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The Magus and his Magical Tools | 14


Welcome to issue thirtysix


Project Avalon


Midsummer solstice


Poem: Dreaming of Avalon


Full Moon, 13th of June


“We are the Gods”


The Geometry of Love


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The Magus and his Magical Tools


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Magical Herbs - Ginger

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Artwork by Christine Carlson

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Welcome to issue thirty six June/July 2014 The wheel turns yet again as we here in the northern hemisphere travel headlong towards the summer solstice, a time of adventures and putting those plans made in the deep throws of winter into action, of course those in the southern hemisphere head towards their winter solstice & a time of cosy nights with friends by the fire side making plans for the following summer. Where ever you dwell make the solstice a special celebration as being in harmony with the flow and ebb of the Universe & mother earth keeps us connected to the divine within us. To realise our own path & part in the grand scheme of things, to acknowledge the miraculous wonders of the place in which have our being. What a wonderful adventure‌.. On a more down to earth note, the magazine will for the moment be on a bi-monthly cycle due to work load, it will as usual be of the same high quality with many new features. In between magazines I will post more updates on the group & the page plus an email newsletter will be available.

Blessings of Peace,Love & abundance to all. MystikMaster 3




o refresh everyone’s memory, project Avalon is about turning my courtyard into a Herb, Fruit &Vegetable Mystikal Haven, not only organic but planted & tended by the Moon phase’s as well as the Sun’s. Complemented by Rituals, Meditations, Music & Mantra…to be true to the ways of the Old Path. Summers here & the grapevines & the herbs are really flourishing…..the sage had grown enough for me to take cuttings earlier, so now there are four growing like mad sage plants. The blackcurrant sage I grew last year is bushing out, it has wonderful red flowers as opposed to the normal sage blue. I have found that the herb rosemary also makes a wonderful aromatic smudge stick, as does oregano….I love to experiment & try unusual ideas, so this this year I am going to try herb wines….sage & meade…..gooseberry. Talking of wine, by the time you read this I will have gathered the Elderflowers and they will be well on the way, brewing nicely. The Blackberry bush is flowering so I am certain of a good crop there this year. It is really satisfying gathering, preparing & brewing, not to mention the healing powers gained from the earth during the whole process also knowing that which you have produced is organic & pure natural ingredients only. 4 |


A friend has gifted me six organic tomato plants, all different varieties plus a cucumber & aubergine (egg plant) which are all safely bedded in now. Well the courtyard is looking beautiful now, in fact so much so that I am spending a great deal of my time there, many days having breakfast & lunch there, then holding a ritual fire at night fall. Wonderful energies for myself and the plants, and I do hope this will encourage you to try something similar however large or small an area you have.


Midsummer Solstice 21st June Also known by the name of Litha. & of course those in the southern hemisphere will be celebrating Midwinter, Yule. A time for joyous celebrations, the Sun is at its most powerful & the land is green with the crops growing their bounty. The countryside has burst into full swing, there will be abundance for everyone. The Celtic Moon month symbolises the mighty Oak tree, strength power wisdom and long life. Decorate your Altar with Oak leaves, yellow candles symbolising the Sun add many bright flowers and burn heavy incense such as sage & sandlewood, light a fire, invite your friends to join you & spend the evening feasting with fine wine and food, sing, laugh, dance & make merry whilst remembering to be thankful to Mother Nature & the Universe for such wonderful gifts, revel in the full power of the Sun. There are many different versions of Solstice rituals and celebrations and whichever you choose or whether you decide to join a commercial one enjoy every moment, I will be in my favourite place Kingley Vale a thousand year old Yew tree forest for the night and of course the Mystik Way group with myself will hold a ritual party with homemade wine and a feast.

Blessings to all in both hemispheres on your celebrations. MystikMaster 5

June the 6th until July 7th We celebrate the Celtic Moon month of the mighty Oak tree. The full Moon of the month is known as the Rose Moon as well the Full Sun Moon.


OAK MOON RITUAL I step into the Month of the Oak Moon. I see the Sun at its centre and height, I feel the response of the Oak. Turning the light into physical form, Born when the Shining Ones spoke. I absorb the gold from the Earth and the sky, Its within me and shines from without. They’re coming, they’re closer, they’re here now at last And loudly the Shining Ones shout : ‘Power! Growth! Success in all things! Hear when the King of the Shining Ones sings!

Ritual by James Middleditch

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Full Moon Friday 13th June. Known as the Rose Moon & the Full Sun Moon, or in Celtic lore the Oak Moon. As we approach the midsummer solstice the roses are in full bloom & the sun is at its most powerful, a time for celebration & great joy. The rose moon is also a time for lovers, for those seeking love as well as those wishing to renew their love with their present partner. A time when the gardens & nature are at their most attractive, the crops are growing & abundance is all around, so make use of those energies, hold a ritual giving thanks & sending your thoughts of love to the Goddess asking that love and abundance may be yours. Use red & pink candles, cover your altar with rose petals & burn light incense such as rose or lavender, wear light & bright clothes & if possible have a walk in the countryside before hand or better still hold the ritual in the countryside then celebrate with a party at home afterwards. Above all make it a fun time, a real celebration of the Rose moon and summer.

Many Blessings MystikMaster


Wisdom of the Mystik Masters “ We are the Gods “ F

rom the point of Light within the centre of the Universe, let that Light stream forth into the Human mind. If we take the precept that God is the Universe or the Universe is God & we are an exact replica in miniature of that Universe, that Light is already within our mind & we are Gods. Within us is that point of Light just waiting to be activated, it resides within every living thing & all are an exact replica of every power contained within the Universe, it contains all that ever was or will ever be & that power is way beyond measure. It is not the stars or some distant far off God/ Goddess that holds our fate or destiny in their hands, the power & the choices are our own…It’s called personal responsibility …your footsteps have fashioned the path you have trod. Claim your power & divinity by making your own choices….control your thoughts & emotions….think your own thoughts, not those of others, turn on that switch. A simple exercise that can be added to meditation or ritual on a daily basis (a regular practise) is always of the uttermost importance to achieve the desired results as there are no free lunches.

Start with seeing a small point of Light within the very centre of your mind. Imagine you can see inside your head a picture of the Universe, the stars & planets then slowly start to see that small point of Light expand filling the entire space in your mind & head. Next spend some time seeing the entire scene repeated within your heart & when you can fully picture this start to combine the two points of expanded Light. Once this is achieved direct the Light like a Laser beam to the direction of your intention. I will express very strongly to be careful with your intentions, they must not interfere with the will of another (they must be worded as to say, help the person to open their mind to their own highest good )or be used for negative or selfish reasons as at some point it will return to bite you well & truly where it hurts. The point of Light will & must go to whence it is directed once we have practised the above exorcise with great passion & integrity. Everything that exists is connected already via strands of Light akin to a spider’s web, it is just a matter of fine tuning the vibration & then travelling along those strands of Light.


