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The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive “Forgive, Heal & Rise” The Choice

Tanya Brown

Author, Advocate & Survivor Finding Peace, Granting Forgiveness and Letting Go.

Wildlife in Warzones Barbara Wiseman

September NAFE Schedule The Village Mourns A Special Tribute to Robin Williams & Lauren Bacall

Managing Difficult Conversation

Brenda Williams

Retired LAPD Sergeant-Talks Cheryl Dorsey

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A Village Mourns

Special Tribute to Robin William –Page 42

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Tells her experience. In her New Book.

Message From the Editor’s


Retired Sergeant with LAPD

Cheryl Dorsey

“You Do

Know how To Whistle-Don’t You” A

Author, Advocate

Great Franchises for Women..


By David Goodman




Lauren Bacall

Power Lunch Etiquette Rachel Isgar


Are You Speaking for Your Business or in The Business of Speaking. By Tracy Repchuk


Wildlife in Warzones

The forgotten and Inhumane Collateral Damage.


Finding Peace, Granting Forgiveness and Letting Go.


Chef Jeff Henderson

Surprises us!

By Tanya Brown

Barbara Wiseman


The 7 Essential Elements of A Perfect Blog Post

By Dr. Debra Arko Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Ampelos Winery

Success Above the Glass Ceiling 2014 Panelist


Certified Organic Wine

118 Managing Difficult Conversation

By Brenda Williams

122 88

Out Smart The Wine List

The Wine Coach Laurie Forster


Gluten Free is Not a Death Sentence

Creativity Brightens the Spirit by Bruce Wiseman


Kirsten Berman

94 How Women are Changing the World.

Ardice Farrow

In Cambodia


125 Stop Saying Sorry and Feel Safe Speaking

Novelist, Editor and Professor

Toni Morrison

Your Truth in business By Jennifer Urrezio

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What is a Female Executive? I am the one that makes the bread, weaves the fabric, creates the peace, negotiates the smiles, shuts it down and wakes it all back up. I am the Swiss Army Knife of mankind. I am the one that gives birth and keeps life goingwhether I have to nudge it with my heart, my mind, my blood or my foot! I keep the bass rhythm of life moving. I am that female that executes the needed, the necessary and the fantastic. I am THAT female executive. (Applaud yourself and take a bow)

-Althea Ledford

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From the Editor and Chief Creative Officer

Welcome to the September issue of E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive. This month the theme is “Forgive, Heal and Rise”-A Choice. We’re talking about choosing life-your life. When we hold onto anger, regret or fail to allow ourselves the time to grieve, we delay the healing process. We remain tied to that event or person. In this month’s issue there are several writers sharing tools to help us grow past the grieve and move on to that next level. Also in this month’s issue we meet women that are making a difference at home and on a global scale. Ardice, Barbara and Cheryl address issues of injustice and inhumanity. Read their stories . The underlying theme in each article is “everyday we wake up it’s an opportunity to make a difference.” This issue has exciting information cover to cover featuring over 17 different writers and experts. It’s packed with food for your mind, body and soul. As you read this month’s issue take the opportunity to forgive, heal and rise– make the choice!

I hope you enjoy this issue. -Althea Ledford

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Ideas worth spreading*

1700+ talks to stir your curiosity


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Althea Ledford Editor and Chief Creative Officer

Laurie Forster

Brenda Williams Lifestyle Writer

The Wine Coach Tonya Brown Author-Advocate

Tracy Repchuk

Social Media Expert

Cheryl Dorsey Author –Advocate

Barbara Wiseman President of LAEO

Artie Farrow

Aldeme Mitchell Bruce Wisman Business Writer

Chef Jeff Henderson

Founder of NET

Kirsten Berman Nutrition Writer

Jennifer Urrezio Lifestyle Writer

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Rachel Isgar Etiquette Expert

Creative Director

Dr. Debra Arko Lifestyle Expert

David Goodman Franchise Expert

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Amiyrah is the sole writer at 4 Hats and Frugal, where she chats about family, food,fashion and finance. She's a mother, wife, Sergeant in the Air Force and has embraced the frugal lifestyle.A blogger since 2007, she's created a community of like-minded and fun readers in her small corner of the internet. That community continues to build on her blog, on twitter, and now on her Pinterest account. She's a bomb builder by day, and an avid "pinner" of awesome recipes by night.

Dan R. Morris teaches business owners (and that includes bloggers) how to build systems that generate revenue. Through mastermind groups, LettersFromDan.com and private coaching, Dan uses his experience as aninfomercial producer, niche website owner, blog coach, author and product developer to help owners understand the difference between revenue generation and empire building. Dan actively encourages marketers to take thatextra step so that "Hope" doesn't become themarketing plan.

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Alicia Navarro is CEO and cofounder of Skimlinks, a content monetization platform that helps websites get rewarded for the purchase intent created in their content. Skimlinks’ technology turns product links and product references into trackable affiliate links, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

September 12 - 14, 2014 Cedar Point Hotel One Cedar Point Drive Sandusky, Ohio 44870


and provides valuable analytics into the shopping preferences of a publisher's users for more than 18,000 merchants and more than 200,000 blogs, forums, mobile apps, socialshopping sites, content networks and publishing platforms globally. Alicia manages a growing team of seventy people in London and San Francisco and aims to create a platform that shortens the distance between content and commerce. Prior to this, Alicia has worked for over 10 years with a series of telcos, media companies and startups, designing and launching mobile and internet-based applications in Australia and the UK. She has a Bachelor of Information Technology and the University Medal for Computing Sciences from the University of Technology, Sydney. She can be reached on Twitter at @alicianavarro. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Sara Broers resides in North Central Iowa with her husband and two sons (18 & 23). Sara started blogging 5 1/2 years ago at All In An Iowa Mom's Day and started Travel With Saraapproximately one year ago. From the get-go, Sara embraced Twitter. She realized how important each Social Media platform was and learned how to connect herself and others through these platforms. Through the last 5 1/2 years, her blogs have evolved and out of her writing and experience, she started her own social media business at the end of December 2013, Social Connections, LLC. She is a social media instructor at the World Wide College of Auctioneering, educates others on how to use social media, and prides herself on her ability to connect others.

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Lauren Bacall By Althea Ledford

She wasn’t blonde, she wasn’t the traditional Hollywood beauty, she didn't fit any of the stereo types at the time. But what she had was style and swagger before swagger was even a word. It was in the way she walked, her smooth STRONG demeanor, her obvious intelligence and calculating gift of communication. She

didn’t care what you thought about what she said. Her thoughts were her own and she spoke them clearly. Furthermore, she didn’t wait for a general consensus to speak. Born as Betty Joan Perske, Bacall was the only child of Jewish immigrants, William Perske (a relative of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres) and Natalie Weinstein-Bacal. The husky-voiced former usherette was spotted by Howard Hawks' wife on the cover of Harper's Bazaar and made an electric debut in film, at the age of 19, opposite Humphrey Bogart, in 'To Have and Have Not'. Bacall subsequently married Bogart, 25 years her senior, creating a formidable team, both on and off the screen. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Even during her peak of screen activity from the mid 1940s to the late 1950s, Bacall was sometimes off the screen for several years at a time, as she fought with Warner Brothers, after rejecting standardized glamour roles, or opting to spend time with Bogart and the family they started. His slow decline in health required a great deal of attention, but her sleek comic grace in the sophisticated comedy 'Designing Woman' (1957), shot during Bogart's last days, was a tribute to her professionalism. The 1960s were a low period for screen activity, but Bacall did keep coming back to appear in such interesting films as 'Harper' Lauren and Humphrey used their celebrity status to address the civil rights issues through The Rat Pack. E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 15

Page 16 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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While today we remember The Rat pack to be primarily Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. , Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford, initially the group contained many more people. For example Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald.

In 1974, after an eight year hiatus, Bacall returned to the screen in 'Murder on the Orient Express', making a smooth transition to playing older women.

This was another example of how these two were proactive innovative thinkers and wasted no time making bold statements in the face of racism

One of Bacall's more notable later appearances was in the psychodrama 'The Fan', which, though in many ways unworthy of her, nonetheless showcased her classy yet down-to -earth elegance. Subsequent movie roles have included turns in Robert Altman's 'H.E.A.L.T.H.', 'Appointment with Death' and 'Misery'.

In her private life, after the death of Humphrey Bogart, she raised her children, married actor Jason Robards (they divorced after eight years) and, most rewardingly in a professional sense, turned her energies back to the stage, where she had worked briefly as a teen.

She reteamed with Altman for 'Ready to Wear' ('Pret-a-Porter'), suitably cast as a former fashion editor, and was able to work with her actor son, Sam Robards.

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In 1996, Bacall earned her first Oscar nomination, as Barbra Streisand's acerbic mother, in the somewhat overblown 'The Mirror Has Two Faces'. Research Source Bio.com E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 17

The Playground Dynamic Getting Rid of Bullying and other Toxic Behavior while building a new era of Social Skills and power thinkers starting on the Playground.

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Located at 1720 Gendy Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107, the Cowgirl is open Monday (Memorial Day to Labor Day) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Admission is $8 for children ages 3 to 12 and senior citizens (60+) and $10 for adults (ages 13+). For more information, please visit www.cowgirl.net or call 817-476-FAME (3263). Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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David@franchisebizconsulting.com Page 20 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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www.franchisebizconsulting.com Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Are you Speaking for your Business –or or–– In the Business Of Speaking? By Tracy Repchuk Amazon International Bestseller I remember the first time I saw someone speaking from the stage and actually realized I could do that too. In fact, mine came out of a burning necessity level to change the course of an industry. I was absolutely new to internet marketing, and I was attending my first event called the World Internet Summit - where I saw for the first time people on a big stage, having fun, speaking for 90 minutes and making money. I watched as speaker after speaker came and went off that stage and in one boundless leap of energy I declared as I sat there “I am going to be on that stage in 1 year.” This came from 2 emerging impulses:  I could not believe that at an event called the World Internet Summit there was no women on the planet capable of being on that stage - and I was determined to change that.  They were having fun, making money, and getting treated like rock stars - and I wanted me some of that! Page 22 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Little did I know the enormity of the task I had just set in motion, and the learning curve that would come with it - but at the same time - the sheer joy speaking from the stage supplies.

I discovered quickly there are 3 Different Types of Speaking Categories1. Keynote - your purpose is to set the tone for the event 2. Public - you are educating on something, making a point - often done at a chamber meeting or luncheon. This is used to raise your profile in a community and lead generation. 3. Platform - you are educating on a topic to sell them an opportunity to continue their relationship with you at the end. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I have done all three types of speaking, my favorite is platform. I’m going to address 2 specifically because this is where you can make a career of it, or add it as a marketing tool for what you do.

Keynote: Keynote speakers are there to set the tone for an event, motivate, transform and educate on a topic.

Pros:  You are paid to speak - usually a flat fee

plus hotel and travel  You can make a living being a keynote speaker if you are good  You are guaranteed to make money when you book a speaking gig  If you get in with a corporation, there is a chance for many consecutive workshops and trainings for contract work

Cons:  The competition is enormous and speaker 

 

fees have plummeted over the years. Many companies have had their budgets cut and the top speakers are cutting their fees to adapt Fees are set and that is as much as you can make while you are there Once you speak for an association or event, that is usually it for you. It is rare to have keynote speakers have a repeat appearance. They are about variety. Paid speaking engagements require more customization to specific group, high energy, motivation, content and very little if no selling time. that is the case ask the meeting planner if it is alright to

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

If you are brand new to the industry, you may opt to provide a talk for free and use this as a lead generation for your business. If make an offer at the end of your talk - such as go to a website and get a free gift from me or the notes from your presentation or even a free strategy session depending on the number in the audience. Explain the offer and guarantee that the offer will be short. Some agencies and associations may even allow 3 minutes to 5 minutes if it fits the theme of the event - for example you have a book that you will autograph at the end and offer it for sale at the end of your presentation. In your contract negotiations clients or meeting planners may be able to purchase your training materials in bulk as part of the paid program to avoid any selling, such as when you have a book available. This way all participants get product and you get paid up front. Negotiate this as part of your contract if you have a book that works well for the group.

The biggest issue right now is the speaking industry was hit hard over the last few years and many speakers couldn’t survive so needed to turn to alternative forms of speaking. This is where I have the most experience - selling from the stage, often referred to as platform speaking.

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 23

Platform speaking: This is when you educate and enlighten on a topic, and then sell additional services to continue the education with you.

Pros:  You can offer to

speak for free which gives a wider pool of opportunities to speak  Your earnings are unlimited for each speaking gig - if you sell well - you can make 10x more than you could ever make from a keynote fee. I have made 6 figures in 90 minutes. My max keynote fee was $12,000  Massive lead source

Cons:  You take on all the risk. If you don’t sell - it

costs you time and money  Platform selling is a dog eat dog world if you are speaking at a multi-speaker event because there is only so much money in the room, and you are all battling for a piece of it  You constantly have to hone and work your presentation and your audience needs to specifically match your message so you have to be selective

Page 24 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

So what do I recommend? The answer is both. If you can get a keynote - take it. If you can speak somewhere for free with the offer to sell something additionally, take it. Especially when you are just beginning, take every speaking opportunity you can for practice and to raise your profile in the market. to change the face of an industry would I? Not in a million years. Within 5 short months of casting that wish to the universe, I won new internet marketing success, was flown all expenses paid from California to Singapore to appear on my very first stage in front of 3400 people and I paved the way for women to appear on Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

So whether you are speaking for your business, connecting with a client one on one, one to many, on the phone, in person, at a meeting, or in the business of speaking where you make your income based on you speaking from the stage, the bottom line for me is speaking is one of the greatest joys I have experienced, and an integral part of the lifeblood of your business. I feel privileged to be a part of it and I love the adrenaline rush I get, the feeling of connecting with an audience and helping them to understand how their

the worlds largest stages as I traveled to 35 countries and became one of the top female speakers in the world for internet marketing.

Still not sure whether speaking is for you? Here are some of the general benefits: 1. Raises your professional credibility and differentiates you from others 2. Great for lead generation 3. Learn how to effectively communicate, persuade and motivate 4. Increases your ability to impact many at a single time

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

brand, websites and social media work together, and most of all - if you want to travel the world and get paid to do it then speaking is for you!

Tracy Repchuk International Bestselling Author and World Renowned Speaker “Get a Fully Branded End to End Website Presence in Under 60 Days” Get a free guide - Instant Online Impact- How Your Brand, Websites and Social Media Work Together at http://www.FastActionResults.com To book Tracy find out more at: www.TracyRepchukLive.com E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 25

Page 26 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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WOMEN 15TH ANNUAL www.txconferenceforwomen.org/

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November 13, 2014

Austin Convention Center Hosted by First Lady Anita Perry

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Wildlife in War Zone

The Forgotten and Inhumane Collatera By Barbara Wiseman International President Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) Page 30 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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al Damage

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 31

The old bear’s sad eyes stared at me through the bars of his tiny cage,

breaking my heart with the knowledge that he had been confined there since before the fall of the Soviet Union. His paws had never touched the ground, the hot metal floor burning them during scorching summer months. Nor was there any escape from the frozen floor during the brutal winters, creating an inescapably pitiless environment on this unprotected island in the middle of the Dneiper River. If you had told me three months before that I was going to be working to rescue over 10,000 financially abandoned zoo animals in Ukraine, I would have recommended checking yourself in to the local drug rehab center. But there I was.

Page 32 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

By way of background, Dr. Lawrence Anthony, an internationally acclaimed South African conservationist, and bestselling author had been the only noncombatant allowed into Baghdad in 2003 during the first several weeks of the coalition invasion.

His extraordinary rescue of the Baghdad Zoo made international headlines. He lived in the middle of that war zone for 5½ months, protecting the animals and staff of the zoo. It is a remarkable story of what one man can do when determined to make something go right. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

management consulting company in California, but long story short, I decided to throw my hat in this ring. Together we created The Earth Organization. We’ve taken on a wide variety of projects since 2003. Examples are leading environmental cleanup teams into Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina; conducting educational Eco Safaris to Lawrence’s exclusive, no-kill game preserve in South Africa; finding real solutions to the cleanup of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and working with our Science and Technology Advisory Board to get them fully implemented. In memory of Lawrence after he passed away in 2012, we added his name to the organization’s and are now the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO). Wildlife in War Zones is a campaign spawned by Lawrence’s work with the Baghdad Zoo, and, subsequently, our work in the Congo attempting to rescue the last of the Northern White Rhinos being driven to extinction by combatants in the longest running civil war. Zoos, wildlife reserves and animal sanctuaries are fast becoming Noah's Arks for critically endangered species. Historically, they and other such facilities

On his way back to South Africa, Lawrence stopped in England to attend an event that my husband and I were at. During that week he told me the remarkable story of what he’d just been through, asking me if I would help him start an international environmental and conservation organization. At the time, I was the Executive Director of a good-sized Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 33

drop off government priority lists when war ensues, leaving the animals abandoned to starvation, torment, and other inhumanities. In an effort to protect captive wildlife in times of war, LAEO has presented the United Nations with a long-overdue resolution that would reclassify places where animals are held such as zoos, veterinary clinics, wildlife sanctuaries, etc., as non-military targets, just like schools, hospitals and churches, thereby safeguarding them and the staff who care for them. While we still have a long way to go to achieve this, yet another tragic example of why this must be accomplished has presented itself. In March of this year, calls began coming in from people who remembered Lawrence’s rescue of the Baghdad Zoo requesting that we help the Ukraine

Page 34 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

zoos. With the current economic and political turmoil, the government there had abruptly stopped funding them, leaving thousands of animals to die. The third call I received was from Lionel de Lange, a South African entrepreneur living in Ukraine for the past three years. A tough bush man who had fought in Angola for 6 years, Lionel knew the horrors of war, and was extremely concerned about the plight of the zoo animals, wondering if there was anything we could do. I gave him a list of questions to get answered, as the only information we had was coming from the mainstream media, which, these days, is rarely a trustworthy source, and sent him off to interview several zoo

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 35

officials and to look for himself at what was actually happening there. Our next call was grim. The situation was alarming. He reported that in the Nikolaev City Zoo, for example, their carnivores would be out of food within 4

At that moment, in one way, Ukraine seemed so far away from my Los Angeles home, and it would have been easy to say it had “nothing to do with me.” And, yet, when I thought of thousands of animals starving to death in cages in a matter of days, distance was

days, and the rest of the 5,735 animals would begin to starve in less than 2 weeks. Medical supply cabinets were

meaningless. I thought, “What would Lawrence do?” Well, that was obvious. He would have been on the next flight out. And then I

bare, and the situation was decaying fast. Other zoos he had interviewed were in similar condition.

thought, “Am I willing to have this happen and not do something about it, now that I know about it?” And the answer to that was clear,

Page 36 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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primarily had to be kicked off in the U.S. and South Africa. With a few calls to key people, we had a chunk of funds that made it possible to give us a couple of weeks’ breathing room to start a full fundraising campaign. And then, with the extremely professional help of Diane Wagenbrenner, our LAEO U.S. Director of Operations and Public Information, we began getting out press releases and doing media interviews to raise awareness on the plight of these animals.

By Barbara Wiseman

Our first rescue target was that Nikolaev International President Zoo, a 114-year old Lawrence Anthony Earth facility that had surOrganization (LAEO) vived two World Wars. It currently houses big cats, wolves, bears, bison, fox, monkeys, crocodiles, boas, deer, and a wide variety of birds and fish. Within a few days, our first trucks arrived, loaded with food and medical supplies. While satisfying to see some real results, there was no time to waste; the crisis was just beginning in other zoos.

as well. How could I have lived with myself, knowing that I had knowledge of it, and not marshaled our LAEO resources to try to do something effective? And so we began.

Our first step was to get an LAEO on-the-ground team set up there and Lionel stepped forward to take on the challenge. Next was to begin raising the funds, which Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 37

Meizhergori’ye was our next target: the palatial estate that ex-President Yanukovych built for himself with 1 billion dollars purportedly stolen from the Ukrainian people over a 3year period. Among its numerous extravagant amenities is a fancy “zoo” with over 2,000 animals. Bizarre hybrid sheep and pigs, along with many exotic animals, were all being cared for and bred there as food for the President and his guests. When he fled the country and escaped to Russia, the animals and estate were abandoned, leaving them with no food and no funding. Local volunteers were going door to door in Kiev, begging for food for the animals, a noble, but unsustainable effort. Many of the creatures required special diets. Eating scraps from human tables was making them ill, and the threat of war was making it increasingly difficult to get donations. Again, we managed to piece together the funds, and coordinate the logistics to begin supplying the necessary food, staying a few days ahead of the crisis. A few days later, news that 52 lions, tigers, and other big cats in a Crimean Safari Park called Taigan had only 4 days of food left. When Crimea was annexed by Russia, Putin had frozen all Ukrainian-based banks there to ensure that anyone who might protest the annexation would have no access to their funds. Unable to get money out of their bank, the park became a collateral victim. In desperation, the Director flew to Moscow in an unsuccessful attempt to get his funds released.

Page 38 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Returning to the park, desolate, and with no other solution in sight, he began to feed his petting zoo animals to the carnivores.

In four days we raised the funds, found a farmer who would supply 3½ tons of meat at a fair price, arranged for the Taigan truck to meet us at the farm, loaded it up, and got it back through a tetchy border crossing to one very relieved Director. The video we received of the food being delivered to some of the big cats shows an extraordinary scene of the Director going into a large enclosure with at least 8 hungry lions, opening up the truck door and tossing meat to them. And while many of these lions had been hand-reared by him, the video shows a testy moment when one of them looks more Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The Kherson “zoo” as it is euphemistically called, contains 200 animals, including a family of brown bears, a large pack of wolves, several raccoon dogs (a species that, while it looks like a raccoon, is neither raccoon nor dog), and a variety of birds and other animals. It has been randomly and corruptly overseen by a couple of caretakers appointed by the Mayor’s office who have been stealing any of the good food meant for the animals, feeding and watering them infrequently, and looking for ways to personally profit from the secret sale of the animals to either circuses or as bait for hunting dogs. The bear cages have rusted shut, making it impossible for anyone to properly clean them; the stench is eye-watering. And with the threat of war hanging over their head, conditions have only become more dire.

interested in him for dinner than the carcass he has just given her. Later photos we got of those big cats with full bellies made it all worth it. The park is now through the crisis and able to access their own funds.

Fortunately, the Mayor’s office has now signed a contract with us, allowing us to take control of the place, get proper staff, bring in fresh food regularly, and, if we can raise the necessary funds fast enough, build much larger enclosures so that the animals can live in more humane conditions and not have to try to survive through another bitterly cold and unforgiving winter with no protective area.

It was time to do some strategic planning with our team on the ground there, and to get a better sense of what the exact situation was. I flew to Ukraine to tour Meizhergori’ye and the other facilities we were helping. And, now, we are back to the first paragraph of this article, as I found myself staring into an inhumane cage where 5 beautiful brown bears had been living in substandard conditions for more years than I wanted to count. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 39

The pending winter is of great concern. While we have managed to keep ahead of this during the summer while there are at least some ticket sales still helping to cover zoo budgets, in winter there are little to no zoo visitors even without the

There are so many ways to get involved: social media marketing, executive oversight of specific elements of the campaign, marshaling together volunteers, donations, fundraising actions, web site management, writing articles

current conflict. We are working to implement longer-term self-sustaining solutions for these facilities; but we’re not there, yet.

and press releases, graphic art, and more.

By any stretch of logic, the concept of caged wildlife trying to survive in war zones should be oxymoronic, not an expected state of affairs as our government leaders continue to wage their senseless wars. LAEO intends to make this concept an historic footnote of the past.

For further information, contact: Barbara Wiseman International President Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) Office: +1 (818) 769-3419 Barbara@TheEarthOrganization.org www.TheEarthOrganization.org

Now that you know, will you help? Page 40 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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A Village Mourns Special Tribute to Robin William

By Althea Ledford Page 42 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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While the debate may go on for years about what “exactly” pushed Robin over the edge-that day, there is a consistent pattern between, the truly gifted, the entertainment industry, success and drugs. Most notable being, John Belushi, Richard Pryor, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Christian Bale, Whitney Houston, Cory Monteith, Philip Hoffman and now Robin Williams. I’m sure there are more. Each tragic character, witnessing their inquire to their “post performance” well being. It would stand to reason that a being with the gift of being able to generate spontaneous gut wrenching laughter, may also need to process the counter emotion as well. And as the public, even if we don't’ want to hear about their pain, we should allow them to “be” and turn off in public. The road to recovery and sobriety is exhausting for both the addict, their immediate family and friends. An addict is one of the most determined self destructive forces in human form. In their peak moments, they are more motivated to use, than the non user has the energy to stop them. So no blame on the wife, no blame on the family, and no blame on the close friends. fellow fallen and yet rationalizing what differentiates them from that situation. ‘

And that is the definition of a tragedy.

Robin as a heart wrapped in comedy. With every true genius, there is an underbelly to the craft. The yin to the comedic yang. Yet we, the public, the fellow man, sit completely entertained and devour all they give us and don’t

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The comedic math Robin did in his head to create his version of funny was nothing short of phenomenal.


Unfortunately, no one could keep up with him. No one could imagine where he would take a stream of thought and create a joke. At his peak, it was like watching a fighter with jabs lightening fast.

Martin Short recalls Williams' joy at the success of Mork & Mindy, when the show became an instant sensation, Williams' salary jumped from $15,000 to $40,000 an episode and his life was transformed. "He couldn't get enough," Short says. "He loved it." In the years before Mork, Williams' party-animal side was under control, but the series offered him full access to Seventies debauchery. Browne writes about the night

If he had rationalized his own demise or kept revisiting the issue of suicide anywhere close to the speed he follows through with a joke-no one could have caught or stopped him. It was the big mistake, the wrong math the silencing of an irreplaceable gift.

You have to look when the cameras are off and everyone is gone. That is where you find the human under the talent and the residue of the fame.

Rolling Stones August 27th Issue.

in March 1982 that gave the young comic a wake-up call: He'd stopped by John Belushi's bungalow at the Chateau Marmont hours before Belushi died of an overdose. The success of Good Morning, Vietnam, which earned Williams his first Oscar nomination, reenergized his post-TV career, and he continued to be a major draw on the road. "You can't look at any modern comic and say, 'That's the descendant of Robin Williams, because it's not possible to be a Robin Williams rip-off," Judd Apatow says. "He was doing something so unique that no one could even attempt their version of it. He raised the bar for what it's possible to do, and made an enormous amount of us want to be comedians. He looked like he was having so much fun." Page 44 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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But Williams' on-character fun was always tempered by his demons. "He was so addicted to entertaining people and making them laugh," says Mark Romanek, director of the serious One Hour Photo, "that

he needed to be funny between takes to get that out of his system, so when he went into character, he could be completely free of that urge." In 2011, Williams seemed on the verge of a new beginning, and turned to television for the first time since Mork & Mindy for a David E. Kelley show, The Crazy Ones. But when the show was canceled, Williams took it hard. He returned to rehab to "fine-tune" his sobriety. And he learned he'd been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Friends say in the last few months, the actor was

"We were all worried about him," friend Peter Asher says. sad and unhappy.

“We must be gentle with our geniuses. Our gifts to humanity. Let them turn off and be in public. Let them be valued outside of their character. Let them come down and get off the grid-while they are still alive. So we can have them.” Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Franch Although, I am a man, I have been alive on this planet Earth for approaching 70 years and have seen women excel in so many areas of business due to their inherent strengths. It would be extremely biased for anyone to deny acknowledgement of those benefits in the business of franchising. That is exactly why I

feel this article should be read by every woman anticipating or dreaming about owning their own business and taking full control of their own financial destiny. Page 48 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Initially this article, to some, may seem a tad chauvinistic. However, please don’t be disheartened, there is a method to my madness.

The Evolution of Franchising The franchise business or for that matter any business, is no longer a game for only men. There are specific traits that are part of a woman’s make up that make them “a natural” in certain areas of franchising. Let’s explore some of those industries and ferret out the ideal ones that may be better suited for women instead of men. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

hises Women are Likely to Excel In... By David Goodman

better-half, “Honey where are my glasses?” Even though they may be right on top of my head where I ingeniously placed them so I would not lose them! To the best of my recollection, I have never experienced that question from my spouse because she knows where everything is. She is organized.

The franchises for Decorating and Storage are plentiful. I count about 35 in my own directory of franchises that I have available for my candidates. (For an entire list, please go to www.franchisebizconsulting.com) Some of them are: Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Window treatment franchises such as designing, curtains and blinds to fit a certain décor, either new concepts or complement what is already in existence.

Betty Had a Dilemma Shelf and closet remodeling franchises are also very popular and can be a very exciting business that has been extremely lucrative. I know one such situation where a mother, we will call her Betty, had twin daughters who both had graduated from a local 2 year college with degrees in general studies. E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 49

mentoring, computer software, name recognition, and most important a proven system that has been successful for 25 years. Armed with that backing the family grew and prospered.

A Business in a Box

Their hopes were to go to a 4 year university and finish their degrees so they could be an educator, hopefully, at a near-by school. However, Betty had an unfortunate turn of events and was broadsided by a drunk driver and needed both children to help her in a very lengthy recovery. The good news is that Betty fully recovered and was awarded a sum of money that she leveraged by putting both daughters in the closet

They knew nothing about closets or the designing them, however, the franchise gave them the training, a business plan, design business.

Page 50 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Total kitchen revamping franchises are also perfect for women. I remember a candidate who called me and said that he has done kitchen remodeling, actually as a hobby, off and on for 30 years. His real love was running his own machine facility and he was just about ready to retire. His daughter worked with him when she was a little girl helping with kitchen design. Now that she has grown and had a family of her own. Her husband had left to pursue another life and left her high and dry. She needed to have her own business. I told the daughter, Marsha, that I did have a number of franchises that would fit in that particular business arena.

However, owning your own business is very different than simply having a knack for design. I went on to say that I would only suggest franchises that I knew would have every possible segment of the business mapped Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

out for her. From specific and proprietary design software, business introduction, contractor identification, connections and manufacturer locations, marketing programs, an ongoing support staff and mentor group, business location identifier, lease negotiations, and proven successful system. Basically

a business in a box!

I think the

happiest person relative to this placement was Marsha’s dad. Now he could retire knowing that he has not just given his daughter a large supply of fish but has actually supplied her with the means to learn how to fish for herself; forever!

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35 Franchises for Child Development Also, it is well known that women are nurturing and dedicated to children, child rearing and development. That is why I

have approaching 30 franchises that are targeted toward, physical, mental, emotional, and scholastic growth of children; From the very

youngest to even our senior citizens. I know of one child educational franchise in particular, whose top producer on a national scale is a woman. Now, every one of this grouping of franchises is looking for some very specific things to ferret out the most qualified candidates. E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 51

They look for passion, a motivation to own your own business, drive and determination, ability to follow a proven system, strong networking skills, managerial ability, communication skills and a high degree of creativity. None of these franchisors are looking for anyone with an education background. I would like to highlight yet another category where women may excel in franchising, Home Health Care. The obvious give away is that the vast plurality of nurses are women. Incidentally, I am one of the exceptions, I am, among my titles a Registered Nurse. I remember very vividly driving my three young children ages 4,5,and 6, back to the house. They were all in the back in their respective child restraint seats. Then, all of a sudden my 4 year old son said, “Daddy, I know that you are not a nurse. Jamie Clark is the smartest girl in my kindergarten class and she said only girls are nurses!” I guess Jamie Clark may not be the smartest girl in the class, after all!

Page 52 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Home Health Care is Huge Suffice it to say, Home Health Care Industry is huge. There are 15 to 20 million people over 65 in this country and officials say that in ten years those numbers may double. Although, I do not have any hard data on how many women are in that field, I can attest to personal experience. I was the Director of Nursing for a home health care facility. The owner was a woman, the head of nursing care was a woman and virtually every one of the nurses were women. I would venture to guess that scenario is indicative of many home health care businesses. However, there is a very key point that needs to be addressed. One does not need to have any prior or formal training, or be male or female to own a senior care facility of just about any type. And there are many types. That is the reason why I have almost 40 different Home Health Care franchise Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

However, since they are franchises, they all have certain characteristics. There is an extensive training period, support and mentorship is ongoing, any of the nuances regarding, the business is typically addressed in exhaustive detail. The franchisor gives protected territory. Many franchises offer national advertising to its brand and help with every phase of the business. Once again, being a nurse, has nothing to do with success. Actually the nursing segment, whether, skilled or unskilled, although important, is only one part of the overall business model. All the other pieces of the business need to fit. The Franchisors are experts at helping the candidate obtain the correct personnel with the appropriate credentials plus training, teaching and guiding the franchisee to success.

The Developing Pattern? I hope the reader is beginning to see a pattern developing? In none of the examples mentioned in the aforementioned paragraphs, did I ever mention that the franchisors were looking for anyone experienced in a certain field. On the contrary, they thirst for candidates with general business skills. According to many franchisors only about 15% of their franchisee base had valuable prior experience in the franchise

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they chose. That means 85% of all franchisees had no prior knowledge, disposition, or training in the franchise that became their final destination. Franchisors are looking for people to work on the business not in the business. Obviously that fact begs the initial premise that women are pre-disposed to do well in certain franchises. The true fact is the business entity which we will dub “Franchises”, is a non-biased structure that for the most part, only reacts negatively or positively to what level one stays within the system outlined by the franchisor. In other words, you choose what franchise meets your own personal needs and your success could ultimately be measured by how well and conscientious you adhere to the franchisor’s system outline. Once again, utilizing my quasi-scientific research, that being, no man I know actually follows assembly directions for anything. I specifically remember almost 40 years ago, I was industriously putting together a toy for my one year old son. (I was a new father)After 2 hours of frustratingly trying to put it together, I finally resorted to the instructions which had the following castrating remark at the beginning of the paragraph. “Following these explicit directions, the assembly of this toy should take about 45 minutes. However, we have been notified that if

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one does not follow these instructions in a step by step manner, the assembly could take upwards of two and a half hours to complete.� True story!

Since women are finding their way to express themselves in business by franchising, more and more each year, and one of the magic ingredients to be a successful franchisee is to follow the proven system, it is not inconceivable that there will come a time when female franchisees will outnumber their male counterparts. And if that is the case, then, so be it! Page 54 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

David Goodman is the President and CEO of Franchise Biz Consulting, LLC

Franchise Biz Consulting, LLC Professionally Find A Fabulous Franchise...Free!

David Goodman Office 818 578 8706/Cell 856 287 0303 Email address: david@franchisebizconsulting.com Website: www.franchisebizconsulting.com If you are truly serious about taking the control of your life away from others and finally seizing the reigns of your own destiny, please call me. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Top Wins f UN Recognizes Human Rights of LGBTI People

Last June, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community won a major milestone in a long struggle for equality and justice. In a 23 to 19 vote, the UN Human Rights Council adopted the first ever resolution to explicitly recognize and protect the human rights of LGBTI people, affirming LGBTI rights are indeed human rights


European Women Win Domestic Violence Treaty

Reporting Rape in Pakist

In Pakistan, where rape cases are largely unreported and sensationalized by the media, a courageous survivor of rape, Mukhtaran Mai, and a women’s rights organization are sparking a national debate on how media and society talk about rape. While the media’s reporting is important, photos of the survivor are sometimes published, and stories often leave out critical information about the rapist and the crime. Page 56 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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for Women's Movements www.globalfundforwomen.org/impact


Sri Lankan Women Workers Fight Back

In May 2011, over 40,000 garment workers, mostly women, walked out of their factories in the Katunayake Free Trade Zone (FTZ) to protest a wage-cutting pension bill introduced by the Sri Lankan Parliament in order to obtain a $2.6 billion IMF loan

Women’s Human Rights Central to Peace In 2011, the Nobel Committee awarded their Peace Prize to two Liberian women— peace activist Leymah Gbowee and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf—and Yemeni prodemocracy activist, Tawakkul Karman, all of whom are connected with Global Fund grantee partners

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Finding Peace, Granting Forgiveness And Letting Go

By Tanya Brown

With every grieving process there is a stage of anger. However, when the anger can be tied directly to a person then that event ties you to the person. You respond if they don't seem sad enough, you respond if they appear to be without remorse etc...etc‌ Grief is complicated and a tumultuous winding rollercoaster of a ride. However, every part of grief is normal. Many people feel that they are going crazy during this time. You will experience help Page 58 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

hopelessness, rage, anger, loneliness and so many others, but if not processed appropriately and completely, you can

stay in the pain and have bitterness consume your soul. However, all of this is very normal. However, pretending everything is ok, when obviously it is not, will eventually fester inside of you until you choose to release it. Giving ourselves permission to feel and to realize that it is ok to not be ok is quite empowering. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

We must be honest with how we feel, think and behave during this time because if not properly processed, the pain will show its ugly self in some emotional fashion.

When someone is faced with the pain of losing a loved one whose candle was blown out by someone you know, it makes the grieving process that more difficult and complicated. You are tied to the person, event and pain for a lifetime. However, it is up

to us to process our grief, anger, depression and emotions properly so we are able to move forward with more ease, not less pain, but with more ease. The pain will subside when time and talking about the grief are practiced, daily. Anger is very real, fear and suicidal thoughts are very real as well. However, knowing that there are people, support groups and resources for people to lean on during this time helps to make everything make sense. During the time of my losses in my life, I obviously did not face my pain, stressors or chaos in my daily life and it all caught up with me on October 9, 2004. The following day I was admitted into a psychiatric unit when my pain was unleashed and revealed. I had NO idea I was not ok in my life. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I let it all out. The anger, pain, loss, selfesteem issues, fear, depression, negative thinking, lack of personal and professional direction, poor communication, or the lack thereof all exploded and was coped with in the unit. Thank goodness there are in/out patient programs to help people who are mildly or severely disturbed. I wrote letters and in a journal everyday and every bit of free time I had. I did the work and I know how hard it is to face the pain, walk through the tornado of life, but you can when you wish to receive the help. One of my role models is my mother, Juditha. My mother instilled in me to be kind and learn how to forgive so you can live a life free of pain and anguish. I always had that as my foundation, but I lost it after my sisters murder. But, I asked to receive it and life was beginning to turn around. Not fully, but a bit. It was when I was in the psych unit, I sat on my bed and asked God to help me forgive the actions of the man that murdered my sister and her friend. I needed to set myself free of that anger and pain so I can move on with my life. When I did that, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. So, forgiveness is huge with me. Since my sisters murder, 20 years have gone by. During that time, I was lost and confused. I wanted to go out and speak like my oldest sister, Denise.

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 59

In other words, I had to go through the motions of radical negative emotions, with the public, to eventually find my ground. But, let us look at the bright side of this tragic event, so many great things have happened. I have worked, played, had boyfriends, traveled, spoke nationally on domestic violence and now mental health and wellness. So, I don’t have regrets and I would be doing what I am doing right now, coaching, speaking and writing if my sister did not get killed. I would have been in private practice as a therapist it is what I originally went to college for. I recently completed my MA in Counseling Psychology and I am an International speaker and author. I am a certified life coach to guide and encourage people to find peace amid life’s chaos as well as a Healing Hearts and Healing Hugs coach for people to have a complete grieving process. Coaching gives me and my client the freedom and flexibility that a private therapy practice could not give me. So, not much, professionally, would have changed had Nicole not been murdered. You know, OJ will somehow always be

I was the one who went to school for counseling and wanted to be in private practice. Telling me not to was like telling me not to breathe. It was painful and hurtful. I had the desire to help so many, encourage and empower our community, but out of protection, my family decided to have Denise do the speaking. So, I abided. But, it was a sad time for me. I did lose about 10-15 years of my

life because my education was interrupted and I worked at dead end jobs. I knew I what I wanted to do again, I just could not find the motivation or guidance to start. Page 60 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

connected to my family because of my niece and nephew. So, I have made the concerted effort to respect that he is their father. His existence does not bother me. Him being in prison now does not make me feel better or worse, for that matter. It is what it is an I am accepting of that. I don’t live in the tragedies of life. Nor, do I make them my identity. I identify with them, but by no means does anyone or anything have control over me. We must all learn to

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take our past experiences and use them for today and tomorrow to make us better people and community members, not live in it. Living in tragedy, loss, trauma, whatever the circumstance will spiral you down into a deep dark hole of despair and life is way too short. I choose not to give anyone that amount of energy. Life is too precious to me. In other words, he does not occupy any space in my body, mind or soul. However, this year, the 20-year was the most difficult year since her murder. Not because of all the airtime, footage and peaked interest once again. But rather, I saw my sister’s body, uncovered without a white sheet covering her. I saw her body, skin, nails, hair, feet, etc and that is what hurt me so bad this year. Not because of him. But, because that is the first time in 20-years that I sat back and said, “that is my sister”. That is what was hard. Finding Peace Amid The Chaos Life Coaching: Includes Finding Peace Through Grief and Healing Hearts and Healing Hugs (Coaching brochure on my website). I help people walk through

pain with more ease, self love and nurturing so they don’t lose track of who they are and can still enjoy a fulfilling life. Many people when they lose a loved one they hide or throw away the belonging. Others, hold onto them for a lifetime. There is such a thing as complicated grief and that is when Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

your life revolves around the deceased. Life can be very debilitating and even more painful and confusing. So, as a coach, what I try to do is to help those who are in emotional pain, not just from death, and help them find peace through that. It is VERY critical to practice self care everyday to stay above ground. When we neglect ourselves we lose the ability to see what we still have in our lives; home, clothing, children, friends, nature whatever it is, we lose the passion to see anything good or beautiful that may be right in front of us. Many people

give up on life and may even contemplate or complete a suicide. Those who try or do complete suicide don’t want to die, they want to end the pain. They believe that this is the only way out. Looking back on how my mom handled her pain was to remember Nicole. She played with her kids, read the letters people sent us, walked her dogs, played in her garden, walked, journaled, cried (privately… lol). She kept and still does keep Nicole very much E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 61

alive in our home. When we get mad at someone or lose someone we are so quick to hide things and throw things away. We must not do that because in time the pain will life and you may say to yourself, “I wish I would have kept that.” So, don’t make any life changes for at least one year. I encourage, em-

phatically encourage for people not to numb the pain. It is when we numb the pain with drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, gambling and food trouble and self destruction occurs. So, I gently encourage people to practice self-love, selfnurturing and self-care everyday so they don’t lose focus and can still enjoy life. In recovery from anything, we have to create as much normalcy and structure as possible. It is when we allow too much free time to occupy our days we end up meandering and not moving forward with the simplest of tasks, like opening mail or even better, walking to the mailbox, getting out of bed, making the bed etc. So, I create a weekly plan for them so there is some structure for them and their

Page 62 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

time is being spent wisely and efficiently, while at the same time nurturing your soul as you go through the day. This all helping people find order in their days of sorrow. Healing Hearts and Healing Hugs is a complete grieving toolbox. Shelly will send you the brochure. Healing Hearts is lead by Kristi Hugstad, a Certified Grief Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute. Kristi lost her husband to a suicide by train in 2012. She guides the clients through a series of exercises that will help the client complete the pain of losing someone, so we can let go and move on. This includes supporting the person as they share all the undelivered communications during the relationship, a time line of losses and a letter to each person they have loved and lost. This is walking through the grief in a very raw, natural and supportive manner.

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The 7 Essential Elements Of A


Blog Post Writing the perfect blog post is a bit like the California Gold Rush. Everyone believes that if they can they’ll have oodles of followers and better yet buyers. In the mind of many, there is no such thing as perfection when it comes to human ability. I often go back to a well-written article months or years later and can find things I missed, ideas I would express differently, or grammar errors not seen originally. In this article, let’s focus on the 7 essential things you want to accomplish in your writing and blogging.

Making Your Perfect Blog Post Zing

Page 64 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Headline - The 6 Words That Count Most One of my favorite websites is Copyblogger. They suggest that you pay 50% of your time to constructing your headline. Most people never do or decide not to write at all when they hear the research. Since 8 out of 10 people read, only the headline, with 2 reading the article, making your headline grab attention is the single most important thing you can do to make a perfect blog post.

The better your headline the more likely you’ll have readers view your blog post. A few details will ensure they come back to read other articles as well.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The article body must deliver on the promise of the headline, and the content is of high value. Do headline writing exercises A quick example: How

I Lost Weight Without My Mother-In-Laws’ Help. It’s a different title and anyone married will be intrigued. The article body can go into what a great cook the author’s mother-inlaw is and how they kept putting on pounds. It then can deliver how they got back into their size 6 dress. This headline does one thing wrong. It breaks the 6-word rule. I want you to think about what to do differently.

Here’s an idea: My Mother-InLaw Made Me Fat This doesn’t follow the key word search ability rules however if you word is ‘lost fat’. For more about keywords, Google SEO, and how not to overdo it visit: http://bit.ly/MySEOsolution once I started using this plugin my blog started ranking better. It helps you create that perfect blog post. Something to consider when writing headlines is with a share button it goes out over social media. Make it exciting enough for someone to want to click. Asking a question has power. Search engines pick up titles and if you want to share about dogs and dog parks, don’t title your article, “Tim and I love parks” unless you only want friends of Tim, your dog and you, to know your favorite dog parks.

A better solution is, “Why Tim, Loves Chicago Dog Parks.” With a subtitle, “How Time the dog, sniffed out the best social parks for dogs and their owners.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Subtitles can add contest and clarity to your post. This goes in the body of the blog before your content or H1 tag. Dog park, Chicago are the keywords and with the subtitle you explain who Tim is, or in your first paragraph. Some title enhancers include using numbers, negatives, or trending topics.

Storytelling Hook A perfect blog post tells a story. It opens the door for the reader into your world and it has to hook them in to keep them reading. There are 2 hooks the lost weight They are weight mothers. They are hot topics for ther good or bad.

with story. and both ei-

Tell the story of how you married a man whose mom loves to cook as much as you do. Share how before you knew it and child or two later, you’re several dress sizes bigger. Do it with color, vision, and touch.

“I put on my favorite silk dress that I bought at the beginning of the year it was only May, and I couldn’t zip it. Blue always made my eyes sparkle today my soft azure attire bunched unforgivingly as I struggled with the plastic zipper. I’d lost weight after the baby only to put it right back on…”

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 65

Fewer Characters Per Line At First When editing look for ways to make your sentences shorter. Cut paragraphs into smaller chunks and use images. One image per 300 words can break up heavy content. Always identify your content and image sources. Some images are sold through many suppliers this will keep you from paying a use penalty for an article you rightfully own.

Featured Images In Blog Post The idea used to be an article over 300 words is too long. Today most articles I read are close to 1000 or 1500. It’s about quality. Try saying something in just 300 words, it might as well be a post or short enough to tweet. Each featured image should match your story line. With our example, you can have a mom, a person frustrated with their weight or losing weight. These are some of the ideas. Page 66 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subheads For Scanning Okay look at this article. Can you scan the topics and get a feel for what you’ll learn? I have headers with title tags. I have also used topic headings in bold. The reader is more likely to scan this article see what stands out and read that section. If I did a good job, I may get them to read the entire article. Header tags are coding to tell the search engines details about your post. They look like H1, H2, in the html view of your post if you use WordPress.

Mapping can track how long some one tags on your post, and intelligently suggest what they’ve read. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

This I can advanced tool or plugin that tracks mouse movement or other details of the reader. Smart devices also mean content is delivered on smaller screens. It is easier for your audience to find what they are looking for if they can scan your material. They are more

likely to bookmark someone who delivers usable content and come back again.

Sound Bites For Sharing

People love to quote people. How many sentences can others share in their social feed is a great final question before editing. Ask yourself, how many can I share from my article? If you use automation to update social media, or want to tweet your posts over the month this list is vital. These are some in my article. I would add

The single most important thing you can do to make a perfect blog post Okay look at this article. Can you scan the topics and get a feel for what you’ll learn?

You can be watching social media for these sound bites. By the way, each article should have a call to action. My call for you is to comment with your ideas, best heading, or successful finds on the topic. Most importantly, I want you to like and share this article. Writing that perfect blog post simply means taking the time to do it right and create something you would want to read, too.

hashtags, and of course a link. See if you can find these in my article. 

Are you wondering how long a perfect blog post should be today? Writing the perfect blog post is a bit like the California Gold Rush The 7 essential things you want to accomplish in your writing and blogging

Dr Debra Arko Novotny has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners grow and prosper in their own business for over 28 years. She is a mindset guru for women helping them reclaim their power and potential. Her workshops, online classes, and speaking venues move from unleashing your potential to implementing your strategies.

Her journey has included a best-selling book, Unleash Your Hidden Potential, in 2004 and speaking though out the USA. She still practices Energy Medicine and lives with her husband of 30+ years.

https://ji177.isrefer.com/go/emorder/drdebra/ Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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2011 Baciga Vineyard, R River Valley Noir

The 2011 L’Objet Noi from the well-known Vineyard located in Russian River Valley. one of the most famo growing Pinot Noir in This is a blend of two clones, Wente and P The aromas in the wi deep raspberry, brig ripe rhubarb to notes Christmas spices, va and earthiness. The a balance of raspbe mushroom, with hints chocolate and a tou The mouth feel is ext and velvety with a sm backbone to carry it finish.

With this vintage was new Francois Ferers o 15 months. Because blended from two clo are two picking date ber. The pH is 3.85, t and the Alcohol is %

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2013 Comstock Family Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Dry Creek Valley

alupi Russian y Pinot

In 2013, the weather was perfect for growing Sauvignon Blanc. We had very warm days with cool, sometimes foggy nights. This leant itself to a slow flavor building growing season in Dry Creek Valley.

ir, Pinot Noir is n Bacicalupi the storied . This region is ous areas for n the world. o different Pommard. ine range from ght cherries, s of cola, anilla, lavender palate is full of erry, cherry, s of spices, uch of cedar. tremely soft mooth acid t through the

s aged in 25% oak barrels for e this wine is ones, there es in Septemthe TA is .71 %13.8

Sandy and Bob Comstock have taken great care to produce amazing Sauvignon Blanc in Dry Creek Valley. Their special attention to detail is un-surpassed. This is why this wine is exceptional. This wine evokes tropical aromas of Papaya, Mango and Pineapple. The palate has wonderful flavors of Pineapple, Star Fruit and Lychee fruit with a crisp but round, soft mouthfeel that is perfect with a variety of foods or to just sit in the back yard and enjoy with very good friends.


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Former LAPD Sergeant

Cheryl Dorsey Shares her REAL experience and her new book

I had a supervisor tell me once that the LAPD is a machine- it will chew you up and spit you out. As a young black female police recruit entering the Los Angeles Police Department academy in 1980, I was ill-prepared for what was about to come. I soon came to understand definitions to words I had been unfamiliar with; institutional racism, reverse-racism, and sexism. Although not taught in the academy, I learned that once a police officer loses their humanity; it is easy to objective a person and thereby treat them poorly. It mattered not if that person/object was a citizen you vowed to protect and serve or fellow police officer. On August 25, 1980, I ceased being Cheryl and became serial number 22607. It was my experience that the LAPD’s policies, practices and procedures disproportionately & negatively affected blacks (civilian and sworn). It is the value system Page 70 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

embedded within that agency that allows command staff to support and allow discrimination. Racism within the LAPD is cultural and systemic and un-

The Los Angeles Police Department has been known to manufacture charges of incompetence, untruthfulness and police misconduct, forcing an officer to appear before a capricious and arbitrary administrative Board of Rights (BOR). Termination is fortunately I see no end to its presence.

generally the end result. In February 2013, ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner created a buzz throughout the nation with many of his actions well recorded and documented via media. One of the items mentioned was a manifesto detailing his history with injustices inside the department and the challenges he faced. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

It led to a number of ex-LAPD personnel voicing similar claims against the department in public. Cheryl Dorsey is a former sergeant who has now written a book entitled, “The Creation of a Manifesto, Black and Blue” which chronicles similar injustices during her twenty year LAPD journey. Anyone who believed the incidents leading up to Dormer's murderous rampage were “old news” or accepted Police Chief Charlie Beck’s assertion that there were no “inherent problems with the [LAPD] disciplinary system” were either misinformed or in the Chief’s case; intellectually dishonest. Between 1980 and 2000, as an African-American female on a predominantly white, male dominated policy department, I was subjected to racism, reverse racism, sexism and harassment by several of my training officers and supervisors. I am a firsthand witness and subsequent recipient of the backlash that awaits any officer who dares to take on the LAPD. When an officer complains publicly, the department attempts to create an image of that officer in such a way that makes that officer appear distasteful and therefore anything that they say or do is rejected. The department circles the wagons and uses the press to create an image that the department can now justify. The press unwittingly becomes an accessory, after the fact; by repeating what the LAPD purports to be factual. While I do not condone violence, I certainly understand. I know how the LAPD can cause an officer to have wicked thoughts. I know exactly how Dorner felt as he sat before his Board of Rights. I know what it feels like to sit and listen to internal affairs investigators and command staff officers say things that are simply not true about you and you have no recourse but to sit and listen. As a [retired] sergeant of police on the LAPD I also understand the two-tiered system of discipline that permeates the Department. I understand that if you are connected to the right people the department will look the other way when misconduct is committed and if you are not, the department with be relentless in their attack on you.

with the [LAPD] disciplinary system” were either misinformed or in the Chief’s case; intellectually dishonest. Between 1980 and 2000, as an AfricanAmerican female on a predominantly white, male dominated policy department, I was subjected to racism, reverse racism, sexism and harassment by several of my training officers and supervisors. I am a first-hand witness and subsequent recipient of the backlash that awaits any officer who dares to take on the LAPD. When an officer complains publicly, the department attempts to create an image of that officer in such a way that makes that officer appear distasteful and therefore anything that they say or do is rejected. The department circles the wagons and uses the press to create an image that the department can now justify. The press unwittingly becomes an accessory, after the fact; by repeating what the LAPD purports to be factual. While I do not condone violence, I certainly understand. I know how the LAPD can cause an officer to have wicked thoughts. I know exactly how Dorner felt as he sat before his Board of Rights. I know what it feels like to sit and listen to internal affairs investigators and command staff officers say things that are simply not true about you and you have no recourse but to sit and listen.

Anyone who believed the incidents leading up to Dorner’s murderous rampage were “old news” or accepted Police Chief Charlie Beck’s assertion that there were no “inherent problems Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Organizational Transparency Checks and Balances As a [retired] sergeant of police on the LAPD I also understand the two-tiered system of discipline that permeates the Department. I understand that if you are connected to the right people the department will look the other way when misconduct is committed and if you are not, the department with be relentless in their attack on you. This was the same disciplinary system that Dorner so vehemently complained about. This was the same disciplinary system that I encountered in 1997. This disciplinary system had treated me poorly and unfairly as an eighteen year veteran police sergeant accused of giving false and misleading statements to an internal affairs investigator; just like Dorner. This was the disciplinary system that attempted to fire me as a victim of domestic violence at the hands of my then police officer husband. 1997 – 2013; nothing has changed and nothing is different. During my career on the LAPD I suffered many injustices and discriminatory practices. I worked with a training officer as a probationary police officer who refused to allow me to eat during

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our shift and subsequently placed me in a pain compliance hold when I “disobeyed his orders.” I worked with another partner who did not like blacks and made no attempt to hide his contempt.

The LAPD, in their usual style covered up this officer’s mal treatment of the black public and transferred him from downtown Los Angeles to South Central Los Angeles where he ultimately shot and killed an unarmed tow truck driver. I share many of these experiences in my autobiography to expose the hypocrisy and institutional racism that exists within the Los Angeles Police Department in a manner that has never been done before. I felt compelled to speak the truth. The LAPD cannot label me disgruntle; I’m happily retired; the LAPD cannot label me crazy; I killed no one; the LAPD cannot legitimately say that I am a liar; I report on real life occurrences that can be easily verified through the internet in the instances where I don’t name the offenders. I wanted to acknowledge the many police officers who have felt helpless and hopeless in their circumstances and rather than creating a manifesto, chose suicide. I worked with a sergeant on the LAPD whom I refer to as “Christopher Dorner before we knew of Christopher Dorner”. This sergeant felt betrayed and unappreciated by an institution he had devoted sixteen years of his life to only to be summarily dismissed when he angered the powers that be. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

This sergeant unfortunately bled blue. Something I never did. I appreciated the LAPD for the training and income afforded to me but it was just a job. I refused to “buy into” their system. During my career, I worked exclusively in patrol and specialized units such as Traffic, vice and the infamous gang unit known as Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (C.R.A.S.H.) I enjoyed many distinctions as a female officer in LAPD’s Field Operations; I was only the third female (& first African-American female) in the history of the LAPD to attend their prestigious Motor School in the 80s and the first African-American female, Officer-inCharge of the Newton Area Vice unit. As an LAPD insider, my autobiography provides an unfiltered look into the LAPD's internal processes. I hope you will read my story; it is one of tenacity and triumph in a sometimes hostile and predominately white, male dominated LAPD from 1980 through 2000 told with a level of credibility that is undeniable and irrefutable.

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Support the American Heart Association www.heart.org

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MAKING A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION There is an old adage that you cannot take back your first impression. Fair or not, this is true. So make it a great impression. When meeting someone new for the first time, whether it may be a friend, colleague, etc., keep this in mind. A smile always goes a long way.

Your body language is very important.  Don’t fold your arms or cross your legs. Just  

  

Being on time is also critical and a sign of respect. Allow enough time for parking, traffic or connections because a barrage of excuses doesn’t impress anybody. Page 76 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

stand up nice and straight. -Maintain great posture is really important. -A proper handshake is good to learn at a young age (no knuckle crunchers, wet noodles, or endless handshakes please). -If you go by a nickname say it up front (e.g. Lizzy short for Elizabeth or Ally for Allison). -You want to observe someone else’s personal space. Don’t stand too close to someone. Be about an arms length away. -Respect the personal bubble.

Keep in mind that this is how we do things in the United States. I always tell my clients that other cultures have their own practices and we should respect and learn from them. There is a wonderful book called Kiss, Bow, or Shake Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The Power Lunch Etiquette By Rachel Isgar Hands: How to do Business in Sixty Countries by Terri Morrison and Wayne Conaway. They address what is appropriate greeting etiquette country by country. For instance, if you are meeting someone European, he/she may give you the two-cheek kiss if you are a female as is customary in their culture.

-If multiple people are involved and you are making introductions, it is far better to err on the formal side until someone corrects you. For example, you might say “Hello Mr. Jackson,” and he may correct you by saying, “Call me Dave.”

Spit out gum prior to any business meeting. Need I say more? -

You should also carefully monitor the tone of your voice (this is important on the phone as well). You don’t want to shout. If people tell you that your voice is too loud, please listen to them. If they ask you to speak up, please do. You also don’t want to sound like a know-it-all.


to address them as Mr. or Mrs., or even Dr. if applicable, until it becomes clear they have given you permission to use their first name. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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-When out at a business meeting that involves alcohol it is better to abstain from drinking or if there is a lot of pressure have one drink maximum. Business deals can easily head south when alcohol gets involved. Behavior can change very quickly (and usually not for the better)!

THE ART OF CONVERSATION People are intrinsically fascinated by other cultures. I believe that it is appropriate to start a meeting by sharing a little bit about yourself or your culture. But take caution when doing so, it is important not to start off the conversation with anything too personal. -Being a good listener is important too. -It is acceptable, often times advised, to take notes, but is polite to ask for permission first (especially if the notes are going into your cell phone).  -Asking open-ended questions and taking notes demonstrates that you are interested in what the other person has to say.  -In a group setting, try to ask various questions to different people and “work” the table. (This is important because it shows that you care about what others near you have to say, even those who may not usually prefer to voice their opinions). 

Tip: always have some conversation starters or ice breakers in your back pocket for awkward silences. It can be about anything, sports, movies, etc., while you are trying to get to know someone. Small talk is better than no talk at all. At the time I am writing this article, the World Cup is taking place, and it seems that everyone I encounter can relate to the soccer games taking place in one way or another. Once the business talk begins, an easy lead-in to the conversation is to perhaps ask whomever you are speaking to about their personal experiences with the company.

NAVIGATING A BUSINESS MEAL WHICH MIGHT INCLUDE AN INTERVIEW  If possible, let the client order first. Follow their lead. Please do not get a 5-course meal if they are just ordering a salad. For example, if the client orders a cob salad, do not order the T-bone steak with 5 sides.

 -Be careful if you choose to order

spaghetti with marinara sauce (my favorite) or another food with a sauce.  -Avoid pizza, ribs, or other finger foods for lunch since these foods DO get messy and it is hard to look professional when eating with your hands.

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 -Avoid foods that stain, are difficult to eat,

or can get stuck in your teeth easily (broccoli, spinach or pineapple are the usual culprits for me  -If you are tired, please do order coffee or iced tea with your meal as a way to perk up, unless you have done so prior to the meeting.  - Preview a menu on a restaurant’s website prior to dining there. )This is beneficial if you are an indecisive person, picky eater or have a lot of dietary restrictions that may prevent you from ordering food in a timely manner or the person you are meeting has these issues).

 -When sitting down, the first thing to do after you have introduced yourself is to put your napkin on your lap.

 -The number one reason that a business lunch can turn sour is if the waiter or waitress is spoken to rudely.

 -Do not ask the person interviewing you how much money he or she earns.

 -Do not arrive starving to a business meal Don’t not hassle over the check. If you asked a client out to lunch, you always pay. -When selecting a restaurant, pick somewhere you have been before and can recommend.

 After you schedule a meeting to write it down or put in your electronic calendar immediately.  Confirm the meeting the day before.  On the day of the meeting, allow plenty of time in case of traffic or parking issues.  It is ALWAYS better to arrive early rather than late. Being late can cost you the job or even the business you were seeking. There are absolutely no excuses that a potential employer wants to hear.

 -Make sure once the meeting begins that you have put your cell phone and any other electronic devices away.

-Pick a place that is not too noisy and will have an atmosphere conducive to the progress you hope to make in your meeting.

ELECTRONICS AND SOCIAL MEDIA When is it acceptable to check your cell phone at the table? I get asked that question almost as often as my children asking me for rides or a raise in their allowance, which happens quite often. Always put the phone on vibrate or silent before the meal and give your client undivided attention. Keep your cell phone completely off the table.

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The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are expecting a call from your doctor or there is an emergency situation in your family. If this is the case, it is important to make your client aware beforehand that this call may come through. Cell phones are generally just detrimental to meetings. That is why some businesses are now collecting all cell phones before everyone sits down. Do not post information about your interview on Facebook or any other form of social media. Your potential employer can track this down and it definitely will not be for your benefit.

DRESSING APPROPRIATELY The number one reason a business lunch can go wrong is dressing too casually. Making a great first impression includes dressing appropriately for your meeting. Dress code does vary by career industry. For example, if you are meeting with a lawyer or someone in the financial industry, you probably want to wear a suit or a fancier dress and heels. However, if you are interviewing at Whole Foods, the dress

code will be much more laid back. It is still never acceptable to show up to an interview in shorts, jeans or a tee shirt (or short skirts or short dresses for ladies). The Internet has great examples of what constitutes dress code from formal, to business casual, and so forth. Do your research beforehand and dress appropriately. Please make sure not to wear a hat at the dining table, ever. If you are unsure of what type of dress is acceptable in the field you are meeting, it is always best to be overdressed rather than underdressed

WRAP UP There are hundreds of types of etiquette in addition to traditional table manners. This article focuses on etiquette skills for a business lunch. Stay tuned for more etiquette articles. See www.Facebook/ PleasePassTheManners for other great etiquette tips and tricks, updated regularly. RECOMMENDED BOOKS Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: How to do Business in Sixty Countries by Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conway The Art of Gratitude by John Kralick

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Grilled Pineapple Salad Chef Jeff Henderson

Ingredients        

2 sliced pineapples 1 tbs. olive oil 1 cup fresh mint 1 tbs. pepper 2 cups low-fat Greek yogurt 1 tbs. honey 2 sliced mangos ¼ cup blueberries

Page 82 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Method First, sprinkle olive oil, ½ cup of fresh mint, and a dash of pepper over sliced pineapple and grill in a hot pan for 4 minutes on each side. Next, mix together honey, Greek yogurt, and ½ cup fresh mint in a bowl.

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Method cont. Then, add blueberries and mango and toss the mixture lightly. Remove the pineapple from the grill, chop into cubes, add it together with the yogurt and fruit before serving

Healthy Tips Parsley: Pineapple is an excellent source of the enzyme bromelain which helps fight against arthtitis.

ABOUT CHEF JEFF HENDERSON Chef Jeff Henderson rose from humble beginnings in Southern California to become the first AfricanAmerican executive chef at the Bellagio Hotel. He has gone on to become a successful TV host with a cable show on the Food Network, a nationally syndicated series of cooking vignettes called, “In the Kitchen”, and an upcoming half-hour daytime TV show called “Flip My Food”. When he isn’t cooking on TV he’s a highly sought-after motivational speaker, sharing the secrets of realizing your potential at schools, organizations, and Fortune 500 companies across the country.

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The American Tasting Institute has named him Las Vegas Chef of the Year. HarperCollins published his life story in the New York Times best selling book “Cooked”. His success as an author landed him on Oprah. Shortly after that TV appearance, Sony Pictures bought the rights to his book and his life story, which is currently being developed into a major motion picture. Jeff has taken advantage of his exposure to inspire disadvantaged young adults and at-risk youth. In addition to his high profile speaking engagements, he works with inner-city youth programs all around the United States. Jeff shares his knowledge and excitement for food through his cooking shows and cookbooks. In 2009, Jeff published his first cookbook, Chef Jeff Cooks (Simon & Schuster). In 2011, he released his second cookbook America I AM Pass It Down Cookbook (Hay House/Smiley Books), a collection of recipes that have been passed down to preserve African Americans' food legacy. His first cooking show, Beat The Chefs (premiered 2012), followed by Family Style with Chef Jeff (premiered 2013). He is also the author of the self-help book If You Can See It, You Can Be It (Hay House/Smiley Books). Jeff’s story has been featured on Oprah's Life Class, Good Morning America, Today Show, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, USA Today, People Magazine, New York Times, Newsweek and the Washington Post. Jeff lives in Las Vegas with his wife Stacy and their five children.

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Featured Winery

Ampelos Cellars

1633 West Central Avenue, Lompoc, California 93436 PHONE 805-736-9957 info@ampeloscellars.com www.ampeloscellars.com

Name of Wine

The Owner’s Story about this Special Winery

A cancelled meeting at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001, brought Peter and Rebecca to the realization it was time to pursue their dreams, as if tomorrow might never arrive. They turned in their corporate suits, bought a tractor and moved to the Sta. Rita Hills. It wasn’t quite that easy, but their son Don (current winemaker at Seasmoke) had foraged the way and was happy to teach Mom and Dad a few lessons. The word “Ampelos” means vine in Greek, perfectly reflecting their beliefs that great wines begin in a great vineyard. The Ampelos vineyard receives gentle sunrays, cool sea breezes and blankets of morning and evening fog, making it the ideal location to Page 84 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

grow Pinot Noir and challenge Rhone varietals like Syrah and Grenache. In addition, they are proud to be the first vineyard in the United States to be certified organic, biodynamic, and sustainability in practice. Peter and Rebecca are dedicated to working alongside Mother Nature - not in spite of her. Their methods combine a respect for tradition and openness to innovation, keeping the winemaking methods free of harsh chemicals. All the extra grape skins, stems, seeds, and lees are composted and almost all of the processes are done by hand to minimize electricity. The combination of carefully nurtured vines, hand sorted fruit, eco-friendly winemaking, and the passion of living a life with this purpose results in continual award winning wines from vintage to vintage. They relish the privilege of sharing the literal fruits of their journey and the joy of wine with friends old and new. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

2009 sta. Rita hills “rho” pinot noir (barrel select) certified sustainable in practice, organic, and biodynamic Harvest

 • picking began relatively late on October 2nd and    

wrapped up on the 14th– a relatively short time span for picking all the pinot noir blocks • yields were very low - about 1.58 tons to the acre. • grapes were handpicked and hand sorted in the vineyard using our portable sorting table • the sugar level at harvest ranged between 25.2 and 28.1

Wine Making Style


 after we harvested the fruit, it stayed 24 hours in our cold room to avoid the use of dry ice  the fruit following cold soaked for 3 days and was then inoculated with yeast to initiate primary  fermentation  we hand punch down twice a day to assist the extraction of colors, tannins and flavors  when it completed primary fermentation we kept the free run separate and hand pressed the rest using our  manual press and barreled down after a day of settling  one of the barrels was from a clone 115 fermenter that went through a month of extended maceration  after one year in barrel we tasted through all barrels and selected our favorite 11 barrels  the composition is 64% clone 115 27% clone 667 and 9% clone 2A  this wine was made entirely from free run wine – no press wine barrels were selected  five of the barrels were only racked once – the other six twice  the wine is un-fined and unfiltered – as all our red wines are

 deep dark garnet red  lots of dominating red fruit – raspberry, black cherry, sweet strawberry – there is a little more spice to it  which balances well with the soft oak tannins long lingering smooth finish with the fruit supported by the characteristic Sta. Rita Hills cherry cola

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2013 Santa Yens valley Viognier Harvest

 our goal with the Viognier is to pick grapes when the flavors are bright and focused with notes of stone fruit, pear and pineapple

 due to the cold summer the picking began late: on September 29 we started with an

early morning pick from evergreen in los olivos. cuatro vientos came in on October 9 and we picked our 237 estate vines on October 15.  in general the crop load was pretty good from all three vineyards and flavors were very promising

Wine Making Style

 the wine making goal for the viognier is to retain the flavors of the freshly picked fruit and not to mask it with oak or other distracting components  we cold fermented it at about 50 degrees for about a month to ensure that the fruit flavors do not burn off  the wine does not go through the second (malolactic) fermentation – that way we keep the minerality as well as the crispness of the fruit in the wine  to reduce our energy use we have replaced the electricity hungry, traditional cold stabilization with a new product based on manoproteins – the results are amazing and we feel even more “green” by doing so. the wine was finally sterile filtered before bottling. Page 86 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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 • wine is juicy, vibrant, lively, even rich.

 • pops of peach pie, apricot and lime sorbet  • filling the palate with slate gravel  • finish is big and long with bright acidity and lingering flavors  • nose is perfumey and powerful but not overly floral

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 87

Laurie Forster The Wine Coach Out Smart the Wine List Laurie Forster The Wine Coach, is one of

the country’s leading wine experts whose mission is to demystify wine one glass at a time. The queen of wine edutainment, she is also the author of the award-winning book, The Sipping Point and a regular guest on TV and radio shows across the country. Laurie’s specialty is

delivering unique corporate keynotes, teambuilding events and group tasting seminars for corporate leaders such as MetLife, LG, Microsoft and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Laurie’s radio show The Sipping Point can be heard every week on WBAL or in her free App The Wine Coach which was rated one of the Top 8 Wine Apps by Wine Enthusiast magazine. She partners with her better half Chef Michael Forster to create The Wine Coach Club. Page 88 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive


Laurie for your next corporate, client or fundraising event! More Info: www.thewinecoachsecrets.com For more info on The Wine Coach:

www.TheWineCoach.com The Wine Coach club


The Sipping Point

With over 125 pages of wine essentials along with stunning photos, The Sipping Point is the perfect book for you or any wine lover on your list! Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Outsmart the Wine List Imagine this—You are seated at an upscale restaurant with one of your best clients and then handed a wine list thicker than a college textbook. You want to pick out the “perfect” wine to impress your client but everything looks like it is written in a foreign language. After only a few minutes the server asks if you have made your selection so you decide to order the most familiar thing on the menu. You are not sure your selection will coordinate with your meals and it costs more than your boss will tolerate for a client dinner. By the time the bottle arrives you have broken out in a cold sweat and are ready to take a big gulp! The good news is that understanding the three main ways wine lists are organized is the first step to preventing this from ever happening to YOU.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

There are three primary types of wine lists: those organized by the grape varietal, by geography or where it is made, and by flavor profile. Keep in mind that some lists blend several of these methods. Let’s explore each of these three types of wine lists:

1. By Grape Varietal.

Organized by the main grape variety used to produce the wine, this type of list may be further organized by country or state. Thinking of the grape varietal first and the origin second is an American trend. Many European countries are trying to focus on the grape varieties despite regulations that ban the top rated wine from listing them on the label. Sections for the popular varietals, e.g., Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, are usually listed, as well as an “other varietals” category for white and red. These lesser known varietal sections can often be more interesting, and is where many bargains can be found!

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 89

By Geography

This wine list is organized

by countries of origin and often has the more specific subcategories, like the regions or state, which is the traditional type of wine list. If you love French wines, this type of list makes it easy. Flip to the French section and then look at what regions or wines are offered. The grape varietal used may (or may not) be listed next to the wines in this type of list. This is not an issue for most wine from the US since the wine is usually labeled by grape varietal, e.g., Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. The European wine industry, however, tends to focus on the region and assume we know what grapes are grown. Even though the principal grapes of Burgundy are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, they won’t appear on the bottles of Burgundy’s finest wines.


This type of list is a rela-

tively new approach that is organized by the flavor profile.

Page 90 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

A typical category might be fruity whites or powerful reds and the wines in that category may be ordered from mildest to fullest. This allows diners to look for the type of wine they enjoy and then order options in the same flavor category. Your favorite grapes or countries may be located in many different categories. Once you get the hang of these lists, they are tons of fun. They don’t require any special knowledge of geography or grapes—just a knowledge what you like. Now you should have a better understanding of the three most common ways that restaurants organize their lists. The geographic and grape varietal lists will account for 80% of the lists encountered, but the progressive list may be a growing trend. The next time you take an important client (or that special someone) to dinner they will be impressed with your ability to find the right wine in no time!

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More Secrets to Ordering a Great Bottle of Wine Every Time! Do Your Homework: The first step to ordering a great bottle happens before you arrive at the restaurant. See if the wine lists are online. If so, you can get an idea of what they offer and do a bit of research. If not, you may want time after you are seated to digest the wine list and narrow down your choices. The easiest way to do this is to order sparkling wine to begin. Italian Prosecco or Spanish Cava are usually my choices since they’re tasty, affordable and pair nicely with most appetizers.

Speak Up: Ask the sommelier or server for suggestions. Most are eager to help and have tasted most (if not all) of the wines on their list. Those of us who have chosen wine as a career enjoy drinking wine every night but don’t necessarily have large budgets. Sommeliers and servers will know the best bargains because that is what we are drinking at home!

Don’t Break the Bank: If you are on a budget but don’t want the client to know that, point out a wine in your price range and then ask for an alternate suggestion. Any good server will recommend something within $10 of the wine you pointed out. Don’t go for the least expensive bottle, however; look for the second or third level wines. The lowest priced wines are actually marked up the most, sometimes 4 or 5 times cost, whereas higher priced wines might only be marked up 2 times cost.

Get the Point: Let’s face it, we are not experts in French, Spanish or Italian but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the wine right? If you find a great wine you want to order but are afraid to pronounce it, look for the Bin Number listed to the left of the wine. Many restaurants use these as a method to organize their wine inventory. If the list does not list bin numbers, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

then point to the wine in question and any astute server will get the message.

Hidden Gems: Resist the temptation to order the cult favorites like Opus One or other highly sought after wines with name recognition. These wines are expensive because, like Gucci or Cartier, the brand’s status is part of what you are paying for. Many times you can find wines that are similar in quality for much less, especially if you are willing to try lesser known grape varietals or regions. Ask your sommelier or server. They will be able to recommend the best buys.

Keep on Sipping: Try to taste as much as you can at home or at free in-store tastings. Retail wines are usually only marked up 30-50% over cost as opposed to the standard 2-3 times markup at a restaurant. Experimenting at home will give you the experience to order great wine you’ll love when you are out!

HIRE Laurie for your next corporate, client or fundraising event! More Info: www.thewinecoachsecrets.com

Laurie was Just on Fox News



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Support the Arts

Page 92 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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NET EFFECT How Women are Changing the

Page 94 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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World By Ardice Farrow I LIVE IN A WORLD of difficult choices where  Parents send their young children into the streets to scavenge through garbage, or beg on

 

 

the roadsides to make 50 cents rather than sending them to school. Mothers must choose between which child to feed and which to neglect. Older daughters are sent to garment factories to work in horrible conditions for meager wages to help a family survive. Hundreds of families live in small shacks, built atop a wretched landfill and former garbage dump, because there is no other choice. And where Generous hand-outs from a non-profit may meet the urgent demands for today, and even help children go to school, but they offer no immediate sustainable solutions to families in need.

Women’s rights are the unfinished business of the 21st Century, and it is the work we are called to do. “Hillary Clinton.”

For most of us in modern Western nations these are unimaginable circumstances and choices. But here in Cambodia, as in much of the world, poverty is the reigning super power. And women bear the bulk of the burden of poverty and desperate choices must be made. Thousands of families dangle on the edge of survival, yet there is hope and there are stories of transformation. Like most stories in Cambodia they begin with struggle and desperation. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 95

These examples are real and not exaggerated. The conditions here are so dismal there is no need to embellish. But there is good news! Both of these women now lead profoundly different lives. Both of them found training programs that taught them to be accomplished artisans. Each of them works for a socially responsible garment center. Over time they have advanced to higher level positions. Today these women have dignity, confidence, economic freedom and the power to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. It is these women and women like them across the globe, burdened by poverty and hampered by lack of education, that are on the front lines of creating new futures for their families and communities. They are nothing if not courageous and resilient.

 A young woman is the eldest of 5 children. Her fa-

ther was killed during the war and her mother did whatever she could to keep the family together during the Khmer Rouge years and the following decades of poverty and political unrest. As a young child, the woman lost the “…the responsibility of use of her legs to polio and business is not to create her brother lost his legs to landmines so there was little profits but to create they could do to help the live, vibrant, honorable family. organizations with a  Another young woman livreal commitment to ing in the slums of Phnom Penh is subjected to humili- community.” Anita Roddick. ating physical and emotional abuse from her husFounder of the Body band. Like many men, her Shop husband takes another lover, but always returns to demand whatever money the wife has earned from scavenging leaving her helpless to feed her young daughter. Page 96 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

My journey to Cambodia

I came to Cambodia two years ago because I wanted to be of service to women and children

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

in a developing nation.

Like many of the big decisions in my life it was not a carefully thought out plan but rather a compelling need to follow my heart.

At the end of my days I wanted to be able to say “I was used up by life”. I was inspired by friends who in their late 60s were busy raising funds and collecting food and books for a small school in Africa. I was inspired by my friends at NAFE, Creative Visions and other organizations, women who were too busy being in service to have a “bad day”. And so I came to Cambodia. I spent the last two years as the Leadership Development Manager for an incredible non-profit organization in Phnom Penh. I worked with phenomenal teams of Cambodians and expats creating programs and building the leadership capacity of some of the most impoverished children in Cambodia. In addition, my team was responsible for engender programs for women in a small garment Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 97

center and the marginalized women who lived in one of the city’s most desperate slums. It was a rare privilege and a joy to work so closely with these amazing kids and their families, to get to know them and their struggles and endless challenges. I could see how the organization I worked for and many other NGOs made sure the kids were taken care of and got an education. At the same time, they did what they could to help the families. But for the most part the mothers remain trapped, buried under the weight of poverty, waiting for the day their kids would graduate from University, get a good job and take care of them. It is hard to ignore the plight of these women. At the same time it is easy to see how a little bit of training, a healthy work environment and economic freedom can change a woman, her family and a community. After two years “If we want to help poor in Cambodia I have bepeople out, one way to come a champion of do that is to help them Trade instead of Aid. Why wait a generaexplore and use their tion for kids to finish own capability. ” school when the mothers Muhammad Yunus, and women could be Founder Grameen Bank helped now?

At the same time, living in Cambodia I fell in love with some of the very contemporary and high end accessory designs. I discovered fabulous handbags, totes and carry alls that seemed perfect for fashion minded Westerners. These were made by a small company that offered training, support and job opportunities to at-risk women. Under the guidance of this small for-profit business formerly marginalized women had become talented artisans working in good conditions for good wages. I am an entrepreneur at heart so the light bulb went off!  It seemed as if all the critical pieces for a great business were right in front of me:  beautifully designed products  the ongoing and growing consumer demand of women in the West for great bags  a likeminded, reliable design and production partner  a cause and purpose to change women’s lives  a way to give back to the community. And so our little business endeavor Net Effects Traders (N E T), was born.

The Heart of Who We Are The focus of N E T is more like a kaleidoscope than a laser beam and it is the combination of elements that makes us so unique. We help provide quality training, healthy working conditions and fair wages transforming the lives of polio and landmine victims, the hearing impaired and impoverished women of Cambodia. We reuse and upcycle mosquito netting that is dyed in wonderful contemporary colors - from subtle silvers to bright trendy yellows, blues and pinks.

Page 98 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

We give back and help stop the spread of malaria by donating a mosquito net to a needy family with every purchase of a N E T bag. We deliver fabulous high end style to eager Western consumers and in the process connect them with the joy of contributing to women across the globe. Our dream is that N E T will cause a ripple – that our small effort will join with the many small efforts of women across the globe creating a critical mass of women educated with respect, empowered by their unique talents, fueled with economies that work and connected by heart. An irresistible band of sisters with so much force and weight that the future will bend to our passion and purpose.

The Power of Pro-active Shopping Whether we are shopping for great jewelry, fabulous handbags, food, cars or coffee when we choose to buy from a socially responsible business built on a commitment to fair trade and sustainability - WE ARE MAKING A CONTRIBUTION.

When a destitute mother starts earning an income, her dreams of success invariably center around her children.” Muhammad Yunus, Founder Grameen Bank “

When we share what we know about a company’s values and mission with our colleagues, friends and social media network in order to influence and impact their buying decisions WE ARE CHANGE MAKERS.

When we realize we are all connected and we take action to use our economic power compelling companies to become more just, caring and sustainable we are helping to change the lives of women across the globe and shape positive new futures for our families and the planet. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Ardice Farrow is a former creative design consultant for companies like Apple, Disney and McGraw-Hill. Before leaving the US she was a speaker and seminar leader inspiring women entrepreneurs and executives. Ardice now lives in Phnom Penh and is the Founder and Big Idea Person behind Net Effects Traders. Net Effects Traders, Great bags for a good reason. To find out more or connect with N E T visit our facebook page Net Effects Traders or our website: www.NetEffectsTraders.com or email: neteffectstraders@gmail.com To see the great work of a great organization visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=7APkddzhEPY

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 99

This year CBCC hosted the first Minority Women in Business Symposium entitled,

“Success Above The Glass Ceiling- Is it Real? Women from all walks of life; corporate, public service and entrepreneurs shared their stories of success, obstacles they faced and how they overcame them.

The following women made up this extraordinary panel for the 2014 event. Madam President- M C Townsend- Regional Black Chamber, serving at the 2014 Women’s Symposium as moderator/speaker, hosting a powerful session entitled "Balancing Career & Family", while sustaining success Above the Glass Ceiling is it real? Madam Townsend has served as an extraordinary mentor to many small, minority & women owned businesses over the past 15 years, which has earned her several distinguished recognitions over the years, including receiving the honor of having her name place in the congressional hall of records in Washington DC, nominated as National Mentor of the Year, and honored as International Woman of the Year. Joining her will be a powerful array of women, thru-out the day , who as well will share invaluable intel, on "balancing career & family, while sustaining success above the glass ceiling, to the many expected attendance of hundreds of women business owners, mothers, wives, young ladies, and a host of other attendees. Madam M C Townsend currently also President-Ca.Black Chamber’s COUNCIL of ChambersStatewide. Lisa Cagnolatti is vice president of the Business Customer Division of Southern California Edison’s (SCE’s) Customer Service Business Unit. She oversees the company’s relationships with its major industrial, commercial, and government customers as well as SCE’s efforts to stimulate business development in the 15 counties the company serves. Cagnolatti joined SCE in 1996 and has held a variety of duties with the company in a broad range of management positions. Before joining SCE, Cagnolatti worked 11 years with Southern California Gas Co. in a variety of positions, including regulatory affairs, account management, and environmental affairs. Hon. Candace Cooper (Ret.) has nearly three decades of judicial experience and has earned a reputation as a highly accomplished judge with a common sense approach to resolving disputes. Justice Cooper brings an ideal temperament and a wealth of legal expertise in handling complex, often highly publicized cases. She served for nine years on the California Court of Appeal, Second District, most recently as Presiding Justice of Division Eight from 2001-2008, and as a Superior and Municipal Court judge prior to that. Justice Cooper has also served on the Los Angeles Superior Court for 12 years, handling a variety of assignments, ranging from court management, civil master calendar and civil trials to felony criminal and death penalty trials to juvenile dependency and delinquency. During her noteworthy career, Justice Cooper has also made tremendous contributions to the legal community through her dedicated involvement in educational and professional associations. She served as president of the California Judges Association from 1988-1989. She was the second African-American, as well as the second woman, to head the nearly 2,000-member voluntary professional association representing all judicial officers throughout the state from the California Supreme Court to the remaining Justice Courts. Page 100 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Dr. Barbara Young Dr. Young has spent over three decades of coaching, speaking, consulting, and most importantly, experiencing real-life in the trenches, with many hardships and struggles for success. Her view is radically different. Unlike many consultants/motivational speakers, Dr. Young shares her definition of success and “how-to” success principles she has mastered. She offers solutions that work related to life/growth empowerment for personal and professional success. Dr. Young advocates that “personal” success leads to “professional success” and significance for everyone. She is oftentimes referred to as the dynamic “Dr. B” for her enormous energy and her “down-to-earth” style to relate to people from all walks of life, and her ability to bring out the “best” in them. She is a powerful speaker who creates a warm and inspiring atmosphere for listening and learning. Her ability to share her real-life stories and messages with humor connects with her audience at an intimate and intense level. Margaret Avery, Actress, was spellbinding in her role of Shug in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple (1985), is certainly no "one-hit wonder". Although filmgoers may be able to trace her back only to that once-in-a-lifetime part, Margaret has been a talented player on the large and small screens for well over three decades. On TV she continued to grace episodes of Amen (1986), The Cosby Show (1984), Roc(1991), "MacGyver" (1986)_, _"JAG" (1989)_ and Bones (2005), enhanced such commendable made-for-TV movies as Heat Wave (1990) with Cicely Tyson and James Earl Jones, and has been seen sporadically in films. She co-starred in The Return of Superfly (1990)--a nod to her old blaxploitation days--Lightning in a Bottle (1993), White Man's Burden (1995) with John Travolta, the Mario Van Peebles feature Love Kills (1998),Waitin' to Live (2006), directed by Travolta's brother Joey Travolta and has completed roles in Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008) and Meet the Browns (2008) with Martin Lawrence and 'Angela Bassett', respectively. Most recently appearing regularly on the smash hit sitcom Being Mary Jane.

Tadia Rice is a management consultant and organizational dynamics expert.

With a lifetime of experience as an agent of change, Tadia’s breadth of knowledge crosses Almost every industry. Her career began at Xerox Corporation where she quickly Rose through the ranks. Eventually expanding her practice to include the entertainment Industry and international relations, Tadia took her talents international . For over a decade Tadia was a change agent in the new South Africa where she specialized In emerging democracy Issues And bi--‐lateral Trade Agreements With the United States. Tadia understands the leader’s journey and her approach is no nonsense and To The point. Her global perspectives and cultural competency compliments her multi--‐faceted Knowledge that has Helps Clients discover Their authenticity and Hidden talents.

Althea Ledford is the Editor and Chief Creative Officer of “E” The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive. E magazine represents one of the most powerful target markets in the Country-working women. Althea is also the Director of NAFE Los Angeles. Her goal is to grow, promote and support female executives throughout the Los Angeles area and promote the NAFE network nationwide. Althea Ledford is also the author of The Playground Dynamic and six other books including 10 Minute Hero. She holds over 20 years of experience as a stock broker, in financial markets, business development, Non Profit developments, Endowments and technology startups. She’s interviewed hundreds of small business owners, families, innovators and entrepreneurs. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 101

Gluten Free is NOT a Death Sentence By Kirsten Berman

In the last issue I discussed my story with Celiac Disease, in this article I am going to discuss the complexities of living a gluten free lifestyle. There are many reasons people decide to go GF, the number one reason is a Celiac disease diagnosis. Doctors know little about gluten related issues, they aren’t sure how to diagnose it. I read so many horror stories where doctors do not even consider gluten may even be at the root of many people’s health or mental issues. Just a few years ago most people hadn’t the faintest idea of what gluten free was, Page 102 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

today, gluten free seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue; it even made the top 10 list for the most overused words in 2013. Many people are affected by gluten, not just people with Celiac Disease. Everyday more and more people are asking, should I go Gluten Free?

When I was first diagnosed I could not have been happier; to finally find out what the heck was wrong with me and not feel like I was completely crazy or making up my symptoms that I could feel but no one else could see. My doctor told me that I needed

to live a gluten free lifestyle but offered little else on what that meant. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I spent hours on the internet researching, reading labels and still I made mistake after mistake assuming something was gluten free that wasn’t. I trusted restaurants with little GF’s next to items because I did not know what questions to ask or the importance of what cross contamination meant. I felt overwhelmed, confused and alone at all the information and misinformation I found. Within a week of going gluten free I knew this absolutely was the life for me because I finally had my life back. All the debilitating symptoms that I had grown accustomed to over 7 years were gone; pain, headaches, vertigo, sinus issues, bi-polar like personality and everything else that eating gluten had caused. Now I just had to figure it all out so never again did I have to feel like crud for

These are some basics you need to know when living the gluten free lifestyle:

days on end.

What is Gluten? Gluten is a complex composite of proteins found in such grains as: wheat, rye, and barley. The two components in gluten specifically causing gluten issues and the only ones tested are: gliadin and glutenin. Gluten is what makes up the elasticity in all those yummy baked products that makes them rise and holds food together like glue. Wheat, barley and rye hide in many more products than you even realize and can hide under many different names.

Here are some to watch out for: malt, triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye)
, spelt, durum
, semolina
, einkorn, kamut 
, orzo, bulgur
, matzo
, couscous and seitan.

Here are catch phrases to look for and use caution with: binder or binding
, gum base
, modified food starch
, monosodium glutamate (MSG)
, thickeners, caramel color
 and natural flavors.

What is Gluten?  How does gluten affect the body? What are symptoms having gluten issues can cause? 

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 103

Misc. Products that may contain wheat: Multi vitamin Aspirin coating/medications Cough syrup/cough drops Face cream/shampoo, lip balm Pet food (if you touch food and do not wash hands)  Products that say GF but made in wheat facility on shared equipment  Candy  Yeast     

Some Foods to look out for:  Sauces/dressings  Sausage/meatballs  Corn chips, tortillas or any 

         

corn that is not GF certified Products that say wheat free are not automatically gluten free Miso Oats that are not certified gluten free Malt vinegar Bloody Mary mix Iced Tea (can be made with barley) Chocolate Ice-cream Soy sauce Fried foods, frozen French fries Nuts and nut mixes

*Always Always Read Labels. Never assume a food is safe, the consequences are not worth it. Restaurant glutening or sharing a kitchen area with gluten eaters,

CROSS CONTAMINATION needs to be addressed. The actual ingredients in a restaurant item might not have gluten but where its prepared, the pans they cook it on or the utensils used may be exposed. In a hared Page 104 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

kitchen area, foods like peanut butter where someone can double dip and leave gluten crumbs inside, which then you use and get sick. A toaster, shared plates, cutting board, counter crumbs, can all lead to cross contamination

How does gluten affect the body? When a person with celiac or sensitivities ingests gluten, the immune system takes notice and sees it as an invader. There are two parts to the immune system, the innate & adaptive. The innate immune system is the first responders to swoop in, track down, and try to kill the toxin. When that doesn't work and the invader overcomes the innate system, the adaptive immune system is called in as reinforcements. The problem is that gluten seems to confuse the two systems that usually work seamlessly together, creating havoc in the body. For people with Celiac Disease, this miscommunication causes the body to attack the small intestine, destroying the villi (finger-like projections) lining the inside. The villi are responsible for absorbing the nutrients in our food. When these villi are destroyed, malabsorption, anemia, osteoporosis, as well as many other issues or illnesses may occur. Undiagnosed Celiac disease can cause major damage and affect every part of your body, not just the intestine. 300+ autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, hashimotos, thyroid & mental issues, such as depression, can all be attributed to celiac disease; which is an autoimmune disease and not an allergy. 75% of autoimmune diagnosis concern women Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

kill them. Scientists are unsure why autoimmune disease is prevalent in so many, especially since we have enhanced immune systems compared to men. Even though autoimmune diseases are becoming more widespread everyday, researchers still know very little about them.

Symptoms Strange isn’t it, that a simple ingredient like wheat can impact so many lives in such an awful way; able to attack anywhere in the body. Also something to consider is, 80% of the body’s serotonin is made in the gut, which controls: appetite, sleep, memory, learning, temperature, mood, behavior and depression. Some major symptoms that accompany Celiac and gluten disorders are: Diarrhea and/or constipation

Abdominal pain 
 Brain fog 
 Joint pain 
 Depression and/or Anxiety 
 Cold Sores 
 Extreme weight loss or weight gain 
 ADD or lack of focus 
 Mental Instability A good thing to keep in mind is that 80% of people with Celiac disease are asymptomatic. This can cause major problems because if you are not feeling symptoms, you may not consider the serious damage occurring in the body daily and be more apt to cheat on your gluten free diet. Do not cheat on your gluten free diet, especially if you have celiac disease.

Do not be disheartened, do not give up and do not be afraid to have a complete It will be frustrating as one by one the foods you once cherished you no longer can enjoy. It will be annoying to grocery shop reading every label and spending twice as much for gluten free products that you will buy just to have a taste of the foods you once loved so much. It will suck to always have to think ahead and come prepared with your own food every time you leave the house. And it will make you angry to continually have to explain your dilemma over and over again into a blank stare that will be handling or preparing your food. It does get easier and it will all be worth it. Months down the line one day you will wake up and realize how long it has been since you felt sick or how long it has been since you felt some kind of pain and appreciate the daily normality of normal stool. There will come a time, I promise, that you will not even miss gluten and all those desires to cheat will be non-existent.

Keep in mind, gluten free does mean healthy, processed food is still processed food. Some people lose weight initially when going gluten free, this usually is because you are not eating all the crappy processed food and pastry items you are use to eating. You start eating more healthy foods, because when eating outside of the house, this is usually the only thing available

Surviving the Hard Times

The first 3 months are by far the most discombobulating and difficult as you muddle through the maze of figuring out the gluten free lifestyle. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 105

Eating healthier, especially in the first 3-6 months is what you are striving for; your body needs to heal and needs as many nutrient rich foods as you can feed it.

Here are a few tips:  Always read Labels. If you can't read labels,

 

 

ask questions; if you do not get the answer you are looking for then do not eat it. Never assume something is gluten-free, getting 'glutened' by something you eat is never a good situation. Be aware of what cross contamination is and how it occurs. It is a good idea to always carry snacks in your car or purse when going out, meeting friends, or traveling. The worst thing is to be starving, no gluten free food available and making a bad decision to cheat. Be patient and don't give up, in the long run your body will thank you for it. Eating whole fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meats are the best way to embody a glutenfree lifestyle. Educate yourself, do your research, reach out to the gluten free community and do not be afraid to ask questions.

This is your life, live it! A gluten free lifestyle is not the end of the world it is the beginning of a new one.

“View Celiac Disease not as an unhealthy response to a healthy food, but as a healthy response to an unhealthy food” Sayer Ji

Kirsten Berman


Know What you Put In & On Your Body


Page 106 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

www.globalfundforwomen.org www.liveyourdream.org Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 107


Make A

Contribution Today Page 108 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

to Doctors Without Borders

If you would like assistance with your donation, please contact Donor Services at (212) 763-5779, MondayFriday from 9am - 5pm EST or email us at donations@newyork.msf.org.

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Stop Saying SORRY and Feel SAFE Speaking Your Truth in Business... By Jennifer Urrezio

What I noticed about myself several years ago was that every time a man bumped into me (his “fault” not mine), I said I was sorry. So I began to reflect on this awareness. Why was this? I sat down and had a come to Jen meeting. What I realized was I felt unworthy. I wondered where this unworthiness and saying sorry was showing up in other areas of my life – including my business.

Now, I’m not talking about apologizing! You might ask what the difference is between saying you’re sorry and apologizing. I was once told that when you apologize,

Page 110 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

you are accepting your responsibility for the situation. With an apology, there is no attachment and no one is declared a winner or a loser. When you say you’re sorry, it is more of an

energetic declaration that someone was right and someone was wrong. So all of this sorry lamenting was because I didn’t feel safe speaking my truth. I didn’t feel safe standing in my own power. Here’s what most people don’t understand about really feeling safe in their power. It means that they feel safe being powerful, expressing their power, and NOT expecting anyone to bend to that power.

Why is Speaking Your Truth So Important? When you give yourself permission to fully speak your truth in your life and your business, it allows you to make decisions based on support, peace and love. It allows you to create your life from a place of knowing everything will come out right in the end. You go through your days feeling fulfilled, in the flow, and with pleasure and joy, instead of feeling like you are not a star in your own movie.

Defining Truth First, there are the BIG TRUTHS! Those are things that never change, that are absolute, like: Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

 You are one with whatever you call your higher power (The Divine, God, a Tree, or even Bob)  You are whole and complete and perfect just the way you are (No exceptions. You just might not feel that way, but it is true) You create your own experience here (This planet is all about choice, and you can choose how you respond to any situation) It takes practice and choice to embody these big truths, especially when there are a lot of situations that can trigger feeling separate, unsupported and unsafe. E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 111

What I love to offer clients is the ability to feel these big truths within their bodies. Anyone can feel these big truths in their body, even if they believe that they have never felt them before. It is a simple technique to do so. We use the body’s lack of free will to put us in this feeling place. All you have to do is decide that you will participate in the exercise. It’s simple. Just say the statement aloud and be aware of what happens in your body. “Body, place me in my body with the knowing and feeling that I am whole and complete and one with my higher power.” (This is called the Feeling Safe Technique). What did you notice? How could activating this in-body feeling support you selecting better choices for yourself?

When you are “making a choice”, practice the PAUSE and determine if you are making the choice based on fear or based on knowing that you are whole and complete. If you feel that you are making the

Understanding Your Needs And Values

Now that you are embracing the big truths in a bigger way, you can begin to understand your truths in a profounder way. Your truth is based on several things: your needs, your values and an inner knowing.

Guess what. No one can read your mind. I know I find that concept hard to believe as well. I’m a Master Intuitive, and I have a deep sense of knowing. So, I can go around assuming that everyone knows what I want, need and value. And, sometimes, because we want to be accepted or are afraid of those wants, needs and values not being received, we just don’t express them to others (or even ourselves). And sometimes, shockingly, we don’t even know how to put into words what we want, need or value. There are several ways to become aware of this information. Below are two brief exercises to understanding your needs and values.

Page 112 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

choice based on fear, say the above statement and see if you are filled with more feeling, love and peace. Then choose from that feeling place.

Values Look at the values below and check the values that resonate with you the most. What you want to accomplish is knowing your top three values. Achievement Adventure Ambition Authenticity Balance Beauty Big Thinking Challenge Charity Creativity Collaboration Connection Contribution Courage Dependability Education Enjoyment Excellence Expertise Faith Family Freedom

Friendship Gratitude Honesty Honor Humility Independence Intelligence Inspiration Integrity Kindness Knowledge leadership Love Loyalty Luxury Mentoring Motivation Nurturing Passion Peace Perseverance Positivity

Power Recognition Relationships Respect Safety Security Service Simplicity Trust Truth Wealth Wisdom

Now that you know your top three values, you can measure all your decisions up against these three. For example, my three values are Love, Being Seen and Trust. These values have changed from a couple of years ago. So when I’m speaking my truth, I am expressing deep love, trusting and seeing myself as whole and complete. Anytime I’m not expressing my own values, I will feel like I’m not speaking my truth. And how I feel safer each day about expressing those values is remembering all of those times when I didn’t and what occurred, events, situations and experiences that were painful and costly. So after you have determined your values, take a moment to connect to your heart and ask these two important questions:  Why is it in my greatest good to know I’m safe expressing my values?  And, what obstacle do I believe is in the way to expressing those values? Your challenge each day is to express those values more and more in everything you do and say. If it doesn’t align with your values, you get to say no. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

When you feel yourself moving into fear, that is the opportunity to conduct the Feeling Safe Exercise from above.

