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True Independent Living

Looking for a builder who understands your needs? Just like housing trends change over time, so do our bodies, capabilities and lifestyle, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire to remain living in our own home for as long as we can. Livable Housing Australia has partnered community, business groups and government to make homes easier to access, navigate around and live in, leading to the introduction of the Australian Livable Housing Guidelines.

As Members of the Independent Builders Network, we understand how living independently at home impacts on overall wellbeing and have made it easier than ever with our new Adaptable Living Range. Designed in accordance with the Livable Housing Guidelines, the range was created to make future modifications easy, affordable, and free from stress - no matter what your needs or circumstances.

The home is open for public viewing on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm – or by appointment and is conveniently located at 29 Olive Grove, Greenbank.

Their relationship with reputable local builders, and national buying power ensures our homes are affordable, customisable, and delivered to the highest standards which is why DBC Homes fits right in to the stable comfortably having over 45 years’ of building excellence history.

For further information on the Adaptable Living Range by Independent Builders Network, visit or, to learn more about DBC Homes, visit or call Rick Hayter 0414 322 900 to organise an inspection.

IBN has chosen Brisbane to showcase this exciting new concept for true independent living with a display home by DBC Homes, officially accredited with the livable living ‘Gold Level’ by Livable Housing Australia, the second highest standard available and only one on display in the whole country!

1986, 1997, 1998 & 2006 MBA EXCELLENCE IN HOUSING 1987 & 1988 HIA TOP HOMES AWARD

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ABN 15 091 164 528 QBSA Lic. No. 1002712

DBC Homes


22/10/2020 11:05:16 AM

Editor’s note


IRST nobody was going anywhere, then suddenly it seemed that everyone I knew was packing up a caravan or camper trailer and heading off. There’s no doubt we are a generation — and a nation — of travellers. The minute international flights are grounded, and cruise ships docked, we come up with other ways to get out and about. Some friends dusted off caravans in storage, others bought and sold, some brought forward purchase plans while others, such as Bev Everson, had an off-road van custom built. Bev spent 73 days “just looking around” as she calls it, while covering a distance of 10,800km, most of it without leaving Queensland. We are


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Contents lucky to live in a state big enough to be able to make a mighty trip of it. Bruce McMahon investigates the burgeoning trend for caravanning and also offers some cautionary tales in his report this month. If towing a caravan or camper trailer isn’t for you, the other trend is for coach travel. With cruises off the agenda, it’s a matter of boarding a bus rather than a boat, by which I mean luxury coach rather than luxury liner. It will be interesting to see if local travel takes hold and lingers long after the globe gets past Covid, although that is likely to be a while yet. The possibility of boarding an international flight without fear, or possibly even being able to afford the ticket in the first place, seems far off. But for those who have the travel bug, now is a perfect opportunity to “just look around” which has the added benefit of giving our own small towns and attractions a boost. Also this month, we meet the grandson of the pastry chef who went down with the Titanic in 1912. It’s a fascinating tale, from the first class dining room to Wynnum. Dorothy Whittington, Editor

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22/10/2020 10:15:56 AM


Join the vanguard – hitch up and hit the road


Can’t get to Cannes this season? Then head to Cairns. BRUCE McMAHON finds the open road and caravans are the new normal and a great way to explore our far-flung backyards in troubled times.


eander up to the tip of Cape York. Head hell, west and crooked as there won’t be any lounging beside a Bali pool or cruising down the Rhine for a while. The joys of vanning, or heading out with a mobile home, have been around for a long time. Caravan and motorhome – aka Recreational Vehicle (RV) – sales have been solid for decades with 741,000 now registered in Australia. And 192,895 of these, towable and motorized RVs live in Queensland.

This state continues to have the highest number of registrations, accounting for 26 per cent of Australia’s recreational vehicles. The advantages of caravanning are with the nomad, grey or not, plus local businesses from Brisbane to Birdsville, Carnarvon to the Cape. The traveller earns spectacular sights and amazing experiences while local stores and pubs earn a fresh dollar. It’s about meeting people too, says Marl Crank from Dalby: “Interesting people from all walks of life.”

Friendly tranquil setting...

Since buying their first van in 1993 Marl and husband Terry have been around Australia twice and one year, spent three months just in the top of Queensland. “It’s a big country and a pretty country. We bought a van to see the countryside and to have our own accommodation, clothes hanging up and bed made every night.” Sunshine Coasters Bev and Terry Everson are not long back from an 11,000km trip around Queensland and the Northern Territory with their Isuzu wagon and a Murraybilt trailer. “Some of the country towns, like Karumba, were a real highlight,” Terry says. “And all that Gulf savannah, just a different sort of countryside that you’d never imagine.” For Bev it was the colour of the sunsets, the colour of the different soils, the variety trees and plants. “We finished our trip at the Currawinya National Park near Hungerford on the New South Wales border. That was stunning. The wildflowers are just beautiful, mindblowing actually.” Caravanning is the biggest component of Australian tourism according to Ron Chapman, a special advisor to the caravan industry. There are some 500 caravan parks around Queensland alone – from Cape York to Coolangatta and west to Thargomindah – even if some are little more than a handful of sites behind a service station in Woop-Woop, notes Ron. Then there’s “freedom camping”, getting off the beaten track and off-grid in off-road RVs. Last year, Queensland recorded a high of 2.7 million caravan and camping trips for 12.5 million nights in the state. Across

WEST WHERE THE PELICANS NEST • take a vehicle in good condition; four-wheel drive is best for clearance and extra traction on dirt roads but some SUVs may suit. • consider packing an extra spare wheel and tyre plus shovel and Snatch-em strap. • know your vehicle’s fuel range. • pack a day’s water for occupants. • take a roll of paper towels for spills and ills. And starting campfires. • check road and weather conditions, with locals where feasible. • mobile phone coverage is limited (some networks totally useless). • DO NOT rely on GPS. Take maps, sight landmarks and orientate yourself in the real world. • travel as light as possible, extra weight means extra fuel and more work for the vehicle. • don’t take on road trains, pull over if need be. • leave the outback tidy, close gates where necessary, be considerate to fellow travellers. • carry some cash. There are places such as camp site honesty boxes where cash is boss. • consider having calling cards printed, with name, phone and email. These are handy when checking in to accommodation or exchanging details with new friends.

Where the living is easy Quality living for the young at heart. Located within walking distance to major shopping centres, transport and park lands with walk ways and bike tracks. At River Glen Haven everything is here for residents to enjoy! • • • • •

Spacious 274 homes in a peaceful village atmosphere. Each home has a carport, small garden & pets are allowed. High security with resident on-site manager, visiting doctor & hairdresser. 2 Community halls, indoor bowls, 2 pools & 20 acres of natural parkland. Social functions, bus, 2 clubhouses, workshop, craft & recreational areas, library & mail services.

For further information Freecall 3805 2155 Make an appointment for a relaxed and informal viewing at 30 Beutel St, Waterford West 4 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / November 2020

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River Glen Haven Brisbane

22/10/2020 10:16:14 AM


Australia, caravans contributed 26 per cent of total holiday nights, ahead of hotels, motels and resorts. In regional Australia, caravans and camping contributed one-third of all holiday nights in 2019. While about 80 per cent of Australianmade caravans come from Victoria, Queensland is the leading state for camper trailer manufacturers and off-road van makers such as Bushtracker, Kedron, Spinifex and Sunland. These off-road caravans and trailers, sitting higher on more sophisticated chassis and suspension for better ground clearance, are top-sellers in the Sunshine State. Spinifex Caravans, just north of Brisbane at Deception Bay, began building vans in 2007 and Steve Thompson has seen business grow year-on-year. He now offers four base models of off-road vans, plus a pop-top model, with 26 floor plans, and then customises each van to order. Spinifex vans are at the top end of the market, starting at around $110,00 through to $200,000. “That’s why people like to come to the factory and go through the whole build process,” says Steve. “These days the vans seem to be getting bigger. We still do some normal sizes, but more are now 22ft-plus with people basically looking for everything you’ve got at home in a caravan.” Essentially, Spinifex vans are all fully off-grid trailers, carrying plenty of water, a lot of power and a lot of solar. Today’s lithium battery and inverter technology allow vanners home comforts and appliances without the need for mains power. “And it’s not just about what a van looks like on the outside, it’s what’s underneath that counts in an off-road van, especially if you want it to last,” Steve says.


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SWAYING SAFE RACQ trainers say a swaying van – when a trailer tries to overtake the car – can be caused by a number of issues: . Underinflated tyre pressures . Uneven or over-loading . Poor, uneven hitching . Inappropriate speed . Oncoming vehicles . Low pressure area when passing another vehicle It can happen on good bitumen and in good weather. And once a van begins to sway that swinging, snaking motion may increase through the fulcrum at the hitch point. So what to do? Most experts agree: • Stay calm and hold a steady course. • DO NOT try and steer out of the sway • Get off the accelerator • Don’t brake the tow vehicle • Apply, gently, the van’s electric brakes with the dashboardmounted controller • Pull over and check load, tyres and hitch lever

“Suspension, the chassis, framing – all these sorts of things are important. And if you don’t have something built properly it’ll fall apart pretty quickly.” Some vans may not see the Back of Beyond but a well-built caravan, camper trailer or motorhome is important, as even Queensland’s bitumen roads can be rough and rugged. Yet there is an incredible range of experiences to be had across this state. The Adventure Way, for instance, takes the trekker 1400km from Brisbane to the Dig Tree in sprawling Channel Country

where supplies were left for ill-fated explorers Burke and Wills. The Savannah Way runs 3700km from Cairns to Broome. Or head out to Longreach and the Stockman’s Hall of Fame before venturing up to Winton, the best little town in the west and home to Waltzing Matilda and the Age of Dinosaurs museums. There are faraway beaches and rivers and, closer to the south-east corner, 101 places to explore from the majesty of the Carnarvon Ranges to Queen Mary Falls to the sands of Fraser Island.


hichever way the road leads, proper preparation of vehicle and van is key. The experienced Terry Everson says ensure fuel and water supplies will last the distance between far-flung spots plus drive to conditions. Plan ahead with provisions because some remote areas may not carry all the necessities or road conditions may mean parking up for a while. “And tyres are always a big issue,” Terry says. “You should assess the road ahead and adjust tyre pressures accordingly. I normally run 40 psi on the MU-X and 50 psi on the van but on some roads I dropped down to 28 psi for both.” The Eversons didn’t blow a tyre on this last 11,000km tour while fuel consumption for the Isuzu wagon towing a 2100kg trailer averaged around 15 litres per 100km. Diesel prices ran to $2 a litre in remote places and, with some free camps thrown in, the Eversons’ accommodation averaged $12.04 a night for their 73 nights away. Tow vehicles and trailer weights, unladen and not, are important to doublecheck when buying any type of recreational vehicle. Spinifex’s Steve Thompson says the first question he often asks prospective

customers is what car will be used, although with the price point of his vans he doesn’t see too many inexperienced vanners. Rather, they are the folk who started out with a low to mid-range priced van and are now moving up. Any tow vehicle needs to be able to legally pull the van’s weight and have a tow ball rating that will accept that particular load. SUVs and dual cab utes are often favoured; turbocharged diesel engines mated to automatic transmissions among the best mechanical options. Be sure to check the vehicle’s handbook as some manufacturers have speed limits when towing. Exceeding those could void warranties or insurance policies. Some states can have different speed limits for towing certain weights or for certain road conditions. Fleet Driver Training’s Brian Everitt says experience is a wonderful thing, perhaps more so for caravanning than driving. Some folk, Brian suggests, buy a brand new four-wheel drive out front of a brand new caravan without having towed anything apart from a box trailer. Vanners first need to know trailer weights and towing capacities plus understand all-round performance, from braking to steering to fuel consumption, will be affected. “That’s the hardest part, trying to convince people that once you put something, and all that extra weight, on the back of a vehicle you cannot drive it the same way,” Brian said. So pick the road, balance the load, and head off into the sunset. At a sensible pace.

For more information visit:,

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resumed, the result caused uproar – the winner was not the Swedish favourite, but Miss Grenada, the first black woman to be crowned Miss World. In a matter of hours, a global audience had witnessed the patriarchy driven from the stage and the Western ideal of beauty turned on its head. The comedy-drama, Misbehaviour, with an all-star cast including Keira Knightley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Rhys Ifans and Greg Kinnear, is in cinemas from November 26

WIN A FREE DOUBLE PASS IN 1970, the Miss World competition took place in London, hosted by US comedy legend Bob Hope. At the time, it was the most-watched TV show on the planet with more than 100 million viewers. Claiming that beauty competitions demeaned women, the newly formed Women’s Liberation Movement achieved overnight fame by invading the stage and disrupting the live broadcast of the competition. Not only that, when the show

Your Time has five double passes to be won to see Misbehaviour at a cinema near you. To enter, simply email editor@yourtimemagazine. with your name and postal address. Entries close November 20, and passes will be in the mail to arrive before November 26. Passes are valid for most cinemas. Personal information and email addresses are deleted after the contest period.

PEOPLE who go to bed early are more likely to be in better health and more physically active than night owls. A study by the University of Leicester and the University of South Australia, assessed the bedtime preferences (sleep chronotypes) of people with type 2 diabetes, identifying a connection between bedtimes and healthy, active lifestyles. It found that night owls or evening chronotypes – those who go to bed late and get up late –have an excessively sedentary lifestyle characterised by low levels and low intensities of physical activity – and this is putting their health at greater risk. Type 2 diabetes is largely the result of excess body weight and physical inactivity. Researchers found night owls exercised 56 per cent less than early birds. “Exercise plays an important role for people with diabetes, helping maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease,” researcher Joseph Henson said. “This makes understanding the factors that can mitigate a person’s propensity to exercise, extremely important.” The study, which examined 635 patients with type 2 diabetes, found 25 per cent of participants had morning chronotypes (average bedtime 10.52pm); 23 per cent had evening chronotypes (average bedtime of 12.36am).

PIE DEAL HARD TO RESIST QUEENSLAND bakery Beefy’s has been a consistent winner at the Official Great Aussie Pie competition and for more than two decades has been making pies with the perfect pastry, just the right thickness and texture, an even bake, and a filling that ticks all the boxes for quality, stability, taste and aroma. And now you can buy one and get one free to try for yourself. It’s a handy offer when you don’t feel like cooking. Buy any lunch size pie and receive a multi-award winning Signature steak pie for free. Just look for the coupon in this month’s Your Time. The Beefy’s Signature Steak remains the favourite, but there are lots of other varieties including gluten free pies which have been endorsed by Coeliac Australia. Beefy’s Pies are at Wynnum Road, Cannon Hill, Anzac Avenue, Mango Hill; and 754 Bestmann Rd, Ningi.

IN THE GARDEN — with Penny THE Spring weather and showers are creating beautiful displays. Keep up the fertilizer in the vegie patch. There’s still time to plant for summer salads. Nurseries have good stocks of vegetable and flower seedlings. It’s also time to propagate many plants now. It’s easier than you might think. Keep an eye out for grubs, especially on snapdragons and emerging rose buds.




Take the hassle out of selling your car... LET US SELL IT FOR YOU! Better $$$ than trade-in or wholesale, you’re the ‘Boss’ we work for you! Professional advertising & marketing of your car on 15 websites. Offering over 100 years motor industry knowledge & experience. MTAQ licensed dealer operating under Dept. of Fair Trading Guidelines. All transactions done via trust accounts to guarantee protection.

460 Gympie Road, Kedron. Ph: 07 3359 2477 A/H: 0421 047 286 AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST CONSIGNMENT DEALER QUEENSLAND’S BEST VARIETY 6 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / November 2020

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Call us today for on the spot cash sales. W WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING TO BUY:

Deodorants, from their inception, were marketed towards women, with advertisements convincing them that perspiration odour ruined romance! Make sure you are nice to be near. Men’s toiletries were sold at the chemist giving them a slight pretence of medical association. Deodorants were known as grooming aids giving man-sized protection (against man-sized pong). Dad used a cream deodorant called Mum in a small, flat, white glass, screw-top jar. Thinking back, he was quite forward thinking with this as plenty of other blokes his age reveled in their own mystique.

Jewellery - Rings, Brooches, Bangles, Cameos, Lockets, Diamonds, Old gold andd broken jjewellery eweelle l ery ry Coins and Banknotes - Oriental Antiques - Ivory - Jade stcards War Medals and Souvenirs - Swords, Daggers, Bayonets, Flags, Trench art and postcards Coloured Glassware - Silverware - Bronzes - Australian Pottery - Native Artifacts

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Extract from Pam Van Der Kooy’s Stuff We Had in the ’50s and ’60s available from all good bookstores.

Carpet Cleaning The world’s first motorist was the French artillery officer Nicholas Cugnot driving a three-wheel vehicle called the Fardier a Vapeur, in 1769. His invention had a steam driven, two-cylinder engine driving the front wheel and could carry four people at a speed of not quite 3km/h. But huge copper boiler on the front made it almost impossible to steer and Cugnot had the world’s first motor accident minutes after starting off when he crashed into a stone wall. A year later, he became the world’s first convicted dangerous driver.

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11Hä±ɔ!‚tɔÅ November 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 7

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by Mocco Wollert

FOR A while now I have been having a full medical check-up once a year. This always includes an in-depth questionnaire. I answer all the questions truthfully except one – how many alcohol-free days do you have per week? That’s when I am tempted to lie! I used to tell the truth and admit to at least one glass of wine with my dinner or while watching TV. Looking at the doctor’s face though, I would get the feeling he or she would hand me the phone number of the nearest AA meeting. A friend of mine, also well into her 80s, has a small whisky on ice around 5pm every day. When she admitted that to her GP, she saw him write in his notes, “alcoholic”. I wonder what today’s doctors would make of my grandfather who lived in the river Rhein region and drank a bottle of white wine every day. Admittedly, those wines were generally preservative free.

10 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / November 2020

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He lived a good life in his own home until he was 99 years old. You could say that he might have made it to 100 but pneumonia got the better of him. Shouldn’t we listen to the elders in our families? Follow their example? Of course, in Germany, where I was born, my generation was taught how to drink responsibly. I remember, as a very young child being offered a small liqueur glass of white wine with Sunday dinner. We would wait for father to say “pros”’ (cheers), and then everybody lifted their glass towards each other before taking a sip. Drunkenness was considered abhorrent and uncouth. That did not stop me from drinking too much and behaving like a dinosaur when I was a teenager but that was just a phase I went through. The “drinking rules” learnt as a child stayed for life. One of my stable medical remedies is a shot of vodka. Again, it comes from the German background. Vodka, usually made from potatoes, is very much like schnapps, a clear drink made from grains. If you felt bilious – whatever happened to that word? – you were given a small glass of schnapps to make you feel better. Usually, after a mighty burp, you did. Any kind of upset and you were offered a schnapps. I guess a cup of tea could have the same effect, but customs are customs and traditions, traditions. My son-in-law, a doctor, who has long decreed me as being idiosyncratic (because I am not rich enough to be eccentric!) observed my belief in the healing power of vodka with cynicism. That is until he worked with a gastroenterologist recently. He must have mentioned his weird mother-inlaw and her belief in vodka and to his astonishment found out that that there is something to it after all; that there are scientists working on the effect of vodka in a discomfort-relieving or maybe even curing, capacity. May you drink alcohol only in moderation –or stick to a lovely cup of tea.

by Cheryl Lockwood

THE year 2020 was a big year in the birthday department. My mother-in-law celebrated 90, my husband hit 60 and my daughter turned 30. My husband is notoriously hard to buy for. We usually go for experiences or holidays in lieu of material gifts. The children and I began discussions for the upcoming event. Could we be silly enough to make a “60” bag? Of course we could! For those not familiar, it is a bag of 60 individually wrapped gifts, one for each year. “So, you want us to come up with 60 ways to make fun of Dad for his birthday?” Sounded harsh put like that, but yes, that was it. Taking it a step further, we put funny notes on each one, giving a cryptic hint at the contents. The theme was old age. Many parcels contained his favourite foods – marmalade, beef jerky – I even wrapped a banana. Deodorant, toilet paper and soap were also among items that we passed off as gifts. It started to feel like a grocery shopping list. We resorted to home-made gifts, including a trivia quiz. The questions all related to cars which may be of great interest to him but had me spending lots of time doing online research.

Even the novelty candles for the cake became a gift with the note: “We wanted to give you 60 of these but didn’t want to burn down the house!” When we ran low on quips about creaking bones and failing memory, we used some terrible puns and riddles. They were old and became worse as we went, but we knew they would appeal to the king of Dad jokes. We wrapped coins for the morning coffee he enjoys on his way to work. “What do you call a sad cup of coffee?” A Depresso. “I moustache you a question… don’t worry, I’ll shave it for later.” Shaving cream, in case you didn’t guess. Razors? Sharp, much like our wit. Instant money tickets brought out jokes about itches and scratches, including one about Juan scratching himself during a quiz night. The cringe-worthy punchline? Nobody expected a Spanish in-quiz itching. There was an emphasis on chocolates as a whole box makes many gifts when wrapped in pairs. A few days after his happy and rather successful birthday, hubby randomly announced that he really should cut back on sugar. I’m sure someone will help him out with the supply of chocolate in the fridge.


22/10/2020 10:18:01 AM

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22/10/2020 10:18:14 AM


SLEEP DEPRIVATION RISK FOR DEMENTIA CAREGIVERS NEW Edith Cowan University research has found 94 per cent of Australians caring for a loved one with dementia are sleep deprived. This can potentially lead to poor health of the carer and may also impact on their ability to provide care for the person living with dementia. Poor sleep is associated with negative physical and psychological outcomes including hypertension, obesity, mood disorders and dementia. The study, led by Dr Aisling

Smyth in conjunction with Alzheimerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s WA, investigated the sleep characteristics and disturbances of 104 Australian caregivers of a person living with dementia. It also assessed the psychological wellbeing of caregivers by evaluating associations between mood and sleep. Dr Smyth said a disrupted sleep pattern was recognised as a significant factor in predicting stress on carers and perhaps more importantly, in predicting placing the dementia sufferer into long term care. KEY FINDINGS:

â&#x20AC;˘ 94 per cent of participants were poor sleepers, with 84 per cent having difficulty initiating sleep and 72 per cent reporting difficulty maintaining sleep. â&#x20AC;˘ Stress was the most significant predictor of overall sleep quality. â&#x20AC;˘ 44 per cent of participants have two or more chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and diabetes. â&#x20AC;˘ Psychological distress was common among participants with high levels of moderate to severe depression, anxiety and stress.

SIZE MATTERS FOR AGED CARE RESIDENTS PLAIN solutions are often the best, with a new study finding that aged care residents can improve their nutrition simply by increasing meal sizes. Assessing the effectiveness of environmental cues within an aged-care home â&#x20AC;&#x201C; music, fragrance and other health information â&#x20AC;&#x201C; University of South Australia researchers discovered that if residents were offered larger meals, they would eat more, thereby increasing energy and nutrition levels. The study found that for each kilojoule increase in served energy there was a 0.73 kilojoule increase in consumed energy. Researcher Hei Tong Lau, said that the portion size effect was a manipulation to test the true effects of extrinsic food-cues. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In Australia, up to 70 per cent of elderly people living in aged care facilities are suffering from malnutrition, the primary reason for which is inadequate food intake, she said.



IRT Home Care Queensland IRT has been caring for older Australians for over 50 years. Our Queensland Home Care team helps seniors live their best life at home, providing services you can trust.

While there has been a justified focus on the food itself â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including look, taste and texture ÂŹâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; there are other factors. It was found that portion size was highly correlated with the amount of food that residents consumed. The study examined the act of eating more food when served a more significant portion, in a residential care facility. Over a seven-week period, the food intake of 31 residents was recorded once a week, both under a control and a cueenhanced setting. Lau said the findings provided valuable insights for aged care caterers and providers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;With an ageing population and high levels of malnutrition among aged care residents, there is a clear need to better understand factors that can influence residentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; food intake,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Increasing serving sizes may seem like a small step, but for residents who need the nutrition, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a massive move forward.â&#x20AC;?

BRUSSELS SPROUTS REALLY ARE GOOD FOR YOU SOME of the least favourite vegetables could be the most beneficial in preventing advanced blood vessel disease. Research from Edith Cowan University published in the British Journal of Nutrition reveals that higher consumption of cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and

Personal care

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Nursing services

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cabbage, is associated with less extensive blood vessel disease in older women. Using data from a cohort of 684 older women recruited in 1998, researchers found those with a diet comprising more cruciferous vegetables had a lower chance of having extensive build-up of calcium on their aorta, a key marker for structural blood vessel disease.

Call 134 478 or visit 12 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / November 2020

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Platinum RANGE


Resort lifestyle. Yours for Christmas! Your ultimate Christmas gift ... designer home, resort lifestyle and up to $25,000 cash back!* The festive season is almost upon us and

It seems that Santa has come early!

residents at Nature’s Edge Buderim are

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over the Christmas period. As the weather warms up and the buzz of the holiday season approaches, the

Christmas really is the most wonderful time – especially when you live at Nature’s Edge Buderim.

luxury Leisure Centre is a hub of activity. Tennis, bowls, morning swims in the

No entry or exit fees

indoor pool, movie nights and happy hour drinks on the deck – it’s all happening

No stamp duty

here at Nature’s Edge Buderim.

Keep 100% of capital gain

Why not reward yourself with the ultimate gift this year? Secure your new

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Visit our new display homes any day at 25 Owen Creek Road, Forest Glen Open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 10am-3pm *Terms and conditions apply. Offer available only on unconditional contracts signed on a selected range of homes while stocks last. Platinum range inclusions up to the value of $10,000. Photos: Display home images for illustrative purposes only.

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Telephone 1800 218 898

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Vitamin C deficiency a common hazard Low levels of Vitamin C, especially among the housebound, can be behind many health issues. KENDALL MORTON explains the risks and how to avoid them.


ESEARCHERS at the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide found 75 per cent of their general medical patients had lower than normal levels of vitamin C, and 40 per cent of the patients sampled over three months had a severe Vitamin C deficiency. Dr Sharma, who led the study, said low vitamin C levels slowed healing and meant that patients had longer hospital stays. He recommended that patients have their vitamin C levels tested on admission to hospital so that this could be boosted to aid healing if needed. Vitamin C levels are now so low that Australian, American and British doctors are seeing cases of “the sailor’s curse” – scurvy. In Britain, between 2009 and 2014, hospital admissions related to scurvy went up by 27 per cent although total numbers were under 100 in 2014. The symptoms of scurvy include bleeding gums, fatigue, bruises that are slow to heal and joint pain. One sign of vitamin C deficiency is superficial haemorrhages, the bloody areas under the skin. Another sign is bright red hair follicles where blood vessels have broken and blood has pooled

at the base of the follicle. Scurvy is fatal if untreated. Due to the lack of collagen, teeth become loose, gum disease sets in and bones collapse. As your system breaks down, you bleed for no apparent reason. Vitamin C is essential for the production of healthy collagen, the major

protein that gives structure to skin, bones and connective tissues. In recent studies, vitamin C has been shown to help prevent and manage osteoporosis. It stimulates the bonebuilding cells known as osteoblasts, boosting your bone density. If you do fall, you are less likely to break your bones. Vitamin C is also crucial for wound healing and helps absorb iron from your diet. As it is powerful antioxidant, it protects bone cells from damage. It is also anti-inflammatory. Older Australians who are housebound and people who rely on packaged meals are most at risk of Vitamin C deficiency. If you live alone, it’s easy to lose interest in preparing food. Those with dementia who may not have an appetite or forget to eat are also at risk. Vitamin C is water soluble. Our bodies cannot store it or make it so it needs to be taken each day. Getting an affordable fresh supply of vitamin C can be a challenge for some older Australians who have limited mobility and find it hard to get to the supermarket regularly. The recommended daily intake of vitamin C for adults over 70 is 45mg.

