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Muskingum IMPACT: Powerful Partnerships Dear Muskingum Alumni and Friends, The year 2021 was one of significant progress for Muskingum. We provided in-person learning throughout the year, with our campus community working together to keep each other safe and navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. In Fall 2021, we welcomed more than 440 new students to campus, our largest incoming class in a decade. And as you will read in this issue of IMPACT, we have continued to innovate and develop the Muskingum education of the future. The strategic planning initiatives of IMPACT 2025 continue to expand and enhance the Muskingum student experience. In this year’s report, we focus on powerful partnerships across all strategic areas, which we are undertaking with individuals, foundations, businesses, organizations, and state and federal government agencies. More than $625,000 in advanced equipment for our STEMM programs (page 4) is moving Learning and Innovation forward. Grants and gifts from generous individual donors, the Ohio Board of Nursing, and scientific businesses and organizations made this investment possible.


New and renovated campus facilities define Transformative Growth, enabling us to extend our commitment to educating the whole student for the whole world. In 2021, the ongoing Quad Center renovation qualified for both federal and state historic tax credits, and a partnership with campus dining services provider Aramark created an upgraded Bait Shop with a Starbucks counter (page 7). One of the project’s highlights is mobility accessibility, with the addition of an elevator and mobility access to the Bookstore. The second floor (TOC) will house our new Impact Center as well as our Student Life staff. As the new Henry D. Bullock Health and Wellness Complex (BHWC) nears completion, holistic program planning (page 8) is shaping the benefits for the campus community. The generosity of individual and foundation donors – along with partnerships with regional healthcare providers, educational institutions, and health-related businesses – is expanding student learning and wellness opportunities for every Muskie. As the lessons learned from COVID-19 open new opportunities to connect

Muskingum University IMPACT Copyright ©2022 Muskingum University, 260 Stadium Drive, New Concord, Ohio 43762-1837,

virtually with alumni and other offcampus constituencies, partnerships with technology providers have led to a more robust experience for our students, moving the University toward a Thriving Future in the virtual digital age (page 10).

other financial support to 100% of our students, making us one of the most affordable private schools in Ohio. It is because of you that the Muskingum experience is accessible to students from all backgrounds.

Our promise of affordability (page 9) to our students is the centerpiece of our new and dynamic Visibility and Distinction marketing campaign. Your generosity through the Annual Fund enables us to provide scholarships and



Thank you for all you do for Muskingum – you truly have a direct impact on the lives of our students in so many important ways. With warm regards, President Susan S. Hasseler



Student Success Engagement Opportunities Inclusive Excellence GOAL:

Visibility & Distinction

Learning & Innovation


Powerful Partnerships Dynamic Communications Constituent Engagement GOAL:




Programmatic Pipelines Expanded Audiences Campus Enhancements GOAL:


Philanthropic Growth Resource Optimization Digital Transformation

Transformative Growth

Thriving Future



IMPACT 2025 Our strategic action plan guides us to a dynamic learning environment where each and every one of our students will thrive.

With vital new initiatives shaping how our students experience their education, Muskingum University will thrive.

Creative collaboration brings our campus, our surrounding communities, and our alumni and friends together in powerful partnerships, to help our region thrive.

The transformational Henry D. Bullock Health and Wellness Complex (BHWC) is a linchpin for a thriving future for our students, our University, and our region.




Learning & Innovation Grants, gifts, and matching University investments in STATE-OF-THE-ART SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT enhance LEARNING & INNOVATION, providing students with dynamic study and research opportunities and ensuring outstanding preparation for career and graduate school pursuits. $625,000 in Advanced Equipment Supports Learning in the Sciences Over the past several years, more than $625,000 in grants, gifts, and matching University investments have enhanced hands-on science education at Muskingum with state-of-the-art equipment in biology, chemistry, computer science, physics and engineering, and health sciences.

Students from majors across the campus have access to the equipment, which serves the full range of learners, from first years enrolled in introductory courses, to seniors conducting sophisticated scientific research projects, to graduate students in the Master of Occupational Therapy program.

Biology and Health Sciences Anatomage Table The Anatomage Table is a powerful threedimensional visualization tool for anatomy and physiology. Offering multiple human and animal cadavers and customizable programming, students benefit from flexible content. Medical image files can be imported and uploaded into the table, allowing students to analyze real-world diagnoses. The acquisition of the Anatomage Table was made possible through a generous gift by Muskingum Trustee Craig W. Anderson ’73, M.D. and his wife Deborah Hart Anderson ’74. “We love to support projects that directly impact students. Anatomage is an amazing teaching and learning tool that brings multiple and unique benefits to their educational experience.”



Assistant Professor of Nursing Kathleen Jefferis leads an Anatomage Table lesson.

- Muskingum Trustee Craig W. Anderson ’73, M.D. and Deborah Hart Anderson ’74



Nursing students’ high-fidelity simulation activities in the lab prepare them for clinical experiences.

“Anatomage brings the science to life, providing hands-on, active learning and aiding the development of our students’ critical thinking.” - Associate Professor of Nursing Terra Armstead

Nursing became the first program to incorporate the Anatomage virtual cadaver into the curriculum, shortly after it was acquired in the Fall 2021 semester. Faculty in biology, animal science, exercise science, health and fitness, and the Master of Occupational Therapy program are also integrating the table into their coursework. Housed in Boyd Science Center, the Anatomage Table can be controlled and accessed remotely from other locations. For example, exercise science students working in the Diagnostic Hub of the Bullock Health and Wellness Center (BHWC) will be able to use the table to support physical performance analyses, fitness assessments, and customized exercise plans.

Biology students examine cells using an immunofluorescence microscope.

Nursing Simulation Lab The Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) awarded two grants totaling nearly $400,000 to Muskingum’s program, in support of a state-of-the-art laboratory environment. The 2019 grant was used to expand the nursing simulation lab from five to nine beds, allowing more students to be served in the program. The most recent grant, received in Fall 2021, is being used to create a second eight-bed simulation lab, which will open in Fall 2022. The hands-on learning offered in the simulation lab builds students’ clinical judgment, assessment, and problem-solving skills, providing outstanding preparation as they enter clinical settings and nursing practice. Immunofluorescence Microscope A recently acquired immunofluorescence microscope is expanding the possibilities for student research projects and providing valuable experience in a widely used technique for studying mammalian cells.

As students explore cancer cell biology in upperlevel coursework and faculty-student research projects, real time immunofluorescence allows them to examine changes in the mitochondrial organization of cells carrying a common cancer mutation and compare them to normal cells without the mutation. This research aims to identify additional targets for which cancer treatment could be developed. DNA Analyzer Through a Genomics Education Matching Funds Grant, Muskingum obtained a Li-Cor DNA Analyzer. This equipment allows students to determine the order of the bases in DNA and identify the type of gene in a sample. As part of the ongoing field research at The Wilds, for example, they identified the presence of hellbenders in stream water. The DNA sequencer is used in coursework as well as in faculty-student research projects.





Chemistry Chemical Separation, Identification, and Analysis Equipment A wide variety of equipment allows the Chemistry Department to provide novice students in introductory courses with early hands-on opportunities to use scientific instrumentation, as well as support upper-level students in research projects. These devices include a gas-chromatograph mass spectrometer, Vernier mini gas chromatographs, a thermal conductivity detector gas chromatograph, Vernier spectrometers, Vernier emission spectrometers, an atomic absorption spectrometer, an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, and a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. In each of the past four years, the Chemistry Department has received external grants to purchase new equipment, including funding from the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh and the National Science Teaching Association Vernier Technology Award.

Computer Science Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Devices Oculus Rift virtual reality devices support computer science students in the 3D gaming course and in independent projects, by generating realistic visual and auditory images to place the user in a virtual environment. A HoloLens device is used in a special topics course on augmented reality to provide an experience where real-world objects are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information across multiple senses. 6


The atomic absorption spectrometer supports senior capstone research projects.

Both types of devices offer an excellent introduction to virtual and augmented reality for prospective and current students who are new to the experiences.

