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More Benefits Through SINDA’s Programmes and Services Through SINDA’s enhanced subsidy criteria model+, more participants enrolled in education, youth and family programmes can now enjoy greater subsidies and benefit from SINDA’s affordable programmes! Per Capita Income (PCI)

From January 2017 onwards

≤ $650

Full Fee Waiver

> $650 and up to $1,000

Commitment Fee

> $ 1,000

Subsidised Fees

Under this enhanced subsidy model: 1- Families with a per capita income (PCI)* of $650 and below will enjoy full fee waivers when they enrol in any of SINDA’s programmes. 2- Families whose PCIs fall above $650 and up to $1,000 will now only have to pay a nominal commitment fee when they join our programmes. 3- Households whose PCIs are above $1,000 will continue to enjoy the subsidised rates (between $10-$30) that SINDA currently offers. The enhanced subsidy criteria model applies only to select SINDA programmes and services. +

* Per Capita Income (PCI): Total monthly gross household income divided by the number of household members. PCI is used by SINDA to assess the suitability of individuals and families for financial assistance and programme fee subsidies.


EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES FOR ALL STUDENTS SINDA believes in each child’s potential, regardless of their family circumstances. We want every student to do the best that they can, for only with a solid foundation in education, will our students be able to pursue limitless opportunities.


STEP SINDA Tutorials for Enhanced Performance, or STEP, is a holistic after-school tutorial programme designed to provide affordable tuition for primary and secondary students. Through strengthening students’ understanding of concepts and improving their confidence in school, the programme enables them to perform better in their core subjects. STEP classes are conducted in selected schools island-wide and subjects are taught by qualified and experienced tutors.

Project Teach Project Teach is a school-based tutorial programme for primary-level students. It leverages on the strong partnership between schools, parents and teachers to improve students’ academic performance. School teachers operate as SINDA Liaison Officers and identify Indian students who require additional academic coaching. Classes are held after lessons on weekdays or on Saturday mornings, at school premises.

Key Features of STEP & Project Teach:

• Small Class Size (Optimal Student-Tutor Ratio)

• Qualified and Experienced Tutors

• Motivational Programmes • Homework Assistance • Increased Contact Time with Maths and Science

• Flexible Choice of Subjects

• Customised Curriculum Materials

• Parenting Workshops


Literacy and Numeracy

Digital Literacy

The Literacy and Numeracy programme (LYNN) helps pre-schoolers focus on reading, writing and numeracy skills that are essential for primary school. Held at decentralised locations islandwide, LYNN classes are conducted across six months in a fun and interactive way by trained tutors. The programme also encourages parents to partner with their children in the journey of learning, right from the beginning.

Is your child aged between 4 and 15 and is interested in everything that’s got to do with computers? SINDA’s Digital Literacy programme encourages young children’s interests in computational skills, in the hope that they will one day consider a technologybased career. •• PROJECT READ Project Read is a home-based reading programme that provides children aged between four to nine a head start in schools by equipping them with basic reading skills and instilling in them a reading habit from an early age. The programme utilises SINDA volunteers who make regular home visits to read to children.


PSLE Maths & Me

Project Guide

Maths and Me is an eight-week intensive revision programme that aids Primary 6 (Standard) Indian students in mastering key techniques and strategies for PSLE. The programme targets students currently scoring ‘B’ and ‘C’ grades in Maths. Classes are conducted on weekends at SINDA.

Project Guide is a homework support programme which is being piloted in four Primary schools. Through this programme, students gain a conducive after school study environment as well as guidance in completing their homework. This programme caters to Primary 4 to Primary 6 students.

PSLE Maths in Focus

Saadhana is a non-profit project run by the National University of Singapore Tamil Language Society (NUSTLS) that is supported by SINDA and the Singapore Indian Education Trust (SIET). This highly subsidised programme focuses on preparing junior college students, pre-university students and private candidates for core GCE A-Level subjects over nine months.

This 12-week Maths intensive revision progamme helps Primary 6 (Standard) students grasp basic Maths concepts and learn easy techniques to tackle challenging sums. Conducted on weekends at SINDA, the programme targets students scoring ‘D’ grade and below in Maths.

Saadhana A-Level Tuition


Primary 1 Starter Series The P1 Starters Series for parents of pre-schoolers aims to increase parents’ awareness about the information and tools available to equip their children with basic social and emotional skills to cope with their new environment. Topics covered in this series include:

• Reading and Writing Skills • Social Skills and Emotional Support • Transition to Primary 1 Secondary 1 Starter Series

This wide-ranging workshop empowers parents to help their children understand and cope with the transition to secondary school. By giving equal importance to intelligence and emotional quotient, parents will be better able to motivate, understand and support their children through their teenage years. Topics covered in this series include:

• Providing Emotional Support • Head Start in Secondary School Education • Understanding Teenagers

Intensive Coaching Programmes SINDA’s short-term intensive coaching programmes offer support to students sitting for PSLE, O-Level and N(T)-Level examinations. These coaching programmes, conducted at SINDA, are offered as an alternative to students who may not be attending STEP and Project Teach.


Holiday Enrichment Programmes (Primary) SINDA organises fun and exciting enrichment programmes to gainfully occupy primary school students during their school holidays. While academic elements ensure each child’s continued learning, games promote the spirit of teamwork and enhance social confidence in our students. Keep a lookout for our programmes during the upcoming holidays!

Holiday Enrichment Camps Organised during the June and September holidays for upper primary students, SINDA’s enrichment camps challenge students to holistically develop their teamwork and leadership skills. They are exposed to multiple team-building activities where they hone their leadership capabilities, learn to overcome fear and build upon their strengths.


SINDA’s youth programmes inspire Indian youth towards greater achievements. Specially-tailored motivational and mentorship programmes enable our youth to build positive values, develop good character, boost their self-esteem and grow into confident and capable adults.


ITE Aspire Held at ITE Colleges over 10 weeks, ITE Aspire is a weekly programme that encourages students’ aspirations through dance. The programme also includes motivational and enrichment elements that equip them with soft skills and values such as resilience and self-efficacy, to add on to their strengths and keep them motivated in their academic journey.

Youth Victory A 10-week motivational programme conducted in schools, Youth Victory improves lower secondary students’ self-esteem and nurtures them into confident and resilient individuals through interactive activities that promote character development. The programme also supports upper secondary students through short modular courses where crucial study techniques and exam preparation skills are taught to help them improve in their academics.

•• HOLIDAY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMME (SECONDARY) SINDA organises enrichment activities for youth during the school holidays, engaging them in activities that boost both academic performance and personal development. Sign up for the programme and be assured of fun and adventure!


Guidance and Mentorship (GAME) The Guidance and Mentorship Programme (GAME) is a sixmonth interest-based mentorship programme that believes in motivating our youth through their passion. Youths get to choose an activity of their choice and improve their skills in it, while trained mentors guide them to harness their inner potential and develop their teamwork, resilience and leadership abilities. Activities include: GAME (Music) Develop skills in playing percussion instruments, song-writing and music video production.

SINDA Youth Football Initiative Targeted at 13 to 25 year old males, the SINDA Youth Football Initiative (SYFI) develops not just the soccer skills of these youth but also inculcates in them core values of discipline, resilience and commitment.

GAME (Dance) Learn different forms of dance from professional trainers and keep fit at the same time. GAME (Photography) Acquire knowledge about the technical and theoretical aspects of photography with emphasis on basic camera handling and phototaking skills.

•• SINDA SPORTS INITIATIVE The SINDA Sports Initiative Programme (SPIN), is a six-month health-focused programme that cultivates good physical, mental and social well-being among post-secondary youth. Participants are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle through innovative and engaging sports activities and are trained to be ‘Youth Health Ambassadors’ to their family and peers.



SYC Speak

The SINDA Youth Club (SYC) organises various leadership programmes that cater to youth looking to develop their leadership capabilities further.

SYC Speak is a platform designed for youth to engage change makers on current issues. Consisting of two components – dialogues and industry visits, youth get to interact with speakers and panellists who provide perspectives on societal issues and inspire participants to become positive influencers in the community.

SINDA Youth Leaders Seminar (SYLS) An annual 3-Day/2-Night leadership seminar that brings together youth from diverse academic backgrounds and grooms them into youth leaders who strive to serve as agents of change in our community. SINDA Young Leaders Programme (SYLP) Incorporating an overseas learning journey, SYLP is a sustained five-month programme that develops the thinking capabilities of youth and encourages them to be active contributors in community-building, service and leadership. ITE Leadership Programme (ITELP) ITELP is a five-month leadership programme that develops and grooms ITE students into effective leaders. The programme encompasses a leadership camp, soft skill modules and reflection sessions for youth to better understand themselves, culminating in a community project that is conceptualised and implemented by the participants.

