mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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Prog On Syndicate The great coup of Querox Querox is not only one of the most up-andcoming German producers at the moment, but also head of the increasingly popular Prog On Syndicate - and that’s not even all… What was your breakthrough as Querox? Getting lots of recognition at Fusion, Wonderland and Burning Mountain! Shortly after my first EP ‘Sex, Drugs & Progressive’ I released the track ‘The Girl Stuff’ on ‘V/A Kosmics Playground’. The track got re-released on ‘GOA 2011’. Last year I released ‘The Life and Me EP’. At the moment, I’m on Mexico tour, next stop: Brazil! Also your debut album is announced for June. Yeah, it’s called ‘How Life Goes On’, and it’s an intimate and personal story about my life, melodic and emotional. Out on Prog On Syndicate. With tracks such as Say Goodbye, Kiss the Ground and the Berlin Soundtrack, plus collaborations with my best friends Jiser & Phaxe! Being a label head, do you think the CD has a future? Prog On’s upcoming releases will be released both in CD format and digitally. Even if the market is turning more and more towards digital, Prog On fans are not satisfied without the option of getting physical CDs. There’s nothing like having a new CD from your favourite artist in your hands, and we owe it to all the DJs !!! Our next compilation release will be “V/A Revolution” which is compiled by Querox & Phaxe ! Keep your ears open ! Keyword: Zane… …is my new side project together with Greek Fotis Sarros aka Monod. We started the project in 2011, and soon released our first EP ‘The Forgotten World’. We’ve started working on our debut album, which will be released on Prog On Syndicate.


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Nicht nur als Produzent und Liveact gehört Querox derzeit zu den Durchstartern der Progressive Szene- auch sein Label Prog On Syndicate erfreut sich weltweit wachsender Beliebtheit. Im Juni kommt dort mit „How Life Goes On“ das Debütalbum von Querox mit viel melodiöser Emotion und einigen Kooperationen mit Jiser und Phaxe. Gemeinsam mit Phaxe hat Querox, der übrigens gerade in Mexiko und Brasilien tourt, auch „Revolution“ zusammengestellt, die nächste Compilation des Prog On Syndicate. Und zusammen mit dem Griechen Monod ist unter dem Projektnamen „Zane“ bereits ein Album in Arbeit. Damit immer noch nicht genug: Gerade geht die eigene Bookingagentur „Progressive Diamonds“ mit vielen hochkarätigen Acts an den Start.