mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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Korg mini Kaosspad 2 & Kaossilator 2 Sound manipulation without limitations After Korg’s mini Kaosspad and Kaossilator became huge successes, both have now been updated to version 2. Mulle aka Kularis had a look and listen. At a first glance I noticed the ergonomic design that makes the controllers much more comfortable for handheld operation. The size has been reduced, a nice feature for frequent travellers with hand luggage only. At the same time the displays got a higher resolution, they show lots of new, additional information like pitch, tempo, battery status or preset names. Furthermore there is a new slider for changing presets, which now works much faster than on the previous models. A very handy feature, especially when playing live! The mini Kaosspad 2 is made for manipulating incoming audio (line and mic). It provides various filters, delays, reverbs, bitcrushers etc. Also there is an internal music player that enables you to play your own tracks from a Micro SD Card. Not to forget about the possibility of storing your new remixes and edits directly on this memory card. Altogether there is nothing left to be desired when using this gear for manipulating live input or prepared loops. In theory a DJ could even play an entire set, both cue points and pitch changes can be made!

Dank ergonomischem Design können die Controller entspannt in der Hand gehalten werden. Ein höher auflösendes Display zeigt viele neue Informationen, wie Tonhöhe, Tempo und Presetnamen. Der neue Slide-Controller zum Wechseln der Presets ist gerade im Live-Betrieb ein großer Vorteil! Das mini Kaosspad 2 lässt keine Wünsche offen, wenn es um die schnelle Bearbeitung von Audioinput oder fertigen Loops geht. Dank integriertem Player und SD Karte können eigene Tracks direkt importiert werden. Der Kaossilator 2 erzeugt Dank etlicher Presets unglaublich viele verschiedene Synth-Sounds. Die Klangqualität ist beeindruckend! Zwei interne Loop-player mit Crossfade erlauben das schnelle Samplen der eigenen Kreation und halten unbegrenzte Overdubs.

The Kaossilator 2 is a pocket tool for playing synth sounds. The bandwidth of the presets reaches from drums, bass, piano, flute to acid sounds, vocoder leads and polyphonic chords. There is a built-in arpeggiator with adjustable scales and tempi. Two internal loop players with crossfade function enable you to do on-the-flow sampling and endless overdubs with your own material. Import and export works via a SD card slot. The sound quality of this little thing is really impressing! It’s not only a great support for DJ or live sets, but also works great in the studio. LIKE US AT FACEBOOK: