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The Spirit of Autumn

Communicating with the Gods of Ancient Egypt

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Welcome to issue twentynine


Mabon and Ostara


Project Avalon Update


We are the Gods Part 3


Mabon - Mourning of the Sun God


The Spirit of Autumn

14 Communicating with the Gods of Ancient Egypt

Communicating with the Gods of Ancient Egypt | 14

18 Preparing your Altar 19

Mystik Way Healing Link


Inspired Writing - Humility


Muse’s, Meandering & Wandering


Tarot Spread based on a celtic cross


Card of the Month - The Moon


Poem - Be a child again

28 Spirituality in Business - Pipedream or X Factor?

The Spirit of Autumn | 8


Animal and Plant of the Month


Magical Herbs - Cinnamon


Artwork by Christine Carlson


Enlightened Living and Eating

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Welcome to Issue 29


gain the wheel of the Year begins to turn, we here in the northern hemisphere celebrate Mabon, the Autumn Equinox whilst those in the southern hemisphere celebrate Ostara the Spring Equinox….either way a time for celebration & to participate with Mother Earth in her changing cycles. We here have experienced the best summer for over ten years & still looking as though there is another month or so to follow, which has certainly lifted the everyone’s spirits & indeed mother nature’s herself, she in turn presenting us with bumper crops of fruit and vegetables. Once I have completed my summer adventures I will turn my attention to new ideas for the Magazine and ways we can bring in fresh exciting & interesting new dimensions, articles, pictures, offering a wide range in all aspects of the spiritual way of life. The Mystik Way group, page and magazine are going from strength to strength with many new people joining us….some seeking….some to offer their advice & wisdom which is certainly a great pointer as to the fact more & more people are awakening to the new spiritual way of life at long last. Enjoy the magazine….Keep those lights burning brightly, see it surround everything & everyone you encounter along the pathway.

Be the Light. MystikMaster


Mabon & Ostara Autumn/Spring Equinox 20 th/ 21st. September For the southern hemisphere, winter starts to lose its icy grip of the people & the land…Life begins to return but still this month can remain cold & blustery, still with the possibilities of further snowfall… But it is time to celebrate, decorate your Alter with bright fresh spring flowers such as Daffodils depicting the yellow/gold of the Sun, green & yellow candles, use some fresh smelling incense…..Invite your friends & loved ones for a feast…much food & wine….if possible spend some time in the countryside/forest walking beforehand to build the energies…time to celebrate the return of the Sun & planning all the new adventures for the coming Summer. For the northern hemisphere Mabon, time to gather in the harvest as the Darker nights draw in… spend time reflecting on the past summer months….giving thanks for all you have received & enjoyed….spend time with loved ones & friends by warm a raging fire exchanging stories.

Decorate your Altar with the fruits & vegetables of the year…red candles….strong incense, feast with fine food & wine…make new plans for the next Summer. Whichever hemisphere you dwell in, celebrate to the full…give thanks to Mother Earth for the abundance also to the Universe for allowing you to be a part of it.

Many Blessings, let the celebrations begin. MystikMaster 4 |


Project Avalon progress update


o refresh everyone’s memory, project Avalon is about turning my courtyard into a Herb, Fruit &Vegetable Mystikal haven, not only organic but planted & tended by the Moon phase’s as well as the Sun’s. Complemented by Rituals, Meditations, Music & Mantra…to be true to the ways of the Old Path.



Still our wonderful summer continues & the plants are absolutely loving it. Already I have managed to start off two gallons of Blackberry wine, with the bush really flourishing there will be at least another two gallons there within two weeks. The Merlot grapevines are also basking in this glorious sunshine & will begin to bear fruit soon, can’t wait to test them. All the Herbs have flowered and I have made several smudge sticks from the Sage, including the blackcurrant Sage & Lavender (fantastic cleansing aroma)

Some of the planting & re potting I have done during Moon light (according to ancient folk lore) instead of daylight. Each night I am performing a ritual & chanting mantra recording which plants are thriving or not as the case may be, most seem to be flourishing. We are now looking forward to the Autumn Equinox as we will be holding a special ritual with the plants, homemade bread, cakes & a great deal of last seasons blackberry and elderflower wine.

I sincerely do hope this will encourage you to create something similar yourself, following the old ancient ways, totally organic & being guided by the flow of mother nature.


MystikMaster 5

We are The Gods Part Three

I have never quite been able to get my head around the idea that people believe that there is a beneficent god/goddess or creator, as this loving entity has supposedly created animals that have to kill other animals to survive & humans that kill animals for a similar reason….doesn’t look like much love & light in that creation system to me! So it just deepens the reason behind the fact that we are through evolution becoming the gods/goddess’s, creating our own heaven & hell, our own future our own development.

A vast internal shift is required on a mass conscious level before the realization dawns upon the majority of people that they have unimaginable power. We did not begin our journey as the Human race many millions of years ago in the past with these great powers, (they were and still are inherent within us, we merely needed to discover them) we evolved and today at last starting to realise & understand them. As we approached the time where the invention of Religions began, we were at last starting to question who we were & why were we here, then we decided that we were just tiny creatures believing someone far greater must have created us similar to the

6 |


fact that we were in turn created by our own physical father, people lived in fear & awe of nature. The Sun and the Moon and the Stars, day and night…birth and death…so a God was created to answer these great mysteries thus giving some form of comfort in the fact that we were created, looked after & giving some kind of purpose to existence. For millennia this worked well or sort of, then along came the great thinkers who soon realised that Religion through science did not know anything either, nothing could be proved or ratified by the Holy men, as it was all just a method of control (in some ways & to a certain degree it served a good purpose at that time maintaining law & order plus some sort of common decency)

Which brings me to the way we began to realise our full potential. Like small children we were on a path of discovery, where we tested what we were in fact capable of by trial & error. Most of the human races development to begin with was with the physical followed by the mental, to live & maintain a reasonable quality of Life. Now we are entering a new phase of human existence, where we are for want of a better word waking up, or as I prefer to say…we are re awakening….re awakening to the fact that we have within our very being latent powers. The average intelligent person is using but five per cent of their available brain power (enough said)

In the previous issue I discussed the power of thought & sound, the reason it is so important is the fact that everything in the Universe

is pure energy that responds to vibration, thought creates vibration by sending waves into the ether which in turn to a greater or lesser degree affects everything it comes into contact with.

Next issue we will discuss the methods of correct thought & the correct way to intone your speech thus sending forth the proper vibrations that the energies of the Universe will respond to (yes there is a correct way of speaking) Once we start to master this we are on our way to being the true Gods/Goddess’s we are intended to be. I am strong, mighty and with the immortal fire.

I am the voice of the eternal Gods upon the Earth. Even though I be clothed with the body of flesh

I stand upon the Universe and without me the Universe is not.



Mabon Mourning of the sun god


abon- the autumn equinox is held in September from the 20th to 23rd in the northern hemisphere and around march the 20th-23rd in the southern hemisphere. Day and night become equal in length and all things are in balance.

Mabon is a time to mourn the sun god as he returns to the goddess loving arms, like in our life cycle all good things come to an end, so the sun god must journey to the goddess and return his warmth to us at Imbolc and be fully reborn again at Litha.

At this time leaves fall from the trees they begin to turn from green into brilliant reds and yellows and then change into brown and perish, returning to the earth and the goddess, to be re born in the spring. Animals start to migrate, and begin to stock up for the cold winter months ahead. We may notice in ourselves that our energy levels are slowing down that we are feeling a need to hibernate and with the lengthening of the dark comes the increasing power of our own shadow self, meaning that mabon is the onset of the wisdom of darkness, of premonition and facing your shadow, a time of deep wise crone energies. Life can sometimes be hard work and at one time in our lives we will of experienced sorrow, anger or grief of some kind Sometimes this can shadow our inner beauty hold us back and create negativity in our hearts, so mabon actively promotes working through these dark times, it is important to honour and respect these feelings as we learn nothing from repression and denial, we need to engage with our shadow self and allow it to flow freely from our bodies as with all sadness comes joy. A way that i have done this in the past is too salt chalk! You will need: A box of different coloured chalks, Some pieces of paper Some table salt

A clear plastic pot with a lid 8 |

A pencil


Firstly write down names situations of times that have given you sorrow, caused you anguish and things that you would like to put closure on, i would suggest 4-6 areas to Focus and meditate on each area and allow any emotions that arise to flow freely. Then on each piece of paper that you have written pour on some salt, less for times that have not wounded you as much and more for the times when you have felt great pain and loss, again allow any emotions to flow freely. Then choose a piece of coloured chalk and roll it over the salt, use a different colour for each section, press as hard as you like as you are rolling, imagine that you are removing this sadness from your life that you are going to change and learn from the situation that you no longer wish for these feelings or people to hold you back, let the tears flow and let your pain be absorbed in to the salt. You will notice the salt changing to the colour of the chalk. When you have completed each section pour each coloured salt pile into your tub, you can pour them in how you wish if you like you can even mix the colours, when you are ready thank the goddess for protecting you and thank her for the change that is to come, place the lid on the pot, this symbolises the closure of these wounds the healing of your emotions and heart! Look at your pot and know that your troubles have changed into something very beautiful to look at, a reflection of your beauty inside! It is up to you where you would like to put your pot, you can have it on show or pack it away. please do not put it in your bedroom! At Mabon you could start a savings plan, set goals for the future, have a good clear out and prepare your home and make it secure snug and warm for the coming Samhain. Mabon is older wiser and deeper, you should prepare to snuggle into it and search into your own shadow side in comfort. Remember endings are a good time to celebrate success! Blessed be with much love Kirsty Mellor x )o(



The Spirit of Autum “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run…” - John Keats, ‘To Autumn’ (written 19th September 1819)

Introduction In the northern hemisphere, we are at the turning point between summer and autumn. We have been blessed, here in the UK, with our warmest and sunniest Summer in many years, so it could be with a sense of sadness that we see the darkness of evening creeping earlier and earlier, and think about warmer clothes for that moment when the air changes and we shiver, slightly, for the first time even when in the golden sunshine. Many people feel this sadness, and can even dread autumn, not for itself but because it reminds us of the coldness of winter to come. Some people even suffer from the withdrawal of the sun, and find themselves lacking in energy and down in mood, as the amount of light, fresh air and vitamins declines. While there can be biological reasons for this, the spiritual path offers a way to embrace the autumn; and as we know, where the mind goes, the body often follows, therefore taking time to mentally and spiritually prepare for the new season can have many benefits. 10 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE


by James Middleditch

I am lucky in that autumn is my favourite season. Even at the height of summer, as I enjoy the heat and freedom of long days outside, a part of me awaits the cooler, mellower golden light of autumn. My job means that autumn is one of my busiest times, and yet even this doesn’t dampen my anticipation. This feeling manifested itself recently in a particularly vivid meditation, which I wish to share with you, in the hope that it prepares you for the weeks to come, and so that you feel optimistic and safe as the wheel of the year turns once more. I will describe it as it came to me, and hope that you may visualise the images in your own way in meditation or dreamtime.

Meeting the Spirit of Autumn My meditation drew significantly from the central pagan image of the Green Man. This image, which usually focuses on the face, represents the spirit of nature; a man made of leaves, who often has a keen expression of joy, or even mischief.

As the quiet of the meditation started, I found myself, appropriately, in a forest, at the end of summer, on one of those first evenings when you realise that the sun is setting earlier than you were expecting. The leaves were showing their very first signs of changing; horse-chestnuts stood out, as their green leaves become dappled with brown first, before it spreads and they curl up to die along with the leaves of their tree companions.


The rustling of these leaves announced the arrival of my variation of the Green Man. His face was familiar from that image – completely made of leaves, which framed and crowned a face with a kind and childlike expression. But this time, he had a body as well. Through the leaves that covered him I could make out soil, dark and compact, with a scent like the woods after a thunderstorm. This was the Spirit of Autumn.

My new friend, for that’s what he felt like straight away, led me deeper into the forest, past ancient trees and excitable streams that bubbled with fresh, recent rain. He walked in a way I can only describe as ‘happily’, with no set path or intent; just free. Sometimes he would take me by the arm and point things out as we walked, and I could feel his carefree nature spreading through me, easing me into the mood and stopping me from taking things too seriously, as if he knew that this was something I do have to guard myself against.

Once we reached our destination, which we seemed to find more by accident than intent, there was no grand revelation or ritual. It was a glade, where the trees parted so that the dying light of evening could be seen from above, and the air was fresher and cooler than it had been since spring first warmed the world from winter. And all we had to do there was be. We shuffled about in the leaves, looking for bugs and tiny animals and mushrooms. We lay on the ground and stared at the sky, arms behind our heads, mirroring each other, awaiting the first of the stars. We sat and chatted, in the silent way that often happens during a meditation, where souls and spirits communicate in words that we can’t remember or repeat, but which have stored themselves up in our hearts and minds for when we need them. I can remember a feeling of laughter and childlike happiness, like taking a deep breath and realising how tense you were before, feeling it drain away into the earth.

As I sensed that the meditation would soon be coming to a close, my Spirit friend started to 12 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

guide me back to where we had started. I felt a little sad that we would be parting company so soon, but I felt his reassurance that this was in fact, just the beginning. I felt strongly that he would be there throughout the whole of autumn, whenever I needed to draw his presence and qualities. This was a great comfort; autumn can bring challenges as any season can. But this was a presence that would understand how to deal with those challenges, and to remind me to drift freely through them rather than try to control them. He would remind me to spend time looking at tiny things often ignored – the signs of the changes of the earth and trees and sky. He would remind me to touch the soil and the leaves, and to be creative and childlike in my free time. Before we left, he took leaves from the ground showing those first signs of autumn upon them, and wove them into a crown, placing it on my head. As the vision faded, so did he, back into the forest from which he had come.

Onwards So now we are here, just inside the threshold of autumn as this magazine is published. I hope that the vision of the Spirit of Autumn, the Green Man in this altered form, can now join you if you need him to, through your own unique experience of this season. I hope you too see him in the leaves as they turn and fall; in the deep golden sunset as it slides past its equinox point towards its winter hiding place; in the clouds that race and make shapes in the sky; and in your own hands as you work with the fruits of the year and the harvest you have made.




“Hear my words, for they are the words of revelation and wisdom.”

four quarters with water using my chalice, and then consecrated each quarter with fire using my incense burner. I then evoked the Spoken by Amun, the Great God of powers of the Sons of Horus in each quarter, Ancient Egypt. using the sign of the pentagram as protection for my temple, and also evoked the powers of the elements in each quarter. I then stood Twice over the last two years, I have in in the centre, holding my wand aloft, in meditation in our spiritual circle had contact the position of the Magician of the Tarot, with a communicator, who described himself allowing the power to build, and then asked as a Priest of Amun. for the power of Amun and his Priest to enter my temple to communicate with me. In early July 2013, we were sitting in circle, and I received a message through Having set up my temple, I then sat the trance mediumship of my son, from a in my chair in the south, closed my eyes communicator who described himself as and built up in my imagination the Inner ‘The Ancient One’, informing me that I Sanctuary of the Temple of Amun, with an should paint a new floor cloth for my temple, alabaster altar in the centre, and the Priest and that it was a time to begin a new phase of Amun sitting opposite me on a highly of communication. When it was my turn to decorated, gold throne. I then entered into tune into spirit for communication, I again deep meditation, clearing my mind of any made contact with the Priest of Amun, thoughts or ideas, then when my mind was who encouraged me to work with him, to still and centered, I requested the Priest of communicate with the Great God Amun. Amun to step forward, and asked if he had anything to communicate to me. If words I decided that I would begin a series started to form in my mind, I opened my of magical workings, during which I would eyes, picked up a pad of paper and a pen, and attempt, through the Priest of Amun, to make wrote down what was dictated to me. contact with the God himself. I constructed a simple ritual within which I opened my The first occasion that I attempted temple using a wand, casting a circle three communication (8/7/13), the following times clockwise, saying ‘I open this temple advice was given – “We welcome you to in the name of Amun’. Having dismissed any our Temple in the Stars, and agree that we negativity from my temple, I then blessed the are willing to work with you to bring more 14 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE


On 8/7/13, I was advised of the importance of meditation and a still mind prior to communication. “It is the power of magic which we bring, but we can only bring it to you if you have reached a peaceful state of mind. Practice relaxing the mind and keeping it still, as a preparation for communication.” The Great God Amun first spoke himself through his Priest, on 16/7/13 as follows – “I am Amun, the Mighty Keeper of the Heavens. It is my presence that you feel, the power of the forces of creation. I have been at the beginning of time, and I will be at the end of time, for I am the Eternal Keeper of the Most Ancient Secrets of Mankind.” At the end of July (23/7/13), Amun spoke again, explaining the role of his Priest. “I come to speak to you, for it is time for you to enter more deeply into my presence. My power is eternal, and my Priest is my representative on earth. It is through him that the power flows, and it is his presence which makes it possible for me to communicate with you.”

enlightenment to earth. This will be a slow process, for it takes time to make the necessary contacts in our world who have knowledge of the deeper secrets of life. We suggest that you sit quietly at regular intervals, and allow us to dictate our thoughts to you.” 16 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

At the beginning of August (9/8/13), Amun explained how his guidance was transmitted through the High Priest to the Pharaoh – “In times of old, my Priest acted as a channel by which I communicated with the Pharaoh. It was in the Inner Sanctuary that they sat, which was the source of power in our land. There, the Pharaoh received guidance in the affairs of state, helping him to rule more effectively, both in times of peace and war.” In mid August (13/8/13), Amun spoke again of the Secrets of Ancient Egypt, and their importance for the Coming Age. “I am

Amun, Keeper of the Mysteries of Life and Death. In my presence, you are able to lift your consciousness above the human level, and link with Divine Consciousness, for my power, which is eternal, is ever present in my Sanctuary. Take heed of my words, for I will bring to your mind many of the Mysteries which were held sacred in the Temples of Ancient Egypt. These secrets have been hidden by time, but it is now that they must be made known again to humanity.” Again, on 14/8/13 – “I am Amun, Creator of All Things. It is through my power that you will make contact with the Ancient World of Egypt and Atlantis, for I have been present from the beginning of time, and have seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. The Wisdom of Atlantis has been passed down to different civilizations, where it was developed and became the source of magical practice. In Egypt, this power was particularly strong, for it formed the basis of a stable society which continued for many thousands of years.” As a conclusion to this article, I asked Amun on 19/8/13 to offer his comments on progress to date. The following is part of his reply – “It is time that you step forward to new adventures spiritually, as progress brings its many benefits. Go now and put into practice all that I have taught you, and you will make progress with your development, for it is your development which is important to us, as we wish to use you as a channel for spiritual communication. Take time to continue the work at regular intervals, and watch the progress that will be made. We will bring to you many truths which have been lost during the Ages, and you will be able to link directly with our Wisdom and Knowledge. Go in peace, and continue the Great Work. Amun.”