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The Geometry of Love by James Middleditch

The Closed Circle Introduction

Basic shapes can shed light on the most complex and abstract of human experiences. Their prevalence through time from ancient symbols carved in rock to the operating systems of modern technology suggests that while as humans we are shaped dynamically and chaotically, we love to reduce things to the clear simplicity of a square, a circle or a triangle. Because we can perceive them fully and conjure them easily in our times, they are perfect for meditation, focus and protection. This article explores three basic patterns that can be applied to what can be the most complex and chaotic emotion – love. Drawing on various teachings, these shapes can remind us of basic principles to help our relationships remain balanced and positive, whether these are based on romance, friendship or family. 10 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

One of the many lessons to be learnt from The Celestine Prophecy is that of the ‘closed circle’. The author, James Redfield, had observed that too frequently, we behave as if we are an incomplete circle, seeking to find someone who will provide the missing piece of ourselves. This perception has permeated popular culture and the stories it tells about love, and has given rise to the everyday expression ‘other half’ to describe a partner or spouse.

The problem is that if we do close our circle using someone else, we become what Redfield describes as ‘co-dependent’. This means we rely on the other person too heavily, while they rely on us in an equally unhealthy way. It means that without that person, we are automatically incomplete and

therefore weak and vulnerable.

And stand together yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart,

The solution offered in The Celestine Prophecy is to become our own closed circle. This means aiming to feel whole as an individual, content with either solitude or company equally, and able to give ourselves the emotional strength and support, rather than rely on others. Our moods will be our own, not dependent on the mood of another person.

The Vesica Piscis

Once we have closed our own circle, a pattern can be formed with another whole circle. This could be perceived as the spiritual symbol of the vesica piscis, in which two circles overlap, but do not fuse to become one, for this would be to lose identity. Instead, each circle is distinct enough to stand alone, and while sharing some space with the other, has a region of its own.

A spiritual writer whose ideas can be visualised as this pattern is Kahlil Gibran. Some of his most famous lines are from The Prophet, on the section about Marriage, and these are often read at secular and civil ceremonies, where religious readings are not allowed. They sometimes come as a surprise, with their emphasis on continued independence at a time of joining together :

And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.

People can feel resistance to this sentiment at first, as it seems counter to the popular images of a couple who cannot live without the presence of their other. Gibran’s logic however, which can be epitomised by the symbol of the vesica piscis, is sound; throughout nature and the physical world, things are stronger through a combination of togetherness and solitude, rather than just one or the other.

Radial Lines

The final ingredient in this geometrical exploration of love is the inclusion of radial lines emerging from the completed circle. Radial lines emerge from the central point, and on this occasion should be transmitting from the circle in every direction, all the way around.

The principle behind this image is one that encourages us to experience love from a variety of sources and not just one. Synthesising the earlier warnings about co-dependence and absorption, this ensures that our experience of love is total and balanced.

…let there be spaces in your togetherness. And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. … Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone although they quiver with the same music. …

The alternative is to focus the experience of love on just one person or pursuit, leading inevitably to expectations that cannot be met by that focal point. The commonly used warning proverb ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ is the lesson here too, as if the focal point for the single beam of love falters or disappears, the loss can feel total and devastating, hence the other common phrase, ‘broken heart’.

Of course it will be normal for some focal points to be stronger than others, but there should be many, and they should be diffuse; they could incorporate friends and family as well as partners, but should 11

also include places, hobbies, music, books, art… With these radial lines emanating from the closed circle in every direction, the loss of one will never break the whole – the others will be there to compensate and maintain balance.


If you do find this advice helpful, read more from the books that inspired this piece – The Celestine Prophecy and The Prophet. Geometry lends itself to art too, and you could create paintings, designs,


sigils or even jewellery that embody these images and therefore the principles they represent. Advice on love is, however, notoriously unreliable, and so the usual rule applies with this article – if it doesn’t sit well with you, discard it. Love is strange in that it is both unique in each individual case, and yet seems to share common features that allow us to empathise with each other and recognise patterns that recur across many varied examples. Perhaps that is why simple geometry works as a focus point for teaching about love; it harmonises the different experiences into one simple shape, and briefly provides clarity amid all that wonderful chaos.

MYSTIK WAY HEALING LINK Every evening at 9pm GMT (UK time) we hold a Global healing link where spent a few moments or more sending out LIGHT and healing thoughts around the world and to the various trouble spots. We are joined by several other groups and individuals from facebook with numbers well over the thousand mark. Join us when you are able and add your light and energy. “WHERE YOUR THOUGHT GOES YOUR ENERGY FLOWS” The Universe is pure energy and is continuously flowing, it is manipulated by thought….the vibrations of our feelings and thoughts become reality according to the power of them. By sheer number we can effect change in the situations with the influence of all thinking exactly the same thing. Light a candle send your thoughts out on the flame around the world and join over a thousand people seeking peace, abundance and happiness for everyone including all creatures and mother earth. We must give healing to the sick…. comfort to the weary…. solace to the bereaved….knowledge to the ignorant……illumination to all those that engulfed in the darkness….and break the chains that bind their minds… their bodies….and their souls. This is our mission….our work. Blessings MystikMaster.


Tree of Life

THE MAGUS AND HIS MAGICAL TOOLS by Richard Hayes (Warlockway)

The Magus, as a Magical Practitioner, uses various tools, sometimes called weapons, in the practice of Ritual Magic. These tools symbolically reinforce the will of the Magician, and are used to cast circles, invoke spirits, dismiss negative energies, and to invoke protection to the circle. The picture I have painted for this edition of the magazine, shows the different magical tools I use in ritual, and I painted these as a cover for a Book of Shadows I was compiling, based on the Alexandrian Tradition of Modern Witchcraft. A Book of Shadows is a compilation of the magical rites, seasonal celebrations and spells used in a particular tradition, and is copied by each new witch from a master copy when they become initiated into that tradition.


The Magical Tools of both Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magic are associated with the energies of the different elements, and are as follows...


MALE ELEMENT – Fire Magical Tool – Wand. This tool is used to invoke power and divine energies into the circle, and is sometimes used in the casting of the circle.

member to take a sip as a celebration of the Goddess. Symbolic Form – Water or Wine. This represents the physical character of the element.

Symbolic Form – Flame of a Candle. Candles are used to represent the presence of divine power, and may also represent the god and goddess on the altar, along with use in candle spells.

My Cup is a dark brown pottery cup in the form of a Chalice which I have had for a number of years.

My Wand is made from a bough of a Yew Tree which has been stripped, and has a clear-quartz crystal mounted at one end (the male energy), and a black smoky-quartz crystal mounted at the other end (the female energy). In Wicca, I also use a thinner wand made of Hazel, which is tipped with clearquartz and an amethyst.