Where location is everything. Discover the best of convenience, quality and affordable retirement living in Brisbane’s inner north.

With Toombul Shopping Centre at one end of the street. Nundah Village the other. It’s retiring right amongst it.

There are many summer fruits with good supplies of vitamin C, including mangoes, pineapples, papaya and rockmelon. Berries and citrus fruits are also reliable sources. For vegetables, consider tomatoes, broccoli and capsicum. If you enjoy coleslaw, one cup of cabbage has about 36mg of vitamin C. Sprinkle coleslaw with orange juice instead of a cream dressing. Red cabbage is higher in vitamin C than green cabbage. Vitamin C levels drop once fruit is cut, so it is best to prepare the fruit when you are ready to eat it. Enjoy some vitamin C in drinks, snacks and salads this summer. Check with your doctor before taking vitamin C supplements though, as any excess is excreted via the kidneys adn an oversupply can put a strain on your renal system. If you are concerned about your diet or that of an older family member, speak to your doctor. You may be eligible for support from a dietician. Kendall Morton is the Director of Home Care Assistance. Email


RS 12 – 2P M

2 BR from


07 3858 3077 | 25 Union St, Nundah QLD 4012 14 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / November 2020

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22/10/2020 10:20:00 AM

Where community is close, and friends are even closer Just minutes from Sunnybank Plaza, Aveo Robertson Park is a close-knit retirement community with everything you could need right on your doorstep. Whether you enjoy an active social calendar, jetting off on an adventure, or prefer the peace and quiet, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a place where you will feel right at home.


Unit 2111 NOW $459,000* 2 bed

1.5 bath

1 car

*Prices correct as of 08/10/2020.


Call 3155 2346 Video tour now online

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Book your private appointment

Aveo Robertson Park 7 Braddock Street, Robertson

22/10/2020 10:20:13 AM

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Stretch yourself every day and reap the reward of improved mobility

FIT HAPPENS With Tom Law PULL, push, lift and carry. Physical Activity Guidelines from the Australian Health Department suggest doing muscle strengthening exercises at least two days each week. Do you follow that recommendation? Some may have access to a gym, some may have their own equipment and others may walk regularly. Muscle strengthening exercise is not complex and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. If you have access to equipment, good, but it is not essential. You can do pushups, sit-ups, lunges and squats almost anywhere. All are body weight exercises that utilize major muscle groups. You can add variety by incorporating weights or more complex movements depending on ability, flexibility and overall fitness. Start slowly and be sure not to over-exert and put yourself out of action. Be regular with weight or resistance exercises and do them at least twice a week., or more if you wish. Work out a little program and monitor progress. Doing resistance exercises helps maintain some muscle tone. As we age we lose muscle, but exercising can delay it and help retain some strength. Resistance exercises help indirectly to maintain bone density which is vitally important as we age. They can cause bone

To get the most out of life, you need to prepare your body ahead of time. TRISTAN HALL recommends adding stretches to your daily routine.

A stress which in turn may activate bone forming cells to grow, which leads to stronger bones. As we age, we become more fragile, and falls can have severe consequences. Maintaining good muscle strength with resistance exercises helps maintain bone density and protect us if we do fall. Resistance exercises help in weight reduction and in keeping our skeletons straight and upright. Find a way to maintain your body for longer and don’t avoid doing resistance or weight training. Tom Law is the author of Tom’s Law Fit Happens. Visit

ccording to David Nolan, a physical therapist from the Harvardaffiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, too many of us compromise our mobility because we don’t have a regular stretching routine. He advocates stretching daily. This way muscles and joints will be ready when you need them to perform. On the other hand, if you don’t stretch regularly, muscles will become weak and unable to fully extend. You risk tears, strains and joint pain. Before you stretch, think about two things: when and how. It used to be common practice to stretch before a game of sports or a race. Research shows this is not ideal. Stretching when the muscles are cold can lead to damage. A better approach is to warm up with a short walk. It’s also a good idea to stretch at the end of an activity. For good mobility as you age, make stretching a part of your day every day. If you spend loads of time sitting, a good stretch can relieve sore shoulders and reduce headaches. When you sit, your hamstrings become tight too. If you ignore this, you may suffer joint pain and muscle

damage when you give your legs more active tasks, such as climbing a hill or bending down to weed the garden. And now how to stretch – stretch to a point where you can feel the pull but it is not painful. Do not bounce into the stretch. Generally, hold your stretch for 30 seconds. Release and repeat. If it is painful, stop. Here are a few stretches to get you started. 1. Hamstring stretch – stand about a metre behind a dining chair. With your hands on the chair, lean forward so your back makes a 90 degree angle to your legs. Hold for 30 seconds. Come back upright then repeat. 2. Thoracic rotations – sit on an upright chair. Place your arms across your chest like a genie. Rotate your arms to the left, back to the centre and then to the right. Repeat six times and breathe evenly throughout. This helps keep shoulders, back and ribcage lubricated and mobile. 3. Sit in an upright chair with your spine straight. Raise your shoulders up to your ears. Then roll them backwards and down into your spine. Relax. Repeat 10 times and do two rounds. Tristan Hall is an exercise physiologist.

$59,990 Drive Away



28767$1'Ζ1*9$/8( '5Ζ9($:$<3$&.$*(6 7071 Bruce Hwy, Chevallum - Exit 200 Sunshine Coast. PH: (07) 5445 2215 W.CONSIGNIT.COM.AU Brisbane

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Dinkum Aussie’s famous French connection When the Titanic hit the iceberg on its maiden voyage in 1912, pastry chef Henri Marie Jaillet went down with the ship. BRIAN THOMAS meets his grandson who recounts a fascinating family story.


onny Jaillet is as fair dinkum Aussie as they come – opinionated, selfconfident and never inclined to take a backward step. Still an A grade golfer as he approaches 70, Sonny is much more interested in pars and birdies than cuisine par excellence, even though he is a dab hand in the kitchen. And his French vocabulary doesn’t extend much past bonjour and au revoir. But his surname is a link to gastronomic fame and one of the great disasters of the 20th century. Sonny’s grandfather was Henri Marie Jaillet, who today would probably be hailed as a celebrity chef. But Henri’s career was tragically cut short in 1912 by the sinking of the Titanic on its maiden voyage. “I was always aware as a kid growing up in the Wynnum of the 1950s that grandad died on the Titanic but nobody was much interested in those days,” he says. The pronunciation of the name Jaillet had long since been anglicised from the French to sound like Gillette and Sonny copped nicknames such as Razor Blade. When the wreck of the Titanic was found in the 1980s there was an explosion of

18 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / November 2020

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Henri Marie (left) and pouring a bottle of wine with colleagues. Images supplied by Karen Haughtey. interest in the demise of the supposedly unsinkable White Star liner, which claimed at least 1500 lives. And the internet this century has helped put flesh on the bones, so to speak, of Grandad Henri, much of it through the research efforts of Sonny’s niece Karen Haughtey, of Victoria Point. Henri was not just among the kitchen staff on the vaunted liner’s maiden voyage, he was head pastry chef and an excerpt Karen found in the book RMS Titanic attests to his status. Written at 8.45pm on April 12, 1912,

little more than two days before the ship smashed into an iceberg off Canada, it says: “The elegance and beauty of the room was exceeded only by the volume of fine food served there. Dinner in first class stretched for 12 or 13 courses and ended with a dessert from Henri Jaillet, the renowned pastry chef. (Last night it had been chocolate mousse napoleons, each piece a work of art.) The diners were the pampered of the world, used to the very best of everything. And they got it here. “When the lights dimmed in the saloon, excitement buzzed in the vast

room. Never mind that every single diner was full to bursting. The anticipation of the next fabulous dessert was all that was required to give them an appetite. “An army of waiters marched in from the kitchen, bearing huge platters of cherries jubilee flambe. There were oohs and aahs, and even a sprinkling of applause. The flaming brandy cast a bluish glow on the white walls and the gentlemen’s gleaming starched shirtfronts.” Sonny reckons his grandfather would not have stood a chance of survival because galleys were usually in the bowels of ships. When the Titanic slid beneath the waves, more than 1000 passengers and crew were still aboard. Henri’s body was recovered and he was buried in Nova Scotia, Canada, the nearest landfall to the site of the sinking in the north Atlantic. Encyclopedia Titanica has the following record, which includes a little racial stereotyping: BODY NO. 277 - MALE - ESTIMATED AGE, 35 – VERY DARK HAIR AND MOUSTACHE CLOTHING – Checkered trousers; blue coat and vest; dark overcoat; blue and white striped pyjamas; brown boots; “H. J.” on pyjamas.


22/10/2020 10:20:52 AM



Sonny Jaillet on the Wynnum foreshore near where he grew up. EFFECTS – 3s. 10d. in purse; knife; a card with “H. Jaillet (Chef). PROBABLY ITALIAN When Henri died, aged 38 not 35, his only son from his first marriage to Englishwoman Lydia Hutton, Victor, was not yet five and living with his mother’s grandparents. His mother had died less than a fortnight after his birth. By the time the Titanic went down, Henri had remarried, to Scotswoman,

Margaret Farquharson, and fathered a second son, Frederick. Victor, at such a young age, must have been devastated by the loss of both parents but he was imbued with an adventurous spirit, migrating to Australia at the age of 14 to begin a working life extracting logs with bullock teams near Toowoomba. “He was a bit like me, do anything for a quid including opening Wynnum’s first bike shop and he once rode a bike as far as Wivenhoe looking for work,” says Sonny, who remembers his father and his strong Pommie accent fondly, despite the fact he left Sonny’s mother when the boy was only 10 months old. Sonny was the youngest of six boys from his father’s first union and Victor fathered 16 children in all. He lived to be 83, his longevity defying an appetite for beer, rum and ciggies. When the Covid cloud passes, Sonny hopes to visit his grandfather’s grave in Canada. But there will be no taking on French airs or visiting distant relatives in France. He’s a Wynnum boy after all.

Read all about it OLD newspapers are an invaluable source of information for family historians, recording everything from weddings, deaths and obituaries to crimes, inquests and events, writes SUSIE DER KINDEREN. ADVERTISEMENTS give an idea of the cost of items, products and appliances of the day while stories cover the social, political, and economic triggers. Australia is lucky to have the newspaper database Trove ( au), a repository of historic newspapers and publications from cities and regions. The digitized copies end in about the mid 1950s when the current copyright laws kick in. My grandfather died before I was born but I was able to read about him in his obituary and tributes from family, friends and clients. The articles reveal a man who was a good shot with a rifle and did well in the local shooting club competitions. His remarks in an interview show a humble man with a good sense of humour. Queensland libraries provide access to

newspapers on their websites, including overseas newspapers. You can read the Melbourne Age or the London Times from home, wherever that may be. The State Library of Queensland provides access to several historic newspaper databases for family research. I recently found one of my peole of interest participating in a five-mile bicycle race in Cardiff, Wales in 1881. The bicycle was a penny-farthing. It was a surprise to discover that his hobby was racing these unusual bikes that apparently were often in races and considered quite comfortable. Queensland Family History Society is hosting an online event on using overseas newspapers on December 11. Members and non members welcome. Visit Susie der Kinderen is a member of the Queensland Family History Society.

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Proudly Australian owned & operated since 1970 At Algester Lodge, we provide to you high-quality residential & respite care, nestled in a bushland setting with landscaped gardens. Depending on your need we offer quality and security with 24/7 Registered Nurses on-site.

We offer Residential Care and Respite Care Respite Care will be beneficial to you and your loved one to give you both peace of mind. If you require a break from your supportive role, please call our caring staff at either location.

“Everyone has been very polite and extremely helpful, especially as we were unaware of what to do. Mum is very happy with her treatment.” Resident’s Family Member



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Looking to sit back with an easy read this summer? Here are three of the latest offerings from Harlequin Books. LONELY IN LONGREACH by Eva Scott

WIN A PACK OF THREE BOOKS Harlequin Books is offering a prize pack of the books The Healer, The Road to Ironbark and Lonely in Longreach valued at $89.97 to a lucky reader of Your Time. To enter, simply email au with your name and address. Entries close November 20. The lucky winner can expect to receive their books by the end of the month. Personal information and email addresses are deleted after the contest period.

Widower Sam Costello has no time for love. When he’s not working on his farm, he’s trying to figure out how to connect with his teenage son Levi who is about to finish high school and has big plans to move to Sydney with his best friend Maddie. If only he didn’t feel so guilty about abandoning his dad. Maddie has her own reasons for wanting to go to Sydney and she’s not going to let Levi’s father ruin her future happiness. She decides he needs a girlfriend and figures can make it happen. Journalist Sarah Lewis has a good job, a boyfriend and a safe life in Sydney but sometimes she wonders if life has more to offer. When she starts working on an article about finding love in the Outback she finds herself asking whether journalists should become this invested in their research.


In 1874, in the Victorian goldfields town of Ironbark, Aurora Scott faces ruin as the railways supplant the Cobb & Co coach line, the lifeline of her hotel. Aurora is no stranger to adversity; the formidable publican has pulled herself from a murky past to a respectable life in Ironbark. But when bushrangers storm the hotel, taking hostages as leverage for the Starburst mine’s payroll, Aurora has more trouble than she can handle. This is no random act, but a complex scheme of revenge. When the dust settles, the money has vanished, and so has Aurora Scott. After 150 years, the mystery of the missing payroll has passed into folklore. When journalist Melody Lawson helps prepare for the town’s annual gold hunt, she is drawn into the past. With a surprise inheritance her own history becomes a puzzle, bound up with the fabled payroll.

