mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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Welcome to a historic summer!

So here we are: The summer of the mystic year 2012. Smells like some conscious-shifting, next-level open air fun, doesn’t it? Also appears to be an invitation for celebrating just like there is no tomorrow… If you believe in Maya prophecies, dark stars, and alien conquests or not- the European festival season, which has just started, comes indeed with a probably never seen amount of events that have everything it takes to change the world. At least the world of Psytrance festivals! Let’s start with some special anniversaries. Not only mushroom magazine, but also one of the most historic festivals in Germany turns 18: Congratulations, Antaris Project! We are looking forward to some really grownup party pleasure in July. Antaris has always been well-known for its original psychedelic vibe, and, as a

Direct sunlight... • Is essential for the creation of Vitamin D, the “happiness vitamin” • Can cause irreparable damage in your eyes - Wear sunglasses! • Activates and strengthens your immune system, your heart and your bones • Is the No. 1 reason for skin cancer - Use sun blocker! • Has a positive effect on skin diseases • Makes your skin aging faster - Avoid excessive sun bathing! As always in life, also the sun is like Yin & Yang - And the dose makes the poison!

pic: Rodrigo Favera