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If you have opened this magazine then you are in for a treat. The images featured on the following pages are just stunning. The colours, the textures and the imagination used to create the artwork is just amazing. I would be astounded if you can’t find at least one piece of work that doesn’t capture your imagination, make you smile or make you head for the artist’s website to buy a piece of art to hang on your wall. The purpose of “My Creative Images” is to offer artists an opportunity to put their work in front of as many people as possible via Social Media. Why? Well that’s easy, most of us spend many hours each day looking for the next amazing “post” to Like and Share on our phone or PC. So enjoy spending some time looking at the artwork and visit the website / blogs / shops / portfolios listed for each artist. If you like what you see all I ask is for you to share this publication on your social media pages so your friends and theirs can enjoy this work as well. Doing this will help the artists, many of them new to the world of art, gain the recognition they deserve and maybe even help them generate some sales. Go on! What are you waiting for? Go take a peek on the next page.......

Yvonne Benting Click here to see more of Yvonne’s work

The cover image was created by me (that’s me up there, yes that handsome devil!) using stock images and textures. The images on the right of this page are taken from issue 1 of My Creative Images and are owned by the artists named. Please follow the links to see more of their work. All images in this publication are sourced / created by the artists, unless otherwise stated on their websites, and as such must not be copied or sold without the express consent of the artist. This publication is created and owned by James Hurley, © 2018

Richard Anderson Click here to see more of Richard’s work

Issue 1 - April

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James Hurley Mike Gaskin Vivien Capper Calum McDonald Susan Jones Alison Bailey Philip Hunter David Walker Tiyana Marjanovic Linda Rodger Jo Walsh Vivien Buckley Richard Anderson Bernie Tuffs Margaret Rainey Judith Flacke Dawn Spears Carol Graham Bernie Tuffs Click here to see more of Bernie Tuff’s work

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James Hurley I’m drawn to colours, nature, textures, shapes, movement and the oddities that we sometimes miss in our busy lives. This I hope you will see reflected in my work, which is a mix of traditional landscapes, bursting with vibrancy and colour, and digital art that just pops off the page. I’m passionate about my work and spend hours stood in one place taking photographs looking for the right lighting and the right reflection or colour. I’m even more passionate about the creative process and how you can change an image into art and make it into the vision you had in your minds eye. This short introduction hopefully will explain the mix of art that you will see on my website:

As I love the place so much I want to help raise funds to maintain, conserve and protect the Lakeland Fells. As a result 50% of the profits made from all the Ullswater landscape prints I sell will be given to the Patterdale Estate Trust. Hurry on over and help me raise some funds:

Patterdale Hall Estate - Ullswater

Help Conserve the Fells The landscape images were both taken in my favourite part of the UK, Patterdale. I visit there as many times as I can and always end up bringing home lots of happy memories along with sore legs and aching feet from walking!

Danger on the Fells This artwork will be made available as a limited edition print of 10 full size images shortly. It will be printed using a UltraHD process, mounted under brilliant acrylic glass with an aluminium dibond backing and fitted with a bordering aluminium rail. The finished artwork will be 840mm wide and 600mm tall and it would make a stunning addition to any home or office decor or the perfect gift for a close friend. Be amongst the first to be notified when this artwork is available and receive a personal email invitation from the artist to purchase this exclusive piece of artwork. Register your interest by emailing:

Waterfall Wood Walk - Patterdale


Mike Gaskin I’m Mike Gaskin whose artistic name is NorfolkMike. My main work is Landscape Photograph and Photo Artistry. I have always had an interest in composite photography work and also paint, working mainly in watercolour and Acrylic. I come from Dersingham, Norfolk England, close to Sandringham, the Queen’s Estate. Norfolk is also well known for its big skies, beautiful coastline and countryside, which is the main area of interest for my Landscape Photography. Web and social media sites: Website 500px Flickr Facebook

Flaming Teasal

Crystal Horse

Beauty and the Beast


Vivien Capper I’m currently living in delightful Italy, although from Kent, UK. My artistic inspiration is drawn from Italy with its exciting, lively way of life, vibrant colours and designers so naturally, my digitally enhanced artworks reflect this. I also work on original ink drawings and often incorporate them into totally new compositions of a variety of designs and textures. In my photographs, artwork and designs I try to find new ways of expressing my love of nature, textures and colours. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy the creative process. If you would like to see some more of my art: Website