THE HEALER by Allison Butler

It’s 1402 on the Anglo-Scottish border. Lynelle Fenwick has been an outcast all her life. The daughter of an English lord, she was deemed cursed when her mother didn’t survive childbirth. Raised by the village healer, who has since died, Lynelle truly is alone. When her younger half-brother is captured during a Scottish raid, she sees a last chance to redeem herself to the father who rejected her and offers to be held captive in his place. Across the border, she strikes a bargain with William Kirkpatrick, laird of Closeburn. She will spend two weeks inside the clan’s castle tending William’s younger brother who is in need of a healer’s care. The laird has his own family curse to deal with, along with a deep distrust of healers – and Lynelle has exaggerated her healing skills to obtain her half-brother’s freedom.

Your true partner in home care

tŚĞƚŚĞƌLJŽƵ͛ƌĞĂŶĞǁĐŽŵĞƌĂŶĚŶĞĞĚĂůŝƩůĞĞdžƚƌĂŚĞůƉ for yourself or a loved one, or you’re ready for a change, ĂƌĞŽŶŶĞĐƚ͛ƐƚĞĂŵŽĨĞdžƉĞƌƚƐĂƌĞƉĂƐƐŝŽŶĂƚĞĂďŽƵƚƉƌŽǀŝĚŝŶŐ ƚŚĞŝŶͲŚŽŵĞƐƵƉƉŽƌƚLJŽƵĚĞƐĞƌǀĞ͕ǁŚĞŶĂŶĚŚŽǁLJŽƵŶĞĞĚŝƚ͘

Connect with your Queensland care team today for advice and support that you can trust.


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Buderim’s first lifestyle community designed exclusively for over 50s is surrounded by rainforest yet minutes from the beach. The architect designed homes start from $529,000 and are located near the $13.2 million Lifestyle and Wellness facilities and landscaped gardens. Come in and discover what will truly be the Sunshine Coast’s premier lifestyle community.

2 R ET REAT D R I V E , B U D E R I M , Q LD, 4 5 5 6 (O F F W H I T E S R D ) – 1 8 0 0 0 5 0 0 5 0

Halc yon, Australia’s most awarded lifestyle communities. 21.indd 3

22/10/2020 10:21:30 AM


Take the frustration out of web browsing Many people are continually frustrated by changes to their Google Chrome browser. NATHAN WELLINGTON offers step-by-step guides to help keep it all under control.


t can be a frustrating experience when things keep changing. You might have Bing suddenly appear, receive a deluge of advertisements on the browsing pages, or even find it all becomes painfully slow. Here are some quick tutorials on how to manage your Google Chrome Browser. HOW TO RETURN YOUR GOOGLE HOME PAGE 1. On your computer, open Google Chrome. 2. At the top right of your Google browser, click on the three vertical dots 3. A menu will appear and scroll down to click on Settings. 4. A further window will open and click on Appearance. 5. Under Appearance, turn on the Show Home button. 6. Below Show Home button, choose to use the New Tab page. 7. Then navigate to Search Engine and locate “Search engine used in the address bar” then choose Google Search. 8. Navigate to “On Start Up” lower down

online, installing it and then following their instructions. One note though – if you stream television shows through your computer, I would suggest not using this plugin as it sometimes interferes with the stream.

the page and click on “Open the New tab Page”. HOW TO REMOVE UNWANTED POP UPS AND EXTENSIONS These can be particularly frustrating as they tend to hijack your search engine or are used to place ads on the pages you browse. I always check extensions when cleaning a client’s browser and remove any extensions that aren’t Google extensions. Here’s how you can do it: 1. Once again, at the top right, click on

the three vertical dots. 2. A menu will appear and scroll down to click on More Tools then Extensions 3. On the extension, click Details to see what it is for, then click Remove if you’re not sure. HOW TO BLOCK ADS How many websites do you visit that are cluttered with advertisements? I suggest using AdBlock Plus to simply block these obnoxious screen fillers. It is as simple as searching for AdBlock Plus

HOW TO RESET YOUR GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER On the odd occasion your Google Chrome browser may start freezing or not uploading webpages, a simple reset might clear the problem. 1. At the top right, click on the three vertical dots once again, then Settings. 2. At the bottom, click Advanced then Reset Settings. 3. Then click on Reset settings to their original default 4. A window will appear telling you what you are about to perform. Click on Reset Settings once again and within a minute or so it will clear out any unwanted little glitches. I hope this is helpful in improving your browsing experience. If you get yourself in a bit of a mess you can always call us 1300 682 817 or email


OVER 5Os LIVING Nestled between nature reserves against a backdrop of soaring trees, with views down to the creek, Affinity Sheep Station Creek is so much more than just a place to live! T Generous green open space with a landscaped gully on your doorstep

T Gated entrance with security features T Pet friendly with an off-leash dog park


Find your perfect home among the gum trees Book a private tour today!


T No entry or exit fees

Arrange a COVID safe private tour or request a brochure 1300 295 807 or email

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Funky little Juke grows into mature market Nissan’s first Juke was an original funky-dory baby SUV. The second generation, writes BRUCE McMAHON, has landed into a more competitive market.


ute style and attitude, the Britishbuilt compact Nissan Juke was a big hit in Europe. Here it went okay. Seven years later, and there’s a second-generation Juke. It still carries a recognisable style but this time around it’s a bit bigger and a bit more sophisticated, so it’s a better thing all round and better-suited again to the urbane types, old and young. The only problem is there’s more showroom competition these days and there are others with punk-baby style. Recent additions to the flock, in a super-competitive part of the market, include Volkswagen’s T-Roc and the Ford Puma. Meanwhile Kia’s Seltos continues to win friends and the Toyota CH-R has a fair following among a number of showroom rivals. Still, this new Juke carries itself well. It retains road presence although upmarket versions, particularly in hues of dark silver and such, perhaps take themselves too seriously. The Nissan has a distinctive five-door body, loaded with cheeky chic – why not flaunt it in bright colours? For all the flair of the body, the Juke’s interior is restrained and civilised. And spend right through to the Ti model – at

$36,490 before on-road costs – and there’s little missing in the way of gadgets for comfort, convenience and safety. All these front-wheel drive Jukes, starting from $27,990 recommended retail, carry a goodly amount of gear. Standard power across the four-model range comes from a turbocharged, 1 litre engine with 84kW. These aren’t Nissan 350Zs by any means but have enough punch, and a little bit of sporting snarl, for town or highway. The auto gearbox has paddle shifters on the steering column for seven gears and a sophisticated dual clutch. And this

combination of transmission and turbocharger can lead to a bit of a stutter when moving off, or reversing, at low speeds until drivers finds a sweet throttle spot. (The top two models ST-L and Ti offer Eco, Standard and Sport drive modes as well; stick ‘em and leave ‘em in Sport for a better driving experience. Fuel consumption should still come in around 6-7 litres per 100km.) Other sophistications here include Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, voice recognition and an 8-inch touchscreen.

There’s a raft of driver assistances from emergency braking for car, pedestrians and cyclists too close, lane departure warnings, blind spot warning, traffic sign recognition and more. Problem here, as with a few machines these days, is that these systems are pretty sensitive souls and often there’s an unnecessary suite of flashing lights, automatic heavy braking and pounding hearts when there’s no immediate danger. Sometimes the Juke’s sensors are a tad too pedantic and play to the lowest common denominator, assuming every driver is inept and partly blind. Anyway, this second generation Nissan Juke is bigger inside and sits on a longer wheelbase than its predecessor. There’s more room in the back seat too, although the rear remains a bit cosy for full-sized adults. It is quieter than before and ride comfort, even with the Ti’s 19-inch wheels, is improved, as is the Nissan’s handling in general. So all-round the new Juke is a better car than the old Juke. But maybe in that growing up, some of the original’s distinctive character has been diluted a touch.

D E B E L B A T S U ADJ SALE What our customers are saying:

100% Australian made mattresses

“The service was beyond excellent. The queen adjustable bed is pure heaven. I would recommend these beds to anyone”. – Vicki “The staff here are so nice. I went in there to order a bed for my son for this upcoming major surgery and they were so helpful. Thankyou so much XO”. – Melinda

Adjustable bed specialist

Find your closest store: 520 Kessels Rd, MacGregor. Ph 3849 4803 Homemaker Centre, 18 Commerce Dr, Browns Plains Logan Hyperdome, Loganholme Noosa Civic, 28 Eenie Creek Rd, Noosaville Ph 0438 962 943


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November 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 23

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COMMUNITY RALLIES RESIDENTS of Aveo Robertson Park have stayed socially connected while physically distanced in recent months. They have enjoyed afternoons of jazz with great music and a glass of wine while social groups have been busy knitting dolls and penguin jumpers for Knits for Nature, and blankets. Children from the local Goodstart Early Learning Centre sent artwork to remind residents how much they miss visiting. Staff assisted residents to set up Zoom so they could stay connected with friends and family. “Life has been challenging, but everyone has taken these difficult times in their stride and really come together to support one another,” community manager Laurence Nathan said.


A short stroll from Sunnybank Plaza, Aveo Robertson Park opened in 1987, and has grown to include one, two and three-bedroom apartments and a resort-style community centre. New facilities include an outdoor heated pool, gymnasium, salon, library and a large lounge and dining area with a grand piano, billiards, café and kitchen. Call 3155 2346 or visit

CHRISTIAN VILLAGE FOSTERS FRIENDSHIPS PETER and Audrey Zigterman moved to the Wishart Christian Village in 2001. Members of the Reformed Church in Mansfield, they were involved with construction of the Wishart Christian Retirement Village. Unfortunately, Peter’s health deteriorated and he lived in the village for only three weeks. Audrey felt blessed they had moved when they did. Units are spacious with a large covered patio and a small lawn and garden which occupants don’t have to

maintain unless they like to potter. There are 29 units in the gated complex and everyone gets along well. “We feel safe and secure here,” Audrey said. “Every unit has a lock up garage along with a 24/7 medical alarm system and on-site manager. A residents committee arranges activities while a men’s friendship group meets monthly. Residents are from various denominations. Call 3219 2386 to arrange an informal tour or visit

THE Daintree, an architect-designed luxury home with soaring ceilings and spacious design, is the latest design being offered at B by Halcyon, the new rainforest-inspired lifestyle community at Buderim. B by Halcyon project director Chris Carley said architects Base had excelled, the two-storey design offering spacious living with the luxury of a four-car garage, in either a traditional or contemporary style. “Downstairs is designed to accommodate four cars for discerning buyers who have a few extra toys such as jetskis, boats, a sports car they’re restoring or just extra space for a large workshed,” he said. “Alternatively, the layout can be customized to provide a two-car garage with luxury media room.” The home has a landscaped entry which opens into the foyer with a lift. A spacious front verandah allows homeowners to enjoy the canopy of established trees in while the open plan


HOME AMONG THE GUM TREES AFFINITY Sheep Station Creek lifestyle resort for over 50s is an active community set among the gum trees in Morayfield, between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. A new range of homes capturing the best in contemporary living and with superb finishes, has just been released. Pets are welcome and the community features an off-leash dog park as well as walks around the community. Residents have a sense of coming home. Call Diane 1300 295 807 or visit

design allows the breeze to flow through living spaces. The master suite is a luxurious private sanctuary with his-and-hers vanities and separate walk-in robe. The guest suite is at the other end of the home. High-quality fixtures and finishes are used throughout, as well as clever use of storage, a walk-in linen cupboard and ease of connection between the kitchen and living spaces. “This home offers design and space for those who think downsizing is overrated,” Mr Carley said. Call 1800 050 555 to register for a private tour

WHILE it has been a challenging year for most, Angela and Lionel Mansfield are thanking their lucky stars that 2020 has been a little kinder to them. Fortunate to sell their home in their native South Africa and secure one of the coveted seats on a flight to Australia in April, the Mansfields are now enjoying a safe and happy retirement in their new home at Nature’s Edge Buderim. “South Africa has become a difficult country to live in,” Lionel said “We are lucky, as having daughters who are Australian citizens allowed us to apply for

a parental visa.” They first visited in 2009, and were drawn to the beauty of the region. They have returned every couple of years since. After their last visit, they decided to call it home, and despite some hiccups and quarantine in Melbourne, they settled into life at Nature’s Edge. The Mansfields were drawn to the lifestyle, rainforest backdrop and architectdesigned homes. “We instantly fell in love with it,” Lionel said. “It’s close to everything and we like the fact it’s so established. There’s also a sense of security.” Already joining in the many activities on the buzzing social calendar – table tennis, line dancing, water aerobics, trivia – Angela and Lionel are keen to become even more involved. Call 1800 218 898 or visit

Wishart Christian to e m Welco Retirement Village Wishart Christian Retirement Village is a beautiful boutique retirement home, comprising of 29 units. With peaceful surrounds and an elevated position this secure gated Village is centrally located, close to bus stops and shopping centres and Churches. All units are air conditioned, with lock up garages, Paved and covered patios, 24/7 medical alarm system, On site management. ● ●

A charitable Christian organization with low subsidised quarterly fees Community hall and beautiful village green ● Active residence committee Call today to make arrangements for an informal visit to the Village.