I will take Amun’s advice and work with this contact on a regular basis, in the hope that much more information will become available. At the end of each session, I thanked Amun and his Priest, and then dismissed Horus and the elements in each quarter, closed the temple and returned any power left back to the earth. Amun, sometimes spelt Amon or Amen, was the Creator God of Ancient Egypt. In the picture he is depicted with a double head-dress, holding in one hand an Ankh (the symbol of Eternal Life) and in the other a Sceptre (called a Was which is a sign of Kingly Authority). He is dressed as a typical Egyptian God, and he is seen as the source of all life. In later times his power was linked to the Sun-God Re to form the diety Amun-Re. Amun is also depicted as a Ram-headed Sphinx, as seen in the Avenue of Sphinxes at Karnak. His worship started at the time of the Pyramids in Heliopolis in the Old Kingdom, and continued up to the New Kingdom centered at Thebes, and was celebrated in the Temples of Luxor and Karnak. In many ways, Amun is the Power behind all subsequent Gods and Goddesses of Egypt.


Preparing your altar Every person working magic would benefit from having a altar in their home. An altar is a focal point for magical work, meditation, divination and spiritual growth, to burn oils and incense to write new moon wishes and placing food for cleansing and offering up before eating.

An altar is the centre of your craft, it is a place dedicated to the goddess and gods, and a place to remind you of their love.

An altar should be a reflection of yourself, some paths say that you must have certain tools for it, but I believe that your heart and soul will guide you to what is right for you and your workings.

Your altar will bring meaning into your home, simply by being there, you can change it and set it up as often as you wish, I change mine at every sabbat, and dress mine to the season and the meaning of that particular season, when the sabbat is over I return any materials I have used back to the earth.In between those times I call it my every day alter and may change it for any spell workings. Traditionally an altar was made from a low wooden table, but any surface can be used, it is your intent that is important when building it! Tools for the altar:

Athame represents the element of air and is used for energy and casting circles, if you don’t want to use a dagger then a feather or your finger to work with energy is fine! A wand is a representation of fire it is used to work with energy, wands primarily direct and send energy. A chalice is a representation of water, and crystals are a representation of the earth! You can also use quarter markers and tea lights, which will represent the four elements, each element has a colour associated with it and you can use a small piece of coloured card for this, north is green, east is yellow, south is red and west is blue! When working magic or rituals you will need a silver candle to represent feminine and gold to represent masculine and a cauldron if you wish. Once all these things are represented you can add anything you wish, some people will have a statue of a goddess or god they are drawn to, but it is whatever is meaningful to you. Your altar is yours and you can make it how you wish I believe there are no right or wrong ways in making an altar. When you have completed your altar we would love to see your pictures on the mystic way. Blessings and enjoy constructing your first Alter.

Kirsty Mellor.


MYSTIK WAY HEALING LINK Every evening at 9pm GMT (UK time) we hold a Global healing link where spent a few moments or more sending out LIGHT and healing thoughts around the world and to the various trouble spots. We are joined by several other groups and individuals from facebook with numbers well over the thousand mark. Join us when you are able and add your light and energy. “WHERE YOUR THOUGHT GOES YOUR ENERGY FLOWS” The Universe is pure energy and is continuously flowing, it is manipulated by thought….the vibrations of our feelings and thoughts become reality according to the power of them. By sheer number we can effect change in the situations with the influence of all thinking exactly the same thing. Light a candle send your thoughts out on the flame around the world and join over a thousand people seeking peace, abundance and happiness for everyone including all creatures and mother earth. We must give healing to the sick…. comfort to the weary…. solace to the bereaved….knowledge to the ignorant……illumination to all those that engulfed in the darkness….and break the chains that bind their minds… their bodies….and their souls. This is our mission….our work. Blessings MystikMaster.


As a Spiritualist Medium, I channel inspired writings dictated to me from the Spirit World, usually in the form of Spiritual Guidance.

Humility We come to you today to speak of Humility, as we notice that in your earthly world it is the loud, confident and brash people who constantly wish to be noticed. There are many who push themselves forward into the spotlight to show the world how much they have achieved, or how important they think they are – yet so often there is little substance beneath the surface of the character. Once they have lost being the centre of attention, they suffer greatly and sink to the depths, struggling to survive. It grieves us to see this happen! There are so many good people on your earth, who quietly care for those in need and give of themselves in time and good heart, and who quietly and with humility get on with progressing forward the understanding of humanity, giving comfort where it is needed. What better way of being of service than to help others, and treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself! 20 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

Whatever talents or skills that you have within you, nurture and develop them that they may be put to good use in the upliftment of mankind. Try to do your best in all things, humbly recognising that talent as being Godgiven and that it can be used to help others, for all are needed. For those who are on the spiritual pathway, once your sensitivity has awoken, follow the course of development that you may learn to bring healing and communication with our world to yours. Then you can share the knowledge with others, alleviating the fear of physical death, and bring reassurance that loved ones continue to live and progress eternally. With humility, recognise that you are just the channel for this knowledge and communion between the two worlds, and that it is the power of love from the Great Spirit which works through you to help mankind. Those in the spirit world trust you to quietly be their hands and feet on earth. Know that you are truly blessed as you work with them in humility.

