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Issue 50 (May 2022)

Welcome to the Mycreativeimages Magazine May 2022 I have delayed issuing the magazine this month. The reason, currently I only publish the artwork from a group of people that were on the same training course as me. However, as only a small number of artists from that group continue to be active I have now made a decision to make changes to the magazine. ____________________ I publish the magazine as a way of providing new and emerging artists a method of adding an entry on their CV stating they have been published in an established art publication.

Featured artists

Bernie Tuffs 4 Clare Barton 6 Claude Trew 8 David Walker 12 Sue Waterhouse 18 Susan Jones 22 Vivien Capper 24

Combine this with my underlying desire to Inspire people so they can be great at what they do I think its time to further develop this magazine and the content. To that end I will start offering an open call to all digital artists and will further develop the website so submissions can be made via a form and I will also set up a virtual gallery space to further showcase the artwork in the gallery. So please watch this space and keep coming back to read the magazine and enjoy the artwork. ____________________ Before you head off don’t forget most of the artists have links to their own websites, it would be great if you clicked the images and links and paid them a visit. Cover image “An Emotional Moment” by Bernie Tuffs

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This publication is created and owned by James Hurley, © 2021. Please feel free to share the magazine but do not make changes to any of the content.

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About the Magazine The magazine has been running now since March 2018 and has been issued monthly sine that date. In addition there is a new sister magazine which was launched in March 2022 which is specifically for NFT art. You can see both magazines here:

How to submit work Currently I review all submission requests manually prior to asking for high rez images, to start the process please follow these steps: 1. Send an introductory email to submissions@ ensuring to use the subject line “Submission request”. 2. In the email text introduce yourself and describe your work. 3. Supply a link to your website or social media page where I can view examples of your work. 4. I will review and respond within 10 working days. 5. I will either offer the option of an interview style feature or ask you to send in your Bio text and a set of high rez images. To submit your work I will provide a link to my website where you can fill out a form with all the relevant details. 6. On receipt of all the info I will advise you when your work will be published.

What if I want to ask a question? You can contact me in the following ways: Email: Facebook Messenger: james.hurley.5458/

Bernie Tuffs Hello! I’m Bernie and I live in the little seaside town of Margate and having lived here all my life, I couldn’t live anywhere else now! I’m continually inspired by the scenery here, with skies and light that so excited famous artist J. W. Turner, who said of this area, “…the skies over Thanet are the loveliest in all Europe”. Apparently, a love of the sea stayed with him all his life and I can well understand that! Painting with light holds a real attraction for me - the gentle light that is still strong enough to dispel darkness. I’ve always been arty, progressing from childhood sketching, through gouache and then oil painting, then paper crafting and scrapbooking which led me to digital scrapbooking and finally to Sebastian Michaels and Photo Artistry. My latest venture is designing and selling digital overlays and textures. Now I feel I’m home and am having so much fun with my art!



An Emotional lMoment

Clare Barton Hello, I’m Clare and I live in the UK. I’ve been doing photography as an amateur for quite some time, I do enjoy taking lots of photos and playing around with my images in Photoshop & Lightroom, so when I came across Sebastian’s Photoshop artistry courses during the first lockdown in March 2020, I immediately knew that this was for me.

I’ve been doing the Photoshop Artistry and Awake course for over a year now, but I’m still taking my time learning new techniques and more about digital art. I am enjoying meeting new people in our facebook groups and I hope to continue with my creative journey into my future.


The Great Northern Railway Corn Warehouse

The Corn Warehouse

Claude Trew I retired a few years ago, and since I had more free time, I decided it was time to expand my photo art skills. I have been a member of my local camera club for many years, but I wanted to branch out in areas of photography that would be more artistic and outside the style of photographs that are most successful in club competitions. With this in mind, four years ago I joined the international online Photoshop course “My Photo Artistic Life” created by Sebastian Michaels. I have never regretted my decision and I am still a member of this vibrant and artistic FaceBook community. A few months ago I joined another online course “Elevate your Art”, this time learning to paint with Photoshop’s mixer brush. My vision is, one day, to be able to paint images which will look like oil paintings. You are welcome to visit my website to see some samples of my Photo Art.


