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February 22, 2013

Vol. 30. No. 7

Lt. Cmdr. Michael Wagner (center) pipes ashore for the final time after being relieved by Lt. Cmdr. Juan Varela as Officer-in-Charge of Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment (AIMD) during a change-of-charge ceremony on board Naval Air Station Sigonella, February 14. (Photo by Shakyra Canchaney Banos)

Change-of-charge at NASSIG AIMD by mc3 cameron bramham NAS Sigonella Public Affairs


ircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment (AIMD) Sigonella held a change-of-charge ceremony at Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella at the NAS I Chapel, February 14. AIMD Sigonella Sailors who attended the ceremony witnessed the traditional salute as Lt. Cmdr. Juan Varela relieved Lt. Cmdr. Michael Wagner as officer-in-charge of AIMD Sigonella. “This tour has been a learning experience for me,” Wagner said during his opening remarks. “We have a lot to be proud of here at AIMD [Sigonella]. I appreciate the efforts of each and every one of you out there. All I ask now is that you continue to provide that same support to Lt. Cmdr. Varela as he takes charge of the command.”

After Wagner completed his opening remarks, Sailors from NAS Sigonella’s Chief Petty Officer Association and First Class Petty Officer Association presented him with a shadow box and personalized Sicilian plaque. “It’s a great career that we have here,” Wagner said. “They’ve [AIMD Sailors] done a great job supporting all the squadrons that have been out here. I have nothing but great things to say about them and I’ll miss their motivation.” Wagner then read his official orders to Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center at NAS Fallon in Nevada where he will become the next Maintenance Officer. “I’ll basically be the Maintenance Officer for Top Gun,” Wagner said with a laugh. Valera then read his orders and assumed command

of AIMD Sigonella, where he addressed his Sailors for the first time. “It’s a pleasure to be here,” Varela said. “I’m looking forward to working with you and I hope that as we say good-bye to Lt. Cmdr. Wagner, you do the same things that you did the last few years for him. Let’s make AIMD [Sigonella] the best department we can.” AIMD Sigonella provides effective and efficient support for aviation units throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Central Command area of responsibility from the shore through flawless execution of tasking and provision of requisite facilities to ensure world-class operational, logistical, command and control, and administrative support to U.S., NATO and other coalition forces.


"Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress." - Bruce Barton

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FEBRUARY 22, 2013



What’s Happening Around NAS Sigonella

NAS Sigonella Commanding Officer, Capt. Scott Butler It is a pleasure to welcome our Regional Commander, RDML Gaiani, back to Sigonella to recognize the great work by so many here by presenting both the NATO Medal and Meritorious Unit Commendation for the support provided during Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR. For those of you that weren’t “officially” recognized or awarded – especially some of our Italian friends – it didn’t mean that your role was not critically important or appreciated. The award rules prohibited NAS Sigonella from submitting non-US personnel for recognition. Still, I want each of you to know that Sigonella’s support to these critical operations was recognized by the most senior political and military leaders of every nation that deployed here. Each of them appreciated the fact that their forces could not have succeeded without each and every Sigonellan, regardless of job or nationality, being fully committed to their success. That we, as a team, were able to handle this nearvertical ramp up in operations as smoothly as we did remains an incredible example for every other base in the world. It was, simply, an inspiring performance across the board, and it serves as a testament to the dedication and commitment of all those who call Sigonella home. Of course, I would be remiss in not recognizing the support that a family provides to his or her service member is the single most critical element that ensures his or her success on the job. The strong family support demonstrated each and every day ensured that our service members were focused at work, which meant that the fleet and the fighter received the critical supplies and services efficiently and effectively. My personal thanks to all of you for your selfless support of our fighters. I would also like to congratulate all of the Swordfish swimmers – and their families – who travelled to Eindhoven, Netherlands over the long weekend to participate in the European Forces Swim League Championships. Regardless of each swimmer’s personal results, all of them swam hard and represented our Community very well. I am especially grateful to the Swordfish Coaches – Tracey Bonvie, DJ Naaktgeboren and John Youberg – who have volunteered so much of their own time to help these kids learn important, lifelong lessons about sportsmanship and commitment. Bravo Zulu to all the Swordfish and best of luck next year! We received so many questions for February’s Feedback Live that we couldn’t cover them all during the show, so I’ll get to those in this Direct Line. Your questions are very important to us, and I encourage you to keep sending them via email. Remember that Feedback Live is a LIVE call in show – if time permits, you can

get your question answered on the spot. The show is held on the first Thursday of each month, from 6:30 – 7 p.m. To call in live on the show, please dial 6244265 or 095-56-4265. We can’t promise to solve all the issues, but we certainly can’t address them if we don’t know about them. Can the gym at NAS I please change their locker room cleaning times to 0930-1030 rather than 0900-100? Especially with the Navy's big emphasis on PT, it would be nice for Sailors to get the extra half an hour of workout time and not feel rushed to get out of the locker room. This question comes up nearly every month. Technically, yes, we could change the times; however, the time that is currently used was selected because we found it impacted the absolute least number of people. I am sorry if the current times are not convenient for you, but I hope that knowing when the facilities will be cleaned will allow you to plan your own schedule accordingly. I've noticed an increase of disappearing locking mechanisms from the Men's and Women's Locker rooms and restroom doors across the base. Where are they going? Will they be replaced? The Public Works Department was recently notified of this issue and is investigating. Please report any such issue to the building Facility Management Representative for action. Additionally, the restrooms in Buildings 157, 175 and 318 are being refurbished. Can something be done to eliminate – or at least clean up – the cigarettes that are thrown all over the NAS II base? I see drivers throwing them out of their window and they are all over the ground throughout the base as well. Unfortunately, there’s little we can do about it on NAS II as we are a tenant command on an Italian Air Base; however, I continue to emphasize the importance of following the rules on NAS I (e.g., except for designated areas, there should be NO smoking within 50’ of any building). If you see somebody breaking the rules – or littering the area with cigarette butts – please feel free to correct them. It is not just unsightly, it is unhealthy. The questions, comments and concerns stated in this column do not constitute the official position of the U.S. Navy and are submitted by members of the community.





