mushroom magazine May/June 2012

Page 35



Most commonly forgotten in the DJ booth:

to remember to get all of your items in order before you start celebrating your amazing set. Use The Checklist! Remember the checklist you made before your gig? Now’s the time to pull it out and use it. We also recommend making the process of packing a consistant one that you’ll always remember – for instance, always start with your laptop and its cables, then your controllers and their cables, and then your sound card, and so on. Making this a post-gig routine will insure you don’t slip up and leave something important!

What To Do With Your Gear? Now you’ve finished playing, and you want to hang out and party - what do you do with your bag full of DJ equipment? Least Secure: Secure the bag in the DJ booth. If someone wanted to steal some DJ equipment, where do you think they’d look?

Second Best: Carry it with you. It’s a bit of a pain (especially if you’re lugging an NS7 around!), but at least you know where your stuff is. Best: Get the manager to lock it up for you. If you can find the man or woman in charge, leaving your gear locked in the club’s backroom or office is usually the best!

Check the Booth For These! Take a minute and bust out your flashlight app on your smartphone and do a thorough search of the booth, especially for those smaller things that we all are known to forget. I can’t even count how many headphone adapters I’ve left in a club mixer. LIKE US AT FACEBOOK: