagal tone. The Cleveland Clinic states that the vagus nerve can be naturally strengthened through meditation, massage, music therapy and cold-water immersion.

Other non-invasive methods of stimulating the vagus nerve include lightly tapping the chest while holding the breath, as well as light-to-moderate massage in areas near the vagus nerve. Because the nerve connects to the throat, gargling with salt water and laughing have also been proposed as potential interventions.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved electrical vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) for the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy and depression, and there are ongoing studies to expand its use for other health conditions and disorders. This is an invasive solution, as the device is surgically implanted under the skin on the chest.

Bruce Cryer, co-founder and former CEO of HeartMath, says, “We could all use a helping hand to get into our happy place” in these uncertain times. The 40-year wellness leader recently turned to Sensate, a new personal device designed to help people improve HRV and derive calming benefits without the need for extensive training in meditation or breathing techniques.

Developed by Stefan Chmelik, a physician, Sensate is a palmsized device that is simply placed on a person’s chest as it emits stress-relieving sound waves directly to the nervous system using bone conduction. Similar to the comfort a person experiences

32 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com fit body
Serving Charlotte County since 1992 NO Compression • NO R adiation • NO Pain measures and records skin te mperature patterns and variations emitted from the human body. It helps illustrate a body’s an increased blood supply feeding an existing disease pattern. OUR Services Include: Report discussed and given to you with copies of your images, Acupunc ture • Detox • Chiropractic • EEG Biofeedback • Medical Thermography 2484 Caring Way, Suite D • Port Charlotte 941 235-8929 SHH.ABMP.COM Sandhill Healing Center, Inc.

a purring cat lies on their chest, Sensate causes the chest to resonate sound, which signals the vagus nerve to relax. When used over time, the device can train (or retrain) the vagus nerve to default to this calming state.

In a 2022 study, adults with and without anxiety and depression disorders used Sensate for an average of three and a half months, five to six days per week. After the test period, more than 70 percent of the participants reported low, mild or normal stress levels. More than 65 percent of the participants with anxiety disorder and over half of those with a depressive disorder reported an improvement in their condition.

Chmelik says, “Stress is a ‘global catastrophe’, and with a chronically stressed public, there is no will or ability to address all the other issues facing us. My goal in developing Sensate was to enable people to self-regulate more efficiently. I want to create a tipping point to create a more conscious world. As more people become aware of their breath and its connection to stress, and take advantage of the powerful tools of meditation, breath and other tools like Sensate, hopefully that tipping point is reached.”

33 February 2023
writes and
the Regenerative Whole Health
and the parent company of Natural
239.949.2011 www.thermalclinic.com Southwest Florida’s Premier Medical Thermography Center since 2011 *Imaging Pain & Pathology *Early Disease*PainlessDetectionBreast Screening *Full Body Imaging *No Radiation FOUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Call for your appointment today! SOUTHWEST MEDICAL THERMAL IMAGING AND ULTRASOUND, LLC Restorative Medical Center 706 The Rialto, Venice, FL 34285 7680 Cambridge Manor Place, Ste 100, Ft. Myers, FL 33907 9200 Bonita Beach Rd, Ste 213 Bonita Springs, FL 34135 4280 Tamiami Trail E, Ste 102, Naples, FL 34112 Wednesday, February 15th @ 7:00pm in the Sanctuary - love offering
Kirby Baldwin

Love in the Present Moment


Jam-packed schedules and answering the demands of everyday life can trip us up and break the spell of even the most solid intimate partnership. With dulled senses, it is easy and all too common to go on autopilot. Like abandoned gardens, heart-unions can become casualties of neglect and the absence of joy.

Mindfulness—awareness and cultivation of the present moment—has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and depression and deepen our appreciation of what we have. Relationships can expand and strengthen when couples practice the art of being in the “now”. A 2021 study involving 1,360 heterosexual couples published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy indicates that gratitude and forgiveness also contribute to satisfaction, both relational and sexual.

Conscious Hearts

“Mindfulness practice comes in many forms: journaling, meditation, mindful-

ness-based cognitive therapy, tai chi or breathwork, to name just a few. By routinely practicing mindfulness, we are able to deepen our own awareness of what we are feeling and how we want to respond to someone we care about,” explains Moraya Seeger DeGeare, in-house relationship expert for Paired, an app for couples.

Maci Daye, the author of Passion and Presence: A Couple’s Guide to Awakened Intimacy and Mindful Sex says, “Even a few minutes a day of mindfulness practice can rewire the brain, build new habits and help us dis-identify from our limiting beliefs, stories and intense emotions.” This is a critical factor in transcending personal triggers and promoting conflict resolution. She emphasizes that couples often go into fight-orflight mode because they feel threatened by their partner’s non-verbal behavior or are triggered by old, painful wounds.

Daye, a licensed professional counselor and certified sex therapist, notes, “Mindful couples are less attached to being ‘right’ and explore their own sensitivities instead of blaming their partners.” Once “awakened intimacy” is put into practice, couples become interested in each other’s perspectives and team up to heal and grow. In addition to formal training, she suggests bringing presence to all aspects of life. “Couples can engage their senses when they hug, touch or hold hands,” Daye explains. “They can pause to look at each other when they say hello and goodbye. They can slow down and taste their food, savoring every bite. These behaviors also make sexual experiences more sensual, intimate and connecting.”

Taking a few moments for eye contact, the brush of a hand or compassionate interaction can strengthen bonds. De-

Geare, who is also a couple’s therapist at BFF Therapy, in Beacon, New York, recommends slowing down together to get in sync. “This could be going for a walk, cooking or listening to the same podcast and talking about it later. It helps the body tune into your partner a bit and connect. The time you spend doing this outside of the bedroom will deepen your connection in the bedroom.” She suggests bringing movement like a shared dance or yoga class into the mix to foster connection, as well as setting “dedicated times to check in through the week or month, uninterrupted.”

A Deeper Dive

Daily verbal exchanges beyond the mundane can amplify resonance between two people. “Asking questions is vitally important, as it cultivates curiosity—but not the day-to-day questions, such as, ‘What are you doing today’ or ‘What do you want for dinner?’” says Debbie Lambert, co-author of The Mindful Couple. The Del Mar, California, couples counselor and life coach encourages people to ask, “What scares you today? What is the most important thing that you would like to create today? What was one thing that made you grateful today, and what is one thing that disappointed or frustrated you today? What is one thing I can do for you today? These types of questions scrape the surface of knowing and create intimacy and connection.”

Lambert compares the practice of mindfulness to a beautiful dance—flowing, loving and creative—that can change future generations. “The energy from such a dance extends far beyond the couple,” she says. “It can be felt intimately by anyone in its presence. When parents dance this dance, their children are bathed in a high-vibrating energy. They feel safe and loved. Most importantly, they learn a model for how to be in a loving relationship.”

Marlaina Donato is an author, visionary painter and recording artist. Connect at WildflowerLady.com.

34 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com



Millions of Americans are spending more time in their homes as employers embrace work-at-home arrangements following the pandemic. Many families have redesigned living spaces to accommodate one or more offices, and as they streamline their abodes, it is important to also take care of any potential hazards.

Some dangers around the house are easy to spot, like toys left in a hallway where people might trip or exposed electrical wires that could cause a fire. Other hazards are not as obvious but equally dangerous. Daily exposure to invisible household toxins, for example, can cause serious health consequences.

Almost beyond comprehension, the average person is exposed to 700,000 to 2 million toxins each day, and some of these are “forever chemicals” that never leave the body or take decades to be expelled. This huge toxic burden can accumulate in the body, strain the immune system and compromise overall health. “The research is very clear—huge, huge, strong correlations between toxin load and most of your autoimmune diseases,” remarks Joseph Pizzorn, ND, author or co-author of six textbooks for doctors and seven consumer books, including, most recently, The Toxin Solution

The good news is that many of these threats can be corrected with a little insight, planning and budgeting. Changes to our everyday choices can go a long way toward keeping our bodies and homes healthy and safe, while also creating a greener and healthier environment.

The Air We Breathe

The air inside our homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, containing pollutants such as mold, smoke, out-gassing chemicals, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and viruses. There are many

portable HEPA and carbon air filter options available at different price points that will help remove contaminants. According to a 1989 Clean Air Study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, common houseplants can remove organic pollutants from indoor air and, when combined with activated carbon air filters, are more effective. Examples of such plants are the Boston fern, spider plant, variegated snake plant, peace lily, English ivy, cornstalk dracaena and many other inexpensive varietals.

Between the Sheets

Flame-retardant chemicals in our sheets, mattresses, mattress pads and even pajamas out-gas minute amounts that can accumulate in our bodies over time. Because we spend approximately one-third of our lives in bed, it is important to ensure that the sleeping environment is as healthy as possible. Consider switching to organic cotton options for all bedroom items. Pressboard furniture is soaked with formaldehyde; replace it with solid wood pieces to reduce exposure to off-gassing. Turn off Wi-Fi at night to reduce exposure to EMF radiation. These changes can be made gradually, as the budget allows; think of them as an investment that will pay off with improved sleep and wellness.

In the Kitchen

For many of us, turning on the faucet for a glass of water can produce a cocktail of toxic chemicals, including lead, arsenic and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)—also known as the “forever chemicals.” The Environmental Working Group’s Tap Water Database (ewg.org/tapwater) provides a searchable database of contaminants found in drinking water by zip code. Investing in a water filtration system

is a great way to avoid these chemicals. They, too, are available at different price points. Whether it’s a countertop unit, a filter mounted on the faucet, an under-sink device or a whole-house system, the best solutions include charcoal granulation, a two-micron filter and reverse osmosis.

Smart swaps in cookware and bakeware are also a must. Begin by replacing nonstick pans with stainless steel, glass or cast-iron options. If replacing them all at once isn’t economically viable, start with the most damaged and scratched pans and continue as finances allow.

Food storage can be another source of toxins. Studies have found that certain chemicals in plastics can leach into our food. Move away from plastic storage containers to glass, and swap plastic wrap for a non-toxic alternative like beeswax wrap or reusable bowl covers.

In the Bathroom

Clean the shower head and install a chlorine shower filter. Gradually begin to replace soap and shampoo with non-toxic products that contain all-natural ingredients; specifically look for ones that are paraben-free, gluten-free and organic.

For other personal products such as perfume, move away from synthetic fragrances, which can contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and replace them with all-natural alternatives such as essential oils. Toothpaste should be gluten- and fluoride-free. Newer options contain hydroxyapatite—a naturally occurring mineral—which can be an alternative to fluoride and help remineralize teeth. Replacing makeup all at once can be costly, so begin with lipstick and lip balms and look for gluten-free alternatives.

Baby Steps

While it may feel overwhelming to embark upon a green living journey, positive change doesn’t happen all at once. Pick one area and make baby steps. Even small, incremental actions can have a powerful cumulative impact on the mind, body and planet.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is the founder of theDr.com, author of The Autoimmune Fix and chief health officer for KnoWEwell, the parent company of Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.

35 February 2023 green living

Whole Foods for Dogs and HUMAN-GRADECats MEALS


The immense popularity of commercial pet food can be attributed to numerous reasons. Socioeconomic factors make buying processed pet food affordable; nutritional science makes it look sophisticated; veterinarians endorse it and marketing agencies persuade guardians that it is the best option. Many pet guardians may be concerned that table scraps are not as healthy for their pet as kibble. As a result, most dogs and cats consume commercial diets, many of which include byproducts from the human food industry.

Kelly Swanson, a University of Illinois professor and the author of a 2018 nutrition study published in the Journal of Animal Science, told Science Daily, “A lot of companies test for complete and balanced nutrition but don’t go beyond that.” She further noted that her study evaluated certain diets by looking at additional factors: “Would dogs like them? Were they digestible? Would they increase activity?”

Leveling Up a Pet’s Diet

As guardians of our beloved pets, choosing the best food for them can be a daunting task, with so many options online and in grocery stores, as well as conflicting advice about what is healthiest. For thousands of years, pets were fed human food scraps, and in the last 50 years, as dogs were elevated from being pets to valued members of the family, handing them treats directly from the dinner table became a common practice.

Nevertheless, commercial pet food has become an enormous industry in a relatively short period of time—it has only been around for just over 150 years, according to the Pet Food Institute. Globally, the pet food market was valued at almost $95 billion in 2021 and is expected to continue growing, according to Grand View Research. North America dominated the market, accounting for a 49.9 percent share of worldwide revenue that year.

Because they are unprocessed and unrefined, pet diets made of whole foods contain more intact nutrients and provide more fiber for digestive health, which can help with constipation, diarrhea or both. According to a 2021 study published in the Journal of Animal Science, some types of fresh, “human-grade” food may be simpler for pets to digest than dry, commercial kibble.

A recent study examined the gut microbiome of pet and stray dogs from South Africa, India and Loas and compared their gut microbiomes to those of dogs that lived 1,000 years ago. The researchers found that the varied diet of the stray dogs of Loas had the most robust microbiome and that it was comparable to the diet consumed by ancient dogs. Like in humans, a healthy and balanced gut microbiome is important for digestion and to fight inflammation.

While there are some foods that pets should avoid, such as alcohol, dairy, chocolate and grapes, many types of meat and vegetables that humans eat can be served to their pets. Because whole-food ingredients like chicken, pork, lamb, beef and chicken eggs are readily available at local grocery stores, it’s easy to get started. The key is ensuring that a pet gets a balance of protein, fat

36 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com dezy/Shutterstock.com
natural pet
and carbohydrates. There For Wellness Living, Joy & Empowerment Rev. Zan Benham (Butterfly Deerwoman) Private sessions: Counseling, Energy work, Reiki Master III, Teacher, Shamanism, Hypnosis, Past life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Oracle Card Readings, Ceremonialist, Intuitive and Visionary www.woman-spirit.com • Zan@woman-spirit.com • 941-922-7839 Private Sessions Counseling, Energy Work (Reiki III), Shamanic Practices, Hypnosis, Readings Universal Service, Sun. Mar. 5 at 10:30am “Rituals, Rites and Celebration for those Beloveds Crossing Over” At Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. or https://zoom.us/j/83017916524 Password: RTI2021

are plenty of homemade pet food recipes available online that consider this balance. The needs of a pet will vary based on species, age, weight and overall health, so consulting with a veterinarian is recommended to keep the pet’s health on track.

Tips for Homemade Pet Food Success

n If it is in the budget, choose grass-fed or pasture-raised meats, which have a healthy omega-3 to omega-6 ratio and are anti-inflammatory.

n The diet should include calcium, iron, zinc and other essential nutrients based on species and individual needs. Consult a veterinarian for guidance.

n Although dogs do not require carbohydrates in their diet, they can digest them. Dogs use dietary carbohydrates to maintain and replace glycogen levels.

n Introducing vegetable fiber—kale, collard greens and fruit such as apples—to a dog’s digestive system helps prevent gas pain.

n Obtain ingredients from organic sources whenever possible, because they contain no pesticides or chemicals that could harm a pet’s health.

n Avoid processed foods and artificial ingredients.

n Look for pet foods without preservatives, byproducts, fillers or food dyes.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (aafco.org/consumers) offers a wealth of information and guidance regarding commercial pet foods and ingredients. While they do not have a whole foods classification, they do provide information about natural and organic pet foods. Feeding pets whole food is a great way to help them stay healthy and happy. Make their food at home using fresh ingredients, or look for commercial brands that incorporate whole foods in their products. A pet’s best health starts in the bowl.

Ruth Roberts is an integrative veterinarian and holistic health coach for pets, as well as the creator of The Original CrockPet Diet. Learn more at DrRuthRoberts.com.

37 February 2023
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Heart-Healthy Kids


utes to heart disease and heart attacks.

The immediate reaction may be to blame genetics for heart disease in young children and assume it is outside of our control, but this assumption would be wrong. Genetics are only a blueprint. What we eat, how we sleep, our stress level and our exposure to environmental toxins determine how our house is built. “Genetics load the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger,” wrote Judith Stern, professor of nutrition and internal medicine at the University of California, Davis.

mise from this study is that parents have the power to alter their children’s gene expression and subsequent heart disease risk.

To raise healthy adults, a child’s nutrition is where to start. As Mark Hyman, M.D., an internationally recognized leader in the field of functional medicine, says, “Chronic disease is a food-borne illness,” and one of the biggest dietary culprits is sugar. It leads to the development of plaque in the arteries and wreaks havoc on the health of Americans. In the 1980s, the low-fat craze prompted food companies to remove fat from foods and replace it with sugar to preserve taste. A whopping 240 sugar alternatives followed, including corn syrup, rice syrup and dextrose.

When a middle-aged, thin adult comes to the hospital with heart attack symptoms, the doctors will ask about family health history; alcohol, drug and cigarette use; current medications; and cholesterol levels. But because the person is thin, they may not question their diet. In reality, the food choices we’ve made since childhood may determine our likelihood of developing heart disease as adults. Heart-healthy diets for kids can establish a healthful baseline and set them on a path to lifelong wellness and longevity.

Studies have demonstrated that the development of coronary atherosclerosis begins in childhood. These findings have been replicated in studies of children of different ethnic backgrounds across the globe. Characterized by the deposition of fatty material (plaques) on the inner walls of arteries, atherosclerosis contrib-

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, epigenetics is the study of how our behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way our genes work. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center demonstrated the effects of genetic malleability in a study involving agouti mice that have genetically mutated to produce obese offspring that develop heart disease, diabetes and cancers. The scientists fed two groups of these unhealthy mice different diets. One group ate standard mouse food. The other consumed standard mouse food plus vitamin supplements, including choline, folic acid, B12 and betaine.

The agouti mice mothers that were given a vitamin-supplemented diet produced offspring that were healthy, without evidence of heart disease or other problems, while the mice that ate a regular diet without nutritional supplementation continued to produce terribly unhealthy mice. What humans can sur-

The liver can process only 24 grams of added sugar per day. Any extra sugar gets turned into fat, which contributes to the development of atherosclerotic plaques. In the U.S., adults consume an average of 77 grams of sugar per day, according to the American Heart Association. That’s more than three times the amount the liver can handle.

Parents can begin to shield their children from this dangerous ingredient by steering them away from sugary drinks. We all know that sodas are full of sugar, but even organic juice boxes, sports drinks, flavored waters and coconut waters contain loads of the stuff. Choose water or coconut water without added sugar, and wean kids off of juice by gradually diluting it. Also consider fruit-infused waters or bubbly, carbonated water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Start reading food labels and encourage kids to become sugar detectives. It is not about categorizing food as evil or bad. It’s about learning together which foods and drinks help their little hearts become stronger and more resilient. When they grow up to be heart-healthy, middle-aged adults, they will be thankful.

Ana-Maria Temple, M.D., is an integrative pediatrician and wellness educator in Charlotte, North Carolina. Learn more at DrAnaMaria.com.

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calendar of events

NOTE: All calendar events must be received via email by the 12th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. Email publisher@nasrq.com for guidelines. No phone calls or faxes, please. Visit nasrq.com to submit online.


Full Moon Mini Retreat - 6-8pm. Come join Objects of Magic to learn the cycles of the Moon and how to tune into Moon energy and benefit from it, while laying out powerful Intentions setting. We need to be stronger than ever, committed to our success. Staying connected within our community to support each other. $35/pp. 3145 Southgate circle, Sarasota, the beautiful South Gate Community Center. Sign up: ObjectsOfMagic.com/Pages/Full-Moon-Events


Gallery by Advanced Student Mediums - 7-9pm. On this night a number of our advanced student mediums will present a Spirit Messages Galery, supported by two CMF Certified Mediums. Each attendee will have the opportunity to receive information from their spirit loved ones or guides, by the different styles of each student. Come and enjoy this informative evening. $15 donation is requested. No reservations needed. We offer separated seating with masks optional. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota, 941-266-8435, CMFSarasota.org, Facebook is: CMF of Sarasota.

Sound IN~FuSiOn Sound Bath - 7-8:15pm. Doors open at 6:15 pm. A one-hour sound journey for meditation and healing. With certified sound healing practitioners Carol Hall and Sandra Katala and gifted musician Michael Katala. Come immerse yourself in the healing frequencies of organic sound, light language and an array of sound instruments! Bring a mat, pillow, blanket and water bottle as needed. Chairs are provided. $25. Unity of Venice, 125 N. Jackson Rd., Venice, 941-484-5342, VeniceUnity.org.