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NAS I Chapel

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During the early morning of February 19, Etna's new southeast crater produced a new lava fountaining episode, the first event of this kind since the paroxysm on April 24, 2012, according to a report by Italy's INGV National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology. During the preceding days, the same crater had been the site of intermittent, weak Strombolian activity. As the sun began to rise, the activity ceased. (Photo by Shawn McCarthy.)

Surface Weather Radar System updated



Etna's new southeast crater spouts lava



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FEBRUARY 22, 2013


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A Sailor from Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella Ground Electronics Maintenance Division helps complete the updating of the Surface Weather Radar (SWR) System at the NAS II Flightline. The delta radar can show the images similar to those shown on The Weather Channel. The radar covers the entire island and has been here for more than ten years. The SWR system is accessible via the one-net computer systems so service members attached to NAS Sigonella can check weather updates while operating at work. (U.S. Navy photo by MC3 Cameron Bramham/Released)

Lt.j.g. Francis Hill, attached to Patrol Squadron FOUR (VP-4) explains the mission of VP-4’s P3-C Orion aircraft to members from the local community during a community relations event, February 16. VP-4 is currently deployed to Naval Air Station Sigonella. (U.S. Navy photo by MCSA Devin Menhardt)

Patrol Squadron FOUR hosts Paterno Doctors’ Wives Club LCDR T. Ryan Davis Patrol Squadron FOUR

The “Skinny Dragons” of Patrol Squadron FOUR (VP-4) proudly hosted Paterno Doctors’ Wives Club at Naval Air Station Sigonella on February 16. This is the third community relations (COMREL) tour the “Skinny Dragons” have executed during their deployment. The tours aim to foster goodwill relationships with the local community. “The COMREL event was a success,” said Senior Chief Stanley Lenover. "The club consisted of nearly 100 members; our biggest group to date. I know that our VP-4 Sailors are excited to show off the P-3 because they know that their contribution to our mission makes a big difference." The visit showcased the power of the P-3 by exposing the club to an aircraft tour, as well as

ordnance familiarization. The static display aircrew; Lt. Ever Garay, Lt.j.g. Mike Hill, Senior Chief Stanley Lenover, and Petty Officer Jamie Ty took turns answering the club’s questions and highlighting the value of the P-3 mission within the aviation community. The Paterno Wives Club President stated, “Patrol Squadron FOUR showed tremendous hospitality. I am very impressed by the young men and women in uniform. They are very professional and I am pleased that they get to spend their deployment in Sicily.” These COMREL events strengthen the AmericanItalian relationship and will continue to be a regular occurrence for the “Skinny Dragons” during their stay in Sigonella.

Broadway Tonight! is coming soon Thea Burke (center) teaches cast members from Broadway Tonight! blocking for the Phantom of the Opera Mascarade scene. (U.S. Navy photo by Jackie Trembath/Released)

Mark your calendars! Broadway Tonight! is coming March 1 and 2! Join the cast of nearly 100 Sigonellans ranging in age from 6 to 60 who are currently hard at work learning lines, singing songs, building sets, sewing costumes and preparing for next month’s big event. The revue-style show will feature memorable scenes and songs from six Broadway musicals: Les Miserables, Tom Sawyer, Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz, Wicked and Phantom of the Opera. You won't want to miss it!



FEBRUARY 22, 2013



Monday 25




$1 bowling and shoe rental* Sparetime bowling



Average Joe's Bowling* 6 - 9 p.m. Sparetime bowling *EVERY TUESDAY




Youth Boot Camp* 3 - 5 p.m. NAS I Fit District





Family Night Out* 5 - 8 p.m. Sparetime bowling

Weekend Dance Party* 10 p.m. at Jox

Catania Shopping Day ITT


MARCH 1 NMCRS Active Duty Fund Drive Kick-Off NAS I Chart Room 11 a.m. - Noon

Bible Study* 7 p.m. NAS II Chapel


NMCRS Active Duty Fund Drive Breakfast NAS II Gate 7 - 11 a.m.


Story Time* 10 - 11 a.m. NAS I Library

Bingo* 6 p.m. NAS I Compass Room




NMCRS Active Duty Fund Drive Car Wash NAS II Autoport 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.



NMCRS Active Duty Fund Drive Car Show NAS I Annex 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.




FREE CREDO retreats and education opportunities One-Day Marriage Workshop: April 3, from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the NAS Sigonella Chapel on NAS I.

The Marriage Workshop is designed to help you understand how communication and behavior styles affect the way you and your spouse act and react to each other. Through an interpersonal, interactive learning process, you'll reflect on behaviors and habits that may be harming your marriage, develop healthy ways to communicate and deal with marital conflict, and take concrete steps to meet each other's needs better than ever before.

Extreme Bowling* 8 p.m. - Midnight Sparetime bowling



The Religious Ministries Department will be hosting a variety of Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO) Retreats and education opportunities during the month of April. A warm invitation is extended to all within the Naval Air Station Sigonella community to participate. For more information or to reserve a space, please contact the Religious Ministries Department at 624-3975 or 624-9049 or stop by either NAS I (Bldg 317) or NAS II (Bldg 742) Chapels.



NMCRS Active Duty Fund Drive Car Wash NAS II Autoport 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.




FEBRUARY 22, 2013

Liberty/Connections/Take 5: x4246, x5602 Outdoor Rec: x4777, x4396 Fitness: x4483, x5243 Midtown 2 Theaters: x4248 FFSC: x4291 American Red Cross: x4900

Does your command or organization have an event you’d like to see on the Community Calendar? Email us at and let us know!

