mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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Progressive News served by Bakke Swede Andre Johnsson has joined German top label Spintwist, his project Alter Nature released „When The Road Met The Sky“ packed with six great tunes. New Israeli progressive act Vertical Mode, Moshe Keinan of Xerox & Illumination and Hanan Gorensthin are currently remixed by Zentura (Ace Ventura and Zen Mechanics). Zentura’s first EP will be „MIND=GOD“ on Iboga with remixes by Vertical Mode. Ace Ventura will also release a full length album including collabs with Captain Hook, Zen Mechanics (of course) and Symolic after the summer plus has done new collabs with acts Timelock and Darma. Wonder guy FREq who put Australia on the progressive map is back after a long break, Aran has toured Brazil in spring, an album will be ready at the end of the year. Tribal Vision has new albums by Peter Gun, Jaia and Tegma, a new EP collaboration between Flippers and DJ Slater & U-Prag Drummers, with some high profile remixes, new singles, and EPs by Wehbba, Andrea Bertolini, Ben Coda, DJ Slater, Duca, Magitman, Khainz, Jaia and also the solo project of Rickard Berglöf from Vibrasphere. Swedish Trancemaster Atmos has a 3 CD release packed with new tracks and remixes. Iboga will also release a Weekend Heroes compilation AND the Perfect Stranger 3 CD album, Riktam & Bansi. Phony Orphants and Phaxe are planning a release too.


Andre Johnsson hat sich Spintwist angeschlossen: Alter Nature, „When The Road Met The Sky“. Vertical Mode werden derzeit von Zentura gemischt, deren erste EP wird „MIND=GOD“ bei Iboga. Außerdem liegt von Ace Ventura bald Neues mit Captain Hook, Zen Mechanics und Symolic vor. Bei Tribal Vision gibt es Alben von Peter Gun, Jaia and Tegma, eine EP Kollaboration zwischen Flippers und DJ Slater & U-Prag Drummers, Singles und EPs von Wehbba, Andrea Bertolini, Ben Coda, DJ Slater, Duca, Magitman, Khainz, Jaia sowie das Soloprojekt Rickard Berglöfs von Vibrasphere. Atmos und Perfect Stranger haben jeweils eine 3er CD rausgebracht - bei Iboga ferner eine Weekend Heroes Compilation. Die erste Veröffentlichung des neuen Tel Aviver Label HighTunes records wird Johnson vs Menichelli, „Back up Again EP“.

The first release of Tel Aviv based newly established label HighTunes records run by Tom Lewis, Mark Finkel and Eliran Slider is a collab of Thomas Johanshon (Mapusa) and Marco Menichelli (Sun Project) called Johnson vs Menichelli with „Back up Again EP“ to be followed by „Black Magic EP“ from Flippers including a stomping remix of the crazy D-Nox & Beckers track „919909“. LIKE US AT FACEBOOK:

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