30/3 Erindale Close, Wishart Queensland Tel 3219 2386 au

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Owned and Operated by Wishart Christian Village Association Incorporated ABN 67 089 024 936


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THE Latitude25 lifestyle community lends itself to the joy of taking off on epic adventures without stressing about home security, overgrown lawns and dying plants. Avid travellers love that their stylish Latitude25 homes include an oversized garage for caravans and a

purpose-built RV wash bay. Homes have airy, modern finishes and layouts that are flexible for entertaining or private retreat. Even if travel is not on the cards, Latitude25’s amenities create resort-style living that makes every day a holiday. There’s a full social calendar if you want it. Like-minded residents share travel experiences (and tips) and build their social networks. When nesting between trips, residents can enjoy the two lakes and landscaped grounds as well as the Community Hub’s magnesium pool, tennis and pickleball courts, bowling, golf chipping/putting green, indoor billiards, arts and crafts room, hobby shed, library, gym and kitchen and bar facilities. Visit

COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF PALM Lake Resorts at Bethania and Carindale will show their advantages for over 50s living as well as properties for sale, at open days this month. Visitors will be able to inspect the designer homes with quality inclusions and resort facilities, while learning about the weekly activities list on offer for homeowners and the welcoming community of likeminded neighbours at the gated resorts . The Palm Lake Group is a family-owned and operated company based in south-east Queensland, with more than 40 years of experience in developing community lifestyle resorts and aged caring communities along Australia’s east coast. About 11,000 people have a Palm Lake Group address. The open days are on November 11 at Bethania and November 12 at Carindale. RSVP essential to or call 0403 680 969 to register interest. Visit

CARAVANS WANTED Wanted to buy, all caravans and poptops. • We come to you • Fast settlement • Finance Paid out If you want a quick no hassle sale please contact Joe for a price 0418 876 395

NEW DISPLAY HOMES WITH HUGE RV GARAGES NOW OPEN Discover why Latitude25 in Hervey Bay, is the perfect mix of home and lifestyle, with modern, luxury designs, huge RV garages and resort-style facilities. Learn more about the newest Display Homes, state-art-of-the-art Clubhouse and the Health Hub currently under construction, including a tennis court, pickleball courts, gymnasium, bowling green, swimming pool, golf chip & putting green, plus much more!

1800 025 025 1 Latitude Boulevard, Nikenbah, QLD

To receive a full, free information pack sent to you, call Jane on 1800 025 025.


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Think positive and change the ageist stereotype Most of what is written about ageism – discrimination based on age – focuses on economic impact. JUDY RAFFERTY examines the personal impact.


geism is negative but there can be some positives and trade-offs. On the positive side, older people are sometimes seen as wise. This is known as sageism. A trade off can be that people will look after you with more care for your expected frailties. The word “older, and even the word “elderly” is often applied to those aged 65 and above. A distinction is sometimes made between those in the older group. There is the youngest-old (65 to 74 years), the middle-old (75 to 84 years) and the oldest-old (85 and above). Interestingly, an American study which surveyed people aged 16 to 34 years found that this age group felt that old age started from as young as 56 years. Many studies have shown that the stereotypes associated with ageing (dependency, loss of ability to learn new things, lack of technological ability) in our society are erroneous. Importantly, there is a relationship between stereotypes and the development of ageism. The more negative the stereotypes the more ageist the society becomes.

It is worth reflecting on the stereotypes you hold – usually learned early in life – about older people. Retirement and age are usually firmly linked in our minds, so it is important to identify your stereotypes with regards to ageing and retirement. Are your stereotypes, and resulting beliefs, about retirement and ageing negative or positive? Are they consistent with your vision for your retirement? Our beliefs are powerful drivers in our lives. They construct for us an internal map which our autopilot will follow unthinkingly unless we become aware and mindful. In my book Retirement Your Way I write about the personal impact of having negative age stereotypes (your own ageist beliefs) as you age. The research results might surprise you. Here are some passages from the book: Our society imbues age with negativity and, as a result, most people struggle against ageing and anything associated with it: grey hair, wrinkles, forgetfulness. This negativity will affect how we age and how we address the challenges of retirement.

Becca Levy, Professor of Public Health and Psychology at the Yale School of Public Health, and other researchers, have shown that negative age stereotypes predict many adverse outcomes among older individuals. Levy’s studies have shown that stereotypes influence cognitive and physical performance. People exposed to positive cognitive or physical stereotypes performed significantly better compared to those exposed to negative stereotypes. Those with more negative age stereotypes demonstrated significantly worse memory performance (a 32 per cent decline) than those with less negative age stereotypes. One of the highest risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s disease is a particular variant of the APOE gene. Those with the gene variant but with positive age beliefs were 49.8 per cent less likely to develop dementia than those with the gene variant and negative age beliefs. In a 2012 project sponsored by a partnership under the EU LLP Grundtvig Programme it was concluded that it is very important for people to deal with “old stereotypes on retirement”.

The report also stated that “almost all seniors need to have a critical look at negative images of ageing and stereotypes on retirement and replace them with more authentic and empowering images and negative age beliefs”. This information is probably enough to make you rethink your ideas on ageing and the meaning you give to retirement; but read the results of another study by Levy and her associates. They found that people with more positive self-perceptions of ageing lived, on average, 7.6 years longer than people with more negative views. A question to ask yourself is whether you will accept the subtle ageism imposed by our society with its lower expectations of you and its sometimes kindly care for your physical and mental vulnerabilities or whether you will accept appropriate and necessary kindly care but also strive to age actively and present positively. Judy Rafferty is the author of Retirement Your Way, A Practical Guide to Knowing What You Want and How to Get It. Available at all good bookshops and online.


Understanding probate PROBATE is a term that often comes up with estates, but it is often not fully understood, and what is involved. DON MACPHERSON explains.


robate is the formal approval of a Will by the court, but it is not needed in all cases. With small estates, depending on the assets and the financial institution to be dealt with, the release of funds from a bank or super fund to the beneficiaries of the deceased can be arranged simply by providing a death certificate and a copy of the Will. However, with more substantial assets, the financial institution will commonly request the executor of the estate obtain probate so that it knows it

is paying out on a Will that has been officially endorsed by the court. Banks have different rules depending on their individual requirements, but generally if there is an account in excess of $50,000, the bank will require probate to be produced prior to releasing funds. We come across the need for probate most commonly in relation to retirement village and aged care contracts, which are for a substantial sum of money. The retirement village or aged care operator usually will require probate to be obtained prior to releasing to the

estate (or the beneficiaries) the proceeds of the sale of retirement village unit or aged care RAD (refundable accommodation deposit). The process of probate involves firstly advertising to see whether there are any alternate Wills or potential claimants against the estate. Once that 14-day period has expired the original Will, plus a series of other court documents must be prepared and filed in the Supreme Court. It will then review the Will and affidavit material in support, and make

an assessment as to whether the Will seems to be validly executed and should be endorsed as the true and correct last Will of the deceased. If satisfied, the court will issue the probate which can then be presented to the bank, retirement village or aged care home to release the funds to which the estate is entitled. Brisbane Elder Law are experts in probate and estate management. Call 1800 961 622 or visit

We believe in making it personal. Wills aren’t about lawyers, they’re about you, and your desire to ensure that the results of all your hard work are well protected. Our mission for over 30 years has been to provide easy to understand wills that are custom made for you and flexible enough to change as your circumstances change. We are pleased to announce our bespoke estate planning tool, to assist you in creating and updating a professional legal Will easily and efficiently online. To find out more visit or call us today on 3221 9744.

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WORKERS, regardless of age, need support during Covid recovery and beyond, according to Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland. Chief executive Mark Tucker-Evans said that while employment among younger Queenslanders had taken a huge hit, older people also had been affected. “Even before the pandemic, we knew that many older people were forced to stop work before they were financially prepared,” he said. “Not everyone has savings or assets they can fall back on. Older women especially can find themselves facing serious financial difficulties in their later life if forced to retire.” Mature workers bring skills, professional and life experience, industry and organisational knowledge, and mentorship and support for less experienced co-workers. “They are incredible resources for businesses and for their colleagues. When they are excluded, everyone loses,” Mr

THE property market was relatively unscathed at the height of the pandemic, despite early predictions of a decline up to 30 per cent. The stock market also outperformed initial expectations, after a sharp swing at the beginning. Research has now revealed that one in two Australians think property is the most secure and profitable long-term investment, compared with shares, gold, cash and fixed interest, so much so, that 41 per cent would invest in it within their superannuation if they met the criteria. The survey of an independent,

Tucker-Evans said. “Mature workers can face discrimination not only in hiring, but in training and advancement opportunities. People who lose their jobs later in life can find it extremely difficult to find a new one, and many simply give up.” COTA Queensland is proposing the Queensland Government work with employers, training and education providers, and mature workers to educate business, human resources, and management professionals about age-inclusive employment. “We are asking the government to lead by example and through practical assistance to directly address age discrimination in employment,” he said. “This includes the education and business sectors alongside older people in codesigning solutions.” Mr Tucker-Evans said it was important that it was given a priority over the next term, and also vital that the government ensured more immediate Covid recovery was age-inclusive.

nationally representative panel of 1006 Australians was commissioned by finance information platform Property was considered the best avenue for long-term return on investment by 42 per cent of respondents, while 32 per cent believe shares will provide the best returns. An equal nine per cent think gold and cash are the best investments, and eight per cent see fixed interest such as government or corporate bonds, as the best avenue for investing money long term. Asked what types of property, 66 per cent said residential houses.


THE Australian Human Rights Commission has released a hard-hitting video that reveals the “red flag phrases” that can indicate a person is experiencing elder abuse. Pre-Covid-19, the Australian Institute of Family Studies said it was likely that between 2 and 14 per cent of older Australians were experiencing elder abuse in any given year, with financial abuse the most prevalent form. The commission fears that Covid-19 has heightened the risk.

Drivers of elder abuse, such as social isolation and financial pressure on adult children, have increased during the pandemic to create a perfect storm. “Elder abuse is a human rights scourge that has no place in our community,” Age Discrimination Commissioner Dr Kay Patterson said. “We all need to know the signs of elder abuse and understand that it can happen to any older person, regardless of their background or lifestyle.” Elder abuse can be financial, physical, psychological, emotional, sexual or neglect. It often takes place behind closed doors at home and, tragically, is usually perpetrated by a family member or close contact of the older person. Find the video at or YouTube. If you experience, witness or suspect elder abuse, call the National Elder Abuse line 1800 353 374.



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Tackle the aches and pains of arthritis naturally Using one trace mineral alone improved arthritis and achy joints by 71 per cent, with no side effects. TRUDY KITHER discusses the benefits of boron.


oron is a trace mineral, which means your body needs it in smaller amounts. Selenium and iodine are also trace minerals, but boron’s function is as an enzyme cofactor – a helper – specifically to make cortisol and other steroid hormones. Cortisol is an anti-inflammatory hormone, so it is one of the main treatments that conventional medicine gives sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis. Prednisone or cortisone injections are anti-inflammatory medications. Research has shown that rheumatoid arthritis clients often have lower potassium and lower cortisol levels. Boron is beneficial for postmenopausal women as it increases oestrogen and testosterone. Osteoporosis occurs if there is an imbalance in certain hormones from bone loss during and after menopause. Boron can be taken to enhance these two hormones and make the bones stronger. It is needed for Vitamin D metabolism and has a natural antimicrobial and antibiotic effect while also helping toenail fungus. Boron cleans up the microbes in your body and helps calcium and magnesium absorb better into your bones. If you

have rheumatoid, or osteoarthritis, take boron daily – 6mg is the usual regular daily therapeutic dose. Boron is in apples, grapes, oranges, soybeans, avocados, red kidney beans, peanut butter, hazelnuts, currants, tomato, and lentils. The difference between osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is that osteo is a decrease in joint space, where you will get bone spurring, inflammation, pain and stiffness. It can be asymmetrical, meaning it can be on one side of the body, not both. It is prevalent where you see wear and tear of the joints or where there have been repetitive work or trauma.

RA is an auto-immune disorder. The body has developed antibodies that are attacking the joints, specifically, but not limited to, the wrists, hands, knees, feet, hips, and even the heart. It is always affects both sides of the body. There is usually pain, stiffness, and joints can become deformed. It is a systemic problem (throughout the whole body), and can also cause fever, rashes, dry eyes, and fatigue. However, being a systemic health issue gives a clue to its potential cause. Any time you have inflammation affecting the whole body, it makes sense that it could be circulating pathogens. Researchers discovered that most RA sufferers have specific oral bacteria in the mouth that are also in the synovial fluid of their knee joints and hearts. The oral bacteria are the same microbe involved in gum disease and is also why the body is attacking the joint itself. It is attempting to kill off the microbe in the joint but destroys the joint in the process. How do you know if a microbe is causing the problems in one of the joints? Start using a natural antimicrobial and antibiotic daily, such as oregano oil, golden seal, grape seed extract, myrrh,

garlic, or olive leaf extract (which works on viruses). Oregano oil will help kill pathogens in the mouth and throughout the body. Its active constituents have been shown to be antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiinflammatory with immune-boosting properties. Vitamin D3 can act like natural cortisol. If you take it at a therapeutic dose level, it is a natural antiinflammatory. Zinc is necessary for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body that aid in metabolism, digestion, nerve function, and many other processes, including the biochemical pathways to reduce inflammation. If you have RA, it would also be beneficial to bring your potassium levels up from the daily recommended dosage of 4700mg to 6000mg daily. Some people have difficulty getting daily potassium up to 4700mg daily (6-8 cups of green, leafy salad or one large green, leafy salad) and may need to supplement with potassium citrate. Consult your qualified natural medicine professional for further advice. Trudy Kither is a naturopath and owner, Nature’s Temple. Visit