Needs There are a couple of facts that you get to keep in mind to feel safe expressing your needs. First, according to a dear friend of mine, all needs can be met if expressed (You need to express them to the right individual). Second, everyone has needs, AND we are all trying to get those needs met. When you open up to that, every interaction in your life and business is just everyone operating on their own channel, and some of us are more conscious than others (no judgment). You start to take everything a lot less personally. You move into the consciousness of Neutrality. And, in that level of consciousness what happens is, “Neutral condition allows for flexibility and nonjudgmental, realistic appraisal of problems. To be Neutral means to be relatively unattached to outcomes; not getting in one’s way is no longer experienced as defeating, frightening or frustrating. This is the level of safety.”1 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 113

From the list below, select three to six different needs. You are looking for those “things” that are a must for you to be your ultimate you. A good way to determine this is to simply ask yourself the question, “If I had this need, would I be able to live a life of truth, brilliance, meeting my goals and living a life of innovation and abundance?” You will notice that some needs and values overlap. After you have determined your three top needs, the following questions will help you start feeling safer expressing those needs to yourself and others:  What is the core reason behind having this need?  How am I currently meeting this need?  Where am I trying to get this need met that isn’t serving me? Accepted: approved, be included, permitted, popular, and respected Cared for: get attention, helped, cared about, saved, attended to, treasured, Needed: improved by others, critical link, useful, need to give Accomplish: achieve, fulfill, profit, attain Certainty: clarity, accuracy, precision, guarantees Duty: obligated, do the right thing, follow, prove self, be devoted

Page 114 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Acknowledged: worthy, praised, honored, flattered, valued Comfortable: luxury, prosperity, abundance, taken care of, served Free: unrestricted, immune, independent, selfreliant Loved: liked, cherished, desired, adored, touched Communicate: be heard, make a point, share, talk, be listened to Honesty: sincerity, loyalty, frankness, forthrightness Right: correct, not mistaken, morally right, understood Control: dominate, command, manage, obeyed Order: perfection, symmetry, consistent, unvarying Peace: calmness, quietness, unity, balance Power: authority, results, capacity, might, influence Recognition: noticed, remembered, known for, acclaim, seen Safety: security, protected, stable, deliberate, guarded Work: career, performance, vocation, responsibility Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Please note that there are a number of values and needs not listed. You can go deeper in this work by accessing value and needs sheets on the internet.

How Does It Feel When You Aren’t Speaking Your Truth?

Here are some experiences to know that you aren’t speaking your truth, and/or you don’t feel safe speaking your truth.  You are stuffing your emotions  You are angry all the time  You feel as if you aren’t receiving what you want or need  You say I’m sorry automatically  You feel like you are biting back your words  You feel misunderstood or unheard  You feel unsupported  You feel a closing up sensation in your throat You are people pleasing

Expressing Your Truth In Your Life And Your Business So the first suggestion, after you understand more about your truth, is to start small in expressing it in a bigger way. Keep in mind that the more you spend asking and reflecting on your truth, the deeper that truth will be revealed to you. There is always more to learn about yourself and to express.

Here’s a question to help you begin the practice of speaking your truth in your life and business.

In what situation, where knowing your needs would be met, would you say or do something differently? Now, practice the Feeling Safe Exercise, and then write down or record what you would say and do differently. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Allow yourself to reread or listen to what that new way would be like, remembering that you are not responsible for how others feel. You are only responsible for how you respond in a situation. One fail-safe practice for me is setting intention prior to having a conversation. I sit quietly and say to myself, “It is my heartfelt intention to speak and hear with the frequency of the consciousness of acceptance for myself and others.” Then I go into the conversation. It takes a little practice, and the more practice you have, the more speaking your truth becomes automatic. 1: David Hawkins Power Vs Force E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 115

Page 116 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Managing Difficult Conversations With Non-Defensive Communication By Brenda Williams

Have you ever needed to have a difficult conversation and didn’t know how to approach it? Or jumped in with both feet and had it turn into a disaster? Today I explore how you can start turning difficult conversations into positive outcomes using nondefensive communication techniques. I grew up on the east coast of the United States where there are a lot of LOUD Italians and crazy Irish people —

and they say it like it is — without the sugar coating! I speak from experience when I say you can have a better outcome when you approach a difficult conversation with skill and strategy. Working with your personal coach, you can explore how to apply these concepts to both personal and working relationships.

Employing Non-Defensive Communication You’re in the break room with a colleague, when he looks over and asks, “Do you always butter your bread that way?” “Ha, ha,” you laugh. But inside, your story sounds more like this, “Who

does he think he is, Mr. Manners? What’s wrong with the way I butter my bread? Jerk! He’s always so critical.” Freeze frame. If something as minor as buttering bread can provoke such feelings of defensiveness, imagine what can happen with more important issues at work or home!

Now, are you ready to become a skilled, non-defensive communicator? Page 118 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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What happens, says Sharon Ellison, M.S., is essentially war. Ellison, founder of Powerful NonDefensive Communication, teaches that the way we communicate with each other uses the same principles and tactics we would use in physical combat, based on the belief that we must protect ourselves by being defensive.

In a corporate setting, defensiveness can result in power struggles and unnecessary, destructive

As soon as we feel any threat, either of not getting what we want or of being harmed or put down in some way, we choose from among the three basic defensive war maneuvers: surrender, withdrawal or counterattack.

While you’re busy defending yourself, there’s also not much room for meaningful contact with others. Nor can you learn from their feedback or from your own mistakes. Your defensiveness hurts you the most. Ellison estimates that we use 95% of our communications energy being defensive. She describes the six most common defensive reactions as follows:

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conflicts. And

if you are defensive with customers and clients, you are more likely to lose them. The same could apply to our personal relationships as well.

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 119

In a corporate setting, defensiveness can result in power struggles and unnecessary, destructive conflicts. And if you are defensive with customers and clients, you are more likely to lose them. The same could apply to our personal relationships as well. While you’re busy defending yourself, there’s also not much room for meaningful contact with others. Nor can you learn from their feedback or from your own mistakes. Your defensiveness hurts you the most. Ellison estimates that we use 95% of our communications energy being defensive. She describes the six most common defensive reactions as follows:

Surrender-Betray. We give in, but defend the person’s mistreatment of us, selfblaming.

Surrender-Sabotage. We cooperate outwardly, but undermine the person in some way. Passive-aggressive behavior falls into this category.

Counterattack-Blame. We attack or judge the other to defend ourselves.

Withdrawal-Escape. We avoid talking to someone, leaving the room, or changing subjects.

Withdrawal-Entrap. We refuse to give information as a way to trap the other person into doing something inappropriate or making a mistake.

Counterattack-Justify. We let someone know he/she is wrong to be upset with us, explaining our own behavior and making excuses.

Page 120 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Curbing Your Own Defensive Reactions If you feel criticized, rather than reacting or retreating, take a deep breath, tell yourself that it’s only feedback and just listen. You can correct the record later, if necessary. Consider if there is a kernel of truth in the criticism. If there is, acknowledge it and work to improve in that area. Your willingness to acknowledge when you’re wrong inspires colleagues, clients and management to feel confident in you.

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When someone uses the words “always” and “never,” ignore those words and focus on the rest of the message. Listen for the (usually) hidden need expressed in a person’s complaint or anger, acknowledge the need, and then see whether there is something you can do to meet it. For instance, when a customer (or partner) is complaining about your “defective” product (or personality trait), what he/she may need is to feel stable and secure, in this instance, to be able to rely upon your product (support). Address that need in a clear and compassionate manner and you regain not only his/her confidence, but his/her loyalty as well.

Brenda Williams is a well-respected, Board Certified Coach who has provided consulting and coaching to individuals and businesses for over 25 years. Her focus is on leadership development and emotional intelligence, creating a Self Mastery System that leads to progressive communication skills and extraordinary relationships. She helps individuals and organizations make critical changes in their behavior, mindset and skills — leading to Laser Focused Results and Transformational Change.

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Creativity Brightens The Spirit By Bruce Wiseman

Listen to Bach or the lyrics of Lennon and McCartney; watch Meryl Steep in The Devil Wears Prada, Michael Jackson moon-walk or Baryshnikov soar; read a great novel or write one. What a joy. I love good books, am a voracious reader and never more jazzed than when I am writing a novel – how does my private eye protagonist bring the evil bastard to justice while the love of his life isn’t aware that the guy she is working with is trying to jump her bones?

I have another passion that could more accurately be classified as a fetish: I am a ceaseless observer of advertising and marketing campaigns – print ads, radio and television commercials, websites, marketing pieces, packaging and PR offerings. I relish great ad campaigns. They make me smile. Drives me crazy to see corporations spend millions on production and advertising costs for sophomoric commercials that appeal only to the drug addled minds of college freshman.

Somehow he’ll work it out.

Page 122 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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An advertisement, in whatever form, should deliver a communication that prompts a reach for the advertiser’s products or services. Those of you who read these articles know that I have long held that the 2011 Eminem Chrysler Super Bowl commercial is the best commercial of all time.

to stumble onto a great ad last night. A real piece of creativity.

But I happened

The dialogue is fresh and clever. The story line is marvelously original. The branding is subtle but impactful. Give it a watch. It’s not short but I was intrigued from the start to finish. And the setting…well you’ll see. What did you think? Drop me a line and let me know at

Bruce@brucewiseman.net. And if you need a professional eye on your advertising marketing materials or your website, we are but a mouse click away. Best, Bruce Bruce Wiseman, President & CEO On Target Research

www.ontargetresearch.com We live, as you know better than most, in a world where information is the rising currency of value. Your information, provided by solid, yet unique and innovative research technologies, thus becomes great wealth. C. Jackson Bain, President Bain and Associates, Inc. Copyright © 2014 Concentric Order, All rights reserved. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Toni Morrison American novelist, editor, and professor.

Toni Morrison is a Nobel Prize- and Pulitzer Prizewinning American novelist. Among her best known novels are The Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon and Beloved. Synopsis Born on February 18, 1931, in Lorain, Ohio, Toni Morrison is a Nobel Prize- and Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist, editor and professor. Her novels are known for their epic themes, vivid dialogue and richly detailed black characters. Among her best known novels are The Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon and Beloved. Morrison has won nearly every book prize possible. She has also been awarded honorary degrees.

Early Career Born Chloe Anthony Wofford on February 18, 1931, in Lorain, Ohio, Toni Morrison was the second oldest of four children. Her father, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

George Wofford, worked primarily as a welder, but held several jobs at once to support the family. Her mother, Ramah, was a domestic worker. Morrison later credited her parents with instilling in her a love of reading, music, and folklore. Living in an integrated neighborhood, Morrison did not become fully aware of racial divisions until she was in her teens. "When I was in first grade, nobody thought I was inferior. I was the only black in the class and the only child who could read," she later told a reporter from The New York Times. Dedicated to her studies, Morrison took Latin in school, and read many great works of European literature. She graduated from Lorain High School with honors in 1949. At Howard University, Morrison continued to pursue her interest in literature. She majored in English, and chose the classics for her minor. After graduating from Howard in 1953, Morrison continued her education at Cornell University. She wrote her thesis on the works of Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner, and completed her master's degree in 1955. E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 125

She then moved to Texas to teach English at Texas Southern University. In 1957, Morrison returned to Howard University to teach English. There she met Harold Morrison, an architect originally from Jamaica. The couple got married in 1958 and welcomed their first child, son Harold, in 1961. After the birth of her son, Morrison joined a writers group that met on campus. She began working on her first novel with the group, which started out as a short story. Morrison's first novel, The Bluest Eye, was published in 1970. It told the story of a young African-American girl who believes her incredibly difficult life would be better if only she had blue eyes. The book received warm reviews, but it didn't sell well. Morrison continued to explore the African-American experience in its many forms and time periods in her work. Her next novel, Sula (1973), explores good and evil through the friendship of two women who grew up together. The work was nominated for the American Book Award. Song of Solomon (1977) became the first work by an African-American author to be a featured selection in the book-of-the-month club since Native Son by Richard Wright. It follows the journey of Milkman Dead as he searches the South for his roots. Morrison received a number of accolades for this work. A rising literary star, Morrison was appointed to the National Council on the Arts in 1980. The following year, Tar Baby was published. The novel drew some inspiration from folktales, and it received a decidedly mixed reaction from critics. Her next work, however, proved to be one of her greatest masterpieces. Beloved (1987) explores love and the supernatural. The main character, a former slave, is haunted by her decision to kill her children rather than see them become slaves. Three of her children survived, but her infant daughter died at her hand. For this spellbinding work, Morrison won several literary awards, including the 1988 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Ten years later, in 1998, the book was turned into a movie starring Oprah Winfrey. Page 126 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Branching Out Morrison became a professor at Princeton University in 1989, and continued to produce great works. In recognition of her contributions to her field, she received the 1993 Nobel Prize in Literature, making her the first African-American woman to be selected for the award. The following year, she published the novel Jazz, which explores marital love and betrayal. At Princeton, Morrison established a special workshop for writers and performers known as the Princeton Atelier in 1994. The program was designed to help students create original works in a variety of artistic fields. Outside of her academic work, Morrison continued to write new works of fiction. Her next novel, Paradise (1998), which focused on a fictional African-American town called Ruby, earned mixed reviews. Her later works included: The Big Box, The Book of Mean People (2002) and The Ant or the Grasshopper? (2003). She has also explored other genres, writing the play Dreaming Emmett in the mid-1980s and the lyrics for "Four Songs" with composer Andre Previn in 1994 and "Sweet Talk" with composer Richard Danielpour in 1997. Her next novel, Love (2003), divides its narrative between the past and present. Bill Cosey, a wealthy entrepreneur and owner of the Cosey Hotel and Resort, is the center figure in the work. The flashbacks explore his life, while his death casts a long shadow on the present part of the story. A critic for Publisher's Weekly praised the work, stating that "Morrison has crafted a gorgeous, stately novel whose mysteries are gradually unearthed." Recent projects include: Home,2012 and addition to Home, Morrison also debuted another work in 2012: She worked with opera director Peter Sellars and songwriter Rokia TraorĂŠ on a new production inspired by William Shakespeare's Othello. The trio focused on the relationship between Othello's wife Desdemona and her African nurse, Barbary, in Desdemona, which premiered in London in the summer of 2012. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

A Sampling of Toni Morrison Books

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Our New Meetings Location

PLAYA PROVISIONS 119 Culver Boulevard (310) 683-5019 Playa Del Rey, Calif 90293

(features homemade ice cream and a whiskey bar) Tuesday September 9, 2014 6:00 PM How to Sell A Million!

Speaker: Ursula Mentjes is Immediate Past-

President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, NAWBO, Chairperson of NAWBO-CA Education Fund, Immediate-Past President of Business Resource Connections, On the Board of Inspire Life Skills helping underprivileged children, Winner of "Willow Tree Extraordinary Example" and "Willow Tree Extraordinary Entrepreneur", the A.N.I.T.A. Award, is currently nominated by the Small Business Development Center SBDC of Orange County for the SBA "Champion of Women Business Owners" Award, and finalist in the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards. Ursula Mentjes donates 10% of all her profits to Women's Businesses. Ursula Mentjes has the #1 Best Seller(s) on Amazon in both the "Business" and "Marketing" categories 2 years running, is #1 on Amazon in the "Movers and Shakers" category, Winner of the Beverly Hills Book Club Award for "Best Book of the Year" in "Business" and "Marketing". Page 128 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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This could Be You!

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