Swirly Dancer

Elegant Lady 1

Calum McDonald I am a photographer / digital artist based in the United Kingdom. I love creating new photographic images and developing some of these as enhanced works of art. My digital artistic work incorporates many of my other interests which include landscapes, people and history. I am an active member of a worldwide Digital Artistry Group. Recently I have been very honoured to have had some of my digital artwork featured in the highly acclaimed international digital art magazine ‘Living the Photo Artistic Life’ ( Issue Number 33). Website


Susan Jones My name is Susan Jones, I live a short train ride from London and love to spend time up there with my sister and our cameras. I love studio photography with models dressed up and having fun playing with the images in Photoshop. My new ambition is take the models on to the street and start doing shoots on location.

My world


Come dance with me shadow


Catch a Dream

Daughter of Poseidon 1

Alison Bailey I am a hobby photographer and photo-artist from North West England. I am have Fibromyalgia and Epilepsy and I use art to help manage my conditions.


Shopping Day

To see more of my work please visit my site:


I retired at the end of October last year and decided that now was a good time to do the AWAKE course.


Morning Stroll

Philip Hunter I’ve been interested in photography for many years, but due to moving around Europe with my work over a 24 year period, it has only been in the last few years after moving back to the UK that my interest has been re-kindled and become a part of my daily routine.

Working in the corporate Import/ Export world I decided to take an extended leave of absence from my work in order to pursue my passion for creating art. Now, I have time to indulge myself and am slowly building up my portfolio which is a mixture of Landscapes, Cityscapes and Seascapes. However, I am keen to expand my knowledge I have also undertaken projects in portraits and still life. ( My website is currently under construction ).

Alongside this world of digital art I am also a keen darkroom specialist in Lith printing ( which is a very creative form of darkroom work ) and I still own and shoot film cameras, either on my medium format 6 x 7, 6 x 4.5 and 35mm equipment. Philip Hunter

Views of London

Through the medium of digital art, this has enabled me to expand my creativity into making images which are my interpretation of how I see the world and also in some cases being able to turn these images into a more painterly / abstract art form.

Walking by

My digital knowledge was non-existent at the time so I embarked on the course and was blown away by the myriad of possibilities opened up to me in how to create some fantastic pieces of individual artwork. After this initial steep learning curve I added the Black and White Photoshop Artistry course and more recently the Awake course to my repertoire.


It was shortly after joining my camera club two years ago that I was introduced to a Photoshop Artistry Course. I had been looking for a creative outlet and also a way of learning Lightroom and Photoshop so this seemed the perfect antidote to my dilemma.


On route to Kowloon

David Walker “PhotoArt…pushing photography further” For over five years I have been developing both the artistic and the computer skills that the evolving PhotoArt genre demands. I use many different programs and methodologies to create my art and the majority of the work relies entirely on my own original photographs. Vista-Foto ArtBoja

Newspaper & Coffee

Vista-Foto Monochrome

Arriving at speed

Spit and polish


Tiyana Marjanovic Historian of Film and Art, Photographer, Painter, Gamer and above all a dreamer. Best described in the words of others: ”She’s a brilliant artist, she’s a loyal ally, she’s an honest friend and she’s a proud Belgradian. If she is painting then I am happy, and if she remains in my life I will be all the better for it.... oh, and we met in the late eighties, so when it comes to writing a biography on Tiyana, I consider myself a trustworthy source! “ Joseph Rye, Actor, Writer, Voice over artist. Dilemma


First Flight


Mystery 1

Linda Rodger I’m Linda Rodger and as a portrait photographer I wanted to offer something different from the normal portrait to prospective clients. This led me into the wonderful world of digital artistry. I love taking an ordinary image and making it extraordinary. Creating something special for someone to treasure always, is a privilege and gives me so much pleasure. My travels provide opportunities to photograph iconic buildings as well as unusual subjects to use in my digital art to create beautiful Fine Art prints. Website Facebook