MALE ELEMENT – Air Magical Tool – Sword, Dagger and Athame. The Sword is used to cast the circle and challenge the candidate in their Initiation Ceremony. The Athame or Dagger are used to invoke and dismiss spirits, and to put up protection at each of the four quarters. Symbolic Form – Feather. These are sometime used on the altar to represent the element. My Dagger is an ancient tribal knife which I have decorated with the colours of the elements, and painted a rose, representing spirit, on the handle. I also use a black-handled kitchen knife as an Athame. FEMALE ELEMENT – Water Magical Tool – Cup (Chalice). The Cup is used to represent the Goddess, and often contains red wine to symbolize the blood of life, and is passed around the circle for each 16 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

Magical Tool – Pentacle. This is a wood or metal circle, with a pentacle inscribed on it, representing the physical world and humanity in the circle. Symbolic Form – Stone. This represents the physical world and planet Earth. My Pentacle is made of plaster in the form of a circle, with a pentagram in the centre. I also use a piece of pink granite in the form of a pyramid and a smooth red pebble, to represent Earth. NEUTRAL ELEMENT – Ether (Spirit). Magical Tool – Cauldron or Chalice. The Cauldron is sometimes used to burn offerings to the Goddess, and also as a central focal point for a large circular altar on the floor, as a symbol of the central significance of the Goddess in Wicca. The Chalice is associated with the Arthurian Legends, and is the Chalice of the Holy Grail. I have a large chalice which is encased in foliage, which I have painted to represent the power of nature and the Holy Grail. TOOLS OF CONSECRATION Water and Earth – Salt, to symbolize earth, is dissolved in water in a bowl, and then blessed, and used to bless the circle and its

members. Fire and Air – Incense is burnt in an incenseburner using lighted charcoal, and its smoke is used to consecrate the circle and its members.


I then carry out what magical work I have planned, and then dismiss the God forms or energies, thanking them for their presence. I then close the circle by reversing the stages – first dismissing the protection, and then blessing and consecration. Finally I close the circle by tracing its outline anticlockwise using my wand saying “May the power in this circle return to earth”. I then declare the circle closed.

When I set up my Magical Circle, I first take my wand – which represents the element of fire, and trace the circle three times clockwise – saying “I cast this circle as a ring of fire”. I then take my dagger or athame from the altar, point it to the north east and say “I dismiss from this circle all that is negative and detrimental to my rite”. I then return my dagger or athame to my altar and pick up the bowl of consecrated water, and bless the four quarters to purify the circle saying “I bless this circle with water”. I then take up the incense burner and consecrate each quarter saying “I consecrate this circle with fire”.

Setting up a circle in this way will enable you to retain the power that you create and build up psychically, prior to sending it out for a definite purpose. It will also provide protection for you as you work. By repeating a set pattern, you strengthen its energy and create a definite form on the astral plane, which is the psychic level on which magic is practiced. Once having set up your circle, you can use your dedicated space to build up power, communicate with the God forms, angels or guides, send out healing, or carry out spells as you desire. This is the working part of the rite, and it can be used to help yourself or for the benefit of others.

After the consecrations, I again pick up my dagger or athame and proceed to each quarter and call up either the Archangels - Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel, or the watchtowers of the elements, to provide protection for the circle. This is done by tracing a pentagram in each quarter – pointing the dagger or athame at it saying “I ask for protection from the east, south, west and north” in turn. Then I use my dagger or athame to summon up the elements in each quarter by tracing the sign of the element and saying “May the powers of fire, air, water and earth be present in this circle”. I then stand in the centre of my circle, raise my wand aloft, and request the spiritual power (God form or energies) I wish to work with to be present in my circle.

Like anything else, regular practice will strengthen your ability to make your circle and protection real on the astral level, and enhance its power. It is traditional to dedicate your work to the Goddess or God you associate with, but it is also possible to dedicate your circle to the powers of enlightenment, and work with your higher consciousness rather than traditional God forms. Magic should always be used to develop your spiritual consciousness and for the benefit of yourself and society, and dedicated to the highest possible good. This is the path of the higher good and is called Theurgy (High Magic), which is the true role of the Magus. 17


Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac and is associated with the toddler who has now grown older and discovered speech, and who explores life by asking questions. It is an assertive, mutable air sign, which is able to explore ideas and communicate freely. It explores life through the powers of the mind and can become a good orator, writer and reporter, often working in the media. The Symbol is the Twins, who see things from different perspectives, and Geminis often have difficulty in making up their mind, and like to explore all possibilities. They are flexible in their thinking and can adapt to different situations. They are the salesmen of the Zodiac, able to sell a concept eloquently, and are good conversationalists, interested in every aspect of life. Geminis are inquisitive, versatile, articulate, friendly and communicative, but they can also be impatient, inconsistent, contradictory and restless. The Planet which rules Gemini is Mercury, the planet of communication, 18 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

which is related to the way we learn and develop our personal philosophy, and Geminis can be keen to learn and discover all they can about the everyday world. They will argue their case and can make good debaters. Gemini rules the third house of communication, and they may find fulfillment in teaching, and will be good communicators who are lively contributors to any social situation. They are able to study and will make progress in their material life by using their mind. Geminis will find it easy to relate to the other Air signs – Libra and Aquarius, who use their minds to make sense of the world, and have an intellectual approach to life. They will however feel challenged by the higher ideals and spiritual aspirations of their opposite sign – Sagittarius, which uses the higher intellect to explore the world. In the family of the zodiac, they are associated with the young child who is exploring the world, by asking questions to find out how things work and what

everything means. As the salesman of the Zodiac, Geminis are good with words, able to present a compelling argument. They can work door to door, meeting many different people, and would make good politicians. They have an active mind, and will seek out new experiences to expand their ideas and attitudes. They like to be on the move, meeting new people and discovering the pattern of everyday life, and are sociable and are at their best amongst people when conversation is free flowing, such as at a party. They have great ideas, and are inventive, and make a lively contribution to any team they work with. They love to read novels and are prepared to study to make progress in life. Their wit and humour and natural social skills enhance the lives of all they meet, and they are at their best when they can talk freely and share their experiences with others. The Keyword for Gemini is VARIETY.


I am a Spiritualist Medium who tunes into the world of spirit asking for communication and guidance, which I receive and write down. I hope that you find this helpful too!

Simplicity There is nothing complicated about simplicity! To live simply is to be in tune with nature and the seasons, to know your inner self and to be guided by the spark of the divine within you. You will be aware of the subtle energies around you and how they change. You will listen to your body and know of its need for food, rest and exercise as you wish to live simply – in tune with your surroundings and the universe. In modern days on earth, you have many distractions of machines and implements that you wish to work for you, to ease your daily tasks or constantly keep in touch with other human beings. Take things easy and enjoy the simple tasks in life, taking time to enjoy simple food and being part of recognizing beauty all around you. Interactions with others can be quite simple also, as you will come together if or when it is right to do so. Many of you like to have material things around you, which only clutter up your space and often require attention. You 20 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

are responsible for your belongings, which can become a burden. They pander to your physical self, and do little to enhance the spiritual part of you! So to live simply you need to provide shelter, food and clothing for your physical body, stimulation to enhance your mind and emotions, and spiritual upliftment from your links with the Great Creative Spirit – perhaps through links with nature and beauty, or guides, helpers and loved ones in the spirit world. Then you will be attuned to the guidance given and the needs of others, and thus be able to be of service to mankind and the planet in many different ways, channeling the energy of love in all you do or say.

Dreaming of Avalon My sky was all a-grumble It even had a rumble But I blew it all away And hope you will come this way For the path is now so clear I invite your spirits here And sit awhile with me Where we’ll brew some sunshine tea xxx By Charlie Garland




As this is a short reading, you can, if you his simple spread is designed to look at a situation, and give an outline interpreta- are confronted with two alternatives, lay a tion of the influences and possible outcome. spread for each alternative, and see which This is ideal if you require a quick response to option has the best possibilities! any given question. As an example, I have chosen to draw a Take your pack of cards and shuffle them, spread for a young person who wishes to join thinking of the question, and then deal out the a spiritual group, and wonders whether the first five cards from the top of the pack, and group will provide a suitable environment lay them out in a fan shape from left to right, for their spiritual development. I am using my set of Major Arcana Cards, as the Major numbered one to five. Arcana is particularly related to the pattern of our spiritual development. I have selected five cards as described previously, and have laid Layout of the Spread – Meanings of the them out ready for the reading. Positions of the Cards. 1. Root Card – this card represents the reason why you are doing the spread.

Reading of the Cards

2. Past Card – This card represents past influences, and how they relate to the Card 1 – JUDGEMENT – This card informs you that you are at a stage in life when you are situation. taking stock. In the past you have been caught 3. Present Card – This card shows current up in material things, and you now have an influences which may affect your inner urge to explore your innate spirituality. decision. This card is a call to enlightenment when 4. Future Card – This card shows the the past is assessed in the light of spiritual future influences which will affect the knowledge, and you are ready to explore new possible outcome. spiritual experiences. 5. Outcome Card – This card depicts the best possible outcome, based on the influences shown in the previous cards. Card 2 – STRENGTH – You have a passionate nature and awareness of female values. In the past you have used your energy to further your physical existence. However, you have 22 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

always had an inner awareness of your own journey of self-development which will bring spirituality. you spiritual fulfillment.

Card 3 – EMPRESS – You are now experiencing the call of the Great Mother, which is drawing you into a deeper awareness of yourself and your spiritual potential. You are becoming more relaxed and creative, and realize that there is more to life than material things. You need the security of a Goddesscentered group if you are to develop your spiritual gifts to their full potential.

Card 4 – WORLD – If you pursue this course, many new opportunities will open up for you. You will be able to arrange your life so that you can balance your material needs with your spiritual development. This is an opportunity with great potential, and will lead you on a

Card 5 – HIGH PRIEST – In making this decision, you will come into contact with many new spiritual teachings, and will find a wise teacher. As an outcome card, you may in the long run become a spiritual teacher yourself and be able to share your acquired spiritual knowledge with others.

CONCLUSION – All the cards are favorable, and they encourage you to take this course of action and join this spiritual group. You will find the group supportive and capable of providing you with spiritual knowledge, which will carry you forward on your spiritual journey. 23



ife has knocked Kat Ruegge around a bit. Finding work after college has been hard, and with no one to help her and a pile of bills to be paid, Kat is feeling the pressure. So, coming across a career opening in her field at the historic and infamous Bixby Estate seems too good to be true, but Kat has never looked a rare gift horse in the mouth… and there’s no way she’s passing up the opportunity to hostess there fulltime. With room and board provided, Kat moves into the estate’s prestigious manor, rumors and urban legends aside, and she soon comes to know the formidable and attractive caretaker all too well. There is no way anyone could ever be truly prepared to meet Tobias Grimm.

Tobias’ family has worked at the manor for generations, and he seems to know all the secrets… some of which he’s not keen on sharing. He knows what his father taught him, and what his grandmother taught his father before him. He knows the rhythm of the seasons and the forces of time and tide. He knows the way of signs and symbols, and he is aware that bones are representative of the eternal. He has learned how to make a way where there might appear to be none. And, Tobias is a man set on getting what he wants most out of life. Of course, his mysteries and charms are deeply alluring to Kat, and she soon finds herself swayed by them. Kat gets in deep with Sheriff Tanner, too, a real ladies’ man. But, Tobias has his own special ways, and Kat isn’t his only lover, either. For loose on the grounds, and even within the grand old manor house itself, is someone who died almost a decade ago. It is someone with distinct powers of her own. Her name is Victoria. And, Victoria is not, under any circumstances, to be denied.

Get ready to enter a world where the magical and the macabre are interwoven, where life and death are bound one to another by wax seals, gathered bones, dried herbs, voodoo veves, and hidden rooms. Get ready to enter the Bixby Estate… and to meet

The Bone Gatherer. 24 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

By Jennifer Adele Indie Author & Nature GalBlending the Magical with the Macabre… “The Haunting of Willow Tree Court,” Jennifer Adele’s literary breakthrough novel, is available in classically printed trade paperback and as an e-book…Also, be sure to check out Jennifer’s latest work, released in time for the harvest…

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Tarot Card for June & July The Empress Abundance & nurturing….The Goddess….Mother Earth. She is about to give birth as the bringer of new life in all ways. More powerful than any other card represented in the Tarot deck, she is all that the divine feminine stands for…the Mother….nothing could exist without her…she is strong, loving, nurturing, just & fair but stronger & more powerful than the High Priestess. She represents summer, fruition, birth, blossoming, nurturing, partnerships & abundance. A very positive card wherever placed in a reading indeed. Spend a few moments each day for a few days as we head into summer meditating upon this card, entering into the picture & dwelling on the attributes she brings us.




Revisiting those pesky New Year Resolution failures by Peta Panos


ave you found that you were unable to maintain your good intentions for the New Year? Are you baffled as to why, despite your best intentions and goals, you have not been successful and perhaps have fallen into the self-loathing cycle that so often comes with disappointment in oneself?

no filtering mechanism, so essentially we are programmed with other people’s behavior, and events that have a strong emotional charge, take priority. This programming in our formative years becomes the foundation of our belief systems and the basis of how we interpret the world (our world view).

In his latest book, The Honeymoon Effect, cellular biologist and bestselling author Bruce Lipton, explains that the majority of our perceptions, decisions and actions are driven by our subconscious minds.

Our conscious and subconscious minds work and learn in different ways. Whilst our conscious mind is rational, logical and includes our wishes and intentions, our subconscious minds can be limited, self-sabotaging and mechanical.

He talks about the difference between our conscious and subconscious minds in that our conscious minds are creative and contain our wishes, desires and connection to the divine. When you are present, focused and mindful you are operating from your conscious mind. Our subconscious minds are neutral and are essentially the “processor” of our programming (can be likened to a computer program). Generally speaking, our subconscious minds record every-thing that we see, hear, feel and experience from birth to the age of 7 (our formative years). In the early years, there is


If we consciously decide to make a change in our lives and yet can’t seem to make the change lasting, reverting back to our old behavior, it is because our subconscious mind is running the old program. Clearly we need to change our subconscious programming to enjoy lasting results and it helps to understand how our subconscious minds work in order to do this. As adults, when our minds wander or we are not fully present and mindful, our conscious minds “switch off” and we default into our

by Peta Panos

subconscious programming. To illustrate the point: you are on automatic (in your subconscious mind) when you reach your destination and cannot remember how you drove there; you are on automatic when your mind wanders; you are on automatic when you go through your morning or evening routine (which is why you panic, not knowing if you left the stove on) and you are on automatic when you go through life without getting centered, present and grounded during the day. In fact: most of us spend 95% of our day on automatic and letting our subconscious run the show. Our subconscious mind manifests our lives to match our programming so if we spend most of our time on automatic, it is no wonder that we cant keep New Year’s resolutions; fall off the wagon with our bad habits and cant seem to stay on track to make any meaningful changes in our lives. So, how do we take our power back from our subconscious so we can experience the life we want? The answer is relatively simple and so is the application as long as we remain aware, present and committed. As the subconscious mind learns through repetition, you have to find ways of staying present and aligned with your goal through training your subconscious with new habits until they become your automatic behavior. Another way to change your programming is with energy work. Any-thing you struggle with is not currently supported by your subconscious programming, so this identifies the disparity between your conscious (what you want) and your subconscious (your programming) Once you have identified the issue, you can use various release techniques to remove or shift the belief/pattern so your conscious and subconscious minds are aligned. If you get stuck or need some objective assistance, work with an intuitive coach to assist you identify your blocks, remove the energetic charge from the subconscious program and replace it with new positive programming.

Always remember that your life matches your beliefs and you get what you subconsciously expect out of life. If you are not happy with an aspect of your life, the answers lie in your subconscious. Ways to become present include: 1. Grounding and centering yourself and saying your name and age a few times (I am (name) and I am (age) years old. 2. Imagine that you have a magnet in the centre of your head, turn it on and see all of your attention from the past and future being pulled back to the magnet in the present moment. 3. Take a few deep breaths and centre yourself. 4. Focus on being fully conscious in the present moment – when you are in the shower, just be in the shower; when you are driving, just be in the car driving etc In closing, please be kind to yourself by letting go of the self loathing failure cycle, pick one goal and now that you know more, approach it from a different perspective.

Where will you be going in 2014? We have an exciting range of Spiritual Quest Journeys to Sacred Sites and magical places all around the world. For more information and an overview of the journeys on offer, please click here

Written by: Peta Panos – Spiritual Quest Journeys Email: Website: Spiritual Quest Journeys Facebook: Spiritual Quest Journeys Twitter: questjourneys


Animal and plant of the month with Jennifer Adele

Swordfish Swordfish have evolved to be formidable predators. They possess acute eyesight, with which they can locate prey, and their flesh consists primarily of ‘white’ muscle which provides energy for sudden bursts of activity, such as when in pursuit of their quarry. The swordfish then uses its bill to stun or impale its victim, slashes it into pieces or swallows it whole. Swordfish feed during the day, primarily on squid, but also fish and occasionally crustaceans. They undertake vertical migrations in the ocean, following the movement of many small shrimp, fish, and squid that move with the changing light intensity in a (somewhat unsuccessful) attempt to avoid predators. Unlike some fish, swordfish are unable to maintain a body temperature higher than the temperature of the surrounding water. Instead, they have a unique muscle and brown tissue that warms blood flowing to the brain and eyes, enabling it to tolerate the extreme cold of the ocean depths.

The unique characteristics of this fish have given it interesting traits as a totem for this energetic month of the calendar year, especially with the more primal interpretations. Proud, energetic, and eccentric, those who are said to be swordfish people can’t help but walk their own path in life. Filled with big dreams and 30 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

big ideas, members of this spiritual clan are as organized and precise as they are intelligent and adventurous. Swordfish live by their own philosophy in life, which includes a look-before-youleap faith that everything will work out in their favor. Swordfish just go for it with zeal, and springtime is the season of many breakthroughs and valiant efforts.

Like their animal namesake, those working with swordfish energy often use their natural approach to shock others into paying attention to them. Just as the sharp billed fish stun their prey with rapid, sudden leaps, workers with this totem often have an extremely direct, if not blunt, way of speaking to others that keeps everyone on their toes. In truth, swordfish folks require a lot of attention and feel the need to be heard over the noise of the crowd. Though normally bright and dashing in personality, they will occasionally start controversies just to make a point... so beware if you are working with this animal...

Swordfish brings us a distinct line of questions to consider during the month of May:

Are we proud of our own unique abilities? Are we currently attempting to copy others we admire or envy? Are we forcing our opinions or views on others to appear wise/intelligent? Do we dream one big dream on a daily basis?

Symbolism: pride, high energy, unique look and perspective, eccentricity, adventurous spirit, vigorous, powerful fighters, ability to jump (breaching) to dislodge pests, loose associations.

Royal Catchfly This North American prairie native produces 2-inch-wide, brilliant cardinal-red flowers that stand out in the illustrious spring and summer garden. The common name comes from the sticky glands below the flowers that tend to catch small insects. And, overall, this plant grows 2 to 4 feet tall and about half as wide.

For those interested in bringing this lovely and abundant energy plant into their gardens, the royal catchfly can be grown in mixed herbaceous borders, gravel gardens, or wild gardens. Provide average, well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil in full sun or even light shade. This species tolerates drought and clay soil but prefers sandy or gravelly soil. Good drainage is absolutely essential, and some of the plants may need staking.

Symbolism: health, beauty, zenith energy, hardiness, brilliance, creative endeavors.


Witchy Wonderings by your own resident Witch... Rachel Patterson


s we ride the wave of energetic and passionate energy that Beltane created and head to the summer solstice – go with the flow and let your creativity and excitement for life run wild.

The sun is strong (hopefully, this is the UK after all…) allow it to ignite your passion, desire and sensuality, let it fire up your potential. The gardens are full of blooming flowers, buzzing bees and packed with fruits and vegetables, summer is in full swing so break open the beer and chuck a kebab on the BBQ.

And of course on midsummer’s eve don’t forget to watch out for the Fae…

Make the most of the sunshine and the energy that it brings because after the summer solstice the daylight begins to wane.

Traditionally a good time to have a handfasting so if you want to ‘tie the knot’ better ask the question…

Fire magic is good to work with at this time of the year but also water so any workings to do 32 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

with creativity, passion, love, balance, protection and energy but also healing, purification, emotions and intuition. And of course faerie and dragon magic. It is a good time to look inward to see what you need to work with or create to find your own inner balance and peace.

Build a solstice fire to sit around and celebrate all the good things in your life then once the fire has died down and the ashes are left use some of them to create a protection pouch.

When the weather is warm and the skies are clear take a blanket outside (and maybe some provisions) to lay and watch the stars once it gets dark, don’t forget to make a wish on a bright star.

This time of the year is also perfect for rededicating yourself to your path, your faith and to your deities.

Start a new routine (if you don’t do it already) of saluting the sun. As pagans we often work with the energies of the moon and sometimes the sun gets a bit forgotten. Each morning when you wake turn to face the East and salute the

sun, welcome it into your life and ask for the energetic and passionate energies that it brings to bless your day.

rabi, lettuce, onions, pak choi, peas, potatoes, radish, rocket, runner beans, sorrel, spinach, tomatoes, turnips and watercress.

Make a sun wheel using plants and flowers from your garden shaped into a wreath then write your wishes on slips of paper and tie them onto the wreath, you can get your friends to join in with this activity. Keep passing the wreath around until everyone has added a wish then at the end of the day you can put the wreath on the fire to burn and release all the wishes.

If you fancy a bit of foraging (please make sure you have identified the plants correctly before eating!) you might find broom buds, chickweed, fat hen, hogweed shoots, marsh samphire, nettles, sorrel, horseradish, wild rocket, wild fennel, elderflowers and mushrooms.

Mandalas are fun to create at any time of the year but when there are plenty of fallen petals and flowers in the garden you have lots of free materials to work with. Collect flowers, petals, leaves and even any early seeds and use them to create a sunshiney mandala pattern. As you create the mandala add your hopes, dreams and wishes into it.

And any chance you get, even on trips to the supermarket…wear flowers in your hair!

If you want to work with deities that are associated with these summer months you could investigate Adonis, Aine, Gaia, Aphrodite, Venus, Ceres, Dea Dia, Juno, Apollo, Mater Matua, Neptune, Pales, Vitula, Amaterasu, Aten, Hestia, Horus, Huitzilopochtli, Lugh, Sulis, Sol, Freya, Aditi, Beiwe, Vesta, Flora, Ra, Yemaya, Astarte, Hathor, Ishtar and Habondia.

Totem animal energies that are particularly associated with this time of the year are bear, salamander, eagle, lion, wren, robin, horse, cattle, satyr, dragon, butterfly, frog, toad, peacock and the Faerie world.

If you like working with the energy of crystals then any of the yellow, gold or sunshine coloured crystals will work well and topaz, agate, alexandrite, fluorite, moonstone, pearl, emerald, quartz, garnet, amber and jade. If you want to give your crystals a sun energy boost leave them out in the sunshine on the summer solstice, I do this with all my yellow, orange and red crystals. Be careful though as some of the more delicate crystals may fade if left out in direct sunlight for too long.

Making a loose incense or an essential oil blend to help you connect with the sunshine and the abundance of nature, you could use some of the following; St John’s Wort, basil, parsley, mint, thyme, violet, oak, dragon’s blood, fern, vervain, daisy, honeysuckle, myrrh, bay, cinnamon, chamomile, mugwort, rosemary, rose, sunflower and lavender.

Don’t forget your sun hat and sun screen, remember to dance, celebrate and enjoy as many ice creams as you can.

Rachel Patterson

Youi can also follow on Rachel FaceBook. Veggies that are in season during June/July are globe artichokes, asparagus, aubergine, beetroot, broad beans, broccoli, cabbages, carrots, cauliflower, chard, courgettes, cucumber, fennel, French beans, garlic, kohl racheltansypatterson?fref=ts


Reading as at her altar in Bath states: “ the maker of which had completed his vow” (he or she being of the Treveri tribe). The word Nemeton is translated, for the most part, into “sacred groves”. There are many place names in France that contain this word, and even one in Spain. Three place names can be traced to this word in Britain as well, though they are now known as Willoughby, North Tawton and the edge of Strathclyde.

Nemetona, for me, is a goddess of sanctuary. She is present within the home, within our sacred groves and rites, and in all the spaces that we hold dear to our hearts. She also lies within, allowing us to feel at ease wherever we are in the world, though it’s not an easy task. She holds the stillness and quiet of a perfect day; she is the stillness at the end of it, when the blackbird sings to the dusk. She is the spirit of a home, a place, an idea. Without her I would go mad.

Dancing with Nemetona “If you only ever read one more book in your life…make it this one “ MystikMaster Hail to my Lady of the twilight, of stillness and sanctuary, who calls and welcomes me into her cool embrace, offering shelter, comfort, stillness and the freedom to simply be. You of the sacred grove, of the temple, of a quiet room, of calm in chaos; I honour you with all that I am.

Little is known of Nemetona, a goddess whose veneration was once widespread around the area of Trier, Germany by the people known as the Nemetes. An altar to her was also found at Bath, England. She may have been known to the Gauls, 34 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

She waits for me as I come home after a long day at work. Pulling into the drive, turning off the headlights, I feel her call, see her at the door with welcoming arms. As I put my keys in the lock I breathe a deep breath, and feel the weight of the day slipping from my shoulders as I step across the threshold and into Her space.

She can equally be found in a back bedroom, away from the household noise, and even in the office loos – when you need to get away from everything and everyone and know that you won’t be disturbed! A soft prayer upon entering the home honours all that She is. A few words to Her upon going to bed, or rising in the morning, deepens our connection with Her. She holds us while we sleep, She greets us when we wake. Within the walls of our home, She offers us shelter from the elements, comfort with the aid of fireplaces and central heating, nourishment from food and simply by her presence. She is the sound of the breeze through an open window, the creak of shifting floorboards and the electric hum of the refrigerator. We all need a safe space to retreat, to retire to. For most of us, our homes are that space. A house is not a home unless we feel this connection to both it and the land. A house that is filled with the spirit of sanctuary greets guests and residents alike with a warm, soft feeling of comfort.

This feeling, this sanctuary, extends to our outside spaces too. For me, my garden is also my sanctuary. I miss her desperately at times when I cannot go and find that sanctuary in the back garden. For brief moments outside, when all is quiet and still, I honour her in the garden. The trees that offer shade in the hot summer sun, the shadow of the house slowly moving about the lawn, the quiet of an autumn morning in the mist – these are all Her.

