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This article was originally published online at fit your setup into the booth and see what kind of gear rearrangements you might need to make. Plus, this is a great chance to network with the management and other DJs since you’re not busy working! DJ Insurance This one is for the folks who really think that they’re going to get their gear stolen or damaged – consider insuring your gear (including your expensive laptop). Make A Packing Checklist You might laugh, but writing down a list of things to remember to pack into your bag is the best way to ensure that you have everything with you. You should use this list when packing before you head to the venue, but it will also come in handy later, when you’ve finished playing your gig (see below).

If you can get your laptop and controllers higher up, it’s less likely that they’ll get in a liquid liquor loss situation. Most Ideal: put your laptop and controllers on stands. If there are elevated CDJs with their own stands, consider removing one or both of them if possible to use that space. Second Best: Put your laptop and controllers on top of turntables/CDJs. Bring some square pieces of foam for this. This should be done with care for the equipment underneath. Worst: Put your DJ gear lower than the turntables and mixer – you’re asking for a disaster! Laptop Protection For most digital DJs, the laptop is the most crucial element in a setup – the source of all sound – and as such it deserves special protection.

If you’re like Greg Gillis (Girl Talk, above), and find yourself often in the middle of a large crowd prone to spilling alcohol and sweat, you might consider wrapping your laptop in saran wrap for ultimate protection. However, this can be a serious hazard in terms of your laptop overheating, so let’s consider some other laptop protection options. The other king of laptop protection is Bassnectar, who actually uses custom metal cases that open and shield his laptops from incoming objects (glowsticks, water bottles, etc). While this is also probably overkill for most of you, do consider positioning your laptop to use the walls of the DJ booth to create a similar shield if you’re expecting inbound projectiles. Use a sturdy stand, and make sure it actually tightens and

During The Gig Elevate Your Gear If possible, you always want to raise your gear up away from the lowest area of the booth. The reasoning behind this is simple – drinks fall in a downward trajectory (be it from your hand, or from a table, or the guy coming to ask you if you have any hip hop). LIKE US AT FACEBOOK: