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FESTIVALS Sa, 16.06. - Mo, 18.06.

Solstice The Psychedelic Gatherer

pic: Akisutra Project

Sa, 16.06.

Ariane & Goagil EuropeTour 2012

Schloss Bröllin e.V., Bröllin 3, 17309 Fahrenwalde, near Berlin DJs: Ariane & Goagil, The Nommos & Nimba Deco: Free Optics (blacklightnature& FreienHeiden), Projections presenting handpain Xtra: work in progress.... Camping, possible from friday (15.06.2012) afternoon till monday (18.06.2012) midday Info: www.goagil-openair.de, xerxes23@gmx.net, tickets: www. goagil-openair.de, price: www. goagil-openair.de, start: 20:00, end: 20:00 Orga: b.p.m.

The Psychedelic Gatherer,as always,taking place at the village of Ruigoord,situated at the very edge of Amsterdam‘s western industrial expansions.. , Ruigoord/ Amsterdam/Netherlands Live: Koxbox, U-Recken, Chromatone, Sensient, Dejavoo, Mantra Flow, Suduaya, Cathar, Reactant, Flying Carpet Company Chill: Kuba, Master Margherita, Cosmic Warrior, Lakay, Green Beats, Harmonic Frequency, Andy Malanowics, The Former Fridays DJs: Vazik, Djane Gaby, R`Deem, Snafu, Djoanna, Matteo Gatti, Back To Mars, Sebidelica, Oonah, Cosmic Cowboy Chill: Anub1s, Wacamolo, PolyEsta, Bliepertronic, Resi Beatz, Khandroma, PsyOnEar, White Monkey, more coming in.. Deco: Team Optrix, Benzki, Free Optics, Fun Lab`z, D.A.F., Boaz Constructies, Air Plain Visuals Xtra: The Psychedelic Gatherer... Camping and terrain closing Monday 17:00 . Info: www.tranceorientexpress.nl, luvnLugh@yahoo.co.uk, tickets: www.tranceorientexpress.nl, price: Entry fee at the village will be 40 Euro,starting Saturday 16 June 12:00, start: 12:00, end: 05:00 Orga: Trance Orient Express

Fr, 22.06. - Mo, 25.06.

Paradise Valley Open Air Gathering Paradise Valley, near Dalaman, Mugla province, south Turkey, near Dalaman/Turkey Live: Fungus Funk, Orestis, Kalilaskov AS, Blisargon Demogorgon, Fobi, Hysteria, Maximus, Zaiklophobia, Agonist, Zaigon, Nazrael, Sample Bugs + more

surprise guests to be revealed on the day. DJs: Dharma Kaya, Pixie Bhooteshwara, Amiranu, Drunken Bishopz, Justultra, Maximus Vs Hysteria, Sample Bugs Vs Kalilaskov AS, Virtualien, Tumu, Forty Five, Oriah, Magick, Emo V, Psychotherapy + more. DJs: Dharma Kaya, Pixie Bhooteshwara, Amiranu, Drunken Bishopz, Justultra, Maximus Vs Hysteria, Sample Bugs Vs Kalilaskov AS, Virtualien, Tumu, Forty Five, Oriah, Magick, Emo V, Psychotherapy + more. Deco: A team of professional visual artists from all over Turkey Xtra: Sat night June 23/24 exclusive full BLITZ STUDIOS night; Progressive Psy tunes - late morning; Psychedelic Chill Out and Psy Dub during the day; powerful and clear sound system; camping space; WC facilities; bungalows to rent nearby; food shops and eateries; mandatory dancing, swimming, sunbathing, and having fun - 150 meters from the sea / private beach. Info: label@theblitzstudios.com, tickets: label@theblitzstudios.com, price: 150 Turkish Lira (60 Euro) prepaid, start: 21:00, end: 02:00 Orga: Blitz Studios & Psy-Events Istanbul

Sa, 23.06.

2012 The Beginning

Valley in forest - private land. Pristava Dornberk Slovenia, Dornberk/Slovenia Live: Electric Shimana, Seven11 and many many more DJs: Gaby, Agent Mushroom, Tiann, Mahi and many more Deco: Tranceadventure, HiGashi, Pleme Deco Info: www.trance-adventure.com, tickets: www.trance-adventure. com, price: www.trance-adventure.com

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