Muse’s, meandering &wandering.


hilst immersed in deep conversation with a group of very Ancient Yew Trees & some very over talkative Crows, the topic of the Human race’s sanity arose along with the fact the elder of the Yew trees saw the present state of Humans affairs as completely dysfunctional…… Much further discussion ensued, one of the younger of the crows thought that the biggest problem lay in the fact of Greed which in turn had been brought about by fear, fear of lack, fear of death & illness….a learned process that had evolved from the early days of the humans first few days on earth and a learned process that they had buried deep with their sub conscious then completely forgotten about it….But surely after many thousands of years they should have worked that one out for themselves by now answered one of the Yew trees… So is there an answer to this very real dilemma? I asked….Yes replied the elder of the trees & the older of the crows more or less both at the same time….we must somehow make our powers of nature and the animal kingdom more noticeable to them, in fact attract them and draw their attention. I have the answer proclaimed the Yew tree elder, crow pass along the word to all your feathered friends to inform all the oceans all the forests all the rivers all the mountains…all our furred & four legged friends…all the creepy crawlers that from this night onwards and every night thereafter at 9 pm British time we will hold a healing link and send prayers to the human race to help with their enlightenment, they are in desperate need. So, if when you are meditating, performing a ritual or just relaxing, do not be surprised if you see a tree, a bird, an animal or plant in your mind because they are all praying for you.

MystikMaster 21



have created this spread of Seven Cards, based on the form of a Celtic Cross (see Picture). The meaning of the card positions is as follows –

the spread.

For this Example Spread, I have assumed that someone has asked the question ‘How will I find true love?’, and I have held S – Significator – The circumstances you find this idea in my mind while I selected the cards. The following is a brief reading of the yourself in now (Spirit). spread – 1 – The root of the current situation (Earth) 2 – Past influences to be overcome (Earth). 3 – What will hinder the situation (Fire). 4 – What will help the situation (Water). 5 – Future influences to embraced (Air). 6 – The outcome of the situation (Spirit). How to carry out the spread I will only use my cards of the Major Arcana, which I have painted, but this can equally be used with a full pack. Shuffle the pack and then cut the cards with your left hand. The card revealed is the Significator, which should be placed in the centre of the spread. Shuffle the cards again and deal face down from the top of the pack, and place in positions 1-5 (see Picture). Shuffle the cards once more, and again cut the pack to reveal the sixth card – which is placed to one side and will eventually be placed over the Significator in the centre of 22 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

CARD S - Significator – HANGED MAN – At this stage in life, you feel disillusioned with your relationships. You have put considerable energy into them, but none have satisfied your deepest needs and you have become resigned to being on your own. You have also become somewhat resigned to your fate, but you try to be optimistic – accepting your fate, but hoping for things to change.

CARD 1 – FOOL – The root of your problem is that you have become reluctant to take risks in relationships, letting practical circumstance limit your activities. At heart, you are an adventurous person, and you need to tap into that energy to explore life without fear, stepping forward with confidence, knowing that you will succeed.

CARD 2 – SUN – In the past you have been able to be carefree, and as a child you made

friends easily. You have become idealistic about relationships, and consequently your experience in life has not met your high expectations.

by your upbringing. You may have grown up with strong moral values, particularly relating to sexual relationships, which inhibit you from expressing your strongest feelings. Don’t allow convention to limit your freedom to express yourself fully.

CARD 3 – HIGH PRIEST – Your quest for the right relationships has been hindered 23


relationship. Just as the lightning strikes the Tower, you will find a relationship which will propel both of you forward into the unknown. Be prepared to take risks and go with the flow, for all will be revealed. This may not be your ideal relationship in all aspects, but it will enable you to develop your full potential. The turbulent pattern of CARD 5 – DEVIL – This card is advising relationships which you have experienced in you to not become obsessive about the need the past, may continue into the foreseeable for a partner, as you need to relax and lighten future, but in time you will find your true self your attitude to relationships. There will and discover what you really want from a be opportunities in the future for physical relationship. relationships, and you should not be shy in expressing your sexual desires. This is a time to let your passionate nature express itself to SUMMARY – It is apparent from this spread, its full potential. which represents the influences at the current time, that there won’t be any immediate CARD 6 – TOWER – The success of the future will depend on you being able to change in the person’s circumstances, and change your ideas, breaking down the they should be encouraged not to despair, old patterns of the past, and letting a new but to put the suggestions of this spread into practice, and hope for future success. attitude develop to help you form an ideal CARD 4 – HIGH PRIESTESS – It is important that you use your intuition and seek spiritual guidance regarding how you should proceed. Try to think spiritually rather than materially, and allow your psychic and sensitive side to come to the fore as you search for a new relationship.


Card of the Month - The Moon The Moon card can strike fear into the reader as it did for myself for a good few years until I became brave enough to delve deeply into those hidden depths within my own soul, thus releasing the hidden fears that had resided there. The Moon is saying be aware of the shadows she is casting for they are but illusion, they are there to force us to look within & cast out our fears thereby allowing us to use the shadow intuition within us wisely…but first we have to pass through those pillars depicted on the card that lead into the Abyss, not fearing the darkness trusting the silver guiding light of the Goddess. Thus we return to the light never fearing the darkness again….she says face those inner fears, tame them then turn then to your advantage knowing that they are merely the illusions & the inner depths of our soul. Key words of advice…..Trust in your own intuition, using your feminine side the Goddess within…. face those fears they are but illusion….look within.

MystikMaster Card is from the Thoth Tarot Deck by A.Crowley


Be a Child Again…. As the burnt orange sun appear to slink into the sea, I revert to the utter beauty of the swaying palm tree. Closing my eyes, I envision the enchanting purple hue Among the rocks as the spray of the ocean cools you I realize how we have grown to build up layer by layer You tear up and are poised like an Angel at prayer For you know that deep in your heart of hearts That it is just a matter of time you will soon depart So stunned and tremendously sad I am right now You seem willing to now take a new kind of vow To become the woman I knew you would always be Stronger than ever--just no longer belonging to me. . . Alma De La Cruz Gossman ©June 21, 2011

The painting was my first water colour lesson with Steve Alan while I was on vacation some months ago...taking lessons now with so very much to learn. Letting go of some things, (in this case my own daughters) you realize, they were never yours, but to be loved in order to be able to let them go. A joy fulfilled...go do something you would just love to do, but haven’t--yet!