Engineering Engineering Software Muskingum provides engineering majors access to industry-standard software in key areas. Three notable examples are: • SOLIDWORKS – a solid modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering program used by mechanical, electrical, and electronics engineers to form a connected design. • MATLAB – a programming and numeric computing platform used to analyze data, develop algorithms,

and create models. MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages. • OrCAD® PSpice® – a program combining native analog, mixed-signal, and analysis engines to simulate, verify, analyze, and refine electronic circuits, components, and parameters.

SCAN QR CODE to view a video of Muskingum science students in action.


Transformative Growth Transformative Growth initiatives of IMPACT 2025 are yielding CAMPUS ENHANCEMENTS and POWERFUL PARTNERSHIPS, improving ACCESSIBILITY, and supporting new dimensions of Muskingum’s commitment to EDUCATING THE WHOLE STUDENT FOR THE WHOLE WORLD.

Quad Center Renovations: The Power of Partnerships The physical centerpiece of the Quad Center renovation project is nearing completion, with the building’s elevator opening this spring. For the first time, the Top of the Center, Bottom of the Center, and the Bookstore will be mobility accessible. The initial phase of the project, completed in Fall 2021, enhanced the Bottom of the Center (BOC) with accessible restrooms, an accessible entrance to the Barnes & Noble College Bookstore, and renovation and expansion of the Bait Shop Café, including the addition of a Starbucks counter. The future phase of the project will bring accessible restrooms, a renovated home for the new Impact Center to the Top of the Center (TOC), and a new roof.

The new Impact Center destined for the TOC is supported by the $2.2 million Title III Strengthening Institutions grant Muskingum received from the U.S. Department of Education in 2020. This innovative student success initiative will provide comprehensive career preparation for students from their first day on campus through graduation and beyond. Integrating hands-on career preparation into every

academic program and developing experiential learning partnerships with businesses and non-profit organizations statewide will highlight the Impact Center’s programming. A partnership with Aramark, the University’s dining service provider, made possible the Bait Shop Café renovations and Starbucks counter addition.

In late 2021, the Quad Center Renovation project qualified for both federal and state historic tax credits. These credits encourage private investments by outside entities into projects which enhance buildings of 50 years or greater age. The Quad Center is one of only 24 projects statewide and the only project in Southeastern Ohio to receive Ohio Department of Development Historic Preservation Tax Credit approval. MUSKINGUM UNIVERSITY




The Henry D. Bullock Health and Wellness Complex: A Holistic Approach to Programming students will conduct physical performance and fitness assessments for student-athletes and other campus community members.

As construction of the Henry D. Bullock Health and Wellness Complex (BHWC) enters its final phase, students, faculty, and staff are eagerly anticipating its opening. Comprehensive program planning is underway across every aspect of the facility and the excitement is growing. Football and other athletic teams will begin hosting competitions in the stadium in Fall 2022, providing fans with an energized game-day experience. For the first time, indoor track and field will hold meets on campus, in their new fieldhouse home. The indoor running track will be scheduled to support all Fighting Muskie teams and will offer open hours for members of the campus community.

The Fitness Center will offer extensive availability for students, faculty, and staff, as well as function as a key component of Diagnostic Hub services.

“I’m so excited to use this beautiful new building in my classes and for lacrosse practice, training, and working out. I chose Muskingum because I loved both the nursing program and this facility!” - Alaina Metal ’25, nursing major and women’s lacrosse player, Mars, Pennsylvania

Baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and football are developing their plans for indoor field turf practices.

student-athletes and tournaments for a variety of high-school and collegiate sports.

Expanded intramural programs in the fieldhouse will add new recreation dimensions to campus life.

Faculty members are ordering equipment, planning curriculum, and creating partnerships with regional health care experts for the Diagnostic Hub, which will support exercise science and other health science majors. For example, exercise science

Broader opportunities are emerging for the Athletic Department to host youth camps for pre-college

The Athletics Communication faculty are incorporating the Communications Suite press box and broadcast spaces as learning laboratories into their curriculum. A full slate of holistic wellness programs will be offered to campus community members, in keeping with Muskingum’s commitment to educating the whole student for the whole world.

A PLACE FOR EVERY MUSKIE! • Fully Accessible Stadium: abundant seating, great views, covered concourse, and hospitality areas. • Fieldhouse: indoor competition and training space with 200-meter regulation indoor track and more than 60 yards of turf. • Wellness Wing: premier learning space with Diagnostic Hub, Fitness Center, and classrooms. • Mezzanine: hospitality and spectator spaces, communications suite, and locker rooms.




Visibility & Distinction IMPACT 2025’s Visibility & Distinction initiatives are telling our story of AFFORDABILITY, connecting Muskingum with ever-growing audiences, and broadening our ability to transform lives in our region and beyond. A new strategic initiative is focused on communicating our commitment to making the Muskingum experience accessible and affordable to all. Through a dynamic marketing campaign, prospective students and their families will learn that: • Muskingum has a “no surprises” philosophy: prospective students and families gain a clear understanding of educational costs. • Significant financial aid makes Muskingum one of the most affordable private schools in Ohio. – More than $23.5 million in scholarships and financial aid is awarded annually. – Last year, 100% of undergraduate students received donor-funded scholarships or University financial aid. – Muskingum’s net cost – the amount that a student pays after scholarships, grants, and other financial aid is awarded – is comparable to Ohio 4-year public universities and more affordable than other Ohio private universities. – Through your generous support, you are putting a Muskingum education within reach of our students!

Associate Professor of Religion Melissa Conroy also teaches in the Film Studies minor, leads Study Abroad courses in London, Istanbul, and Hawaii, and advises two student organizations.

Top Public Colleges

$19,432 $20,157

Comparable Private Colleges

$22,071 Source: College Scorecard


• All required textbooks are free to students as part of the First Day Complete program, which is offered in partnership with Barnes & Noble. • Our commitment to minimal tuition increases – on average only 2% annually over the past five years – helps students maintain their enrollment through graduation.

We are excited to share an exclusive preview of the campaign, and we hope you will continue to help spread the word about your own Muskingum experiences! If you would like to refer a prospective student, visit

SCAN QR CODE for a preview of Muskingum’s new marketing campaign video. 9


Thriving Future THRIVING FUTURE initiatives in DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION have upgraded technology across Muskingum, resulting in GREATER CONNECTIVITY and ENGAGEMENT FOR STUDENTS and new OPPORTUNITIES TO REACH OUT to alumni, friends, and prospective students. Thriving Future initiatives have upgraded computer and network technology for learning and in every aspect of the University. They have enhanced the student experience, supported creative educational approaches, broadened engagement with constituencies, and reinforced the University’s operating efficiency and resiliency.


Virtual Engagement

Muskingum has expanded residential Wi-Fi and entered a first-in-Ohio partnership with network infrastructure experts APOGEE to provide ResNet managed services. Students have benefited from increased network speed and reliability, with 24-7 access for user support.

When the COVID-19 pandemic required a shift to virtual instruction, faculty and staff quickly developed creative new ways to deliver highquality education across the curriculum. Building on that knowledge opened opportunities to connect with off-campus constituencies. Prospective students can choose from both virtual and in-person tours and events. Live-streamed concerts and special events welcome virtual audiences of families, alumni, friends, and the community. Magenta Homecoming 2021 brought alumni together in-person and virtually – such as the Class of 1951 who celebrated their 70th Reunion with a hybrid gathering.

Resiliency When an ice storm in early 2022 brought a two-day power outage for the campus and New Concord, the University kept its computer networks operating, allowing vital communication to continue uninterrupted.





Welcome, New Trustees The Muskingum Board of Trustees recently elected two new members to serve three-year terms. Congratulations and welcome to the Board!

James A. Purdy ’85 “Muskingum had a very positive and meaningful impact on my life. I’m honored to join the Board and grateful for the chance to help give current and future students the kinds of opportunities I received.” Jim Purdy ’85

Attorney Jim Purdy is a partner of Fulton Vittoria where he specializes in trust and estate matters. His individual and organizational clients include leaders in the New York finance, sports, arts, and entertainment worlds. Licensed to practice law in both New York and Tennessee, he previously served as a Managing Partner of Vittoria Purdy & Cavallaro LLP for more than 20 years. He began his career with the Tennessee firm of King & Ballow. Jim earned his Muskingum Bachelor of Arts degree in History and his law degree from Wake Forest University. While a student, he was a varsity football player and President of the Ulster Club. He serves as a trustee of the LeRoy Neiman Foundation and facilitated Muskingum’s 2018 exhibit of the artist’s work. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Members Trust Company and as a trustee of the William S. Perper Foundation. Jim resides in Bronxville, New York with his wife Lisa. They are the parents of three sons, Jimmy, Scott, and Tommy.

Holly Walters ’88 Holly Walters is Chief Information Officer and Group Vice President of Information Systems for Toyota Motor North America, with responsibility for the company’s information systems, business solutions, and technology. Previously, she was President and CEO of Toyota Financial Savings Bank, overseeing the company’s U.S. banking operations which serve Toyota and Lexus dealers as well as consumers; Vice President of Business Enablement, Information and Digital Systems for Toyota Financial Services; and Chief Risk Officer and Chief Technology Officer for Toyota Financial Savings Bank. Before joining Toyota in 2007, she held senior roles in the financial services sector, including with JP Morgan Chase, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Bank One. Holly earned her Muskingum Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Business, and her Master of Business Administration degree from The Ohio State University. Holly is also a former board member of Toyota Financial Savings Bank and HELP of Southern Nevada.

“I value my Muskingum experience every day. Beyond my education, I gained confidence, learned resilience, and made lifelong friends. Bringing it full circle, I am thrilled to give back to the University, its current students, and its future.” Holly Walters ’88





Thank You, Trustees Emeriti During 2021, two members of the Muskingum Board of Trustees retired after a combined 61 years of service. Thank you for your leadership and stewardship!

Ruth Ann Moore Duff ’59

Barbara Young Morris ’67

Ruth Ann Moore Duff joined the Muskingum Board of Trustees in 1975, actively serving 46 years until becoming Trustee Emerita in 2021.

Barbara Young Morris served as an active Muskingum Trustee from 2005-2021, before being named Trustee Emerita.

She was an integral member of the Educational Excellence and Academic Affairs Committees, dedicating her work on the Board to the student experience. Ruth Ann’s family legacy of commitment to Muskingum dates to her great-uncle, Dr. Paul Miller Moore, Class of 1899, who also served as a trustee, and for whom Moore Hall is named. She has led a lifetime of devoted philanthropic work as a trustee of the P.M. Moore Foundation and through her service on library, art museum, historical museum, home health, and United Way allocation boards of directors in her community. She has also held many leadership roles in her church. She was married for 58 years to the late Dana L. Duff ’59 and is the mother of David Moore Duff and Paul Warren Duff.



She chaired the University Capacity Committee, and was a member of the Executive, Governance, Finance and Management, Audit, and Investment Committees. Barbara’s career as a Fortune-100 corporate leader and small business advisor encompassed Senior Vice President roles for global health care company Baxter International and consulting roles with Winston Partners, Inc. She served on the Board of the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, where she chaired the Finance Committee. She is active in non-profit causes including land-use issues, animal assisted therapy, homeless shelters, and food banks. Barbara holds a Muskingum Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Sociology, a 1977 Master of Business Administration degree from the Harvard Business School, a 2008 Muskingum Doctor of Humane Letters degree, and a 2015 Muskingum Distinguished Service Award.


Muskingum Society Members


he Muskingum Society honors alumni and friends who help sustain our education of the whole student for the whole world by making an annual commitment of $1,000 or more to the University. Muskingum Society members listed below reflect giving from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. For more information, visit

Bill Accorsi (D) ’54 Greg ’81 and Eileen McComb ’80 Adams Joel ’69 and Lidia Allen Jeffrey ’83 and Kerry McNenny ’84 Allenby Lynford ’60 and Judith Kilbourne ’63 Ames Craig ’73 and Debbie Hart ’74 Anderson Mollie Montgomery Anthony ’59 and Glenn Anthony Aramark Corporation Barri Gotham Armitage ’59 Mary Arnold Rob ’69 and Charlene Atack Allison Avolio ’06 and Seth Binder Mark ’85 and Lorri Ayers Rick Bachhuber Winifred Johnson Baker ’71 and Fred Baker Bill Baker ’57 Dave Balik ’95 Robert Graham Barrows ’68 Karen Bass ’62

Frederick Bonkovsky ’61 and Liz Leitch Bonkowsky ’62 (D)

David ’93 and Tanya McGregor ’94 Cepek

Diane Doeringer Boster ’74 and Gerald Boster

Tiffany Casimir Cipollone ’96 and Tony Cipollone

Manuel ’66 and Micheline Bourlas Douglas ’54 and Diane Brackenridge Steve and Heidi Brockelbank Bryce ’96, ’05G and Jen Schultice ’97 Bronner Peter ’69 and Marie Brookhart Nancy Wiley Brown ’64 and William Brown Kathy Brown Howard (D) and Margaret Brown Richard ’90 and Michelle Neptune ’94 Brown Stew ’65 and Shari Brown Steven Brown ’69 Molly Witt Brundage ’01 Bob ’68 and Karen Arner ’68 (D) Brunner Debbie Kelley Brunner and George Thompson

David ’60 and Nancy Bayless

Tracy Ferguson Bugglin ’85 and John Bugglin

Emerson ’62 and Jeanette Beery

Mark Burkholder ’65

Sam Bell ’57

Hal ’62 and Sue Hussey ’63 Burlingame

Dennis ’69 and Catherine Berkey

Jim Burson ’63 and Jennifer Lyle

William ’66 and Noelle Berry

Michael Busta ’72

Tom ’63 and Mikki Bixler

John Buzby ’96

Ross ’70 and Linda Rhoades ’70 Black

Susan Cairelli ’91 and Gary Eigen

Dennis ’64 and Deanne Kustes ’65 Blackburn

Janet Tellman Campbell ’70

Bill ’64 and Sue Hoovler ’64 Blake

Keith ’77 and Shirley Campbell

James ’55 and Judy Bline

Susan Canfield

Mary Bloechl ’90

Douglas ’87 and Julie Stermer ’88 Cantrell

Dick ’53 and Mildred Bloom

Scott ’88 and Cheryl Hetrick ’86 Carpenter

Bob ’69 and Fran Holekamp ’68 Boardman

Kevin ’00 and Linda Newton ’00 Caton

Bruce ’75 and Beth Brubaker ’75 Bollmer

Pat Koster Caudill ’63

Albert Christopher

Linda Walker Clark ’65 Coca-Cola Enterprises Bottling Co. Barry ’86 and Kathy Koepke ’86 Cochran Bev Coen ’68 Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Bill ’61 and Sonie Green ’61 Cooper Bob Cowden ’54 Don ’62 and Carolyn Aiken ’63 Crabtree John and Denise Craig Sherry Crawford-Eyen ’72 and Charles Eyen Marjorie Hlavacek Crockett ’64 Marilyn Scott Cross ’62 and Richard Cross Louis Cunningham (D) Mark Daniels ’73 Betty Colin Dasch ’71 Steven ’75 and Donna Dauterman Phil Davis ’77 Laurie Deal ’93 Brent Dellacoletta ’75 Kelly Dempsey ’06 Bob ’69 and Lynn Krumme ’70 Denges Bill ’51 (D) and Celia Hill ’52 (D) Dentzer Nik Deogun ’91 and Allison Kimmich ’91 Mary Ann Spitznagel DeVolld ’73, ’91G and Stewart DeVolld Barbara Swartz Dickerman ’51 Bob ’63 and Diane Dickson Roy ’68 and Gayle Sanders ’69 Dickson George ’89 and Debbie Dickson




$23.5 Million in Scholarships and Financial Aid Awarded Annually Kristen Dietiker ’93