Reiki Training Course with Master/Teacher Jody Tschida - 9am-5:30pm, Feb 4th & 5th. Reiki is a great way to start your healing journey. If you want to learn how to mange your own stress, grow spiritually, experience peace, harmony and relaxation, this is for you. The 17-hour hands-on class will cover all you need to practice reiki professionally or to share with your family members and friends. Classes are small, personal and fun. $100 savings when taking course through Pixie Dust. Certification presented upon completion. Pixie Dust, 1476 Main St., Sarasota, 941-366-6325, PixieDustSarasota.com.

Double Pyramid Activation Workshop - 7-9pm. Lead by Robert Austin, you will lie under the Copper Frame Pyramids, infused with energy of large Stones of Selenite, Rose Quartz Sodalite and Crystals for ten to fifteen minutes. Tibetan Bowls will be played to experience the Sacred Geometry and Amazing Healing Energy, in a dream-like state of relaxation. As Robert plays the bowls, all those in the room not under a pyramid, waiting their turn, will also benefit from the healing energy present in the space. There will be two pyramids set up for this event. $25 donation requested. Reservations please by calling or texting Robert at 941-8229046. We offer separated seating with masks optional. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota, 941-266-8435, CMFSarasota.org, Facebook is: CMF of Sarasota.


Reiki Level 1 Certification - 12pm, Feb 5, Mar 5, Apr 16, May 7, June 4. Attunement to learn and practice Reiki for self-treatment, animals and plants. With The Remedy Room, $150. Visit us at Wild Ginger Apothecary, 6557 Superior Avenue, Sarasota, 941-312-5630, WildGingerApothecary.com

Floating Crystal Bowl Concert with Robert Austin3pm-4pm, also February 17th 6:30-7:30pm, and March 17th 6:30-7:30pm. Stimulate and restore the harmony between the physical and spiritual planes of the body, while suspended in an Aerial Hammock. Crystal Bowl Energy healing through harmonic sounds and crystals resonates with the body balancing the chakras and re-energize the auric field. The

powerful vibrations of sound penetrates the body which consists of approximately 70% water and gives a gentle internal massage to all your cells. Let the positive vibrations of the bowls integrate into your body and let your spirit soar! $25/pp. Palm Studio and Boutique, 441 W. Dearborn Street, Englewood, 941-208-5568, PalmStudioEnglewood.com.


Light Language Healing Circle - 7-9pm. At first you may not understand what is being said, but soon your heart will. Join Reiki Master and certified Reconnective Healer JoAnn Cooke to learn what this is all about, and how to activate this powerful energy. Light Language is the universal language of love, communicated via spoken word, song, dance, written symbol and other actions. It bypasses the logical brain and is interpreted through the heart. Whether you are familiar with Light Language or this is new to you, this healing circle will benefit all. Each one will experience a light language healing communication. $20 donation requested. Attendance limited to 6. Reservations 509-5200377. We offer separated seating with masks optional. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota, 941-266-8435, CMFSarasota.org, Facebook is: CMF of Sarasota.


Sound Immersion Meditation with Sandra and Michael Katala - 6:30-7:30pm and March 10th 6:30-7:30pm. Various sound techniques will be used to cleanse negative energies and create space to align the body on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. This meditation will be done off the floor and in the air! You will be cocooned in Aerial Hammocks for an ethereal experience. $25/pp. Palm Studio and Boutique, 441 W. Dearborn Street, Englewood, 941-2085568, PalmStudioEnglewood.com.

Relationships & Real Love - 7-9pm. Don Williams, author of two books dealing with self-understanding and our relationship with Universal Laws and how to manifest what we desire and going beyond the Law of Attraction is presenting this event. Don, a mechanical engineer by trade, has a very clear way of explaining what he has found to be the only type of relationship that really works of 4 types that he has categorized. $20 donation is requested. Reservations please at 216-496-9494. Each attendee is encouraged to bring pen and paper to jot down the information they receive. Bring a friend to engage in the lecture and discussion. We offer separated seating with masks optional. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota, 941266-8435, CMFSarasota.org, Facebook is: CMF of Sarasota.


Light Consciousness Expo Third Annual Event - 10am7pm, Feb 11th & 10am-6pm, Feb 12th. Immerse yourself within the joyous diverse atmosphere with speakers, readings, energy work, massage, yoga, new innovations and vendors are sharing their services and merchandise. Book signings & selfies with Aurhors, Crystals and Aura Pictures. 100 gift bags to the first 100 people including two days of awesome daily drawings. Restaurant on site and free parking. Tickets: $10/day or $15/wknd pass. Advanced discounted tickets, visit: SherryLord.com.At the Sarasota Event Center 600 Beneva Road, Sarasota.

Pixie Photography - 11am-3pm. With Alison and Cecilia. Fairy ears, pixie wings or dragon horns laying around? Do you like to appreciate the fairy aesthetic? Visit us for Pixie Photography! Come as your whimsical self with your own accessories to have your personalized photo taken. Have some creative fun by making your very own fairy mirror or door. See you there pixies! $45/pp, can book online. Pixie Dust, 1476 Main St., Sarasota, 941-366-6325, PixieDustSarasota.com.

Cosmic Center Deep Breath and Crystal Healing Interactive Workshop with Rev. Nancy Robinson - 1pm, via Zoom. Rev Nancy Lee Robinson will take the participants through several Deep Breathing exercises, which will prepare the chakras and body to receive the healing energies. Each person will then lay down and have a clear quartz crystal placed on their Ajna chakra, Heart chakra, and Solar Plexus chakra, which will aid in the release of negative energies that get trapped in the chakras. Rev Nancy will then take the participants through a meditative Crystal Healing experience accompanied with the Crystal Sound

Bowl. After receiving the healing Rev Nancy will facilitate placing around each participant an energetic auric shield. $40. Pre-registration and payment required. For Zoom link, go to Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL. com, Facebook and Instagram.

“Understanding Spirit’s Mystical Messages in Food” Aka the Food Oracle -1-2pm. With Lainie Sevante Wulkan. Presentation will open you to the esoteric consciousness of eating and how Mother Nature has provided spiritual messages through color, chakras and via natures’ five elements. Your eyes will open to the greater mysteries on your dinner plate like never before and allow you to make intuitive and intentional choices that are vital for your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Visit SherryLord.com. Romanticism Through the Ages - 2:30-4pm. An Expression through Music, History & Literature” with world-acclaimed Piano virtuoso, Eleonora Lvov. World-renowned virtuoso Eleonora Lvov plays music from Chopin to Gershwin including a rare gem from Beethoven, with incomparable elegance, passion & tenderness. Experience romance and poetry with this luminous, boldly emotive pianist with staggering technique who emanates ardent passion and spirituality through music. Free. Register at SCGovLibrary. LibraryMarket.com/Events Selby Public library, 1331 1st St, Sarasota, 941-358-0235, EleonoraLvov.com

Special Valentine Weekend Crystal Bowl Concert - 7pm. With Robert Austin in person at the Sarasota Center of Light Sanctuary. Not available on Zoom. $20/ATD, or in advance at SarasotaCenterofLight.com. Sarasota Center of Light, 852 S Tuttle Ave. 941-953-6620, SarasotaCenterofLight.com.


Light Consciousness Expo Third Annual Event - 10am6pm. Immerse yourself within the joyous diverse atmosphere with speakers, readings, energy work, massage, yoga, new innovations and vendors are sharing their services and merchandise. Book signings & selfies with Aurhors, Crystals and Aura Pictures. 100 gift bags to the first 100 people including two days of awesome daily drawings. Restaurant on site and free parking. Tickets: $10/day or $15/wknd pass. Advanced discounted tickets, visit: SherryLord.com. At the Sarasota Event Center 600 Beneva Road, Sarasota.

Universal Service - 10:30am. With Rev. Kismet Weeber, “Wisdom is Greater and More Difficult to Attain Than Knowledge.” Intellect is knowledge obtained by experiences of names and forms. Wisdom is knowledge which manifests from our inner being, lit by our soul. In person at Rising Tide and on Zoom. Go to Zoom.us. Input: Meeting ID: 830 1791 6524 / Passcode: RTI2021. This weekly egalitarian service celebrates all of humanity’s religions on a single altar. Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, RisingTideInternational.org. For info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839.

Psychic Talk with Michael Sue Scott - 12-1:30 pm. Question and Answer forum is a great way to explore quick messages for many people in one setting. Over time these are some basic questions people always want to know… Am I living where I am supposed to? How can I make my relationship work better? Do I have blocks which are keeping me from living up to my full potential? A reading goes into much more in depth explanation on how to make things work better in your life! Free workshop. Visit SherryLord.com.

How to Unleash the Healing Power that Lies Within You! - 3:30-4:30pm. With Dr. Andrew Hall. This talk will journey through his own personal healing recovery, followed by an in-depth discussion about how the upper cervical spine influences the central nervous system and your health. Then you will discover how a simple precise correction at the top of the neck can unleash your body’s ability to heal itself at a higher level. If you suffer from vertigo, menagerie’s disease, fibromyalgia, CFS, migraine headache, chronic neck pain, tinnitus, cognitive fog, post-concussion syndrome, TMJ, Eustachian tube dysfunction or any other chronic health problem you must listen to this message. At the end of the talk will be a 10-minute question and answer session! Don’t miss this! Visit SherryLord.com.

NEW Love Songs of Sarasota Trolley Tour - 7:30pm, runs each day Sun 12th- Wed 15th. Enjoy the love stories of leading Sarasota couples (John & Mable Ringling, William & Marie Selby, and Owen & Vernona Burns and more) told by guide Kathryn Chesley, while being entertained

39 February 2023

by love songs performed by Jason Ellis, Liz Pascoe & Sarah Haun. Come along early to enjoy complimentary champagne/beer/wine at the Tiki Bar while browsing through our Trolley Cottage Gift Shop, full of fun gifts for all your valentines! $52.99 + tax/fees. Ticket includes Free parking! All tours depart from the Discover Sarasota Tours Trolley Cottage, 1826 4th Street, Sarasota, 941-2609818. Book online at DiscoverSarasotaTours.com or email Info@DiscoverSarasotaTours.com


Unlock your potential with Sherry Lord - 10:30am-12pm. Learn how to unblock and unlock your full potential. Unlearn what you have been taught. How to powerfully create and allow your full reality to manifest. Included are guided meditation, removing the blocks and manifest powerfully with clear, deliberate intent and soar. $35. Call 941-961-2731 or visit SherryLord.com.