Spirituality in business Pipedream or X Factor??


aving run small, medium and large businesses, theone overwhelming truth I have learnt, is that business and spirituality are not mutually exclusive and injecting spirituality is, in fact, essential in achieving a healthy and successful business. As in all aspects of life, every-thing is energy and the same principles apply to running a successful business. Remember that spirituality is natural, universal and possessed by all humans. The word “spiritual” comes from the Latin word spiritus, which means breath or breathing. To be spiritual is to be aware of the non-physical or energetic realm so spirituality in business is looking at the “life force” of the business and what you breathe into it through core values and ethics. Whilst many people live superficially through the ego, when they tune into the energetic aspect and live life from the heart: life is richer, more fulfilling and in the case of business: way more successful. The “company” itself is not some mystical entity – it is made up of the consciousness of the energetic beings that work there and the culture is the soul of the company. Nothing breeds success like success and if you consider that we are all connected and that like attracts like; if the mass consciousness of a company is based in joy and abundance, the company will attract more joy and abundance. By the same token, if the company is run by fear/ego and focused on lack, it will experience more lack, as will its staff. People who have developed the spiritual side of their life typically have a quality of lightness (raised energy/vibration), appreciation, humor and abundance. Having spiritual people in 28 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

by Peta Panos

an organization brings a sense of wellbeing, enthusiasm and optimism to life, even in the face of adversity. Spiritual people don’t take themselves too seriously - they are fully engaged in life and they radiate this energetic state to other staff members and customers alike. Understandably, there is a clash between this point of view and the existing culture of many businesses. Big business is generally considered controlling, impersonal, hierarchical and focused solely on making profit. However, businesses flourish when you balance spirituality and solid business practices and more and more corporations are waking up to this fact. All businesses need a sound structure, financial controls, plans and rules and when you harness the energetic aspect too, the growth and success of a business becomes limitless. Key spiritual values embraced in the business context include honesty, integrity, compassion, cooperation, accountability, service excellence, trustworthiness, respect, intuition, quality, honouring staff contribution, dedication, creativity, change management, social responsibility and giving back. Whilst many companies publically acknowledge the importance of a triple bottom line (a commitment to people, planet and profit) in reality, few really embody this commitment. Bringing ethics and spiritual values into the workplace do lead to increased productivity, profitability, employee retention, customer loyalty and brand recognition, however, it is imperative that the management embody these principles too (rather than chase personal advancement and gain or exhibit double standards) or it will have the reverse effect.

Management reputation is built slowly and easily destroyed as actions speak louder than words. Management that preaches one thing and does another is not respected for long and it is almost impossible to rebuild a reputation once it has lost credibility. By the same token, people who have lost respect for the company or live in fear at work do the minimum and eventually become the enemy within. The work force is a company’s best asset and they should be encouraged to realise that they are the masters of their own destiny and have a choice to be there. When people choose to be part of an organisation, they do so with passion and purpose. If you have lost your passion for the business you are in, there is only one choice to make and it is yours. Either find a way to buy into the company you are with or find a new company that will make you happy and passionate again. Life is to short to hate your job - remember that abundance is a universal concept and a paid salary is just one of the many funnels that financial abundance can come to you. In order to maximise success, companies must offer a greater sense of meaning and purpose for their staff, as these are the people that deliver on the companies promise. The best talent looks for organisations that reflect their core values and provides opportunities for personal development. A good manager delegates responsibility, empowers their staff and gives credit where credit is due. Whist

money is a strong motivator; it is not the only aspect of the job that people consider. Acknowledgement, credit, fulfilment, an interest in their well-being and a growth path are also important factors. When there is a corporate vision based on its people, those people feel ownership of the business, imbue the vision and strive towards its common purpose

Top 10 spiritual actions as a leader in business (you can be a leader in any role)

1. Put in a clear structure and Human Resources policy and always be fair and consistent – there should be one rule for all.... including yourself. When your staff understands that there will be no exceptions to the HR rules (even for you), they accept them, feel more secure and move their focus onto their jobs. 2. Consider the culture of a business as the soul of the business. Always be clear on your intentions and ensure that the staff follows suit, as the energy of your collective intention is what people pick up and respond to. 3. Have integrity at all times – even when no-body knows. 4. When you are green you grow, when you are ripe you rot – stay curious, the best leaders continue to grow themselves by


asking the right questions – when you are facing an issue ask yourself “What would it take for this to be resolved?” This opens up the possibilities and solutions present themselves. 5. You are in business to solve problems so welcome them instead of getting caught up in the drama and playing the blame game. You can then identify the core issue and the solution much quicker. Remember that every problem has a solution (worst case scenario – it may cost money) 6. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, remember that you have attracted it into your life. When you discover why, you can learn the lesson and integrate that aspect of yourself so you don’t attract it in the future. What you focus on magnifies so count your blessings and not your problems. 7. Be present at all times and ground yourself daily: grounded + present = objective. 8. Establish a balance between work and play - it will make you more effective in all aspects of your life as your work is just one aspect of you. 9. Remember that every-one is dispensable, even you. You don’t serve any one by staying in a job that makes you unhappy – least of all yourself. 10. Stay mindful of the big picture: The universe is all loving and when you see life as a game, you become a better player. Every-thing is energy!

I hope this will assist you take a quantum leap in your business mindset. Be a leader for whoever wants to follow you rather than a boss who rules by fear and ego. Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words and your faith stronger than your feelings. Where will you be going in 2013? We have an exciting range of Spiritual Quest Journeys to Sacred Sites and magical places all around the world. For more information and an overview of the journeys on offer, please click here 30 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

Written by: Peta Panos – Spiritual Quest Journeys Email: Website: Spiritual Quest Journeys Facebook: Spiritual Quest Journeys Twitter: questjourneys

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Animal and plant of the month with Jennifer Adele

Bear Most bears tend to have periods of hibernation built into their life cycle. If the bears live in a temperate climate, it is not unusual for them to hibernate to some degree during the colder, winter months. Going within the earth to den up is a reminder that we all need periods of proper rest and peace in our lives. Going within reminds us also that while in a state of rest, introspection for better self-awareness and growth is highly important. The answers are found inside our own self when we seek. It is important to contemplate these things now, for we arrive at the Autumn Equinox this month and start making the shift into shorter days and longer, cooler nights.  In nature, bears are noted to be excellent mothers and caregivers. Mother bears will fiercely defend and lovingly nurture their young. Some bear moms have even been found to actively adopt bear cubs that are not their own in order to fulfill their maternal roles and appease their instincts. People with bear totems or that are working with bear energy are usually gifted and natural leaders as well as nurturers. They defend their ideas and their groups fearlessly... just like a mother bear with cubs. Introspection is a key component in their building awareness, and it provides insight into their own natures and into the lives of others. Bears are wise that way. Working with bear also provides consist sparks of creativity that burst to life most often after periods of serene hibernation… so be prepared for that next spring!  If you feel that bear is speaking to you this month, go within your own self to hear what message is being brought forward. Symbolism: nurturing, maternal focus, creativity, timing, preparation, leadership, proper rest, introspection.


Aster Like garden mums, asters flower in response to the shortening days of fall, giving gardeners a carpet of daisy-like flowers on a compact plant from August through September, depending on the variety.

Asters are a rich source of nectar, and because they flower at the height of monarch butterfly migration season, they are a frequent way station for these insects. The flowers are also bee magnets, so individuals with bee sensitivities should plant asters away from the garden path.

With their wildflower beauty and lush texture, asters have long been considered an enchanted flower. In ancient times, it was thought that the perfume from their burning leaves could drive away evil spirits. Today, they’re known as a talisman of love and a symbol of patience. Also known as starworts or Michaelmas daisies or Frost flowers, the name “aster” is derived from the Greek word for “star,” and its star-like flowers can be found in a rainbow of colors – white, red, pink, purple, lavender and blue, with mostly yellow centers. Along with being the September birth flower, asters also hold the honor of being the 20th wedding anniversary flower. Symbolism: enchantment, protection, love, patience.



MAGIKAL HERBS by William C. Snider

n o m a Cinn Cinnamon-one of the most anciently used spices!!

The sweet and savoury flavour Cinnamon was an old spice when it was being imported to the Egyptian civilization. The oldest Chinese records have the spice well established in its use in 2800 B.C. It is a spice mentioned in the Christian Bible, as well. The spice was a traditional gift to give monarchs throughout the centuries and to the Gods in ancient Greece. Pliny put a pound equal to 10months wages. It is also said the mythical Phoenix built its nest of cinnamon and cassia bark. Cinnamon is split into two basic groups; Ceylon, or True Cinnamon, and Cassia Bark or Cassia Tree Cinnamon. These are each part of the cinnamon family. True cinnamon is a little sweeter and has less of the essential oil, coumarin. The blood thinner, Coumadin, is derived from the essential oil coumarin. Thus, those with liver problems should be cautious when starting cinnamon as a supplement, as it may exacerbate or cause additional problems.

Other medicinal properties associated with cinnamon are quite extensive. HIV-1, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and similar degenerative brain diseases are being treated with cinnamon. It is listed as an anti-microbial, anti-fungal and a chemopreventitive for colo-rectal cancer. The ancient Egyptians used cinnamon


for embalming. The spice is a bacterial growth preventer. It was used as a preservative for meat and the strong scent of the spice also covered any smell of aging meats. The other culinary uses are as varied as your imagination. Teas, curries, puddings, pies, pancakes, coffee… A spice I highly recommend!!!!

Namaste Wil Snider

The World’s Healthiest Foods: http://www.whfoods. com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=68 Wikipedia: cinnamon-324 foodhistory/a/cinnamonhistory.htm

Artwork by Christine Carlson “Dream Warrior” 35


Enlightened living and eating with Ama’ritday

russet, maroon, brown, and gold as well as incorporating the symbols of Mabon gourds, pine cones, acorns, grains, corn, apples, pomegranates, vines such as ivy, dried seeds, and horns of plenty. It is the drawing to and of family as we prepare for the winding down of the year at Samhain. It is a time to finish old business as we ready for a period of rest, relaxation, and reflection.


abon, (Fall Equinox, Sept. 20-23) is also known as the Autumnal Equinox which divides the day and night equally, and on this day, we pause to pay homage to the years blessings, trials, lessons and the darkness that approaches, so that we all may rest and wake renewed in the spring. Giving thanks also to the decreasing sunlight, as we store the harvest of this year’s bounty. The Druids celebrate, Mea’n Fo’mhair, in honor of the Green Man, God of the Forest, by offering libations to trees. Offerings of ciders, wines, herbs and fertilizer are appropriate at this time. This is the weavers festival, and a braiding of strands are done in the process of manifesting to add to one’s life from what it is, personally weaving unto themselves what they wish as well as the community as a whole weaving all the cords together to unite the power and efforts symbolically. The autumnal equinox is the completion of what begun at Lammas. Yet again the day and night are equal as the God prepares to leave the body and begin the great journey into the unseen, for the renewal and rebirth of the Goddess For this festival it is appropriate to wear all of your finery and dine and celebrate lavishly. Decorate using the colors of Mabon, red, orange, 36 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

This Celtic festival of Thanksgiving is also celebration of the cycle of life. Mabon is tightly linked to abundance and prosperity. Farmers are reaping what they have sown - magnificent grains and bountiful fall fruits and healthful herbs like acorn, benzoin, ferns, grains, honeysuckle, marigold, milkweed, myrrh, passionflower, rose, sage, solomon’s seal, tobacco, thistle, and vegetables. Gathering these dried herbs, plants, seeds and seed pods, walking in the woods, scattering offerings in harvested fields. Adorning burial sites with leaves, acorns, and pine cones to honor those who have passed over. Grapes, vineyards, wine making and drinking are celebrated at this time. The making of wine is a mysterious process, once requiring secret rituals and propitiations to ensure its success. Mabon feasts consist of seasonal vegetables and fruits. This holiday is also associated with Breads, nuts, apples, pomegranates, and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions. Mabon is believed to be a time of the Mysteries as well as a time to honor aging Deities, the Spirit World and to consider a time of balance. This is when we stop and relax and enjoy the fruits of our personal harvests, whether they be from toiling in our gardens, working at our jobs, raising our families, or just coping with the business of everyday life. May your Mabon be marvelous, and may your heart mind body and spirit be filled to with love joy peace grace and ease! Until next month,

with love for all of you! Ama’ritday

Here are some absolutely divine Mabon Feast Recipes

Hot Spicy Cider – Thoroughly mix together 6 cups of apple cider, ¼ cup of honey, 6 strips each of orange and lemon peels, 1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon and 6 cloves in pan. Cook over medium heat about 5 minutes or under mixture is hot, but not boiling. Cool, strain and refrigerate overnight. Reheat before serving. Corn Chowder – Melt 1 tablespoon of margarine. Add 2 strips diced bacon, ½ chopped large onion, carrot and bell pepper. Cook until onions are glossy. Drain. Return to pan and add ¼ teaspoons of celery seeds, 1 bay leaf, 2 cups of frozen or canned corn and 3 ½ cups of low fat milk. Bring almost to a boil, then simmer for ½ hour.

