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very now and then, when the night air is balmy and the moon shimmers in the Los Angeles sky like a fat silver medallion, Hollywood's fly goyr ditch their publicists and go searching for their dawgs. They are happiest when the hunt is brief, for sometimes even leading men like to be led: by the music, the aroma of good grub, and the prospect of clinking glasses and eaqF camaraderie wirh their Tinseltown brethren. On a recent evening in West Hollywood, the fellas arrived one by one, eager for a night of high-end chillin' at the hip bachelor pad of comedian Orlando Jones, who, it rurns our, has got a lot to celebrate these days. Ffe won big props as the star of last winter's breakout film, Drumline, he's the host of FX's Tbe Orlandn Jones Sbaat (aunchedJune 19) and his 33rd birthday is days away. Some of his best pals-supersrar Laurence Fishburne, Oscar winner Adrien Brody, Djimon Hounsot (Gladiator, Biker Bryr), Derek Luke (Tbe Antzrone Fisher Story, Biker Bryr), chef/restaurateur Gerry Garvin G.A.'s G.Ganrin) and frmryrman Eddie Griffin-gor rogether to make sure it was a nightJones wouldnt soon forget. Never one to miss a good pary, SAVoy crashedJones's crib to take some notes on how the Big Boys do it off screen. Tip Numero Uno: only the best spirits will do, and in this case, Hennessy Paradis was the obvious choice to flavor the joint. And another thing: sometimes smaller is better. "f hate parties where you can never get to the people you care about because you're getting pulled over, so this was great because it was just my boys," says Jones. "Sometimes, you'lI get half of us in the same room, but this was hot because we all got a chance to really vibe with each other and catch up." Of course, behind every Gatsby wannabe is, well, a female event planner. Wading quiedy in all the testosterone was pary maven Diann

Valentine. Jones wished for the ultimate tricked-out frat part;.., and Valentine made it come true, adding brilliant touches that transformed his home into a chic, cool space. The

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white leather ottomans, overstuffed leather and ultrasuede pillows, candles and modern bamboo and orchid arrangements mingled harmoniously with plasma screens and )Goxes in the li rirg room. Instead of setting up a formal dining table, Valentine designed individual handmade birch "TV trays" that could easily be set up wherever each diner preferred. For the vittles, Valentine brought in executive chef David Whyko, who's perhaps most


famous for the scrumptious dishes he cooks up for rock star Lenny Kravitz. Jones's crew raved about the pan-seared ahi tuna and a short ribs dish, served to them by barefoog linen-dad ladies. While they munched, the real action was unfolding around the video gaming ables, whereJones, l9-year-old spinmeister DJ Ruckus, producer Dallas Austin, C,arvin and the music difector ofJones's shovr, Jovar Andrews as well as ie animation producer, PJ. Pesce, batded. Tlash alkin'abounded, old bets were revived and tales of people's nulnas even entered the fray. Somehow,Jones came out on top, despite some suspecr skills (some things are sacred to blzs, like being undefeated on your birthday). By now the partywas well wrder way, with Fishbume-"Fish" to the guys-holding forth on tnatters ofbusiness and pleasure poolside, his sately pose reflected in


water lit dazzfingly from beneath seemingly with blue and green flames. Griffin, bede&ed in a red jumpsuit and waxing witty, joined in and rounded out the spectrum ofstars. Meanwhile, Oscar (he needs no last name), the proprietor of Mursuli Cigars , along with an assisAng set up shop behind the pool, preparing to school the boys on the finer points of cigar rolling (and in some noable-if unmentionable-cases, smoking) and unveiling the "OrlandoJones" pri te cigar label he'd ordered up for the wening. krside, Brody had entered the mix, looking trucker chic and, sadly, a smidge under the weather. "A Ranger," as Brody's lnown on the ones and twos, kicked it with fellow young Hollywood phenoms Luke and Hounsou to the musical stylings of-get ready----an honest-to-goodness flautist. While hip-hop pounded from the house's many speakers, she picked up the beats and improvised, creating a somewhat surreal blend of star power, boy's top and pwe, unadulterated class. Brody, Luke and Hounsou-not much for smoking-never made it to the cigar show. And though the merits of experiencing the roll, if not the high, might have seduced some more susceptible fellows, Brody put it simply and straight-faced: "I've been to Cuba." Likely owing to the proximity of their indoor po\Mwow to the chef, the trio was among the first fed, whidr according to an amused Valentine, produced some anxiety in Luke. "IIe just looked lost holding the tray, so I said, 'Here, baby, let me help you,' and pulled over a able." Once dessert was served, the crew had hit the proverbial wall-the one where food and drink require a solid hour of dovntime before the real carousing can commence. To that end, Valentine had wisely scheduled a few low-impact activities for the end of the party.



Olufsen provided a demonstration of some

exciting, if frighteningly high-tech, home entertainment equipment. The presenter enthusiastically orhibited his

wares-which incidentally, sported price tags rivaling many residential down payments-and handled boisterous inquisitions. Finally, Fishburne, easily the night's most interested and informed consumer, declared flatly, as if it had just occured to him, "This has gone on far too long." And then, like magic, it was over. Rounding out the revelry, Garvin presented the birthday boy with a platinum and diamond dog tag on a

platinum chain-the season's new must-have-by Chris "The Ice Man" Aire. Glasses raised, the partygoers toasted their host, and, blessed with a second wind and a drinkin' man's resolve, headed outdoors, where drivers and Lincoln Navigators were waiting to whisk them away into the warm Los Angeles night. v

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Savoy Life: Boys' Night In  
Savoy Life: Boys' Night In  

SAVOY’s annual fabulous dinner party takes a turn for the masculine as it hits Orlando Jones’s birthday bash.