Family Growth Retreat: April 5 - 7 at the Sheraton in Catania.

The Family Retreat is designed to teach patterns and skills that support a healthy family life. This program will teach families the role of parents, the role of the children and the role of the couple in the family. Single parent and step-family concerns are also included. All will receive encouragement to develop and practice the skills to manage their lives, and to prevent and solve problems.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST): April 9 - 10, from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the NAS Sigonella Chapel on NAS I. Please attend in civilian clothes. CREDO ASIST is looking for Sailors and those within the Sigonella community who want to make a difference. Suicide is a major problem in today’s Navy and it is getting worse, not better. Our goal is to train suicide prevention firstresponders throughout the community. Each life taken is a tragedy that has a devastating impact on so many. Gain the skills needed to identify the warning signs by applying a proven and highly successful intervention model.

Personal Resiliency Retreat: April 12 14 at the Sheraton Catania. Personal, spiritual, and relational themes are central to this retreat. Enjoy private reflection and community discussion.

Plan ahead - sign up now!

All lodging, meals and transportation to and from the retreat site are provided for. Retreats are open to all U.S. military personnel and their family members and on a space available basis for U.S. citizens employed by the Department of Defense and their family members who are assigned to commands in the Area of Responsibility. Please note: CREDO is unable to provide child-care. For more information or to sign up please call the NAS Sigonella Chapel offices at 624-3975 or 624-9049/5231.

Fleet and Family Support Center Administration Bldg. Bldg. 319 (NAS I)

Monday–Friday: 7:30 a.m.- 4 p.m. DSN: 624-4291 Commercial: 095-56-4291

Do you understand the difference between your credit report and your credit score? Do you know how to check them and correct errors? (By the way...servicemembers and spouses can get a free credit score courtesy of FINRA Investor Education Foundation when they take the Military Saves Pledge!)

Need an appointment at the hospital? Call DSN 624-CARE (2273) or commercial 095-56-2273, M-F: 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. For non-emergent medical questions that arise over the weekend, holidays, or after office hours, please call 335-578-8077 if you are normally seen at the hospital or 335-578-8150 if you are normally seen at the Flight Line Clinic.



FEBRUARY 22, 2013 BY Dott. ALBERTO LUNETTA Community Relations Officer

his seat. He looked tired but spoke in a strong voice for around 15 minutes. Later he celebrated Mass at St Peter’s – possibly his last public Mass before he quits. Rumors abound about the battle to replace him after his eightyear reign. But yesterday was about the people, not politics. And the Pope can be in no doubt that the people will always keep him in their prayers. Last week, the Vatican was forced to admit that the 85-year-old Bishop of Rome has been kept ticking over by a secret cardiac implant for more than eight years – throwing a whole new light on his shock resignation. Yet official spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said: “It had no influence on the decision. "The reasons were, in his perception, that his strength was diminishing as he got older.” Officials were caught on the hop last Monday when Pope Benedict announced that, over the past three months, his lack of strength was making it impossible for him to fulfil his duty. The timescale suggests this doubt emerged at the time of his pacemaker revamp – but the Vatican denied any connection. They said he had the pacemaker fitted before he became Pope and had no subsequent complications, adding that the battery replacement was routine. They did reveal the Pope was deeply distressed after announcing he will step down on February 28 and had returned to his private quarters where he wept. Many of the cardinals who heard his resignation were also overcome with emotion, particularly when Benedict told them, “I ask pardon for all my defects”. Cardinal Raffaele Farina, emeritus prefect of the Apostolic Library, said, “We were all taken by surprise. Many faces in the room were streaked with tears.” The Archbishop of Palermo, Paolo Romeo, added, “We were amazed by the Holy Father’s decision. But it is a choice that deserves respect.” Yesterday the Pope spent the day alone in his private quarters “in prayer, study, and reflection” – no doubt accompanied by one of the stray cats he has adopted from the streets of Rome. The resignation has left Vatican officials in disarray about what becomes of an ex-Pope. It is the first time in 600 years that a pontiff has resigned and Father Lombardi admitted it is not clear what his new title may be. He could still be Benedict XVI, but without Pope, or may revert to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

! T I Y A S Italian! JUST r ice you Pract

Pope Benedict XVI said last week he lacks the strength to fulfill his duties and on February 28 is the first pontiff in 600 years to resign. The announcement sets the stage for a conclave in March to elect a new leader for the world's 1 billion Catholics. (Photo by AP)

'These days have not been easy for me': Pope thanks faithful for support after shock resignation by

The tears, cheers and outpouring of love from thousands of emotional followers were clearly a blessed relief to the 85-year-old Holy Father. He emerged arms outstretched in benediction, beaming in delight at the ecstatic scene that greeted him. Forty-eight hours earlier Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation sent shockwaves around the Catholic world and he had no idea how his flock of 1.3 billion would react. But today he was relieved to see the devotion that thousands of followers exhibited as the pontiff prepares to leave the Papacy. While scholars argued about failings, and Papal wannabes jockeyed for power, the faithful just wanted to show they cared. The Pope, appearing at his weekly public audience, said in Italian: “I thank all of you for the love and the prayers with which you have accompanied me. “In these days, which have not been easy for me, I have felt almost physically the power of prayer – your prayers – which the love of the Church has given me.” He also confirmed that he is stepping down because he is too weak to continue. He said: “I have done this in full freedom for the good of the Church, after much prayer and having examined my conscience before God, knowing full well the seriousness of this act, but also realizing I am no longer able to carry out the Petrine ministry with the strength which it demands.” Pilgrims from around the world had queued since early morning to attend the Pope’s first public appearance since his shock announcement. Some booked their trip months in advance to find themselves in the Vatican for a moment of history. I joined the 6,000-strong crowd in the huge hall for what the Vatican says will be the Pope’s penultimate public audience. Nuns sat alongside students, and the Ash Wednesday gathering combined religious solemnity with carnival celebration. Before the Pope appeared, school parties stood up to sing. The

boys from Downside School in Somerset belted out the chorus of Jerusalem. Worshippers waved flags and banners – one said “Grazie Santita” (Thank you, your Holiness). There was chanting, clapping and foot stomping. It felt like a school assembly, a football terrace and a Daniel O’Donnell concert rolled into one. And in national costume, there was a 32-piece oompah band from the Pope’s homeland in Bavaria. Cheers echoed as they struck up a German military march which was perhaps inappropriate considering the young Joseph Ratzinger was in the Hitler Youth.

