mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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Chill News Served by Choko (Eardream Music) Ishq – Deep Space Objects (Virtual Music Reality) A new album named Deep Space Objects from the wellrespected project Ishq formed by Matt Hillier and Jacqueline Kersley. This album has a deep space feeling and employs psychoacoustic processing and multi-layering to create an amazing depth on good headphones and speakers, with hidden sonic levels... Enig’matik Records is a unique eclectic label specialising in Sound Design with a focus on Glitch music. Interesting tunes with strong emotive properties from artists like Mr. Bill or Kalya Scintilla, and popular Trance producers like Sensient and Grouch. Eardream Music is an underground label from Barcelona, releasing mainly Downtempo music. Among their releases we can find sound such as Albino, who is one half of the project Sun:monx, Opiuo, and old school masters such as Seb Taylor aka Digitalis/Hibernation, Ocelot, and aka Tor. ma In Dub. ‘What I Feel When You Sleep’ is the latest release on Eardream Music. Beats and Pieces are releasing the highly anticipated album of (val)Liam, Canadian composer and producer Liam Skogland, named Dissolving Archetypes. (Val)Liam is back with more emotional atmospheres of modern classic interpretations. James Murray – Flood (Slowcraft Records) Excellent Ambient album dedicated especially to water and rainy days. The productions combine delicate sound designs and manipulated acoustic recordings, and tend towards a low-tempo, reflective aesthetic. Available for free on Ektoplazm, we can find the new album of Tara Putra called In Dubland, the first full-length Dub release by this German producer. Pure good vibes full of peace and spiritual creativity.

Tor Ma - What I Feel When You Sleep

Ishq legen ‘Deep Space Objects’ vor, die sich als perfide psychoakustisch erweisen, auf guten Kopfhörern eröffnen sich erstaunliche Tiefen und versteckte Ebenen *** Enig‘matik Records präsentiert emotionale Elektronik von Künstlern wie Mr. Bill und Kalya Scintilla, sowie Trance Produzenten wie Sensient und Grouch *** Das Underground-Label Eardream Music veröffentlicht vor allem Downbeat, z.B. von Albino, auch bekannt als 50% der Sun:monx, Opiuo und Altmeistern wie Seb Taylor aka Digitalis/Hibernation, Ocelot und, von dem das neuste Release des Labels stammt: ‘What I Feel When You Sleep’ *** Beats and Pieces bringen mit ‘Dissolving Archetypes’ das lang erwartete Album von (val)Liam, das mit emotionalen Atmosphären und moderner Klassik aufwartet *** James Murray veröffentlicht auf Slowcraft Records sein Album ‘Flood’, eine Flut reflektiver Ästhetik und exzellenter Produktion