mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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Do, 28.06. - So, 01.07.

Sv Katerina Car Camp Chotevice, Trutnow Czech Republic, Chotevice, Trutnov/Czech Republic Live: Parasense, Psymmetrix, Dirty Suffi, Asimilon, Project Sketch, Malice In Wonderland, The Grobians, Portal Protection, Cream Corp, Luminexia, -Z- (alpha & antagon), Dohm, Soladria, Kalumet, Once Upon A Time, Re-Horakhty, Crystal Monkey, Flooting Grooves, DJ Slater & U-Prag Drummers, Wirrareka, Galactic Sun, Fragletrollet Alternative: Flooting Grooves, Dymons, Kalumet In Dub, Starfish, Lemon Tree, Lunar Vegeterian, I-One, Atati, Orchid-Star, El Rostro De La Medusa DJs: Djane Nuky, Zooch, Djane Naima, Liqiud Ross, Ondrej Psyla, Unitone, Pozitron, Petrix, Dustedfly, Shatki, Nolan Shmolan, Miss Piskey, Cosmogen, Psyrix, Prenatal, Nokoklaus, Harihara, Psylab, D-Twin, Upsoull, Paul+, Atati, Yonagual, Dj Slater, Andreground Alternative: Ivgenerate, Chandrananda, Harihara, Globus, Etnospace, Sean Spindrift, Dj Chicko, Psi Psokoino, Eye, Tuatara, Red Serpent, Nolan Shmolan, Mihail, Kashmir, Special Favour, Patra, Ochen, Navarone Deco: Cyreal, Anton Shoom, Candydelic, Petrix, Elementals, Ihtianderson Lights: Intelligent Lights Show by Modio Brothers Xtra: Vibe festival is for you, who wants to do everything, sees beyond every hill, and investigates every bend in the road. It is for you, who want to open up colourful doors into a diverse world of international art and music festival. Regardless of age or dancing aptitude you are welcome to smile,

pic: Akisutra Project

Vibe Festival International Music & Art Festival

upgrade and enjoy yourself! Dive into the pool of cranking music and dance your joyful dance under the summer stars! Quality sound, magic lights, and latest art and deco works will make your soul glow from within. Catch the most fascinating movies at our cinema and enjoy the thrill of crossing the suspension rope bridge through mystic forest lake! Make a difference to the lives of vulnerable and neglected children by participating in “Flowers of Life� art auction in support of Children Homes. Make way for new experiences in your life! Recharge yourself - feel the turbulence, buoyancy and freedom of Vibe experience! Info:

stival, tickets:, price: price is 50 Euro, start: 22:00, end: 15:00 Orga: Psylife Crew

Do, 28.06. - So, 01.07.

Burning Mountain Festival

Zernez, Engadin, Swiss Alps, Zernez/Switzerland Live: Ace Ventura, Audiomatic, Audiostatik, Avalon, BeatBastardS, Cosmosis, Day.Din, Dualism, Egorythmia, Fabio & Moon, Freakbrothers, Hanzo, Headroom, Human Element, Interactive Noise, Jiser, Khainz, Killerwatts, Klopfgeister, Krama, Kularis, Liquid Soul, Midimal, Moontales, Motin Drive, Neelix, Phaxe, Protoculture, Protonica, Querox, Sideform, Sim-