mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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Dark News served by Ilse (Parvati Records) Parvati Records‘s new sub branch called The Parvati Experience offers the whole package, from 6 to 24 hours duration for complete audio-visual experience, a new website will be up in May and proper promotion action in this issue. A compilation BrainZcrew Vol. 2 at the Freqs Of Nature Festival and album by trio Adrahadabra coming soon. Dark Prisma Records from Argentine released an ambient CD, „The Void: Conundrum Concoction“ including exceptional collabs by Makadam, Derango. TIP!!! More Finns on European line-ups. The Lost Theory Festival in Croatia will host a full night of Finnish craziness with Texxas Faggot, Squaremeat and The Flying Scorpions. Texxas guys will play at Full Moon Festival, Sol Festival and in Belgium, maybe also VuuV? Petran signed to Parvati Records. Zoobivore released a couple of tracks of fresh psychedelic tunes from the UK. Real Vision Music (Hamburg) and Sonic Chakra Crew (Russia) created a joint venture project, compilation is called „Sonic Visions“. They also host Space Camp gathering in Russia‘s forests. Stay tuned for special treats by Real Vision Music. Omer from Entropy project moved to Italy and the Loony Moon Crew, sharing impressions of „Fruit Cake“. Be alert for a special treat by Doof Records. Phreex Network from Japan, label manager Ken Araki will have „Alien Sonic Excursion“ including Gu, Digitalien, Kerlivin or Nolm. They also host partial solar eclipse gathering at the Japanese Pacific coast on 21st of May. „The Golden Years - The Very Best Off“ which took about five years to compile are out soon. The Hallucinogenic Horses by the Derango guys, Makadam, Traskel, Donkey Shot as well as Megalopsy and Uggla. Congrats to Lost Theory Crew.

Texxas Faggot

The Parvati Experience offeriert die komplette audio-visuelle Breitseite, Compilation BrainZcrew Vol. 2 zum Freqs Of Nature Festival und Album vom Trio Adrahadabra bald. Dark Prisma Records hat Ambient CD, „The Void: Conundrum Concoction“ inklusive Tracks von Makadam, Derango. Finnenalarm beim Lost Theory Festival in Kroatien mit Texxas Faggot, Squaremeat und The Flying Scorpions. Petran ist nun bei Parvati Records. Rares von Zoobivore (UK). Real Vision Music (Hamburg) und Sonic Chakra Crew (Russland) haben „Sonic Visions“. Omer von Entropy ist in Italien bei Loony Moon Crew. Phreex Network (Japan) hat „Alien Sonic Excursion“ mit Gu, Digitalien, Kerlivin oder Nolm. Nach 5 Jahren - „The Golden Years - The Very Best Off“ kommt. The Hallucinogenic Horses von Typenguys, Makadam, Traskel, Donkey Shot sowie Megalopsy und Uggla, Lost Theory Crew.