Band spokeswoman Christa Martin said: “We were on the way to Rome when we heard about his resignation. Everyone was shocked and sad. "We are so proud of our Bavarian Pope and it’s an honor to be here for one of his very last public duties.” Suddenly a ripple of excitement went round the hall as the Vatican’s Swiss Guards took up position on stage beside a cream and gold chair. Everyone stood and the Pope popped out of a door on to the stage. Thousands of camera flashes went off and the Pope received a thunderous ovation as he took


FEBRUARY 22, 2013

Learn how to say these kitchen items in Italian! English: knife Italian: coltèllo

English: spoon Italian: cucchiàio

English: grater Italian: grattùgia

English: fork Italian: forchètta

English: glass Italian: bicchière

English: teaspoon Italian: cucchiaìno

English: ladle Italian: mèstolo



H EADLINES Antitrust authority examines Alitalia ticketing system, carrier accused of commercial fraud in separate probe (ANSA)

Rome - Italy's antitrust authority (AGCM) on Thursday opened investigations into Alitalia after a flight operated by a partner carrier skidded off a Rome runway on Saturday. Separate criminal probes into the incident involving the Romanian carrier Carpatair are already underway. Now AGCM wants to establish whether Alitalia infringed the national consumer code in relation to information given to passengers on the stricken Saturday flight and other services operated by partner carriers or in codesharing. The probe follows complaints by consumer watchdog association Codacons and internal checks. Three passengers were injured on Saturday when a Carpatair flight skidded off the runway during landing at Rome's Fiumicino airport en route from Pisa. Alitalia is now under investigation for commercial fraud after allegedly deceiving customers by selling tickets marked Alitalia which were in fact for a foreign company. The Italian carrier has denied the charges.

Gondoliers risk losing licenses for fleecing tourists, footage shows passengers getting ripped off in Venice (ANSA)

Venice - A top Italian consumer group has called for dishonest gondoliers to be stripped of their licenses for fleecing tourists at above-market rates. "Bland measures and fines are not enough," said Codacons. "Those who have ripped off trusting tourists need to be punished by never getting their permits back". The group spoke out after Italian TV program Striscia la Notizia caught some gondoliers on tape demanding exorbitant prices from Carnival

tourists, and others ending the trip after only a few minutes. Codacons called on the city of Venice to open an investigation. Venice tourism councilor Roberto Panciera called the behavior of the filmed gondoliers "shameful to the profession and the city of Venice," and called on the local gondolier authority Ente Gondola to impose suspensions and fines. Ente Gondola President Nicola Falconi said he was "dismayed" by the program's findings and said he was organizing an outside disciplinary committee. "The committee has the power to impose heavy sanctions, temporary suspensions and to permanently strip licenses," he said.

Dog who honored his deceased owner dies near Brindisi, Fans on Facebook show outpouring of love for Tommy (ANSA)

Brindisi - Messages on the social network Facebook are pouring out condolences for a dog in the southern town of San Donaci near Brindisi that moved people around the world for his dedication to his dead owner. Tommy, a 12-year-old German Shepherd-mix that attended the same church services that once drew his mistress, died on Wednesday. Priests at the local parish welcomed the dog who was a regular at every baptism, wedding or funeral, rain or shine, at the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. A message from Peru read, "I cried at the news. Tommy was a friend of mankind, gave us a reason to believe in life and the beautiful things that it gives us". The daughter of Tommy's deceased owner Maria Lochi, thanked friends of the dog on Facebook. "I am sure that Maria would be delighted to see so many people around us! In her life she fought with her heart and soul to ensure that all abandoned dogs like Tommy had happy moments. Now I ask you, please, to continue her fight," she wrote.

Ancient Sicilian coral jewelry displayed in Catania (ANSA) Alfio Puglisi Cosentino is reflecting on the emotions he felt as a child for a rare masterpiece. The wealthy Sicilian businessman is talking about a remarkable holy water font which dates back to the 17th century. The ornately decorated font is inlaid with tiny pieces of coral and is part of his family’s rich art collection. ‘Whenever I saw it as a child, it always stimulated my imagination,’ Puglisi Cosentino told ANSA at a rare viewing of the font at his home in Rome. ‘It was something linked to my father and his generation’. According to Greek mythology coral was transformed from the seaweed once washed with the blood of the goddess Medusa. Coral has been considered a treasure for centuries in the southern region of Sicily and now the Puglisi Cosentino Foundation is staging an exhibition called “I Grandi Capolavori del Corallo “(or the great coral masterpieces) in Catania. The show will feature some of the finest pieces of coral which have been transformed into stunning jewelry, furniture and “objets d’art.” ‘This is certainly the most important exhibition ever organized on this most interesting theme,’ Puglisi Cosentino said. ‘It is testimony to an artistic workmanship of the highest level’. Backed by the Rome Mediterranean Foundation, the exhibition is one of the most ambitious presentations of coral ever staged in Sicily, a region which has fostered some of the world’s most impressive design and workmanship. ‘The Palazzo Valle show launches a productive synergy between the Puglisi Cosentino Foundation and the Roma Mediterranean Foundation,’ Puglisi Cosentino said. He said he also hoped that it generated economic growth at a time of great difficulty in Sicily and the exhibition will be free of charge in a bid to gain more visitors. ‘We hope it generates interest across Italy and brings visitors to Sicily not only for the hotels but we hope cultural interest will help the economy,’ he said.