Taj Mahal

1 Dancer on the Bridge

Jo Walsh I’m a digital and mixed media artist with a love of Dark fantasy, Grunge, Steampunk, surreal art and photography. Visit one of my websites for more examples of my work The Other Side Bears Belly

The Deceiver

Dark Carnival


Custer’s Scouts

The Offering


Vivien Buckley My interest in photography began about 8 years ago when I joined a camera club in Mallow County Cork Ireland where I am still a member. I enjoy all genres of photography but over the last few years I have got really interested in digital art and have began to use my images as composites. Joining an International group of similar minded photographers and digital artists on a Photoshop Artistry course opened up new horizons and exposed me to many amazing artists. I enjoy taking portraits, setting up photo-shoots and trying out new techniques. View my work by visiting these sites:

Faded Glory

Website ArtBoja Facebook

Into the Light

Looking Back

An evening walk in the dark hedges of Antrim


Richard Anderson I am a photographer and a digital artist. I embrace opportunities to create images that inspire, delight and challenge preconceptions about the topic, photography or photo-artistry as well as images that simply provide lasting enjoyment. Ever since I can remember I have had a camera in my hand. My father was an ardent photographer, I still remember being given my very first camera when I was just five years old. The technology and skill levels have changed, but the passion remains, all these years later. I was brought up with the discipline of film and I learned from a young age how to coax an image out of my camera and put it on to a piece of paper.

Canada House

At school I relished working in the darkroom with the smell of chemicals and the mystique of emptying a cartridge of film into a developing tank. But today’s dry darkrooms are no less inspiring... the flexibility and creativity digital has unleashed never stops giving me enormous pleasure. And it is that flexibility and creativity that has enabled me to move on towards becoming a true digital artist. I love my camera, I love my digital darkroom, but above all I love the ability to bring all my skills to creating images. Website

St Albans Market

New Row on a Spring Day

St Martins Court London


Bernie Tuffs I’m Bernie and I live in the little seaside town of Margate and having lived here all my life, I couldn’t live anywhere else now! I’m continually inspired by the scenery here, with skies and light that so excited famous artist J. W. Turner, who said of this area, “...the skies over Thanet are the loveliest in all Europe”. Apparently, a love of the sea stayed with him all his life and I can well understand that! Painting with light holds a real attraction for me - the gentle light that is still strong enough to dispel darkness. I’ve always been arty, progressing from childhood sketching, through gouache and then oil painting, then paper crafting and scrapbooking which led me to digital scrapbooking and finally to Photo Artistry. Now I feel I’m home and am having so much fun with my art! Website

Darkest Just Before Dawn

Keeper Of The Light

A Home From Home 1

Margaret Rainey M. M. Rainey lives behind a computer keyboard in Middlesex, creating pre-made and custom book covers for self-publishing authors. The full range of these may be purchased at: The Book Cover Designer Self Pub Book Covers Other artworks may be seen and purchased at: Website Website


Judith Flacke Judith Flacke is a photographer and digital artist currently living as an expat in Italy. She enjoys a wide range of artistic styles and this month shows nature in still life. In addition to art, she has produced a range of bookcovers. More of her book cover work can be seen at: Self Pub Book Covers

Daisies and marigolds




Dawn Spears Dawn Spears – Buckinghamshire, UK I have been producing art in various mediums for over 30 years. I have worked in many different media, from watercolour to ink, graphite, and coloured pencil. More recently I have turned to photography and digital art and used these skills to branch out into book covers as well. I hope you enjoy my art pieces as much as I did creating them. Please view my work:. Website Selfpubbookcovers ArtBoja

The Leopard

Dapple Grey

1 Along for the Ride

Carol Graham I live in Glasgow, Scotland, and my inspirations come from the landscape around me – from the hard, urban environment to the beauty of nature - and from my love of music. I trained as a scientist, but my passion is photography and I’m rarely without a camera in my hand. My love of art led me to study fine art photography, which fuses digital techniques with traditional photography. I always try to capture atmosphere and mood, and often use textures and watercolour paints to creatively enhance my images. Find me on: Facebook Instagram


Orange Flower



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