Patricia Wright Fridley ’76 and Gary Fridley

Walter Hawkins ’70

Tom ’71 and Joyce Johnson

Denise Dilsaver ’85

John ’68 and Therese Gardner

Peggy Hays ’65

Richard Johnson ’66

Karen Doerrer-McGraw ’90 and Robert McGraw

Neil ’77 and Linda Gartner

Darrell ’86 and Annmarie Hazell Jeff ’76 and Colleen Hawkins ’82 Heacock

Margie Henderson Johnston ’66 and Edward Johnston

Jim Dooley

Bill Gegas ’79 Bob ’58 and Laura Geiger

Jim ’70 and Sherry Heacock

Tom German ’93

Jon ’83 and Trescia Heacock

Richard ’60 and Christine Craven ’60 Gibson

Janet Heeter-Bass (D) and Norm Bass

Ruth Ann Moore Duff ’59

Winston Gooden ’70 and Dori Shorter-Gooden

Ruth Champlin Hefflin ’60

Richard ’67 and Donna Duffield

Rena Glover Goss ’58

Derron ’89 and Tricia Rawn ’87 Dulkoski

Clay and Alice Graham

Bob ’64 and Sue Heckler ’64 Henderson

Bill ’61 and Judy Dunn

Jonathan ’89 and Jennifer Bubb ’90 Graham

Donna Wisneskey Eastin ’63

Gerald ’53 and Dale Graham

Elaine Eddy ’88

Jim Gray ’74

Sheila Ellenberger

Barbara Weeks Gross ’70 and Charles Gross

Sheree Cauffiel Englehardt ’79 and Chuck Englehardt

Donald ’77 and Phyllis Grubb

Cam ’05 and Lori Torrens ’04 Drake Michael Drinski ’91 Mac Driver ’70 and Nancy Laing-Driver ’70

Jonathan ’01 and Kara Waibel ’01 Enlow

Prashant Gupta ’95 and Jennifer Pingledis ’95

Kristine Erner ’90

Sue Chinn Habbersett ’59

David Evans ’68

Tom Hadden ’59

Hank ’91 and Candace Evans

Timothy ’71 and Martha Halverson

Jack ’70 and Peggy Falcon

James ’62 and Jan Hamilton

Al ’61 and Audeen Fentiman

Gregg Hamilton ’77

Paul ’68 and Jane Field

Marjie Burlingame Hancock ’91 and Tom Hancock

Allen Finley ’64 Michael ’58 and Janice Fodor Gene Folden ’81 Stephen Fondriest ’15 Dannie ’66 and Esther Case ’66 Fouts Tom ’63 and Ilona Moore ’64 Fox Charles ’66 and Elizabeth Frazier



Barbara and Drew Hansen Michelle Harkness ’93 John Harmon ’69 Jay ’66 and Julie Hupp ’66 Harris Susan and Kenneth Hasseler Edwin ’77 and Lorrie Zigman ’82 Hawk

Brock Hefflin ’84 Dick ’68 and Sheila White ’69 Henderson Steve Himebauch ’73 Susan Wilcoxon Hite ’70 and Don Hite Sue Kirk Hoffner ’58 and Charles Hoffner Terry and Marye Holcombe Bill ’63 and Marie Miller ’64 Hoover Michael ’66 and Jane Dalrymple ’66 Hornyak Tom ’59 and Jeanne Purkey ’60 Howison Dan ’77 and Mary Regula ’78 Hughes Suzanne Hughes Larry ’64 and Dotti Caccamo ’67 Humm Mike ’76 and Robin Hummel Betty Craft Humphrey ’49 and Laurence Humphrey Jim Hunt ’74 Barbara Birrell Hyde ’80 and Kirt Hyde John ’69 and Nancy Vrabel ’71 Jacobs Lynn Jamieson ’68 and Stephen Wolter Debbie Fogle Jenkins ’86 and Mark Jenkins Kay McGregor Jenkins ’67 Maureen McCauley Johnson ’64

Marilyn Malony Jones ’66 and Paul Jones Matt Jordan ’96 Carl ’72 and Kristin Kalnow Dave ’78 and Mary Poniatowski ’78 Kalsbeek Brad ’88 and Mary Hetrick ’87 Kaufmann Elizabeth Kaenzig Kellar ’71 and Kenneth Kellar Malcolm ’68 and Sheila Kennedy Roderick ’60 and Barbara (D) Kerr Wayne ’60 and Margy Steffler ’60 King Carol Williamson Kinsley ’59 and Ken Kinsley Mike Klamo ’15 Coleman Knight ’67 David ’81 and Karin Collins ’82 Kratoville Warner ’64 and Bonnie Glick ’64 Kugler Bob ’66 and Lynne Kuhn Richard Kurth ’59 Beverly Smith Lacey ’69 Caren Hofstatter Lacy ’71 and Dan Lacy (D) Phil ’09G and Stephanie Trilli ’05 Laube Michael ’73 and Janette Leahey Gretchen Ashbaugh Leathers ’58 Christine Tucker Leeper ’72 and William Leeper Ned ’70 and Patsy Karns ’70 Leibensperger Robert ’66 and Rae Sanders ’66 Leonard Peter ’67 and Carolyn Gillespie ’67 LeVan

Joanne Visnick Limbach ’62

Glenn ’71 and Diane Williams ’72 McGregor

Mike Nolder ’76 and Michele Cheyne

Dan ’75 and Anita Plumly

Bud and Lynn Linn

Tony ’63 and Janet Shipe ’66 McIlvaine

Craig and Sally Nordlund

Lisa Brooks Pollack ’89 and Tom Pollack

Tim and Cindy Linn

Judith Gummoe McIntosh ’80 and James McIntosh

John ’59 and Kathleen Norris

Thomas ’84 and Tara Thompson ’84 Poorman

William and Beverly McKee

Rick Nutt and Mary Gene Boteler

Bernie Finley Litt ’55 Gordon ’80 and Susan Litt Sally Smith Little ’67 and Gene Little Bruce ’52 and Charlotte Baird ’54 Lobaugh Gretchen Eckfeld Logan ’60 Sean ’88 and Melissa Logan Allen ’69 and Donna Loomis Tony Lowe ’88 Howard ’51 and Ellen Lowery David ’59 and Phyllis Huffman ’61 Ludwig Regina Lukich ’86 M.A.C.E. Alumni Association Cyrus ’71 and Phyllis Mackinney David ’65 and Virginia Yonally ’65 Maharry Elizabeth Topping Mainiero ’57 and Vincent Mainiero (D) Hub ’68 and Mary Marg Wallover ’69 Marquis Jane Marshall ’75 Jonathan Marshall Hank ’70 and Pam Martensen Jane O’Brien Marti ’75 and Phillip Marti Glen ’73 and Lynn Morris ’73 Martin James Martin Jim and Amy Matesich Thomas ’69 and Mary Mathey Patti Miller Mauro ’88 James ’62 and Eleanor McBane Tom ’76 and Darlene McCalmont Keith McCauley Amanda Williams McClelland ’14 and Paul McClelland Janis Devol McCollim ’69 Elda McCoy ’68 and Allan Erbe Stephen McCutchan ’63 John ’59 and Joyce Gordon ’59 McFadden Allen McFarren ’52 Gary ’62 and Roberta Koeppen ’64 McGovern

Daniel ’67 and Martha Ludlow ’67 Meadows Ann Messersmith ’59 Susan Meyer ’95 Jan Stevenson Milazzotto ’75 and Louis Milazzotto Brent ’83 and Bonnie Miller Ray Miller Wayne Miller ’56 Larry Miller Lori Cravenor Miller ’86 and Harry Staunton Margot Grubb Minor ’67 and Jon Minor Jim Mitchell ’63 Diane Moffett ’78 Jack ’56 and Anne Stallman ’56 Montgomery Ogden ’69 and Lynda Montgomery Albert Moore ’69 Constance Piersol Mori ’59 Paul ’48 and Nancy McCall (D) ’50 Morris Moe Mosher ’70 Daniel Moss ’82 Bill ’92 and Jennifer Mountcastle

Sue Guillerey Norton ’63 and Dennis Norton Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges Sarah Olexsak ’05 James Osborne ’52 (D) Sue Ames Osenar ’67 and Peter Osenar

Bruce ’56 and Ginny Johnson ’56 Porter Presbyterian Church Foundation Howard ’71 and Cheryl Thornton ’71 Prince Bob ’66 and Susan Prout James ’85 and Elisabeth Purdy

Krissy Oyler ’85

Debu ’83 and Anuja Purohit

Suzanne Fontaine Pagels ’67 and George Pagels

Richard ’68 and Kerry Blunt ’69 Purselle Ann MacKay Randles ’61 and Doug Randles

John ’78 and Carolyn Smith ’80 Parrott

Steve ’85 and Halle Schoener ’86 Randles

Ed ’71 and Holly Culbertson ’71 Pearson

Rea & Associates, Inc.

Don ’59 and Rebecca Cole ’61 Pearson

Jeffrey ’70 and Sylvia Reed

Lani Joven Pelletier ’89 and Kenneth Pelletier

David ’69 and Joan Resler

Louise Flower Pence ’65 and David Pence

Robert ’65 and Julie Reveley

Tom ’64 and Joanie Loudon ’62 Perkins

Jack ’71 and Teresa Parrott ’70 Rhoads

Jody Perkins-Ryan ’87

Ann Richards ’70

William S. Perper Foundation

Dan and Chris Richards

Catherine Peters ’69

Jane Stebbins Riddle ’66

Jean McStea Phelan ’51

Bill ’59 and Linda Faulhaber ’59 (D) Robb

Suzette Marta Pletcher ’70 and Ron Pletcher

Carole Klostermeyer Roberts ’59



Philipp Mueller ’07 and Amy Santas Judith Muller ’70 Dianne Hendershott Munt ’56 and Richard Munt Jane Mykrantz and Jake Johnson Chris ’84 and Marti Lewis ’85 Nash Patrick ’87 and Melissa Nash John Nash Jason Neading ’04 Leroy Neiman Foundation Inc. Rob Nelson ’92 and Stefanie Duckworth-Nelson ’92 Kay Nelson ’72 John Niccolls ’78 Jim ’84 and Melanie Vargo ’84 Nicholson




Stephen ’75 and Sissy Haas ’76 Rodgers Janice Rodgers Dave and Amber Rodland Sally Schulenberg Rogers ’68 Rogge Memorial Foundation John Romeo ’71 Kim Gage Rothermel ’71 and Bill Rothermel William Rothwell Barbara Fleming Ryba ’68 Sylvia Rapp Sabia ’72 and Arthur Sabia Mark Sanford Elinor Phillips Saunders ’66 Susan Engelhardt Schaeffer ’68 and John Schaeffer Jane Richardson Schempp ’57 and James Schempp Tim ’68 and Suzanne Schiltz Kimberly Schimmel ’83 Don ’65 and Cecilia Schmidt Jim Schmotter ’69 and Daphne Jameson Bill and Nancy Schultz Scott ’73 and Debbie Kellogg ’73 Seaholm John Semple ’66 Joe and Brandy Shaeffer Donald ’70 and Sherry Sharp Ben Shaver ’50 Bruce ’79 and Susan Shaw Richard ’68 and Jane Tedrick ’75 Sherman Christopher Shirer ’77 Barbara Johnson Siemer ’62 Kay Croxson Silk ’57 and James Silk Walt Silver ’71 Scot ’70 and Leah Simpson Dave and Becky Skeen William Smith ’67 John ’79 and Deborah Snyder Donna Snyder John ’84 and Lori Soenksen Marjorie Hazard Sonstroem ’70 and Roger Sonstroem



Kathleen Goold Stanley ’65 and Wallace Weatherway

Alan ’77 and Terry Swank

John ’71 and Sherry Stradley ’71 Torrens

Susan Andrews Stark-Gigandet ’63

Ed Swanson ’57

Amy Trager ’89

Dennis ’91 and Dawn Swit

Fiona Henderson Travis ’62

Paul Szalay and Shelley Amstutz-Szalay

Jon ’80 and Jane Fenton ’79 Trent

Janet Blair Talmadge ’72 and Richard Talmadge

Larry ’80 and Debbie Triplett

Michael Taylor and Martha Thompson

David Turrill

John Staskevich ’66 Anne and Rollin Steele Barb Johnstin Steiner ’54 (D) and Louis Steiner John ’71 and Joanna Stevic Preston ’64 and Sharon Christian ’64 Stover The J. William and Mary Helen Straker Foundation Stephen Struebing ’65

Ryan Thomas ’99 Mike ’74 and Patti Mead ’76 Thomin Mary Brunk Thompson ’60 Stark ’63 and Sandra Wolfe ’61 Thompson

Taylor and Janet Stults Vic ’68 and Gail Baker ’68 Sutcliffe Julia Krichbaum Swan ’54

Tom ’70 and Suzanne Snyder ’70 Tewell

Cara Thompson ’04 Katie Thompson-Taylor ’17

in gifts from 45 Muskie Athletic Club members

Tom ’63 (D) and Sue Slevin ’64 Tuxill Mary Tyler Toni Tyler ’87 Janet Young Ummer ’67 and James Ummer Linda Eyman Underhill ’63 and Wayne Underhill Tim and Roma Vance Janet Conners Vejsicky ’72 Brian ’89 and Christine Wagner

Supporting our Student-Athletes


Tri-State Roofing & Sheet Metal Co

$8,550 in gifts from 43 Parent Partners

$51,260 in gifts from 21 2-year Corporate Partnerships

Kevin and Trudy Wagner Rebecca Dearing Wall ’81 Ruth Wasem ’76 Daniel and Wanda Wayson Amy Weals Janet Weir ’66 Bruce ’62 and Jane Gensbigler ’62 Werner Bob ’50 (D) and Shirley Kemerer ’49 White Maury ’68 and Carolyn Wilber Skip ’83 and Greta Cramer ’83 Wilday Kayla Wilkerson ’19 Stan ’77 and Kathleen Willey Ruth Myers Williams ’60 and Tom Williams Don ’60 and Sue Bell ’59 Williams Julie Pissocra Williams ’83 and Steve Williams Jeffrey ’66 and Victoria Williams Karen Winn Miriam Bricker Yoder ’52 Walter ’66 and Donna Higinbotham ’66 Young Glenn Youngen ’71 Susan Dykes Yutzey ’71 and John Yutzey Jeff ’74 and Ginny Zellers Zemba Bros, Inc Peggy Bennett Zinkand ’67 and John Zinkand

Lifetime Members of the Muskingum Society


ifetime membership in the Muskingum Society honors those alumni and friends whose lifetime gifts to the University total $100,000 or more.

R. Gregory Adams ’81

Eleanor Riley Caldwell ’38 (D)

Eileen McComb Adams ’80

Carol Elaine Campbell ’55

Estate of Audrey Marie Aikin ’24

Keith Campbell ’77

Hannah McCleary Hutchison Amos ’35 (D)

Shirley Campbell

Robert Amos (D)

Willard Campbell ’22 (D)

Craig Anderson ’73

Rosanne Campbell (D)

Deborah Hart Anderson ’74

Century National Bank

Estate of Homer ’35 and Mabel Warren ’35 Anderson

Walter Chess ’43 (D)

Aramark Corporation

Clay City Beverage

AT&T Foundation Estate of Henry ’30 and Katheryn Ayers Lynne Ayres ’70 Estate of Matilda Bailey

Marcia Chess (D) Estate of William Cobbett Coca-Cola Enterprises Bottling Co. Estate of Arthur and Eloise Barnes ’33 Cole

William Baker ’57

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Nancy Baker (D)

William Cooper ’61

Jaime Bermudez Cuaron ’44 (D)

Sandra Green Cooper ’61

Celia Bermudez

Lotte Copeland

Suzette Morris Birch ’60

William Copeland ’51

James Birch

Willard Crawford ’49 (D)

Thomas Bixler ’63

Jean Caulton Crawford ’47 (D)

Melissa Bixler

Marjorie Hlavacek Crockett ’64

Judson Blaine ’80

Andrew Crockett (D)

Monica Blaine

Ruth Dalrymple ’37 (D)

Charles S. Bolender, Jr. ’55 (D)

Estate of Frederick Darner

Virginia Bichsel Bolender ’53 (D)

William Dentzer, Jr. ’51 (D)

The Boyd Estate

Celia Hill Dentzer ’52 (D)

Estate of Thomas and Lois Brownlee ’27 Bruce

Nikhil Deogun ’91

Helen Seeley Buchanan ’43 (D)

Robert Dickson ’63

Lee Buchanan (D) Henry Bullock ’77 (D) Harold Burlingame ’62

Allison Kimmich ’91 Diane Dickson Estate of Margaret Grosjean Dotts ’32 Dana Duff ’59 (D)

