mushroom magazine May/June 2012

Page 94

Dennis Konstantin, Live Painting By: Subliquida Project, Dance Floor Décor: Free Optics, Martin Stebbing, Psy-Pix,Shoom, Land-Art: Birk Brinkmann Totems, Julian Jung Sculptures, Elemental Xtra: Freqs of Nature is committed to encouraging artists of all mediums in exploring the depths of their imagination, to boldly produce work that is beautiful, peculiar and thought-provoking. Info:, tickets:, price: 59,- Euro until 30.06.2012, Eco Presale Ticket - 75,- Euro at the F.O.N. festival entrance Orga: Fullmoon Festival Crew

Do, 05.07. - Su, 08.07.

Tundra Festival

Island of Duburys lake, Zarasai reg., Lithuania, near Zarasai/Lithuania Live: Shotu, Pragmatix, Heterogenesis, Dirty Saffi, M.M.C., Nukleall, Project Sketch, El Lostro De La Medusa, Cosmos vibration, Junesix, Ghost Signal DJs: Shotu, Al Psymmetrix Deco: soon.. Xtra: 9th electronic music festival, 4 stages, chill out in the forest Info:, info@, tickets: tundra-


pic: Akisutra Project

94, price: 18/35 Euro, start: 22:00, end: 12:00 Orga: Tranceformers & Techstylism

Sa, 07.07.

Freaks Machine 2012, Chassagne Saint Denis/France Live: Para-Halu, Middle Mode,, Drollkoppz DJs: Mizoo, Rizbo, Sangohan, Sismo, Dharma, Psychophonic, Gaogao Deco: Nataraja, Ikar, Otakai, L‘Oeil Magique -new Concept „Metallic Diamond“ UV /LED& Laser Show VJs: Nataraja, Ikar, Otakai

Xtra: High Quality Sound System, Food by 5 Sens, Bar, Stands & Prévention, Croix R Info:, tickets:, price: 19H/15H non-Stop Party - price: 18 Euro/ 20 Euro Orga: Association Lunarmouth

Do, 12.07. - Su, 15.07.

Life Celebration Festival 2012

Fort Punta Christo (5 km from Pula), Pula-Istria/ Croatia Live: Atmos, Asura, Pion, E-Clip, Egorythmia, Vertex, Man Machine, Sonic Entity, Middle Mode,