Meet the Healing Angels of the Energy Field - 11am-6pm. How do you live in peace when chaos is all around you? Come and learn how to open to the Angelic Realm and allow the Angel’s loving support to fill you with peace, joy and comfort. “Meet the Healing Angels of the Energy Field” is a workshop where Donna Messina guides you through a meditation process where you will connect with 9 Healing Angels. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota, 941-706-3257, TheOmShoppeandSpa.com.


New Moon Retreat at Objects of Magic - 6-8pm. Come sign up for this wonderful retreat located at Objects of Magic, 3145 Southgate Circle, Sarasota. We are organizing New Moon Mini Retreats in Beautiful Sarasota Monthly. Come Join us to learn the cycles of the moon and how to benefit from it, while laying out powerful Intentions. We need to be stronger than ever, committed to our success. $35/pp, sign up here: ObjectsofMagic.com/Pages/New-Moon-Events

Awakening Activations - 7pm. Awakening Activations are divinely channeled group transmissions in alignment with the highest good. Each month we will focus on a different topic like abundance, love or joy. With Akasha, $33. Visit us at Wild Ginger Apothecary 6557 Superior Avenue Sarasota, 941-312-5630, WildGingerApothecary.com.

Intro To Soul Life Reading - 7-9pm. Marina Shafir will take the group on a guided journey. While each one relaxes and then using each individual’s own abilities, attendees will learn to connect with another person, through that individual’s chakras to identify their characteristics; life force, ambitions, and their façade (how they present themselves to the world). Working in pairs, you will be guided through this process step by step. This is a very powerful, rewarding, and fun exercise. Consider bringing a friend so they too can learn the technique and experience this unique process. We offer separated seating with masks optional. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota, 941-266-8435, CMFSarasota.org, Facebook is: CMF of Sarasota.

Sound IN~FuSiOn Sound Bath - 7-8:15pm. Doors open at 6:15pm. A one-hour sound journey for meditation and healing. With certified sound healing practitioner, Carol Hall and gifted musician, Shawn Bowen. Come immerse yourself in the healing frequencies of organic sound, light language, Tibetan throat singing, and an array of sound instruments. Bring a mat, pillow, blanket, water bottle as needed. Chairs are provided. $25. Unity of Venice, 125 N. Jackson Rd., Venice, 941-484-5342, VeniceUnity.org.

Cosmic Center Yoga Nidra and Sound Journey with Carlos Brown - 7-8:30pm. Do you want to rejuvenate, recharge, restore and reset your body harmony? Join us for this transcendental and insightful session with experienced Sound Healer and Music Therapist Carlos Cuellar Brown MT-BC. This experiential workshop will take you on a transformative journey where your physical and energetic body reconnects with the higher source. You will be gently guided to a state of deep relaxation and treated to a sound concert with crystal bowls, healing tones, shamanic rods and empowering imagery which will stimulate and bathe your body, cleansing blocked energy, reinvigorating your soul purpose. The power of sacred sound frequencies will massage and resonate your entire self-back to harmony and wholeness. $30. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041

Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.


Introduction to Meditation - 9am-11am. Gain insight and reduce stress through meditation. For those who want to meditate but are not sure where to begin, we will go through the steps and discover the benefits and fundamentals of this ancient practice. Meditation techniques have been used by many cultures for over 3,000 years, and it is known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and create a more enjoyable life experience. You will get a firsthand understanding of different types of meditation, how to set up a meditation routine at home and even how to “power meditate” at work! Wear comfortable clothing. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota, 941-706-3257, TheOmShoppeandSpa.com.

Soul Connection Psychic Fair - 11am-4pm. Come join us for a personal reading using Tarot and Oracle cards and Robert Austin is offering his various other modalities of spiritual connection, plus Crystal Bowl Healings with messages from guides or loved ones. We also offer Astrology and Numerology readings by Kathy Skeens. Colleen Panebianco is offering many Sauv’e natural, handmade essential oil products. $20/15 min. readings or healings. We offer separated seating with masks optional. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota, 941-266-8435, CMFSarasota.org, Facebook is: CMF of Sarasota.

Cosmic Center Free Lecture - How to Use Tachyon Energy to Live Longer and Stronger – 3-4pm. Charles Singer, President of Sarasota’s own Verve Technology, will give a free lecture on a little-known quantum particle called Tachyon and how he has harnessed them to strengthen the body, reduce pain and inflammation, purify food and more. Demonstrations of its use will be presented. Charles Singer has been researching health and nutrition for over 60 years. For the past 10 years he has focused his research on Energy Medicine and has developed non-drug products to improve health. To reserve VerveTechnologyLLC@ gmail.com. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.


Universal Service - 10:30am. With Rev. Liana Salima Rael, “Our Duty to be Responsive to the Needs of Others and Ourselves.“ Any leadership position requires discipline to one’s soul‘s purpose. In person at Rising Tide and on Zoom. Go to Zoom.us. Input: Meeting ID: 830 1791 6524 / Passcode: RTI2021. This weekly egalitarian service celebrates all of humanity’s religions on a single altar. Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, RisingTideInternational.org. For info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839.

Learn EFT to Resolve Emotional Trauma, Fear, Worry, Anxiety and Even Lose Weight! - 3-6pm. In 3 hours, you will be proficient enough to “disconnect” any negative behaviors that are blocking you, holding you back. Experience these extraordinary results in just minutes! Invest in yourself: Facilitated by Master of NLP, ChT, EFT & TFT w/30+ years of pro experience. Held at Bayshore Gardens, Bradenton. $35. For more information, visit TransformVegas.com, or call 702-482-3719.

Cosmic Center Kirtan and Vegan Potluck with Cheryl Chaffee - 4-6pm. Are you hungry for community? Do you love chanting? Join Cheryl Chaffee and the banc for kirtan followed by a potluck meal at the Cosmic Center. Music begins at 4pm, potluck starts around 5:30. Kirtan is a musical meditation in which we chant mantras together in a call-andresponse manner. This raises our collective vibration and feels so good! Kirtan is a form of Bhakti (devotional) yoga, so we chant different names of the Divine, and experience those aspects of the Divine within and around us. In order to embody Ahimsa this will be a vegan potluck (no animal products). And to be eco-friendly, we encourage you to bring your own reusable plate, silverware, and cup. Chairs provided – if you wish to sit on the floor, please bring your own blankets/cushions. Donation $10-$20. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.


Introduction to Shamanism - 12-4pm. Shamans are intermediaries between the human and spirit worlds and have

been around since the beginning of humanity. Shamanism is a way of life and a method of living. Based on seeing our great creator in all the natural elements of our world, the Shaman communicates with the natural elements through Animal Spirit Guides and Great Spirit Guides to bring harmony into their community. Since the mid 1970’s Don Reed Simmons, was taught the true essence of Shamanism is available to every person regardless of race, gender, age, heritage, social or financial status or religious beliefs. He has been taught that Great Spirit, God, Source, belongs to everyone and not to just a select few. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota, 941-706-3257, TheOmShoppeandSpa.com.


“Healing Her” In-Person Restorative Self Love Workshop for Women - 10am-1pm. This “Healing Her” restorative workshop is for Her, with Her, because I am Her, and so are You. Includes very gentle restorative yoga, fully guided meditation, time for reflection, journaling opportunity & more. There will be time to enjoy tea and/or stroll the grounds in quiet reflection. A Love-filled goodie bag to take home for all attendees. Let us journey with the intention to heal. 3hr workshop for women/$40. Call Heartwood Yoga Institute to register 941-745-5719. Heartwood Yoga Institute, 17503 Waterline Rd., Bradenton, Florida - 7.5 acres of beauty with award winning gardens. Questions about the workshop, or to be notified of other events email ZenJenYoga@iCloud.com

The Doorkeeper - 7- 9pm. Diana Mier, international speaker, psychic medium since birth and teacher for the last 50 years will share her own personal journey, as well as open pathways for you by way of your doorkeeper. Also known as the “gatekeeper” or “joy guide”, this workshop is solely devoted to connecting and working with your doorkeeper. Your super vibratory spirit guide has access to considerable knowledge and belongs solely to you. Open to all levels, this could be one of the most important workshops you take. It will supply the basis for your development, not only in your psychic and mediumship work, but in regularly helping in your daily life. Learning and developing the connection will strengthen you in ways that you hadn’t thought of. Bring your questions, a pen & paper. $20 donation is requested. Reservations please, at 941-416-1622. We offer separated seating with masks optional. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota, CMFSarasota.org, Facebook is: CMF of Sarasota.

Cosmic Center - Introduction to Cosmic Dreamspell Astrology Wisdom - With Guru Ganapati - 7-9pm. Are you looking to advance and expedite your spiritual evolutionary development? The times we are living in require higher thinking and raising our personal frequency to unprecedented levels to tackle our current challenges. By increasing our vibrational energies, we can realize unlimited solutions to the multiple challenges facing us today. With an elevated, harmonious consciousness we can effectively educate and empower ourselves to living a peaceful way of being combined with an unlimited level of creative problem solving and realizing a positive future. We will be discussing Cosmic Dreamspell Astrology Wisdom, which is based on ancient spiritual Mayan teachings. Free to the public. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.


You Too Can Become a Powerful Healer! Reiki I Degree 2-Day Intensive Certification Training - Feb 25th & 26th. With Victoria Stitzer, Traditional Reiki Master of 30 years. Held at Bayshore Gardens, Bradenton. For more information, visit TransformVegas.com, or call 702-482-3719.

Cosmic Center Mayan Pineal Chakra Attunement Energy Healing Technique Workshop with Guru Ganapati - 2-4pm. In this interactive workshop, participants learn a Mayan Energy Healing technique that is also found and practiced in other indigenous cultures. Participants learn how to cleanse their pineal gland, align their pineal third eye chakra, and attune and re-balance their heart and third eye chakras, as well as having the optional opportunity to practice and perform the healing technique with each other. This technique helps bring the heart and mind into harmonious balance and peace and helps open the third eye. $25. suggested donation. Cosmic Center of Spiritual

40 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com

Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941371-9333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.