$1,346,487 Class of 1971 Reunion Gift

Estate of Eleanor C. Elder Estate of John ’34 and Margaret Miller ’34 Erbey Estate of Mary Agnes Erskine David J. Evans III ’68 Jean Beucler Evans ’69 (D) Robert Evans (D) Exxonmobil Foundation Robert Fellers (D) Leona Fellers (D) Al Fentiman ’61 Audeen Fentiman Frank L. Festi, Jr. ’75 Pamela Sardelli Festi ’76 Estate of Orrin ’22 and Margaret Findley Estate of Robert ’69 and Carole Fine Charles Fisher (D) Alice Fisher (D) William Fisk ’41 (D) Beatrice Sprague Fisk ’42 (D) Estate of Lester E Flauhaus ’42 Ford Motor Company Thomas Fox ’63 Ilona Moore Fox ’64 Patricia Wright Fridley ’76 Gary Fridley The Gar Foundation

Ruth Ann Moore Duff ’59

John Gardner ’68

Estate of George and Gladys Robertson ’32 Dunlap

Therese Gardner

Betsey Caldwell (D)

General Motors

W. Wilson Caldwell ’38 (D)

Estate of Nancy Jean Ebert ’56

R. William Geyer ’52 (D)

Susanne Hussey Burlingame ’63 Philip Caldwell ’40 (D)






Emilie Geyer (D)

Dorothy Caccamo Humm ’67

Betty Lou Larrick ’59

Estate of Earl and Dorothy Leemon ’28 McGrath

Estate of A. Bruce Gill (1896) and Mabel Gill

M. Jean Lowery Hutchison ’57 (D)

Harry Laurent ’40 (D)

Vincent Miller, Jr. ’54 (D)

John H. Glenn ’43 (D)

Roy E. Hutchison

Mary Evelyn Cather Laurent ’42 (D)

Alida Miller

Anna Castor Glenn ’42 (D)

George Jabol ’65

Estate of Harriet B. Lawler

Wayne Miller ’56

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co

Estate of Iva Minnetta Jackson ’23

Estate of Hugo and Edna Galigher ’32 Libby

Barbara Miller (D)

Dennis Grant ’62

Richard Johnson ’52 (D)

Estate of Arline and Clay Littick (D)

Margot Grubb Minor ’67

Martha Brouwer Grant ’62

Jane Chase Johnson ’52 (D)

The Longaberger Foundation

Jon Minor

James Gray ’74

Estate of Virginia H. Jones

Allen Loomis ’69

C. Barry Montgomery ’59

Wilbur Gregory ’33 (D)

Marilyn Malony Jones ’66

Donna Loomis

Shauna Montgomery

Prashant Gupta ’95

J. Paul Jones

Estate of Mary K. Lorenz

Estate of Carl L. Moore ’25

Jennifer Pingledis ’95

Paul Jones (D)

Bill Lovejoy ’51

Estate of Agnes Moorehead ’23

Estate of Romine and Helen Hill ’30 Hamilton

Carolyn Jones

Martha Johnson Lovejoy ’52 (D)

Estate of William P. Moorhead

Joan Gabbert Hawkins ’55 (D)

Mary Jones (D)

Howard Lowery ’51

Barbara Young Morris ’67

Earl Hawkins

Carl Frost Kalnow ’72

Ellen Lowery

S. Elizabeth Rutherford Morris ’31 (D)

Estate of David ’32 and Gene Hawthorne

Kristin Kalnow

The Lubrizol Foundation

Dennis Morris (D)

Ruth Champlin Hefflin ’60

Lawrence Kast ’53 (D)

Estate of Robert Munkres

Charles Hefflin (D)

Kellogg Company

Estate of W. Kenneth ’42 and Elsie Porter ’42 Lydic

Janet Sue Faunce Heilmeier ’61

Roderick Kerr ’60

Estate of George ’40 and Dorothy Myers

George Heilmeier (D)

Kenneth Kettlewell ’45 (D)

Estate of Lavelle and Elizabeth Reeder ’27 Lyon

J. Paul Herrmann ’61

M. Jean White Kettlewell ’45 (D)

Margaret McKelvey Herrmann ’61 (D)

Jaideep Khanna ’85

Estate of J. C. ’31 and Martha Jane Allen ’32 Heston

Rachel Khanna

H. Burt Hiester ’55

David Covell (D)

Mary Hiester Glenn Hodges ’63 Carolyn Read Hodges ’64 Rex Hoon ’48 (D) Joan Spillman Hoon ’51 (D) Estate of Martha Hornbeck H. Larry Humm ’64

Charleen Green Kirkpatrick ’50 (D) Steve Kokovich, Jr. ’63 Susan Wade Kokovich ’63, ’93G David Kratoville ’81 Karin Collins Kratoville ’82 The Kresge Foundation Richard Kurth ’59

of Undergraduate Students receive University financial aid or donor-funded scholarships.


George Marquis, Jr. ’68 Mary Margaret Wallover Marquis ’69 James McBane ’62 Eleanor McBane Estate of Wallace W. McBane Estate of Dorman McBurney Tom McCalmont ’76 Darlene McCalmont Richard McCleery ’25 (D) Estate of Glenn ’32 and Pearl Hook ’33 McConagha C. Larry McCormick ’61 (D)

100% 18

The J.S. Mack Foundation

Nancy Tobey McCormick ’59 John and Mary McCune Charitable Trust The McCune Foundation Bernard McDonough (D) G. Allen McFarren ’52 Jean Finney McFarren ’54 (D) Thomas McFate ’63 Cheri McFate

Muskingum Presbytery Jane Power Mykrantz Kiehner Johnson Peter Mykrantz (D) National Endowment for Humanities The NCR Foundation John Neptune ’42 (D) Ruth Dorsey Neptune ’40 (D) David Newberry Jean Newberry Craig Nordlund Sally Nordlund Ohio Foundation of Independent College Estate of Evelyn Osborne ’39 Estate of R. William Padgitt ’42 Robert W. Patin, Jr. ’64 Lorraine Cedik Patin ’64 (D) William Vance Peacock ’47 (D) Beatrice Almy Peacock ’47 (D) William S. Perper Foundation Harlan Peterjohn (D) Elizabeth Sherwood Peterjohn ’54 (D) Beaton Pettengill ’47 (D)

Frances Bradley Pettengill ’45 (D) Estate of Margaret Pettengill Marshall Phelps, Jr. ’66

Samuel W. Speck, Jr. ’59

Daniel Plumly ’75

Sharon Anderson Speck ’60 (D)

Anita Plumly

Estate of William and Dorothy Vickers ’40 Starling

Estate of Harry ’35 and Barbara Poppe Estate of Louise M. Porter

Anne C. Steele

Estate of Jennie Prentiss

Rollin Steele, Jr.

Estate of Mary K. Prentiss

Estate of Byron ’41 and Rama Groves ’44 Steen

Presbyterian Church Estate of John Pritchard

Barb Johnstin Steiner ’54 (D)

James Purdy ’85

Louis Steiner

Elisabeth Purdy

Estate of Theodore and Mary Sawhill ’31 Stine

Estate of Joseph ’28 and Virginia Ralston

Alan Stone ’31 (D)

William Rapp (D)

Audrey Stone (D)

Evelyn Rapp (D)

Estate of Rachel Morrow Stormont ’21

Rob Reveley ’65 Julie Reveley Estate of Lois J. Richardson Estate of Donald and Mary McDonald ’43 Ridenour

Arthur A. Sabia, Jr.