Puglisi Cosentino said the two foundations hoped to stage two shows a year together and stressed the need for co-operation particularly at a time of government cutbacks. ‘We are proud to contribute to the stag- An enchanting collection of ancient ing of this show, Sicilian coral jewelry from the 17th the latest testimony and 18th century is set to go on public display for the first time in to the taste of beau- Catania at the Valle Palace from tiful Italian work- March 3 through May 5 providing manship and of viewers with a unique glimpse into Sicilian workman- the timeless quality craftsmanship ship in particular,’ of Sicilian artists. (Photo by www. said Emmanuele Francesco Maria Emanuele, president of the RomaMediterraneo Foundation. He said the foundation was committed to the promotion of Sicilian culture and had already illustrated that commitment recently with exhibitions dedicated to Piero Guccione and Alessandro Kococinski in Palermo and another art show in the Valley of Temples in Agrigento. The coral masterpieces will be on show at the Valle Palace in Catania on the east coast from March 3 to May 5 and later on show at the Pepoli Museum in Trapani in Sicily’s southwest. There are 110 works in the collection and includes 22 works from the Bank of Novara, as well as others from the Whitaker Foundation, the Diocesano di Monreale Museum, and the Pepoli Museum which will host the exhibition from May 18 to June 30 in Trapani. Other individual pieces have been donated by private collectors – many of them anonymous - in Italy and abroad.



FEBRUARY 22, 2013

FEBRUARY 22, 2013



By jackie trembath NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

Acireale is a short drive from Naval Air Station Sigonella. It is also home to the popular Carnevale - one of the most exciting events in Sicily. Amazing allegoric and flower float parades, masks, costumes and live music enthrall the thousands of spectators who attend the festival every year. Before the papier-mâché floats make their way down the streets of Acireale, float designers dream them up. Themes are allegoric and usually relate to political or recent news' events or even to the "best joke in town" among float designers. The floats not only have vivid colors and shapes but also use an advanced system of lighting to bring them to life. It takes about six months to make a float. Ten papier-mâché float makers compete for the best design. The first place winner takes home 37,000 euros. Living in Sicily, with Acireale just minutes away, I took the opportunity to join in the celebration. Experiencing seeing the vibrant colored floats and magical atmosphere of carnevale is one of my favorite memories thus far.

Venice, Italy

By lt tim page NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

Located in the northeastern part of Italy, Venice sits among a vast amount of islands connected by canals and is easily accessed by a short flight direct from Catania in about the same amount of time as a Gondola ride through the city. Carnevale in Venice is amazing! Traditional Venetian masks are worn by attendees and create a magical atmosphere unlike any other. From all over the world, visitors dress in some of the most extravagant costumes and hand made and painted paper mache masks. With Masquerade Balls nightly and costume contests daily, those willing to get into the spirit of the celebration have endless opportunities if even over a long weekend. This was my second year in Venice during Carnevale. But this year was even more memorable as I, along with a small group of friends from Sigonella, dressed in costume (first photo at right). I wore a traditional Venetian mask which I purchased while in Venice, and an elaborate costume, which I rented (purchase price was more than 3500 Euro) and I immersed myself in the traditions of Carnevale. It was the experience of a lifetime. I felt like a celebrity as with almost every step I took, I was stopped by tourists who wanted to take my photo or have their photo taken with me. I recommend making costume preparations now and planning the short trip to Venice for the 2014 Carnevale!

Nice, France

(Photos by Jackie Trembath)

(Photos by Lt. Tim Page)

By lt tim page NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

Set along the Mediterranean coast on the southeastern corner of France, Nice is known as the Côte d'Azur or more commonly refered to as the French Riviera. A short trip from Sicily - via Rome to Nice (2 1/2 hour total) - it is home to yet another fascinating tradition of Carnaval. From February 15 to March 6, the area is celebrating the 129th Carnaval de Nice. This year I had the opportunity to witness the celebration first-hand. It did not dissapoint. Nice is the perfect place to complete the trifecta of European Carnivals. The theme "King of the Five Continents" is showcased in the two main annual events: the Parade of Flowers and the Parade of Lights. During the Parade of Flowers, ladies dressed in elaborate costumes and representing five continents, threw an estimated 100,000 flowers to spectators along the parade route. Each of the floats contain an average of four to five thousand freshly cut flowers in which 80 percent are produced locally. The Festival of Lights consist of 20 floats, with the King, Queen, and the Carnavalon followed by the court which also includes large (up to 45 feet high) and often comical floats from around the five represented continents. The Parade of Lights kicks-off with an explosion of fireworks and confetti, followed by live street performers, bands and light show in the main square and throughout the Promenade des Anglais.

(Photos by Lt. Tim Page)


In America, the best known celebration of the Carnival season is Mardi Gras, or "Fat Tuesday," which falls on the last day before Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent. Carnival season is celebrated throughout Europe as well. In fact, Italy is the birthplace of Carnival celebrations, spelled Carnevale in Italian and Carnaval in French. Take a tour of a few of these celebrations!



FEBRUARY 22, 2013


FEBRUARY 22, 2013



MWR wants to publish your photos… The Sigonella Hoplites stand ready to take on the Knights of Malta at Annex Field on NAS I February 23. (Photo courtesy of Hoplites Rugby The Maltese National team during their World Cup qualifying match vs. Crotia. Club) (Photo courtesy of

Are you a photographer looking for an avenue to publish your photos, here's your chance!! Enter your photos and you could be published in the next Preview magazine. The April edition is coming and the cover could be yours. We know Sig’s got photo talent and we want to show off our local photographers. Let your imagination and creativity is the guide for selecting your best photos for submission.

Sigonella Hoplites vs. Knights of Malta

World Cup rugby comes to Sigonella by mr1 gary spence NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

Sigonella's rugby team, the Hoplites, is ready to take on the Knights of Malta on their home turf, Saturday, February 23 at Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella Annex Field on NAS I. The Maltese national team is currently involved in Rugby World Cup 2015 qualifying. They are fresh off their underdog victory against Lithuania in November 2012. That victory elevated Malta to 40th overall in the world rankings. The Maltese team consists of professional ruggers that play around the world. Steve Lynch, the Hoplites head coach, is very excited about this opportunity for his team. “We’ve come a long way in a short period of time," said Lynch. " The team came together in the spring of 2012 with very few members having played the game. After a year of practice and scrimmages with local Italian teams and opportunities to play the HMS Illustrious team and the NATO Lions, we have dramatically improved as a squad.” Lynch has played rugby for more than 22 years and came to Sigonella in August

of 2012. An Army veteran, Lynch played rugby professionally, collegiately, and while serving in the military. He was the director of rugby for the all-Navy team and their head coach. Through their dedication and efforts and under the direction of Lynch, the Hoplites have grown into a formidable adversary. They currently boast a 9 – 2 record. One loss was to the HMS Illustrious team, which is essentially a professional rugby squad. However, at 22 – 7, the Hoplites held their own. They then split with the NATO Lions, just falling short in a 22 - 17 loss. Hoplites vice-president, Master-at-Arms Second Class Adam Jerscheid, invites the community to come out and show their support. “We would love for the Sigonella community to come out and support us for this important match," Jerscheid said. "Going up against a professional team in the middle of World Cup qualifying is going to be a proud moment for the Hoplites.” The game is set for 2 p.m. on February 23, with a rugby clinic for the kids at noon.

MWR is looking to highlight local events with your photo talents. Subject matter suggestions: Upcoming MWR events & trips listed in the current Preview, ITT & Outdoor Recreation trip photos, MWR sports photos, Liberty/Take 5 events, Sigonella Community Events (festivals, etc.) & Sicilian cultural events. We want to see photos of Sicilian experiences.

MWR April Preview Cover Photo Contest rules: How to enter: • • •

Submit each entry to with ”April Preview Photo Contest” as the subject. One photo per email with pertinent information; such as date, place & content. Highest resolution possible with minimum of 10 megapixels.

Subject matter suggestions: Upcoming MWR events & trips listed in the current Preview, ITT & Outdoor Recreation trip photos, MWR sports photos, Liberty/Take 5 events, Sigonella Community Events (festivals, etc.) and Sicilian cultural events. We want to see photos of Sicilian experiences.

Chosen photos will need to have a photo release form prior to publication, this form will be provided by MWR..

DEADLINE is MONDAY, MARCH 11 at 10 a.m.

The photograph, in its entirety, must be a single work of original material taken by the contest entrant. By entering the contest, entrant represents, acknowledges, and warrants that the submitted photograph is an original work created solely by the entrant, that the photograph does not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, rights of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and that no other party has any right, title, claim, or interest in the photograph.

Midtown Movie Theaters Schedule &  Descriptions

Friday, 22 FEB 13 *Breakfast: Hot Oatmeal, Grilled Sausage Patties, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Waffles, Asstd Doughnuts, Cinnamon Rolls. *Lunch: Cream of Potato Soup, Spaghetti Yakisoba, Baked Fish Pollock, Oven Glo Potatoes, Tossed Green Rice, Seasoned Mix Vegetables, Summer Squash, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Pudding. Speed Line: Grilled Hamburger/ Cheeseburger, French Fried Potatoes, Baked Beans. *Dinner: French Onion Soup, Roast Beef, Ham Sandwich, Steamed Rice, Spinach, Cauliflower Polonaise, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Pudding.

Tuesday, 26 FEB 13 *Breakfast: Farina, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Pancake, Biscuits and Gravy, Grilled Sausage Patties, Asstd Doughnuts, Bran Muffins. *Lunch:Cream of Broccoli, Chicken Breast w/ Mushroom Sauce, Sea Food Pasta, Rice Pilaf, , Spinach, Mixed Vegetable, Raspberry Filled Cake, Pecan Pie. *Speed line: Chicken Fillet Sand., F. Fries Potatoes . *Dinner: Navy Bean Soup, Roast Beef, Fishwich, Steamed Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Gravy, Seasoned Asparagus, Cauliflower, Raspberry Filled Cake, Pecan Pie.

Wednesday, February 27

Saturday, 23 FEB 13 *Breakfast: Farina, Grilled Ham Slices, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Pancakes, Asstd Doughnuts, Crumb Cake. *Brunch: Breakfast Items, Beef Rice Soup, Swedish meat balls, Brown Gravy, Carrots, Fried Cabbage w/ Bacon, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Apple Crisp. *Dinner: Pepper Pot Soup, Spaghetti w/meat sauce, Italian Sausage, Rice Pilaf, O’Brien Potatoes, Peas w/ Celery, Kernel Corn, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Apple Crisp.

Wednesday, 27 FEB 13 *Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Creamed Ground Beef, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, French Toast, Asstd Doughnuts, Danish Diamonds. *Lunch: Puree Mongole Soup, Pasta al Forno, Country Style Steak, Brown Gravy, Potatoes Au Gratin, Steamed Rice, Spinach, Peas w/Carrots, Vanilla Cookies, Strawberry Shortcake, Tapioca Pudding. *Speed line: Grilled Hamburger/Cheeseburger, French Fries, Baked Beans. *Dinner: Beef Rice Soup, B.B.Q. Chicken, Rigatoni alla Norma, Steamed Rice, Savory Squash, Steamed Broccoli, Vanilla Cookies, Strawberry Shortcake, Tapioca Pudding.