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New Total Body Photography supports doctors for the earliest skin cancer diagnosis. SUMMER is on the way and as the sun and warm outdoors beckon, it is important not to become complacent about skin health. Every minute, an Australian is diagnosed with skin cancer. Every day, five Australians lose their lives to melanoma, which sometimes appears as a tiny mole barely visible to the naked eye. Regular, professional skin cancer checks are essential â&#x20AC;&#x201C; paired with total body photography for the earliest skin cancer detection as recommended by experts, particularly for high-risk patients. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Skin cancer can grow very fast, come in various shapes and colours, and sometimes show no symptoms until the advanced stage,â&#x20AC;? says skin cancer doctor Alvin Prakash of the National Skin Cancer Centres in Coorparoo and Redcliffe. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The earlier we detect it, the higher the

chance of successful treatment. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where the latest photography technology helps.â&#x20AC;? Total body photography, through advanced imaging technology, allows the skin cancer doctor to monitor a patientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; skin for the tiniest changes and detect skin cancer at its earliest stage, when chances of treatment are best. The patientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s entire skin surface is photographed prior to the skin cancer check, and the images are compared at follow-up appointments. The innovative software indicates at-risk lesions to be investigated further, and every mole, head-to-toe, is checked by a qualified doctor. Early skin cancer detection and treatment is vital in south-east Queensland, where melanoma diagnoses reach up to 50 per cent above the national average. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Using the newest technology in combination with our expertise, we can now spot the tiniest changes and identify early skin cancer risk,â&#x20AC;? Dr Prakash said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This means we can minimise complex, invasive and expensive treatments, and ultimately save more lives.â&#x20AC;? Call Coorparoo Skin Cancer Centre 3324 0466 or Redcliffe Skin Cancer Centre 3284 3030 or visit

Breathe new life into your body. See how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 1oÂ&#x2020;Ń´7_;Ń´rÂ&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;oÂ&#x2C6;;u1ol;u-7b-ŕŚ&#x17E;om ruo1ŕŚ&#x17E;ŕŚ&#x17E;v-m71Â&#x2039;vŕŚ&#x17E;ŕŚ&#x17E;vÄş 11-vbom-Ń´Ń´Â&#x2039;ġu-7b-ŕŚ&#x17E;om|u;-|l;m|o=0oÂ&#x2030;;Ѵġ ruov|-|;ouÂ&#x2020;|;ubm;1-m1;uv1-mbmfÂ&#x2020;u;|_; 0oÂ&#x2030;;Ń´Â&#x2030;-Ń´Ń´-m7o|_;uŕŚ&#x17E;vvÂ&#x2020;;vġu;vÂ&#x2020;Ń´ŕŚ&#x17E;m]bm 0Ń´;;7bm]-m70oÂ&#x2030;;Ń´-m70Ń´-77;u7bL1Â&#x2020;Ń´ŕŚ&#x17E;;vÄş Â&#x2039;Â&#x2020;vbm]-ru;vvÂ&#x2020;ubv;7;mÂ&#x2C6;buoml;m||o bm1u;-v;oÂ&#x160;Â&#x2039;];mŃ´;Â&#x2C6;;Ń´vbmÂ&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;u0Ń´oo7ġ Â&#x2039;r;u0-ub1Â&#x160;Â&#x2039;];m$_;u-rÂ&#x2039;1oÂ&#x2020;Ń´7_;Ń´r Â&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;oÂ&#x2C6;;u1ol;|_;v;7;0bŃ´b|-ŕŚ&#x17E;m]1om7bŕŚ&#x17E;omvġ -m7];|Â&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;uŃ´b=;0-1hĺѴom]Â&#x2030;b|_0;bm] om mĹ&#x160;bm m m momĹ&#x160;bmÂ&#x2C6;-vbÂ&#x2C6;;ġv-=;-m71ov|Ĺ&#x160;;@;1ŕŚ&#x17E;Â&#x2C6;;ġ|_bv --|||l l v ; ;7 |u; |u u;-| u;|u;-|l;m|bvl;7b1-Ń´Ń´Â&#x2039;ruoÂ&#x2C6;;mĹ&#x2039;-1hmoÂ&#x2030;Ń´;7];7 0 Â&#x2039; ;7 7 -u 7b1-u; u; m7 7 0Â&#x2039;;7b1-u;-m7lov|_;-|_=Â&#x2020;m7vÄşv- Ń´Ń´b1;mv;77-Â&#x2039;_ovrb|-Ń´Ń´o1-|;7Â&#x2030;b|_bm|_; 1;mv mv; mv; ; 7-Â&#x2039; 7 Â&#x2039; |-) ); ;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2039; r ;Â&#x2039; rb r ;1b 1bm );vŃ´;Â&#x2039;ovrb|-Ń´ru;1bm1|ġÂ&#x2030;;-u;=Â&#x2020;Ń´Ń´Â&#x2039; -7 7Â&#x2039;Â&#x2039;||o 7Â&#x2039;| |o ;t ; t tÂ&#x2020; Â&#x2020;bbbr Â&#x2020; rr; ;7 -m7u;u;-7Â&#x2039; ;tÂ&#x2020;brr;7-m7u;-7Â&#x2039;|o_;Ń´rÂ&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;u;1oÂ&#x2C6;;u=-v|;uÄş To learn m T more ea ab about ou ut Hy ut H Hyperbaric y Oxygen Therapy, our website or get in touch y visit ou y, u w eb b bsite with uss tod your ttoday. day. ay. On On y ou next GP visit, ask for a referral.l

07 3371 6033

GÞ²Ĺ&#x153;Í&#x2014;Ä&#x2020;°Â&#x160;Ă Í&#x2014;6Ă 6GĂžÍ&#x2014;=GÄ&#x201D;G6Ä&#x201D;Â&#x160;Ă&#x2014;Ă Í&#x2014;Ä&#x2020;Ĺ?GÄ&#x2020;Í&#x2014;²Â&#x160;Ĺ?GÄ&#x2020;Ěľ ĢúwĂž=GÍ&#x2014;Ĺ&#x153;Ă&#x2014;ĢÞÍ&#x2014;Ä&#x2020;°Â&#x160;Ă Í&#x2014;6Ă 6GĂžÍ&#x2014;6Â&#x2026;G6° Ĺ&#x2018;Â&#x160;Ä&#x201D;Â&#x2026;Í&#x2014;Ä&#x201D;Ă&#x2014;Ä&#x201D;²Í&#x2014;5Ă&#x2014;=Ĺ&#x153;Í&#x2014;ĂşÂ&#x2026;Ă&#x2014;Ä&#x201D;Ă&#x2014;wÞúÂ&#x2026;Ĺ&#x153; uĂ&#x2014;ĂžÍ&#x2014;GÞ²Â&#x160;GÄ&#x2020;Ä&#x201D;Í&#x2014;Ä&#x2020;°Â&#x160;Ă Í&#x2014;6Ă 6GĂžÍ&#x2014;=Â&#x160;wĂ Ă&#x2014;Ä&#x2020;Â&#x160;Ä&#x2020;Ěľ

Ä&#x2020;Ç&#x20AC;Ç&#x20AC;Í&#x2014;ĹşÍ&#x2014;ɤÉ&#x2122;Ç&#x20AC;ƹǞźČ&#x2013;Č&#x2013;ĘŁÍ&#x2014;É&#x203A;Ę&#x20AC;ĹşČ&#x2013;ÇžË&#x2C6;Ç&#x20AC;ƸÍ&#x2014;Ä&#x2020;Č&#x201C;ǞȪÍ&#x2014;6źȪƹÇ&#x20AC;É&#x153;Í&#x2014; =ȾƹɰȾÉ&#x153;Í&#x2014;Ç°ČľÉ&#x153;Í&#x2014;É&#x2122;Ç&#x20AC;źƹÇ&#x20AC;Í&#x2014;ȾǰÍ&#x2014;ȨǞȪƸ̾ =Ç&#x20AC;ƸǞƹźɰÇ&#x20AC;ƸÍ&#x2014;ɤČ&#x201C;ǞȪÍ&#x2014;ƹźȪƹÇ&#x20AC;É&#x153;Í&#x2014;ǰźƹǞČ&#x2013;Ǟɰʣ Ă ČľÍ&#x2014;É&#x153;Ç&#x20AC;Ç°Ç&#x20AC;É&#x153;É&#x153;ĹşČ&#x2013;Í&#x2014;É&#x153;Ç&#x20AC;É&#x203A;Ę&#x20AC;ÇžÉ&#x153;Ç&#x20AC;Ƹ Ä&#x2020;ǚȾÉ&#x153;É°Í&#x2014;Ę&#x2DC;źǞɰÍ&#x2014;ɰǞȨÇ&#x20AC;ɤ uÇ&#x20AC;ȨźČ&#x2013;Ç&#x20AC;Í&#x2014;ƸȾƹɰȾÉ&#x153;ɤÍ&#x2014;ĹşĘ&#x2014;źǞČ&#x2013;źưČ&#x2013;Ç&#x20AC;Í&#x2014; ĂžÇ&#x20AC;ƸƹČ&#x2013;ǞǰǰÇ&#x20AC; úǚȾȪÇ&#x20AC;Í&#x2014;Ë&#x2022;Ë&#x2014;Ë&#x201C;Ë&#x161;Í&#x2014;Ë&#x2022;Ë&#x2013;Ë&#x2122;Ë&#x2014; Ä&#x2020;Č&#x201C;ǞȪÍ&#x2014;6źȪƹÇ&#x20AC;É&#x153; Ë&#x201D;Ë&#x161;Ë&#x2019;Í&#x2014;Ă&#x2014;ʢČ&#x2013;Ç&#x20AC;ĘŁÍ&#x2014;Ę&#x2014;Ç&#x20AC;ĚŻÍ&#x2014;½źÉ&#x153;DzźɰÇ&#x20AC;Í&#x2014;ß²=Í&#x2014;Ë&#x2013;Ë&#x2019;Ë&#x201C;Ë&#x203A; ɤČ&#x201C;ǞȪƹźȪƹÇ&#x20AC;É&#x153;ĆąÇ&#x20AC;ČŞÉ°É&#x153;Ç&#x20AC;ɤ̾ƹȾȨ̾źĘ&#x20AC;ĚťÉ&#x153;Ç&#x20AC;ƸƹČ&#x2013;ǞǰǰÇ&#x20AC; Brisbane

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6ȾȾÉ&#x153;É&#x2122;ĹşÉ&#x153;ȾȾ úǚȾȪÇ&#x20AC;Í&#x2014;Ë&#x2022;Ë&#x2022;Ë&#x201D;Ë&#x2013;Í&#x2014;Ë&#x2019;Ë&#x2013;Ë&#x2DC;Ë&#x2DC; Ä&#x2020;Č&#x201C;ǞȪÍ&#x2014;6źȪƹÇ&#x20AC;É&#x153; Ë&#x201C;Ë&#x2122;Ë&#x2122;Í&#x2014;Ă&#x2014;Č&#x2013;ƸÍ&#x2014;6Č&#x2013;Ç&#x20AC;Ę&#x2014;Ç&#x20AC;Č&#x2013;źȪƸÍ&#x2014;ÞƸ̯Í&#x2014;6ȾȾÉ&#x153;É&#x2122;ĹşÉ&#x153;ȾȾÍ&#x2014;ß²=Í&#x2014;Ë&#x2013;Ë&#x201C;Ë&#x2014;Ë&#x201C; ɤČ&#x201C;ǞȪƹźȪƹÇ&#x20AC;É&#x153;ĆąÇ&#x20AC;ČŞÉ°É&#x153;Ç&#x20AC;ɤ̾ƹȾȨ̾źĘ&#x20AC;̝ƹȾȾÉ&#x153;É&#x2122;ĹşÉ&#x153;ȾȾ November 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 29

22/10/2020 10:23:37 AM


VILLANOVA PRESENTS A PLANTAGENET CHRISTMAS VILLANOVA Players presents The Lion in Winter, a classic work which blends period costume with contemporary psychological drama. The Tony-award winning play is described as “a work of intelligence, astringent wit, and much theatrical skill.” Following the shifting loyalties and unraveling tapestry of power and betrayal created by the Plantagenet family behind closed doors, it twists and turns with the currents of power running through these key figures in European history, arguably the most significant royal dynasty to ever rule England. Alais, Henry’s mistress and sister to the King of France, sons Richard the Lionheart, Geoffrey, and the infamous Prince John, plus interloper Philip of France are under the same roof as the cunning and powerful Henry II and his estranged wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Their Christmas in 1183 is

going to be dangerous and complex. It is in turn comic and dramatic as the royal family locks into a struggle of competing ambitions to inherit a kingdom. It is a portrait of a dysfunctional family whose actions shaped the history of European politics for centuries. First produced in 1966, The Lion in Winter was adapted by Goldman into an Academy Award-winning 1968 film of the same name, starring Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn. It was recently redone with Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close in the title roles. The play has been produced numerous times, including Broadway and West End revivals. Directed by Roslyn Johnson and performed by a talented cast of community actors, this is a perfect play to start the Christmas season. Ron Hurley Theatre, Seven Hills Hub, 28 Tallowwood St, Seven Hills. November 7-22, evening and matinee performances. Tickets $30, concessions $23, groups $21. Details and bookings at



Mary Li (neé McKendry) shares a lifetime of ballet and is a mother like no other. She became a household name when her husband Li Cunxin published his bestselling memoir, Mao’s Last Dancer – but that told only half the story. Mary’s Last Dance is a powerful and uplifting memoir about chasing an impossible dream and sacrificing one’s own ambition for the love of a child. It is a moving and unforgettable story of passion, dedication and devotion. She will be in conversation with ABC’s Rebecca Levingston and joined by daughter Sophie and husband, Li Cunxin to discuss her new book. Powerhouse Theatre, Tuesday, November 10, 7.30pm, Tickets $35 Visit

Villanova Players presents The Lion in Winter by James Goldman It is Christmas 1183, and King Henry lets his wife Queen Eleanor out of prison to attend the festivities, with his three sons and the visiting King of France. In turns both comic and dramatic, it’s the story of a royal family locked in a struggle of competing ambitions to inherit a kingdom.


