Apfelhotel @ Night Fever N° 5/2016 Hospitality Design by Frame Magazine

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Apfelhotel noa* South Tyrolean practice noa* ushers in a new phase for the region’s Torgglerhof estate, an apple farm-cum-guesthouse that has just expanded into a 28-room boutique hotel. The intervention uses the land’s crop as a unifying theme, narrating its life cycle through the different aspects of the visitor experience. The reception area in the existing portion of the building now rests under a circular canopy, with sheer, beige curtains creating a sense of blossoming and unfolding in the shape of the fruit and the colour of its pulp. Shades of forest green in the carpeting and seating complete the ambience of spring. Invoking the subsequent harvest, the adjacent restaurant and bar are delineated with hues of green, yellow and rose, with custom light fixtures influenced by the forms of traditional tools for this activity and a reclaimed workbench forming the buffet. Apple trees growing into the interior and the glazed, full-height sliding doors blur the distinction between inside and outside. An old stable hosts the new suites, which represent the apple’s ‘refinement’ stage. Inspired by fruit crates, the raw-textured wood in these rooms form partitions, doors and accents. Finally, for the ‘repose’ period, a wellness centre hosts an organically-shaped sauna with curved contours carved into the landscape.

WHERE Saltaus, Italy OPENING 2016 CLIENT Apfelhotel Torgglerhof DESIGNER noa* (p.000) FLOOR AREA 2800 m2 CAPACITY 28 rooms FACILITIES Bar, restaurant, shop, sauna, outdoor pool, park

The wellness centre is sculpted to rise out of the Torgglerhof estate as it nestles next to the adjacent orchard.



Night Fever 5


For an organically-inspired project, curved contours are prevalent in the reception area.