mushroom magazine May/June 2012

Page 87


pic: Muriko Ganesh


Dennis The Menace Xtra: Perfect location. A fanced park in the middle of nowhere, with a combo of forest and human made structure for gathering and dancing. The old couple that owns this forgotten treasure is my gods! We are so thankfull! You wont be disapointed! Info: events/394162550613865/,, tickets:, price: Gate: 45 Euro. The Party is limited to 450 People, So if 450 presales get sold the gate won‘t open, start: 17:00, end: 12:00 Orga: Autopilot

Do, 14.06. - So, 17.06.

Glade 2012

Norfolk, United Kingdom Live: Gaudi, Dub Pistols, Extrawelt, Andy C: Alive, Rusko, Vitalic, Pretty Lights, Foreign Beggars, Marc Romboy, Killerwatts, Tristan, Max Cooper, Avalon, Masterblasters, Laughing Buddha, Loud, Allaby, Commercial Hippies, Screen, Zen Mechanics, Electrixx, Solar Fields, Psymmetrix, Rinkadink, Burn In Noise, Hibernation, Ace Ventura, Slackbaba, Pogo, Liquid Soul, Amd, Circuit Breakers, Digitonal, Eiten Rieter, Oleg, Monk3Ylogic, Atomic Drop, Twenty Eight, Beardy, Oood, System 7, The Correspondents... DJs: Sven Väth, Toddla T & Mc Serocee, Tricka Technology (Krafty Kuts, A Skillz & Dynamite Mc), Robert

Babicz, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Freq Nasty, Don Letts, Killaflaw, Ben & Lex, Dr Alex Paterson, Ans Vs Regan (Nano Records 10 Year Special!), Dickster, James Monro, Liquid Ross, Lucas, Hedflux, Aliji, Tsubi, Ipcress, Gorgo, Naked Nick, Nova, Ade Laugee, Shane Gobi + Many More Names To Be Announced Across Many More Arenas, Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann, Stanton Warriors, Lewah... Deco: Xtra: Info: www.Gladefestival.Com, tickets: , price: Weekend Tickets: £135 + Bf , Camper Van Passes: £50 , Deposit Scheme Tickets: £50 + Bf, Orga: Glade Festival