Sage-Seasoned Pork Chops – Sprinkle and rub dried sage into six pork chops. Sautée meat in pan sprinkled with salt until chops are browned on both sides. Remove from pan and add 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of crumbled dried parsley and 2 chicken bouillon cubes. Bring to boil and cook until cubes are dissolved. Return chops to pan, cover and simmer about 45 minutes or until meat is done. Grape Salad – Wash and stem 4 pounds of seedless grapes. Blend together 8 ounces each of cream cheese and sour cream, 1 teaspoon of lemon extract and ½ cup of sugar. Stir in grapes and then chill overnight.

Oven Roasted Vegetables and Olives – Cut into bite-sized pieces 1 medium zucchini, bell pepper, onion, 10 long green beans, 1 small eggplant and ½ cup of sliced olives. Place in roasting pan and toss with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Roast in a 400 degree oven for ½ hour, stirring once after 15 minutes. White and Sweet Potato Casserole – Thinly slice 3 medium white and sweet potatoes. Grease a casserole dish with margarine. Place alternating layers of potatoes in dish, dotting each layer and top with margarine. Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes or until potatoes are done.

Spiced Apple/Almond Crunch – Combine 2 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of almond liqueur, 1/4 teaspoon of ground cloves, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and ½ cup of sugar in pot and boil gently for about 5 minutes or until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture is slightly thickened. Add 8 large cored and thinly sliced apples. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for about 20 minutes or until fruit is tender and the mixture has thickened. Chill overnight and serve on ice cream, cake, waffles or pancakes. Love this recipe for Mabon Mulled Wine from Crafty’s Cuppa Coffee

The guide includes…

The ultimate list of raw super foods and their nutritional benefits Tips on how to preserve raw foods for long-lasting freshness Quick and delicious raw recipes

Ama’ritday Rodriguez Montero Come visit me online at~

My website:



What is really in our water? by Amethyst


f we knew what was really in out water, whether it’s from the ground or it is treated water, we would not drink it.

2% of all the water in the world is drinkable; sadly this ratio is diminishing with both human and animal effluent, heavy metals and chemicals like 245T, DDT and other inorganic farming products being added to it. The most important factors that make a long healthy life are: Pure air, absolutely pure water free from chemicals and inorganic minerals and pure food, as natural as you can get it today in this poisoned and polluted world. Next to oxygen, water is the most vital factor in the survival of man and animals, therefore it would be most beneficial to provide it with the purest we can. Water is absolutely indestructible. Scientists believe that there is not a drop more, nor a drop less than when the world was first formed.

Next to oxygen, water is the most important substance in the body. The average adult body contains about 45 quarts of water and looses 3 1/2 quarts daily in perspiration, respiration, urine and defecation. The temperature of the body is controlled through water. The five big health builders are air, water, sunshine, food and exercise.


Water from the ground contains inorganic calcium carbonate, which over time clogs our veins, stopping us from absorbing the nutrients in our food and liquids. It not only causes premature ageing, but while living, man can suffer from hundreds of conditions brought on by drinking water saturated with magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate and other inorganic minerals. Studies have shown that dis-ease like Parkinson, Alzheimer and senility are caused by hardening of the arteries, eventually leading to calcification of the brain. This is caused by “hard” water. Much of our water today is polluted. It is difficult to find sources of water from rivers, lakes, streams and now even wells and springs which are not to some degree polluted. Therefore a great deal of chlorination is necessary to make this water fit to drink. But is it even really “fit to drink” even then? The water treatment plants use inorganic chlorine to fight the bacteria of polluted water. Alum,(the base of aluminum) is also used to try to cleanse the water of dirt and filth. We have been told the sodium fluoride will reduce tooth decay. Connected to sodium, fluorine is not as violent as “hex” which is used to create uranium bombs. In 1939, the USA commissioned an institute’s biochemist to find a use for the sodium fluoride wastes produced by aluminum pot


Now, this biochemist was a very clever and cunning man, and he came up with a big money making idea: Why not stuff in drinking water? He has no medical background and no clinical research. His idea went over big with the companies who were bedeviled with the costs of sodium fluoride wastes. The next step was easy, tell the people it will stop tooth decay. Every intelligent and thinking person knows the tooth decay comes from poor nutrition, especially the use of refined white sugar. Florine is one of the most potent poisons know to man. Juicy fruit and succulent vegetables contain about 87% water. The person who consumes about 4 pounds of fresh fruit and/or veges daily, absorbs in addition to about 8 ounces of solid food, at least 3 pints of live, living naturally purified-by-nature water. This keeps our cells healthy and hydrated, helping to repel dis-ease, filtering out the toxins in our body and keeping our blood pumping at a steady rate.

When your body is lacking water, your blood starts to solidify, your kidneys do not filter out the salt in your blood and your cells start to die off faster than they can be replaced. You also retain water and look bloated, some people consume 1.35 tons of salt in a lifetime, putting your kidneys through a whole lot of stress. Source: Dr Paul Bragg. What’s really in your water?

Water Kefir is a probiotic drink that enables your stomach to digest your food. It has many health benefits for many dis-ease problems. It’s easy to make yourself and totally beneficial for people who live a vegan life style or are lactose intolerant. I do my second distillation with Convita UMF7+ honey and a small amount of ginger. This further fortifies the immune system as well as being a good decongestant. Just look up google or ask at your local health shop if your interested in this treatment.

Vegetable juice recipe: 1 large beetroot 4 carrots

3 stalk of celery 4 apples

large chunk of fresh or frozen ginger

1 Tbsp Jade Green enzymes or similar wheat grass products

Fruit Jucie Recipe: Half a fresh mango

Half a fresh pineapple 4 apples

2 carrots

Large chunk of fresh or frozen ginger Small crumble of stick cinnamon

You can add to these any oils, iron or joint supplements. I use Waihi Bush Fruity Boost with mine.

Desert Recipe

Hubbards berry berry nice Fresh or frozen raspberry Fresh or tinned mango

Combine then cover with natural unsweetened yogurth.

Article by Amethyst: https://www.facebook. com/amethyst.mine.1?fref=ts


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