5:00 PM Good Day To Die Hard 5:30 PM Escape From Earth 7:30 PM Zero Dark Thirty 8:00 PM Texas Chainsaw

Sunday, 24 FEB 13 *Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Grilled Minute Steak, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, French Toast, Asstd Doughnuts, Italian Croissant. *Brunch: Breakfast items, Chicken Gumbo Soup, Chicken Nuggets, Carrots, Green Beans, Peach Cobbler, White Cake w/ Frosting. *Dinner: Manhattan Clam Chowder Soup, Teriyaki Chicken, Spaghetti Carbonara, Paprika Buttered Potatoes, Pork Fried Rice, Carrots, Whole kernel Corn, Peach Cobbler, White Cake w/ Frosting.

Thursday, 28 FEB 13 *Breakfast: Hominy Grits, Corned Beef Hash, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Waffles, Asstd Doughnuts, Danish Diamonds. *Lunch: Velvet Corn Soup, Sauerbraten, Lasagna, Oriental Rice, Oven Brown Potatoes, Steamed Cabbage, Cauliflower Au Gratin, Easy Chocolate Cake, Crisp Drop Cookies. *Speed line: Chili Dogs. *Dinner: Cream of Asparagus Soup, Pork Adobo, Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce, Ratatouille Eggplant, Lyonnaise Rice, Mustard Greens, Easy Chocolate, Crisp Drop Cookies.

Monday, 25 FEB 13 *Breakfast: Hot Grits, Minced Beef on Toast, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Waffles, Asstd Doughnuts, Butterfly Rolls. *Lunch: Creole Soup, Roast Turkey, Meat Loaf, Steamed Rice, Savory Style Beans, Cauliflower, Crisp Drop Cookies, Cherry Crumble Pie, Strawberry Gelatin. *Speed line: Ass. Pizza *Dinner: Tomato Bouillon Soup, Baked Breaded Pork Chops, Chicken Tetrazzini, Steamed Rice, Brown Gravy, Green Beans Nicoise, Carrot Slices, Crisp Drop Cookies, Cherry Crumble Pie, Strawberry Gelatin.

Friday, 01 MAR 13 *Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Sausage Patties, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Pancake, Asstd Doughnuts, Apple Fritters. *Lunch: New England Clam Chowder, Lemon Baked Fish, Grilled Pork Chops w/ Mushroom Gravy, Steamed Rice, Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Asparagus, Creole Green Beans, Sugar Cookies, Cheese Cake, Vanilla Cream Pudding. Speed line: Grilled Hamburger/Cheeseburger, French Fries, Baked Beans. *Dinner: Vegetable Supreme Soup, Teriyaki Chicken, Baked Tuna Noodles, Fried Rice, Spinach, Oriental Stir Fry, Sugar Cookies, Cheesecake, Vanilla Cream Pudding.

5:00 PM Jack Reacher 5:30 PM A Haunted House 7:30 PM Les Misérables 8:00 PM Silver Linings Playbook

Thursday, February 28

Friday, February 22

5:00 PM Mama 5:30 PM Ted 7:30 PM The Last Stand 8:00 PM Prometheus

Saturday, Febraury 23

2:00 PM Escape From Earth 3D 2:30 PM Brave 4:30 PM A Haunted House 5:00 PM The Last Stand 7:00 PM Zero Dark Thirty 7:30 PM A Broken City


Sunday, February 24

2:00 PM Mama PG-13 2:30 PM Mirror Mirror PG 4:30 PM Identity Thief R 5:00 PM Broken City R 7:00 PM Django Unchained R 7:30 PM A Good Day To Die Hard R

Tuesday, February 26

5:00 PM Bullet to the Head 5:30 PM Gangster Squad 7:30 PM Django Unchained 8:00 PM Texas Chainsaw 3D


Friday, March 1

5:00 PM Jack: Giant Slayer 3D 5:30 PM The Last Stand 7:30 PM Hansel & Gretel 3D 8:00 PM Broken City

Saturday, March 2

2:00 PM Jack: Giant Slayer 3D 2:30 PM Mama 4:30 PM The Impossible 5:00 PM Zero Dark Thirty 7:30 PM Parker

Sunday, March 3

2:00 PM Escape From Earth 3D 2:30 PM Identity Thief 4:30 PM The Impossible 5:00 PM Parker 7:00 PM Hansel & Gretel 3D 7:30 PM *Zero Dark Thirty

PG-13 R PG-13 R

Ex-cop Billy Taggart seeks revenge after being framed by its cities most powerful figure: Mayor Nicholas Hostetler. (109 m.)


In this spin on the fairy tale, Hansel & Gretel are now bounty hunters who track and kill witches all over the world. As the fabled Blood Moon approaches, the siblings encounter a new form of evil that might hold a secret to their past. (88 m.)

PG-13 R R R

PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 R R

PG R PG-13 R R R Liberty

* Liberty Movie: On Sunday, March 3 at 7:30 p.m. Liberty is sponsoring Zero Dark Thirty for single active duty members. Show your military ID to the ticket booth to get your free admission.

Movie Premiere

Free Movie

Same Day Release

Last Show

BROKEN CITY ... R STARRING: Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones

HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS 2D & 3D ... R STARRING: Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton, Peter Stormare

MAMA ... PG-13 STARRING: Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

A couple are faced with the challenge of raising young girls that were left alone in the forest for 5 years. (100 m.) THE IMPOSSIBLE ... PG-13 STARRING: Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, Tom Holland

An account of a family caught, with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time. (114 m.) PARKER ... R STARRING: Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis

A thief with a unique code of professional ethics is double-crossed by his crew and left for dead. Assuming a new disguise and forming an unlikely alliance with a woman on the inside, he looks to hijack the score of the crew's latest heist. (118 m.)

Movie schedule is subject to change. Please call to confirm. Movie Hotline: 624-4248

USA Presidents

Find and circle all of the United States Presidents that are hidden in the grid. The remaining letters spell an Abraham Lincoln quotation.



