mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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festival preview


pic: Mandy Günther

pic: Mandy Günther

pic: Mandy Günther

reconnect the different crowds of all styles in the Trance scene. While often being very trippy and organic it is also positive, groovy and communicative. Can you tell us about some of the art projects within the festival?

with UK-legends the likes of Tristan, Avalon and Dick Trevor. On the Forest Floor we have tried to include advanced, organic and high tech sounds, and even though it can get quite experimental, it will always be good to dance to. One very well-represented musical direction within our line up we´d especially like to point out is the originally Australian style of what is now called “Dark Progressive”. We believe this style has influences taken from all directions, and therefore has the ability to

“Freqs of Nature” is all about art, as you can probably tell from the general concept of the festival and from the artwork used for our promotional material. Android Jones is the mind behind this beautiful illustration of mind expansion. He will also perform at the dance floor with his wife Phaedra, where he will project mind-blowing visuals on her dancing body in their project named Phadroid. We have numerous visionary artists the likes of Luke Brown, Luminokaya, Dennis Konstantin and many more to feature and share their breathtaking works of art, which will take us through an eye-opening journey unveiling sacred imagery from within the human mind. Closely linked to Berlin, Martin Stebbing will astonish us with three-dimensional and fractal-based designs and highly complex visual arrangements.