Crystal & Tibetan Bowls Concert - 7-9pm. Robert Austin will be performing this concert for all in attendance to benefit from the healing energy of the universe while experiencing relaxation on a deep level, as he plays over 50 singing bowls. Let the vibrations of the bowls integrate into your body and Let Your Spirit Soar! Bring a blanket, cushions and pillows if you would like to relax on the carpeted floor instead of the available chairs. $25 donation requested. Reservations requested by calling or texting Robert at 941-822-9046. We offer separated seating with masks optional. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota, CMFSarasota.org, Facebook is: CMF of Sarasota.


Universal Service - 10:30am. With Rev. Parvati, Karen Miki, “Spirit of Guidance.” Guidance implies that this topic may change. In person at Rising Tide and on Zoom. Go to Zoom.us. Input: Meeting ID: 830 1791 6524 / Passcode: RTI2021. This weekly egalitarian service celebrates all of humanity’s religions on a single altar. Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, RisingTideInternational.org. For info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839.

Romantic Piano Impressions - 6-7:30pm. Piano Concert with world-acclaimed concert virtuoso, Eleonora Lvov. World-renowned virtuoso Eleonora Lvov plays music from Chopin to Gershwin including a rare gem from Beethoven, with incomparable elegance, passion & tenderness. Experience romance and poetry with this luminous, boldly emotive pianist with staggering technique who emanates ardent passion and spirituality through music. Tickets at BonifaceChurch.org/Events. St. Boniface Episcopal Church, 5615 Midnight Pass Rd, Sarasota, 941-358-0235, EleonoraLvov.com.


Crystal Singing Bowls for Personal Wellness Series - 3-5pm. Each class is designed to help you master the art of using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls in your personal life. Classes are two hours on select Monday’s each month throughout 2023. These past few years have been a global trauma and helping ourselves recover simply must be a priority. One of the easiest ways to experience deep and profound relaxation and improve our immunity is through the ancient art of Sound Healing. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota, 941-706-3257, TheOmShoppeandSpa.com.

plan ahead


Universal Service - 10:30am. With Rev. Zan Benham, “Rituals, Rites and Celebration for those Beloveds Crossing Over.” In person at Rising Tide and on Zoom. Go to Zoom. us. Input: Meeting ID: 830 1791 6524 / Passcode: RTI2021. This weekly egalitarian service celebrates all of humanity’s religions on a single altar. Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, RisingTideInternational.org. For info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839.


Full Moon Mini Retreat - 6-8pm. Come join Objects of Magic to learn the cycles of the Moon and how to tune into Moon energy and benefit from it, while laying out powerful Intentions setting. We need to be stronger than ever, committed to our success. Staying connected within our community to support each other. $35/pp. 3145 Southgate circle, Sarasota, the beautiful South Gate Community Center. Sign up: ObjectsOfMagic.com/Pages/Full-Moon-Events


New Moon Retreat at Objects of Magic - 6-8pm. Come sign up for this wonderful retreat located at Objects of Magic, 3145 Southgate Circle, Sarasota. We are organizing New Moon Mini Retreats in Beautiful Sarasota Monthly. Come Join us to learn the cycles of the moon and how to benefit from it, while laying out powerful Intentions. We need to be stronger than ever, committed to our success. $35/pp, sign up here: ObjectsofMagic.com/Pages/New-Moon-Events


Meadows Farmers Market - 10am-2pm. Enjoy organic and local farm produce, one-of-a-kind items from local entrepreneurs and artisans, a variety of delicious foods, music from local musicians all supporting wellness and the local economy. Lots of things to do for the kids too. In the Meadows Shopping Village parking lot in front of 5041 Ringwood Meadow - Bldg G-2, Sarasota. For more information, please call 941-315-7773, MeadowsFarmersMarket.com, or on Facebook: Meadows Farmers Market.

Unity of Sarasota - 10-10:15 am - Meditation, Celebration Service - 10:30- 11:45am. In person and livestream at UnityofSarasota.org under the services tab. The Sunday Celebration service includes a relevant talk and lively music. Youth Ministry Program, 10:30-11:45am. 3023 Proctor Rd., Sarasota, 941-955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org.

Sunday Service at CMF - 10:30am. At each Sunday morning service, we are offering spiritual healing, an inspirational talk, messages from spirit, special music and an ever-important environment of fellowship. Leave refreshed and inspired to start the new week. We feature a variety of speakers and spirit message bearers throughout the year. We offer separated seating with masks optional. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Dr., Suite 204, Sarasota, 941-266-8435, CMFsarasota.org, Facebook: CMF of Sarasota.

Cosmic Center Sunday Sabbath Services - 10:30am. In person and on Zoom. Join our rotation of reverends every Sunday as we connect with our Family of Light. 1st Sunday - Open Heart Divine Healing Service with Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth (Baba Sharone). Through the Divine Names of God and conscious intention we create the Sacred Space to connect to the Healing Power of the Divine. Expect MIRACLES! 2nd Sunday - A Channeling of Dimensions of Love with Rev. Nancy Robinson. She will Uplift, Guide, Inspire, Heal and help promote Peace and Harmony in the Heart. 3rd SundayEcstatic Kabbalah with Rev. Annie Eng anchored in Kabbalah Tree of Life Ceremony and Wisdom. 4th Sunday – Rev. Robin who uses her crystal harp. 5th Sunday – Rev. Richard Brooks, developing pathways to consciously unite humanity and the world in the energy of Universal Love. This Service helps you align with the Higher Wisdom and Blessing that is available to all of us. Love Donation. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-3719333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County - 10:30am. Sunday morning service. We are a lay-led fellowship providing meaningful worship. We provide a welcoming space and time to explore what we find worthy in a variety of faith experiences. This month’s theme is change. Check the website for Sunday’s speaker and topic - guest ministers, community folks, and members. Bring your whole self: your full identity, your questioning mind, and your expansive heart to 1532 Forrest Nelson Blvd in Port Charlotte or visit UUFCC.org.

Universal Service - 10:30am (no service Feb 5th.). Each Sunday with a rotation of Reverends. This is a weekly egalitarian service which celebrates all of humanity’s religions together on a single altar. It is a place where East meets West, offering opportunities for spiritual growth and sharing. At Rising Tide, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, and on Zoom: https://zoom. us/j/81220 8049 Password: RTI2020. RisingTideInternational. org, for info Rev. Zan, 941-922-7839.

Sunday Morning Celebration Service, In-Person, Zoom, YouTube and Facebook Live - 11am. Join us as we come together as a spiritual family and community, sharing our love and light for ourselves, for each other, and the world. Be a part of sharing the energy and illumination of our hearts and souls together through conversation, music, meditation, a talk and an affirmation. Sarasota Center of Light, 852 S Tuttle Ave. 941-953-6620, or after hours 727-492-2977, SarasotaCenterOfLight.com.

OM Shamanic Sound Journeys with Resonance - 3-4 pm, 4th Sunday of every month. Sold out for over 2 years! You will experience a blend of, shamanic drumming, rhythm, crystal singing bowls, rattles, tuning forks, vocal toning, electric violin and more in a coordinated and orchestrated fashion to help improve participants well-being. Clinical Hypnotherapist Beth A Snyder begins your journey by gently inducing a hypnotic state. Then your journey into sound begins. Consider your intention now. $85. Tickets: TheOmShoppeandSpa.com or call 941-706-3257. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota.


Resident Medium, Pranic Healer and Spiritual Counselor at The Cosmic Center - 1-5pm. Rev Nancy Lee Robinson is available by appt only at The Cosmic Center for Spiritual Counseling, through medium/intuitive readings, pranic healing, aura & chakra clearing, inner child healing, past life regression and restorative release (emotional release). These sessions guide you on your spiritual path, releases energetic, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks that keep you from moving

41 February 2023
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Light Serving Sarasota and Manatee Counties - and the World through Healing, Education and Enlightenment Embracing the New Paradigms of our Awakening Consciousness: Divine Connection, Ascended Masters, Alternative Healings, Lightwork, Meditations, Channeling, Mediumship, Shamanism, UFOs, Special Guest Speakers and much more... For information about classes, services and special events please go to: CCOSL.com Please visit us on FB and Instagram 5041 Ringwood Meadow, Bldg. G-2, Sarasota, FL 34235 941-371-9333
on going events
Cosmic Center of Spiritual

forward and raising your vibration to higher levels. Other times available by appt only – call/text 941-313-0418 or at RevNancyLee52@gmail.com. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.

“Health & Nutrition” - 10-11am. With Fred Harvey, MD of The Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine. Health & nutrition is a live call-in or email “Ask the Doc” health show from 10-11 on WMNF 88.5FM public radio Tampa. Email questions to DJ@WMNF.org

Free Kids Yoga and Mindfulness - 5:15-6pm. We want to offer kids a safe space to tune in to their mind, body and soul. After the hurricane and missing so much school and their friends and experiencing fear we hope to help these kids get back on track mentally, emotionally and physically. Free. Palm Studio and Boutique, 441 W. Dearborn Street Englewood, 941-208-5568, PalmStudioEnglewood.com.

Feldenkrais with Bonnie K - 5:45pm. Online! Awareness Through Movement classes: Lessons (in chairs/on floor) are designed to quiet non-working habitual patterns, invite you into a process for learning and offer experiences for more efficient movement. Ongoing classes - movement lessons w/replays. More info, 941-360-2248. FeldenkraisInSarasota.com. Register with Bonnie at: FeldenkraisinSarasota.com/Sarasota-Classes-Feldenkrais/

Unity of Sarasota Pub Theology - 6:30-8pm, the 2nd Mon. of the month. With Rev. Amy Zehe. Bring your Spiritual questions. We are meeting at the Olive Garden in the Landings. 941-955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org.

Cosmic Center Anchoring Light Transmission Meditation - 6:45pm. With Baba Sharone. A call to all Lightworkers. The Anchoring Light Transmission Channeled Meditation has been a gathering point for Lightworkers and Planetary World Servers to come together and assist in the ascension of our planet and all her life in cooperation with our expanded family of light. As Anchors of Light, we take our important role in the spiritual hierarchy to manifest the divine plan of love, light, peace and oneness to our planet. Participants who serve in anchoring this Celestial Radiant Light Energy from the ascended realms benefit from the wisdom, guidance and grace that flows from it which brings forth healing, peace and accelerated spiritual growth. In person and online. Love offering. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.

Learning to Connect Classes at CMF - 7-9pm. Join Susan Houliston and/or experienced guest instructors every Monday & Tuesday to learn techniques for connecting with Spirit. Students are given the opportunity to practice lessons to develop their skills while exploring various modalities. $15 donation is requested. Please refer to the CMF website CMFSarasota.org for the description of the programs offered for each weekly class. We offer separated seating with masks optional. Reservations needed, so call or text Susan at 941-266-1696. Center for Metaphysical Fellowship, 3231 Gulf Gate Drive, Suite 204, Sarasota.

Parenting From the Heart Via Zoom - 7-9pm. Learn the four fundamentals for creating a calm and connected household. 1. Keeping your own stability when your child loses theirs. 2. Don’t let parenting shame creep into your head. 3. Seeing the good that is happening. 4. Learning to deep listen. No tools or techniques needed. Carolyn Daniele, MA is a certified guide based upon The Three Principles, by Sydney Banks. Cost: $75.-$150. For more info or to register contact Carolyn Daniele at Parenting3P@gmail.com. Zoom info emailed upon paid enrollment.


Cosmic Center Pray the Rosary for World Peace - with Judi Hood – 10-11am Via Zoom. During the apparitions, Mary told the children to pray the Rosary each day to bring peace to the world and to bring an end to the war. She asks them to pray for the conversion of Russia, to do penance

and that God wanted the world to have a devotion to Her Immaculate Heart. Our Lady appeared to St. Dominic asking “the Rosary is the weapon the Blessed Trinity wants us to use to reform the world. Our Lady of Fátima is the title given to the Virgin Mary as she appeared before three shepherd children near the village of Fátima, Portugal, in 1917. She identified herself to them as the Lady of the Rosary. For Zoom link, go to Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.

Cosmic Center Restorative Stretching - 12:15pm. With Danielle Nance. Learn how to gently relax the muscles, loosen the joints, strengthen the tendons and ligaments, as well as fortify the bones. The goal of this special stretching technique is to move the Qi (life force energy), enhance circulation, and ease the body into a nourishing state of relaxation and wellbeing. In Person, $10/class. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.

Free Kids Yoga and Mindfulness - 5:15-6pm. We want to offer kids a safe space to tune in to their mind, body and soul. After the hurricane and missing so much school and their friends and experiencing fear we hope to help these kids get back on track mentally, emotionally and physically. Free. Palm Studio and Boutique, 441 W. Dearborn Street Englewood, 941-208-5568, PalmStudioEnglewood.com.

Free Reiki Spiritual Mastermind & Meditation - 6:158:15pm. Join an unforgettable Inspirational Meditative & Healing experience with Victoria (30+ yrs of pro experience). Victoria is a traditional Reiki Master/teacher for 30+ yrs., clinical hypnotherapist, master of NLP, pranic & theta healer, medical intuitive and inspirational speaker. Release stress & walk away energized. You’ll be glad you did! Love Offerings accepted. In the Sarasota- Bradenton area, must RSVP for location each week, text preferred: 702-482-3719. TransformVegas.com.

Cosmic Circle of Lightworkers Discussion Group7pm, starting Jan 17th. A circle of like-minded spiritual friends coming together to create a safe and sacred space to talk and discuss things on your mind, spiritual insights, experiences, questions and other dynamics related to our individual and collective spiritual path. An opportunity to meet new and old like-minded friends and to share and network. The group will be facilitated by Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth (Baba Sharone), Rev. Nancy Lee Robinson and other ministers of The Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light. Let’s come together as “The Family of Light” and grow together! Love donation. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows - Bldg G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram. Manifestation Meditation - Feb 7 & 21st. Pull your dreams into your reality. Take a journey through your wish list and call in all that is needed for your highest good. Connect to your breath to get to a relaxing place of inner peace. With Paula. $20. Visit us at Wild Ginger Apothecary, 6557 Superior Avenue, Sarasota, 941-3125630, WildGingerApothecary.com.


Feldenkrais with Bonnie K - 11am. Online! Awareness Through Movement classes: Lessons (in chairs/on floor) are designed to quiet non-working habitual patterns, invite you into a process for learning and offer experiences for more efficient movement. Ongoing classes - movement lessons w/replays. More info, 941-360-2248. FeldenkraisInSarasota.com. Register with Bonnie at: FeldenkraisinSarasota.com/Sarasota-Classes-Feldenkrais/

Cosmic Center Gentle Flow Yoga – 12:30-1:30pm. With Stephanie Jarvis. Join Stefanie RYT 200 for a Gentle Flow Yoga class geared specifically for those new to yoga or those who are interested in a gentle practice. This class incorporates simple flowing sequences to warm up the body, as well as slower paced movements focusing on alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility. Breathing techniques and meditation is also integrated. Each class will end with an extended period of relaxation. No experience or flexibility required. In Person, $10/

class. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows – Bldg. G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL. com, Facebook and Instagram.

Free Teen Yoga and Mindfulness - 5:15-6pm. We want to offer teens a safe space to tune in to their mind, body and soul. After the hurricane and missing so much school and their friends and experiencing fear we hope to help these kids get back on track mentally, emotionally and physically. Free. Palm Studio and Boutique, 441 W. Dearborn Street Englewood, 941-208-5568, PalmStudioEnglewood.com.

Cosmic Center Enoch Study Group - 7-8:30pm, starting Jan 4th. Online via Zoom. Join Enoch Study Group facilitator Kim Converse for the study of “Key 403 - We Are the Name” written by Dr. James Hurtak. Key 403 is a powerful book that shows the encoded information behind the Divine Name and the myriad Names associated with The Most High. It also reveals how we are part of the higher code that can be activated when we use the Names and align ourselves with the Light. We, thus, come to understand how we are composed of the power of the vibrations of the Divine and so we can energize ourselves with the Names, by calling upon their Higher Light vibration, we can be brought into alignment with the Light. $5/class, pre-registration required, CCOSL.com/Calendar. html. Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows – Bldg. G-2, Sarasota, 941-371-9333, CCOSL. com, Facebook and Instagram.

Intuitive Development - 7pm. This weekly group is for people who are interested in deepening their psychic abilities, healing gifts and are looking for practice space. All levels of experience are welcome! With Christine Campbell. $30. Visit us at Wild Ginger Apothecary 6557 Superior Avenue Sarasota, 941-312-5630, WildGingerApothecary.com.

OM Crystalline Vibrational Immersion - 7-8pm, every 2nd Wednesday of the month. Join us for this beautiful form of deepened relaxation! The OM Shoppe professional Sound Therapy Practitioners bring you these beautiful multi-instrumental sound baths to guide you into a deepened place of stillness and peace. Discover the magical way that sound can help ease you into a meditative state, and heightened mind-body awareness! $45. Tickets: TheOmShoppeandSpa.com or call 941-706-3257. The OM Shoppe 4801 S. Tamiami Tr #5 Sarasota.

Unity of Sarasota - 7pm. First Wednesday’s: music, prayers, peace and proceeds for Ukraine. Second Wednesday’s Mantra & Meditation with Cheryl Chaffee. See Website: UnityofSarasota.org for Wednesday Night Special offerings. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941-955-3301, UnityOfSarasota.org.

Healing, Intention and Meditation Zoom Live7:30pm. Join us for a time of healing, connection and meditation. Let us all come together and experience the energy and inspiration that can make such a powerful difference in all our lives. Sarasota Center of Light, 852 S Tuttle Ave. 941-953-6620, SarasotaCenterofLight.com.


Energy South Demonstrations with Robert Austin - 11:15am. Robert Austin will be conducting “energy sound” demonstrations. Dip your feet into an 18-inch crystal bowl and let it clear stagnant energy in your auric field. Appts are appreciated and walk ins are welcome. Love donation of $10 and up. Call to schedule. Palm Studio and Boutique, 441 W. Dearborn Street Englewood, 941-208-5568, PalmStudioEnglewood.com.

“Anchoring in Your Highest Vibration” - 2-3:30pm. A Spiritual Journey Discussion & Support Group with Michelle Marie Angel at The Higher Realm. Participants will share their personal experiences along their spiritual journeys based on spiritual growth lesson discussion from Michelle’s books: Live Love, Forever Free, and It IS A New World After All. $11. Sign up at The Higher Realm, 4232 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, 941-993-1275. Visit VisionarySolutions4smile.org.

Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com

Free Kombucha Tasting at Flobucha – 5-6pm. Join us for a free Kombucha tasting at Flobucha Sarasota’s first Kombucha Bar in Gulf Gate. Enjoy a free test flight of our 6 delicious locally made Kombuchas and do something good for your health at the same time. Kombucha is known for its high nutritional value and support for healthy gut bacteria. Bring your friends and come hang out and have a good time. Location: 2725 Mall Drive, Sarasota, Info@Flobucha.com, follow us on social media: Instagram.com/Flobucha and on Facebook: Flobucha.

Free Kids Yoga and Mindfulness - 5:15-6pm. We want to offer kids a safe space to tune in to their mind, body and soul. After the hurricane and missing so much school and their friends and experiencing fear we hope to help these kids get back on track mentally, emotionally and physically. Free. Palm Studio and Boutique, 441 W. Dearborn Street Englewood, 941-208-5568, PalmStudioEnglewood.com.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) - 6-7:30pm. Caroline and George Robertie. To register email Caroline.Scammel@ Comcast.net. 3023 Proctor Rd., Sarasota, 941-955-3301, UnityofSarasota.org.

Cosmic Center A Course in Miracles - 7pm. With Rev Nancy Robinson. A Course in Miracles, scribed by Dr Helen Schucman with Dr Bill Thetford in the 1970s. It is a study program of spiritual psychotherapy designed to awaken in us the truth of our oneness with God and Love. Through the course one learns how the practice of forgiveness assists in releasing elements of the past with a willingness to follow higher guidance, cultivating a miracle-mindedness. Schucman is said to have received the material through ‘inner dictation’ from Christ. Online Zoom only, $10.Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows – Bldg. G-2, Sarasota, 941-3719333, CCOSL.com, Facebook and Instagram.

Unity of Sarasota Bentley’s House Pet Loss Support Group - 7-8pm, third Thurs of the month. Meeting in person at Fellowship Hall. Facilitated by Rev. Amy Zehe. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941-955-3301. UnityofSarasota.org

Murder Mystery Trolley - 7:30pm, no show Feb 9th. Try to solve the Circus Queen’s murder in a fun and interactive theatrical performance! This 90-minute fantasy murder mystery tour visits many circus locations in Sarasota during the rolling adventure, where colorful characters jump aboard to add clues and hilarity for the guests. During booking, guests can choose to be cast in a role - arrive early if you want to play a part! $52.99 + tax/fees. Ticket includes free parking. All tours depart from the Discover Sarasota Tours Trolley Cottage, 1826 4th Street, Sarasota, 941260-9818. Book online at DiscoverSarasotaTours. com or email Info@DiscoverSarasotaTours.com.


Haunted Sarasota Trolley Tour - 8pm. Hop on board our Haunted Sarasota trolley for a historical tour of Sarasota’s haunted past. Hear stories about famous murders, visit spirited buildings, and explore unsolved crimes during this 90-minute, air-conditioned nighttime tour. Sit back and listen as our entertaining Ghost Hostess brings the rich history of Sarasota to life on this fun tour - be sure to keep an eye out for surprise guests along the way. Costumes encouraged, so come dressed to kill. 52.99 + tax/fees. Ticket includes free parking. All tours depart from the Discover Sarasota Tours Trolley Cottage, 1826 4th Street, Sarasota, 941260-9818. Book online at DiscoverSarasotaTours. com or email Info@DiscoverSarasotaTours.com.

Meditation and Manifesting - 3-4:30pm. Is a Spirit-Aligned Intentional Imagination Manifestation Group with Michelle Marie Angel at The Higher Realm. Using a unique process of guided manifestation techniques, the group will join in consciousness with the vibrational frequency of gratitude and use imaginal images based on conscious intentions with heart generated energy to focus on desired manifestations. This process has a track record of amazing

results! $11. Sign up at The Higher Realm, 4232 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, 941-993-1275. Visit VisionarySolutions4smile.org.

Unity of Sarasota– Friday Night Spirit Express6:30pm. 1st Friday – Kirtan; 2nd Friday – Movies; 3rd Friday – Drum Circle, 4th Friday – check our website, 5th Friday - check our website. 3023 Proctor Rd., 941955-3301. UnityofSarasota.org.


Sacred Chants Circles - 7pm, 2nd & 4th Sat. Journey through the world of mantra and medicine chants in these conscious singing gatherings. $20. Visit us at Wild Ginger Apothecary, 6557 Superior Avenue, Sarasota, 941-312-5630, WildGingerApothecary.com.

Murder Mystery Trolley - 7:30pm. Try to solve the Circus Queen’s murder in a fun and interactive theatrical performance! This 90-minute fantasy murder mystery tour visits many circus locations in Sarasota during the rolling adventure, where colorful characters jump aboard to add clues and hilarity for the guests. During booking, guests can choose to be cast in a role - arrive early if you want to play a part! $52.99 + tax/fees. Ticket includes free parking. All tours depart from the Discover Sarasota Tours Trolley Cottage, 1826 4th Street, Sarasota, 941-260-9818. Book online at DiscoverSarasotaTours.com or email Info@ DiscoverSarasotaTours.com.

Free Kids Yoga and Mindfulness - 11:30-12:15pm. We want to offer kids a safe space to tune in to their mind, body and soul. After the hurricane and missing so much school and their friends and experiencing fear we hope to help these kids get back on track mentally, emotionally and physically. Free. Palm Studio and Boutique, 441 W. Dearborn Street Englewood, 941-208-5568, PalmStudioEnglewood.com.

43 February 2023 Hair & Earth Organic Salon Salons by JC • 200 Central Ave, Suite 18, Sarasota • 941-284-9563 online booking: hairandearth.salonsbyjc.com
Smoothing Treatments
Scalp Massage
Highlights, Lows & Teasy Lights
Facial Waxing
Hair Growth Treatments
Deep Conditioning Treatments
Silk Press • All Hair Types! $20 OFF FOR FIRST-TIME VISITORS! Erinn, Owner/Operator Licensed Cosmetologist, BA Psychology, Author, Natural Health Advisor Kevin Murphy products available
• Color
Kevin Murphy •
Release Stress, Pain, Fear, Worry & Anger, Overcome Unwanted Habits & Cravings, Improve Memory & Focus, Awaken Intuition, Boost Confidence • Private Behavioral Sessions • Past Life Regressions • Customized Detox for Weight Loss • Pain Relief with Chinese Cupping • Reiki Healing & Certification – All Levels • Educational Seminars 20%off withthis Ad Cell/Text: 702-482-3719 TransformVegas.com Bayshore Gardens, FL 34207 MEET REV. VICTORIA STITZER • Expert in Rapid Behavior Modification • Inspirational Speaker • Master of NLP & EFT • REIKI Master/Teacher • Pranic & Thetahealer • Plant-Based Living Food Chef/Instructor




Board Certified Acupuncture Physician

The Integrated Path, P.A. 2801 Fruitville Rd.Suite 135, Sarasota 941-924-8833 • IntegratedPath.com

The Integrated Path to Health and Wellness for the whole family utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine,Acupuncture, Energetic Medicine, Bloodwork Analysis,Clinical Nutrition Assessments and ZYTO Elite to restore balance. Over 30 years of clinical experience!


Dr. Christina Captain, DAOM

Nationally Board Certified Dipl.Ac Complimentary Meet & Greet

The Medical Complex 2650 Bahia Vista Street, Suite 101, Sarasota, 941-951-1119 •FamilyHealingCenter.com

Family Healing Center, an integrative wellness practice. Addressing all health issues we will find the key to unlock your highest level of health and wellness. Complimentary Meet & Greet


FACES BY DR ANNA Anna L. Baker, D.O.M.

Nationally Board Certified Acupuncture Physician 941-924-2723 • FacesByDrAnna.com

Unique muscle-tightening acupuncture facelift and necklift done with 12 hair-thin needles, none of which are on the face. Results documented photographically. Only one maintenance treatment needed every 18 months. Free consultation includes facial analysis. Monthly seminars, call for schedule.



6557 Superior Avenue

(Gulf Gate Shopping Village), Sarasota 941-312-5630


Community for health + wellness. Offering hemp CBD, health remedies, metaphysical gifts and tools, crystals, cards, essential oils, jewelry and more! Classes and drop-in tarot and psychic readers daily. TueFri 10am-5pm and Sat 11am-5pm.



Eric Winder DC Offices in Sarasota and Venice, FL 941-957-8390 • eric.winder.dc@gmail.com

Professional care with a personal focus. Feel better through proper alignment, and get back to work and play! See our website for more information.



Fusion Therapy

7069 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 941-921-7900 • FusionTherapySarasota.com

Terry Schibler has 30 years experience in advanced bodywork. He has a singular ability to trace, recognize and treat complex pain patterns through numerous modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral and Fascial manipulation.

Terry’s hands-on work is effective for a wide range of problems associated with pain and dysfunction such as Migraines, Chronic neck/back pain, Concussions, TMJ, Post-surgical dysfunction...and more.


HEALING ROOMBLUE LIGHT ENERGY HEALING HEALING ROOM, ENERGY HEALING, BIOFEEDBACK STRESS MANAGEMENT, PEMF Treatments to balance over a thousand conditions! Infrared Inversion, Sound Immersion with the Singing Bowls 718-791-3797 • PureFieldForce@gmail.com

Energy Healing helps the body with a long list of conditions, aches, pains and imbalances. Biofeedback Scanning locates the imbalances and it also corrects them. PEMF (Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy) re-energizes damaged cells, it is a powerful tool to MANAGE PAIN! 941-586-9539, Facebook.com/CreateBalanceandHealing




Lessons for Children (ABM), Adults, Classes, Prof Seminars

Bonnie Kissam, M.A., Feldenkrais® Practitioner, LMT, CE Provider 941-360-2248

Bonnie@FeldenkraisInSarasota.com FeldenkraisInSarasota.com

The Feldenkrais® Approach , ‘Movement with Attention’, helps one ‘sense easier, improved posture and ways of moving. Clients optimize their musical, athletic or everyday activities through heightened ‘awareness’. They find unique ways to recover from injury, surgeries or illness. Call for appointments, classes or for weekend TOUCH TO INFORM seminars 941-360-2248 , Bonnie@FeldenkraisInSarasota.com.



Laura Weber Garrison, PhD 8051 N Tamiami Trail, Suite F2, Sarasota 941-260-2941


Holistic health therapist and counselor specializing in trauma. Board-certified Drugless Practitioner. Integrative clinical hypnotherapy, yoga-based and somatic therapeutics. Private sessions, groups.


Laura Korman, DC, DACBN

Chiropractor, Diplomate in Nutrition 16954 Toledo Blade Blvd, Port Charlotte 941-629-6700 • DrLauraKorman.com

Dr. Korman specializes in helping peri-menopausal women eliminate pain, fatigue and unwanted belly fat through functional medicine, lifestyle strategies and regenerative therapies so they can reclaim their vitality and stay engaged in the life they love. We offer PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy), Class IV Deep Tissue Laser, Near & Far Infrared Sauna, Decompression Therapies, Whole Body Vibration and carry a professional line of supplementation.

Join us every Sunday from 10am to 2pm to feed your mind, body and soul. The Meadows Farmers Market is back for season 2, happening every Sunday until April 30, 2023. Enjoy all your local favorite food, music, art and more. We are excited to be back and have lots of surprises for the community this season.


Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com
resource guide
MEADOWS FARMERS MARKET 5041 Ringwood Meadow Bldg G-2, Sarasota 941-315-7773 MeadowsFarmersMarket.com
INPIRATIONAL MESSAGES VISIONARY SOLUTIONS Michelle Marie Angel 541-261-4483 VisionarySolutions4Smile JOIN A SPIRITUAL GROUP! “Anchoring in Your Highest Vibration” on Thursdays 2-3:30pm, and “Meditation and Magical Manifesting” on
Center. Online Spiritual classes,
or text
Fridays 3-4:30pm at the Higher Realm. Intuitive readings in Sarasota or Zoom. Ascension Mastery Intensive second Saturdays at Integrated Healing Arts
visit: VisionarySo
Michelle at 541-261-4483.
and MichelleMarieangel.com.


Caroline Crawford

Messages from the spirit world with clarity and compassion. 941-402-9595 • CarolineCrawford.org


Highly gifted British Medium and Master Healer, Caroline channels messages of healing to comfort, inspire and empower you from your loved ones and her team of Angelic beings. Receive guidance & insight into your life now and your future career, relationships, health and spiritual path with renewed confidence and optimism. Touching hearts for over four decades, Caroline is currently based in Sarasota. By appointment only, in person, by phone or zoom.



Yely Staley. e-RYT 500H & YACEP Bilingual Mindful Coach Book your complimentary consultation at: YogaYely.com

Helping people live their most authentic lives. You can feel balanced, grounded, peaceful, and good about yourself by cultivating sustainable yoga, meditation, and selfcare practices.



3260 Fruitville Road, STE C Sarasota • 727-273-7328



MEN: Supercharge Your SEX Life &Be the Hero in the Bedroom again! In our technological age, almost all cases of Erectile Dysfunction and PD are completely reversible. Plaque build-up in the arteries worsens as we age. This arterial plaque build-up inhibits the blood flow needed to get or maintain an erection. This is the main cause of ED. At American Vitality Medical Group we only use state of the art acoustic wave therapy technology, proven to remove the plaque build-up in the circulatory system and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, thereby substantially increasing blood flow to the penis. This results in longer, harder erections. There are no drugs, no needles, and no pain. This non-invasive technology is the #1 recommended treatment for ED by The American Urological Association. Call Now at 727-273-7328 for your free no-risk consultation, and complimentary ultra-sound. Our success rate is unsurpassed. American Vitality Medical Group-Longevity You Can Trust.



801 S Tamiami Trail, Nokomis, FL 941-412-4334

• CafeEvergreen.net Cafe Evergreen is a natural, organic restaurant. Our menu consists of many organic recipes designed to not only taste delicious, but also enhance your health. Open 7 days a week 11am-9pm.


Vegan Eatery/Meal Prep Service 1331 10th Street, Sarasota 941-445-7125 Famcuisine.com

Certified Kosher and 100% Vegan. Cooking from the ground up, beginning with the freshest ingredients, sourced locally, seasonal and grown by earth-loving folks. Offering small catering, meal prep service and our location on 10th St. Come stop by for your taste buds to experience honest food. Open Mon-Sat 9am-3pm.



200 Central Ave, Suite 18, Sarasota 941-284-9563 • HairandEarth.SalonsByJC.com

Erinn offers Sarasota excellence in conscious haircare. Cuts, color, highlights, smoothing treatments and more. Metaphysical gifts too! Kevin Murphy color line as well as retail products available. Comfortable, private space for calm, creative collaboration. Call or text Erinn Earth for an appointment or consultation. Or schedule online at: HairandEarth.SalonsByJC.com


COMPLETE ORGANIZING arranges: homes, offices, garages, storages, documents, and invites space, beauty, clarity and light into your life. 941-529-7741, Complete-Organizing.com, Info@Complete-Organizing.com

HOUSECLEANING. Enjoy your free time and let us do what we do best: Housecleaning to your healthy satisfaction. Call Paula for a free estimate 941-320-4052.

SWEDISH MASSAGE. A full body relaxation massage that focuses on light to firm pressure to ease muscle tightness. Essential oils, hot stones, and a sugar back scrub are included. Call for appt. 941-302-1140. Nancy Evans Massage, 115 N. Tamiami Trail, STE 9, Nokomis. MA 66427

FREE NATAL-BIRTH CHART PRINTOUT! 40 years of Astrology experience. Email, birthdate, time, location-city. Boblight56@gmail.com.



Natural & Holistic Premium Pet Foods 3558 Webber Street, Sarasota 941-925-4376



Offering full lines of veterinary diets, raw and frozen diets, dog, cat and bird supplies. Huge selection of toys, treats, flea and tick products, collars and more. Certified veterinary nutritional consultant on staff. We ship and pets always welcome!






Dr. David Cifra, DC Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Specialist Office: 941-358-2224 • Cell: 315-345-7390 DrCifra@SarasotaDiscCenter.com www.SarasotaDiscCenter.com

Medical Breakthrough Technology! Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Specialist, Dr.David Cifra,DC. Advanced procedure for patients who have back and neck pain and want to avoid narcotics, epidural injections, and unnecessary surgeries. Over 90% effective. No pain, No drugs, No surgery, NO Injections. Call today 941-358-2224. FREE CONSULTATION.

6557 Superior Avenue Gulf gate Shopping Village, Sarasota 941-312-5630


Level 1, 2 and 3 Reiki Healing Certifications held monthly at Wild Ginger Apothecary with instructors Paula and Jean-Luc Casano of The Remedy Room. Visit WildGingerApothecary.com for more information or to schedule your training! Private classes are also available for small groups of 4 or more. Store hours, Tues-Fri 10am-5pm, and Sat 11am-5pm.



Rev. Zan Benham, BSL, BD, CHT 941-922-7839

Spiritual counselor, shamanic practitioner, Reiki healing, breath, and energy work, hypnosis, soul retrieval, past life regression all to empower and help you move into the Divine flow of the joy and power within you.

45 February 2023




Embracing the New Paradigms of our Awak-ening Consciousness

5041 Ringwood MeadowsBldg G-2 • Sarasota CCOSL.com


A place of Light and Uncondition-al Love bringing together awak-ened and awakening minds and hearts for healing, enlightenment, support and joy!


852 S Tuttle Ave, Sarasota 941-953-6620 • sarasotacenteroflight.com

Experience the peaceful energy, love and light of our metaphysical spiritual community. Join us for the

inspiration, healing and connection to Spirit in our services, classes and social gatherings.

Accelerate Healing with Energy.

Using light energy through distance healing, your healing process can move forward more smoothly.

“My knee was warm for about 3 full hours after I left. It seemed to heal further after I slept the first couple of nights. While my knee was not healed 100%, it was significantly better and I was able to go on my Montana ski trip the next week.

P.S. Another month after my ski trip my knee has continued to improve.”

Robert, Gainesville, GA



June Drennon, CCT 2008

JuneDrennon@TampaBayThermography.com 727-729-2711



Certified Clinical Thermographer 2008. Prevention is better than early detection. Knowledge is power: Know your risk factors to make corrections and avoid developing pathology. Call for location convenient for you.



Rev. Victoria Stitzer, CHT, Master of NLP, EFT Reiki Master/Teacher, Pranic & Thetahealer 30+ years of pro experience 702-482-3719 • TransformVegas.com

Spiritual Counseling, Guided Imagery, Past Life Regressions, Mental Telepathy, DNA Activation, Customized Ayurvedic Nutritional Programs, Chinese Cupping for Pain Relief.Stateof-the-Art Mind-Body Technology, Far-infrared Sauna w/o EMF emission, Virtual Vacations using Mind Machine, Complete Bioscan of 700+ Body Meridians with Precise Frequency Corrections, Zero Gravity Massage, Lazer Far-Infrared Foot Detox with pH balancing.



6557 Superior Avenue (Gulf Gate Shopping Village), Sarasota  941-312-5630


Community for health + wellness. Offering hemp CBD, bulk herbs, remedies, sage, gifts, cards, metaphysical tools, essential oils, jewelry and more! Classes and drop-in psychic readers daily. Tue-Fri 10am-5pm and Sat 11am-5pm.

46 Sarasota/Manatee Edition www.nasrq.com
Practicing by donation for nearly 10 years. Questions? Call Bill at 770-990-9191 or visit
$3.00 off any one (1) Stella & Chewy’s Product for Dogs and Cats! Expiration 2/28/23 February Special!

Natural Virus Killer

Copper can stop a virus

before it starts

Scientists have discovered a natural way to kill germs fast. Now thousands of people are using it against viruses and bacteria that cause illness.

Colds and many other illnesses start when viruses get in your nose and multiply. If you don’t stop them early, they spread and cause misery.

Hundreds of studies confirm copper kills viruses and bacteria almost instantly just by touch.

That’s why ancient Greeks and Egyptians used copper to purify water and heal wounds. They didn’t know about viruses and bacteria, but now we do.

“The antimicrobial activity of copper is well established.” National Institutes of Health.

Scientists say copper’s high conductance disrupts the electrical balance in a microbe cell and destroys it in seconds.

The EPA recommended hospitals use copper for touch surfaces like faucets and doorknobs. This cut the spread of MRSA and other illnesses by over half, and saved lives.

The strong scientific evidence gave inventor Doug Cornell an idea. He made a smooth copper probe

with a tip to fit in the bottom of the nostril, where viruses collect.

When he felt a tickle in his nose like a cold about to start, he rubbed the copper gently in his nose for 60 seconds.

“It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold never happened. I used to get 2-3 bad colds every year. Now I use my device whenever I feel a sign I am about to get sick.”

He hasn’t had a cold in 10 years.

Users say:

“It works! I love it!”

“I can’t believe how good my nose feels.”

“Is it supposed to work that fast?” “One of the best presents ever.” “Sixteen flights, not a sniffle!”

“Cold sores gone!”

“It saved me last holidays. The kids all got sick, but not me.”

“I am shocked! My sinus cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.”

“Best sleep I’ve had in years!”

After his first success with it, he asked relatives and friends to try it. They all said it worked, so he patented CopperZap® and put it on the market.

Soon hundreds of people had tried it. 99% said copper worked if they used it right away at the first sign of germs, like a tickle in the nose or a scratchy throat.

Longtime users say they haven’t been sick in years. They have less stress, less medical costs, and more time to enjoy life.

Soon people found other things they could use it against.

Colds Flu

Virus variants

Sinus trouble

Cold sores

Fever blisters

Canker sores

Strep throat

Night stuffiness

Morning congestion

Nasal drip

Infected sores

Infected wounds Styes Warts Ringworm Other microbial threats

The handle is curved and textured to increase contact. Copper can kill germs picked up on fingers and hands after you touch things other people have touched.

The EPA says copper works just as well when tarnished.

Dr. Bill Keevil led one of the science teams. He placed millions of viruses on a copper surface. “They started to die literally as soon as they touched it.”

CopperZap® is made in the USA of pure copper. It has a 90-day full money back guarantee. Price $79.95. Get $10 off each CopperZap with code NATA35

Go to www.CopperZap.com or call toll-free 1-888-411-6114. Buy once, use forever.

Statements are not intended as product health claims and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not claimed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

New research: Copper kills viruses in seconds.