She is a liminal creature, who is at her most powerful at dawn and at dusk. She holds the space, usually a circle, when in ritual or simply sitting out. She is that which lies between – she is both of this world and another. The blackbird if often her messenger, singing to her in the still softness of dusk. She is both peaceful and powerful, slight of built yet shining with a deep strength that can hold at bay all that you seek respite from. She has long, shining black hair that falls straight as shadow along her back, her skin a luminous white. To me, she appears young and lithe, with black eyes that hold the wisdom of thousands of years.

When we feel safe, our souls can expand to almost nothingness, as we become entwined with the world around us. I feel myself melting into my home when I am most happy, or sinking slowly into the moss by the pond in my backyard, becoming one with Her. I can physically feel my soul shrinking back into my own nemeton every time I step outside my front door, for here sanctuary is not guaranteed. Little shrines to Nemetona help me to connect to her – I have an altar in my back room, and also one outside in the back garden. I also have one on my desk at work, to remind me of the relaxing feeling that she brings when I walk outside during lunchtimes in the forest.

She is a very important goddess to me, and I honour her with all that I am. I encourage you to find her as well, both within and without. By Joanna Van Derhoven

Witchcraft Today 60 Years On In the sixty years following the publication of Gerald Gardner’s Witchcraft Today, new paths have appeared, and older ones emerged out of the shadow of repression and illegality, to express with a new and more confident voice their beliefs and practice, and share, with a steadily growing audience, their knowledge, their certainties, their questions and their vision. This book is a celebration of some of the many paths that Witchcraft/Wicca has taken and of the journeys that people have embarked upon.




n o i l e d n a



AND PLANTS by Wil Snider


rish Daisy- Taraxacum, Witch’s Gowan, Swine Snout, blowball, wild endive, dent-de-Lion, or commonly known as, DANDELION.

Dandelion, the weed nobody wants in their yard, evolved about 30 million years ago. It has been noted and used as food and a medicine before recorded history. The name we use, Dandelion, comes from the French, dent-de-Lion, or lion’s tooth. Blowball is a name derived from the children’s game of blowing the mature seeds into the wind.

This nutrient rich plant is high in vitamins: A, C, K, iron,potassium, calcium, manganese and zinc. The leaves are used for salads and the flowers to make wine, tea, and tinctures. The root can be used as a substitute for chicory or coffee. Not only is the dandelion good for it’s human cultivators, but, for it’s neighboring plants with shallower root systems. The long roots of the wild endive bring nitrogen and other minerals to the surface enriching the soil around it. The flowers are also home to some butterfly larvae and bring the bees to help pollinate.

The medicinal uses for the Irish Daisy focus on the liver, kidney and digestive systems. It is not limited to the specific system as the following uses can attest. Witch’s Gowan has been use as/for: joint pain, muscle aches, eczema, bruises, a skin toner, for infections, tonsillitis, cancer, loss of appetite and as a diruetic.

One of the most interesting uses being put into large scale use is derived from the latex the plant produces when the stalk of the plant is cut. A certain company is specifically growing, and cultivating a certain strain of dandelion just to extract the latex and are commercially making and producing car tires with the harvest.

I am pretty impressed with this herb!! Especially, considering, most people don’t want it in their yard.

~Namaste Wil Snider and  


Angels By Kate Bowman What are Angels? Angels come with unconditional love providing guidance and assistance towards our higher good while always honouring our free will. Angels to me are winged messengers. The word Angel is derived from the ancient greek angelos, meaning messenger. They act as a rainbow bridge between what is called heaven and earth serving as a channel between the higher the higher energies of the spirit world and the material physical world. I believe Angels are genderless beings of a vibration that is pure spirit and complete so they are androgynous.  Angels cannot interfere with our free will so while we are open to them and take use of their guidance challenges will become easier but if someone does not wish to listen to them they cannot over ride this.  Free will is a most sacred gift and allows us to choose moment by moment whether we align our consciousness with good or evil. We have many more angels working with us, guiding angels that will evolve spiritually or need to learn different spiritual lessons     There are many different angels with unique qualities and abilities to perform different roles in healing and guidance I work with many different angels depending on the task in hand, on what energies are needed and what the day or month is. Guardian angels. We all have guardian angels, they are with us on our journey when we first incarnate and will stay with us through all our incarnations, evolving with us through a shared destiny. They are here to protect us, give us strength and guide us through life’s challenge’s. To channel as much 38 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

angelic light towards us as possible to reflect us from the negatives bringing comfort and peace into our lives.    Here are some of the main Archangels which many people have heard of Archangel Michael  Known as the master of the first ray he walks softly yet firmly speaks the truth and is assertive yet not aggressive. Strong and protective his sword cuts through negative energies and any past issues that may hold you back. With his great suit of armour think of him as the body guard.  In charge of the order of angels known as the virtues it is no wonder he is known as the “godfather” of angels, Overseeing the Archangels and light workers and guiding those human to be light workers. Usually connects with colours of red and gold and blue and feels very powerful and strong.   Archangel Raphael Chief Healer of the Angels, his name meaning   God heals and healer , usually connects with green colours and the loving complimentary colour pink ,he feels loving and warm and healing. A powerful healer for both humans and animals. He will go to whoever is he called for however angels cannot interfere with free will. His presence is that of comfort and reduced anxiety and stress.  Also connects with spiritual development and space clearing to rid of negative energies and spirit releasing.   Archangel Gabriel The famous Angel whom was said to have  told Elizabeth and Mary of their impending births to sons. The angel of message’s and communication and action. His name meaning God is my strength. He will assist with those wanting to push them selves further, those who need more direction that will lead to beneficial results . Protection, intuition, clarity and disciple are all key


words for Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Jophiel

Connecting in whites and golds with a gentle soft guidance feeling.

The angel of Joy and laughter, bringing understanding to illuminate your path in life, bringing enlightenment, health and wealth. Wisdom joy, insight and inspiration are all words connecting to this angel.

Archangel Uriel The Angel of Fire and can help you to release your fears and anger, letting go of the past. Bringing peace and light back into your life with the wisdom for you to understand the changes that have occurred however challenging If you are experiencing major changes in your life, call on Uriel to make the transitions as smooth as possible. If you need to let go, in order to move on, imagine his wings of burning flames releasing you from the past into the present. Connecting with the colours purple and gold .

Archangel Chamuel The Angel of unconditional love , soft warm energy helping you to love yourself and others, expressing your innermost feelings. Love pleasure creativity and compassion all bring about what this angel is most known for. Helping to heal broken hearts and emotional pain, and show you the light after a dark tunnel. Connecting in all shades of soft pinks and lemons.

Call on Jophiel for those sudden flashes of inspiration and answers to ongoing problems, as well as developing intuition, inner wisdom and insight. His energy’s will assist in removing negativity. Call on this Angel for help with studying, examinations and concentration or if you are giving a talk or presentation. Connecting with the colours of yellows and whites.   This months of early summer I give you Angel card of friendship. Changes in your friendship’s are occurring, Be lovingly honest with yourself and your friends right now, and appreciate the healing benefits of a true friend. Not only are you changing on the inside but your life is changing on the outside too especially within your friendships and relationships. Changes in friendships are natural and the angels ask you to accept this change and trust in the new path ways they have opened for you. as one door closes so another opens and this has never been so true as till now.  

Archangel Zadkeil   The Angel of Freedom, Forgiveness, mercy, cleansing and freedom are words associated with this angel. connecting in a silver violet flame , he can help purify body, mind and soul, to heal emotions and negative beliefs.  His energies will help you to move on with your life, bringing freedom and forgiveness for yourself and others. His colours are usually that of white, silver and violet


Angel Blessings friends x Kate x  07800734911    

Artwork by Christine Carlson 41


Enlightened Eating & Livingby Amaritday H

alf way through the year and it’s time for another instalment... As always I feel so blessed to share my pearls with you..

June has many themes but they are run a common thread - self-care, self preservation and honouring thy process. Taking the time to check in with thyself then with one another. The crops are heartily growing and need water to flourish - always a delicate dance - a formula to glow by.  Solstice approaches - the day the sun stands still - marking the longest day of the year. Yet another turn of the mighty wheel. Litha is upon us.  It is a celebration of the power of the Sun - a Solar celebration! We are working with the element of fire and its power to transform. We are also working to heal strengthen and open our hearts, small intestines, and reproductive organs. As we begin to honour ourselves through self-care and seek out support during transformation and the strengthening of healthy relationships by making a sacred connection with ourselves, our beloved Mother Earth, our communities, our families and one another. Flowing from our core, like the fire within a sacred hearth, always pointing home, no matter where in the world we are. We are always OMMM.  Summer is a time to grow your own food, get to a farmers market or join a CSA! Eating seasonally appropriate foods helps you detoxify through the summer months so you don’t 42 | MYSTIK WAY MAGAZINE

become ill in the fall. The themes for June are - protecting the marriage and family, the Sacred Heart of your home and temple, protector defender of women, love and fertility, and social activism a new moon for sowing our dreams and desires, a full moon for releasing what no longer serves us and Beloved Father’s Day.... Dont forget to honor those amazing elder men in your life even if they are not really dads. Strong awesome respectful men deserve to be recognized.   Over the summer try to use all five flavours to stay nourished  The best cook cooking methods for summer would be quick stir-fry, sauteéing or just eating raw.  If you’re making soups use minimal processing, made quickly. Use things like summer squash, fresh tomatoes, blended avocado, or soup lots of bitter greens  Eat lots of salads using bitter greens, fresh herbs, seaweeds, fruits, seeds, and nuts. I encourage you to experiment with flavours. You’ll be surprised and delighted with the amazing results that you will savour every time. No salad will ever be the same!  Bitter Greens like kale, collards, lettuces, watercress, frissee, radicchio, chicory, dandelion, beet greens, artichokes, broccoli, amaranth, quinoa and dark chocolate  Sweet flavours like rice, corn, carrots, beets, green beans, summer squash, avocado, mushrooms, berries  Pungent flavours like cabbage, daikon, mustard leaf, leeks, onions, garlic, peppers, watercress, chilies, fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil,

cilantro, ginger, pepper, oregano, sage, mints, jasmine

cilantro, scallions, watercress, onions, garlic, mustard, pepper, parsley.  

Salty flavours like tamari, fresh herbs, kelp, nori, seaweed, mineral salt, seasonal of fish from the sea

Now to add some textureSoft - something like, avocado, nut or vegetable oils, hard cooked eggs, or some soft cheeses.

Sour flavours like tomatoes, olives, vinegars, berries, pomegranates, grapes, lemon balm, raspberry leaf, rosehips

Another texture you could use Crispy/Juicy - things like romaine, lettuce, cucumbers, apple and maybe to add some pizazz at the end a  Toasty texture like croutons, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, or sesame seeds. 

Try your hand at a super simple summer salad using the flavors above and below, pick and choose, you’ll be divinely amazed.

The flavours starting with bitter THINK -

arugula, watercress, endive, frisés, radicchio, some blue cheese or red or green onions thinly sliced or walnuts Adding in a sour flavour you can use - vinegar, fresh lime or lemon juice, grapefruit or blood orange segments, tomatoes, fresh goat cheese, buttermilk, yogurt or aged balsamic vinegar 

For a sweet flavour - how about some roasted red peppers, fresh corn, orange segments, blanched green beans, caramelized onions, dried cranberries or maybe some candied nuts For your salty flavour maybe think about using some sea or kosher salt, capers or olives, feta cheese and so some soy sauce or even anchovies if you’re adventurous  To add pungent flavours think about using some

If you are part of a CSA or grow your own food, Please -Please- Please, don’t forget to preserve –preserve- preserve your beautiful bounty so when the dog days of winter are upon us, we can remember how abundant our summer was and is in that moment..... Namaste! Bright Blessings, Ama’ritday Ama’ritday Rodriguez Montero

Come visit me online at~ My website: Le Blog: Facebook: 43

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The third in a series, by the author of the Divine Mother Speaks. Essential reading for those on the awakening spiritual pathway, communications with the higher conscious by Rashmi leads us to understand who, why and what we are, how to deal with situations that may occur along our quest for enlightenment.


Mystik Way visits the CHI COFFEE VENUE


fter a great magical mystery tour before our Autumn Equinox ritual & party, myself James, Kirsty & Mark….alias the motley crew dropped into the Spiritual Chi coffee shop….where we found some great relaxed energies & a warm welcome….we also noted there is always something going on such as workshops, readings and healing most days of the week…there are items for sale such as incense, books, tarot cards & crystals at reasonable prices….so do look in as you will love it and pick up some wonderful calm energies… MystikMaster Spiritual inspired Shop selling various spiritual stock at rear of our coffee shop - chi coffee. Tarot readings and healing also available; Workshops and events planned. Large room available for hire. We are the twist that you will find at the back of our shop Chi Coffee. Selling drums, crystals, wood art work, spiritual inspired paintings, tarot /psychic cards, and more... Tarot readings and healing also available. We will be arranging various events and workshops, please keep posted for updates on these. We have use of a large space for anyone interest in hosting events, please see management for enquires. We hope you enjoy our shop as much as we do and look forward to meeting you soon.


Thank you for reading the Mystik Way Magazine! If you have enjoyed the journey, please consider a donation to help us with our running costs. A donation of only $1 or 1 Pound will be greatly appreciated and will enable us to provide and grow this platform for spiritual growth.

...Issue 37 will be out in July 2014


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