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Business profile October 2022

What does the Creative Talents Magazine provide? •

A way for collectors and art lovers to discover emerging and established digital, traditional artists and photographers both in the web3 and traditional web2 spaces.

A safe moderated community where artists, art lovers and collectors from all over the world can meet and get to know each other in virtual events and community spaces.

The assurance that the magazine is run by an artist that is very aware of the challenges faced when a creator starts building their authority, a community and at the same time maintain visibility in the crowded art world whilst creating artwork and managing social media accounts.

How does the magazine provide this? •

By forging relationships with artists and collectors via an online magazine, an easy-to-use virtual gallery, social media channels and a printed magazine.

Bridging digital art to the real world via a printed magazine and social media combined with a traditional e-mail mailing list and online events.

Generating interest by publishing bite-sized information relating to art and technology on social media and sharing detailed interviews and work from artists within the Creative Talents family across web3 and web2 and in the real world. Supporting artists entering the web3 and NFT space.

Helpful and community-centric

Transparent and trustworthy

Putting the Artists and Collectors first and ensuring they are treated equally and feel like part of the Creative Talents team

The Team •

Currently the only team member is the Founder James Hurley.

He curates the artwork, designs and creates the magazine content, creates the NFTs, manages and creates the website, manages and creates the spatial gallery, posts on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, manages the ads on Facebook and Google, creates all promotional materials and videos, finds and handles any guest writers and works a full time job.

James has been publishing magazines monthly since 31st March 2018 and is currently investigating the options of setting up a Community Interest Company (CIC) to ensure it is clear that this project is about supporting artists and not generating personal wealth and to make it clear that all monies generated, less running costs and wages, are rolled back into the project to purchase resources and advertising.

Important Founder & Artist

NFT Creative Talents

What are the Creative Talents Team Values?

James Hurley 2

The magazines do not offer financial or investment advice. It simply showcases the creators behind NFT projects and gives you to opportunity to explore their work. As with any financial transaction you should ensure you are aware of what you are buying, if it has unlockables, utility and any associated terms and conditions. All images in this publication are sourced / owned / created by the creators featured, unless otherwise stated on their websites or social media pages and as such must not be copied or sold without the express consent of the artist. This publication is created and owned by James Hurley, © 2022. Please feel free to share the magazine but do not make changes to any of the content.

Who reads the magazine? •

Artists looking to enhance their CV and authority in the art world.

Art lovers with an existing passion for finding opportunities in supporting new and emerging artists in the real world and in the digital space that is known as Web3.

Knowledge seekers that are looking for personal growth in an area that excites their creative mind and improves their existing skills or fulfils their desire to learn a new one.

Benefits for artists

The magazine has been granted an Elite status on the ISSUU platform and this has resulted in organic reader views topping out at 43k over a 30 day period (Oct 2022).

Being a published artist in a recognised magazine adds authenticity and authority to the status of the artist., benefits from 7k visitors every 30 days.

Being published adds am achievement to the artists CV or Bio which helps build authority.

Additional readership for the website and Social Media pages is generated via the printed copies and the Kindle versions offered on Amazon.

By showing their work to an audience that may not find them in the crowded world of NFT platforms.

The Facebook page currently has 1.2k followers and reach of 4,165 (as of October 2022).

Extended benefits:

A TikTok channel is currently being built and currently has 550 followers.

A Youtube channel is currently a work in progress.

Twitter, 2 accounts are used one with 600 followers the other 1.5k.

A mailing list has been built organically and is used to communicate with the core collectors / artists.

A discord server is being constructed.

Spatial virtual galleries are used to showcase art and generate additional traffic.

Demographics •

Core target Countries: USA, UK.

Additional Countries being added and generating visits: France, Ukraine, Brazil, Germany, Australia, India, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy

Age groups of readers are 25 to 45yo with additional spikes of readership from the 50+ yo age range.

There is an even split between genders via Google Analytics but 60 / 40 split on Facebook with more women readers / artists following the page.

The core interests that are driving the traffic are Arts& Entertainment / Lifestyles & Hobbies

44% of website traffic is generated from Social Media, 18% is direct, 18% are referrals, 13% is paid traffic and 6 organic (For period Jan to October 2022)


Social media posts about their work


Their work displayed in a virtual gallery


Options to share revenue on cover art sales


Options to be included in You tube video interviews


Options to have individual publications created.


Options to have bespoke cover art on a printed magazine.


Access to community and e-mail list marketing.


WIP – Opportunity to be part of the printed magazines that are distributed to galleries and key events.


WIP - Options to be part of Augmented Reality promotions


NFT Creative Talents

How popular is the magazine?

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Business Profile - Oct 2022