Secrets of a Property Stylist Vol 2

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Is Styling Worth it? Why should I pay to style my home for sale? Before you put your property on the market, add property styling to the advertising/sales budget. 98% of top agents1 say you must ‘style your property to sell’. According to Australia’s Top Renovator, Cherie Barber:

“Property Styling sells your property faster and is typically self-funding” It just makes sense. Here’s why: •

It helps highlight the great features of the property (and

potentially hide the not-so-great) •

The house looks great in real life, but more importantly will

photograph well for the 86% of potential buyers searching online2 •

Offering an empty house for sale

can make it hard for people to imagine its potential •

Styling will turn ‘your home’ into a

marketable property for a broader

audience •

Most importantly, it gives your

property the ‘wow’ factor buyers are looking for.

WHY HIRIING A PROFESSIONAL STYLIST IS ESSENTIAL Firstly, regardless of how fabulous your furniture and possessions are, because they are yours, it’s almost impossible

to be objective. A professional will see the space and enhance and highlight the best features of your home, and choose the pieces that appeal to a wider audience. And that, after all, is what you want – to appeal to a wide audience and sell that property! Secondly, as one of life’s most stressful events, up there with divorce or losing a loved one, when you’re selling and moving house, the less stress the better. Handing styling for sale over to an expert will give you peace of mind and more time for other important tasks: decluttering, cleaning, packing, and potentially searching for another property. And thirdly, most people just don’t have the natural talent or time to learn the skill to style a property for sale. Focus on what you do well. And let the expert do the styling.

There’s no doubt that the answer to the question ‘Is Styling Worth It?’ is a resounding ‘Yes!’. To add another 5-10% to your sale price makes it a no brainer. But the reasons outline above show why it’s a minefield of potential pain and suffering for those hoping to ‘diy’ it. 1 2

THE PITFALLS OF TRYING TO DIY YOUR STYLING It’s tempting to read a magazine, watch a few great YouTube videos, indulge your addiction to home improvement and reno shows, and then try to style your property yourself. Before you reach for the latest interior decorating magazine, consider the cost and effort of sourcing the right furniture and styling elements, getting them to your home, and working out what to do with them. Not to mention that the furniture might not suit your new home, and selling furniture online requires time and energy, and you’ll rarely get even close to your money back. ‘Do it yourself‘ styling can not only end up falling flat if

styling is not your skill, but actually end up costing you more money, time and stress.

"Thanks Monika and team for the professional advice and personal touch in preparing for the sale of our property. The transformation of our home was remarkable and no doubt a big reason for our home selling a day after the first open home at a price higher than we first expected!" Carl & Karen

BUSTING SOME MYTHS Myth # 1: You can’t use your own items. Not true. A great stylist will consider the space and what you already have to make the most of your budget and current pieces.

Myth # 2: Property stylists make all houses look the same. Also not true. An expert property stylist looks at the overall space in your home. The features that need to be highlighted. How to show it off to it’s best potential to the broadest audience. That

doesn’t always mean hundreds of cushions and scattered throw rugs. The right stylist will spend time with you, and has a great eye for finding the best features to showcase.

Myth # 3: I can’t afford a property stylist. Not true. Homes professionally styled for sale typically attract higher sale prices. From 2.5%3 to some agents stating even higher, up to 15%4. This will cover the cost of a property styling service. Your contract is generally 6 weeks of hiring furniture and decorator items, the specialist styling to make your property look its best, and removing everything when it’s done. You can’t afford not to do

this when you’re selling your home.

3 4

When and if you are thinking of selling your property, think seriously about a professional Property Stylist. Someone you feel you can trust who can see the potential of your home. You deserve to sell your home with the least amount of stress with the best possible result.

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