mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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festival preview

Freqs of Nature

04.-09.07.2012 – near Berlin, Germany Music, arts and intellectual input A new festival? Yes and no. “Freqs of Nature” is indeed a groundbreaking new festival concept in Germany. However, it is a project of the team that was responsible for “Full Moon Festival” from 2002 to 2010. What is the actual vision behind the “Freqs of Nature” festival?

Can you please explain the criteria behind the musical concept?

The last editions of “Full Moon” festival have been known for a strong and functional infrastructure as well as a high-profile international line up. But now we want to go beyond and become a platform for showcasing talent, a place where all kinds of knowledge and special skills are brought to light. For the first time, we have invited academics to speak in our Cultural Area, healers to teach and practise in the Energy Village, and by showcasing new forms of art in the Art Gallery we hope to give people the opportunity to form new and deep connections.

Well, it is indeed a matter of good selection in which we have tried to present all Psychedelic Trance styles. We want to keep everybody’s needs in consideration, from classical sounds to more experimental ones.

This is why we picked the name ‘Freqs of Nature’; we hope our guests feel connected to the frequencies of nature and that this experience helps them to eventually reconnect with Mother Earth.


pic: Robert Heller

The main purpose of the festival is to always have fun with one’s friends, but we want to open up the possibility to have an ego-altering psychedelic experience in an atmosphere where people feel protected, and where there is a noticeable friendly ambience. Even while selecting the music, we have tried to harmonise it intelligently, made balanced choices in order to create a ‘journey’-feeling, like a well-written plot of a play.

On the Groove Floor you’ll find mind-expanding music with a constant positive attitude. The general feeling is meant to be more groovy and communicative. Here we’ve got a well-balanced selection of international Progressive Trance like Liquid Soul and almost the entire Serbian Tesseract Studio crew, as well as eminent Psychedelic Trance