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MAY 28


Community Meeting last night

Storm Water

Thank you to all our parents who came last night for our 'unpack the programme' night. There was some great discussion in each of the teams about the why and how we do school in 2014 at Myross Bush! This is just one of the opportunities that we offer throughout the year to connect and discuss with you what is happening within the teaching and learning programme for your child/ren. Keep your eye out for the next opportunity to stay connected. We intend asking for your thoughts on some different options on the way we catch up with you after our mid year reports. Watch this space!

In the last week you would have noticed a large puddle in our school car park and a pump taking this water away to the back end of our field. In a rain event like we had last week the council sump and field tile drain does not cope with the associated storm water run off from the surrounding school and car park area, or the consented discharge from our sub soil drainage system of the disposal field. This is a drainage issue, pure and simple, and at no point does this impact on the integrity of the disposal field which sits in the corner of our car park. Any flashing light on the control shed of the disposal field is to indicate that a high level has been identified in some part of the system and requires investigation. It does not signal a disaster. This drainage issue is something that the Board has been working at resolving with both the Council and the Ministry of Education. A. G. Hoffman Contracting, Marshall Industries Ltd and DeYoungs (who installed the treatment plant) have all been advising and assisting the Board to ensure that the Health and Safety of our school is not compromised. The Ministry of Education are working with the aforementioned professionals to find a solution to this issue that will ensure we do not get this level of storm water ponding in the future.

Regards Tim Lovelock Principal Staffing The Board have confirmed that Matt Murray's fixed term appointment for Term 2 has been extended for the rest of the 2014 school year. This gives the ‘Matt & Mark’ teaching team the chance to consolidate the great work they are doing together and further consistency for our children. A permanent appointment beginning in 2015 will be advertised nationally and confirmed in Term 4 ready for the new school year. Well done Matt on the way you have started your time here at Myross Bush!

Kia tu Pakari

Regards Jo McLeod Board Chairperson

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

Taine’s great grandmother, Mrs Isabel Smith talks to the children and Mrs Watson and Mrs Morton talk about some of the old toys that people played with a long time ago.

Our inquiry this term is about "Play". What is play and how is it healthy for our minds and bodies? How can we get on well together when we are playing? We looked at all kinds of games and activities and today we had Mrs Morton (Mrs Polaschek’s mum) bring some experts from Peacehaven Village out to talk to us about the kind of play, games and activities they enjoyed as children. One of the ladies was 5 years old in 1926 and went to Myross Bush School. Wow!! We talked about games, board games and outside play because we wanted to find out if play has changed over time, or are some things still the same?

Sports Results: Hockey MB Strikers v St Patricks 4-0 POD Liam MB Missiles v Windsor Lost 1-0 POD Drew Pierce and Levi Young POD last week Finn Young MB Machines v Windsor Draw 0-0 POD Magnus Jamieson MB Quick Stix v St Theresa’s Won 6-2 POD Aidan McAra Netball Myross Bush Shooters v Bluff Lost 6-5 in a hard battle POD Tarrah Shirley MB Ferns v Wallacetown Lost 2-4 POD Naomi Hanning MB Hot Shots v Makarewa Lost POD Anneka Ivanov MB Shooters v Waihopai Lost 13-3  

School Sports Events: Website draw links for all sporting codes are displayed on the front page of our website Home/

School Dates: May Thurs 29 FOS Muddy Fun Run starting at 1.30pm weather permitting

School Notices: Food Wrap: We have a couple of rolls of food wrap ($23) and one of the wide foil ($23) at the office for sale if anyone wants an extra roll. Great value. First in gets them. Lunches: Please do not send lunches in bowls to be heated in the piewarmer. They get too hot to handle. Thank you. Assembly: Rimu (3) 2.15pm start School Calendar Dates: All events can be viewed from the website WebSpace/45/

Southern Zone Cross Country (XC) This is on next Friday 6th June at Gorge Road. Confirmed information will be sent home tomorrow as we have a Southern Zone Meeting today to finalise details. Please look out for this in bags on Thursday. There will be a return slip for transport home from the XC. Please fill this in as return by the date stated on the form so that we can book buses.

June Mon 2 Queen’s Birthday Fri 6 Southern Zone Cross Country Fri 13 Southland Cross Country Mon 23 BOT Meeting 7.00pm July Fri 4 End of Term 2 Mon 21 Term 3 begins Sept Fri 26 Term 3 ends Oct Mon 13 Term 4 begins Dec Wed 17 Term 4 ends

MIRO 5 (Mrs Godby) & RATA 4 (Mrs Aurik) We had lots of fun playing our games on Friday. Thank you for letting the children bring them to school. We are continuing with our play theme this week. The children are learning to use poi and have had fun making up moves and learning a new game called poi toa. We are still reviewing time and we are concentrating on o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times. As well as maintaining our ability to say the months of the year. We had a great visit from the people at Peacehaven. The children really enjoyed listening to which games were played in the past and which games are still played today. We look forward to seeing you all at the Muddy Fun Run tomorrow. Enjoy the long weekend! Evelyn and Natalie

KOWHAI 2 (Mrs Kahukura) & RIMU 3 (Miss Burton) Kawaka are very excited about tomorrows Muddy Fun Run. We hope the weather is clear, although we really want it muddy and messy. • I wonder how many laps I can do? Liam • I am looking forward to all the obstacles. Mitchell G • I am looking forward to seeing how many laps I can do and finding out if I am faster. Charlotte D • I am hoping to get four house points. Charlotte H Reminders: Library day is Wednesday and a change of clothes and footwear for playing on the field. As winter is coming, so are coughs and sniffles. Sending along a box of tissues with your child would be greatly appreciated. Have a great week. Kiri and Keri Certificates. Isaiah and Charlotte. Logan and Eilish   TOTARA 7 (Mr Murray) & KAURI 8 (Mr Herring) It's been a busy week in Totara and Kauri! Our eBooks are coming along nicely with heaps of great writing, diagrams, photos and illustrations. Being able to package all our reading, writing and maths into one book really shows us the value of each area of learning. It's also the start of our lunchtime clubs this week. Lego, Minecraft and board game clubs are up and running on Tuesdays  and Jump Jam, sports and scooter clubs on Thursdays. There was a huge interest in the Minecraft club (hosted by Mr Murray, Daniel and Clarke). It really showed just how important play can be in a social setting. Akotoa are looking forward to tomorrow's mud run and are eager to meet the 'special guest', can't wait!

from the classroom

MATAI 9 (Mrs Polaschek & Mrs Lemin) We welcome Paige McKenzie to our class this week. It is great to have you join our team. The children are all enjoying our Play inquiry. We are learning a lot about how play helps us feel and how we can get along together and display kotahitangi when we play with others. We welcomed some visitors from Peacehaven Retirement Village today. They came along and talked to us about how they played when they were young. We asked them questions and played some games with them. What a buzz for our children! Tomorrow is the Muddy Good Fun Run! We can't wait to see how many laps we can do. Please could you pop a change of clothes into your child's school bag to use in case of an emergency. It is very muddy at the moment.

_________________________________________________________ School Myross Bush Club Rugby: Players of the Day: Elliotte Bricklaying Myross Bush U6 not advised Jason Lawson Roofing Myross Bush U7 not advised Devery Electrical Myross Bush U8 - Caleb Devery Taine Smith won the Achievement award. Cruickshank Pryde Myross Bush U9 - Bluff defaulted Villa Veneer Myross Bush U10 - Hunter Jennings

Myross Bush ‘Muddy Fun Run’ Important Information

28 May 2014  

Week 4, Term 2, 2014

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