DID YOU KNOW? • Thomas Jefferson Founded The University Of Virginia in 1819 on land that once belonged to eventual President James Monroe. Jefferson is the only president to have ever founded an institution of higher learning. • Madison was Princeton's first grad student. After finishing his undergraduate degree in 2 years, James Madison stayed at the university for an additional year, making him the Ivy League institution's first graduate student.

FEBRUARY 22, 2013

FEBRUARY 22, 2013








DID YOU KNOW? • When Abe Lincoln moved to New Salem, Illinois in 1831, he ran into a local bully named Jack Armstrong. Armstrong challenged Lincoln to a wrestling match outside of Denton Offutt's store, where Lincoln was a clerk, and townspeople gathered to watch and wager on it. Lincoln won. • Ulysses S. Grant was given a $20 speeding ticket for riding his horse too fast down a Washington street. • James A. Garfield was ambidextrous.





1998 Silver BMW Z3 Roadster 140 CV 1.9cc. Manual transmission, M Series Sport leather seats, 17" carbon and steel wheels, Blue Angel LED lights, excellent condition and engine runs great-only 100,000 km. Asking 6900 Euro. Call Michael at +39392-791-4634 or +39348-9114482. 1966 Fiat 600d. 767 c.i. engine. Electrical system converted from dynamo to alternator. Regularly serviced, garage kept. Original match beige paint. New tires, battery, carburetor, and water pump. Rebuilt transmission and radiator. All fluids drained and replaced. Beautiful inside and out! $5,500 OBO. Amanda 624-1357 or email at carolynclennon@hotmail. com. 2008 Jeep Wrangler X Sport 2 door hard top(3pc freedom top), excellent condition. Asking

$19,500. New custom wheels and tires. 46k miles, 3.8 v-6, 6 speed M/T, AC, CD player, KC light package wd, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, skid control. Call Ron at 335-30-5033. ‘99 BMW 520i, 172K km, AC/ Heat,CD player, radio,ABS, airbags, manual trans in good condition. Asking $4,500, OBO. Call 342-1827027. 2000 Opel Vectra 1.8; 5-speed; 4-door; silver; good condition, clean, runs great; new tires, brakes, timing belt; tune up in September. $1500. Available second week of Feb. Call Mike 3357124697 or 6242116. 2001 BMW 320Td; 2-door; 5-speed manual; metallic blue; new brakes; new tires; CD player; great fuel mileage; runs great. 3,800 euro. Call Adam at 340-822-1991.

SAWS ANIMALS Luigi, 8 months old, male, brown, medium-large, very loving dog, enjoys people and children. Does well with other pets, current on shots, microchipped, and neutered. Mini, 3 years, female, medium, tan, very caring but will do best with a patient and quiet family, current on shots, microchipped. Diesel, 8 months old, male, black and brown, rottweiler mix, very smart and friendly, good with people and particularly around children, current on shots, microchipped. Fideo, 7 months old, male, black and brown, medium-large, an energetic pup that enjoys people and other dogs after he gets to know them, current on shots, microchipped.

FEBRUARY 22, 2013 All classified ads are free to the community for advertising personal property for sale, trade or giveaway. Ads must be sent to no later than 5 p.m. of the Friday before the week of publication and must include POC name and phone number. For more information, call 624-5440, 624-2798 or 095-86-5440/2798.

and white, medium-large, Fideo's brother (very similiar to his brother), current on shots, microchipped. Next adopt-a-thon is March 3 in front of the commissary.

FEBRUARY 22, 2013



Exercise Proud Manta 2013

SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIM ADVOCATE HOTLINES: Sigonella SAPR VA Hotline: 335-642-8312. DoD Safe Helpline: 001-877-995-5247 (From cell phones and off-base telephones) Or: 19020 (toll-free access code) 1-877-995-5247 (From DSN lines)

Phillipo, 7 months, male, black

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Naval Aircrewman in-flight tecnician 2nd class Ray Martinez attached to Patrol Squadron Four (VP-4) programs a sonobouy aboard a P3-C Orion aircraft during one of VP-4's anti submarine warfare missions. VP-4 is currently deployed to Naval Air Station Sigonella. (U.S. Navy photo by MCSA Devin Menhardt)

by LTJG Dustin Wilmoth Patrol Squadron FOUR (VP-4)

Beginning on February 22, Proud Manta, NATO's largest anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise will kick- off in the Ionian Sea to the Southeast of Sicily, Italy. Several NATO member countries including Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States will provide submarines, ships, and aircraft to take part in the joint exercise. The purpose of Proud Manta is to maintain proficiency and improve interoperability through the use of complex and escalating coordinated maritime warfare scenarios. These scenarios encourage the ships, submarines, and aircraft to use their experience and mission systems to hunt and neutralize each other, allowing the allied nations to work towards seamless cooperation in future real-world situations.

From the U.S. patrol aircraft standpoint, the Patrol Squadron FOUR (VP-4) "Skinny Dragons" will be operating the venerable P-3C Orion, providing multiple events culminating in approximately 70 hours of on station time. The P-3C specializes in maritime warfare, with ASW being its primary mission. However, due to the international climate in recent years, the Orion has been more often using its array of sensors to provide overland intelligence and reconnaissance support. "Proud Manta is a great opportunity to show what the P-3C and its crew members are capable of in the ASW environment," said Lt. Cmdr. David Drake, tactics officer of VP-4. "Flying on real world vessels and working with other navies will be a great opportunity for training, and help NATO in building maritime partners."

VP-4 is operating out of Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy, located on the east coast of Sicily. The "Skinny Dragons" are currently deployed to the European and African areas of responsibility, manning sites in Djibouti, Italy, Greece, and Spain. They are scheduled to return to their home station of Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe, Hawaii in June 2013.



FEBRUARY 22, 2013

February 22 "The Signature"  

In this week’s issue of The Signature, AIMD welcomes a new leader to base. We go across Europe for Carnival celebrations and prepare for the...