TWO circus productions by internationally acclaimed Brisbane-based contemporary circus company Circa, are being presented at the QPAC Playhouse Theatre as part of Queensland’s Own, a program showcasing the state’s major performing arts companies. Humans leaps on to the Playhouse stage from November18 to 22, with Carnival of the Animals tumbling in from December 16 to 20. Humans takes audiences on a stirring journey of what it means to be human, and explores how our bodies, connections, and aspirations all form part of who we are. Pushing their bodies to the extreme, Circa acrobats lead the audience to reflect on life, love and the burdens we, as humans, carry and the physical and emotional strength it takes to overcome them. It features a stage stripped bare exposing the vulnerability of a team of ten highly skilled acrobats. With incredible strength

and integrity, they connect each moment seamlessly in a thrilling and heart-stopping performance. Carnival of the Animals is a thrilling circus escapade in a delightful salute to feathers, fur and fins. Bringing the classical music suite of Camille Saint-Saëns to life for a new generation of circus, music and animal lovers, Carnival of the Animals captivates with whimsical tales of creatures of the land and sea portrayed by Circa’s world-famous acrobats who tumble, fly, leap and spin their way through the many wondrous worlds of the animal kingdom. The QPAC seasons are part of the Queensland’s Own program funded through the Queensland Government’s $22.5 million Arts and Cultural Recovery Package Visit or call 136 246



10am, 11th November, 2020 43 Goodooga Drive


10am, 12th November, 2020 2 Ford Road

Call Kerrie today to book 0403 680 969

Corner Tallowwood St and Griffith Place, Clearview Urban Village, off Clearview Terrace, Seven Hills, Queensland 4170

Telephone bookings 3395 5168 | Bookings online 30 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / November 2020

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The best in over 50s living. Brisbane

22/10/2020 10:23:50 AM


OVE R 50’s LI FE STYLE EXPO Age is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and growth

Calling exhibitors to be part of Sunshine Coasts stand out event the Lifestyle 55+ expo. Inviting senior groups to be part of the event.

Re-Imagine Ageing. Re-Imagine the Possibilities 5th August 2021, 9.00am – 2.30pm Nambour Showgrounds, Sunshine Coast Each year we take the opportunity to work closely with our over-55 community to build community engagement and we collaborate with businesses to create unique opportunities to showcase their brands, services and products. Our goal is to open the door of opportunity to the over-55 community, challenge social norms that limit growth and hinder people’s potential to live life to the fullest. We strive to create a community where people not only age well but thrive. Come onboard and let’s work together to re-imagine ageing and re-imagine the possibilities in 2021.


Travel Health and Wellness Insurance Recreation and Fitness Employment and Education Financial and Retirement Planning • Clothing, Fashion and Accessories

• • • • • • • •

Beauty Services Aged Care Government Services Independent Living Products Holistic Living Options Gardening / Landscaping Community groups Caravan/ Camping

All exhibitors will be part of our annual Networking Cocktail Event. COVID Safe Event – All steps will be taken to make sure this is a COVID Safe Event.

Contact Tanya on 07 3041 1355 or 0407 748 773. Email WITH THANKS TO OUR EVENT SPONSORS:

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BILL MCCARTHY Unfortunately, I was disappointed despite all expectations. Elizabeth Gould was undoubtably a shining light among that small group of Victorian women who managed to claim a reputation for advancing science and natural history. Her marriage to John Gould, the perfect match, allowed her to exhibit her talents as a supreme artist of birdlife. There is wonderful glimpse into early Australian life and society as she travels across the country. Unfortunately, the author has written the novel in a style that reminded me of Emily Bronte or Jane Austin and her story is filtered through the lens of Victorian sensibilities. The repetitive description of her drawing also becomes tiresome. I did not finish this book. If you wish to see the proof of her talent, the local library has Roslyn Russell’s John Gould and Australia, The Business of Nature, a scholarly tome, beautifully illustrated.

MARY BARBER This was an engaging read. We hear the voice of Elizabeth Gould, a talented bird illustrator of the 1800s. The book had interesting historical detail. I liked meeting artist Edward Lear who was also a bird illustrator. The sentences were constructed in an old-fashioned style which gave authenticity to Elizabeth’s character. It read like a diary of her busy life as an artist, a wife and mother. The competing demands of her roles were everpresent. John Gould was painted as a driven man. The moral dilemma of killing birds to preserve them for science was covered through Elizabeth’s and her children’s own doubts. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Australian birdlife, Australian history or the hidden role of women in scientific advancements.


BOOK review

SUZI HIRST In the first person, this book is beautifully written, well-researched, fascinating and has well developed characters. It is enlightening and a love story. Elizabeth Gould, married to Sir John Gould, had the incredible talent for illustrating his work with very little recognition. Melissa Ashley’s descriptions of the birds brings them to life in vivid colour. Although the book is historical fiction and very long winded at times, I loved it but understand it may not be for everyone. If you are an ornithologist it is for you. 8/10

THE BIRDMAN’S WIFE By Melissa Ashley

JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT Elizabeth Gould illustrated the exquisite bird books of her famous husband John but received little recognition for her work. This book is intended to properly attribute the excellent illustrations of her husband’s books to Elizabeth during her short 37-year lifetime – and it does that in excellent fashion albeit as a biography imagined by author Melissa Ashley. The book is directed more at ornithologists, taxidermists and others in that field of endeavour rather than followers of a particular genre. The Goulds’ expedition to Australia and particularly descriptions of Australian bird life provided some interest, otherwise I found little to interest me in its almost 400 pages.

JO BOURKE Thanks to the meticulous research of author, Melissa Ashley, I have been given a fascinating insight into the life and achievements of Elizabeth Gould, natural history artist, 1804-1841. In just 13 years of marriage to John Gould, Eliza experienced eight pregnancies, resulting in six surviving children, executed approximately 600 drawings for publication and spent two years travelling to and living in Australia, mostly in the shadow of her famous ornithologist husband. Despite the occasional overload of detail, this is a story that has stayed with me. Eliza was very much ahead of her time. I particularly enjoyed reading of the Goulds’ time in Hobart, especially her friendship with Lady Jane Franklin, the governor’s wife, a friend and confidant when Eliza was missing her young children left in England. Eliza was a woman of many emotions, torn between family and customs of her time and yet very aware of her talent and the need to please her husband. I am heartened that in 1938 and 1964, letters that she wrote were found and safely stored in Sydney’s Mitchell Library. A memorable and inspiring biography.

let us take it away for you!

rivercity rubbish removal

Low cost & local Same day or set time (Cheaper than skips)

FREE over the phone pricing. We recycle, donate then dump deceased estates all round cleanups ● green waste ● unwanted furniture ● computers & electrical ● dirt/rocks/bricks/concrete

sheds emptied household appliances ● mattresses & carpets ● renovation rubbish ● items the council won’t take ● under house/garage clean-ups


32 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / November 2020

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Elizabeth Gould spent her life capturing the sublime beauty of birds the world had never seen before, but her legacy was eclipsed by that of her famous husband, the English ornithologist and bird artist John Gould. Melissa Ashley gives voice to a passionate and adventurous spirit who was more than the woman behind the man. She imagines the fascinating inner life of Elizabeth, a woman ahead of her time who juggled her artistic life with being a devoted wife, and bearing eight children. In 1838, she defied convention by joining her husband on a trailblazing expedition to the wilderness of the colonies to collect and illustrate Australia’s curious birdlife. The Birdman’s Wife paints a portrait of an extraordinary woman, from a naïve and uncertain young girl to a bold adventurer determined to find her own voice, who has been overlooked by history – until now.

Family owned business (est. 2002)

Call Craig 0419 796 408

Elizabeth Gould’s life and bird artistry are beautifully imagined and recreated in this meticulously researched historical bio novel. During the Victorian period English scientists were obsessed with ornithology and zoology. In this era before photography and videography Elizabeth complemented her husband’s brilliant career producing amazing drawings and lithographs of the birds of Europe and Australia. From her drawings, the couple noticed that the same species of Galapagos finches had developed different beaks to adapt to their different isolated Island environment and food supply. John passed this observation on to Charles Darwin thus helping him develop his theory of evolution. Elizabeth Gould was well ahead of her time. As a lover of birds, zoology and a good story, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. 8/10

Security, Independence & Peace of Mind Providing privacy & independence with the security of proximity to family. Glendale Granny Cabins provide comfortable, self contained accommodation for elderly relatives on the same site as the family home.

• One Bedroom Cabins and Studios • Two Bedroom Cottages • Undisputed industry leader

• Over 5600 satisfied Glendale owners • 6½ year structural warranty • Over 38 years experience



BSA License No. 42372

Obligation free site inspections freecall 1800 801 710 Brisbane

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Lessons learnt on the exploration trail After months of lockdown, Queenslanders finally got the nod to travel unlimited kilometres within their own state. BEVERLEY EVERSON was quick to hitch up and head off on a great escape. She offers some tips for the long haul.

Lift chairs add a new dimension of comfort and ease

Lifestyle villages a whole new world of retirement living

As we get older, we tend to stick with furniture we’ve owned for a long time. A favourite old armchair is not something we like to replace. However, our fondness for such things is not doing us any favours when it’s time to get something more suitable for our needs. That’s where Scooters Australia Brisbane’s extensive range of affordable lift chairs and recliners comes in. You’ll have no trouble getting used to these chairs. Their clever technology makes getting in and out a breeze. At the push of a button, the electric motors adjust the height and angle just as you want. This ensures you won’t hurt your fingers searching for the latch, or strain yourself getting out. They’re stylish too, with comfort to match. Coming in a wide variety of shapes, colours and materials to suit your decor, these chairs make a fabulous and functional addition to your home. Once you’ve tried out a model such as the Milan Dual Motor, which rises and reclines with ease, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Over 50s lifestyle villages are not the same as retirement villages. They operate under the Queensland Government Manufactured Homes Act 2003. This means that you own the home outright and lease the land. The (site agreement or Form 2 under Queensland legislation) has a start date but no end date, so you have the right to use the land forever. There are no exit fees or stamp duty payable on these homes. They are proving a hit with over 50s who enjoy this type of living because it means they are surrounded by like-minded people and they can easily engage and socialize. There is usually a recreation centre with bowling, tennis, pool, cinema, library, gym and so on, which encourages interaction and a healthy lifestyle. Some also offer caravan storage. Villages have community guidelines or rules. You can buy a home anywhere but when you are looking to buy in an over 50s village you are looking for something more, usually lifestyle and security. Don’t think about downsizing, think about “life sizing”. If you have any questions, or need solutions or support just give me a call.



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Bags of $avings One of the simplest ways we can save money is by reducing food wastage. Throwing out just $10 worth of food a week adds up to $520 a year straight into the garbage. So, how do you take advantage of buying in bulk without the fruit and vegetables going off before you get a chance to eat them? Super Fresh Bags is a food storage system that is easy to use, efficient and relatively inexpensive. They take up little space in the refrigerator and are made from food grade materials designed to keep fruit and vegetables as fresh as the day they were bought. In most cases, vegetables can be kept two to four weeks, longer depending on the type of vegetable. The bags can be kept in any part of the refrigerator — shelves, door or crisper. They are washable and reusable and last for more than five years. The bags come in three sizes and are sold in packs. The bags are affordable and easily pay for themselves. Delivery is by Australia Post. Visit for further details. Super Fresh Bags can be purchased by calling 02 9631 0143.


With a home on wheels in tow, it’s possible to pull up and stay in the prettiest places.


t was July and with caravan in tow, we excitedly left home and headed north west – along with a lot of other Queenslanders. But we seldom needed to book ahead, as we weren’t competing with the southerners who usually arrive in droves to escape their cold winter for warm, cloud-free days. All up, we would be away for 73 days and click over 10,800km zigzagging around Queensland and parts of Northern Territory. We left with only a vague plan, which included completing the eastern section of Savannah Way as far as Mataranka in the Territory. We had previously travelled the western section from Broome. On any trip it is necessary for, as the alliterative saying goes, “prior preparation and planning to prevent poor performance”. This includes checking car and caravan are mechanically sound including tyres and spares, necessary servicing and a basic stock of fuses, bulbs etc. It is also wise to have a tool kit sufficient to fix unexpected problems. Oddly enough, we have encountered people over the years who did not carry even a basic tool kit. Ensure that registration and insurance are up to date, especially as you may be out of range of phone/internet coverage around the due dates. We spoke to a policewoman in Mt Surprise, 400km west of Mission Beach, during a spot Covid-19 check, who said it was common to find people who were unaware their registration had expired. Brisbane

22/10/2020 10:26:47 AM


The author calls in at the Rubyvale Hotel We also stock up on provisions to ensure that we have more than enough for at least two weeks. It is important to support small towns, but their stocks can be limited, or you might travel through on a Sunday and they are not open. Also, you may find that some outback towns have no pharmacies or are unable to fill many prescriptions, so it is wise to double up before you leave home or check ahead for availability. It is also wise to keep fuel topped up as you can experience long distances between stops – and unexpected out-ofservice pumps or no fuel at all. For example, we travelled 600km from Cape Crawford to Mataranka through Limmen National Park. The only fuel stop is a 29km deviation off the road to Lorella Springs Wilderness Park. The Roper River Store no longer has fuel. Fuel apps are handy, especially if you can access them offline. Similarly, it is wise to top up water at every opportunity. It can get very cold at night out west during the winter months, so it is a good idea to have a winter bag as back up. Just outside Taroom on the second week of our trip, we experienced minus temperatures two nights in a row. There was ice on the windscreen and panelling and even the tea towel that had been left out to dry overnight, was at right angles the next morning.

Along with a sun hat, also consider umbrella and wet weather gear. Gum boots are a handy addition. If you are fully self-sufficient including solar power, it is worth considering unpowered sites when staying in van parks. We discovered many unpowered sites were pleasant and spacious. It is advantageous to visit the tourist information centres along the way, as generally staff are local and have much practical knowledge to share. The best time to travel Queensland is in the dry winter months between June and October, so this is also the busiest tourist time. It is a good idea to investigate if it is necessary to book ahead for some experiences and accommodation, so you don’t miss out. It’s the devil you do, the devil you don’t; we prefer not to book too far ahead (or at all) for the flexibility of being able to stay longer or make an unplanned stop. There may be an experience that runs only one day a week, so it is important to check. There are lots of events, festivals and seasonal experiences throughout Queensland, so check the calendar to capture the best of opportunities at the time of your travel or simply to avoid the crowds and lack of accommodation associated with these events. Whether you are planning basic tent or roof top camping, motorhome or upmarket luxury, consider what you enjoy most – bitumen, dirt or totally off road. It can all be fun but prior thought and planning is essential to ensure you have a hassle- free holiday and amazing adventures.