The Mentor Effect Through this five-month mentorship programme, university undergraduates buddy with and mentor youth in their academic and personal development. This befriending opportunity empowers mentors and provides mentees with essential support networks to rely on during their course of study.

STRENGTHENING FAMILIES SINDA believes in nurturing cohesive families for a brighter future. Our parenting programmes impart essential skills to parents so that they are wellinformed and well-prepared in raising their families and providing for the various needs of their children. FAMILY & CHILDREN PROGRAMMES


Parenting Workshops Held over the course of a year, parenting workshops touch on key themes to encourage parents to establish stronger bonds with their children through positive parenting approaches. Topics include:

• Early Childhood Development • Raising Confident Children • Health & Nutrition • Cyber Wellness • Managing Stress & Emotions Triple P Triple P – known as the Positive Parenting Programme – aims to equip parents with simple and practical strategies to help them build strong and healthy relationships with their children. Parents also learn to confidently manage their children’s behaviour and create a positive environment at home.

Project Athena Project Athena empowers single Indian mothers to become independent and resilient individuals who in turn raise confident and vibrant children. Social workers work with both mothers and their children to overcome challenges and find inner strength to lead their lives normally.

•• FAMILY BONDING ACTIVITIES During the school holidays, SINDA organises a series of family activities targeted at strengthening family bonding. Families get an opportunity to spend quality time together, build greater rapport and understand the need to be positive influences in each other’s lives.

The SINDA Family Service Centre (SFSC) is a one-stop information and referral centre that provides social work and counselling services to individuals and families facing challenges in their personal, marital and family life. Experienced and professionally trained social work practitioners assess cases, conduct home visits and provide referrals and assistance to clients.




The following programmes are available to all individuals of Indian origin who are either Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.

Information & Referral

Legal Clinic

Social work practitioners identify and assess the needs of individuals or families and link them to relevant assistance and aid provided by various national schemes. They also work with the family on issues identified that require professional intervention. Individuals or families can call, walk-in, write or email their queries about personal or family-related issues.

Held once a month, the Legal Clinic offers free legal advice to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents living in Singapore, who might be facing a legal issue or in need of legal advice. The service is held on a monthly basis and is strictly by appointment.

Case Work & Counselling Social work practitioners help individuals and families work on their personal, social and emotional difficulties so that they are equipped with the knowledge to better cope with challenges in life. Our practitioners provide help in various areas including parenting, marital, financial, family violence and interpersonal issues.


Before and After School Care Subsidy The Before and After School Care Subsidy (BASC) is available to lowincome families with children aged 7 to 14 enrolled in non-profit BASC centres. It augments the subsidies provided by MSF and Student Care Centres.

SINDA aims to improve the educational performance of Indian students, alongside promoting family bonding and uplifting the social status of the Indian community. To achieve this, various assistance schemes are available to individuals and families who require additional support to fulfil their aspirations and lead fruitful lives.

SINDA Bursary SINDA provides bursaries to deserving full-time students from primary and secondary levels enrolled in government and independent schools/ institutions. Applicants who are not under The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF) and other financial schemes may apply for this bursary.

Pre-School Bursary The Pre-School Bursary helps Indian children from low-income families with costs relating to the children’s pre-school education. Children must be aged six years old and below and must already be receiving additional subsidy from Early Childhood Development Agency before applying for this bursary.

School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF) STSPMF is a community project initiated by The Straits Times and it aims to provide pocket money to children from low-income families to help them through school. Children can use this money for school-related expenses such as meals during recess, bus fares or any other schooling needs.

Scholarships SINDA offers a wide range of study awards in collaboration with established private tertiary institutions to encourage individuals to pursue higher studies and deepen their skills in relevant industries. Application criteria differ for each institution.


Book & Shelf

Celebrate! Festive Gift Vouchers

Through this scheme, pre-school and primary-level children are provided with free bookshelves and reading materials, so that they have a conducive environment at home to study.