J. Merle Rife, Jr. ’50 (D)

Harold Saunders ’64 (D)

Marjorie Johnston Rivingston ’49 (D) Lance Roepe ’70 (D) Estate of Park and Frances Taylor ’28 Rogers Rogge Memorial Foundation Estate of Lillian Rosenblath Kim Gage Rothermel ’71 William S. Rothermel, Jr. Janet Brown Rothwell ’54 (D) William Rothwell Phyllis Moore Ryan ’68 (D) Michael Ryan Sylvia Rapp Sabia ’72

USX Foundation Inc

Roberta Arndt Smith (D)

Paul Pleska (D)

Estate of Robert ’43 and Mary Ritson

A. Katherine Roy Short ’39 (D) R. Ellis Smith ’33 (D)

Joanne Williams Pleska ’47 (D)

Estate of Kyle Riggs ’55

Estate of Martha Underhill ’42

Morris Short (D)

Eileen Phelps

Wanda Rife (D)

Estate of Henry and Maisie Chevalier ’30 Shea

Estate of Virginia Sauer ’46 Elinor Phillips Saunders ’66 Anne Marshall Saunier ’68 (D) Diana Klein Schein ’64 (D) George Schein Charles E. Schell Foundation James Schmotter ’69 Daphne Jameson Seward Schooler (D) Edith Schooler (D) Miriam Schwartz (D) Estate of Irvin Seal John Sears ’37 (D) Audrey Sears (D) Ben Shaver ’50 Alyce Cowan Shaver ’49 (D)

Unizan Bank/Huntington National Bank Estate of Beulah Clark Van Wagenen ’24 Shirley Kimmel Wagner ’51 (D) Donald Wagner (D) Otto and Fran Walter Foundation Alfred S. Warren, Jr. ’48 (D) Jane Stepp Warren ’49 (D) Estate of Ralph ’39 and Ruth Wells Bruce Werner ’62 Jane Gensbigler Werner ’62 Wheeling Home for Men Estate of Edward Whittemore Estate of Sara Wilhelm A. Everett Williams ’40 (D) Mary Hunter Williams ’40 (D) Estate of Elizabeth Wilson Estate of Marjorie McCleery Wilson ’33

Estate of Charles and Ruth Story

Robert Winn ’50 (D)

The J. William and Mary Helen Straker Foundation

Karen Whelan Winn Jacqueline Dudek Woods ’69

Robert Straker (D)

John H. Woods, Jr.

Jean Straker (D)

Estate of JoAnn Poland Young

Stranahan Foundation

Walter R. Young, Jr. ’66

Russell C. Swank, Jr. ’48 (D)

Donna Higinbotham Young ’66

Rosemary Brown Swank ’48 (D)

Estate of Grace Zahniser



Edwin Swanson ’57 Jane Stiers Swanson ’56 (D) Dennis Swit, Jr. ’91 Dawn Swit Synod of the Covenant Taylor-McHenry Foundation Estate of Howard Thompson ’40 J. Stark Thompson ’63 Sandra Wolfe Thompson ’61 Estate of Herbert Thomson Timken Foundation of Canton Larry Triplett ’80 Debbie Triplett

Sources of Scholarship Support: • • •

Gifts to the annual Muskingum Fund Endowed scholarship funds Other gifts and funds provided by alumni, friends, and organizations. MUSKINGUM UNIVERSITY



Muskingum University Heritage Society Members


eritage Society membership recognizes living alumni and friends who have provided for the University with a planned gift or established an endowed scholarship. Planned gifts can be made through a bequest to the University in an estate plan or through establishing a gift plan which pays a lifetime income to the donor and then leaves the remaining assets to Muskingum. Other opportunities to support Muskingum include gifts of stock or mutual fund shares, real estate, insurance policies, and retirement assets such as IRA charitable rollovers. For more information, visit Joel ’69 and Lidia Allen

Carol Campbell ’55

Nancy Crawford Frame ’62

David Almes ’59

Lin ’53 (D) and Patricia Carter

Patricia Wright Fridley ’76 and Gary Fridley

Mollie Montgomery Anthony ’59 and Glenn Anthony

John ’73 and Linda Villies ’75 Caspole

Stan Frye ’59

Jim ’69 and Pamela Arganbright

Paul ’61 and Louise Chapman

Roberta Stevens Garrett ’38

Bev Coen ’68

Richard ’60 and Christine Craven ’60 Gibson

Bill ’61 and Sonie Green ’61 Cooper

Wilma Butt Gilkey ’54

Carol Copeland

Harry Graham ’54 (D)

Bob ’54 and Corinne Leister ’54 (D) Cowden

Dennis ’62 and Marty Brouwer ’62 Grant

Don ’62 and Carolyn Aiken ’63 Crabtree

Charlie ’57 and Carol Arter ’57 Gratz

Phyllis Smailes Davis ’62

Jim Gray ’74

Georgette Morris Delassus ’60

Edward Grigg

June Demmerle

Doris Palmer Groves ’52

John DeWees ’47

Donald ’77 and Phyllis Grubb

Barbara Swartz Dickerman ’51

Michael and Rosanne Guy

Carolyn Dickson

Stephen Guy

Peter ’59 (D) and Pidge Leitch ’58 Diehl

Gregory Guy

Barb Winter Draper ’63

Sue Chinn Habbersett ’59

Bill ’61 and Judy Dunn

Helen Kuver Haberlein ’53

Stephen ’73 and Cynthia Wilday ’72 Ebsary

Grant and Pat Hafley

Richard ’67 and Linda Ellinger

Walter Hales ’49

David Evans ’68

Bruce ’67 (D) and Susan Hampton

Robert Evilsizer

Jeff ’83 and Jennifer Harper

Mary Phillips Arnett ’64 Thomas Atkinson Rick Bachhuber Robert G. Barrows ’68 Keb ’58 and Barb Ramage ’57 Bell Mary Barton Berg ’57 Suzette Morris Birch ’60 and J. R. Birch Tom ’63 and Mikki Bixler Jud ’80 and Monica Blaine James ’55 and Judy Bline Douglas ’54 and Diane Brackenridge William Braucher ’50 Pete ’69 and Marie Brookhart Robert ’59 and Carol Brown Susan Hill Brown ’67 Bob ’68 and Karen Arner ’68 (D) Brunner Debbie Brunner and George Thompson Mary Jo Haines Buck ’45 Paul Bunting ’68 Hal ’62 and Sue Hussey ’63 Burlingame Dan ’94 and Carrie Oertel ’94 Busby Milan Busta (D) Suzanne Laurent Buxton ’67 and Anthony Buxton Bob ’63 and Judith Caldwell Rhoda Campbell ’54 Douglas Campbell



Sylvia Montini Faust ’61 J. K. Fawley ’73 Floyd Felumlee ’53 (D) Al ’61 and Audeen Fentiman Norma Ferguson Carole Fine Charlie ’71 and Lynette Fisher Sherry Foster James Foust ’60


Heritage Society Members

Steve Hartman ’92

Lewis ’70 and Bonnie Dodd ’71 Liggett

Tom ’52 and Katherine Hartung

Demetrios ’64 and Raynette Lyons ’64 Lignos

Earl Hawkins

Bill Lovejoy ’51

Peggy Hays ’65

Howard ’51 and Ellen Lowery

William ’70 and Cheryl Heilman

Robbin MacDonald ’66

Frank ’51 and Marty Helman

Bob MacDonald ’68

Paul Hemminger ’69

Carole Johnson Marcy ’60

William Henschel ’49

Mary Markley ’48

Paul Herrmann ’61

Hank ’70 and Pamela Martensen

Burt ’55 and Mary Hiester

Mary Neff Martin ’62

Lorma Weaver Hill ’59

Nancy Nolin Mast ’54

Glenn ’63 and Carolyn Read ’64 Hodges

James ’52 (D) and Betty Balentine ’49 Matthews

Joan Spillman Hoon ’51 (D) Kathryn Hovis-Younger ’87 and Todd Younger Karen Steuart Howell ’62 Larry ’64 and Dotti Caccamo ’67 Humm George Jabol ’65 Barbara Jackson-Brown ’60 Irwin ’56 and Janet Gray ’60 Jennings Barbara Walker Jerman ’65 Jane Chase Johnson ’52 (D) Marilyn Malony Jones ’66 and Paul Jones Ted ’65 and Mary Jones Carolyn Jones William Junk Robert and Rosemary Kabel Martha Keil ’67 Jim Kelvington ’58 Roderick Kerr ’60 Marjorie Barton Kile ’51 (D) Steve ’63 and Sue Wade ’63, ’93G Kokovich Carol Kreager Kreger ’67

Patti Miller Mauro ’88

Sam Speck ’59

Mason Noble ’71

Barbara Geyer Spencer ’52

Rick Nutt and Mary Gene Boteler Sandra O’Connell ’62 Walter and Sarel Offinger Anne Sindelar Osborne ’61 Mark Osmond ’50 Wilhelm Ostern ’91 Bob Patin ’64 Elizabeth Sherwood Peterjohn ’54 (D) and Harlan Peterjohn (D) Catherine Peters ’69 Carolyn Shellito Phillippe ’53

Keith McCauley

William Phillippe ’52

Amanda Williams McClelland ’14 and Paul McClelland

Janet Phillips ’41 Dan ’75 and Anita Plumly

Bill McClelland

Leona Plummer

Nancy Tobey McCormick ’59

Bob ’66 and Susan Prout

Sally McCracken ’64

Ginni Yates Rassieur ’60 and Charles Rassieur

Stephen McCutchan ’63

Robert ’62 and Betty Rhoads

David McEwen

Helen Towle Richey ’48

Allen McFarren ’52

Robert Rish

Jean Welker McKendry ’63

Lance Roepe ’70 (D)

David ’62 and Charlette Boburka ’64 McQuilkin

William Rothwell

Wayne Miller ’56

Sylvia Rapp Sabia ’72 and Arthur Sabia

Susan Dalva Mills ’67 and Robert Mills Robert and Grace Millspaugh Margot Grubb Minor ’67 and Jon Minor Dave ’56 (D) and Lota Echols ’56 Mitchell Andrew Mitchell ’63

David ’48 and Dorothy Franklin ’50 Kreid

Grover ’74 and Teresa Montgomery ’76 Mollineaux

Beverly Smith Lacey ’69

Barry ’59 and Shauna Montgomery

William Lange

Dorothy Culbertson Montgomery ’53

Betty Larrick ’59

Carol Morell

Jane Anderson Larrick ’56

Paul ’48 and Nancy McCall ’50 (D) Morris

Christine Tucker Leeper ’72 and William Leeper

Barbara Young Morris ’67

Muerl Machan Liddell ’56 (D)

Dianne Hendershott Munt ’56 and Richard Munt

Laurie Kimball Mottle ’68

Craig Rush ’71 Vishnu (D) and Sudha Saksena Dennis Salmon ’69 and Beverly Berry Elinor Phillips Saunders ’66 Phillip Saylor George Schein Jim Schmotter ’69 and Daphne Jameson Polly Schoonover ’73 Shirley Seabrook Tom and Penny Selock Ben Shaver ’50 Duane Shearer ’53 (D) Ken ’85 and Mary Sheetz Frank Sparks ’57 (D)

Richard Spencer Taylor and Janet Stults Christine Hovis Sukel ’83 Walter Sutton ’50 (D) Ed Swanson ’57 Marilyn Tate Evelyn Brown Taylor ’42 (D) and Alva Taylor Tom Thawley ’63 Len Thomas ’52 Janet Huszar Thompkins ’61 Stark ’63 and Sandy Wolfe ’61 Thompson Daniel ’87 and Lisa Uhlenbrock ’85 Toomey Bill ’59 and Helen Toward David and Joan Turner Tom ’63 (D) and Sue Slevin ’64 Tuxill Chris Orr Unruh ’51 (D) Nikki Montgomery Van Wingerden ’94 and Doug Van Wingerden Chuck ’65 and Janey Walker ’65 Walker Theodore Wallace ’71 Ruth Gullyes Watermulder ’44 (D) Janet Weir ’66 Bruce ’62 and Jane Gensbigler ’62 Werner Nancy Wheeley ’66



Marion White Patricia Gerber Whittaker ’61 Donald ’60 and Sue Bell ’59 Williams Jim ’72 and Susan Paul ’09 Wilson Karen Winn Geraldine Bowdler Woodruff ’53 Janet Small Woods ’65 Mary Ann Rowe Wucher ’57 Douglas Yeager Clyta Musser Young ’50 Jim ’74 and Marlene Zeigler David Zimmerman ’65 Marilyn Kohr Zitar ’58 and Robert Zitar




In Memoriam Trustees Emeriti

Faculty & Staff

Barbara J. Steiner ’54, 1932-2021

Gary E. Golden, 1958-2022

Trustee Emerita

Barbara Ann Johnstin Steiner ’54, of Ligonier, Pennsylvania, was a Muskingum Trustee for nearly two decades, joining the Board in 1969 and retiring in 1987 as Trustee Emerita. Born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, she was active in her lifelong community with the Latrobe United Methodist Church, Latrobe Country Club, Women’s Club of Latrobe, and Latrobe Art Center. Barbara earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education. She enjoyed tennis, golf, skiing, gardening, travel, art, reading, music, and theater. She was married for 64 years to the late Louis A. Steiner, who retired as Chief Executive Officer of the Latrobe Foundry Machine and Supply Company. Obituary: Barbara-Ann-Steiner?obId=22779962

Ruth G. Watermulder ’44, 1922-2021 Trustee Emerita

Ruth Gullyes Watermulder ’44, of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, served on the Board of Trustees for 15 years, beginning in 1980 and retiring as Trustee Emerita in 1995. She was honored with a 1997 alumni Distinguished Service Award. A native of Ambridge, Pennsylvania, Ruth earned her bachelor’s degree in education. She shared 68 years of marriage and pastoral service with the late Rev. Dr. David B. Watermulder. Ruth founded an organization to provide large print textbooks for school children with visual impairments, served as Chair of the Montgomery County Association for the Blind, and as President of the Emergency Aid Society of Pennsylvania. Obituary: 22


Associate Professor of Business

Gary Golden joined Muskingum’s faculty in 1999. He was a past Chair of the Economics, Accounting, and Business Department; founder and advisor of the Ignition Program, Business Club, and Chase Program; co-founder and co-advisor of the Kratoville Innovation Fellows Program; and co-advisor for the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and for the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Gary earned his undergraduate degree in marketing from Ithaca College and his Master of Business Administration degree from Southern Illinois University. A Cambridge, Ohio resident, he was a native of Elmira, New York, and a lifelong superfan of the New York Giants and New York Mets. Obituary:

Louis Morris Cunningham, Jr., 1931-2021 Professor of Psychology

Louis Cunningham joined the faculty in 1965. He also served Muskingum as Dean of Students and the Noble County Schools as a school psychologist after retiring from the University. He earned his undergraduate degree from Capital University and his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from The Ohio State University. Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, he was a multi-sport high school student-athlete in Columbus, Ohio, and a varsity football player for Capital. A New Concord resident, he was a 50-year member of College Drive Presbyterian Church, serving as an Elder, Sunday School teacher, and choir member. Obituary:


Richard P. Hydell, 1949-2021 Associate Professor of Economics

Rick Hydell served Muskingum as Associate Professor of Economics for nearly three decades, from 1990 until his retirement from the University in 2018. He earned his undergraduate degree from Oberlin College and his doctoral degree in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Chillicothe, Ohio.

Rick was a resident of New Concord and a native of


Vishnu P. Saksena, 1934-2021 Emeritus Professor of Biology

Vishnu P. Saksena served Muskingum for 33 years, from 1968 until his retirement in 2001. His dedication as an educator led him to establish three annual student awards: Dr. Vishnu P. Saksena Beta Beta Beta Award for Outstanding Service, Drs. Vishnu P. and Sudha S. Saksena Award in Conservation Science, and Drs. Vishnu P. and Sudha S. Saksena Award in Nursing. An outstanding scholar, Vishnu was an elected Fellow in the American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists and was credited with the discovery of two fish species. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Banaras University (India) and his doctoral degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Roderick Lang, 1956-2021

Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications Rod Lang served Muskingum as Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications from 2001 until his retirement in 2015. A native and resident of Canton, Ohio, Rod was a writer and photographer. He was a local actor, the author of three plays, and the Executive Director of the Palace Theater. He began his career as Educational Director and later became Director of the William McKinley Museum, before serving in communications roles for several Washington, D.C. trade associations. Obituary:

Rolf G. Schmitz, 1934-2021 Associate Professor of Education

Rolf Schmitz joined the faculty in 1997 and retired in 2005. He also held positions as Director of Graduate Studies and Director of the Educating Children Summer Training Institute (ECSTI). From 2006 through 2018, he returned to the University to teach several courses. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Ohio Northern University, and his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California. A retired U.S. Army Colonel, Rolf was buried with full military honors at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (San Antonio, Texas). He was born in Germany. Obituary:




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