LUXURY ESCAPE TREAT yourself to the five-star luxury of the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove resort before heading into the rainforest in an indulgent three-day tour of the Gold Coast and hinterland. A dramatic stained-glass window and grand staircase welcomes visitors to the graceful Sanctuary Cove Resort set in 4.2ha of landscaped gardens, with a lagoon and world class marina. After two nights in the lap of luxury, board the modern touring coach to head into the hinterland to O’Reilly’s Guest House in the heart of the World Heritage Lamington National Park, famous for its

rainforest location and native birds. See Tamborine’s famous Gallery Walk and the colourful and diverse exotic and native flora of Tamborine Mountain botanic gardens. The $699 fare includes home pick up and return, two nights at Sanctuary Cove, breakfast, two course dinners, a welcome afternoon tea and coach travel. Coastal Variety Tours, with Kangaroo Bus Lines, provides safe travel that meets all Covid-safe requirements. The tour will run November 17-19 and December 7-9. Call 3343 6722

Drive to conditions and pay attention to road signs when they turn up.

HERMAN’S TOURS & TRAVEL DAY TRIPS Sunday 29 November 2020.............Australian Outback Spectacular..............................$150* Saturday 5 December 2020.............Christmas Lunch – Murphy’s Creek Tavern............$124*



From $1255 Saturday 23 January 2021...............Surfers Paradise River Cruise..................................$96* Departures from Roma Street, Corinda & Palmdale * Lunch included

per person twin share, Single Supplement $120

Includes: Home Pick Up / Drop Off (Brisbane Metropolitan Area) Return Coach Travel – Brisbane to Kingaroy, 3 x Morning Tea / 2 x Breakfast / 3 x Lunch / 2 x Dinner. Visiting: – Kingsley Grove Estate Winery, Pottique Lavender Farm, Bethany Farm, Kingaroy Observatory (weather conditions permitting), Bunya Red Farm

Extended holidays include return home transfers (Brisbane Metropolitan Area). Day tours marked with * includes lunch. Itineraries and prices quoted are subject to change.


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CALL 3379 6255 ABN: 27862101744 November 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 35

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Pack your bags and travel the easy way


ith cruises curtailed, international flights off the agenda and tour packages postponed, there’s only one way to travel – and coach tours are on a roll. Fortunately, it’s no longer about bumping along on a bus. Passengers can sit back, stretch out and relax in comfort and safety on a modern luxury coach with big windows that open up to the panorama of the passing parade. “We recently had a guest who said he hadn’t realised what he was missing,” says Paul Brockhurst of CT Travel. “He said that while his wife had been admiring the countryside, as the driver, he had spent most of the trip with his eyes glued to the road. He was delighted to be able to relax and enjoy the ride.” With the current travel restrictions in place, it’s a great way to get out and see the country without stress or having to worry about where to spend the night. Everything is organised as part of the value-packed coach tour itinerary – accommodation, meals, attractions, admissions and, best of all, local connections who can introduce travellers to their part of the world. Paul, who has been in the coach tour industry for 25 years, said coach tours had come into their own for travellers who

Take a soak in the tub at the artesian bore at Charlotte Plains station near Cunnamulla. wanted to explore without the hassle of organising details, finding the best that locations had to offer, doing the hard slog of driving and then chasing up local tours. “This is a way to really enjoy the adventure as well as the trip,” Paul says. “It is surprising how many people are surprised that an Outback trip, for example, isn’t just miles of the road disappearing into the horizon. Once they have the chance to sit back and actually look at the landscape, they are well rewarded. “This isn’t just drive and look but being part of an adventure.” Coach travellers also have a chance for a chat and to meet fellow travellers who

Girls On Tour Women only travel Fully escorted . Small groups

2021 Tours taking bookings now! HIGH ARCTIC ODYSSEY


Including Iceland Golden Triangle, Norway and Svalbard 13 day cruise onboard ‘The Greg Mortimer’. Departuring 29th June for 28 days. Limited places left!

$6,614pp twin share ex Bne, Syd or Mel plus approx. taxes $200. Other capital cities available. (image attached courtesy of Grand Pacific Tours)

12 days departing 16th February 2021.

CHILE, ARGENTINA & ANTARCTICA’ Encompassing Santiago, Atacama, El Calafate, Torres del Paine, Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and Antarctica, flying the Drake Passage on ‘The Penguin Express’ and exploring The Antarctic Peninsular and The South Shetland Islands onboard MV Greg Mortimer. Cost $32, 451pp twin share ex Bne. (image attached courtesy of Aurora

THE KIMBERLEY 16 days departing 8th August 2021

Expeditions) 30 days departing 7th January, 2022.

0409 057 417 | | PO Box 5307, Maroochydore BC Qld 4558 *twin share, ex Brisbane. Other capital city departures available on application. Facebook @girlsontouraustralia

36 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / November 2020

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generally share the same ideals of wanting to get out and about the easy way. It’s a much more companionable way to travel. But one of the highlights is having an immediate connection with locals and getting the lowdown from those who know. “We always use local guides where we can as these are the people who really know their area and can introduce visitors to the sometimes less well known features of a destination,” Paul says. “They usually have a good yarn to tell and give guests a local experience where they can really feel part of the adventure and not be someone just passing through and ticking a box on the map.” Whether it’s a short escape to the Southern Downs or Gold Coast hinterland, or a longer journey into the Outback, North Queensland, Lightning Ridge or even the Darling River run, it’s an opportunity to see it all the easy way. “We value friendship, community and personal, quality experiences,” Paul says. “Our Australian coach tours offer extraordinary experiences from warm sandy beaches and blue skies to scorched red earth and beautiful outback landscapes. All guests have to do is relax and enjoy.” A complete list of tours and itineraries

is available on the CT Travel website, where guests can also sign up for the Travel Club to receive regular updates and specials. Bespoke tours can also be planned for groups, clubs and organisations who want to set off adventuring together. Visit

A local guide explains all at Wallaroo.

Senior Coach Tours

Home pickup & return - Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Redlands, Redcliffe, Caboolture, Sunshine Coast Covid-19 safe - limited coach seating, enhanced vehicle cleaning and sanitizing, Coastal Variety Tours in association with Kangaroo Bus Lines are committed to providing safe and reliable coach travel in line with government and health authority guidance.

Book Now for Spring 2020/2021 Tours

Five Star Luxury Escape Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort

$699 inc GST

3 DAY TOURS DATES: 17th/18th/19th November 2020 7th/8th/9th December 2020 $699 SUPER VALUE Fare includes: 2 nights 5 Star INTERCONTINENTAL RESORT. Sumptuous Breakfast, Dinners 2 Course plus free Drink (Paradise Point) Welcome Afternoon Tea, INTERCONTINENTAL RESORT Mount Tambourine, Award Winning O’Reillys Guest House, Rainforest Retreat & Harbour Town. Mudgee - Lightning Ridge Tour April 2021, 9 Days $1999 Autumn Tour - Outback QLD,Longreach & Whitsundays June 2021, 11 Days $2550 Cairns & Tropical NTH QLD 13 DAYS, July 2021, $2850

Tel. 3343 6722 for a Free Tour Brochure

Coastal Variety Tours Brisbane

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2 1 8 5 4 3 9 6 7

9 2 4 1 3 6 7 8 5

5 8 1 7 9 2 6 4 3

7 6 3 8 5 4 2 1 9

Secret message: Ready for take-off




6 4 9 2 8 7 3 5 1



1. In what country was the casino in the 2006 James Bond movie, Casino Royale? 2. Which element of the Periodic Table has the shortest name? 3. What colour shoes does Mickey Mouse normally wear? 4. In rock, paper, scissors, what beats scissors? 5. What feat did Andy Thomas achieve in 1996? 6. Gorgonzola cheese is made from the milk of what animal? 7. Which European capital is on the Tagus River? 8. A lion and which other animal supports the coat of arms of the United Kingdom? 9. What is the usual name of the hors d’oeuvre consisting of an oysterr wrapped in bacon? 10. What major line of latitude crosses Africa, Australia and South America? 11. The viral infection Varicella is more commonly known by what poultry name? 12. Which Australian prime minister was known as the Silver Bodgie?? 13. Which cricketer has the nickname The Big Show? 14. What time of day is mentioned in the first verse of the nursery rhyme, “Here we go round the mulberry bush”? 15. What is six-eighths as a percentage? 16. What 1976 Australian movie is about a boy who befriends a pelican? 17. Which Whitsunday island is the most populous? 18. What is the highest legal court in Queensland? 19. Which iconic Australian landmark was climbed by the public for the last time in October 2019? 20. How many patella does the normal human body have?


7 8 1 4 5 2 3 9 6

With Quizmaster Allan Blackburn

3 9 2 8 6 1 7 4 5


WORD STEP LAMPS, LUMPS, LUMPY, BUMPY, BURPY, BURLY There may be other correct answers

apish, aspic, chain, chin, china, chip, inch, nisi, pain, panic, physic, PHYSICIAN, pica, pinch, piny, shin, shiny, ship, snip, spicy, spin, spinach, spiny

1. Montenegro; 2. Tin; 3. Yellow; 4. Rock; 5. First Australian-born astronaut in space; 6. Cow; 7. Lisbon, Portugal; 8. Unicorn; 9. Angel on Horseback; 10. Tropic of Capricorn; 11. Chickenpox; 12. Bob Hawke; 13. Glenn Maxwell; 14. Morning; 15. 75%; 16. Storm Boy; 17. Hamilton Island; 18. Supreme Court; 19. Uluru; 20. Two.

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37.indd 3

November 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 37

22/10/2020 10:27:33 AM



ACROSS 1 7 8 10 11 13 14 16 18 19


No. 2567


No. 040




























Pierce the tape. Enter competitions (9) Prompt stick (3) This allegedly powerful character is just pure horse manure (9) Snaps post. Oh, how unfortunate! (6) What we were instructed, I hear, was wrong (4) A knot of coral or rocks, perhaps (4) Sounds like a biscuit joint where you wear brief togs (6) Army career’s officer with a right ureteric disease (9) Sounds like crude cash for the graceful hind (3) If the roller coaster ride drags on you can ignore it (9)

Edged monetary unit shows one in the coat of arms (3) 3 Mister Rorschach’s patterns reveal inner dread! (6) 4 One positive response can mean many (4) 5 The man with the financial gift will give the coins to me, perhaps (9) 6 Pay exorbitant lathe hire for one in better physical condition (9) 8 Replace the users’ deep problems with newer ones? (9) 9 Explored a new area of eerie pond scum (9) 12 Make less proof for the illegal duel, it seems (6) 15 Laws governing the playwright’s productions (4) 17 Organ grinders are! (3)



The leftover letters will spell out a secret message No. 040

















SUDOKU Level: Medium


5 3 2 7 6 4 2 1 7 7 3 2

Tamworth CMF Australia’s Largest Festival 50TH ANNIVERSARY 2022 JOIN THE FUN...

No. 860



Copyright © Reuben’s Puzzles Refer to the website for a cryptic solving guide.



9 8 5

3 5 3 6 7 6 2 8 1 7 3

Tamworth Country Music Festival Bus Trip 2021

The Great Western Play & Stay Musical Tour 2021…

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T Tuesday 18/01/22 tto Sunday 23/01/22 TAMWORTH CMF 2021!

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11 Day Musical Tour with 12 Country/Western, Rock n Roll Artists. See the Outback like you’ve never seen it before!

For more information or enquiries please contact GREG & DONNA ROSS. PH: (07) 4129 7132 OR 0427 297 132 e: 38 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / November 2020

38.indd 2


22/10/2020 10:27:46 AM



No. 3668



No. 040

Level: Easy

Today’s Aim:


11 words: Good 17 words: Very good






23 words: Excellent


Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must be included and each letter may only be used once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural words ending in “s”.


ACROSS 1 3 10 11 12 13 14 15 18 20 21 23 26 27

Bale (4) Tenacious (10) Grave (7) Assay (7) Classified (8) Woody plants (5) Route (4) Head of a gang (10) Mocking (10) Couple (4) Disliked intensely (5) Pool water additive (8) Mass (7) — Avenue, New York (7)

28 Forcing (10) 29 Island (4)

DOWN 1 2 4 5 6

7 8 9 14 16 17 19 22

Station (4) Made right (9) Necessary (9) Odour (5) Frighten suddenly (7) Exclusive (5) Bursar (9) Occupations (4) Buys (9) Nice guy (9) Doctor’s conclusion (9) Painkilling drug (7) Pulsate (5)

23 Defraud (5) 24 Impolite (4) 25 As soon as (4)

No. 040

No. 859

7 6 1 9 4 2 4 3 6 9 8 7 6 2 9 5

2 9 6 1 7 7 3 2 4 9 1 6 3 3 2 4


Complete the list by changing one letter at a time to create a new word at each step. One possible answer shown below.


_____ _____ _____ _____ B U R LY November 2020

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November 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 39

22/10/2020 10:28:10 AM

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22/10/2020 10:28:21 AM

Profile for My Weekly Preview

Your Time Magazine Brisbane - November 2020  

Welcome to Your Time magazine, your 55+ baby boomers to seniors magazine on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We hope you enjoy the read and...

Your Time Magazine Brisbane - November 2020  

Welcome to Your Time magazine, your 55+ baby boomers to seniors magazine on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We hope you enjoy the read and...

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