SINDA spreads festive cheer to disadvantaged families during Deepavali, Hari Raya Puasa and Christmas, by defraying costs through grocery vouchers.

PC OWNERSHIP PROGRAMMES To ensure that all families own at least one computer in their home and keep up with technological trends, SINDA partners with other agencies to offer affordable computer and internet connectivity plans for low-income families.

NEU PC Plus Programme In partnership with the Infocomm media Development Authority (IMDA), SINDA provides Indian students and their families a personal computer at highly subsidised rates, bundled with affordable internet connection.

Home Access Home Access programme is aimed at making internet connectivity more accessible and affordable to low-income households with no school-going children. Eligible households will be provided with a computing device and/or fibre broadband at a subsidised rate.



Establishing a strong partnership with grassroots, corporate and Indian organisations is key in ensuring that SINDA’s programmes and services reach as many children and families as possible. Backing these efforts is SINDA’s ardent pool of volunteers who play an important role in our various programmes and connect those who need help to the right avenues.


Sustainable Community Partnerships

Volunteer with Us!

SINDA not only actively seeks, but also welcomes partnerships and collaborations with organisations in the community. This is to ensure that our programmes and services benefit as many children and families as possible.

SINDA provides unique and satisfying volunteering opportunities for all who would like to spend their time in a meaningful way. Volunteers are crucial to many SINDA programmes and allow for individuals to make a personal impact in the lives of others. Volunteers may specify the areas they wish to contribute in and they will be provided with adequate training before they begin.

Community Funding SINDA works with Indian community organisations to implement programmes and services that benefit students, families and individuals who are in need. Indian community organisations, whose interests are aligned to SINDA’s vision and mission, are also provided with funding to carry out activities for the greater good of the community.

•• SINDA BUS The SINDA bus allows SINDA to better engage the Indian community by extending its reach to the heartlands. Acting as a mobile satellite centre, the bus allows us to bring our programmes and services to the people directly so as to serve them better.


Long-Term Volunteering Project Read Home-based reading programme that aims to give children aged four to eight a head start in their schooling journey by equipping them with basic reading skills and getting them started on reading from an early age. Literacy & Numeracy Programme (LYNN) Conducted at various locations island wide, LYNN teaches children aged four to six about literacy and numeracy skills to prepare them for their move into the journey of formal education.  ome-based Tuition Programme H Improves the academic performance of physically-challenged Indian students who may be underperforming in school, by providing one-on-one remedial tuition in core subjects.

Door Knocking Exercise SINDA, together with its volunteers and partners, visits various neighbourhoods to connect with residents and assist them with their concerns and challenges. Where necessary, residents are also linked to national schemes for further support. SINDA Youth Football Initiative Through regular football sessions by experienced trainers, mentors and mentees improve their skills and build bonds. Mentors also facilitate discussions after each training session for mentees to reflect on their training and personal development.

 uidance and Mentorship Programme (GAME) G A six-month interest-based programme for secondary school youth to engage in a range of interactive activities led by trained facilitators.

Short-Term Volunteering Episodic or one-off volunteering opportunities arise occasionally to support SINDA’s events and programmes. For such platforms, volunteers’ commitment may range from a few hours to several days, depending on the nature of the respective projects.

SINDA’S SIGNATURE EVENTS! SINDA Excellence Awards – The highest honours bestowed by SINDA upon Indian students who have achieved excellence in their respective academic fields, the arts or sports Joint Tuition Awards – An annual ceremony that recognises top students who have made significant improvement at landmark examinations across all four Self-Help Groups’ tuition programmes Back to School Festival – A year-end carnival that brings together families in a festive atmosphere and presents students with bursaries and school-kits for the following school year Volunteers’ Recognition Ceremony – A biennial event in recognition of SINDA volunteers and their selfless contributions to SINDA’s efforts to uplift the community Project Give – An annual fundraising campaign that offers individuals the opportunity to learn more about SINDA’s initiatives for the community and contribute towards the needs of Indian students *For more information about our programmes, please reach us at our hotline: 1800-295-4554

SINDA Headquarters 1 Beatty Road Singapore 209943 Tel 1800 295 4554 Fax 6392 4300 SINDA Service Centre 1 Jurong West Central 2 #06-03, JP1 Jurong Point Shopping Centre Singapore 209943 Tel 6792 8167


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