The Winner


Chinese birds

The Peacock

David Walker Re-enactment events are good fun and a boon for photographic opportunities. The ideal events are for those set up for photographers, the problem with public events is that great period images can be ruined because you did not notice someone in 21c attire, usually in a place that makes removing them next to impossible! Re-enactors are happy to pose and create “real life” scenes, which helps in PhotoArt as a story can be written into the final artwork. Re-enactors seem to have fun over their days out and their attention to detail is something to behold. They appreciate the photographer’s interest and are a mine of information on their re-enactment period, all they ask is to see some of the images we create, a good job as I can shoot 1,000 images in a day. Thank goodness for digital cameras! Such days out are very important for my developing my camera skills, relearning those forgotten skills, remembering to use the correct button on back focus (yes I did forget for a session!), low light shooting, action shots and more. The latest shoot was a re-enactment of 18c Jacobean & Georgian armies and camp followers. Hence my works on Culloden! I have tried to emulate the colouration of David Morier (an Anglo Swiss artist of the 18c) and the tension of the battle… Another event is booked for May and I look forward to welcoming Spearfish Creek, the UK’s premier American Western living history group. They portray American settlers from the late 19c on the search for gold nuggets! The group have won multiple awards for their living history displays – they are based in the South of England and this is rare visit to the midlands. For one day only a small corner of Abbots Bromley will be converted to the Gold-prospecting town of Spearfish Creek, South Dakota, USA! They will be setting up their authentic camp, posing for portraits and recreating scenes from the period including a wild west shoot-out!


Hands and Feet

Sheriff of Nottingham’s Law Court


The Goats Head

Redundant Oil Rig


Mt Blanc

Headstone Viaduct

Sue Waterhouse I was given my first DSLR camera for Christmas in 2013 and very quickly became addicted! fortunately, I was lucky enough to take early retirement at the same time. From 2013 to 2019 my husband and I split our time between Spain and Portugal in the winter, travelling in our motorhome, and the UK and France in the summer. This provided lots of opportunities for many styles of photography. When the first lockdown was introduced in March 2020, I decided I would use some of the extra time that we were spending at home, working to improve my Photoshop skills. Discovering the Photo Artistry course and more recently the AWAKE training has made me appreciate and enjoy creating digital art as much as I enjoy digital photography. I enjoy using photographs I have taken over the last few years and creating digital art from them. I also use models and digital assets provided within the course materials. I have not yet found one particular style that I prefer….maybe I never will!


A dream come true


In a quiet corner

It’s Tulip time

Susan Jones My name is Susan Jones I have loved photography all my life, though I was rejected from the photography class at school due to not having my own SLR camera. About 20 years ago a bought a DSLR and haven’t looked back, I love taking photos, mostly studio but as often as possible getting out and about, particularly London. I have been using Photoshop for a few years, and to my joy found Sebastian Michaels Photoshop Artistry courses and then Awake and have learned so much about Photoshop and continue to learn every day. I love the program, I love changing plain photographs into fantasy colourful worlds. I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Model: @parislondonofficial Concept: @salligainsford_workshops MUA: Sarah Eames


Model: @hollyevelemin Concept: @salligainsford_workshops HMUA: Serah Eames Dress: @models.wardrobe1 Headdress: @ccmillinerycreations

Ice Cream Maiden

Vivien Capper This month I was lucky enough to visit a beautiful cathedral in Anagni, Lazio, Italy – notable as the summer residence of the Popes for centuries ( wiki/Anagni_Cathedral) I was particularly inspired by the beautiful mosaics adorning the floors, and managed to take a few photos with my phone. I plan to use these as backgrounds and overlays in some of my photo art.

The Lady of the Mosaic

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